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Further Filth from Michelle

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We had known one another for about a year on that hot summers night, when I was just relaxing in the house, hanging out with Cathy and sitting in the garden drinking wine.

Six of us were due to start sharing a student house in the Autumn of 2003. We’d all met in halls, all got along and decided to not go for the more intimate house shares, the twos and threes, of some of our friends, but instead to rent a large, six bedroomed “party house” in the middle of the town.

Certainly, we’d already had some parties by then in halls, not least the party of three that I’d had with Steve and his girlfriend in the kitchen in the spring. Cathy and I were already moved in, Steve was due the next day and the rest were to follow over the course of the summer. We were excited… our first house!

So, sitting in the garden with Cathy, it was just hitting dusk when Steve phoned and asked me what I was doing. Not much, I conceded, drinking and hanging out. I told him that I was excited for his moving in tomorrow, and that was when he told me that he had a slight problem: he hadn’t actually packed his stuff up from halls yet, as, and he thought he’d mentioned this, he’d been away with some lads from the rowing club for a few days and it had been a bit of a bender. I rolled my eyes. This was classic Steve: late to his own funeral. Deadlines were never met, he never turned up on time and now he hadn’t packed.

“Could you come and help, Michelle? Ask Cath as well?” he asked, pleadingly. I looked over at Cathy, who was flicking through a magazine with one hand and holding her wine glass with the other. I knew she had an early start working in the student one-stop shop and no way would she agree.

“Cath’s at work tomorrow.” I said. “And I’m not in the mood to come and pack up all your pants and socks.”

“Please Miche,” he pleaded again, “I will buy you a bottle of wine and you can drink it while we pack….?” He sounded pretty pathetic. I laughed, he knew that the promise of wine would get me over there, especially as I’d just drunk the better half of a bottle and my student budget didn’t allow for anymore.

“Okay, okay,” I said, “I’ll be over in twenty minutes.”

Walking along the river, it dawned on me how warm it actually was. People were spilling out onto the tow path from the bars along the way, and dragonflies buzzed over the reeds on the bank. It was a beautiful night to be alive. However, Steve’s room was on the 16th floor of a tower block. I didn’t remember much from GCSE Science, but I knew that heat rises and it was going to be hot up there. I sighed. Trust Steve to con me into this. It had better be bloody good wine.

It was, as I sadly could have guessed, terrible wine. A really sharp Chardonnay, which tasted like vinegar and actually made me recoil at the first sip.

“Fuck Steve! This is disgusting!” I said. It didn’t stop me taking another gulp though. “Blergh.” He laughed.

“Well you don’t have to drink it.”

“You know I do. It’s the only thing that will make this bearable.” The room was a pigsty. When he said he hadn’t packed he meant it. He hadn’t even picked his socks up from the last month by the looks of it. The door opened, and Ben walked in. He was another guy who lived on Steve’s corridor, similar age to Steve- about 23 or 24 to most of our 18 or 19- and he was carrying some cardboard boxes.

“You can have these, mate.” He said. I’d met Ben once or twice before, but couldn’t claim to know him. He wasn’t on my course or anything but he had been at the odd party. “You’re brave,” he added, addressing me, “moving in with this untidy bastard.” He grinned. “Michelle, isn’t it?” I nodded.

“You’ve met Michelle before.” Steve said, absent-mindedly, flicking through some CDs to put into one of the boxes. “She’s the one who had the threesome with me and Louise, I told you all about it.” I blushed scarlet. I wasn’t embarrassed by the threesome, but I was embarrassed that he was mentioning it so casually, like I had threesomes all the time.

“He’s such a gent, isn’t he?” Ben laughed. I giggled too, laughing seemed the best way to carry it off.

“Oh shut up,” Steve said, “she’s a firecracker, she doesn’t care.”

A good couple of hours passed, the wine was drunk and we’d packed most of the stuff up, and I slumped down on the bed. I had well had enough.

“Have you got any more wine, Steve?” I asked. He was slumped in the easy chair on the other side of the room, equally fed up with packing. We were both sweating with the heat, despite both being dressed in next to nothing- Steve just in shorts now, and me in a flimsy summer dress. He shook his head.

