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German Vacation & First Times

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Several years ago, my wife and I vacationed in Europe for two weeks. I knew that Europeans tend to be more casual about nudity and sex than Americans are, but I was still unprepared (as was my wife) when we decided to visit a spa (called “bad”) in Germany. We took a tram up the side of a steep hill to the top and looked down over a beautiful view and a large pool with an even larger deck.

“Oh my God,” my wife exclaimed as she saw that almost all of the women were lying topless on the deck or soaking that way in the pool.

“The men aren’t shy either,” I replied as we saw several fellows wearing tiny Speedo type suits that did little to hide their various packages.

“When in Rome, they say,” I whispered to her and she punched my arm.

“No way,” she countered, “we have our suits.”

After paying the entry fee, we went to separate changing rooms and stowed our gear. Then, out onto the deck to find a couple of loungers and put our towels down. It was sunny and nice, so we took a dip in the pool and I enjoyed the scenery. As some of the men got out of the water, I noticed my wife glancing at their tiny wet Speedos and tanned bodies. I smiled to myself.

Bare breasts and barely-concealed dicks surrounded us, but my wife refused to remove her top. Even a rather mature and obese woman, with rolls of fat, slipped off the top of her one-piece and exposed her pendulous tits without a care in the world. My wife was just about the only woman at the spa wearing her top.

Later, I got up to find the restroom and buy a couple of sodas. There was a line at the refreshment counter, so I was gone for a while.

When I returned, I was happily surprised to see that my wife had unclasped her top and was lying on her tummy sunning. She thanked me for the soda and leaned up on her elbow to take a sip. I could see part of her pink nipple peeking out as she moved, but I doubt that anyone else noticed.

“Here, I’ll put some lotion on your back,” I volunteered, and she nodded slightly.

I worked the lotion into her back and shoulders and then down to the edge of her suit bottoms. My slick fingers slid under her waistband and I managed to expose a bit of white flesh. I left her exposed and moved to her legs. My lotioned hands moved over her calves and knees, and then I took my time rubbing it into her thighs. She moaned softly and I managed to spread her legs apart enough to reach up to her suit and press my hand against her soft mound.

I decided to take a chance. “Shall I do your front side now?” I asked softly.

“Mmm, I guess so,” she murmured and then she began to turn over.

I fully expected her to hold her top to her as she turned, and I was pleasantly surprised when she left her top on the towel and flipped over, exposing her 38C breasts to me and to whomever happened to notice!

I stayed at her feet and slowly applied lotion to the front of her legs, sliding my hands up to again bump into her mound. She didn’t object, so I became braver.

I moved beside her and put lotion on her shoulders and chest, sliding my hands along the outer edges of her lovely tits, then across her slightly rounded tummy. After several trips across her body, I added more lotion and let my hands cover her soft tits and erect pink nipples. She had her eyes closed and a wicked little smile told me she was now enjoying my efforts.

I worked my fingers under the front of her suit and again moved the suit down to expose a strip of very white skin. Using long strokes, I managed to move her suit down until it was just a fraction of an inch below the area sparsely covered by my wife’s light brown bush. I’m sure she had no idea that she was that exposed, or that my cock was now exceedingly stiff.

I enjoyed a real vacation first, my wife lying topless with the edge of her bush exposed at a public spa, with quite a number of almost naked men strolling by her. I put the top back on the lotion and rolled over to lie on my belly, to hide my stiffness and give others ample time to ogle my attractive wife.

I dozed off for a few minutes. When I woke, my wife was sitting up in her lounge chair watching the people in the pool. She saw me stir and told me it was time to shower off the lotion and take another dip in the pool. We stood and, without picking up her top, strolled together across the deck to the community shower area to clean off the lotion. I loved watching her breasts sway as she walked, and I noticed that when we were clean, her bottoms were even lower than before and the back of her suit was bunched up in her crack. She didn’t bother to adjust her suit.

We lolled in the pool for quite some time together, smiling and talking about how nice it felt to be together like that.

“I saw that they also have a steam room,” I said, testing her willingness.

“Does it cost extra?” she asked, appearing curious.

“No, we’ve already paid our daily fee, so we can go try it if you like.”

“What do we have to do, then?” she asked.

“Just go to the changing rooms and remove our suits is all. You just wear a towel in the steam room I think.”

She thought for a moment. “Well, like you said, ‘When in Rome…’ we’ll have towels, right?”

“Yeah, you’ll have your towel,” I assured her.

Finding that my wife was actually willing to try the spa’s steam room wearing only a towel, I quickly began to move out of the pool. She followed along behind me, back to our loungers. I noticed that several men and one woman watched her step, dripping wet and topless, from the pool.

“We can just leave our things here on our chairs,” I told her. “They’ll have fresh towels for the steam bath.”

My wife picked up her suit top and put it back on before walking the 100 feet or so back to the building that housed most of the facilities. We checked in with the steam room attendant and, sure enough, she smiled knowingly and gave each of us a large, fluffy towel. We adjourned to the changing rooms to stow our suits, and we met at the entrance to the steam room.

“You look great in that towel,” I told my wife. “You did remove your suit didn’t you?”

“Well, yes, I did and it feels a little weird,” she replied with a little grin.

I opened the door and used my hand on the small of her back to guide my wife into the steamy room. There were two levels of tiled benches in the rather large space. We sat on the lower level near the door at first, just to get our bearings. Low voices speaking German told us that we were not alone.

