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Getting Neighborly

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The house next door to mine finally sold to a nice couple. It had been on the market for a while. I got to know them as the moved in and started to get settled. She was Pam a friendly woman in her mid-thirties and he was Mark, also about the same age and in good shape for his age.

I helped them as they moved in and did some work on the house, but it wasn’t until they had a house warming party that I really got to know them well.

I had been invited along with many of their friends. I was helping play host as well. As the crowd thinned out, I helped clean up. When I was the last guest, I began washing dishes as Pam and Mark cleaned stuff up from the other rooms. It was when I had my hands in the water that they began flirting with me. I had noticed a strong sexuality about them earlier. Their bathroom window faced my house and I had on several occasions been able to see both of them naked while they were showering. It wasn’t something that I had overtly acknowledged to them, but I think that they knew I was watching.

Pam had started asking a few more personal questions. She had noticed that I was single, but did have single male and sometimes a single female guests.

“I notice that they don’t stay too long sometimes.” Pam said with a smile as she brought more glasses in to be washed.

“Well, they are coming over for a nice chat.” I said.

“After which they leave smiling and sometimes with their clothing a little different when they arrived.” Pam picked a drying cloth and began to dry the glasses.

“Well, I let them get comfortable.”

“I’ve noticed that you sometimes are wearing something different as they leave.”

I blushed a little. “Well, maybe I get comfortable too.”

“I’ve seen with both the males and females.” She said with a grin.

“I have a variety of friends.” I said.

Pam moved close. “I talked with Jane Thompson, who I know has visited you several times.”

I washed a glass and looked at it to see that it was clean before I handed it to her. “And what did Jane say?”

Pam took the glass, dried it and put it away in the cupboard. “She said that you are very good and that she really enjoys it.”

I blushed more as I handed her another washed glass. “Really?”

“Yes.” Pam said. She dried the glass and put it away. “And it’s good for her. I know she needs the additional servicing.”

“She said that.”

“Yes. She told me that she really likes the tongue action and says that your cock is nicely sized for her.”

I blushed even more. “You’ve learned quite a bit for not living here very long.”

“I like to get familiar with my surroundings.” Pam said with a smile. She also reached down with the towel and fondled my now very hard cock. “Besides I think you get turned on talking about it.” She smiled and put the towel down. “I better go check on Mark.” Pam walked out the room with a quick glance back. “I’ll go check and see if he minds you staying later.”

With that she walked out of the room. I watched her leave and put my hands back in the sink. As I was pondering the meaning what she said, Mark walked in with a pile of dishes.

“Here you go.” He said as he set them down. “This is the last batch. It was really nice of you to help, you didn’t need to do that.”

“Well, cleanup goes much better with help and it’s better to do it now than to wake up to it.”

Mark picked up the drying towel and began to dry the dishes I had washed. He dried a couple and put them away.

“So Pam tells me that you have a variety of friends who visit you for various things.”

“What did she tell you?” I asked.

“That your visitors are both female and male.” Mark said as he dried another dish. “Variety is a good thing.”

“That it is. I enjoy variety.” I said. “Do you enjoy variety?”

“Yes, I do.” He said with a smile. “All kinds of variety, if you know what I mean.” Mark smiled and reached down with a hand and gave my still hard cock a fondle. “Variety like this and the normal way.” He smiled at me, his hand still on my cock. “Do you like to play with boys?”

“Yes, I do.” I said with a sigh. “Your hand feels very good there.”

“I was hoping you went both ways.” Mark said with a smile. He squeezed my cock. He moved his face closer to mine. “What do you like to do? Do you kiss boys?”

His lips were moving close to mine. “Yes.”

Mark moved his lips to mine. They felt soft and firm, he pressed in tighter and I felt his tongue on my lips, I opened my mouth and our tongues played. Mark continued to fondle and squeeze my cock as we kissed, my hands were still in the sink water.

“Ohhhhh does that look hot.” Pam said as she leaned in the doorway. “I just love to watch men play with each other.”

Mark broke the kiss and looked at her. “I was checking to see if you were right about his going both ways. He very much does.”

“Cool, I love to watch men have sex.” Pam said with a wicked grin. “We appreciate your help, is getting naked and having fun with us an ok payment?”