“Nope. No wine. But there are some bits of spirits in the kitchen.” I needed more drink if we were going to do more packing. I told Steve this. “Okay, let’s go and have a look then, you massive piss head.” I laughed. I wasn’t a huge drinker, but this was the most monotonous job in the world. It called for booze.

Ben was sitting in the kitchen, with a girl I’d never seen before. They were rolling up their own cigarettes and had the remnants of a bottle of Vodka on the table, as well as two glasses. They looked up as we entered through the swingdoor.

“Hey, how goes the packing?” Ben asked. I just rolled my eyes. Steve grinned

“Yeah, good. Getting my little work horse over was a good idea.” I rolled my eyes again. “What are you two up to?” Ben shook his head,

“Not much. Just having a drink. Do you two want one?” I nodded enthusiastically and Ben got up and went to the cupboard to get two more tumblers. “Michelle, this is Diane by the way. My girlfriend.” I nodded at her and she nodded back and smiled.

“I’ve seen you around, Michelle.” She began. “You do History with my friend Chloe.” I knew Chloe well.

“Ah right. You live in her halls do you?” She nodded.

“Yeah, roomates.” Now I thought of it I had once seen Diane, hanging around outside the main block of my subject, waiting for Chloe. She was a distinctive looking blonde, tall and busy, and so pale her skin almost looked translucent. Steve and I sat down and Ben poured the Vodka.

“So what’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?” An hour had passed, all thoughts of packing had gone out of the window, and Ben was topping up Diane’s glass as I sank the last of my own Vodka. Diane considered it.

“I….” she was struggling for an answer. “I kissed a girl on new years eve once, in a game of truth or dare.” Steve chuckled.

“That’s rubbish. Come on. Even I’ve kissed another bloke in truth or dare.” Ben smirked at that.

“Have you? That’s not the image I have of you at all.” I laughed. Steve seemingly ignored the comment.

“And Michelle here can top that ten times over,” I kicked him under the table, he continued regardless, “she had a threesome with me and Louise a few months back.” Diane seemed shocked. Who else was he broadcasting this to?

“Which,” I began slightly drunkenly, “was clearly the biggest thrill of Steve’s sad little life as he won’t shut up about it.” Diane and Ben laughed and Steve scowled. He kicked me back under the table and I broke into giggles, which Steve quickly reciprocated.

“In fact,” Steve began, “I bet she’d initiate you into the world of girl on girl if you like.” I stopped giggling and wondered what Steve was up to. Had he got me here knowing that this might happen? Was this something him and Ben had cooked up together? I thought about it. I really fancied Steve, always had, and would definitely have sex with him tonight if he was up for it. I had thought that even as I was walking over to the flats. He was still with Louise, but I knew they had an open agreement about this kind of thing, and especially with me as he’d done it before. What about Ben and Diane? I was game if they were, to be honest. I could push this, especially since the threesome.

I’d become much bolder and had even gone to bed with Louise on her own, completely with Steve’s blessing, one night a few weeks ago. She’d initiated me into the ways of lesbianism after telling me all about her ex, who was a girl. We’d all been out and she’d just dropped it into conversation. I was a bit shocked to be honest. I knew, obviously that she liked girls, but I thought more in threesomes and as a side dish to guys, not just on their own. I had probed her more about it. As it turned out, Steve was the first boyfriend she’d ever had, until this point all her relationships had been with women. For some reason, this had really turned me on, and I told her so. Ever the little devil, she reached over and kissed me passionately, causing a few lads, including the ones we were out with, to whoop and cheer. She whispered hotly in my ear to meet me outside in five minutes. Flushed and with a wetness in my knickers, I nodded dumbly and downed the rest of my cocktail.

Once outside the club, I found her already there, smoking a cigarette. She dropped it as soon as she saw me walk out. Without speaking she pinned me against the wall and kissed me again. She tasted smoky and sexy. Her perfume- Chanel- wafted up from her chest and her long, blonde hair smelt of strawberries. I groaned with lust. What was going on? I didn’t fancy girls.

“You are so fucking sexy, Michelle.” she panted, breaking away from the kiss. Her hand shot between my legs, underneath my short skirt and into my black thong. She roughly pushed two fingers into me. “I’ve texted Steve and told him you’re coming back to my room.” I had no choice. Louise had made up her mind and I was going with her.

