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Let me stress first that I do not recommend the method my wife and I used to patch up our marriage. But I do have to say it worked for us.

If my wife’s friend Elaine hadn’t used her bottomless well of sexuality – not to mention her tight, horny little body – to bring us back together, Debra and I would have more than likely gone through with a divorce neither one of us really wanted.

After almost 25 years of marriage, we sort of hit the wall. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault, or, more precisely, we were both equally at fault. I was an asshole and she was a bitch. I screwed around on her, and she retaliated by screwing around on me. It had always been a volatile relationship, made worse by the fact that I drank way too much.

The bottom line is I had an affair that lasted the better part of a year with a younger co-worker, a blonde divorcee who had become a close friend and a drinking buddy. When Debra found out, she got even with me by going out to bars four straight Saturday nights to meet other men – co-workers and such – who fucked her royally, then she brought home the evidence to throw in my face.

After the fourth time she came in at 4 a.m. stinking of sex, I’d had enough. I was drunk, having sat at the house – alone – drinking beer since coming home from work that night around 10, and we had a vicious row.

I’m ashamed to say that that night was the only time in my life that I ever wanted to hit my wife, she infuriated me so. But even in my inebriated state, I knew better than to do that. So rather than do something I’d regret for the rest of my life, I finally stomped out of the house, got in my car and drove smack into a sobriety checkpoint. Of course, I was arrested, and spent the rest of the night and most of the next day in jail before Debra finally bailed me out.

At that point, I realized that I needed help, with my drinking and with my marriage. The thing is, I never once stopped loving Debra. If I had, I wouldn’t have cared what she did, and I did care. It hurt me, and I cared that I’d hurt her. I knew that if we were to survive as a couple, I needed to get away, get sober and get some treatment.

When I got home, we had a long serious talk, and we agreed to a separation. I packed my things, took a leave of absense from my job, and checked myself into a substance abuse treatment center, where I stayed for three months.

After I was released from rehab, around the first of July last year, Debra wasn’t ready to take me back, so I moved in with my brother and his wife, and that’s where the story really begins.

But first, let me backtrack a little and give you our background. I was born, raised and still live in a fairly large Midwestern city. My name is Al Johnson, and only under extreme duress will I admit that my given name is Alfred.

I had an older sister who was killed in a car crash a number of years ago, and I have two younger brothers. My dad was a mail carrier with an ego and a heart as big as all outdoors, and my mom was a nurse named Betty.

My dad’s name was Alfred Murray Johnson Jr., and he was damn proud of it. Unlike me, he liked the name Alfred. He used to call himself Alfred the Great, usually accompanied by his big booming laugh. One of the ancillary tragedies of my sister’s death was that he hardly ever laughed like that afterward. He died of a heart attack six years ago, and I think it was a broken heart from grief, because he and Sis were really close.

Anyway, nobody was surprised that I was named Alfred Murray Johnson III, and I hated it. The one good thing about it, though, like that kid in “A Boy Named Sue,” it made me pretty tough. It seemed like at the start of every year in elementary school, some punk would tease me with a chant of “Allllll-fredddddd,” and I’d punch their lights out. After a couple of times, they’d leave me alone and call me Al, the way I wanted, and everything would be fine the rest of the year.

Of course, the neighborhood where I grew up wasn’t any place for wimps. It wasn’t exactly the inner city, but it wasn’t suburbia, either. Fortunately, all of us boys grew up to be pretty sturdy. I’m 6-1 and weigh in now at 225, and I’m blessed with a metabolism that allows me to eat anything I want without really getting fat. The 40 extra pounds I carry now over my weight in my youth are the result of a dedicated love of beer that ultimately landed me in trouble.

I met Debra Potts in sixth grade, and we had an on-again, off-again relationship all through junior high and high school. Truth is, we were both in love with each other from the start, but we’re both pretty headstrong and stubborn, so when we weren’t fucking, we were fighting.

That continued into our college days, at the large local university, until one afternoon late in my sophomore year. Debra called me and told me we had to talk. We had been back together this time for about six months, and, as usual, we’d let our passion run wild.

