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Going to the Fair

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Rachel took one last look at herself in the mirror as she finished getting ready to leave. She and her friends, Molly and Jennifer, were going to the local Renaissance Festival today and Rachel was determined to look her best. It was the first time she was going without her parents and she was determined to flirt and play to her hearts content. She loved how the people who worked the fairs were able to make almost any comment suggestive.

Looking herself over critically Rachel examined the tight size 7 jeans encasing her legs and cupping her small round ass. She made sure that there were no panty lines showing from her thong underwear by running her hands over her tight butt. She was only 5′ 4″ tall but the strappy sandals she had on gave her an extra inch of height. She turned sideways to examine her profile in the tight tank top she was wearing, the bright green of the shirt setting off her black hair and made her dark eyes seem almost black. The cotton stretched across her flat abs and molded to her B sized breasts. She adjusted her bra slightly to perk them up even higher then nodded in satisfaction. She leaned close to the mirror to check her make up then spun away when that also passed inspection. Her tilted eyes sparkled with excitement as she grabbed her purse and stuffed her phone into it. She was ready to play!

Rachel hurried down the stairs and across the hall, calling a goodbye to her mother and father who were just sitting down to breakfast.

“Have fun! And be careful,” Her mother called.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Her father joked.

“Whatever, Dad.” She laughed and let herself out the front door. She was 19 but her parents just didn’t seem to want to let her out of the nest. She was happy that she’d finally escaped for a while. She hopped into her small used car and started it up. She had to go pick up her friends and get down to the site, she didn’t want to miss the opening address by the King and his Court. That was always a fun part, plus the crowd provided a great opportunity to scope out the men. Rachel smiled in hungry anticipation of a day of ogling hot guys with her friends.

Finally she pulled up in front of Molly’s house and honked the horn. Molly came rushing out the front door, waving something to her mother. She was dressed in costume; the short black lace dress, tight purple belly cincher and tall high heeled boots showing off her trim figure. Her shoulder length blond hair was loose but Rachel knew that getting it braided was going to be one of their first stops, that’s why she’d left her hair down as well. Molly hurried down the sidewalk and jumped into the car giggling.

“I thought I’d never get out of there! She kept looking at my dress and giving me the evil eye. Like she wasn’t the one who bought it for me in the first place!” Molly explained as she buckled herself in.

“Are you kidding me? You look great! I wish I had something to wear this year.” Rachel complained as she moved away from the curb heading towards Jennifer’s house.

“Don’t worry, you will! We’ll find you something right away,” Molly promised, “Something to definitely turn the guys heads.” She grinned at Rachel who smiled back.

Stopping in front of Jennifer’s house they found her already waiting outside, also in her Renaissance Festival outfit, this time the pirate boots led up to skin tight leggings in brilliant red, a black bustier which pushed her already ample breasts up further and a very low cut black poet shirt with huge sleeves. She had a leather hat with a red feather in her hand waiting to put it on until they got there. Her outfit set off her brown hair perfectly and she looked extremely sexy.

“Oh baby!” Molly called as Jennifer got in the back seat. “I can tell we’re going to have to go all out to make sure that Rachel here gets some attention.”

“You know it, we’re gonna be the hottest wenches at the fair!” Jennifer responded. All three of them laughed.


Rachel thought her teeth were going to rattle out of her head as she bumped over the rutted earth. She pulled into the space the parking attendant had directed her to, putting her car in park she sighed in relief. Her two passengers were already unbuckling and getting out of the car. Putting up the sunscreens in her windshield she noticed the fluffy white clouds on the horizon. They looked pretty innocent right now and she hoped they’d stay that way, it would really suck to be rained out on her first solo trip to the Fair. Getting out herself she grabbed her ID, money and cards and locked all the doors leaving her purse behind. Linking her arms with a friend on either side they sashayed toward the huge gates leading to the fairgrounds. A large crowd had already gathered in front and she could almost hear the bickering between the actors already.

While they were standing in line for tickets, laughing at all the double ententes that the Festival workers were throwing at the growing crowd something caught Rachel’s eye. Or to be more exact, someone, a set of someones. Nudging her two friends she quickly jerked her chin towards the group of three young men winding their way through the crowd. They appeared to be employees of the fair and all were extremely good looking. They were dressed in the loose open shirt pirate style with baggy pants and boots that showed off their physiques well. One of them had long blond hair streaked with lighter blond from the sun, he had it tied back in a cue and had a black hat with purple feather perched on his head. Another had golden tan skin showing between the bright white panels of his loosely laced shirt, his dark hair gleamed under the morning sun. The last one was built a little more solidly, his shoulders stretching the fabric of his shirt tight across his well muscled chest. His hair was a darker blond than the first but was short and curly, practically begging a woman to run her fingers through it.

Molly gasped loudly then cringed when Jennifer called out to the young men to get their attention, “Hey there!”

The tallest of the three at about 5’11”, the dark haired man, turned towards them and looked Jennifer over slowly. Smiling welcomingly he grabbed his two friends and turned them towards the group of young women.

“Good day to you m’ladies,” He said. “How can we humble travelers help such beauteous women on this fine day?”

Molly clutched Rachel’s arm as they both broke into giggles at the fake accent he used. Rachel looked up at the feel of two more sets of eyes running over her body, her tight clothing leaving little to the imagination of these young men. It was obvious from the looks in their eyes that those imaginations were running wild as well.

“Aye, how might we assist thee?” the curly haired man asked.

“Well, first you can tell us your names,” Jennifer stated. “This is Molly, and that’s Rachel in the mundane clothes. I’m Jennifer.”

The first man swept Jennifer’s hand up, bowed over it and kissed it gently on the back. “My pardon m’lady, my name is Matthew but many here simply call me Matt.”

The well muscled one stepped forward, and prying Molly’s hand from Rachel’s arm repeated the gesture, “And I be Sean,” he said in a Scottish accent.

The final man stepped forward and bowing low in front of Rachel he swept his hat from his head and knelt in front of her. Grabbing both her hands he kissed one then the other as he offered his name as well, “I, dearest lady, am Richard.”

Rachel could hear the people around her laughing at the preposterously flamboyant gestures these three men had used to greet them but she didn’t care. It was thrilling to have such a good looking man paying attention to her this way, she could feel the blush spreading up her neck and across her face.

Getting up from the ground Richard stepped back and keeping hold of one of her hands looked her over minutely. “M’lady, I pray that you do realize that you are naked?”

“Naked! What?” Rachel quickly looked down at herself then burst into laughter as she understood what he was talking about. At the Fair unless you were in costume the characters considered you to be naked.

“Aye,” Sean put in as he too gazed at her, “Nekkid you be m’lady. And while ’tis a shame to cover up so beautiful a lass I can only think that the right clothing would make it all the better. What say you Matt?”

“I would have to agree with my coarse Scottish friend. I do hope you plan on becoming better garbed my lady? One such as yourself deserves the finest of silks and lace against such luscious skin.”

Laughing hard Jennifer broke back into the conversation, “That’s what I wanted to ask you all. Where would be a good place to get her the ‘right’ clothes?”

“Ah my lady, you ask perhaps the wrong people. To young men such as ourselves the ‘right’ clothing is none at all!” Richard responded with a huge grin. Molly broke into nervous giggles once more but her sparkling eyes betrayed how much she was enjoying the attention. Rachel felt a flash of heat travel through her at the thought of being truly naked with any of these men.

“However if you must, then the place to go would be The Ladies Boudouir. Do you happen to have one of the flyers of the realm with thee?” Matt inquired.

Fumbling with clumsy hands Molly managed to produce the requested pamphlet and Sean opened it to the center map. Pointing out where the main gate was he quickly explained how to get to the shop they recommended. Smiling up at them flirtatiously Jennifer thanked them.