Once in her halls of residence we ran up the stairs, excited like a couple of school girls, laughing as we ran. She fumbled with her key and we fell onto the bed, snogging and groping and panting. She kicked the door shut and lifted her dress over her head. Stood before me in just her red bra and mismatching blue knickers, she was beautiful.

“Take your clothes off.” She urged. I pulled my own dress off and she discarded her own underwear as I unhooked my bra. She got onto the bed and pulled my thong off, revealing my bald pussy. She pushed me back onto the bed and kissed my neck. “I’m going to kiss every inch of your perfect body.” She whispered. I groaned, and she kissed down my neck towards my breasts. My nipples stood to attention and she stroked her whole hand over my left tit, onto my stomach. She was inches from my cunt, and it throbbed, longing to be touched. I put my hand on hers and guided it down. “All in good time.” She whispered.

I don’t know how long she spent touching and kissing me, but I know that as I laid on my back in the soft lamp light she put me through the agony and the ecstasy of ultimate desire. She licked and sucked and nibbled at my flesh, and I was covered in goose bumps as she worked her way along every inch of my skin, apart from my bald, dripping pussy. Eventually, after what seemed like hours, she positioned herself between my legs and I shivered with anticipation. She kissed my inner thighs and licked the hairless mound above my sex, making me moan in anticipation. And then finally, for just a second, her tongue touched my clit. Like a lizard poking out it’s pointy little tongue, she jabbed at it, and then stopped, moving back to my inner thighs. I cried out, thinking I could cum just from that brief touch. And then she suddenly went for it in earnest, lapping at my hard, erect clitoris, causing spasms in my vagina and sudden, immediate pleasure to course through my limbs. She slid two fingers inside of me, and then a third and suddenly I was orgasming around her fingers, against her tongue. She must have made me cum six or seven times in ten minutes, manipulating my cunt as only another woman could, knowing exactly when to lick and when to suck, when to be rough and when to be gentle.

Finally, after more than hour, it was Louise’s turn to be pleasured. She laid back on the bed and I sat, gazing at her.

“I’ve never been with a woman, other than during our threesome.” I said softly. She stroked my hair from my forehead.

“Just do what feels natural.” She said. “It will be amazing.” I breathed in, nervous, and decided to start just as she had with me, kissing her neck. She moaned with pleasure and I stroked her lovely skin. It was white and pale and flawless. It seemed to glow in the dim light of the room. She was truly beautiful. I told her. “You are too.” She said, her eyes closed, her body responding to my gentle touch. I cupped her large, firm left breast in my hand. It was amazing to touch another woman and be so turned on by it. I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I was nervous about licking her pussy, but at the same time desperate to begin. Unable to tease her the way she had teased me, I moved straight down to her wet, warm hole and parted the lips of her snatch. She wasn’t bald like me, but the light hair on it was blonde and soft. She smelt wonderful. I poked my tongue out and made contact with her big and hard clit. She groaned. I lapped at it as she had to mine and she seemed to be enjoying it. “Fuck it with your tongue.” She said. I penetrated the hole with my tongue and she cried out. I slid two fingers in and thrusted them in and out, whilst sucking her clit into my mouth. Warm wetness gushed out of her onto my fingers. I took that as a sign to continue and sucked and licked further. This went on for some minutes, all the while Louise thrashed around on the bed, crying out and moaning and yelping as her body came ever further toward orgasm. And then it happened, the unmistakable spasms of her beautiful little hot box around my mouth and hand. She screamed with pleasure as she came.

As she came down from her orgasm, I laid back down beside her, in a beautiful glow of pure sex. She kissed my ear and neck and then whispered,

“Get on all fours for me.” She got up and moving across the room, rummaged in a drawer before pulling out what was obviously a strap-on. I was, for some reason, shocked that she should have such a thing just knocking around, but strangely not surprised either. “I’m going to fuck your brains out.” I shivered with lust and somehow became more turned on as I watched this very womanly shaped girl hoist on straps and buckles that suddenly made her a beautiful chick with a dick. Her beautiful, full breasts looked all the more sensual above a long, hard cock, and I arranged myself on all fours, my back to her, my cunt open and ready. The cock went up inside her, so I knew that as she pounded me she would be pleasured herself. She pushed the head of the plastic phallus into me, and we both moaned in unison as its entire length filled me.