“Oh definitely.” I said.

“Cool.” She said. “I see you guys are close to finishing. I’m done out there. I’ll go get the bedroom ready and you guys join me when you finish. And no getting off without me.” With that she left.

Mark moved his hand from my cock and went back to drying the dishes. He moved so that I could see his bulge. “You didn’t get a chance to tell me what you liked?”

I missed the warmth of his hand on my cock. “I’m versatile, but enjoy being a bottom.”

“Cool, I’m versatile too, but lean towards being a top.” Mark said with a smile. “I think we can call this done. I want to taste that cock of yours.”

I finished washing the last of the dishes and drained the sink. Mark turned off the light and grabbed my arm to follow him to the bedroom. When we got there, the lights were a nice level and the bed was cleared for action. Pam was sitting in a chair totally naked. she stood and grabbed Mark and kissed him hard. I watched them. They broke the kiss.

“Let’s get naked,” Mark said as he began to open his pants buckle. Pam unbuttoned his shirt. I began removing my clothing. When we were all naked, we moved to the bed.

“Let’s start with me,” Pam said. “You,” indicating me “lay back here” indicating the back of the bed. “Ill get between your legs and Mark will get between mine.”

I sat back and spread my legs, Pam moved her mouth to my erect cock and took it between her lips. We both sighed as she did that. Mark got on the bed behind her and I caught a glimpse of his erect cock. It was as nice as the bulge indicated. It was cut and nicely thick. I knew that I would enjoy it’s attentions.

Pam moaned nicely as she took my cock into her mouth. She pulled off as she slide her mouth back up to the head. “Mark come here and taste this with me.”

Pam went back on my cock while Mark swung around. The two of them were soon alternating their mouths on my cock. Mark also moved to suck and lick my balls. I was moaning with joy at their attentions.

Pam stopped. “Ok, you slide down, Mark you keep sucking him and I’m going to let him lick me.”

Mark and I move to comply. Pam spread her legs over my head and lowered her wet and deliciously musky pussy over my face. Her vagina was very wet and tasted wonderful. I began by slowly licking up one side of labia and then down the other. As I worked my tongue up and down and in just a little bit. Mark went to work on my cock. His mouth was warm and wet as he engulfed my hard cock. I also felt a finger sliding between my ass cheeks. I spread my legs wider to let him have better access. Soon I felt a wet finger playing with my pucker.

Pam was moaning with delight as I licked between her vagina and clit. “Ohhh Jane is so right about your tongue.” Pam was also slowly grinding her cunt on to my mouth.

Mark worked his finger into my ass and was sliding in and out as he sucked my cock. I was not going to last long. I was moaning as well.

“Just let it go.” Pam said, as if reading that I was close.

Mark slide another finger and and pushed both all the way in as he gave me more speed on my cock. It was too much and I moaned loud as my cock unloaded in to Mark’s throat. My moaning on Pam’s clit brought her off with a loud cry. Pam leaned into the bed’s head board as she came. Mark sucked my cock dry with a nice mouth action.

Mark released my cock and sat up smiling. I smiled back. “That was very good.”

Pam hopped over and moved her ass in Mark’s direction. “Slide that cock in my cunt and you get underneath and add more tongue.”

I reversed my position and slid under Pam. I positioned my head under her pussy. It was very erotic to watch Mark’s cock slide in and out of her vagina. I started licking her clit and also got Mark’s cock as it slid by. I worked my tongue on both as Mark fucked her. Soon both were moaning as I watched Mark’s balls tighten up in preparation to shoot. I licked hard on Pam’s clit as Mark took one last deep thrust and moaned loud as his cock unloaded cum into her pussy. Pam moaned as well. We rested for a moment with me underneath and Mark’s cock slowly softening and sliding out. As his cock came out I took it into my mouth and gently licked it clean. Mark moaned slightly as I did that. He then moved his cock out of my range and lay down. I licked Pam’s pussy clean, enjoying the mixed taste of her juices and his cum.

Pam rolled over and lay on the bed. I sat up and switched to lay between them.

“Well that was very nice.” I said as we snuggled into each other.

Both Pam and Mark purred as they snuggled.

