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Kate’s Trip to the Lake

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Kate rolled over and viciously jabbed at her alarm clock, in hopes of stopping the annoying buzz. She couldn’t believe that she was actually getting up at 5:30 am to start her vacation, but she needed to get moving if she was going to make it to her boyfriend’s house by 6:30. Kate loved camping and she’d been looking forward to their first trip of the summer for awhile now. As she was staggering towards the shower, her phone rang.

“Hey Mike,” she breathed into the phone, knowing nobody else would be calling her so early. “We still leaving at 6:30?”

“That’s the plan,” replied Mike. “But listen. Ethan just called. He says that Jess is really sick and can’t make it.”

“Oh yeah? What happened?” asked Kate, as she tried to sound concerned. She really liked her boyfriend’s best friend Ethan, but she wasn’t all that sorry his girlfriend wouldn’t be joining them on their camping trip. The girl was nice enough, mused Kate, though she didn’t understand Jess’s phobia of dirt.

“I’m not sure. Ethan wouldn’t say. I think Jess just doesn’t like camping.”

“Oh,” said Kate, while trying not to laugh.

“His sister just got back into town two days ago though, and really wants to come. Since Jess can’t make it, would you mind if Erica came along?”

Kate’s stomach did a few turns at the mention of the younger girl’s name. “Uh, sure. I mean, no. No, I don’t mind, and yeah, she can come.”

“You ok, Kate?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Listen, I need to get moving if I’m going to make it to your place by 6:30. I’ll see you in an hour, ok?”

“Sure. I’ll call Ethan back and let him know. Bye.”

“Bye.” Kate closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. Erica was going to go camping with them. Kate would have to be around her for two nights and three days.

It wasn’t like Kate had only met Erica recently. She had known Ethan for years; they’d even gone to high school together. Erica had, too, though she was three years younger than Kate. After graduating college and moving back to her hometown, Kate had met up with Ethan at a party and he’d introduced her to his best friend Mike, whom he’d met in a frat. And she was also reintroduced to Erica.

After that party, Kate’s opinion of Erica had changed completely. In high school she’d always been a bit awkward, although a year of college had given her some new level of confidence that Kate was drawn to. At first it had been confusing, because Kate had only ever liked boys, although she had messed around with a girl once in college. They had both been quite drunk but Kate had enjoyed the kissing, at least. She’d actually wanted more but sensed that the other girl wasn’t really into it, so she had moved off of the couch before passing out. Other than that, though, Kate hadn’t been drawn to a woman the way she was with Erica.

Erica, on the other hand, had been out as a bisexual since high school. She usually dated boys but she did have the occasional fling with a woman. And ever since that party, Kate had fantasized about Erica’s tight little body. Kate let her mind wander a bit more then firmly told herself to forget the whole thing. Did she really want to torture herself all weekend?

But all the while Kate was packing, she found she couldn’t stop. As she braided her long blonde hair, she thought about Erica’s short, dark curls, so unlike her own. As she applied mascara to make her green eyes stand out, she could imagine the exact shade of blue that looked up at her from Erica’s face. And as she slowly laced up her hiking boots, she wondered where the tiny girl could find good shoes in size four. Get a grip on yourself, Kate thought angrily, as she threw her stuff into the trunk of her Jetta.

A horn honked and Kate glanced up, realizing the light had changed to green. She had driven almost the entire way to Mike’s house without realizing it! She sighed again as she pulled into his driveway. Mike walked out onto the front porch of the house he shared with two cousins carrying a steaming mug of coffee. Kate couldn’t help smiling; Mike was such a sweetheart.

“Remind me to thank Ethan again for introducing us,” she said, while taking the coffee from Mike. He leaned in to kiss her gently on the mouth, then pulled away, smiling. The two lovers chatted easily about their mornings and their combined excitement for the trip.

Their conversation was soon interrupted by the arrival of the siblings. Ethan got out of the car first and jogged over to join his friends on the porch.

“Hey, it really means a lot to Erica that you invited her on this trip. I know she’s three years younger and not that close with you.”

“It’s no trouble at all, Ethan. I daresay she may be more fun than…”

“Oh-ho! Look at that, it’s almost seven. Let’s load up your car, Ethan, so we can get going,” said Mike, loudly, while glaring at Kate.

The blonde rolled her eyes, and moved to load her own belongings into the SUV they’d be taking up to the mountain lake.

“Morning, Kate,” Erica muttered sleepily. She was curled around her pillow in the front seat, her dark curls held in place with a red bandKate.

