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Traffic Violations

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One day, a classmate from my Asian Arts class stopped me just after class. He invited me to a party at his fraternity. I thought about it, and since I had no other invitation, I decided to go and have a little crazy fun while I was there. You know; you’re only in college once.

Frat parties have not been on my list of ‘must do’ social events since my third semester.

But I have a few classmates in this frat; that is how I got on the ‘invite list’. Well, I decided to get into the spirit of the night, flirt and break a few hearts. The most important thing, especially around visually driven college boys, is to dress the part.

I put on a white, semi-sheer corset blouse with skin-tight sleeves and a deep v-neck. A chocolate-brown leather miniskirt that came barely down to mid-thigh looked great, but something was missing. I know. A pair of sheer white thigh-high stockings were slipped on so that just a bit of the lacy top would flash under my skirt when I moved or bent down. You could just see the straps and cups of my pink bra through the shirt; I selected my filmiest and skimpiest bra and panty set. To finish the look I put on white high-heeled pumps. I let my blonde hair swirl around me, down and wavy. My makeup was in pinks and light cocoa. When I was finished I looked into the full-length mirror, “Wow!” I thought to myself. The nearly pure white outfit banded by the deep brown miniskirt was really sexy. Even I was surprised at the result. It made me a little tingly and apprehensive, but I already accepted the invitation…so; I was out the door and on my way. It was a bit early to go to the party so I decided to drive around and enjoy the wind in my hair.

On the way to the party, the car’s glove compartment door popped open spilling the six overdue parking and traffic tickets that had collected there. I remembered the notice that the campus parking and traffic office had sent me saying that my car would be towed away the next time I parked on campus. Shit; that was all I needed tonight. If any of those frat boys get too rambunctious I would simply excuse myself for a minute and then jump into my car for a getaway. If my car was there…with all those tickets it could be towed if they found it on campus. And if I was stopped on the way home after drinking…damn, all those tickets! I decided to stop at the traffic office on my way and see what could be done. I detoured over to the Office of Parking and Traffic and ran in quickly.

The receptionist was clearly angered that I got in just before the office closed and was extremely rude.

“I’ll have to look up your violations; it’s very late you know. So what is your license tag number?”

I told her and I told her that I didn’t have a lot of money but I hoped that some kind of payment schedule could be arranged.

“I’m sorry, we don’t make exceptions for anyone. Let me see… Oh, you have six tickets, all very late… so that comes to $210. You will have to pay in full to clear your records.”

I looked at her stunned, “But I don’t have that much money.”

“Well, perhaps you should have thought about that before you broke traffic regulations on campus. Your car can be impounded now.”

After several minutes of arguing, and getting absolutely nowhere I demanded to see the woman’s boss. The receptionist glared at me then got up and disappeared through a door behind her desk.

She returned in a huff and said, “Mr. Reed will see you. But don’t get your hopes up.”

I went through the door into the room. I noticed a couch and an end table on the far wall and a chair in front of a desk directly opposite me. The man behind the desk was apparently buried in paper work. He didn’t even look up as he said, “I’m Dan Reed, can I help you?”

I told him that I had $210 in overdue traffic fines and there was no way I could pay them. I asked if there was something that could be done?

“No, I am sorry there isn…” He dropped the end of his sentence as he started looking up.

Mr. Reed paused as soon as his eyes lifted from the paper he was reading. The first things that caught his attention were my legs. He casually let his eyes drift over me and stop at my eyes. A small smile curled his lips and he put his pen down on the desk.

“I’m sorry, come over here and sit down and we’ll discuss this.” He waved at the chair.

“Your name is Jennifer, right? Jennifer Gamble. Well Jennifer, you realize the serious nature of what you have done? Not only did you get six tickets but you ignored late notices.”

I said that I understood and sat down in front of him and crossed my legs. My legs were what caught his attention at first so I didn’t try to keep my skirt from pulling up and revealing a bit of thigh.

“Six traffic violations! $210. That’s quite a bit…”

“I know. I am sorry. It just got out of hand. I would have been late for class…” I couldn’t help but notice that he was staring rather directly at my white, silk-covered thighs, “…and I was so busy that I forgot about the notices. But I’m here now, right?”

“Yes, you are. One moment…”

He got up and opened the office door. “Mrs. Stern, it’s late. I’ll take care of this…why don’t you go and enjoy your weekend.”

I heard her sigh in relief and say something. Mr. Reed returned to his desk and sat on the side edge.