“T’was a pleasure, lasses.” Sean replied.

“We shall hope to see you inside later on, ladies.” Matt said.

“Yes, please do try to find us once Lady Rachel has found proper clothing. We would be honored to escort such beautiful women as thee around the fair.” Richard said as he once again laid a kiss on the back of Rachel’s hand which he still held. Rachel blinked as she felt him run one finger down the center of her palm, the faint caress almost too light to register. She thought she imagined it until she saw the twinkle in his eyes as he stepped back. Smiling shyly up at him she said, “We’ll try.”

All three young men bowed gallantly to the young women and wove their way back into the crowd. While they didn’t quite disappear it did become more difficult to follow them as the crowd got thicker. Molly began giggling uncontrollably as her embarrassment took over.

“How COULD you, Jennifer?” Molly stuttered, “I almost died of embarrassment.”

“Why? That’s what we’re here for dummy,” Jennifer replied. “How can we meet hot guys if we don’t even talk to them?!” Shaking her head she turned her attention to Rachel who was still trying to pick out the three guys in the throng of people. “Saw something you liked huh?”

Blushing furiously Rachel turned her attention back to her friends, “Well duh… I mean those guys were HOT. I am so glad we came today.”

“Not to worry, once we get you a new outfit we’ll try to find them again inside. Who knows maybe they’ll have some time off or something and we can hang out.”


Finally they made it through the line and got their tickets. Joining the increasingly loud crowd in front of the gate they enjoyed the rest of the time until the cannon blast. Rachel kept scanning the crowd for the three young men, she wasn’t sure why but something about them had truly caught her attention. She couldn’t figure out which of them she liked best, each of them was enough different from the others to make it a difficult choice. Finally the cannon exploded and the gates opened into the fair. The three young women drifted forward to the actor’s cries of “Push and shove, push and shove.” After breaking through the wall of people Jennifer took the lead and using the pamphlet map led Rachel and Molly to the shop that Sean had shown them.

Entering the shop Rachel was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fabric, colors and costumes. There was a complete rainbow of fabrics displayed on the walls and hangers, how would she ever choose? Luckily Molly and Jennifer came to her rescue and the three girls giggled and laughed their way through the next hour as Rachel tried on one costume after another before finally deciding on one. She about collapsed at the cost once the saleswench explained it but coughed up her credit card and admired the effect in the mirror. Her new costume was all white, almost virginal in nature (Rachel laughed silently at that thought) but was made out of lace. The top was a short bodice type with a white fabric halter underneath the lace to conceal details but it ended just above her belly button. The skirt was also white lace that came to just below her knees, the fabric draping nicely around her legs. There was a smaller skirt underneath but the rest of her legs were exposed with each movement she made. The lace played peek-a-boo with her golden skin as the treasure underneath. Rachel had even managed to find a set of white angel wings which she had also added to give her a more angelic (and ironic) appearance. She loved her new naughty angel look but knew her Dad would have a heart attack if he saw her in it. Luckily her sandals were a neutral tone and actually seemed to fit well with the costume. The kind saleswench offered to keep her mundane clothing there for her to pick up before she left the fair freeing her from having to carry all her stuff around the entire day.

After purchasing the skimpy outfit Rachel and her friends wandered the fair, stopping to get their hair braided and buy drinks and food. They bantered with the Rennies and had a wonderful time. Molly even got pulled up on stage for one of the shows they saw and Rachel and Jennifer almost collapsed in laughter as she stumbled through the skit, her face a flaming red.

Rachel continued to try to find the Richard, Matt and Sean but to no avail, apparently wherever they were it wasn’t where she could spot them. Late in the afternoon the clouds began to roll in but she held out hope that they wouldn’t actually release the rain until after the fair closed at 6:30. As they were walking by one particular shop Rachel’s eye was caught by a piece of jewelry she knew her mother would LOVE. She detoured quickly into the shop, calling to her friends to wait. She was so absorbed in looking that she didn’t notice that they hadn’t heard her call. She looked through the shop’s merchandise for a bit then jumped when a sharp crack of thunder split the air. Looking up she realized that her friends had gone on without her and that it was starting to rain. Dashing out of the shop she hurried in the direction she’d seen them going last.

The rain began to really pour down, almost a sheet of water, drenching everything not under cover, including Rachel and her new outfit. Peering through the darkness she noticed three figures rushing into a shop a little ways ahead and giving up her quest to find her friends in this torrent she followed them. A spear of lightning shot across the sky followed soon after by a loud crash of thunder making her hurry even faster. She finally reached the shop and rushed up the steps. She opened the door quickly and stepped inside, turning to push it closed behind her, fighting the wind. Seeing a small hook and eyebolt she latched the door against the wind before turning to see who she was sharing her shelter with, hopefully the storm wouldn’t last long.

Turning around Rachel’s eyes widened in surprise to find herself in an empty shop with the three young men from this morning. The shop was small, barely enough room for ten people to fit into and broken up by a low cloth covered wooden counter to her right sectioning off part of the main area. There were a several shelves lining the walls, both high and low and mostly empty. The door was made of mismatched boards that allowed an occasional gust of wind to burst through and into the main area. There was a small shuttered window in the center of the back wall which was also latched shut against the rattling wind. The wood floors were covered by various rugs in a multitude of colors. They were well worn but still thick and soft under her sandals. The only light was provided by the gaps around the window and through the door making it dim until her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She noticed a small footstool in a dark corner, apparently abandoned by the previous tenant of the shop.

Matt and Richard were half way through taking off their soaked shirts, the thin material clinging to their wet bodies as they turned to look at her as she barged in on them. Sean, with his shirt already off was struggling with the waistband of his trousers trying to get a stubborn button through the hole. All four of them stopped and stared at the others in incomprehension.

“Well well, if it isn’t m’lady Rachel from this morn,” Matt exclaimed. “It appears that you managed to find the shop we recommended. And a fine job they did. You appear quite fetching.”

“T-thank you.” Rachel stammered. She’d never been alone with this many guys before and wasn’t quite sure what to think. She wasn’t a virgin but she wasn’t that experienced either. The feelings shooting through her at the sight of their naked chests were distracting to say the least. A sudden sharp gust of wind shook the locked door behind her and she shivered in the breeze coming through the cracks. She looked down and realized that she was so wet that she was dripping water onto the rug.

“Lady Rachel, you appear to be soaked to the skin! Come away from the door, it’s a bit warmer over here.” Richard said. Leaving his shirt hanging from his broad shoulders he quickly crossed the floor and grasped her hand. Stepping around behind her he guided her towards the other two men. Because she was in front of him she didn’t see the questioning look he flashed to the other two. She did see Matt and Sean begin to smile and nod however and mistaking them as welcoming smiles for her smiled back at them.

She shivered again as the wind rattled the door against its lock and the rain beat on the roof. Richard’s warm hands felt so good that she unconsciously slowed, trying to snuggle into his warmth. However the wings on her back interfered and she heard him grunt as one wing stabbed into his stomach. “OH! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” Rachel flushed in embarrassment as she turned to apologize.

Rubbing his minor injury, he grinned down at her, “Not to worry m’lady. Let me help get those off you, you’re cold enough without dripping more water on yourself.” Turning her back around he slid his fingers against the bare skin of her shoulders as he grasped the straps and pulled them down her arms. It was probably Rachel’s imagination but she could have sworn he deliberately kept the backs of his hands in contact with her arms the entire way on purpose. The goosebumps that followed in his wake had little to do with the cold; she could feel her body responding to the presence of these attractive men. Stretching both her arms behind her he skimmed the ribbons holding the wings off over her hands. Both Matt and Sean enjoyed the sight of the small top molding itself to her upper body as her arms were pulled behind her. The cold had tightened her nipples and they made small pebbles underneath the clingy material. An accidental pull by Richard on her right arm made her shift right and the cloth rubbed against them sending an involuntary shiver across her belly.

