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Feet First

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Grandpa thought he was in heaven! The 55 and older community was actually about 65 and older, and most of them were women, so when I visited him, he’d light up and was proud to show me off.

He was still a spry 82, went out for a few beers every afternoon at the local bar, which was really a package store with a bar in the back room, complete with old time bar maids, songs from the Forties, and a million old war stories.

He’d proudly say, “This is my grandson, Harry! He makes a special trip to take me out to dinner, just cause he wants to!”

The old timers would look on jealously: They rarely had visitors, and then it was their nagging daughter or son.

I’d try to go once a month, but I became lax, to the point where Mom would drop hints, like, “I talked to Grandpa today, he says to say hello…”

When we got the call that he suffered a massive heart attack and had died in bed, it really hit me, since I hadn’t been there in a while.

We waked him at the community, and the turn-out that day was great. He had many friends there, male and female, and they all expressed their sorrow as we stood in line, me, Mom, Dad, and Aunt Janie, his only relatives.

His bar buddies remembered me and shook my hand. Even the barmaid, Flo, made sure to give me a big hug. I felt so bad at not being there more often and had to excuse myself to dry my eyes.

I stood outside the side exit, out of sight, and lit a cigarette I didn’t even want, and my eyes welled up. Poor Gramps!

“Can I get a light?”

I wiped away my sniffles quickly. No one wants to see a grown man cry. “Sure,” I turned with my Bic.

She was about 60, tall, slender, a real looker even now. She wore her jet black hair pulled back in a bun, with a pin holding it in place. Her long neck bent forward like a giraffe feeding on a short tree as her hand touched mine to block the flame and light her own smoke.

She straightened, drawing on it, then slowly exhaling. “I hate these things, no matter how many I wind up going to down here.” We were almost the same height. “You must be Harry.”

“Yes… I’m Tom’s grandson.”

“The son he never had, I know.” Her own eyes were pools of ice blue water, and they were perfectly outlined, not the gaudy makeup that seniors usually wear. “I’m Donna. Tom and I were…close.”

“Hi, thank you so much for coming, I’m sure Gramps would have loved the turn-out.”

“Hmmm, yes he was well-liked, funny, easy-going, but didn’t take any shit from anyone.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, that sounds like we’re talking about the same guy.”

“I saw you come out here as I walked in, and I don’t want to interrupt your grieving.”

I knew she had seen me crying and was telling me it was okay.

“Anyway, Tom spoke so much about you, I had to come and introduce myself. I wanted you to know how special you were to him. We had dinner at least once a week, usually Sundays. I recognized you from the pictures and home movies. Even though you were still just a boy, then”

Her lips were bright red, and she wore a black pants-suit, and I noticed the heels, very classy. She went on. “I know you’re busy, with the burial tomorrow, but if you have the time, I’d like to reminisce a bit, at your convenience.”

She handed me a business card for a florist in town, Donna Davis, Proprietor. Her home and cell numbers were on the back. She smiled again. “I’ll be going now. I’m glad I got to meet you. No need to see the body. I’m sure Tom’s up there laughing at us, right now anyway.”

With that, she was gone.

The next morning, the sun was bright as they carried him out of the church, to the hearse. Gramps was taking the long ride back to New York for burial, to be with his widow.

I stood outside the limo as Donna descended the stairs, in a dignified black dress, which fit her well. The curves were striking, and I could see the old timers nudge each other and make sure to say hello to her. They appreciated quality.

She had a wide brimmed black hat, and big shades, like Audrey Hepburn in those classic poses. She looked in my direction and nodded. Even with the sunglasses, I knew it was for me, and I mouthed hello.

Two days later, my parents were back to work. I was between jobs and Mom suggested I go to Gramps’ house, to start sorting through things, and to ensure anything of value didn’t slip out the side door. In communities like these, thieves check the obits and if the deceased was widowed, that meant the house may be ripe for the picking.

A lot of stuff was garbage, some could be donated to charity, although those places were inundated in a community where they all left feet-first.

I had brought my friend’s van, and I made three trips to the dump the first day, all just garage stuff, and extra food items of unknown date and origin. I had 2 more loads ready for tomorrow and decided it was quitting time. Gramps would have gone for beers about now, so I showered and changed, and did the same.