The steam cleared somewhat and we saw four people perched across from us on the upper level, chatting together quietly. They fell silent for a few moments as they appraised the newcomers.

“You are Americans,” the tall, lanky fellow said confidently in accented English.

“Why yes,” I responded. “How did you guess?”

All four of them chuckled at my answer.

“You both are wearing your towels,” he observed. “It is easy to spot Americans, you know.”

I heard my wife draw a deep breath as the steam cleared more and she saw that all four of our roommates were sitting on their towels, stark naked!

I also observed that our talkative friend, dark-haired, thin and boney, was sporting an impressive and uncut cock with equally heavy balls. Now, I am about 7 inches when stiff, rather thick, and cut. He appeared to be at least 7 inches long while flaccid. I could only guess how much he would grow when aroused. I think the foreskin made him look even bigger.

It dawned on me that we were experiencing two more firsts on this European vacation. This was our first time in a public steam room, and I realized that it was the first time my wife had ever seen an uncut cock!

I think our new friend sensed the situation. He casually propped his feet up on the edge of the tile bench, letting his entire package hang over the edge, which enhanced my wife’s view.

Glancing to his left, I quickly looked at his wife. She was blonde and curvy, with pendulous breasts topped with rather large, pink nipples that pointed directly forward. She had her legs crossed, so it was impossible to tell if she was a real blonde-haired woman or not at that point. She smiled and our eyes met. It was obvious that she was checking me out as I was ogling her naked charms.

The other woman spoke in German and all four of them chuckled and shook their heads at their private joke.

“So sorry,” the skinny fellow apologized, “Helga was just saying that we must be a shock to you,” he added with a hand gesture toward the other couple. “You see, we are good friends and we come here often for the steam bath and the pool. It is nice, we think, to be open with our friends, although we know you sometimes have different ideas.”

“This is our first time,” I confirmed. “We decided to visit a spa on the spur of the moment. We didn’t know about this steam bath until we checked in earlier.”

My confession seemed to break the ice. The skinny guy and his wife moved near us on our side of the lower level and their friends moved to the lower level across from us.

“I’m Eric,” the skinny fellow said as he stuck out his hand.

“Ken,” I replied as I shook his hand. “This is my wife, Barb,” I added.

Eric sat down next to Barb, giving her a very close view of his nude body.

“And, I am Anna,” his wife announced as she plopped down next to me. “Our good friends are Helga and Willie,” she added as she motioned toward the other couple.

We all smiled and said hello to one another. The atmosphere was very friendly and I felt my initial nervousness subside. One glance toward the tile floor confirmed that Ann was, indeed, a true blonde! She had a thick tuft of blonde hair nestled just above her bare mound, which seemed to add a degree of ‘character’ to her otherwise bald pussy.

Helga was quite different from her friend, Anna. Helga was petite, with long black hair and tiny cone-shaped breasts with small, dark, prominent nipples. It appeared to me that she never shaved anything, because she had a thick bush with a dark line that reached to her belly button. Her armpits and legs were also completely natural.

Willie was a stocky brown-haired fellow with a tanned, muscular build and a short appendage peeking from a thick mat of pubic hair. He smiled constantly and soon began to take part in the conversation as well.

We continued to chat for some minutes, discussing where we were from in the States, and where we had traveled so far. Two other couples entered the steam room at different times, but they moved to the far end, silently disappearing into the steam.

It turned out that our four new friends were also neighbors and had become close over the years. “How close?” I wondered as we continued to talk.

I began to feel uncomfortable, wrapped in my towel while the others were openly and casually nude. “When in Rome…,” I again said to myself and I tried to stay ‘cool’ while I slowly pulled my towel away and let it fall to my sides.

I watched my wife out of the corner of my eye to gauge her reaction to my unveiling. I could tell that she noticed, but she didn’t object or ask me to cover up. I took it as a good sign.

My bunched up towel was between Anna and I, so she moved away slightly to allow more room. As she did so, she turned toward me and propped her right leg up on the bench, fully exposing herself. It seemed to be a natural thing for her to do when trying to talk to someone, but it caused my warm, limp cock to twitch slightly.

“It is very refreshing to sit in this steam for a while, then to take a plunge into the cold tub next door,” Anna commented to me.

“I didn’t know there was a cold pool,” I replied, genuinely unaware.

“Oh yes, you must try it,” Helga added, “it is very refreshing, but it makes everything shrink up.”

We all laughed at Helga’s remark. I noticed that she was also gazing at my now-naked form and circumcised dick.

Barb, Willie, and Eric were happily chatting as I tried to follow Anna and Helga’s conversation. Barb’s elbow touched my right arm and I looked around just in time to see my wife pull loose her towel and let it fall onto her lap, exposing her lovely breasts and erect pink nipples. Her towel just covered her mound, but otherwise, she was visibly naked while chatting with two strange men. My stomach shook inside with a mixture of emotions, tempered only by the fact that Barb had already paraded topless in front of many others earlier.

“Who is ready for the cold plunge?” Anna asked nobody in particular. She rose, leaving her towel on the bench, and turned toward the steam room door.

“Let’s all go!” Helga replied as she stood up, eagerly rubbing her rear with both hands.

