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The vampire is impaling me over and over. His teeth deep in my neck, sucking in a measured pace as he works his jaw to grip my throat anew after each long draught. Enough to satisfy his need, or one of them, yet not too much to allow me to pass out or not comprehend, experience the full measure of having him in my bed, his cock up my ass impaling me at a faster and faster pace.

His cock at first so cold, colder than the lube he applies before entering me. It warms slowly from the heat of my bowels and the blood he draws from me that fills his veins. My blood engorges him, and he grows thicker and longer as my rim loosens and I squeeze as if to keep him from leaving.

Amazingly, my own cock remains hard the entire time. His hand wrapped around it, he strokes me in time with the suction at my neck. He won’t let me cum, not until he’s ready at least, and sometimes he makes he jerk off afterwards while he watches. His own cum hot in the depths of my ass.

How did it come to this? I’m still not sure. All I know now is that I leave the window open for him and he comes to me almost every night.

We met at a bar. I was having dinner alone and he was the only other patron. He kept staring at me even though I ignored him, or I thought I did, until he came and introduced himself. For some reason, I couldn’t send him away and instead he sat with me, talking incessantly while I finished my meal.

Never having been with a man before, it shocked and surprised me when I found myself hard. The shock more so when it took his glance into my lap for me to even realize I was sexually excited by this strange man. His smile back at me left no doubt it was what he wanted, and what he would have of me.

By the time the waitress returned to clear the table, we were locked in an open embrace. His hand rubbing my cock while I sucked on his cold tongue. She managed to get the dishes away and was watching us when I finally noticed she was there. I blushed deeply but I did not move away from him, nor did he let go of my manhood, as she presented the bill.

An hour before, my thoughts were of how I might bed that little hard body. Now she was barely an afterthought even as she seemed more interested in me now that I was with him. His lips brushed my ear, “Perhaps another time for her.”

Fifteen minutes later we were in my apartment, headed towards my bedroom with our clothes tossed about the room where they fell in our rush to remove them. I found myself on my knees before him by the bed. I sucked his cock in the nastiest way imaginable, like I had done it for years, as if my life depending on drawing sustenance from it.

I wanted his cum. I BEGGED him for it but he refused. Instead, when he was ready he picked me up and laid me down in the bed. Face down, so his hands could spread my cheeks. And then spread, his tongue did things I cannot describe but that I dream about every waking moment to this day.

That night he let me cum as he ate my ass. I swear his tongue was several inches up my canal as I was up on my hands with my arms outstretched depositing my load in the sheets beneath me. He didn’t stop, oh no, that was just a prelude, he continued to lick and probe my asshole until I was hard again.

I don’t know when or where he found the lube, hell I don’t know if he even used any, but he slid his cock right up my ass. I saw sparks as he began to ream me and I never had a second thought about allowing him to take me this way.

He was fucking me with all his weight upon me when I first felt his lips on my shoulder. I turned my head to kiss him but he pushed my head back down onto the mattress and opened his mouth on my neck. His cock was pounding deep in my ass when the sharp pain of his teeth sinking in hit me.

Oh the pain…. but I struggled only a moment as the pain wracked my body. Then something occurred. The pain changed into a pleasure, like a high from the strongest drug, I felt it all but wanted more. As he drew my blood, it was like I became part of him. I was part of him, attached by the cock in my ass and the teeth in my flesh.

As I was overcome with a need for him to take me, he seemed to experience a corresponding need for my body. We fucked hard in my bed. My cock so unbelievably hard in his fist as his claimed my ass over and over. All the while, I wanted more.

I know I came another time before he had drunk his fill. I remember his hand moving off my cock and then his fingers found my mouth. I sucked my cum from them as he promised me more.

His orgasm came unexpectedly without a noticeable change in his pace. Only, he moved out of me and pulled my head to his cock. I tasted my ass for the first time as he fed me his cock and then his cum.

I awoke the next day sore and tender, and alone.

But now he comes for me. I undress and open my window no matter what the weather. Some nights I’m awake when he arrives and I roll over for him or I take his cock in my mouth as he wishes. Other nights, he wakes me, usually with his cock pressing into my waiting and willing ass.

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Bob wrote

Now that got me excited hard and loving how the vampire made sure he bred you and made it so he fucked the caricature multiply times well feeding write more.