“Well, Jennifer, here is what I can do for you. I can substitute the $210 in fines with something else…”

“What?” I asked.

“Well, let me see… students, such as yourself, who disregard the rules do need punishment for their actions. Don’t you agree?”

“Well, yes,” I said softly.

“And usually cash is the preferred method of punishment. But you don’t have the required cash, right?”

“Yes, that’s right,” I kinda squeaked.

“So what other punishment can be meted out that would feel the same as $210? Hmmm; any ideas Jennifer?”

“Not really.”

“Well then, maybe I have an idea. Perhaps when you were younger you received corporal punishment for your transgressions. That may serve.”

“Corporal punishment?….” I was not sure what he meant.

“I think that you should get a spanking in lieu of a $210 fine,” said Mr. Reed.

I couldn’t believe my ears. A spanking? Was this guy kidding? I hadn’t been spanked in years and wasn’t about to start up again now.

I said, “I don’t think so,” and stood up.

His voice stopped me; “I could have your car towed or increase the fine daily until you pay in full, adding substantially to the current figure. And, I hate to bring this up but, would you like to go to school here next semester, Jennifer? And I could hold back your diploma eventually.”

I said, “Yes, but I’ll just pay the $210. As soon as I can.”

“I thought that you didn’t have the money. Were you lying to me? Trying to get out of the fine? That may be an even more serious offense; lying to a university official.” he said as his eyes narrowed on mine.

“No, I’m sorry. Please, give me a week. I’ll get the $210.”

“I’m afraid that won’t do anymore. To clear your record, you are simply going to have to submit to a spanking.”

“No, please, I… I…” I stammered.

“Well, you better consider another school then,” he said matter-of-factly.

I suddenly realized that I was feeling an odd mix of emotions. Even though I was nervous, my nipples had become erect. I wondered why I was scared but also excited by what was going on. The idea of a spanking was oddly intriguing; it caused a tingling between my legs. And now I compounded my parking fines with lying to a school official. After several seconds of thought and confusion, and this feeling of moisture gathering between my legs, I became resigned to my fate and sat down in the chair.

“Alright, you win. I don’t want to get in any more trouble. What do you want me to do?”

“Just relax. Accept that this is only punishment that you deserve and it will not be all that bad,” Mr. Reed said. He got up, came around his desk to stand in front of me. He then knelt down. Very slowly, he reached out a hand slid it along my stocking covered shin and calf.

“You look gorgeous in white stockings. How did you know they were my favorite? Sheer white silk covering red welts…mmmmm. ”

I felt my eyes grow wide when he said this.

Mr. Reed continued running his hands over my legs for several more minutes. He then lifted my crossed leg and placed it next to the other. His hands slid up my calves, behind my knees, and over the tops of my thighs. I was shaking from both nervousness and the excitement of his touch. He curled his index fingers over the lacy tops of my stocking and ran his finger around my thigh under the lace. Then he removed his hands and said,” Get up and go stand by the couch.”

I stood up and crossed slowly to the couch.

Mr. Reed followed me across the room and sat in the middle of the couch.

“Unbutton your blouse.”

“Wait a minute…”

“Do it, Jennifer, or you’ll find out how painful this spanking can be.”

I was shocked by the tone of his voice and unbuttoned my shirt.

“Very good. Now hold it open so I can see your belly and breasts.”

I closed my eyes and held the shirt wide open. Mr. Reed stared at me. I could feel his eyes burning into me. God, I wanted him to touch my breasts. I wanted to touch them.

“What size bra do you wear?

“34C”, I whispered.

“34C. Yes. You’re beautiful.” I think that I blushed at that – I know; I looked down and saw that my chest had turned crimson.

“Lift your skirt.”

“No, please…”

“Jennifer, don’t make me tell you again.”

I dropped my head in resignation, he had me. There was no way out of this situation. I slid my skirt up to where if it went any higher my crotch would be exposed.

“Further. All the way to your waist!” demanded Mr. Reed.

I took a deep breath and lifted from the hem until the skirt was hanging on my hips. I was so exposed, so naked, so full of fear and desire.

“Now, bend over the arm of the couch.”

I moved forward, turned and lay my hips over on the high round cushioned arm of the couch. I leaned on my elbows. Mr. Reed was just a few inches away from me, still sitting in the middle of the couch. His hands moved under my chest Taking my breasts into his hands and gently squeezing them. He then started rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples through the thin fabric.

He stood up, “Stretch your arms out in front of you.”