“Hi!” squeaked Kate. The 24-year-old felt like an explosion had gone off inside her chest. She quickly raked her eyes over the younger woman, taking in everything from the freckles splashed across her nose to the argyle-patterned socks peaking over the tops of her tiny brown boots.

“Do you need help loading any of your stuff?”

“Oh, um, no, I think I got it, but thanks,” stammered Kate.

“Hey, where’d you get coffee?”

“Oh! You want some? Mike gave it to me, I can get you a cup if you like, while the guys load up the car. How do you like it?” Jeez, chill out, Kate, the blonde scolded herself. Don’t scare her off.

Erica smiled at Kate. “Thanks, I’d appreciate it. I can get it if you’re busy.”

“Oh, no, it’s no trouble. I know where everything is anyway. What do you like in your coffee?”

“Any flavored creamer, if he has it. Otherwise just milk.”

Kate threw the rest of her gear into the car and went into Mike’s kitchen. The pot was empty, so she started a fresh one while she rummaged in the fridge. She welcomed the cool air of the fridge on her flushed face, but thoughts of Erica kept pushing their way in. The younger girl looked fantastic, with a bikini top holding her small, perky breasts in place under a little gray tank top. Although Erica had been sitting down, Kate knew that her shorts hugged a nearly perfect ass, and that they would nicely show off slim legs. Kate squirmed as she tried to focus on her task and stop wondering what those pouty lips tasted like.

“Ugh, it’s hot,” Erica said, throwing her pack down and collapsing on a stump, nearly five hours later. “That was quite a hike getting up here!”

“Yeah, but the lake is only a half-mile away, so it’s the perfect place to camp,” Ethan said. “You and Kate can head up there now, Mike and I can set up camp.”

“Oh, that’s not fair – ” began Kate.

“That’d be great!” chimed in Erica at the same time. “You sure you don’t mind, Mike?”

“Not at all,” Mike smiled.

“I need to get my bathing suit out,” muttered Kate, as she started rummaging in her pack. “And I hope there aren’t too many people around.”

“Nah, it’s really remote up here, hardly anyone shows up during the week, you’ll be fine,” said Ethan. “You girls go have fun!”

Soon Kate was following Erica up the trail towards the lake, clutching her towel and bathing suit close to her body while trying not to stare at the younger girls’ ass. She tried to organize her thoughts and not focus on the fact that she was about to go swimming in a lake with that hot body walking in front of her. Kate sighed with relief as the lake came into view and she saw that nobody was around, and then she immediately became nervous again.

“Hey, Erica, I’m going to change over by the woods, ok?”

“Sure thing, Kate!” Erica was already stripping off her clothes in preparation for the water. Kate could hear splashing and she tried not to think that only two thin strips of fabric kept Erica’s body covered. The blonde took time tying her bikini top, wishing that she was slightly smaller on top. Full C’s were nice, but she was always nervous when playing around in the water. At least she’d had time to hit the tanning bed the past couple of weeks so that her flat stomach was a nice color.

“Hurry up!” Erica’s voice floated up the beach, causing Kate to adjust her bikini one last time before stepping out of the woods and walking towards the lake.

“Oooh, cute suit!” exclaimed Erica. “Come on in the water, it feels so good after that hike. And bring my pack down here, I brought some beers.”

“It’s only like 1:00! We can’t drink yet.”

“Yeah, but we’re camping, Kate, it’s ok to drink.”

Kate grabbed the small pack and looked inside. “Erica, these are NOT BEERS. I thought you brought good stuff?”

“I did, but I left it at the campsite. We’re swimming, I wanted wine coolers. Reminds me of high school.”

“You drank in high school? Oh wow, you’re right, the water does feel good,” Kate sighed, as she slipped into the lake. She twisted off the top of two bottles and passed one to Erica. “Does Ethan know?”

“I’m not sure,” replied Erica, after taking a large swig off her bottle. “I think he knew I wasn’t totally naive, but he never asked, and I never told. Plus, I’m good at playing the innocent,” she replied, batting her dark eyelashes up at Kate.

Kate laughed. “What else do I not know about you?”

“Oh, not much. I really was a pretty good kid. I did sleep with a couple people in high school, and I drank some, but that was all, really. What about you?”

Kate finished her drink and opened another one. “I was pretty good in high school too. Didn’t party much till college. Even then I still took my grades seriously. My roommates were getting fucked up nearly every weekend freshman year and they nearly failed out.”

Erica’s eyes went a little wide when she heard Kate swear. Honestly, it was like hearing Ethan swear, which was definitely not normal. And for some reason it turned her on.

“So, uh, you never partied?” questioned Erica, as she moved to get another drink to hide her blush.