The place was the same as when I was last there, and Flo recognized me, set me up at the end, and I sent the regulars a round on Old Tom as Flo made a phone call.

The late day sun shone through the door when Donna walked in, all heads turning. You would have thought it was Dorothy Lamour the way the men reacted, warm hellos with reverence for someone of her stature.

She lowered the shades, then saw me at the end, and I stood as she approached. We shook hands warmly, and she ordered a white wine, and Flo had brought out her private stock. No box wine for this lady! She cleaned the bottle, it was chilled already, and expertly uncorked it.

Flo moved down the bar, leaving us as the whispers continued.

Donna smiled, ignoring the stares. “My delivery boy told me someone was at Tom’s house, and he described you. I asked Flo to call if you stopped in, I hope you don’t think I’m spying on you, or anything.”

“Not at all, actually, I’m flattered! Makes me feel like a celebrity.”

“Well, I wanted to make sure no one was ransacking the place until your family could get here. I figured someone would be here in a few days, and I was hoping it would be you.”

“I meant to look you up tomorrow, there’s just so much to do, and I’m sure you have your own work to do,” I said, having had her stuck in my mind for 3 days now, so curious about her and Gramps, almost jealous of him, even though she was clearly much closer to his age than I was.

“Look, Harry, I’ll be honest with you, Tom and I were… together the night he died. It was my tun to stay over, and when I got up to make coffee… there he was, gone! I didn’t know what to do, didn’t want his family misunderstanding, or thinking he was anything but a gentleman, or thinking that he was disrespecting your grandmother, God forbid!”

She was distraught and I put my hand on her arm. “Shhh, it’s okay! It wasn’t your fault. In fact, thanks, if you hadn’t been there, it may have been days before anyone noticed.”

She was dabbing at her tears with a handkerchief, nodding. “I know, it’s just that, for the last year, we were inseparable. And all of a sudden, he was dead and we had so much of each other’s stuff. Your mother did not need to find my undies in his dresser drawers. I thought, you are exactly right, Mom would have freaked along with Aunt Jane! Gramps! What a smooth dog! And a looker, too!

“Listen, for the last year, you were closer to him than anybody. I fell off with my visits since then, so you filled the void. (And then some, I thought!) He was lucky to have you…I mean as a friend!” and I laughed nervously.

She smiled at me saw the double-entendre, and laughed herself. “Us old folks have to watch out for each other.”

“You are not exactly old folks, you have your own business, still dressed for success, you could be a major business exec in Manhattan, the way you look.”

“Thanks, my late husband left me the business, and I’m too lazy to sell it, and I like clothes, so keeping the business gives me a reason to dress nice, and the money to do it!” She paused. “But my problem is, I raced out of his house last week when I found him, and called his neighbor, George, to go check on him, even though I worked as a nurse, and know when dead is dead. Many of my items are still there, and I need you to sort them out before your mom gets here.”

“No problem, come over tomorrow, and take whatever you like.”

“I can’t… can’t bring myself to go in there again, I have visions of him on the bed, still.”

“Okay, tell me what you want.”

“It’s all in his dresser drawers, just nighties, panties, and any female products in his bathroom. Just throw them out, please.”

“You don’t want them?”

She looked off dreamily. “No, I don’t think so…”

“Look, I’ll bag them all up and bring them over, you decide what to keep, okay?”

“I don’t want to put you out.”

“Not at all, as a matter of fact, I’m going home soon, then out for something to eat. On the way, I can drop the bag off with you.”

She eyed me, up and down. “You don’t mind?”

“No, if you hadn’t come in, I was leaving anyway. I just thought I’d toast Gramps with a beer first.”

She gave me her address, said she’d have cold beer ready for me, and I said, “See you in half an hour.”

I began in his dresser, fine pink and white panties from Victoria’s Secret, next drawer, 3 bras, black, white and pink, all 36C, all good quality. Donna only bought the best.

The bottom drawer was the jackpot, with four different night gowns, a full-length black one, a red teddy with matching bra and jacket, and a pink one, with matching robe. All had matching shoes in his closet.

I couldn’t help myself and sniffed them, that clean, fresh smell that makes you swear you can taste her inside them. I folded each lovingly. They were too nice to roll up in a ball. I put them in nice shopping bags, more suited for such quality.

I really had a hard time picturing them together, other than both being good people. Her station in life seemed so elevated, but if they were both happy, who was I to judge?