This time, though, there was no off-again for us. Debra was pregnant, and since she was at the time a pretty staunch Catholic, abortion was out of the question. The solution, then, seemed pretty simple. We got married, and at age 20, I had a wife and a child on the way.

After our daughter was born, Debra went to work while I finished my degree in journalism, then I went to work for the local paper and helped put her through business school, in accounting. We had a son about three years later, and that was it. Debra had her tubes tied, and we settled in as a rather boisterous, sometimes contentious family.

I stayed at the paper, working as a sports writer, and Debra worked for a large company in the accounting department. Eventually, the kids grew up and when our son left to go to college, it was just the two of us again.

Now I’ve always been a touch jealous where Debra was concerned, as she was with me. Any man would have been, because she’s always been a knockout. She’s tall, about 5-9, maybe 5-10, and well-built, with a healthy pair of 36Ds that are an immediate attention-grabber and a nice ass that is meaty, but firm. She’s got thick, dark brown hair that she’s always worn pretty long, and big brown eyes set perfectly in a pretty face.

I’ve always been considered good-looking, sexy even, and I never had trouble attracting women. I’ve got brown hair – or did until it started turning gray on me – a thick moustache and steel-blue eyes, and I now have to wear glasses all the time.

I’m not going to dwell on the affair that triggered our marital trouble. It happened, and I was honest about it when Debra found out and confronted me on it. I offered to move out, but she said no, and I should have been suspicious that she was planning to avenge herself by fucking other men on the side and rubbing my nose in it.

Whether my staying or going would have made a difference, though, is questionable. I personally think my affair gave her an excuse to do what she’d been wanting to do for awhile anyway. She was always telling me about all these men at work who were hitting on her, and I think it finally started getting to her.

It’s entirely possible, considering how easily she slipped into a slut mode, that maybe she’d already stepped out on me a couple of times before she found out about my affair, and she just quit trying to hide it after she learned about my indiscretion.

But I don’t have any proof of that, so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Let’s just say that the last year before our separation we had begun to drift apart, and I drifted into Martie Gleason’s clutches, and maybe the same was true for Debra. It doesn’t matter, because all of that is in the past, and best left there.

I didn’t see a whole lot of Debra or the kids while I was in rehab, nor did I see her much after I got out and moved in with my brother Steve and his wife Shelley. Steve is my youngest brother, the only one who lives in the same city, and he was glad to have me. They’re both in their early 30s and don’t have children. I went back to work, and spent my free time as sort of an unpaid housekeeper.

I should describe the place where my brother lives, because it’s kind of relevant to the story. It’s a funky old place not far from downtown, in an area that’s close to the university. As you come in the front door, which actually faces off to the side, you enter a combination front room and kitchen area, with a bar separating the areas.

The front room has the large hide-a-bed sofa, and that’s where I slept. At the other end of the room, there are two doors. The one on the right opens into a sort of sitting room, where they keep the entertainment center – the big TV and stereo, along with a couple of chairs – with the bathroom on the left toward the back of the room. Beyond that is the large master bedroom at the back of the house.

The door on the left opens into a kind of parlor, with a large, old overstuffed sofa in the middle of the room, a large rolltop desk along one wall, a large closet, a second entrance to the bathroom and a door to the master bedroom.

I had been staying with my brother for about three months, and I was getting close to a crossroads in my life. I felt like if I stayed there much longer something bad was going to happen, because I could sense that Shelley was starting to develop a case of the hots for me. She’s a cute little thing with short brown hair, and she’s very sensual.

Because of my hours and the hours Steve and Shelley work, the sleeping arrangement usually worked OK. They were in bed by the time I got home most nights when I worked, anywhere from 10 to midnight, and if they woke me up in the mornings as they got off to work, I could easily go on back to sleep once they left.

But on nights when I was off, or on some Sundays, I’d hear them having sex, and it about drove me around the bend. Shelley’s a real moaner, and I think she got a kick out of teasing me with her moans of passion when she and Steve got going good.

For some reason, I just wasn’t interested in dating other women while I was separated. Fraternizing was frowned upon in rehab, and, afterward, I didn’t feel secure enough in my sobriety to risk taking out a woman I didn’t know.

Besides, I wasn’t sure whether having sex while separated – but not divorced – from my wife constituted cheating or not, and after my earlier experience, I chose to err on the side of caution.