A wonderful advantage to being fucked by a woman with a strap-on that I had never considered was the fact that she could go on and on. I must have come five or ten times as she manipulated me into every position imaginable, and she came with me, long, sweaty, screaming orgasms that contorted her face and flushed her chest and breasts crimson. We finished with me on my back, her holding my ankles as far apart as they could go, our orgasms simultaneous, our cries joining together as we reached the absolute pinnacle of pleasure.

So, was I keen to fuck Diane? Yes. Definitely. Was I keen for what could potentially be a foursome on this hot night in the kitchen of the halls I was meant to be moving Steve out of? I was. I threw the Vodka down my throat, stood up and reached for Diane’s hand. She took it.

Ben and Steve were agog, as I lead her to the work surface, and remembering the threesome and my first experience with a girl, hoisted her up onto it.

“Are you into this?” I asked her. She seemed scared, but nodded. “Take your knickers off. Show me yourself.” She did as I asked and I gently parted her legs. I was surprised to see light ginger hair and wondered if the hair on her head was dyed. I glanced over at Ben and Steve. Ben already had a bulge in her trousers, and Steve was surveying the scene, a smile on his face, drinking his drink. He had planned this. I touched her and she closed her eyes, moaning softly. She was very wet. I knelt down and gently touched it with my tongue. She cried out, and I guessed that she was fairly inexperienced. I pushed my fingers into her very tight, but very, very wet hole and rubbed the soft nub of her clit with my thumb. This was exactly how Steve had manipulated my little cunt into cumming the first time we met and I imagined that he was probably pretty proud watching me use his technique. “Show me your tits.” I demanded. She pulled her dress off and, all inhibitions apparently lost, unhooked her bra. Her tits were huge, bigger than mine, bigger than Louise’s.

“Good God Ben, those are amazing.” Steve said, admiringly. Ben still looked shocked, but the bulge in his jeans was even bigger than it had been moments before. He nodded.

“They’re fantastic.” He gulped. “She loves it when I tit wank with them.” I sucked on her big, brown nipples and moved up to kiss her on her mouth.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” I whispered. She trembled with lust. I finger-fucked her in rhythm with my words. “Your big tits are amazing and your tight little cunt is turning me on so much.” Ben and Steve both groaned and I noted that Ben was touching himself through his trousers, whilst Steve had simply unbuckled his belt and got his own cock out. He wanked it up and down in his hand. “I want you to go and suck on Steve’s big, fat cock.” I continued to her, still pumping my fingers in and out “and while you do I’m going to go and suck your boyfriend.” On hearing this, Ben unbuckled his own belt and both of us girls moved across the room to the two men, sat side by side on plastic kitchen chairs, cocks in their hands. As I walked I discarded my own dress and bra and stepped out of my knickers. I knelt down next to Diane and Ben grabbed out for my big knockers. I let him have a little grope and then engulfed him in my mouth.

The kitchen was silent for what must have been five long minutes as both me and Diane sucked and licked at the poles in front of us. Having seen Steve’s cock before, I knew that he was endowed with a short but very thick cock that had the wonderful advantage of stretching a girls cootch out as he banged you, but Ben’s penis was new to me. With pleasure I discovered that it was huge, the hugest one I had ever seen, the kind of prick that is sometimes called a schlong by giggling hen parties. It was nine or ten inches long and as thick as I could get the palm of my hand round. I deep throated it, choked on it, slobbered on it, and wanked it up and down with my hand when my jaw began to lock. Panting and sweating I suddenly remembered how hot it was on this top floor and the perspiration flooded out of me. Seeing how warm I was and sweating himself, Steve suddenly broke the silence and said,

“It’s too hot for this in here.” Diane and I both stopped our tasks and looked up at him. Ben too, turned to him as he spoke.

“What do you suggest we do?” I said, wiping the sweat from my forehead. “The window is as open as it will go.”

“Go down to the park over the road.” Steve said.