Willie and I moved at the same time. Eric stood and reached for Barb’s hand. My wife stood and finally revealed what her towel was hiding. Barb looked a bit sheepish as the men glanced down at her half-exposed mound. She lets me trim her light brown pubic hair off her inner thighs and about half way up the sides of her prominent mound. I trim off her longer curls, but leave a one-inch strip of hair along her slit and above.

I saw the two men smile, then the six of us dashed through the door and walked nude the few steps to the cold plunge. There were two large tubs with water pipes constantly flowing into them. Anna and Helga jumped into the nearest tub and I followed obediently. Eric was holding Barb’s hand and he led her to the second tub, along with Willie.

Cold plunge was an understatement! The water was like ice, but I learned that if you sit perfectly still, you could endure it for more than a few seconds. All three women were squealing and soon we were all back on the wet mats shivering.

“Here,” Anna said to me, “we can warm each other a little.” Anna hugged me face to face, while Helga wrapped her arms around me from the rear. I could feel Helga’s hard nipples against my back and Anna’s soft tits pressing into my chest. It was a pleasant surprise after the icy water.

Looking over Anna’s shoulder, I saw that Eric and Willie were providing a similar treatment to my wife. Eric had his large hands on Barb’s ass and Willie was tight against her with his hands between her and Eric. It was obvious that Willie had his hands full of my wife’s tits! Adding to my surprise, Barb had her arms around Eric’s neck and her face was pressed against his chest.

The six of us stood, rocking against each other, for a full minute or more, saying nothing. It seemed like some alien bonding ritual to which we were being subjected. Warmth returned to our collective bodies. “Another vacation first,” I thought to myself.

Helga released me. “Back to the heat now,” she commanded, and we laughingly hurried back to the steam room.

By now, Barb seemed completely comfortable being nude with the other couples. We returned to our towels and resumed our conversations. I was so proud of my wife and the way she was responding to our European adventures. I also had to confess that I was enjoying seeing and being seen by other people in such a casual way.

“Do you like massage?” Anna asked me rather directly.

“I’ve had a few back home, sure,” I replied.

“Have you ever had a four hand massage?” Helga then asked, “When two people massage someone,” she added.

“Well, no, I haven’t,” I admitted. “How about you, Barb?”

Barb laughed. “You know I haven’t, silly,” she responded, but it sounds divine.”

“Would you like to try a four hand massage?” Anna asked me softly.

I was unsure of my ground. What would Barb say? Was she waiting for me to agree so she could have Eric and Willie touch her? If I said no, would my wife be pleased or disappointed?

I glanced at Barb and saw her incline her head ever so slightly. I read it as her approval and hoped that I was right.

“It would be a first for me that’s for sure,” I stalled, and then made my decision. “Yes, I think it would be very nice,” I finally blurted.

Anna smiled and stood. “Here, spread your towel on the bench and lie face down on it. Helga and I will give you a nice sample. It’s better on a table or bed, but you can get the idea at least.”

Stretched out on the bench, I couldn’t see much of anything in the steamy room, and I know I jumped a little when four delicate hands began to explore my naked body. As hands caressed my upper back, other hands touched my legs and lightly roamed over my butt, causing me to moan low in my throat.

“That looks yummy,” I heard my wife exclaim from very close to my head. Barb was getting a detailed view of the proceedings and she seemed to approve. After that, I became lost in the sensory feelings as four hands traveled up and down my body.

Someone was straddling my left leg and slowly pulling on each of my toes when I heard my wife groan. It was her pleasure groan and unmistakable. I desperately wanted to look up to see what was happening, but my leg was pinned and other hands were kneading my neck and shoulders. I could only guess what delights Eric and Willie were administering to my sweet wife.

“Turn over so we can finish,” Anna whispered in my ear.

I did as she asked and slowly rotated onto my back. It was a bit embarrassing to note that my cock was now semi-stiff and no longer lying along my thigh. Anna began to trace lightly her fingertips around my face and press along the outer edges of my ears. She was sitting next to my head and I could detect the sweet scent of her as she deftly manipulated my eyebrows, cheeks, and lips. Meanwhile, Helga’s tiny hands were working up my legs as she sat between them, exposing me totally. Her hands pushed against my thighs, repeatedly, and her fingers brushed against my scrotum as she moved up and back inside my legs. As she leaned forward, I could feel Helga’s warm breath on my cock…her face was mere inches from my swaying dick. I could feel my breathing become shallow as I waited to see what the two women might do.

“You like that?” I heard Eric ask softly.

“Mmm, feels so nice,” Barb sleepily replied.

What were they doing to my wife? I wondered absently as their wives continued to thrill me.

First, I felt a very light kiss on the head of my erect penis. Then, there was a distinct lick, as a tongue tasted a drop of my precum.

“May I?” Helga hoarsely whispered.

I couldn’t very well refuse her, now could I? “Okay,” I mumbled. My throat was dry.

Warm lips surrounded my stiffness and a practiced tongue circled the head of my cock. I felt Helga’s hair touch my belly as she took me into her mouth and worked to pull on me as she slowly let my cock slide out.

Anna’s fingers left my face and I felt them move between her legs. I opened my eyes and looked up at Anna’s swaying tits as she feverishly worked her fingers into her musky slit.

