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Two Sides to the Story

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Ryan’s story.


Jay was a guy I knew from the neighborhood bar I went to in Manhattan. Not a close friend, just someone I saw in there from time to time. A few years older than my close circle. We played pool together and watched a ballgame or two. On TV and even up at the stadium a couple of times.

I liked the bar, it was pretty low-key and there was plenty of girls came in, giving me ample opportunity for one-nighters. New York girls aren’t shy.

Anyway, this isn’t about girls. This is about the time with Jay.

We were there late, maybe 2am. Friday night had slipped into Saturday morning and we’d hung on, watching the Olympics live from Beijing. Just the two of us left and Joe, the barman.

Joe wanted to close up and we had to leave. Jay offered me up to his apartment to finish watching, and I agreed.

I knew he was gay and he’d seen me leave with girls often enough to know I wasn’t. It wasn’t important. I liked Jay as a person and he liked me.

We settled in on his couch with a couple of beers. Watching the men’s 200 meters heats.

The coverage always shows a slow-mo head-on shot of the final straight and Jay remarked that it was his favorite bit of the race.

When I asked why, he laughed and explained that he liked to see the athletes junk bouncing up and down in their shorts. I jokingly told him I’d pay more attention in the next race.

And I did. And he was right.

Some runners had tight spandex shorts which clearly defined their cocks and some had looser shorts. You could easily see what they had, bouncing up and down and side to side as they ran towards the camera.

“See?” Jay asked.

“Yep! They should make this coverage TV MA!” I answered, and we laughed.

“Now I have you imagining those guys naked.” He laughed again.

“I suppose you did, Jay.”

I wasn’t sure if I ought to be doing that.

The next race took place and I watched again. But now, almost against my will, I was concentrating on the bouncing cocks. The runner in the fifth lane seemed to have a huge one, given the amount of movement it was creating.

“So who won that?” Jay asked.

“Lane 5,” I told him.

But he hadn’t won the race, he’d won the biggest dick competition.

“Ha! Now you’re doing what I do, Ryan” he said with a grin.

“Well, it is a new way to enjoy the coverage,” I replied.

He raised his eyebrows.


I was embarrassed. Felt my face going red. Said nothing.

“Enjoy?” Jay asked again. Nudging me.

I felt like I had to answer.

“Yeah, I guess so. I was imagining their cocks and was enjoying it.”

“So do you imagine cocks a lot, Ryan?” he persisted.

“No, not a lot.”

“But sometimes.”

“Once or twice.” I admitted.

“Jerk off, thinking about them?”

“Fuck, Jay! What’s with all the questions?”

“Hey man, sorry. I’m just having some fun with you. Every guy I ever met, if he’s honest, will admit to thinking about cock at least a little bit.”

“Yeah, well most of the guys you met are pretty much thinking about cock the whole time.”

“OK you got me there. But as for you, just relax. I’m not going to judge you.”

He was right about me. I’d sometimes looked at cocks on-line.

On a few occasions I’d masturbated to bi-sexual porn.

In fact, honestly, what I found exciting in those clips usually didn’t involve the woman, except when she was encouraging the two men to fuck.

We were quiet again and another race was run. Jay pointed out one runner in particular.

“Wow, look at that!”

I had noticed and said so. We both waited for the replay.

“Fucking hot!” Jay told me.

He was admitting his arousal to me. Should I admit mine?

I was becoming excited by the situation. I was in a gay man’s apartment and we were watching and critiquing men’s packages. I decided to be vaguely honest.

“Yep. Nice.”

The coverage ended. Jay asked right away if I’d like to see some more cocks.

“Like what, Jay?”

To answer, he switched on his CD player and started a movie. It was porn and it was all-male. And began playing right in the middle of a scene.

“OK? You OK with this?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m OK.”

I reasoned that where the movie started from was where he’d reached his orgasm watching this movie last time. I sat there thinking about him stroking his cock as he watched. Thinking about him cumming.

Those thoughts and the action on the screen was getting to me.

I had to fidget a little when my cock began to harden. I wanted to move it to a better position, but didn’t want Jay to see me with my hands down my jeans.

Still shy about admitting to him my arousal, my interest, my curiosity.

He saved me the trouble.

“You look uncomfortable, Ryan. Stand up. Let me help you.”

His voice was calm and reassuring.

Maybe I’d had just enough beers, I don’t know, but I did what he told me: stood up.

He reached out and undid the buckle of my belt and the button and zipper of my jeans.

Pulled them down to my ankles.

Then he pulled down my briefs.

I just stood there. My hands at my sides, watching him undress me.

My cock was almost fully hard and stood out.

He told me I should get completely naked.