“The park!!” Ben exclaimed. “No way.”

“Me and Michelle fucked there a few weeks ago.” He said, “Didn’t we Miche? No one can see. And this is hell.” It was true, we had boned over in the park a few weekends back, when Louise was away and we’d been clubbing. It had been a long, slow fuck against a tree and I shivered at the memory.

“It is fucking hot in here.” Diane panted. And Ben grimaced.

“But it’s a public park.” He said.

“Honestly man, no one will come near us.” Steve said. “It’s…” he glances at his watch, “one in the morning. And I want to enjoy these pussies, not be thinking the ‘whole time, ‘this is horrible, there’s sweat running down my arse crack.” We all giggled. We had to concede some of the pleasure of this was being sucked away by the terrible heat.

So ten minutes later, hastily redressed, we resumed our exertions on the south side of the park, in the shadows of the trees overlooking Richmond bridge. No one could see us, Steve was quite right, and the air was fresh. Leaning against the tree for support I stripped naked and grabbing Ben by the lapels forced him down onto the grass beneath our feet.

“Get your cock out.” I growled. He did as he was bid and quickly I sat down onto his fleshy pole, one long, smooth movement. I cried out as he hit my cervix and began bouncing up and down, my tits bouncing as he paced me with his hands on my hips. In the moonlight I could see Diane on her back, her ankles round her ears, as Steve slowly and methodically slid inside her. I had cum three times and was heading for my fourth when I heard a cough and looked up.

In the moonlight there stood a man, probably about 40ish, his hands in his pockets. He was watching the scene before him with interest.

“Is this a private party or can anyone join in?” He asked, quizzically. Diane and Steve seemed barely to have noticed the stranger in our midst, and Steve was still continuing his pummelling of Diane’s honey-pot.

“Get involved, mate.” Steve said between thrusts. “Unless you’re a policeman.” The man laughed, and walked over to where I was still sat on Ben’s knob.

“I’m not.” He was still laughing, and unbuckled his work trousers. He was smartly dressed, pinstripe suit that was just about recognisable in the moonlight as a pretty expensive looking brand. City boy, way home from work, a bit drunk, can’t believe his luck. I surmised. He flopped out a not inconsiderable dick, thick, uncut, pink and glowing in the shadows. He popped it into my mouth and I sucked it down, resuming my bouncing.

A few minutes passed when Steve stopped fucking Diane and announced he would cum if he carried on and needed to suck a cock to take his mind off of it. I knew he’d sucked men before, but wasn’t sure if Ben did, and knew that our new friend the cityboy was likely to be surprised by this. If he was surprised though, he was unphased, as shrugging off his work jacket and loosening his tie, he said,

“Why don’t I stick it in your arse, instead?” Ben definitely did look surprised by this, but Steve simply said, “You’d better lick my arsehole first then.” I was very turned on by gay porn, and was excited to see it in the flesh. Keen to get involved in this I got up from Ben and stepped in, asking that Steve lick me while cityboy licked him. So there the three of us were, a daisychain of bi-curious sexuality, Steve finger banging me and licking my clit as the stranger licked and rimmed his arsehole. Just as I was building up to my first cum from his tongue the city boy pushed himself into Steve and he cried out, stopping what he was doing to me. I looked over to see Ben ploughing Diane, who was on all fours nearby, and I was pissed off that he’d broken off so suddenly when my cunt was so close to explosion. I pulled Steves hair and pushed his head back down into my pussy, giving him no choice but to finish me off. As he got destroyed by the cityboy behind him, his wimpers indicating that maybe he wasn’t enjoying his first anal experience as much as he had hoped, Steve brought me to a squirting, shuddering orgasm that made me cry out into the night sky.

Steve ended up losing his load quickly after that, as cityboy finished his last few strokes before shouting in his, what I can only imagine was a public school accented, voice,

“I’m cumming in your arse!” Steve shot his load onto the ground in front of him. Cityboy came and they collapsed on the ground. Knowing what I wanted to finish this all off, I called everyone to attention.

“Right!” I said. “Everyone stop what you’re doing!” They did but Ben groaned.

“I was just about to cum!” he exclaimed.

“You will cum,” I said, “but I want to be at the middle of this!” And I did.