I saw the top of Helga’s head as she moved up and down, and I felt her fingers toying with my swollen balls. It was my wife’s muffled moan, which carried me over the edge. She only moans like that when she’s having an orgasm. Two strange men were somehow giving her that much pleasure.

“I’m close,” I warned Helga, “look out.”

Helga’s hands went to my hips and I felt her slide my cock deep into her throat. I could no longer hold back. I began to squirt cum into the petite woman’s willing mouth. Anna moved up and over me, placing her wet, sticky lips on me.

“Lick me,” she demanded…and I did.

Moments seemed like hours as I lay on the tile bench, recovering from an incredible experience. A four-hand massage by two lovely women was followed by a superb blowjob and the honor of licking one very tasty cunt.

Anna released my face and Helga moved down so that I could finally sit up and look around.

My eyes widened as I observed my wife. Eric was between her open legs, avidly licking her sticky mound while holding her ass in his big, boney hands. Her groans were muffled by the fact that she had Willie’s short, thin cock in her mouth and was sucking voraciously with her nose buried in his pubic fur. Barb was holding her tits and pulling on her own nipples. As I watched in wonderment, her tummy began to spasm and she flooded Eric with her womanly fluid. Willie could no longer wait and he pulled out, squirting gobs of cum onto my wife’s tits and chest.

Exhausted, Barb lay there on the bench, legs akimbo, breathing hard. Eric rose onto his knees and smiled at Anna. She moved to him and they kissed deeply. Willie slowly got up, still dripping, and gave Helga a long, tender hug.

Helga, then hugged Eric and they kissed while Anna gave Willie and kiss and hugged him to her.

Anna then returned to me and kissed me, open-mouthed, and I am sure that I could taste Barb’s juices on her lips and tongue. Helga joined us and I let her put her tongue into my mouth, knowing that she had just swallowed my load. So many vacation firsts, it was hard to keep track!

After another trip to the cold plunge, to allow everybody to cool off, we took showers and retrieved our suits. Some of the other visitors had left, so our friends found lounge chairs by us. The two gals were topless in and around the pool and my wife soon joined them.

“We only live a short distance from here,” Anna stated. “If you have no other plans for the evening, why don’t you join us at our place?”

I was unsure as to Barb’s attitude after having some time to reflect on our earlier steam room adventure, so I ‘passed the buck.’

“Thanks for your kind invitation,” I started, “but I’ll leave that up to Barb.”

My wife looked daggers at me then smiled sweetly. “If you are sure it is no inconvenience, we’d be happy to join you this evening. We can follow you in our rent car.”

“Wonderful,” Eric said. “Anna and Helga can go with Ken in the rent car. Willie and I can drive you back in ours. That way, nobody gets lost.”

With the evening’s plans settled, we all relaxed and continued to bask in the late afternoon sun. When Barb got up to go to the bathroom, I followed in order to have a chance to speak to her privately.

“How far did you go with Eric and Willie?” I asked urgently.

Barb looked at me innocently. “How far did you let Anna and Helga go?” she responded.

“I asked first. I heard you groan. Did they fuck you?”

Barb looked up into my eyes. “No, just fingers and tongues for me, but it was really hot!” she admitted. “How about you?”

“Helga sucked me off, and Anna sat on my face at the end,” I confessed. “They are two very sexy couples, huh?”

My wife nodded. “I have a feeling that if we really do join them this evening, we will both experience some added firsts. Are you ready for that?”

I had to think about that for a few moments, weighing the pluses and minuses. “I’m okay with anything so long as we both agree that it’s strictly a vacation adventure and nothing else,” I carefully replied.

Barb thought about my response then looked up into my eyes. She smiled warmly. “As you said earlier today, ‘When in Rome…’ right?”

She moved into my arms and her bare breasts mashed into my chest. I kissed her tenderly and received her loving kiss in return.

“Now, I really have to pee,” she giggled and left for the rest room


As the other two couples suggested before we left the German spa, my wife, Barb, rode with Eric and Willie in Eric’s Mercedes. I followed behind them in our rent car with Anna. Helga sat in the back seat.

“Did you enjoy your four hand massage?” Anna asked coyly as we drove the busy streets.

I smiled. “It was the most complete and satisfying massage I have ever had. I have to admit, however, it was also very arousing to hear Barb making those incredible sounds while your two husbands massaged her.”

“We liked that too. Helga and I could see them while we were making you feel good,” Anna giggled.

“Yes, I was rather distracted at the time,” I agreed as the recent memory of Helga’s talented lips on my solid rod, and tasting Anna’s sweet female nectar, engulfed me.

Anna placed her hand on my thigh and squeezed lightly. “We’re so glad you decided to take the steam with us this afternoon. We haven’t met any open-minded Americans at the spa before.”

“Actually, I was quite surprised that Barb went along with everything. It’s not like her to be so open and sexual. I guess it’s because we’re on vacation and far away from home. You may have heard her say earlier, ‘when in Rome.”

“Well, Barb is a very sweet girl,” Helga stated, “I just know that we will enjoy our evening together.”

I chuckled softly. “I can’t imagine what entertainment you have planned, but I can tell you that Eric certainly awoke some very interesting emotions in my wife when she saw his rather impressive uncut cock. It’s the first time she’d ever seen one.”

“Oh, how funny,” Anna laughed, “is that really the first time Barb got to see a man in his natural state?”