Looking at Richard standing behind her Matt gave him a small nod of encouragement and continued taking off his shirt. Rachel’s eyes were drawn to him as more and more skin was exposed until he was down to his boxers. Her eyes ran over his muscular shoulders and arms, following the thin trail of hair that disappeared under the waistband of his underwear. It almost seemed as if he was trying to tempt her into something. Sean, seeming more shy, turned his back on Rachel providing her with an unobstructed view of his broad back and tight butt, as he finished removing his soaked trousers, pulling them down his legs and hanging them up to dry. Turning back to her, he ran his eyes speculatively across her body, she could almost feel the heat of his eyes as they passed over her. He leaned over the counter and pulled out a large cloth bag which appeared to be stuffed with dry clothing for the three young men. Dropping it at his feet he turned his attention back to Rachel as Richard finished pulling off her angel wings.

After setting the dripping wings on a shelf next to the door Richard pulled Rachel’s back up against him wrapping his arms around her, allowing his body heat to soak in.

“Mmmmmm,” Rachel moaned as the heat began to still her shivers, she leaned back against him and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation. Slowly his hands drifted from her sides and up to her shoulders in a series of small circular movements. She gently rocked with the movements as his hands created friction heat against her skin; she was thoroughly enjoying the feel of his hands on her. The slow caress seemed to transport her into another realm, one where time no longer mattered. “That feels great.”

Kicking his discarded clothing towards an empty corner Matt quietly crossed to where Richard was holding Rachel; nodding his head to Richard he began to rub the front of her shoulders while Richard concentrated on her upper arms and back. Slowly caressing Rachel’s arms and sides he moved down to her stomach devoting more attention to the areas of uncovered golden skin. She was so absorbed in the feelings that she didn’t notice the extra pair of hands smoothing over her. Kneeling down in front of her Matt allowed his warm breath to feather across her stomach as he skipped down to her thighs, moving his hands up and down them savoring their silky texture. Richard began moving his hands the entire length of her arms and had leaned down to whisper kisses across her shoulders, his warm breath causing her to shiver in delight.

Matt’s hands, still caressing her moved back to her waist which he clasped and began using his thumbs to create circles of heat. By moving slowly and gently he managed to maneuver his hands around to the back and unfasten the skirt without her noticing. Sending his hands back to her knees he skimmed his hands up her outer thighs in an attempt to keep the cold clammy fabric from breaking the lethargic spell they had been weaving around Rachel. The material bunched up around his wrists and forearms as they rose then suddenly released its grip on her hips, sliding down the backs of her legs quickly and silently. The cold streak was enough of a shock to bring Rachel out of her trance. Snapping her eyes open she looked down at Matt, kneeling at her feet as her skirt fell the rest of the way to the floor.

“What are you doing?!” She exclaimed, her body tensing up.

Looking up innocently at her, Matt lifted one leg then the other picking up the sopping skirt and standing up to hang it from one of the shelves, “Just getting you out of these wet clothes m’lady. We have some dry clothes you can put on if you like.”

“Hush…” Richard whispered soothingly against her neck as he closed his hands on her shoulders, “We won’t hurt you. We’re just trying to help.”

“Besides,” Sean teased,” Dinna we say that the ‘right’ clothing for a young lass around strapping young men like us be none t’all?”

Glancing at the two men in front of her Rachel realized that while she was feeling highly embarrassed at being mostly naked in front of them but she was not scared. She didn’t feel in danger from them, in fact the heat she could see in their eyes was generating a matching one down low in her stomach. She suddenly understood that she’d been considering this situation all day long from the time she first saw them. She’d never thought it would actually happen but the idea had been tempting her all along. She wanted to see what would happen with these young men and fate it seemed had provided the opportunity.

Turning her head to look back at Richard behind her she began to smile impishly, “Oh, is that right? Well if you are going to help I need you to undo the back of the top too.” With that open invitation she dropped her head forward to bare the back of her neck and the tie for her top.

Richard blinked in surprise at the sudden change in her attitude then began to grin widely, his eyes meeting the matching grins on the faces of his companions. Apparently this young woman was no angel, despite her wings. His nimble fingers swiftly untied the knot at her neck but the soaked fabric didn’t want to release her. She dropped her head back against his shoulder in time to see Sean step forward to peel the scrap of fabric down her chest while Richard’s hands moved to loosen the lower knot. His warm hands were a burning contrast to her chilled skin as she arched her back to give him better access without leaving the oasis of his body heat. Sean grasped the white lace and began drawing it toward him the dripping ends coming across her shoulders to skim down her bared chest. A cold breeze from the window caused goosebumps along the chilly path they drew as the soaked ends skimmed across her engorged nipples, leaving drops of rain suspended from them. Putting both ends in one hand Sean reached out with the other and rubbed the cold water from her skin with a rough thumb across the nubs of flesh before they tried to find their way down her body, causing more than heat to shoot through Rachel’s body. He tugged and her top came free as Richard’s hands finally undid the knot, moving carefully Sean hung the top up to dry as well while he kept his eyes on the feast of flesh in front of him.

Because of the cut of the costume Rachel had not been able to keep her bra on underneath, with the removal of the top all she had on was the sandals and her thong panties. Her smallish breasts were firm with youth and the nipples were taut due to the cold and arousal. The areoles were a slightly darker color against her golden skin, inviting a man to lave them with attention. Matt knelt once more at her feet and began removing her sandals as well, his warm hands caressing her feet before she stepped onto the thick rug. Tossing them aside he gave her navel a quick kiss feeling her stomach shudder at the feel before he rose to his feet in front of her, the baggy fabric of his boxers suddenly tight as she saw his arousal. Flicking her gaze to Sean’s crotch as well she spied a matching tenting in the fabric of his boxers too. Curious, she pushed back against Richard’s hips behind her and encountered the hard length of his arousal. Knowing that she had caused these reactions Rachel felt a wave of power and heat wash through her; she was no longer shivering with cold but with anticipation.

Coming back to the group in the middle of the shop Sean skimmed his fingers down her ribcage to her waist then slipped his fingers underneath the waistband of her panties and began drawing them down her legs. To help him out Rachel spread her legs apart slightly. Her reward was the quick kiss and lick she received on her hip as he tugged the damp fabric from between her thighs. The cord in the back did not want to be released from between her cheeks making him pull even harder before it finally escaped. He then lifted her bare feet one at a time and set them down further apart, giving him a look at the treasure the thong had hidden, one already swelling with desire. The well groomed patch of pubic hair did little to disguise that fact and the rest of her pussy was shaved bald. Finally she was nude and the greed showing on Matt and Sean’s faces fed the flames of her own arousal. “C’mon now guys, I’m the only one naked, it’s not fair. Take the rest of your clothes off too.” She cajoled.

Matt and Sean quickly stripped off their underwear, proudly showing off their aroused members. She felt Richard step away from her and heard him removing the rest of his clothing as well. Turning slightly she felt her mouth beginning to water at the sight of all the prime male flesh she was surrounded by. As each of them was different in looks so too were their cocks different. Matt had an average size member that curved slightly downward and waved gently in the air as he moved toward her. Sean, despite being the most muscular, had a thinner straight penis but just as long with a dark red glans, already gleaming with moisture. Richard, behind her was actually the biggest of the three, his cock longer than the other two and the thickness alone made her wet just thinking of having him moving inside her.