“Oh, I did plenty of that, but not till my junior year. I went abroad in the fall and I had a blast in Europe.”

“You’ve traveled to Europe? That is so cool! Where did you go?” The awe in Erica’s voice was obvious, and that definitely affected Kate.

“Mostly Ireland, though I did see some of the UK as well,” replied Kate, and it was her turn to get a drink. She wished Erica wouldn’t look at her that way. She was getting a little uncomfortable, but it felt good. She was also having a difficult time not staring at Erica’s nipples, which were obviously hard due to the cool water.

“You want another one?”

“Sure!” giggled Erica, and Kate wondered if the girl was starting to feel a buzz. They hadn’t had much to eat and she was tiny.

Erica finished her fourth beer then swam over to Kate. “I have something to tell you,” she said, slurring her words slightly.

“Sure, what is it? You ok?”

“Yeah. Fine. Thanks for inviting me on this trip. I really needed this.”

“No problem. You’re more fun than Jess anyday.”

“Yeah,” Erica laughed. “I, uh, well, you’re cool,” stammered Erica. And I’m glad you don’t mind having me around. I really needed a distraction. I just broke up with my girlfriend of over a year. I loved her so much but it just wasn’t going to work after college, you know?

“Yeah, I do,” said Kate. I broke up with my college boyfriend right after graduation too. But you’re sweet, funny, and smart. You’ll find somebody special soon!”

“Thanks, Kate, you’re the best!” with that, Erica started to cry. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I just miss Lily sometimes, you know?”

Kate didn’t know what to do. She wanted to comfort the girl but she wasn’t sure how. She was starting to feel really drunk herself, so she grabbed Erica’s hand and led her out of the lake towards her towel. She opened a bottle of water and handed it to Erica, which the girl accepted gratefully.

“Sorry about that. I get kinda emotional when I’m drunk,” slurred Erica. “I didn’t mean to freak out on you.”

“That’s ok,” replied Kate. She was acutely aware that their thighs were touching as they sat on the same towel. “I know break-ups are hard.”

Erica turned to face Kate. Looking into her brown eyes, she said, “You kinda look like Lily.”

Kate had no idea what made her do it. Maybe it was the tears still clinging to Erica’s eyelashes, or the fact that their warm thighs were touching. Or maybe it was her hardening nipples and the desire for the younger girl that she now felt. For whatever reason, Kate leaned over and gently kissed Erica on the mouth.

Kate felt like fireworks were going off inside her chest. Erica’s lips were so soft, and her skin was completely smooth. Kate gently reached up and touched the small of her back. When Erica leaned into the kiss, Kate slowly opened her mouth. Soon, Erica’s tongue was gently probing around Kate’s mouth, as the two girls reveled in the sweetness of the kiss. Soon, Erica was hungrily chasing Kate’s lips with her own, until the older girl pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” gasped Kate, while she tried to catch her breath. She tried to squirm away from Erica to make more room on the towel, but she touched Kate’s wrist.

“Don’t,” she said softly. “I enjoyed that. I am the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have told you all that stuff.”

Kate reached across Erica for the last drink, letting her arm drag across those slim legs longer than necessary. “I liked it too,” said Kate, while looking at the ground. “I’ve always been into guys, but there were a couple girls in college…” Kate trailed off, not quite sure how to finish.

“You can tell me if you want,” Erica said gently.

“Well, I had boyfriends. Never girlfriends. But a couple of the girls I knew were just more special. I always felt something that I probably shouldn’t have, but I never really acted on it. I did make out with a drunken sorority sister one night after a party, and that was fun, but I don’t think she liked it.”

“It’s ok to feel like that, you know,” Erica softly replied. Only then did Kate notice that the girl was tracing circles on her lower back. “It doesn’t make you a bad person.”

“I know that! I don’t think girls who like girls are bad, I just never thought that I could prefer women!”

“You probably don’t, but you can still be curious.” And with that, Erica leaned into Kate and kissed her hard on the mouth. Kate was surprised but eagerly returned the kisses that could only be described as tasting like summer. Soon she was tracing her hands all over Erica’s smooth skin and tasting her from her mouth to her clavicles. Kate nipped at the skin on Erica’s neck, drawing a couple of gasps from the younger woman. Oh my God, this is amazing, thought Kate. I could definitely get used to the way this girl tastes!

Erica’s hands were slowly creeping up towards the tie on Kate’s bikini top. The blue-eyed girl hesitated slightly, and then pulled on the strings. Kate gasped as her top fell down and Erica’s sweet mouth engulfed her right breast.