So I stepped out of my shoes, kicked off the jeans and briefs and pulled my t-shirt over my head. I did it quickly. Like I was under some kind of spell.

I was utterly bare, now.

Jay made appreciative noises. I was strangely pleased.

“So now maybe you’d like to see me, Ryan?”

The words came thickly from my throat as I agreed.

“Well let’s go somewhere more comfortable.”

He stood and took my hand and led me to his bedroom.

A naked man with an erection being led to a bedroom by a fully-dressed older gay guy.

And I was just going along with it. I should have been objecting somehow.

“Just sit there and then you can watch,” he told me.

I sat on the edge of the bed.

“I’m not as big as those athletes, but I’m right here, right now.”

Here and now had become the answer.

Even though I was sitting on another man’s bed, naked, displaying an insistent erection and watching him take off all his clothes, I still didn’t want to admit to myself what the question was.

In the end, it didn’t matter. I stopped thinking.

Jay finished removing his clothes and stood in front of me. His penis was stiffening. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. He gently jogged up and down on his toes, making himself move the way the runners on TV had been.

“Do you like it? Now you can see close up?”

His penis was perfect. Not too long or too short, not thin but not stubby. He was circumcised and the head was clearly engorged.

I reached out. My palm went between his legs and I was holding his balls.

“Mmmm that’s nice. Do you like it?”

I slipped my hand from his balls and grasped his hard shaft. It felt smooth and warm and I stroked the length of it.

“Yes, Jay”

I pulled him towards me by his cock.

His loins were at the same level as my face and it was the most natural thing in the world when I opened my lips and took his cock into my mouth.

“Oh Ryan! Sweet boy!” Jay murmured.

My hands went round behind him and I grasped his ass. Sucking him off and loving it. The feeling of his cock in my mouth, against my tongue. His smooth buttocks in my hands.

I sucked and sucked his cock. Moving my head back and forth so that his wonderful cock would go in and out between my lips.

His hand came to rest on the back of my head and he ran his fingers through my hair as I blew him.

It felt nice.

His hips moved, bringing his cock in and out of my mouth, taking control.

“Sweet mouth. You’re a good cocksucker.” he encouraged me.

I felt like I could cum without touching myself. Just from the sensation of sucking a cock. But I wanted to feel how hard I was.

My penis felt like it could explode. I dropped a hand from his ass and started to stroke myself as I went on sucking and he went on feeding me with his dick.

My tongue explored every inch of him. Felt the smooth helmet and how it curled under at the flange. Felt the big vein at the underside. Sucking and licking and feeling it pass between my lips over and over.

“You’ll make me cum, Ryan.” Jay warned me.

I didn’t care. I wanted to suck him off. Wanted to bring him to completion.

This was what I had been denying myself. My secret, my guilty stroke fantasy.

Sucking off a beautiful cock. Making a man cum in my mouth.

Both my hands went back to his bum. I gripped and pulled him into my mouth. Hummed for him. Making sure he understood it was OK. I wanted him to shoot into my mouth.

His hands came to my head and I felt his fingers tighten in my hair.

“Here it comes, lover.”

Panting, straining, grunting.

One last thrust of his hips and his cock in my mouth delivered his cum to me.

I swallowed as much as I could. Cum escaped and trickled out of the corners of my mouth. He realized I couldn’t keep up.

Pulled out.

My fist went around his pulsating shaft and I stroked him fast.

The last few spurts of cum went over my face.

“Oh man!” he gasped.

I sat there catching my breath. Smiling up at him.

Cum on my cheeks and lips and chin.

Jay went to the side of the bed, lay down and motioned me up to lie along side of him.

He leaned over and his mouth and tongue were on my face. Licking up the cum that I hadn’t swallowed.

And then his lips were on mine.

He kissed puffy cock-sucking lips. I lay back and let him.

Then his palm went down to my crotch and he gripped my cock. I was still so excited, the touch of this man’s hand on my rock of a penis was exquisite.

“I’m going to make you cum now, Ryan.” he told me. I already knew.

He began to move down to suck me off, but I stopped him.

“No, Jay. Please. I want you to keep kissing me.”

He smiled and came back to my lips.

With one arm under me, cradling me towards him, he held me in a passionate embrace.

Alternately kissing my mouth and nuzzling my neck.

His other hand was on my cock, stroking me.

The excitement was too much for me to last long. Jay knew it.

He whispered into my ear:

“Cum for me, Ryan.”

I held him tight. I moved his head to mine, mashing my mouth on his.

His grip on my cock became tighter and he stroked up and down my shaft hard and fast.

And I came for him.

The most fantastic orgasm I ever had.

My cum shot between us, some onto him, some onto me.

His hand never left my cock and he never stopped jacking it until the last drop was out and he felt my embrace relax.