The feel of Matt’s hands on her shoulders brought her back to reality as he pushed her backwards, she stumbled slightly then the backs of her thighs met the low counter. The cloth covering it was smooth against her skin and she sat suddenly as he pushed her down. Somehow she had gone from the one in control to being the object controlled, this thought flashed through her mind almost as fast as the shaft of arousal to her groin at the realization. The fact that these three had done this more than once became obvious as Sean and Richard moved to either side of the counter. Sean was on her right and Richard on her left. Each of them grasping her shoulder in one hand and running their other down her arms slowly. They drew her back until she was laying on the counter her hips at the end and fully supported by the countertop. Holding her shoulders down they kept her from moving as they situated themselves beside her. It was the perfect height she realized as she turned her head to the left towards Richard, his cock was exactly where she could get to it with hand or mouth. Leaning down Richard kissed her deeply as his hand guided hers to his cock. She felt Sean doing the same with her right hand on his side. Rachel heard a curious scraping sound across the room then became distracted once more by Richard as his tongue thrust between her lips.

Sean’s right hand wrapped hers around his shaft and began moving it across his cock, guiding her and showing her what he liked best. Her soft cool fingers were a definite contrast to the stiff hot length of his penis causing a swift shiver to race through him. His member was thin enough that she could completely wrap around it with her hand. Using his fingers Sean pressed her thumb against the underside of his cock hard as he stroked their hands up towards the head. The feel of her hand wrapped around him was extremely exciting, the visual alone making his cock jump in their hands. He pulled their hands back down to the base as his gaze roamed across the naked skin of the girl laid out like a sacrifice for their pleasure. Continuing this pattern he kept the rhythm slow but she could feel his hips beginning to thrust towards her.

Standing up Richard also began showing her how to stroke him with his left hand as Rachel looked down her body. Apparently the scraping sound she’d heard was Matt moving the small footstool to the end of the counter because all she could see of him was his head and shoulders. However her attention was pulled back to her left when Richard ran her fingertips down his length. He used her fingers to slowly explore his cock then starting at the base he wrapped her much smaller hand around him. He was so thick that her fingers didn’t touch as she grasped him and began to slide her hand up and down. Using his stronger grip Richard was able to show her where to increase the pressure as she moved. Rather than stopping at the base of the head Richard pushed her hand over the rim and rubbed her palm across the sensitive skin, cupping his glans in her hand before bringing her back down around him again. The feel of the slight ridges and calluses of her palm running across the velvety skin caused a wave of sensation to crawl up his spine. He shuddered under her hand as she began to repeat the movement on her own.

Smiling at the sight of Rachel jerking off his friends Matt grasped her calves and propped her legs apart, each thigh spread the width of the counter apart. She felt a cool breeze dart across her exposed flesh, cooling the wetness that had already gathered. Leaning her head back she turned towards Sean. Pulling him closer by tightening her hand around his cock she leaned to the side to taste him, her tongue running across his glans and scooping up the pre-cum he was already oozing. She heard him moan slightly then felt him scoot a little closer to give her better access. His hand released hers and she felt it move down her side and thigh to her right knee, pulling her legs even further apart. Richard’s left hand copied the move to her other knee and she felt her pussy lips spread open, presenting Matt with a wide open view of her extremely turned on center. Just as she slipped the head of Sean’s cock into her mouth she felt Matt’s tongue do a long lick up her entire slit, ending at her clit where it proceeded to swirl around the engorged nub of flesh. She gasped at the feel then clamped her lips around Sean’s cock to quiet herself.

Her hips tried to buck up off the counter but found that the hands on her shoulders kept her from moving much at all. She could barely wiggle, much less arch up as the pleasure stabbed through her from her groin to her brain. They weren’t hurting her but they were not going to let her move either. She was completely at their mercy. This thought tumbled through her mind as she swirled her tongue across Sean’s cock. There were three of them and they could do whatever they wanted; her sudden helplessness, a feeling she had never experienced before, shot through her. Rather than terrifying her, the idea actually increased her arousal, she wanted… no, needed to find out what they intended to do. The more she tried to move the more she realized just how much in their power she was, each failed attempt heightening her arousal. It was an eye opening experience as Rachel realized the intense pleasure that came from no longer being in control.

Rachel’s coherent thoughts were stretched thinner as she felt Richard’s right hand close over her left breast and begin to knead it, rubbing her aroused nipple between his fingers, pinching slightly and sending shafts of pure pleasure shooting to her groin. Her hips tried to swivel involuntarily but the hands holding her thighs apart tightened, keeping her in place as Matt swooped in again for another lick. His tongue swirled and licked, diving deep into her then sliding up to tease her clit once more. She moaned at the feel of what Matt and Richard were doing to her and the taste of Sean in her mouth. The vibrations increasing his pleasure as she continued to suck and lick on the head of his cock while continuing to move her hand up and down the shaft.

Rachel pulled her mouth away as Matt shoved his tongue deep inside her so she could gasp a huge breath of much needed air. His hot breath sliding silky warm across her highly aroused body was sheer torture and the breath she had just taken slid out of her in a long moan, letting them know how much she was enjoying what they were doing to her. Looking up her body Matt’s eyes twinkled as he watched her body try arch up off the counter restrained by Richard’s hand on her left breast and Sean’s on her right shoulder. Returning to his task he continued to lick and suck on her pussy, using his tongue to tease and torment her. He could feel her muscles straining to get more from him but she was held too tightly by Sean and Richard. Wrapping his lips around her clit and began to suck strongly, her head whipped back and forth against the countertop as she groaned loudly. Richard quickly grabbed her head with his free hand and shoved his cock into her mouth to quiet her. Her hand continued to pump along his shaft, her thumb teasing the rim as she sucked on him. Her hand began to twist slightly on each stroke adding a new sensation that drove him crazy as he felt her tongue flashing across the sensitive tip. Sean’s cock was not neglected either, she continued to glide her hand up and down his saliva slick shaft, her hand bumping against the flared edge of the head. He then reached down with his left hand and began to play with the nipple of her right breast, tweaking the soft peak and pulling on it just to release it again.

Rachel could feel the tension in her winding tighter and tighter as the three men caressed, squeezed, tormented and played with various parts of her body. She kept trying to lift her hips up into the mouth that was giving her such pleasure but was held stationary by the hands gripping her tits and knees tightly. The restraint continued to increase her pleasure, her need spiraling out of control at her inability to satisfy it. As she realized this the tension finally broke and she sucked frantically on Richard’s cock as she came into Matt’s mouth. Her hand clamped down on Sean’s penis as she shook and shuddered between them.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm…..” She moaned as Matt buried his face into her crotch, his tongue lapping frantically trying to keep up with the flow as she twitched. Richard’s arms shook as he tried to hold back, the suction and frenzied licking she was subjecting him to straining his control. Sean’s head fell back as her hand sped up, jerking him off harder and faster. As he felt his balls begin to tighten he reached down and stopped her hand with his. He didn’t want to blow his wad too soon, there were other things he wanted to try with this not so angelic girl. Finally she began to relax as her orgasm released her and she loosened her grip on him. She gave an apologetic lick to Richard’s semi-abused cock that caused him to shudder and looked over at Sean. “I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

Sean laughed, “Not t’all m’lady, quite the opposite but I dinna wanna lose it so soon. Now it be my turn.”

Pulling away from her hand Sean stepped back as she felt Matt leave her pussy. They quickly exchanged places and Matt placed her right hand upon his cock so she could pleasure him too. His cock was nearly rock hard as she wrapped her fingers around him, the tip gleaming wetly in the dim light. Using her fingers she began to smooth the pre-cum across the head of his cock, watching as he trembled from the sensitivity of his arousal. The slightly downward curve added a new dimension to her play, she was able to get to the upper side of his cock easier to see how he reacted to that. She was so focused on this new treat that she hadn’t noticed when Sean stepped forward. The shock of feeling his cock rubbing against her still pulsing clit was enough to rip her attention away from Matt. “Ah, ah!” she exclaimed as he began to thrust against her.