I drove over, wondering what Gramps would have thought of my thoughts for his girlfriend.

All the houses were alike in the development, same size and shape, but different colors and sidings, some with patios, sun rooms.

Donna’s development was larger, the plots, the size of the homes. The cars in the driveways reflected the home values, and Donna’s was right up there, with a BMW convertible, red with white top, in the half moon drive. I parked behind her.

She answered the bell, her hair down now, and I was amazed how long it was, easily past her shoulders. Those icy blue eyes peered out of the relative darkness. “Hi, I see you found the place! Come in!”

Nicely decorated living room, which led to an open modern kitchen. She had a glass of wine poured and my beer. She poured it into a chilled pint glass and I held out the shopping bag.

She took it, her head down. “You mustn’t think poorly of Tom, just because of my choice in sleep wear.”

“Poorly? Knowing him, he loved those outfits! And your choices are eloquent and tasteful. I’m jealous! My girl friends wind up stealing my tee shirts!”

She smiled. “Well, maybe you should take them, get the girls to dress for you. Lord knows I have no one to wear them for now.”

I drank my beer. “Donna, the way men look at you, you can have your choice.”

She smiled. “I’m too old to play games anymore. You grandfather didn’t play games, and he didn’t want anything from me. A lot of these old timers see my car and they see money!”

I shook my head. “The money may be a nice add-on, but look at you! You’re gorgeous! Everybody stops and stares because they want to be like you, or be with you. And Gramps saw how lucky he was, I’m sure. But don’t give up, or better yet, move a little closer to the city, and you’ll have me to contend with!”

She sipped her wine. “Thank you for the flattery, I could use it right now. And I really want you to take these for your girlfriends.”

“Well, I don’t exactly have one right now, and saying friends, plural, was a big exaggeration. But you know, if you wanted to model them…!”

“Tom said I should watch out for you! I didn’t believe him but you are definitely his grandson! He always liked a fashion show too! Oops, telling secrets out of school!”

I smiled, shifted in my seat. “He was a lucky man to have found you. I’m so glad you forgot your stuff and had to introduce yourself.”

“No, I would have introduced myself anyway. Like I said, he spoke of you often, and said you were a lot like him.”

“Yeah, we both like women in negligees!”

She got us another round and I felt bolder, more curious. “So, do Gramps and I get one more show?”

She smiled, wryly, and wrinkled her nose. “I don’t want you to go running into the night, screaming!”

“I promise, no running, but screaming… I get loud sometimes!”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

I was half-hard, just thinking about this sexy Sixty, and said, “I won’t pressure you, but if you were willing, I’m sure I’d like it!”

She looked at me over the glass, deciding. “Which one?”

“I hate choices. Just one?”

“You have 10 seconds, or the deal is off!”

“Okay, okay, the… red Teddy!?!”

“Final Decision?” she teased.

“Yes, red, definitely red, I think!”

“Buzz! Choice is made! Just remember, this was your idea!” She stood, took the bag, and went to where the bedroom had to be.

This is so wild, Gramps! I can see how she gave you a heart attack! What a way to go!

I heard the door creak, and drew a deep breath, and through the archway she stepped, 3 inch heels, red mesh stockings, matching garter belt with lace panties. Those 36C’s were filled to perfection, and the thin see-thru, puffy-sleeved jacket. Topped by freshly brushed jet black hair, centered my fire-engine red lips, smiling around white teeth.

“So, what do you think?… Harry?…You in there??”

“Oh, yeah, sorry,” as if in a fog. “You look… like a model for a lingerie catalogue! Did Gramps blush the way I am? You are a knock-out!”

“Oh, please, that’s sweet of you, Harry, but let’s not exaggerate.”

I was standing now, moving closer to her, and her eyes were wide. “No exaggeration, Donna. Gramps died and went to heaven long before his body got cold. I know you got my heart pumping, hard.” When I said that, I realized that it was true, I was hard. I looked down and said, “Oh Shit!”

She looked too, and looked back at me. “Oh, my, is this really happening?”

“Yes, it is, and now what do we do?”

She stared straight into my eyes with those blue lasers. “What would Tom think?”

I smiled, and looked her up and down, and said, “He would have said, ‘Go for it, Boy!”