After we had rested a bit, we all perked up. We talked about a variety of stuff and then worked back to sex. Pam loved to watch men have sex with each other and said it was time that we entertained her. Mark and I smiled at each other as she moved to the chair to watch.

Mark moved over to me and we started with some nice kissing. We kissed deeply for quite a while, feeling our cocks starting to harden again. I moved away to work my way down his chest and took his now hard cock into my mouth. I worked my tongue around the head and took the shaft as deep as I could. I felt Mark swing around and take my cock into his mouth as well. We 69’ed for a while. Taking it nice and slow, just enjoying being able to suck on another man’s cock. Mark was doing a good job on my cock. He was slowly sucking up and down on my shaft. I also felt him working a finger towards my ass. I spread my legs wider to give him better access. I felt his finger circle my rear pucker. I moaned slightly on his cock.

Mark took his mouth off my cock. “How would you like me to fuck you?”

I pulled my mouth off his. “I thought you’d never ask.”

I lay back on the bed and Mark got a triangular pillow out of the closet. “This is just the perfect thing for fucking.” I rolled over as he placed it in the bed. I rolled back on it. I raised my ass nicely. I lifted my legs as I watched Mark get a bottle of lube. He squirted some on his fingers and slipped them between my cheeks. I felt his fingers slid in. I moaned nicely as Mark worked the lube in.

Mark slide his fingers out and lubed up his cock. I reached back and spread my cheeks.

“I’m ready.” I said.

Mark moved in between my legs and moved his cock up to my waiting asshole. He put the cock head up to the hole and slowly pushed in. His cock slid in slowly and soon his cock head was in. I moaned with delight.

“Oh yeah.” Mark moaned. “This is going to be good ass.”

Mark slowly thrust his cock in the rest of the way. I felt his balls and pubic hairs hit my ass cheeks. Mark moaned as his cock hit bottom. After enjoying the feeling, Mark began pulling back and was soon slowly pumping his cock in and out. I moaned with delight as he fucked me with his cock. I also heard a moan of the chair. Pam was fingering her clit and had three fingers buried up her vagina. She had view where she could see Mark’s cock slide in and out of my asshole.

Mark pumped my ass slowly and steadily with long deep thrusts. He was in now hurry to finish the fuck. I was also enjoying each and every stroke and was giving him some gentle squeezing as he slid his cock in. Mark fucked me for a good fifteen minutes before he began building to his orgasm. He sped his thrusts up giving me harder and deeper stokes. I pushed back as he thrust forward, taking his cock deep. Mark began breathing hard as he sped up. Soon he was fucking me hard and I could feel a build up as well. I don’t always cum when getting fucked, but from what Mark was doing, I was going to this time. I was feeling good all over as Mark moaned loud and thrust his cock deep into my ass. As his cock pumped its load into my ass his convulsing cock brought me over the top with a strong orgasm and I shot cum on to my chest. It was an intense orgasm as I always cum harder with something in my asshole. Mark moaned even louder as I came. I was moaning as well.

Marks cock was in my ass to his balls as it finished unloading in my ass. My cock finished it’s spurts. Pam groaned as she came around her own hand.

Mark smiled as he looked down at me. “That was very good. You are a damn good fuck, there guy.”

“Thanks, I enjoyed it as well.”

We stayed that way for a while, Mark leaving his spent cock in my ass for a little longer. When it slipped out, he went got some wash cloths and towels and came back and we wiped each other off.

Pam looked quite relaxed in the chair. “I just love to watch guys fuck. It’s so hot to watch a guy pump his cock up another guys ass. I love to watch him take that last thrust and shoot his cum deep. Thanks guys.”

Mark moved to lay next to me on bed. “Any time, right?”

I smiled. “You got it.”

We rested on the bed for a while. Then I headed home. Mark, Pam and I became regular fuck buddies. We would get together as a threesome once a week or so. Pam would also come over for individual sessions and there was the one time that she and Jane were there together. I had one tired but very happy tongue. Pam also didn’t mind that Mark and I were also regular fuck buddies. He would come over several times a week for some cock. We regularly shot loads of cum into each other’s mouths and asses. Mark also invited me to join his guys group. It was a bunch of guys who met for good man sex, but that’s another story.

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