So I didn’t get laid for a very long time, about six months, which was an eternity for me. And listening to my brother and his wife fucking all the time just made things worse.

It got so bad that I had started masturbating on a pretty regular basis, something I had quit doing when I was 15 and discovered the wonders of pussy. By regular, I mean two, three, maybe four times a week, and I was getting tired of it.

Besides, the plain truth is that I was miserable without Debra, and it wasn’t just the fact that I wasn’t getting any sex, although that was a large part of it.

When you’re alone as much as I’d been over that period of time, with nothing much to do except read, you do a lot of thinking, and I’d been thinking about how badly I’d screwed up a pretty damn good thing. We’d had a lot of ups and downs in our relationship, but living without the woman I loved made me realize just how good I’d had it. And I’d blown it by being a drunk and a philanderer.

It all came to a head on the Saturday before Labor Day. I had to work that Saturday, because it was the first big weekend of college football. Steve and Shelley left around noon and asked me if I would tidy things up before I went to work.

They were going to a party, then going dancing that night. When they went out like that, they usually brought friends home for an after-hours gathering. On those occasions, I’d either stay up and enjoy the camaraderie for awhile, or I’d retire to the parlor and sleep on the old sofa.

I did pick things up, did the dishes and dusted, as I watched football on the small TV in the kitchen. The more I thought, and the more I brooded, the more I came to the conclusion that it was time to either fish or cut bait. It had been almost a month since I’d seen Debra or the kids, and I was lonely.

In fact, I hadn’t even heard from her in over two weeks, and I finally made up my mind as I got ready for work. I was going to go to the house the very next day and have a sit-down with my wife and kids. I was either going to come back into their lives as husband and father, or I was going to file for divorce and start building a life on my own. I was in limbo and I’d had enough of it.

As I expected, Steve’s house was dark and empty when I got home from work at about midnight. It had been a hectic night and I was tired, but also keyed up. When you work at a job where deadlines are so important, you get such an adreneline rush that it’s hard to come down at the end of a shift.

Before, I’d always joined the gang at our favorite pub and drank my way back to normality. But that was no longer an option for me, so I was binging off the walls when I got back to Steve’s. I was also horny as hell, since I hadn’t taken care of business in about a week.

I fixed a sandwich, had a glass of tea and turned on the TV. It didn’t help that one of the channels I flicked past was showing a commercial for “Girls Gone Wild.” Shit, I thought to myself, that’s just what I needed to see. I was wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of flannel pajama pants, and my cock was tingling with need.

I decided to take a chance on pulling the bed out, crawling in and jacking off, in hopes that Steve and Shelley wouldn’t bring home guests. I got settled in, pulled out my trusty copy of Penthouse Letters and started reading.

My cock immediately came to attention, and I stroked it hesitantly through the fly in my pants. But I was reluctant to really get into it, because I just knew that the moment I got going good, Steve and Shelley would come in with a crowd of people, and I’d look like a fool.

So it’s a good thing I didn’t really get to smoking, because a little after 2 a.m., sure enough, I heard Steve’s car pull in, followed by another car. I sighed and put my book down in the little magazine cabinet by the sofa, right next to the KY jelly I hadn’t had a chance to use.

Steve and Shelley were in rare form, lit to the gills, and they were accompanied by a good-looking woman, a brunette named Karen. She was a friend of Shelley’s who had gone clubbing with them. Now I was intrigued. Had they taken pity on me and invited someone to come take care of me? Or was she there to join Steve and Shelley and add to my torment? Or was she just there to have a nightcap and maybe some coffee before heading home?

I sat up on the bed and greeted them, and Karen kind of looked at me funny when she saw me sitting up on a fold-out bed. Steve fixed her and Shelley a drink, then Steve went into the sitting room to put on some music, and Karen followed him.

I asked Shelley what the score was with her friend. She gave me this real seductive look and I knew then that the answer was Door Number Two.

“She’s had the hot for Steve for awhile, and I’ve had the hots for her, so everybody’s going to get what they want tonight,” Shelley said. “Even you. I’ll bet if you come in after a bit, you can probably talk her into screwing you after we’re done with her. Lord knows, you need it.”