“I’m sure it was her first sighting, and the foreskin does make a man look longer than he really is,” I assured Anna. “Now, she may be wondering how it might feel,” I added tentatively.

“If I know my husband, she will have an opportunity to find out tonight,” Anna said lightly. “How would you feel about that?” she asked.

I hesitated for a moment as I let that picture flash across my mind. “I have told Barb that I am okay with whatever she decides she wants to experience. So far, she’s never taken me up on my offer, however.”

I didn’t say anything more, but my mind was spinning furiously. My stomach was doing flips and, at the same time, my balls seemed to tighten at the thought of my wife submitting to the two other men. “How would I react if Barb let them go farther than they went at the spa?” Should I insist that we return to our hotel rather than stay with them? I asked myself that question multiple times while following the big black Mercedes. “Will today change our married relationship forever? Do I really want my wife to accept their lifestyle?”

“I suppose Helga and I could provide some distractions for you,” Anna mused as her fingers crawled across my leg and onto the crotch of my pants. She could feel the swell begin as my thoughts returned from questions back to the moment.

Helga interrupted. “We are almost home. It is just up ahead, so Eric will slow down soon.”

I parked beside Eric’s Mercedes, at the side of an attractive multi-story apartment building. As I closed the door of our rent car, I noticed my wife exiting the back seat of the Mercedes ahead of Willie. She was buttoning her blouse and straightening her hair with her fingers. Willie quickly stood and zipped up his slacks, glancing at Helga and smiling broadly. My moment of indecision passed. “What did I miss?” I wondered to myself.

We walked through a neat lobby to an old-fashioned elevator. “We live on the third floor,” Anna told us. “Helga and Willie live just across the hallway,” she added. “One of the other apartments is vacant, and Herman, a widower, lives next door. He is an importer and he travels most of the time, so we have the floor to ourselves.”

“Very convenient,” I replied with a knowing nod. I was watching Barb’s reactions in case she changed her mind.

Eric opened the door and escorted us into their roomy living area. Willie and Helga opened their own door across the hall and tossed their things inside. They soon joined us and Eric gave us each a local beer.

“Here’s to the continuation of our new friendship and our added enjoyment,” he said as he raised his icy bottle.

“Prosit,” Willie responded as we smiled and took a refreshing sip.

We talked and laughed together for a while, then, Barb asked if she might take a quick shower to clean away the effects of our lengthy steam room visit.

“Come across the hall with me,” Helga insisted. “I’ll show you our apartment and you are certainly welcome to use our shower.”

Anna finished her beer. “We could all use a shower, I think. Come with me, Ken. You can use ours.”

Dutifully, I followed Anna’s swaying rear back to the bedroom and adjoining bath. “We love our big bath,” she said as we walked into a surprisingly large area.

“Very nice,” I quickly agreed. “Ladies first,” I added as I saw her begin to undress.

“No, no,” Anna said as she held up a finger. “We will shower together, all right? It is more fun.”

I watched as she unashamedly stripped naked before me. I could still taste her on my lips. Numbly, I began to pull off my shirt and pants as Anna turned on the water and adjusted the temperature to suit her.

Eric’s blonde wife stepped into the shower and sighed. I stepped in behind her and she moved against me.

“It is nice to share a shower, do you agree?” Anna asked with a smile.

“Very nice,” I mumbled as she lathered her hands and began to soap my chest. Her hands explored my body from neck to toes as the water cascaded over her. She ignored my hardening member and told me to turn around. She began at my shoulders and worked her way down my back, sliding her fingers into my crack and then reached between my legs to touch lightly my tight scrotum and ass. Reaching around me, she quickly discovered what her ministrations had caused, and she briefly stroked my stiff cock. My knees weakened.

“Now it is my turn,” Anna giggled as she helped me rinse away the suds.

“Won’t Eric wonder what we’re doing?” I asked carefully.

“Oh, he knows,” Anna replied. “It will be fine,” she added confidently.

I followed Anna’s earlier motions and managed to cleanse every tiny nook of her voluptuous body for her. I paid particular attention to her ass and nearly smooth mound. I lifted each of her breasts and used my palms on her hard nipples. She sighed and spread her legs to allow me unimpeded access to her nether lips, so I took my time. I finally rinsed her and leaned in to lick her slit a few times, again tasting her womanly nectar.

Later, I learned that Helga, Willie’s tiny tit wife, showered with my wife and Helga spent considerable time worshiping and suckling on Barb’s ample boobs while she soaped her entire body. Later, Willie joined them and helped as they thrilled my wife with both of their talented tongues.

Anna and I dried each other and I watched as she strolled naked into her bedroom. Eric lay sprawled naked on their bed. Anna took my hand, led me to the bed, and motioned for me to sit on the edge.

“Watch us, okay?” she half asked, half told me. “Please, we like to have guests.”

Anna, freshly clean, crawled to her husband and they kissed tenderly. Eric smiled up at me as he put his hand on her slit and inserted a finger.

“Ken made you very wet, my dear,” he said sweetly. “I think you would like to feel him deep inside you very soon. Am I correct?”

“Soon, my love, but only after you have tasted me,” Anna purred.

Anna put her legs over Eric’s face, as she had done to me at the spa. She settled her sweet slit onto his face, then, she leaned forward and used her fingers to pull down his foreskin, revealing the pink head of his long thin dick. He grew as she began to lick up and down his length. She used her tongue all around his helmet and teased his hole. I watched and listened to the sights and sounds of the two lovers as they gave and received pleasure for several minutes. Unconsciously, I began to stroke my own hard shaft.