I stretched my arms over my head laying them on the plump seat cushions of the couch. Mr. Reed stood and stepped over to the table and opened a drawer pulling out several lengths of thick cord. He tied each of my ankles to a wooden leg of the couch. One was tied to a front leg and the other ankle to the rear leg, spreading my legs open.

Then he tied my hands together and tied the cord to the other arm of the couch. This pulled me taut across the couch with my buttocks up and exposed. I’m ashamed to admit that I began crying.

“Please, I don’t want to do this. I’ll go to another school. Please let me go.”

I pulled on the cords but they were tied so tightly I could barely move. Mr. Reed gently fondled my breasts saying,” It’s too late for that now, Jennie.” He walked behind me and began to run his hands over my legs again. Up and down from my ankles to the soft naked skin above my stockings. Finally, he stopped.

“Now I am going to spank you. Keep a count of which one we’re on because I might lose track, Jennifer, and then we’ll have to start over. Count out loud for me.”

“Please, oh please, no….”

I tried to struggle as he adjusted my skirt, but to no avail. My skirt was pushed up to my waist. He unlatched his wide leather belt and slid it free from the belt loops. He stepped up to me.

“Now this will not do,” he said, but I wondered what he meant.

I felt his fingers take the waistband of my pink panties and ease them over my rump and down my legs. When they were at midthigh the width of my legs prevented them from being lowered further. They were left there, my ass was positioned for my spanking and even my pussy was fully exposed. I had completely forgotten about my tickets as both my sexual excitement and humiliation grew.

“Don’t forget to count or we must start again.”

I wasn’t ready for the first swat and the leather came down hard and fast on my ass cheeks. THWWAAPPP! And I squealed out, “One!” I was just starting to feel the sting of the first stroke as the second blow hit me. “Two!” Ouch! That really hurt! By the tenth one, I was sobbing uncontrollably and could hardly shout the count. My ass was burning and each blow brought with it a searing blast of pain and heat.

“Don’t lose count Jennie. We’ll have to begin all over again,” chided Mr. Reed.

I couldn’t talk immediately after a blow landed because it hurt so much; so I yelled the number as I heard the whistle of the leather strap as it was bearing down on my inflamed buttocks. At twenty-five Mr. Reed stopped, I lay limp on the couch’s arm, exhausted, with my ass burning and throbbing.

Mr. Reed paused. He looked at my ass and smiled, “What lovely shades of pink. Pale peach to deep red.”

“Please,” I begged, “is it over? I promise to be good from now on.”

“Not quite, there is one more thing.”

Mr. Reed slid his hands slowly up between my legs. He stopped where my panties blocked his progress. I heard a soft rip and my panties fell from my legs. His hands continued their journey upward and very gently begin to finger my pussy lips. Around and through the moist pinkness, his fingertip teased my clit. I sucked in a breath and let out a soft coo. He slowly rubbed my ass cheeks and explored my swollen red welts with his fingertips. Then I felt something moist on my bottom. Mr. Reed softly licked my stinging redness; he worked slowly, not at all rushed. He licked and mouthed each round cheek, working methodically as his mouth entered the cleft between my red and welted flesh. My legs began to tremble and desire grew deep within me.

Mr. Reed slowly slid a finger inside me. It was then that I realized that I was dripping wet. He slid his finger slowly in and out of me for several minutes then began to gently massage my clitoris. I started pushing myself back against him, my body pressing his finger further into me. My bindings kept me from moving very much but I couldn’t help trying, Mr. Reed picked up the pace, gently caressing me and smiling as he watched me struggle against the cords. With one finger inside me and another toying with my clit, his free hand moved over my sore derriere again causing tingles. And then he pinched my abused ass cheeks. Each pinch shot sparks through my pelvis causing my excitement to grow. He pinched harder and thrust his fingers into me faster; he rubbed circles around and around my clitoris. I was lost in sexual bliss, my pulse was racing, and my nipples grew large and needy. The circles around my clit drew smaller and smaller. His finger was rolling over my turgid bud; oh, the ache of excitement carried me. Suddenly I felt a flush and my skin turned crimson. The pressure became too great and I convulsed with a powerful orgasm. Mr. Reed’s hands stayed on and in me until my last quiver of orgasm subsided. Then he let me lay there quietly for a while.

Then I heard a zipper.

Mr. Reed had opened his pants and I looked back. There, pointing straight at my rosy derriere was this thick pink and purple penis. He moved toward me and I felt the intruder press against my still dripping pussy.