She smiled, “But tomorrow…”

“Fuck tomorrow.” I took her in my arms, and pulled her close.

She struggled, ever so slightly, and whispered, “Will he think any less of us?”

“Donna, he’s smiling right now, trust me.” And I kissed her, tasting the cherry lip gloss through the wine, and my tongue probed into her mouth, finding hers.

“But you’re so young…” I kissed her neck, the nape, her shoulder as the jacket slid away from me, and I slid my hand up her back to the bra. “So young…” she repeated.

With the heels, she was my height, and I only had to bow my head to find her nipple and tease it once the bra was off, and I held her ass to my groin as she kept whispering about us, and I didn’t pay attention as the whispers became moans.

She pulled my head up and kissed me, hard and passionate as she was swept away. Her breasts had been reworked, and they were way too firm for a 60 year old. But her nipples hadn’t lost their sensitivity and she moaned and pressed her lips to me as I tweaked them.

She whispered, “Have to lay down, now!” and led me to her room. I followed that swaying red butt in amazement, Had she gotten a tush tuck, too? Those heels make her look amazing.

Once at her bed, she drew back the covers and climbed on, leaving room for me. I drew my shirt over my head, and tossed it, then undid my jeans, keeping the boxers on as she watched me, smiling. The pup tent caught her eye and I felt her hand wrap around it, pulling me to her. I knelt on the mattress and she moved down, directly in front of my cock. Again, she whispered, “So young…”

The large pink head poked out of the boxers, searching for a place to hide. She giggled and swiped a tongue at it, and it twitched. She took a breath and took me in, and I felt her tongue, busy, arousing me to the fullest. She went, “hmmm…” as she slid it in and out her mouth, and I looked down, as if from heaven with Gramps. This was no ordinary woman!

I laid down beside her, facing her pussy, and my hands pushed at the panties which slid away from the garter, thanks to a tear-away bottom. Her black bush was neatly trimmed, probably for swimwear, and my fingers pried her legs apart with little difficulty. She gasped as I slid a finger into her well, and checked her fluid levels, very high indeed. Her reaction caused me to add another finger, then another, until her hips were spread wide and I lowered my head in there and tasted her.

She screamed and her body shook, and she cried, “Ohh! That… I haven’t… oh my god!” My tongue went to work, but she was in a frenzy already. In a minute, her hips were humping against my face as she tried to stay on my cock, but couldn’t. She had lost control, and her body had taken over. She finally reached down and shoved my face deep into her, and spasmed, obviously coming in waves.

When she stopped, she was crying. I moved around to hold her. “Are you okay?”

She smiled through the tears, holding my face. “No man has done that, orally, since my husband… I forgot how excited I get! Yes, I’m fine, I’m wonderful!” She smiled, we kissed and she was on top of me. “Now, it’s your turn to come, Baby, I want you to feel as good as you made me feel!”

She raised her hips off me, finding my throbbing cock again, and her eyes rolled back in concentration as she found the head against her wet pussy and used me as a dildo, dipping my head in to lubricate. Satisfied, she slid back, then drew me in, inch by inch, until my six inches were deep inside her honey hole.

She was a fantastic sight, black hair flying, sweat on her chest, those superb tits! And she looked down at me maniacally, then shifting her weight, slide to side, up and down, working my shaft like a joy stick.

I slid my hand between us and found her clit, and teased it, and felt it engorge, and she looked down in amazement, that I was still pleasing her.

My ass was off the mattress, slamming my cock into her, and she was talking again, then groaning, then squealing!

All this noise and action had my cock boiling, and I kept going, slamming her, until I shouted, “I’m coming!”

She cried, “Yes, Baby, Come for me, come for me!” and we kept slamming as my jism rushed through my shaft and into her churning depths.

When it had ended, we stopped, only because of exhaustion. I never wanted it to end.

We laid there, caressing, kissing, whispering random thoughts.

“So,” she said, “What about tomorrow?”

“Well, I can see it’s gonna take longer than I thought to clean that place out, with you trying all that stuff on!” She cuddled up closer. “Harry, you are welcome to stay as long as you like, and when it’s time to leave, just do it standing up, not feet first. No strings attached. And any time you want to visit with an old friend…”

“Stop with the old!” I protested.

“A very old friend! You have my number. Come stay as long as you like! I’m sure Tom would like that.”

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