Anna raised her head and, smiling at me, licked her lips. I saw her move off, swinging her leg over her husband’s body. She lay on her back next to me with a very coy smile on her face.

“It is time,” she murmured as Eric sat up on the bed and leaned in to kiss her lovingly.

“As you wish, my dear Anna,” he whispered. “Please move up on the bed for me.”

Anna turned and rose onto her hands and knees in the middle of her plush bed. Eric moved aside and motioned to me.

“She wants you now, ken,” he said matter-of-factly.

Silently, I repositioned behind his wife as she put her head on her pillow and raised her rear to me, her knees apart. I was surprised when Eric reached between us and wrapped his fingers around my hard cock.

“Here, please allow me to guide you, my friend,” he said. He used the head of my cock to open his wife’s outer labia. I could feel her juices as her inner lips parted to receive me. I pressed forward and Eric’s hand moved away, allowing me to sink into his wife’s warm, tight tunnel.

“Umm, so nice and thick,” Anna murmured as our bodies finally met. “I love how you feel in me, Ken.”

I had to remain absolutely still for a few moments to keep from squirting my love juice almost immediately. After I caught my breath, I set up a steady rhythm and Anna and I soon forgot that her husband was in the same room with us. Anna’s soft ass jiggled with each thrust and I could feel my balls slap against her most tender parts. The experience was intense and I failed to realize that Eric was not the only spectator.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Anna gasped as her fingers clutched the sheet. I could feel her wetness on my balls and on our legs as her spasms vibrated through both of us. There was a new movement on the bed. Helga inserted her face directly under Anna’s sticky hole and she began to lick at the junction of our two bodies. I felt Helga’s tongue on my balls, then, she moved forward to kiss and lick Anna’s pussy. It was more than I could take and I slammed into Anna, unloading my gooey cum deep inside her.

I began to go limp and soon my cock plopped out, leaving a track of love juice on Helga’s forehead as she continued to eat her friend’s freshly fucked hole.

“It is my turn now,” Willie stated as he replaced me at Anna’s stretched orifice. “You can lick me too,” he told his prone wife as she looked up from between Anna’s legs.

I rolled off their bed and saw my wife sitting naked in a chair, a stunned look on her face.

“What can I say?” I mumbled as I lowered my head.

Before my wife could reply, Eric came into the room toweling off. He walked to the chair and smiled down at Barb. I saw her eyes move to Eric’s long, stiffening cock.

“It is quite all right to look at me, Barb. I like it when you examine me like that,” he said in a soft voice. “You may hold it if you wish.”

As I watched, Barb reached out and touched Eric’s foreskin. She pinched the loose skin between her fingers and pulled on it. I glanced over at Anna and saw that Willie and Helga were busy creating a special heaven for my recent lover. I heard Anna grunt as Willie shoved his small, hard cock between her ass cheeks over and over again.

When my attention returned to my wife, I saw her sucking greedily on the exposed, pink head of Eric’s long member. When fully erect, he appeared to be at least nine inches long, but rather thin and he curved slightly to the right. I felt my stomach flutter again. I continued to observe my sweet wife as she thrilled our host. Emotions welled up within me, but I found that I felt elation rather than jealousy. My loving wife was receiving great pleasure, and I was there to watch her new experience.

“That’s right, Barb, suck my long cock,” Eric urged. “I like the feel of your mouth on me.”

Barb looked up at Eric and tried to put him deeper into her throat. She wasn’t successful and I was alarmed when she gagged and pulled back.

“I can’t get you any deeper,” Barb coughed. “I’m sorry, Eric.”

“You are perfect, lovely lady,” Eric told her as he stroked her hair and smiled. “What else would you like?”

Barb regained her composure and I held my breath. “I want you to do it,” she whispered hoarsely.

“Do what?” Eric teased. “You will have to be more specific, my dear,” he added as he looked at me and winked.

“I want you to fuck me with your long cock,” she blurted. My wife glanced at me and I first saw fear, then, only lust in her eyes.

“That is much more specific,” Eric teased. “I think I might grant your wish.”

Eric looked at me and smiled. “You have enjoyed my Anna already. Do you have any problem with my satisfying your wife’s request?”

Again, a host of mixed emotions flooded my brain as I struggled to respond to Eric’s brash question. Why did he even ask me? Was he trying to humiliate me, or simply to act like a gentleman?

“I’m okay,” I managed to mumble as my own cock throbbed into life.

Eric smiled at my discomfort and seemed to understand how the new experiences were shredding my normal protective instincts.

“Well, our bed is occupied at the moment, so perhaps you will help me escort Barb across the hall so I can fulfill your wife’s request.”

Eric pulled my wife to her feet and led her naked through their apartment, across the hallway, and into Helga and Willie’s suite. Stunned, I dumbly followed his instructions and trailed along.

Our host led Barb to the bedroom and turned her to him next to the bed. I stood in the doorway, holding onto the jamb, as he ran his long fingers over my wife’s body, touching her nipples and tracing the curve of her torso and hips.

“You have a very beautiful body, Barb,” he told her as he continued to explore her in detail.