“Mmm, that feels so good,” breathed Kate, as she marveled at the feeling of a completely smooth cheek rubbing along her breasts. Erica sucked on Kate’s pink nipples, gently tugging on them with her teeth. Kate felt wetness between her legs that had nothing to do with swimming in the lake.

“Oh, Erica, where did you learn this?” cried Kate, as she threw her head back to give the smaller woman more room.

“I know what I like,” whispered Erica, huskily, as she switched to Kate’s other breast.

Kate could not believe how fast Erica was turning her on. No man had ever done this to her before, and the only coherent thought in her mind was that she wanted to make Erica feel just as good. Kate reached her arms around Erica’s tiny waist and pulled the younger woman onto her lap. The warm air made contact with Kate’s bare nipples as Erica’s mouth broke contact, causing them to harden even further. Kate hissed with pleasure at the sensation of holding somebody so much smaller in her arms.

“Your hair smells good,” sighed Kate, as she kissed all over Erica’s face.

“Your skin feels good in my mouth,” Erica replied. She then gently took Kate’s hand and led it to the tie on her bathing suit. “Do you want to try now?”

Kate looked down into Erica’s piercing blue eyes and hesitated only a moment before nodding. She slid off Erica’s bikini top and slowly kissed all over Erica’s breast, then tenderly sucked on her nipples. Erica moaned, telling Kate that she was doing something right, and the blonde pulled Erica’s tiny nipples to hard points with even more vigor.

The tiny woman shifted, and pulled Kate down on top of her. She slid her hands under Kate’s bikini bottom and squeezed her tan ass as Kate continued to kiss everywhere she could reach.

“Oh, I want you Erica,” sighed Kate, and the younger woman pulled Kate even closer. “Please.”

Erica slid her hands around to Kate’s front then rolled her over. Kate gasped as Erica slowly worked her fingers into the material of Kate’s bikini bottoms before removing them. Soon, Kate was lying naked on the towel with Erica above her, slowly caressing all over her tight body.

It didn’t take long for Erica’s fingers to begin probing Kate’s clit. The faintest hint of blonde hair clung to an otherwise bare, and dripping, pussy. Kate gasped as Erica plunged two fingers deep inside her. “Oh God!” she cried out, while briefly wondering how Erica had found her G spot so quickly.

Erica stopped and drew her fingers up to her mouth to taste Kate’s pussy juices. “Please Kate, let me taste you,” moaned Erica, as she worked her free hand on her own clit.

“Let me see you first,” replied Kate, as she pulled on Erica’s bikini. A tiny triangle of brown curls rested above Erica’s gleaming pussy. Kate glanced up at Erica for permission then reached her fingers slowly across Erica’s clit after getting a nod of approval. Erica closed her eyes and moaned. Kate slowly pushed one finger, then two, inside Erica’s wet folds. The young woman gasped as Kate continued to work her fingers deeper and deeper.

Kate closed her eyes and tried to keep her focus. She was amazed at how much Erica’s body felt like her own, yet also how different. The other woman’s pussy was hotter and wetter than Kate’s had ever been when she masturbated. Kate twisted her fingers quickly, drawing a guttural moan from Erica.

“Oh God, Kate, you are amazing.” Erica’s husky voice went straight to Kate’s pussy. Impulsively, she pulled her fingers away from the gripping tunnel and drew her fingers to her mouth. Kate had never tasted another woman before, and she was drawn to Erica’s sweet, almost flowery scent. Erica gasped as she looked up and saw Kate licking her fingers clean, becoming even more turned on and desperate to taste her.

Just as Kate finished cleaning Erica’s juices off her fingers, she felt the tip of Erica’s tongue hit her clit. Kate fell backwards as her pussy was attacked by Erica’s mouth. “Oh!” screamed Kate. “Oh God!”

Soon, Erica had two fingers buried deep inside Kate as she worked on Kate’s clit with her tongue. The blonde couldn’t believe the sensations. She’d always loved getting head from her boyfriends, but Erica’s face was completely smooth, and her mouth felt softer. She also knew exactly where to apply pressure to make Kate scream and writhe in pleasure.

Erica reluctantly pulled her fingers from Kate’s dripping pussy, but she could feel her own need rising to an unmanageable level. “Have you ever been this far with a woman before?” Erica asked.

“No,” Kate whispered.

“Do you want me?” the pleading in Erica’s voice tugged on Kate’s heart and body.

“Oh God yes,” Kate replied, kissing Erica hard on the mouth and tasting her own juices. She gently laid the tiny woman down, and softly kissed her creamy, perfect thighs.