The idea had started to form in my mind when cityboy had got involved, but now I was going to make it a reality.

“Boys!” I began, “All three of you line up for me.” The three men shuffled into position. Diane stood, pushing her breasts back into her bra. “Diane. Stand there.” I pointed and she moved. Ben’s cock was still hard, but Steve and cityboy were flaccid, having just cum. I worked my way across the line, licking Ben’s cock but not wanting to get him too worked up, but sucking Steve in earnest until he was hard and ready for action again. I did the same to the stranger and for the first time noticed what a delicious penis he actually had- not as big as Ben, but thick and sturdy. Diane played with herself as I sucked the men and I thought again of what a gorgeous girl she was.

When all the men were hard and ready for action, I began to stage manage my ménage a trios- three men and a couple of ladies I thought to myself. I got Ben to lay down on his back, having felt his big, fat cock in my cunt earlier, I knew I wanted it back in there. I slowly pushed my worked out but still tight vagina onto it and he moaned.

“Don’t you dare cum yet.” I warned. He shut up. Indicating to cityboy, I told him I wanted him in my arsehole, just as he had been in Steve’s earlier. I had only ever DPed myself with dildos, but I wanted it badly: a cock in my arse and a cock in my cunt, stretching me out and taking me to new heights of ecstasy. Cityboy spat on his cock and lubed himself up. I gestured to Diane. “I’m going to lick your cunt until you scream.” I informed her. “And you’re going to let Steve face-fuck you.” She nodded. Silently, everyone manuevoured themselves.

As cityboy eased himself into my bum, both Ben and I groaned, feeling him inside me. Diane stood, legs open, above Ben’s head, her big, proud clit popped out from her ginger-haired lips and staring me in the face. With some difficulty Steve positioned himself so that he could pop his penis into her mouth. And then, as if someone had waved a flag or fired a starting gun, we all began moving and fucking and groaning. The feeling of being DPed was amazing: better than the pale imitation of the dildos. Ben grabbed my big, swaying tits and within seconds my first orgasm was building. Meanwhile I licked and lapped at Diane’s clit and she groaned and moaned around Steve’s cock. I was at the epicentre of the sexual whirlwind and loving every second. I had my first cum and cried out, taking my mouth away from Diane’s cunt for a second. She grabbed my hair with her hands and glued my face back in position. I got the message. Her head, in turn, was being held in place By Steve’s strong, big hands, and his mercilessly fucked his wood in and out of her mouth with a sloppy, suction sound. Diane came around my mouth and gushed fluid from her hole onto Ben’s face. Just then, Steve extracted his cock from Diane’s mouth and fumbled with her bra.

“Take that off. I’m going to tit wank you.” I, Ben and Cityboy all slowed down to watch the magnificent sight of Diane holding up her amazingly large mammaries for Steve to slip his cock between. It was beautifully erotic, those wonderful breasts hoisted up, the tight space between them causing Steve to groan as he slid between them. “Those are the biggest, most beautiful titties I’ve ever seen.” He said, slowly sliding back and forth, back and forth. “They feel so good around my cock. I bet Ben slides his huge dick between these and into your hungry little mouth every night of the fucking week.” These filthy exclamations seemed to send Ben over the edge as he suddenly shuddered and groaned and informed the four of us that he was cumming. I felt his hot seed gush out into my hole and up into my womb. This made me cum again and the spasms of my very happy cunt caused a suddenly surge forward from cityboy, who grabbed my hips so hard I had finger-shaped bruises on my flesh for a week, and began fucking me arsehole like a man possessed, suddenly shooting his cream into me. Steve withdrew from Diane’s mouth and in one deft movement shot warm, sticky jizz all over Diane’s pretty little face and down onto me. My body collapsed on top of Ben and we all suddenly giggled at the ridiculous but glorious situation, our bodies spent and covered in one anothers juices.

I never did see cityboy again after that night, not that I’m sure I would have recognised him in daylight as I never did get a good look at his face. I often walked past commuters in the station and wondered if any of them were the oversexed bloke who couldn’t believe his luck in the park that night.

I certainly did see Steve, Ben and Diane again, and Louise and I were together again, many times, but those are some other stories for another time.

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