I struggled to get away but the cords were holding me too tightly.

“NOOO, you can’t do this to me; please, no, ” I pleaded.

“Oh Jennie, the fun is just beginning. You were a bad girl, you cannot have ALL the fun, now, can you?”

I felt him push against my dripping entrance and start to enter me. As much as I hated what was happening I couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of this forced sex.

Was I really resisting…or just enough to heighten my enjoyment? He pressed harder and the head of his thick tool entered me. “Unghhh!” It really felt so good.

He worked his manhood in and out, slowly out and then slightly deeper in spreading me open and stretching my sex to accommodate his thick tool. Slowly he began thrusting fully into me, I was helpless to resist and helpless to assist. I could feel him slide centimeter by centimeter further and further and then finally, when I thought I might not be able to take any more his pelvic bone bumped into my bottom. I felt his belly slap against my sensitive ass cheeks.

He leaned over me bending his chest to my back. He unfastened my bra and uncovered my breasts. His hands squeezed my ample breastmeat and his fingers found my distended nipples.

“I believe you are enjoying this too much, young Jennie.” And he pinched both my nipples between his thumb and forefinger; HARD! The pleasure/pain shot through me straight down to my vagina. My pussy walls contracted onto his fat penis.

“Mmmm, now that’s quite a response,” he said. This time I knew exactly what he meant.

He pulled out of me about halfway and as he thrust back into me his fingers again pinched my erect nipples; this time even harder. And again that bolt flashed from my nipples to my pussy causing it to squeeze around the intruder. He repeated this again and again; thrusting and pinching harder each time. His belly slapped against my sensitive ass, sending messages to my wanton cunt. I could hear his testicles bouncing against the leather of the couch arm. He squeezed handfuls of breastmeat and pinched my nipples between his fingers. I could feel the urgency rise in me, I could sense the upcoming event as Mr. Reed started pounding into me faster and harder. The sensation of him sliding in and out of me was indescribable; his manhood pounded my pussy as I felt an impending orgasm approach. Harder and faster, his penis went in and out; slap, slap, slap, his belly against my ass. It was happening; oh, oh, if only this moment could last forever… I felt myself rise up on lust and pure sexual energy and then I exploded like a blooming flower; bursting in the first seconds of an orgasm that cascaded through me and shook me to my very core. Animal lust pulsed through me in spasms and ripples of orgasmic bliss. I felt my waist being held tightly and the penis being pushed deeply into me. Then I felt spasmodic gushes as his jism was pumped deep into my womb.

I lay there for a few minutes with Mr. Reed on top of me, his penis buried deep in me. Slowly he eased his weight off me and pulled his now flaccid member from me. He kissed down my spine as he backed away from me, all the way to my tailbone. Then he planted two kisses, one on each pink-red ass cheek. He looked at me and considered me for a few seconds. I wondered what he was thinking, what he was thinking about doing next…

Mr. Reed untied the cords. I stood up on shaky legs and swayed in front of him. He took me in his arms and guided me to the couch.

“Relax for a while; bend your arms and legs. The stiffness will leave them sooner.” He sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

I saw my panties, torn at the waistband lying on the floor. I pulled my stockings up and my skirt down and I smoothed some wrinkles. He helped refasten my bra and I buttoned my shirt. I sat on the couch next to him.

“I’m sorry about ruining your panties, I will get you a new one.”

I didn’t know whether I should laugh or slap him. After a few seconds, I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. “I look forward to that. Sometime soon I hope.”

“I find that reinforcement is an excellent learning tool. You must come back to my office even if you are only thinking about breaking any more traffic laws on campus. And if you manage to get another parking ticket or…well; let’s just say that the lessons become harder and harder to master. When you return, your new panties will be here.”

I nodded acknowledgement with a smile; an understanding had been reached.

“Thank you Mr. Reed for your help in this matter. I feel much better now that I have paid my penalty for breaking the law. And I think that I may need to relearn those lessons; the harder, the better. ” I said. “Repetition is a useful tool in learning.”

With that I stood up and left the office. The cool evening air blew under my skirt cooling my sore and naked bottom. I started my car and wondered where I should go. The frat party was underway, but I had no panties on under my miniskirt. I laughed and hit the gas pedal. The frat house was only a few blocks away. Once I had a good buzz I would drive through campus. I knew an intersection with stop sign that was always patrolled. Running a stop sign with under the influence would sure earn me a return visit to the Office of Parking and Traffic.

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