“Do I ever,” I said with a sigh. “But I don’t know. I’m still married, although for how long, I don’t know.”

Just then, Steve and Karen returned to the kitchen and it was apparent that they’d already done some smooching, because they had this conspiratorial look about them.

Things were getting weird. I knew that Shelley had some bisexual tendencies, but I hadn’t expected her to be so open about it to me. And while Karen was very nice looking, I couldn’t see barging in while the three of them were having sex and trying to spirit one of them away. Nor could I see myself joining in a foursome with my brother, his wife and her friend.

As it turned out, events suddenly took a different tack. Steve and Karen were getting a little touchy-feely on the chair by the window, and Shelley was watching with a look that was clearly lusting, when the phone rang. She answered it and spoke to someone she obviously knew pretty well.

“Hey you guys are coming after all?” she said into the phone. “Yeah, he’s here. No, he’s still up. Sure, see you in a few. Bye.”

Shelley’s eyes had a real gleam to them now. She looked over at me and smiled broadly.

“Guess who we ran into at Sebastian’s?” she said to me. When I looked at her quizically, she continued. “Debra was there.”

“Oh?” I asked, as my stomach started to churn. “Was she with anybody?”

“Uh, huh,” she said.

“And you invited them to come over here and party, right?” I said, loudly in disbelief. I was pissed to no end. “That’s just great. It’s not enough that she whored around on me because I was stupid enough to have a fling with some other woman, but now you’ve invited her to bring her new boyfriend over here so she can humiliate me some more? What the fuck were you thinking? Well, fuck all of you. I’m not gonna stand for it. I’ll go get me a hotel room somewhere, and then she can fuck whoever she wants in front of whoever she wants. And then tomorrow I’m collecting my things and getting the hell out of here.”

And I got up off the bed and started into the parlor to get my clothes back on and take off. This was the final straw. The fact that my own brother and sister-in-law were going to aid and abet my wife in humiliating me was a betrayal that I just didn’t understand.

Fortunately, Shelley realized what she’d done and quickly moved to make amends.

“Al, Al, please, it’s not what you think.” she said as she followed me into the parlor and caught my arm. “Debra doesn’t have a boyfriend at all. She wants to see you. She misses you, and she has someone with her that you need to meet, someone who can help you. Come on, honey, calm down. Look, I know she hurt you, but you hurt her too, and you have to get past it. Maybe after tonight, you guys can start healing. Come on back. Please?”

I sighed and felt my anger dissipate. And truthfully, I was now intrigued further. Debra had someone I needed to meet? Someone who could “help me?” I didn’t have a clue what I was in for. I went back in and apologized for my outburst. I was still in my night clothes, but I put the bed away, and had just sat down on the sofa when I heard Debra’s car pull in.

I have to confess, I felt like I was on my first date when my wife walked through the door. Man, she looked good. She was dressed up in a pair of black slacks and a short-sleeved white blouse with black trim, and she was still well made up. We hugged and shared a nice kiss, and that’s when I got my first surprise.

Trailing right behind Debra was a petite blonde who looked to be in her mid-50s, who Debra introduced as Elaine Stark, her new best friend from work.

To say that dynamite comes in small packages doesn’t do Elaine justice. She’s small, maybe 5-foot-1, without an ounce of fat anywhere. In fact, she looks like a woman who works out quite a bit, which, indeed, she does. She’s got gorgeous legs and a tight pair of A-size tits that I’ve never known to be covered with a bra. She wears her blonde hair cut real short, almost in a boyish style.

If there is any drawback, it is the fact that she isn’t just drop-dead pretty. She’s nice-looking enough, just not gorgeous, and her face shows that there are some miles on the odometer. But that is more than offset by her overall package, and the fact that she has one of the dirtiest minds I’ve ever seen in a woman, especially one her age.

She was wearing a two-piece dress of a pretty thin material, gray with a light floral pattern. The top was a short-sleeved button-down blouse, which revealed clearly that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and a short mini-skirt, with a pair of white stockings and white heels.

As we were being introduced, I held out my hand for a shake, but she was having none of that. She pulled me to her and gave me a big tight hug. I could feel her hard nipples digging into my chest and her groin grinding against my cock, which was coming suddenly and delightfully to life.