“Shhhhh…. We wouldn’t want to be interrupted now would we m’lady?” Matt asked. Cupping her cheek he guided her mouth to his engorged penis and slid it between her lips. She shook her head slightly, bumping the insides of her cheeks against him as he continued to enter her mouth. The storm outside continued but Rachel no longer heard the thunder or felt the breezes as they rattled the door. Her world had constricted to the small room, the counter she was laid out upon and the three men seemingly determined to shatter her apart with pleasure.

Sean began to push and thrust against her, running his entire length up her slit, not entering her but teasing her with the possibility. The friction became smoother and quicker as her juices flowed once more, coating his penis with them. He pulled back to rub the head of his cock around, circling the opening she wanted desperately for him to enter. The heat of her engorged pussy was so tempting, it would be so easy to slide into her, he thought. He resisted however, seeing her writhing below him was such a visual turn on that he wanted to see how much she could take. She tried to buck her hips up to force him into her but was restrained once more by Matt and Richard. All three of the men laughed at her eagerness. “Me thinks the lady be enjoyin’ herself,” Sean commented as he continued to torment her. Using his hand to stabilize himself he pushed against the opening of her vagina just enough to cause her to moan around Matt’s cock. Pulling back he then used the head of his cock to batter her clit making her squirm with pleasure.

“One might think that,” Richard said as he plucked at her erect nipples, causing her to shiver in response.

“May-…. Unh!” Matt started to respond but was stopped as she bobbed her head down onto him, taking him deeply into her mouth and lightly running her teeth across the tip. He could feel the tension in her lips as she smiled around his cock in her mouth at his inability to continue what he was saying. This small act of power on her part could not go unanswered. Placing his free hand on the back of her head he thrust forward, the inviting warmth of her mouth surrounding him. Beginning a slow rhythm he closed his eyes to focus on the feel of her mouth and tongue as he pumped himself into her. Due to the position he couldn’t go as deep as he wanted but the slick heat of her mouth was immensely distracting.

Feeling Matt entering her mouth like she wished Sean would enter her pussy sent Rachel’s pleasure spiking up. She could feel the next orgasm coming as Sean continued to rub against her clit. Each push ratcheted up the need she was feeling. She wanted, no needed to be penetrated but he continued to simply slide against her without entering, the length of his cock a welcome tormenter as it stimulated her clit. Not wanting to neglect Richard she began to pump his shaft again, this time rubbing the ball of her thumb across the sensitive tip. He gasped at the first pass then stood still, his hand continuing to play with her tight nipple, enjoying the roughness as she jerked him off. She gave him several more pumps before releasing his cock and following its shaft down to the needy sac below. He groaned as she gently wrapped her warm hand around it and began to massage the balls within.

Rachel’s mind was awash in pleasure but she was amazed at her own temerity. She wasn’t a virgin but the things happening to her now hadn’t even occurred to her in her fantasies. Yet she was acting like an experienced porn star and the freedom she was feeling was simply amazing. By surrendering her control to these men she had broken the shackles of ‘proper’ decorum, she could now focus on what made them and her feel good without fear of rejection or disgust. The slight sounds each of the men released as they rubbed against or into her body in one way or another told her of her success and enhanced her own pleasure tenfold and she could feel the beginning tremors of the next orgasm. Moving her hand quickly up to Richard’s penis so as not to hurt him, she gave herself to the wave of ecstasy and sucked hard on Matt’s cock as she came the second time. He began to shake as the suction increased around his penis, holding back was much more difficult than he anticipated. He desperately wanted to explode into the mouth surrounding him but he knew there was more to come and so he held on to his control, barely. This orgasm for Rachel was intense but over more quickly. This time rather than wait for her to recover, Sean and Richard exchanged places while she still shivered and shook in the aftermath. Rachel barely had the brainpower left to wonder what Richard would do, each of them seemed determined to try something different with her willing body.

He didn’t leave her wondering long. No sooner had she begun jerking Sean off again, her own lubricant making him slippery in her hand than she felt him give her a long slow lick from bottom to top. Shivering in anticipation she pulled her mouth off of Matt’s cock as she felt something start to enter her. Her body attempted once again to arch up off the counter as Richard slid two fingers into her hungry pussy, wiggling and twisting them. Matt and Sean had to move their hands down to her chest to keep her still as she bucked.

“Nnnggghhh,” She moaned quietly, her hands clamping down hard on the two cocks on either side. “More,” she panted as Richard began to move his fingers in and out of her. He accommodated her by adding in a third finger and moving them deeper into her.

Rachel’s toes curled involuntarily as the cascades of pleasure washed through her. Finally someone was inside her and the feeling was spectacular, she could barely maintain the rhythm of her two hands as her body and mind focused on the new sensations. His fingers were stretching her tight pussy and she could feel each one separately as they moved within her. She pressed her head against the counter with the need to push her hips into his hand, his fingers were good but her pussy hungered for deeper penetration than he was giving. However the restraining hands on her tits and knees would stop her she knew, she would have to beg for anything more than what they felt was necessary. Her tongue slid over dry lips as Richard’s fingers forged slowly deeper into her starving pussy.

“Spread her further apart, lads,” Richard asked as his arm moved. Matt and Sean spread her legs wider and Richard took advantage of the position. Standing up he twisted his hand so that his thumb could then flick her clit with every plunge inside her. She began to gasp and moan with each touch, a twitch running across her body as the shafts of sheer ecstasy drove through her. Richard could feel the moisture seeping out to surround his hand, making it easier for him to push into her, the sounds he was causing seeming loud in the small shop.

Seeing that she couldn’t concentrate enough to use her mouth on them anymore, Sean and Matt scooted back to the extent of her reach. Then both leaned down and took a nipple into their mouths. Their reward was the tightening of her grip around their cocks and the muffled Ahhhh! that drifted to their ears. Sean sucked the tightly furled nub of flesh, rolling it with his tongue and pulling on it gently with his lips as her hand spasmed around him. Barely maintaining her grip she continued to glide her hand up and down his cock. Matt on the other hand was a bit more aggressive and bit her nipple, pulling on it slightly, using his teeth to cause more sensation than she’d ever felt there before. Then he ran the broad length of his tongue across the highly sensitized bud causing her to squirm uncontrollably. Changing the grip of her hand she ran her fingers down the underside of Matt’s cock to tickle his balls before sliding her grip back up. As her hand moved Matt could feel the tip of his cock rubbing up and down her forearm, the silky skin contrasting with the roughness of her palm.

As the other two played with her nipples Richard continued his assault on her pussy with his hand, pushing harder and deeper, he was both watching and feeling her hot flesh closing around his hand. Moving faster he began curling his fingers inside her, searching for that one special spot that drove all women crazy. With each push of his hand he made sure to fondle her clit, driving her pleasure higher and higher. Finally the combination of sensations, each different according to the man providing it was too much for her and she exploded into her third orgasm. In an attempt to keep quiet she bit her lower lip hard, whimpering in ecstasy, her eyes squeezed shut with the effort. Then Richard finally found her G spot and Rachel died a little bit as the world shattered around her, there was only sheer unadulterated pleasure left. Richard felt her pussy clamp down on his hand then begin to pulse with contractions as both Sean and Matt groaned in response to her suddenly tight grip on their cocks. This orgasm lasted for many seconds before finally releasing Rachel from its grasp. Her entire body relaxed onto the countertop, she was barely able to continue jerking off the two men on either side.