Kate listened to Erica’s breathing quicken as she approached her gleaming pussy. She hesitated briefly before gently dipping her tongue into Erica’s sweet folds. Erica immediately sighed in relief and balled her hands into Kate’s long, blonde hair.

Feeling more confident, Kate wrapped her lips around Erica’s clit and sucked. She slid two fingers into Erica’s wet slit, and slid her tongue up and down Erica’s sweet pussy lips. Kate couldn’t believe she’d waited 24 years to taste a woman.

Soon, Erica was holding Kate’s head to her own pussy so tightly that Kate could hardly breathe. She didn’t care though. Kate felt like she could live forever breathing in and drinking Erica’s sweetness. She moaned, and Erica cried out at the vibrations on her clit. Kate could feel Erica’s pussy juices dripping down her fingers and she wondered if she could make the woman cum. She also wondered if she ever wanted this to end.

“Kate,” gasped Erica. The need in Erica’s voice caused Kate to stop what she was doing and look up. Erica beckoned Kate towards her. Kate obliged by slowly crawling up Erica’s tiny body, dragging her nipples along that smooth, unblemished skin.

Kate sighed and closed her eyes in bliss as she collapsed on top of Erica. Their breasts were smashed together and their pussy juices mingled, spilling all over the women’s thighs. Kate moved to make contact with Erica’s mouth and felt an explosion as her clit rubbed across the younger woman’s. Kate moaned into Erica’s mouth as the girl writhed beneath her.

Soon Kate was panting and moaning as she kissed Erica with a passion she didn’t know she possessed. Something about Erica was turning Kate on so deeply that she was feeling a connection she’d never felt before. As Erica continued kissing Kate with reckless abandon, she sensed the older girl was holding something back, almost as though she was afraid to finish. Erica desperately needed to cum, and she couldn’t wait much longer. She took control of the situation by firmly pushing Kate off of her.

Kate moaned at the loss of contact but was soon placated with Erica positioning her pussy near Kate’s face. Erica slowly lowered her dark head towards Kate’s sex as she ground her clit into Kate’s mouth.

Kate gasped and moaned as she tasted Erica’s pussy for the second time while feeling Erica work at her clit. Soon, Kate could feel an orgasm building, and she began sucking and licking on Erica’s clit in earnest, flicking the tiny nub with her tongue. Erica returned the motions and soon Kate couldn’t hold back any longer. She screamed into Erica’s pussy as her orgasm ripped through her entire body. She felt everything shudder, from her fingers to her toes, as Erica pulled every last drop of sweet Kate from her pussy.

Kate copied Erica’s tongue movements and soon she felt Erica squirm and writhe as fresh juices ran all over Kate’s face. Erica’s cheeks lay pressed against Kate’s firm thighs as the younger woman moaned in ecstasy.

Kate didn’t want to move. She wanted to feel Erica’s light weight on top of her body and bask in the afterglow of the most powerful orgasm she’d ever known. All too soon, she felt Erica shift. Just as Kate was starting to feel sad that it had to end, Erica shifted her body and cuddled up next to Kate. She threw her arms around Erica’s tiny waist, and pulled the girl into her, tucking that perfect ass next to her still soaked pussy.

No wonder guys feel so protective, thought Kate, as she held Erica’s small body close. I could definitely get used to this.

It was a long while before either girl spoke.



“Um, I didn’t really mean to do that.”

“Mmmm.” Kate closed her eyes at the recent memory. “Don’t be sorry. I loved it. I’ve had a crush on you since that party Ethan brought you to after your freshman year of college.”

“Really?” squeaked Erica.

“Yes, Love,” said Kate, while kissing the top of Erica’s head. “We really should get going though. The guys will wonder why we took so long at the lake!”

Erica giggled. “Let’s rinse off in the lake first.” Kate stood up and grasped Erica’s hand, pulling her up and leading her into the water. The two women stood waist deep in the lake and held each other, slowly kissing and enjoying the taste of their mingled sex.

“Can we do this again?” asked Kate.

“What about Mike?”

“Oh, well, Mike doesn’t actually know that I like girls. Hell, I didn’t really know that I liked girls this much!” blushed Kate, as she giggled nervously. “I guess I don’t really want to tell him, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!”

The two women finished washing then helped each other tie their bikinis back on.

“Got everything?”

“Yes, Kate, even all the bottles so we don’t litter.”

“Cool,” said Kate, grinning. “Hurry up, I’m starving!”

“But you just ate!” said Erica coyly, as she trotted off down the trail, pausing to throw a teasing smirk back at Kate before she disappeared into the woods.

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