I saw my wife shudder, as she stood nude, letting our new friend do whatever he wished. He let his fingers move to my wife’s mound and her knees almost folded. Even from a distance, I could see Barb’s juices glistening along her puffy slit.

“Oh, please, Eric,” Barb groaned as he played with her pussy. “I need you inside me!”

“If you are so ready, climb on the bed.”

My wife obeyed. She crawled onto the bed and lay on her back, her legs akimbo, swollen lips and sparse bush slick with her nectar.

Eric turned to me and motioned me into the room. “Will you help me now, please?”

I immediately knew his meaning and gulped. In spite of my reluctance, I moved forward on automatic pilot. Eric moved between Barb’s open vee and looked into her eyes.

“Would you like for Ken to put me in?” he cooed confidently.

“Please, oh please, baby, do it for me,” my wife begged.

My hand reached out of its own accord. I peeled Eric’s foreskin back and rubbed his head up and down my wife’s wet slit. His curved length felt so strange in my hand and I quickly moved back as he slid in partway.

“Oh, God, more,” I heard my wife beg.

Eric continued to ease into my wife as she gasped and groaned. “More, do more.”

The sight was amazing and I leaned in for a closer look. As Eric pulled back, I could clearly see Barb’s juice coating his slender dick. He pushed back into her and buried his curved cock to the hilt.

“Unh, unh, oh, God you are so deep,” Barb cried. “So deep!”

My mind flashed a vision of his cock probing my wife’s cervix, a spot I’ve never been able to touch. Oddly, my own cock had grown quite stiff since entering the room. I moved back and watched Barb push back against Eric’s onslaught, and slowly stroked myself.

Barb’s arm reached out to me and I responded by moving close to her head. Her fingers reached for me. My wife opened her mouth and put her lips around me, kissing, and then sucking greedily. I put my hand on her quivering breast and watched my wife be well fucked.

I had to admire Eric’s stamina. He continued to move at a steady pace while Barb sucked on my thick, seven inch, circumcised dick. It was another first for us, and one of my most persistent fantasies.

I had always pictured the other fellow as tall, dark, handsome, and with a long thick cock. Well, Eric was thin, had brown hair, and he sported a long, but thin uncut cock. Yet, he was thrilling my wife and, to be honest, me.

“Oh, God, I’m cumming!” my wife moaned. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard.”

Eric grunted once or twice and grabbed her hips. He buried himself until their bodies merged into one quivering mound of flesh. The expression on my wife’s face has been unforgettable.

He owned my wife at that time. She would submit to whatever he wished. He and I both knew it.


As she continued to shake, he slowly turned Barb over onto her tummy and pulled up on her hips. Her knees now on the bed, he used his hand to guide his skinny dick to her virgin asshole. I started to object, but waited to see what my wife would do. She had never allowed me in her virgin ass.

His thin head probed her pucker and he soon penetrated an inch or so. To my amazement, he was eventually able to feed his entire length into my wife’s ass. She cried out briefly at first, then, her groan began to sound more like satisfaction.

“Unh, oh, you’re in my ass,” she murmured. “It’s amazing. I’ve never.”

He fucked Barb’s ass. He held her hips to him and filled her ass with cum for the first time ever. My sweet wife had all her openings filled in one wild and crazy day!

After the pair returned to planet Earth, Eric turned her over and slid down Barb’s body. He kissed her freshly fucked pussy. My eyes grew wide as I saw him extend his tongue and lick hungrily at the juices he had so recently created. Eric turned his head and looked at me. He smiled and licked his lips.

“Ever tasted great sex?” he asked me.

“Uh, no,” I replied shaking my head. Now, I’d had a similar fantasy a few times, but I wasn’t about to admit it to our new friend.

Eric chuckled. “Why don’t you try it while I go clean up?”

He went to his own apartment, leaving Barb and I alone in Helga and Willie’s bed. My wife looked up at me sleepily.

“I can’t believe what just happened,” she said.

I wanted my wife. I wanted her bad right then. Moving between her legs, I bent my head and kissed her wet slit. It wasn’t bad at all. I was so aroused. Following Eric’s suggestion, I licked her, tentatively at first, but she groaned and held my head to her. I feasted on the sticky substance now oozing from both openings. I couldn’t quit and I cleaned her thoroughly.

“That feels incredible, but you’re making me sore down there,” she finally told me and pushed my head away.

I slid up her body and planted a deep kiss on her lips as I looked deeply into her eyes.

“Wow,” she stated as she sighed. “That’s the first time anyone’s ever done that to me. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Did you enjoy doing it too?”

I smiled at my wife and nodded. “Yeah, I’m glad you liked it because I want to do it again.”

“Can you believe all that we’ve done today?” she asked. “Are you really okay with everything?”

I laughed and nodded. “Yeah, I’m totally okay. You’re my hot new lover and wife, and I love you madly.”

We hugged each other tight for a long time.

“You don’t even know everything,” Barb sighed.

“Oh? What else have you done?” I asked lightly.

“Helga likes me too,” my wife confessed.

“Oh, yeah? What do you mean, exactly?” I quizzed.

Barb looked at me with a sideway glance. “She kissed me and ate my pussy when we were showering.”

“Really? In the shower?”

“Well, she kissed me in the shower. She ate my pussy after we dried each other,” she admitted.

“What else?”