“It’s sooo nice to finally meet you,” she said in a husky voice. “Debra’s told me so much about you. She says you’re the sexiest man in town.”

As she spoke, she fixed me with the most feral look of lust I’ve ever seen from a woman. I was real confused now. What was Debra up to?

Debra smiled as she sat down on the sofa. Shelley abandoned the high bar chair she’d been sitting on, and climbed on Steve’s lap on the chair he was occupying, since Karen had left to go to the bathroom.

I walked into the kitchen and fixed drinks, a vodka and club for Elaine and tea for Debra. As I stood in the kitchen, Elaine stood next to me, real close, and we engaged in some small talk.

I learned that she was divorced, and had been for two years. Her husband had left her for a younger woman, and she’d been pretty bitter about it. As she talked, I could definitely detect the faint aroma of female arousal wafting about, and I was trying hard to keep my cock down, so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

I got the drinks fixed, handed Elaine hers and she walked around to sit in the other bar chair, next to Karen, who had returned. I took Debra her glass of tea, and noticed she was flipping through my book of erotic letters.

“So this is what you’re reduced to, huh?” she said with a sardonic smile as I sat next to her on the sofa.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” I said, genuinely embarrassed.

“Oh, Al, come on, we’re all adults here,” she said. “Everybody knows you’re not getting any, and, well, we all have needs. Nothing wrong with it. I do it too.”

“Yeah, but …” I started, but Debra cut me off.

“Honey, look, there are a couple of reasons why I wanted to come see you tonight,” she said. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I think we need to talk about our future together. I’ve been lonely without you.”

“Yeah, well, you seem to be…” and that was all I got out, because I happened to turn my head at that moment, looked in Elaine’s direction, and got a jolting sight. In the position in which I was sitting on the sofa, and the position Elaine was sitting on the bar chair, I had a direct view right up her skirt. And she had her legs slightly parted, giving me an unobstructed look at her naked, clean-shaved and very wet pussy.

“Distracted, dear?” Debra said, running her right hand up my thigh, over my stiffening cock.

“Debra, what’s going on here?” I asked, feeling very perturbed.

“Just relax and go with the flow, honey,” she whispered in my ear. “We’re here to make up for lost time.”

She wrapped an arm around my shoulder and licked my ear as she spoke, and I groaned in abject lust. I looked over at Steve and Shelley, and they were making out and whispering to each other, with Karen staring at them in obvious want.

Suddenly, Shelley got up out of Steve’s lap, grabbed Karen by the hand and they disappeared through the door to the right, apparently headed for the bedroom. Steve just grinned a little drunkenly and held up his hands as if to say, “what can I say?”

At that moment, Elaine finished her drink, plopped off her chair and walked toward where Debra and I were sitting. She grabbed my hand, pulled me off the sofa and started toward the parlor door.

“I need to ask you something in private,” she said as she opened the door, pulling me with her.

As soon as the door closed, though, she pulled me to her body, lifted her head up, pulled mine down and locked our lips in one of the hungriest kisses I’ve ever experienced. Elaine’s mouth was open wide, her tongue was all over the place and she was working her mouth on me with a passion that bordered on madness.

I couldn’t help but respond, and my hands roamed all over her hot, hard body as I kissed her back, six months of celibacy bursting forth in a flow of lust. I filled my hands with her taut butt, covered only by the thin material of her skirt, and ran my hands up over her perky breasts, with the nipples hard as nails. My cock was almost painfully hard as Elaine’s hands were equally active, up my shirt, over my butt and moving around to caress my dick.

Finally, we broke free of each other, our chests heaving and panting as we struggled to regain some semblence of composure.

“Will you fuck me?” Elaine said in a husky, trembling voice. She had the same wild look of eroticism she’d given me when she first walked in. “I haven’t had a man in two years, and Debra says you’re the best fuck in the city.”

“She did, huh?” I said. I felt like I’d fallen down a rabbit hole and had entered a jabberwocky world where nothing made sense. My wife, the jealous bitch who had responded to my one infidelity by slutting around on me with at least four different men, was all but offering me her friend to fuck?