Seeing the well-satisfied woman in front of them the three young men grinned at each other. Little did she know but they weren’t done with her yet. She’d gotten her orgasms but they were still hot and heavy with their loads. This had all simply been preparation for the main event and that time had finally come. Stepping back Matt and Sean gently disengaged her hands from their cocks and moved around to the middle of the room. Kicking the bundle of clothing into the center of the rug Sean looked expectantly at Richard. Smiling he pulled his fingers slowly out of Rachel still feeling the shudders of her orgasm aftershocks and sucked them clean, clearly enjoying the taste of her on his skin. Leaning over he gently shook her shoulders and waited for her eyes to open. When she was finally looking up at him dazedly he pulled on her hands and brought her to a sitting position.

“C’mon, m’lady. We’ve provided your fulfillment, you wouldn’t be so harsh as to leave us wanting would you?” He tilted his head in a questioning manner as he helped her to stand. Her knees were weak from the multiple orgasms they’d given her and she wobbled upright. He could see a spark of interest flare in her bemused eyes as she realized there was more to come. Leading her to the center of the room he sat down on the floor next to the bundled cloth, drawing her down to kneel beside him. Lying down on his back he waited as Matt and Sean came over to them. Helping her they guided Rachel into a straddling position on her knees above Richard, her pussy hovering above his rigid member. She moved like the puppet she felt she had become, she had relinquished control while spread out on the countertop and continued to trust them to see to their mutual pleasure. She whimpered at the idea of finally getting a long hard cock deep inside her waiting body. She felt her pussy warm once more with a rush of blood, anticipating the feel of him thrusting into her. However, instead of entering her right away he put his hands on her legs to either side so she couldn’t lower herself and rose up to kiss her deeply once more.

Rachel unconsciously followed his lips down as they kissed, leaving her ass high in the air as she leaned over him. She hadn’t been paying any attention at all to the others so the sudden feeling of a cock entering her pussy from behind was a shock. The first thrust was deep and she felt herself become flooded with moisture. The almost scalding heat of her pussy welcomed Sean as he drove into the opening presented to him. She was hot and slick, the feelings growing more intense as he pumped. She moaned into Richard’s mouth as their tongues dueled and she was fucked from behind. Her body rocked forward with each thrust from behind, her small tits brushing against Richard’s chest. She suspected it was Sean as she didn’t feel completely full but the pleasure was there nonetheless. He stroked into her several more times, getting his cock well covered in her lubricating juices then pulled out entirely. She started to rise in protest and felt a pair of strong hands come down on her shoulders to keep her still. Her surprise at this became confusion as she realized they had to be Matt’s hands because Richard’s were still holding her legs and another pair was pulling apart her ass cheeks.

It was only when she felt the warm wet head of Sean’s cock pressing against her asshole that she understood what was happening. She’d only been fucked in the ass once or twice and it hadn’t been all that great but her body was so focused on pleasure that it felt good to have his cock there. He slowly began to press himself inside her, the juices from her soaking pussy running down his shaft and easing the way as he entered her. Richard brought her attention back to the kiss and she felt her body begin to relax, allowing Sean to shove deeper. She swiveled her hips a little, helping him to enter the extremely tight passage. She could feel the larger but spongy head wedging the tight opening wider, his cock slowly invading her ass. Keeping up a steady pressure with slight pulses of forward movement the head of his cock finally made it past the ring of muscle and was fully inside. Sean paused as her body adjusted to the tip of his cock, tightening down on him like a clamp causing him to shudder with the need to plunge into her. However he knew better and resisted the impulse, instead he began to pump gently, each push forward driving him only fractionally deeper and deeper into her until finally he felt his stomach against her butt. Rachel felt an unfamiliar fullness moving inside her, each move forward seemed to like an eternity of bliss.

“Gods! She’s tight.” Sean growled as he pulled back and plunged in again. “Feels so fuckin’ good.” Rachel could only gasp in agreement as the combination of movement and the juices from her pussy began allowing him to move faster. Her ass tightened down around his cock each time he paused, forcing him to have to push hard to move forward again. Each time he returned to the depths it was better than the last, her pleasure increasing as her body got used to this unfamiliar form of enjoyment. She began to push back against him when he thrust forward, allowing him to get deeper into her. Feeling her response and interpreting it correctly Sean used his hands to spread her cheeks further apart allowing him to get closer and deeper. She could feel the wetness from her pussy starting to drip down her thighs as Sean fucked her tight ass. On one thrust forward he felt his balls slap into her pussy and felt the hot moisture run across them as she shuddered in ecstasy. She may not have had much experience as evidenced by the tightness surrounding him but she certainly seemed to be enjoying it now, the quiet whimpers drifting back to him as he plumbed her depths egging him on..

Rachel was panting and moaning when Richard finally released her mouth. She pushed herself up with her arms and ground her hips back into Sean a bit harder and felt his cock jerk inside her ass as she responded to his thrusts. “Now what?” she asked as Sean continued to move. Richard smiled up at her then reached between them and grabbed the base of his penis. Pushing upwards he located the entrance to her vagina, and as her eyes widened in surprise he thrust deeply into her vacant pussy. The sheer amount of moisture allowed him to slide swiftly inside despite stretching her pussy to its limits. Rachel wanted to cry out but her throat closed at the feeling of the dual penetration. She could feel Richard’s thick cock stretching her pussy and filling her to capacity while Sean’s thinner one continued to move inside her ass. She’d only imagined this position, never actually thought it could happen. But it was and it felt WONDERFUL! Richard stayed up for a moment while he shoved the bundled clothing underneath his butt to keep himself angled to enter her. Rachel felt her knees pulled further apart and she sank onto him as Sean adjusted to the new angle behind her. Then the true ecstasy began.

The two men inside her set up a rhythm, one thrusting in and moving her off the other then pulling back and letting the second fill her up. She was just a puppet between their pistoning cocks and loving every second of it. She could feel them rubbing against each other through her thin internal walls separating them. Sean’s thinner cock was perfect for the use he was putting it to, the larger head opening up the muscle rings within and allowing him to move in and out of her ass easily. Each time he pulled back they tightened down again pulling against the rim of the glans and increasing both their pleasure. The variable tightness was driving him wild as he continued to fuck her. Richard’s long cock seemed to bump against the base of her womb with every plunge. He was so large that he could feel every ridge within her pussy as he rubbed against it, the sensation was sending Rachel swiftly up the long road to her next orgasm. She was hot, tight, wet and completely willing as she moaned and trembled between them.

Her arms shook with the need to keep her upper body from smothering the man below her as she surrendered her body to them once more. Richard could feel Sean entering as he exited and vice versa, the unusual sensation increasing the pleasure for them both. Slowly the thrusts became harder and deeper as her body relaxed around the invaders. Her pussy was drenched and every push upward by Richard made a slightly wet sound, barely discernable through the pounding of the rain continuing outside but increasingly erotic to the people listening. She opened her eyes to see Richard grimacing in bliss at the feel of her hot wet body surrounding his cock. He could feel the excess juices his cock was displacing running down onto his balls, the cooling moisture creating even more reason for him to try to climb inside her scorching heat as he strove to give her another orgasm. She rocked back and forth between them giving and receiving pleasure from both her partners. Then suddenly she realized there was one missing. Turning her head she spotted Matt standing near the counter, slowly jerking himself off and watching the tableau in front of him. The sight of his hand moving over the engorged shaft caused a spear of hunger to spike through her.