“Helga sucked on my tits and put her fingers in me too. I did some things to her too. Helga said that it didn’t mean that I was a lesbian or anything, just that I was a bit adventurous.”

I was shocked to hear her admission, yet aroused to know that my wife had been with another woman. “That’s another first for you, dear,” I joked. “You’ve had more fun with Helga than I have.”

“She told me she likes you,” my wife whispered. “She is afraid to say anything though.”


“She’s very self conscious about having such teeny tiny boobs. But, really, she’s a very sensuous gal.”

I hugged Barb again. “Maybe we should go back across the hall and rejoin the party. I’ll make myself available and flirt a little with Helga. Are you okay with that?”

“Sure. I don’t think I can do much more. Eric made me sore,” my wife admitted. “I guess I can have some fun just watching or something for a change.”

I was surprised to see that the apartment’s doors were left wide open. We strolled across the hall and encountered the others casually scattered around the living room, nude and drinking beer.

“Ah, our American friends have come back to join us,” Anna shouted. “Have you fully recovered?”

Barb shook her head, sadly. “Not yet, all of this activity has left me a bit tender,” she quipped.

“Come sit by me and I will make you feel better,” Anna replied with a wink. “Did my Eric spoil your fun?”

“Far from it,” my wife responded. “He was a perfect host.”

“So he told us,” Anna laughed.

I walked to the couch and sat by Helga as I listened to Anna and Barb jest with each other. Helga looked over at me and smiled.

“Barb said that she enjoyed her shower,” I said offhandedly. “I hope you will be nice to me also.”

Helga blushed. “She told you?”

“Yes, and it was very arousing to know that you are now such good friends,” I probed.

“Sometimes, I like to play with other girls. I hoped you would not be too angry.”

“I understand, Helga, and I hope that doesn’t mean that we can’t also be good friends.”

“I would like that very much,” she replied, “but you may not care for my small size.”

Of course, I knew what she was hinting at. I moved to face her and extended my hand to touch her nipple. “Barb told me that your nipples are very sensitive, and that you adore having them touched. Is that right?”

Her answer was to lay her head back against the sofa and purr as I continued to play with her tiny nipples. Leaning forward, I began to lick her erect nipple and caress her petite form.

I looked at Willie and saw him nod his approval. The glint in his eye told me that he would soon be occupied with other pursuits, no doubt involving my wife and Anna.

Helga was warming up nicely as I leaned in to kiss her, lightly at first, then more intensely as she responded to me.

“I want to fuck you,” Helga whispered as our lips parted. “Please don’t say no.”

“Where? How?” I mumbled as she became more alive in my arms.

“Right here, right now,” Helga stated as she turned and straddled my lap.

“With Willie watching us?” I asked to remind her of our rather public situation.

“He will like it,” she assured me. “Willie watches me with Eric quite often.”

I let her guide my now stiff dick with her small hand. “With Anna also?”

“Yes, Anna is my very good friend, but right now, I want you.”

Helga settled her cute little ass down onto me and I felt my cock slide into her tight cunt. She stopped momentarily, then, she began to move on me in all directions.

“You feel so nice and thick and you are just the right length for me,” she cooed as she slid up and down on my shaft. “I am not able to take all of Eric, it is a little painful,” she added.

I returned to licking and pulling on Helga’s little buds. My play, in turn, made her moves even more frantic. She was actually panting with desire by then.

I couldn’t see around Helga, but I heard the sounds of a woman being pleasured. I couldn’t tell if it was Barb or Anna, or both.

When I was able to peek around Helga’s shoulder, I saw my wife’s head between Anna’s thighs and Willie was feeding his cock to Anna’s mouth. Eric watched them for a while, and then he strolled over to the sofa.

“Suck me, Helga,” he ordered. Helga turned her head and took his skinny cock as she continued to rotate on me. We were engaged in two threesomes in the same room, another first for us.

Eric didn’t last so long this time. He quickly shot his sperm into Helga’s mouth and I watched her swallow it. As he went limp, Eric pulled back and smiled at his neighbor. “Danke,” he said and she licked her lips before he kissed her.

Helga was now concentrating on me and me on her. She had strong vaginal muscles and she began to milk me as she moved her tiny body on my lap. I held her ass in my two hands and tried to stop her violent action, but her face showed intensity that I couldn’t stop.

“Oh, my yes, yes,” she cried as she pulled me in and out rapidly. A dozen strokes later, we came together in crashing orgasms.

Helga collapsed onto my chest and we lay together for some minutes. “That was spectacular,” she whispered in my ear. “We must do this again very soon. You and Barb can stay with me tonight in my apartment,” she said with finality.

“What about Willie?” I replied.

Helga chuckled. “Willie will be staying here tonight, I think. He will be just fine.”

Three days later, Barb and I picked up our bags at our hotel just in time to return our rent car at the airport. We spent those days with our four friends, experiencing quite different sights than you might encounter as a tourist in Germany, including the English Garden in Munich, another spa, and a nudist resort in the mountains.

Our European vacation of firsts did change our married relationship, changed it for the better I must add. We no longer lived with individual dreams and fantasies. Barb and I discussed our long-unspoken desires and concerns. We agreed that shared experiences were best, and that we would always respect each other’s desires and limitations.

Most of the time, we are now both satisfied with those memories and just our own intimate relations. We have agreed to make exceptions once in awhile if an interesting situation arises.

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