I smelled a rat, a trap, and I started to push Elaine aside, when Debra walked through the door smiling.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she said breezily. “Are you going to fuck her or not? She needs a good cock, you need some good pussy, and I’m out of commission for the next week because of my period. So feel free to fuck her to your heart’s content.”

“Wait a minute,” I said, still suspicious. “Are you saying you don’t mind if I fuck your friend?”

That’s when I got my next big surprise. She walked over to Elaine and they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed in a way that told me they were more than just friends.

“Al, I’ve gone through some changes since you’ve been gone,” Debra said when they broke apart. “One of them is a more open-minded attitude toward sex. It’s actually been brewing for a long time, but after you left, and I met Elaine, it’s really crystallized. I did you wrong by going out on you like I did, and I’m truly sorry. Yes, I was hurt to the bone when I found out about you and Martie, but that didn’t give me an excuse to start acting like a slut. And Elaine and I have… well, we’ve become, you know.”

“Lovers,” Elaine said sharply as she walked back over to me and took me in her arms. “We’ve slept with each other and had sex, OK? Your wife, as you well know, has the sweetest pussy I’ve ever had, but I can’t get by any more just on pussy. I need some cock every now and then, and if you’re half the lover Debra is, half the lover she says you are, we’re going to get along just fine.”

To say I was blown away would be an understatement. My wife’s new lover was a woman? A woman who wanted to fuck both of us?

“Share and share alike,” Debra said softly. “Now, are you going to fuck her or not? Because she sure as hell wants to fuck you. It’s all she’s talked about for weeks.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked, still not quite believing what was happening.

“Me? I’m gonna watch,” Debra said. “And enjoy the show.”

With that, Elaine untied my pants and pulled them down, and as she did, my throbbing, purple cock bounced invitingly in front of her.

“Oooooooh, you were right, honey,” Elaine said, looking over her shoulder at Debra. “He does have a nice cock. Very nice.”

And I’m not bragging when I say that she was right. When Debra stepped out on me earlier in the spring, it wasn’t for want of a bigger, better cock, unless she happened to run into a freak of nature. I’m no freak, but I do have a solid 8 inches, it’s pretty thick and I’ve always known how to use it.

Elaine pulled me by my cock to the sofa, and I stepped out of my pants as I followed. She lay down on the sofa, on her stomach. She propped herself up on her right elbow in a very seductive reclining position, grabbed my cock with her left hand and slid the head into her mouth.

She didn’t mess around with any licking or kissing. She inhaled my cock like it was her last meal, working her tongue vigorously around the shaft and clamping her lips tight to vacuum me in as far as I could go.

I was astounded when, after about the first half-dozen sucks, she had my entire length buried in her throat, all the way to the base. I’d always thought Debra gave the best head in town, but even she couldn’t do that. Elaine made sloppy, gagging, choking sounds as she worked me back and forth in her mouth.

Just then, I felt Debra’s fingers at my lips, and I turned to see that she had lifted Elaine’s skirt off her butt, exposing her cunt. Debra gave me a generous taste of the juice from Elaine’s dripping-wet pussy, then lifted her left leg up, opening her baby-smooth pussy for inspection. Her whole crotch shone with the juice of her arousal, and she hummed and groaned over the long load of cock in her mouth.

I was having trouble keeping from blowing the back of Elaine’s head off with a cum load of epic proportions, but I managed by cradling her head to slow down her motions a little. Debra stood up then and walked around behind the sofa and leaned back against the desk to watch, her eyes blazing as she stared at us.

Elaine was still in a cock-sucking frenzy, but she had calmed a little, enough to work me slower, so I didn’t cum too soon. I reached over and felt her pussy, and was stunned at how wet she was. I had never seen a woman produce this much juice from her pussy. It flowed over my two fingers like a small lake.

I had to have some of that, so I finally pulled her mouth off my cock and lifted her up. Elaine looked at me in a slight daze. She had drool running down her chin and she was panting heavily. I sat her up on the sofa, quickly unbuttoned her blouse and stared lustfully as the sides of her shirt fell away, exposing her precious little breasts.

I ran my hands over her naked titties, squeezing and rolling her rock-hard nipples, then bent down and spent a few moments kissing, sucking and nibbling at the hard pink nubs.