“Come here,” she whispered, licking her lips at the sight of this unoccupied morsel. Matt’s eyebrows rose in surprise at her request. The normal procedure was for him to replace whichever of the other two came first but this girl seemed to have other ideas. “Come here,” Rachel repeated more forcefully. Looking a question at Sean who was too involved with busily pounding himself deep into her ass to pay any attention to him, Matt stepped forward towards her. She motioned with her head and managed to get him to stand over Richard on the floor as he lunged upwards, in and out of her slippery pussy. Every now and then a thrust from one or the other was so deep all she could do was freeze and allow the spasm of bliss to shoot through her as her eyes closed to feel it better. On Sean’s next surge forward Rachel opened her mouth and quickly captured the head of Matt’s cock. The surprised gasp on his part became a stumble forward as she refused to release it, sucking hard and dragging him closer to her on the return stroke, spearing herself on Richard’s penis. The taste of Matt’s salty cock swiftly encompassed her mouth as she moved forward again. The curve of his penis was perfect for what she was doing, following the natural contours of her tongue and throat. She moaned at a particularly deep thrust by Sean and felt her nose rub into Matt’s pubic hair as his cock slipped past her lips. The feel of the vibrations against the head of his cock which was sliding against the back of her throat was intense. Matt shuddered and moved a little closer, trying to help her as much as possible.

The threesome became a foursome and Matt could only shake his head in wonder at the supposedly innocent young girl that was currently being fucked by all three of them simultaneously. Seeing Matt standing above him and watching Rachel engulf him into her mouth Richard felt a spasm of lust shoot through him, making his hard cock even harder. Knowing she needed the support he brought his hands up to her chest, cupping both breasts and settling the hard pebbles of her nipples between his thumbs and palms. He began to massage them in a circular motion as he compressed and pull on the sensitive flesh in a matching rhythm to their thrusts. She moaned deeply in response to the new stimulus as he watched Matt’s cock disappear into her welcoming mouth. He hadn’t realized that he would find it such a stimulating sight and continued to watch, fascinated by the sight of Rachel devouring his friends cock, even as he plunged his own engorged penis into her hot pussy.

Her tongue swirled and tasted each centimeter of Matt’s shaft as she was pushed forward onto him by Sean and sucked and teased the head as she fell onto Richard. As her body adjusted to the rhythm she swallowed more and more of him until she was deep throating him on almost every move forward. It was a sensation that Matt hadn’t experienced before on such a regular basis, the feel of the muscles tightening around the head of his cock and the slight roughness of her teeth as she gulped him down. Rachel’s saliva was sliding from her mouth and began coating his swaying balls as she sucked and tongued his cock. He reached down with both hands to cup her head as she moved between them all, the simple thought of what they were doing to her was almost painfully stimulating. It was obvious she was enjoying everything they were doing too, Matt could see that in the look of ecstasy on her face as he watched her swallow his cock over and over again. He could feel his balls tightening up as the sensations built and he got closer and closer to his orgasm. The tempo was speeding up as each participant lunged toward that peak of joy, the breathing growing louder and harsher in the dimly lit room. He looked at Sean and saw that his friend was also close to coming, his face red and sweating as he drove his hard cock into Rachel’s tight ass. His hands tight on her hips keeping her ass cheeks spread apart and watching himself as he entered and exited her body. Hearing Richard’s grunting below Matt knew that there wouldn’t be a second round, she was about to take all they had in one massive shot.

On Rachel’s part she was concentrating so hard on every move and sensation that she was overwhelmed by it all and the telltale tension of her impending orgasm completely escaped her. It was only when the full body shaking began, when both her asshole and pussy tightened down strongly on the cocks moving within her and Richard’s pubic hair scraped across her clit that she felt her brain explode into shards of pleasure. She truly became helpless in the throws of her orgasm as the men pumped into her various orifices. Each thrust by Sean forcing not only himself but Matt’s cock deeper into her and each retreat pulling her down onto Richard’s thick penis. These actions continued intensifying the bliss she was wrapped in until she felt Richard’s cock become even bigger inside her. He thrust once deeply into her then grasping her hips in his powerful hands ground himself ever upward, trying to bury every inch of himself inside her and stay there, shuddering below her as she felt his hot cum splash out into her pussy. His long drawn out groan sounded loudly in the small shop and triggered Matt’s own ejaculation.

Grasping her head tightly Matt shoved forward and let out a sharp gasp as she felt the spasms begin rippling down his shaft as he started pumping his jism down her throat in thick sticky waves. Her tongue danced in and out of the stream as she gulped and swallowed trying to keep up with the flow. Coincidentally this pushed her farther down onto Richard causing him to moan again as he continued to cum and provided Sean with more resistance as he plunged his steely cock into her ass. As he noticed the change in her movements Sean looked up to see Matt’s head fall back with a grimace of total ecstasy on his face as he came. Grinning widely he lunged a few more times then he too was exploding inside Rachel, this time filling her ass with his semen while he growled his pleasure. He continued to pump in and out even as he came, each thrust faster and easier as his cum lubricated her further. As each man came into her Rachel felt her orgasm reach the next plateau, once… twice… then a third time and she simply rode the tidal wave of ecstasy, loving every gasp, grunt and growl of the men cumming inside her. She was truly in heaven and had no desire to come back down.

Eventually though even ecstasy must end and Matt slowly released her head, petting her hair gently. That had been the best blowjob he’d ever had, his mind was still reeling from it. As he moved back he felt her tongue licking every last drop of his cum off his cock and a gentle stroke across the uber sensitive tip made his cock jump and jerk its way out of her mouth. Licking her lips she looked up at him coyly and hummed in pleasure. Matt watched her eyes close in pleasure as Sean slowly pulled himself out of her asshole, keeping it slow and extending the sensation for them both as he slid out. Finally the head of his cock popped out and began to bob at half mast as he staggered back from Rachel to lean against the wall. She clenched her butt muscles around her empty ass and sat up gingerly. She could feel Richard softening inside her as well but she didn’t have the energy to pull off him just yet so she continued to enjoy the feeling of him deep inside her, wriggling her hips slightly just to tease them both.

“Wow…. Just wow.” She said as her body experienced a few last shivers of joy.

“Yeah, and here we thought you an innocent young thing,” Richard teased as he bucked his hips a little. Rachel shivered at the small sparks of pleasure from his movements then slowly leaned to the side and allowed him to finally slip out of her pussy, his half erect cock gleaming wetly with their mixed juices. She curled onto her side, content to lay there and enjoy the aftershocks still running through her body. Richard removed the prop and collapsed bonelessly on the floor. Matt managed to stumble over to the short footstool and sat heavily on it as each of them tried to recover.

Laughing breathily, Rachel replied, “I was, or at least I thought I was.”

Sean snorted behind her, “Aye and I’m a monkey’s uncle lass. That was by far the best time I’ve had in a long while.” Nodding Matt agreed with him.

Suddenly the door rattled loudly and the exhausted four heard people talking loudly, trying to gain entry into the locked shop. This struck the naked people inside as extremely funny considering what those unsuspecting individuals would have walked in on and they had to muffle their laughter. A couple more shakes and the people outside ran off to find other shelter. Letting themselves go, Matt, Sean and Richard laughed and Rachel giggled for a while as the final tension in the room unwound. Rachel started to prop herself up only to feel Sean’s hand on her arm, “Wait just a moment, lass. Let’s get you cleaned up first.”

Standing up he went to the corner and picked up a couple towels. Opening the small window in the back he quickly soaked one of them in the rainwater pouring off the roof. Closing the window once more he quickly used one corner to clean himself off then walked over to where Rachel and Richard lay. Allowing Richard to use the corner adjacent to the one he had cleaned up with Sean gently swabbed Rachel’s pleasantly abused lower body. He carefully wiped her down then dried her with the second towel and helped her to stand and lean against the counter. Reaching up onto one of the shelves Sean grabbed a mug and handed it to her to sip.

Taking a large gulp she barely managed to swallow it before coughing, it had some kind of mixed alcoholic drink in and she hadn’t been prepared. Taking a smaller more cautious sip she swirled it around her mouth then handed the mug back to Sean who also took a quick drink. As he leaned to the side to set the mug down Rachel reached up and wound her arms around his neck, pulling his head down to hers she gave him a long thorough kiss. Upon pulling back she said, “Thank you.”