He brought his fist up to his mouth and licked some of my cum off.

Then he put his fingers between my lips and I sucked my cum off them.

Sucking his fingers as I had sucked his cock a few minutes before.

Finally, we lay on our backs side by side, catching our breath.

Staring at the ceiling, Jay said

“You were so nice, Ryan, you were great.”

It had been great for me too.

“That was the most exciting thing I ever did with anyone, Jay. I never came like that before.”

“Well, maybe we should do it again some time.”

“Yes, maybe…”

But almost as soon as the words were out of my mouth, the guilt started creeping into my brain.

I wasn’t gay. I didn’t have sex with other guys. What would other people think if they found out? I should be ashamed.

I sat up. Mumbled something about having to go. Wanting to get out of there. Not wanting to admit how wonderful it had been.

Jay could see what was happening.

“Don’t go. You don’t have to leave. Trust yourself. Trust your feelings. It was nice and you liked it.”

“But I shouldn’t like it.”

“Says who?”


“My friends would get weirded out if they knew.”

“But they never will know. Not from me, anyway.”

“Oh man, I hope not.”

“Trust me.”

“I do, I guess.”

“Then stay the night.”

And I did. In the morning we did it again. It became a regular Friday night thing.

Eventually Jay persuaded me to let him penetrate my ass. And I loved that too. That beautiful cock, stretching my ass, sliding up inside me, filling me with his cum.

Jay’s Story.


I knew Ryan was a straight guy. Obvious from the number of times he was able to pick up girls in the bar we both went to and take them home for anonymous fucks.

But there was something about him. I thought there may be a chance I could get in his pants. In fact I became obsessed with it. He was a beautiful young man. The way his tight jeans defined the sweet curve of his ass… it grabbed my attention the first time I saw him. And his smooth cheeks, pouting lips. It wasn’t fair that he only went with girls.

I started to insinuate myself into his circle of friends. They were OK guys, all single and fancy-free.

I watched sport with them, played pool. Anything to keep company with Ryan.

Never letting anyone guess my ulterior motive, but always waiting for an opening.

It finally came one night we were watching sport on TV.

It was late and nobody else was in the bar. The bartender wanted to close up and I jumped at the opportunity to invite Ryan to my apartment to see the end of it.

I was amazed when he agreed. Amazed and pleased and excited.

I was going to be alone with this hot lad and I would finally have a chance to try and seduce him.

We sat with a couple of beers, watching Olympic running, men’s heats. I was next to him on the sofa. He was relaxed.

I wanted to put my hands on his body. I wanted to touch the bulge in his jeans.

I wanted to feel his sexy ass in my palms. It was so hard to just sit there and not make a clumsy pass at him. I knew he would bolt out of the door if I didn’t go slow.

I thought of an opening gambit when they were replaying one of the races. It was easy to see the runners cocks bouncing around in their shorts. I made a joke about it being my favorite part.

Ryan knew I was gay, he was cool about that. So he wasn’t shocked when I pointed out what I’d seen.

I joshed him about watching the next race and he went along with it and he did start looking at the bouncing cocks.

I asked him a few questions about if he’d ever thought about cocks before, and did he ever jerk off thinking about them.

I got carried away with my grilling and pressed too hard, I think. He got sullen for a little while, so I backed off.

But he was still there. Still sitting on my couch. And I could tell he was still looking at the cocks of the runners on TV.

I was secretly checking him out, this Adonis. This object of desire.

And I thought that maybe… was he getting a chubby down there?

Oh, please!! Oh yeah!!

He was the first to see and remark on the biggest package of all the runners in the final race. Described it as “hot”.

I began to hope that this might be easier than I could have dreamed.

After the sport I offered to put on a porn movie and he agreed. I made it clear the movie was man-on-man stuff but he said it was OK. I felt more encouragement.

This straight youth, sitting on a couch in a gay man’s apartment and about to watch gay porn with him.

I knew it.

I was IN!!

I was going to have this boichik.

I still needed to help him over the final hurdles of inhibition.

And keep him thinking this was impromptu and not the culmination of my patient months.

The movie picked up where I’d finished watching last time I’d masturbated.

Two naked twinks 69ing on a bed. Their lovely smooth asses moving in and out, fucking each other in the mouth. No wonder that was the scene that got me over the edge last time I watched.

Ryan was getting uncomfortable. I could tell his cock was trapped in his tight jeans. I wanted to just reach over and undo his fly and release his stiffening cock. I wanted to take it in my hand and get to see what he’d had been ramming up the cunts of all those slutty girls from the bar.

Thoughs of him fucking girls did nothing for me.

Thoughts of where his cock had been were irrelevant.

I was only really interested in his cock to make him aroused. I wanted to introduce him to the idea of being with a man.