“God, Al! Fuck me!” Elaine cried. “Don’t make me wait! Fuck me now!”

Just then, in the background, I could hear Shelley wailing away in lust. That sent a charge through my body, so I squatted down slightly, lifted Elaine’s legs up and open with my hands. She reached down, took my cock in her hot hand and guided me to her boiling cunt.

I lurched forward and pushed my cock into what I can only say was the hottest, tightest, wettest pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking. I slid in like a hot knife through butter, and the moment I got all of it in – and it all fit just about perfectly – Elaine went wild. She cut loose with an orgasm of gargantuan proportions – screaming, moaning and swearing – and her whole body twitched like she was being electrocuted.

As I started to gather steam in her cunt, Elaine reached up, pulled off my t-shirt, leaving me naked, and ran her hand up and down my chest, stopping to squeeze and roll my own stiff nipples between her fingers before wrapping her arms around my back. As we fucked, she shook her blouse off, and I gazed wondrously at the way her tiny tits jiggled on her chest.

I should also say at this point that Elaine’s pussy was also the smoothest I’d ever had. Debra had shaved her pussy on a few occasions, but even if she shaved carefully, there was still a bit of stubble, in nooks where the razor couldn’t reach. Not Elaine. Her pubic area was smooth as glass, without the first hint of stubble or razor burn.

I found out later that she had had every bit of hair removed from her whole crotch area by electrolysis a few years earlier. She never has to worry about shaving again. All of that passed through my mind in but a second as I leaned in and gave Elaine the fucking she’d been begging for.

My cock was like a locomotive as I pistoned in her tight, wet pussy. I looked up to see that Debra had unbuttoned her blouse and was caressing one of her tits through her bra. She had a glazed look on her face as she stared at me. Even as I watched, her other hand snaked between her legs and she caressed her pussy under her slacks.

At that moment, my cock missed a stroke and came free of Elaine’s pussy. I took that opportunity to roll her over onto her knees on the sofa, so that she was leaning over the back. I got on the sofa on my knees, and pulled Elaine’s skirt off her legs, so that she was naked except for her thigh-high stockings and her heels. I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock smoothly in her steaming cunt all the way to the hilt.

“AHHHHHH! SHIT!” she wailed, and I felt her body shudder under me from another powerful climax. “OMYGOD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! DON’T HOLD IT BACK! COME… ON… AND…. FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK MEEEEEEE!”

I just kept plowing relentlessly in Elaine’s twitching, spastic cunt. I felt a chill run up my spine as I saw how her juices had covered her butt and were now running down the insides of her legs from the power of her lust.

Debra couldn’t stand it any more. She had already flipped both of her big, beautiful tits out of the cups of her bra, so she walked over until she was standing in front of Elaine. She dropped her slacks, along with her panties, to the floor and leaned in toward where Elaine was thrashing over the back of the sofa.

Debra took one of her ample tits in her hand and fed it hungrily into Elaine’s mouth. Elaine made a sloppy meal out of my wife’s tits, one after the other, licking, sucking, chewing on Debra’s nipples and generally making a pig out of herself with the pale flesh.

“Finger me, baby, make me cum,” Debra panted. Elaine was equal to the task. She took two fingers and sawed them between Debra’s pussy lips and rolled her clit around with the thumb, while she sucked on my wife’s breasts.

“Fuck her, love, fuck her good,” Debra said to me in an almost demented whisper. “Fill up that hot little pussy with your hot, tasty cum.”

I could feel my control slipping from the hypnotic urging of my wife. Elaine finally had to release Debra’s tits and her pussy, as she was in the land of the lost. Her head was lolling around like she was almost unconcious, but her hips were still working like a machine around my cock.

We were both covered in sweat as I felt the rusty tingle in my scrotum. I gasped and grunted hard, then pushed forward deeper than ever and cut loose with one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I just emptied my balls in a seemingly-endless barrage of steaming-hot cum deep in Elaine’s pussy. And despite her sexual dementia, her pussy managed to milk me of every drop.

I saw dark spots in my vision as my orgasm swept through me, and Elaine gasped as she climaxed one final time, then slumped forward onto the back of the sofa. But even after I had surrendered my cum, I still kept humping my still mostly-hard cock in her red, twitching pussy, squeezing out little microbursts of cum well after the initial outburst.