Sean’s tanned skin showed a slight flush as he backed away and mumbled, “Thank ye m’lady.”

Turning to her left she motioned Matt up and repeated the procedure with him when he came in range, “That was way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

Richard, who had finally gotten up from the floor, took his turn next and she could feel a faint stirring deep within her satisfied and well abused body. “That was the intent m’lady. Now the question becomes, can it be repeated?” He smiled wickedly as he stepped away.

Laughing Rachel shook her head at his offer, “Not today it can’t. I have to recover guys. It’s not every day that a girl has not one but THREE horny men after her poor body.” But even as the words were leaving her lips Rachel could feel her body warming with interest. She was right, it wouldn’t be today but maybe, just maybe….

“Ah m’lady, don’t disappoint us.” Matt replied, “If you are too tired this day, perhaps a short rest period of… let’s say a week… would be appropriate?”

The other two men shot her hopeful looks as they too felt the stirring in their loins. A repeat performance was definitely of interest to them.

Smiling widely Rachel responded, “Let me think about it for a bit. I’ll let you know by the end of the day if you meet me at the front gates on my way out. But for now I need to see about getting dressed and finding my friends.” She could hear that the rainstorm was finally slowing down.

“Oi, ye are a cruel women Lady Rachel to be leading us on this way. But you are probably right.” Sean lamented. Picking up another towel he quickly dried off her clothing which had dripped most of the water off onto the floor while they had been distracted and handed them back to her.

Fighting against her naturally shy inclinations Rachel dressed as quickly as her abused body would let her, while stealing glances at the three men as they also dressed in dry clothing from the bundle. Their satisfied bodies were still highly attractive and arousing, even in her exhausted state. The more she considered it the more she wanted to return and see what other delights they could reveal to her. She smiled at her own thoughts. To think that this morning she was just hoping to meet a cute guy and flirt, now all she wanted was to come back and get her brains screwed out by these three again.

Richard, ever the gentleman, finished drying off her wings and helped her back into them once they were all dressed. Just as they finished they heard the last spate of rain die against the roof. Matt went to the door and unlocked it, pulling it open to see the sun beginning to break through the clouds. Rachel couldn’t help wondering who or what had set this up but at the same time was extremely grateful to whoever had. That had been the best sex of her life.

Stepping forward gingerly, her ass and pussy were a bit stretched and sore, to say nothing of her mouth, making it difficult to walk quickly. Turning she smiled back at her three lovers, “Remember, front gate at closing time.” Then she walked out of the store and down the hill.

“I dunno about you gents but I’ll damn sure be there,” Sean remarked as he watched her walk away.

“Oh, I’ll be there with bells on if need be,” Matt replied.

“That makes three then. Let’s see if we can convince her to come back next week.” Richard suggested. All three of them wanted another taste of that particularly naughty angel. *** Rachel continued her slow walk down the path, looking into the stores as the other patrons began streaming back out into the sunlight. It was a thinner crowd than before but there were still a lot of people around. It took her another 15 minutes to locate her friends who had taken shelter in a leather shop further down the mountain.

“Where have you been?!” Molly exclaimed when they finally found each other.

“I told you guys to wait but I guess you didn’t hear me then I got caught in the storm. I had to wait it out.” Rachel apologized. She thought about telling her friends but decided not to. The glow of her multiple orgasms still ran warmly through her veins, there were some things a girl liked to keep to herself.

“Well yell louder next time Rachel, we were worried about you.” Jennifer lectured, “You never know what might happen at one of these things.”

Rachel smiled mysteriously as she agreed, her mind flashing back to a locked room filled with ecstasy laced cries, “You’re right, Jen, you never know what could happen. I’ll try to keep up now but can we take it slow I think I twisted my ankle a little bit.”

The three young women continued to explore the fair, going a little more slowly as Rachel’s satiated body tried to readjust to normal functioning again. The other two were disappointed that they couldn’t locate the gallant men from this morning but Rachel kept assuring them that they’d probably find them before they left. Finally the day ended with a huge cannon blast that echoed through the fair. The girls meandered their way back through the fair picking up their purchases and clothing that they’d left at the various shops before returning to the front gate. Distracted by a fairy that was playing with several young children nearby Rachel didn’t notice when the men arrived. Jennifer however, seeing them approached Matt and whispered in his ear urgently. Leaning back he broke into a huge grin and winked at Jennifer before turning and having a low conversation with Richard and Sean. Grabbing Molly by the arm, Jennifer quickly backed up as if to gain enough room to take pictures.

Rachel’s attention was yanked back to her surroundings as she felt a warm arm wrap itself around her waist and a low masculine voice began rumbling down her neck, “I see we meet again m’lady.”

Rachel twisted in the loose grip to look up into Matt’s eyes, “Oh!”

“It would be most rude of us not to comment upon your attire my lady, it is most fetching,” He said loudly, his eyes twinkling with merriment at the deliberate reference to his earlier comment, as he snuggled her willing form up against his body. Then he swooped down and claimed her lips in a passionate kiss. Rachel could hear Molly and Jennifer cheering vaguely in the background and the snap of a camera going off. Luckily nothing in her bags was breakable because she quickly dropped them to hold on as Matt expertly kissed her.

“But I do have to admit I prefer you out of it.” He whispered in her ear as he pulled away.

Reeling from the reignited passion thrumming through her veins Rachel just stood there as Sean quickly replaced Matt in her arms. Wrapping his muscular arms around her body he cupped her ass in his hands and pulled her strongly into his body, she could feel his cock stirring slightly against her crotch. ” So ye dinna forget us Lady Rachel,” then he too kissed her, forcing her lips open and tilting his head to the side as he kissed her deeply.

By the time those pictures had been taken she was breathless and in need again. The feel of those strong arms made her body want him all over again. As he broke the kiss she could hear clapping around her and looked over his shoulder to see a crowd had gathered to see this impromptu show. Beginning to blush furiously she narrowed her eyes in promise of retribution at Jennifer who was laughing so hard she could barely stand. Molly had already given up and was perched on a nearby bench wiping the tears from her face. “I WILL get you for this, Jen.” She promised lamely as Sean stepped away.

“Not until after I’ve had my go m’lady.” Another masculine voice said from beside her. She felt another arm wrap around her waist but this time she was forced to arch back over it as the other hand came up to cup her face. Leaning her in the classic helpless damsel pose Richard’s eyes gleamed wickedly at her as he too began to take liberties with his kiss. Only the strong arm wrapped around her kept Rachel from falling as his tongue swept through her mouth, teasing and tempting, reminding her of everything that had occurred during the storm. She could feel herself becoming turned on and knew that her nipples were beginning to peak beneath the cloth of her top.

Suddenly her own sense of humor kicked in and Rachel decided to turn the tables. Reaching up she wound her arms around his neck, knocking his hat off into the dirt and began kissing him back enthusiastically. The cheering and clapping surrounding them rose in volume as others joined in and she heard several cameras going off. Finally he pulled back slightly. Looking deep into her eyes he whispered, “Do say you’ll come back m’lady. We would love to see you again…. All of you.” He slowly put her back on her feet and gallantly bowed to her.

Feeling more than a bit dazed she looked at him then the other two and with a seductive grin nodded her head slightly. She would be back, in fact she couldn’t wait to return and find out what else this medieval fair and these three young rogues had in store for her. As the giggling Jennifer and Molly tugged on her arms and loudly expressed their shock and admiration at her response to the kisses she saw them exchange a look of anticipation. She knew she’d be having a very interesting summer; she planned on becoming a regular visitor to this Fair.

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