Eventually the end-game was to bury my cock in his sexy ass.

I could see he was really uncomfortable and suggested he stand up and undo his jeans.

He was so willing. I reached out and pulled them down. And his underwear.

Oh, he was so hot. His cock was perfect. I decided to ride my luck and told him to get naked.

Oh, man! He got out of the rest of his clothes like they were on fire!

I don’t know if he realized how fast he was going along with my suggestions, but it was obvious to me that he was ripe for the plucking.

He stood naked in front of me as I sat on the couch, looking up at his perfect body. I asked him to turn around and he did a slow spin.

That ass! Oh, that ass. I knew I had to have him. I sprang to an erection. My cock responding to the view of his perfect, smooth, bubble ass.

How I would enjoy fucking him. The perfect sex toy.

He stood facing me. His cock was erect. At the level of my face. I wanted to take it into my mouth, but not here.

I stood. Facing him. Standing close.

Slow and calm I suggested we go to my bedroom. He was naked and his cock was hard and it was from thoughts of men, but actually making a move to another man’s bedroom… there was still a chance he would change his mind.

So I took his hand before he could say anything and led him to my bed.

I had him sit on the bed and then I stripped for him.

I keep in shape and I know other men admire my body. Ryan was the same.

He looked at my abs as I pulled off my shirt, and stared intently as my hands went to the buckle of my belt and then the button and then the fly.

I dropped my pants and boxers and stood in front of him. Allowing him to look at his first naked man.

I jogged up and down a little, moving my penis with the motion. It was stiffening as he watched me.

He reached out and I felt my balls resting in the palm of his hand. My cock hardened further and he slipped his hand up to grasp it. I encouraged him.

Told him it felt good and asked him if he liked my cock.

To answer me he leaned forward, grabbed my bottom and pulled me towards his face.

His lips opened and my cock slipped inside.

Oh, bliss! He was a natural. His mouth on my cock was exquisite.

I laid my hand on his head and held him against my cock. I was deep in his mouth, but he was having no trouble taking it. And I felt his hands gripping my ass more tightly, pulling me into his moist mouth.

He was going to make me cum. I wanted to fuck him, but instead he was going to take it in his mouth. I warned him I was close. He held me tighter.

The intensity made me grip his hair tightly and I bucked my hips against him, taking back control. Before, he was sucking me off, now I was fucking his mouth.

I didn’t care whether he wanted it or not by now. I started to come.

Shooting my cum in this virgin mouth. Letting him taste my cum.

The first cock he ever sucked was mine. It added to my excitement and I spasmed over and over.

At first he swallowed what I fired into his mouth but the spurts of cum out of my cock were more than he could handle and it was escaping his lips.

I pulled out of his mouth and his hand was onto my shaft in a flash. He jacked my cock as fast as he could and the last of my orgasm splashed on his nose and cheeks and chin.

After my orgasm subsided, we lay down together and I used my mouth and tongue to clean up the cum on his face.

Then I was over him, kissing his cummy mouth. Those sweet lips were wonderful. I french-kissed him, holding him tight and thrusting my tongue into his eager mouth. He responded to everything. He was loving it.

I lay back down next to him and took his cock in my hand.

Started to stroke it.

That perfect cock. It was so stiff, so ready.

I murmured sexy things into his ear. Told him how good he was. Told him how I liked stroking his cock. How his tight, smooth body turned me on.

I could feel him getting close and encouraged him again.

“Cum for me, Ryan”

He came. It was onto his belly and mine. It rolled down my knuckles. It stained the bedspread.

He was wonderful. He loved it. Loved a man’s hand on his cock. The taste of cum in his mouth.

I gave him my fingers to suck. Let him lick my hand clean. Let him taste his own cum.

Then I held him tight and told him how sexy he was.

He admitted he’d loved it all, but then the guilt kicked in and he wanted to leave.

I told him not to feel guilty. Not to worry about being caught, I wouldn’t tell anyone. And finally he stayed.

He slept in my arms and in the morning I sucked him off and he gave me a wonderful handjob.

I could sense that his inhibitions were still too much for me to fuck his sweet ass that first time.

But the ice was broken.

He became a regular visitor to my apartment. Always on the down-low.

Any Friday he struck out at the bar he would let me know with a little raised eyebrow that we might spend the night together.

I never refused this sexy minx.

My long-term goal remained unfulfilled for months until one wonderful evening I finally got my wish.

Ryan face down on my bed, moaning in pleasure as I drilled his perfect ass for the first time.

The first of many times. Ryan loves the cock. He loves taking it in the ass.

Now I am the one who raises my eyebrow, to let him know he will be getting fucked after the bar closes.

He is my sex-toy now. And oh, so worth the wait.

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