I came back to reality when I felt Debra’s arms encircle my chest and I felt her bullet-hard nipples boring into my back. I finally staggered back and my dick flopped red and wet from Elaine’s dilated hole.

Then Debra did something that completely overwhelmed me. As my hot, thick cum began flowing out of Elaine’s cunt, Debra knelt quickly behind her girlfriend and sucked out every drop, and I noticed her fingers working double time in her ownpussy as she did it.

I watched in fascination as she licked Elaine’s cunt clean, and as she finished, I saw her whole body convulse in a powerful orgasm. Then she stood up on wobbly legs, pulled me to her and kissed me deeply.

I have to admit that I got a little extra charge out of tasting the fruits of my labor on my wife’s mouth. I also liked the feeling of my wife’s big tits against my chest. I knew in that moment that I’d come out of limbo the way I’d wanted to. And Debra’s next words proved it.

“It’s time for you to come home,” Debra said. “Our bed’s too big without you. Whatever problems we had before, we can work them out. I love you, Al, always have, always will. Now that you’re sober, I think things will be a lot different.”

“And what about her?” I said, pointing to Elaine, who had slid off the back of the sofa and was curled up sound asleep.

“She’s got her own place to live,” Debra said. “I’m sure she’ll come around periodically, to kind of spice things up a bit. She’s not looking for a regular man, just a good man who’ll fuck her every now and then. I figure you’re about the best, safest option, and as long as she uses that talented mouth on me when she comes around, you can fuck her any time she does.”

“I love you, Debra,” I said with a slightly disbelieving chuckle. “You are too much.”

We left Elaine asleep on the sofa, covered with a sheet. Debra went around and put her panties back on, and I pulled the hide-a-bed out. Then my wife and I lay together for the first time in almost six months. We talked for awhile about how things had come to this point.

Debra admitted that she had gone out a few times with some other guys, early in the separation, when she was still pretty upset with me. But she said she had quit that when she realized that they didn’t match up to what she’d had with me. I didn’t ask if she’d had sex with them, figuring that what I didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me.

She had subsequently become friendly with Elaine, and they had commiserated with each other, one thing had led to another and they had ended up having sex, which for Debra was her first time with a woman.

Debra said it was one of the more intense experiences of her life, and had changed the way she thought about sex. She realized that she could have the best of both worlds, the uniqueness of sex with a woman, with the love and lust of a man, namely me.

Debra had told Elaine that she still loved me, she missed me and she wanted me back, but that she was too stubborn to make the first move.

It was Elaine who had suggested that Debra could use her as a way to bring us back together. If she was successful, she’d said, then she could be an outlet for some safe extracurricular activity.

“You know, sort of work both sides of the bed,” Debra said, and I had to laugh at the way she phrased it.

Elaine wouldn’t be a threat to our marriage in any way. She had no interest in any kind of a steady relationship with a man or a woman. She just wanted to be a friend who could offer us some variety, and get her voracious sexual needs met at the same time. Then Debra and I could both have a little something on the side in the same person, openly without guilt or cheating.

The idea started to get me hard again, so Debra slid down the bed and gave me one of her expert blowjobs, and she even managed to get all of me in her throat, briefly, before she sucked me dry.

“I’m going to have to get Elaine to show me how to do that,” Debra said as she crawled back in my arms, right before we fell asleep.

Debra and Elaine helped me pack my things the next day, and I moved back in with my wife. It’s almost one year now that I’ve been sober, and I have to say that these past few months have been the best months that Debra and I have ever had together. We don’t fight and we rarely fuss, and our sex life has gone through the roof.

Elaine comes around to spend the night with us about two or three times a month, and we’ve gotten into some wild activities. You’ve never lived until you have two sexy women licking your cock and trading off sucks. And watching Debra and Elaine suck and lick each other’s pussies while I slowly stroke my cock is an experience I wish every man could have.

Debra and I went through a bad time, but thanks to Elaine, we were able to get past it, and life is better for us than it has ever been.

Like I said, I don’t think the marriage manuals would recommend our method of reconciliation, but it sure has worked for us.

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