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Veheen and the Hunstman

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This is my first ever erotic story, based on the popular game Skyrim. Farkas is one of my favourite characters from the game, though I made some changes (and got him laid of course). I plan to write more sexual exploits with him in the future. Thoroughly enjoyed writing this! Feedback would be great to help write better and better stories in the future!


I awoke with the sunlight beaming down on my face, a small chink of its rays peeking through my curtains. It warmed me into consciousness as I lay for a few minutes, contemplating my day ahead. I had some errands today, needed to pick up some potion ingredients, brew some potions from said ingredients, and enchant some armour for the local huntsmen. The rise in the Monster encounters meant they needed slightly more protection than their current basic steel could give…IF they didn’t want a hole where their stomachs should be.

I sat upright in my bed, rubbing my face and neck, trying to internally agree with myself which Enchantments would improve their mortality rate; I settled that protection from venomous fangs and claws made the most sense, as many huntsmen had told me of the recent regularity in both Minotaurs and Witch Imps, both of which had dagger-like claws, and teeth to boot. On top of this, their venom (particularly the Witch Imps), could kill a man in a matter of agonising hours should they penetrate the skin. At least my decision was logical, I thought to myself.

After bathing, I made myself some breakfast, which I ate next to the window in the main room of my cottage. It was my kitchen, dining room and living room, all rolled into one, and I loved it; I had nearly everything I needed within a few paces. The floors and walls were both made of grey and black stone, though I had bought a thick, fur rug which covered most of the floor, so as not to get cold feet without shoes. I had left the kitchen area devoid of covering however, as sparks from the hearth and oven would probably set the rug, my home, and myself on fire. I was a forward thinker.

The sun’s rays continued to beam through the windows, lighting up my cottage beautifully on this gorgeous Springtime morning. Looking out from where I was sat eating, I could see the rest of the village waking beyond my quaint front garden, which was separated from the road dirt and stone road of the village with small wooden posts. Some of the local tradesmen began hanging ‘Open’ signs above their shop doors, whilst others began carting their goods to the market area a stone’s throw down the road.

There were also huntsmen leaking out into the streets, laughing, joking, and play fighting. For people with such a hazardous job, they kept themselves in good spirits. A few of them had no armour on as of yet; they were near naked with nothing but long, yet tight, shorts. From their neck down, they were pure muscle, strong and scarred from previous battles.

One in particular caught my eye; tall with dark features and facial hair, with long, black hair pulled back into a pony tail. He was tanned from the elements, and had tattoos that swirled down from his neck, snaking around his arms and down his back. His arms were huge from the fighting, and his legs were just as large from running and sprinting. He was laughing, showing off glinting white teeth, though not every tooth was present and correct. If anything though, this added some interest, not distaste, to his look. He was everything you would expect a huntsmen to look like. I glimpsed at the large bulge in his crotch area, and admired his large, firm buttocks before scolding myself and returning to my breakfast.

After finishing my first meal of the day, I dressed in my dress robes ready to depart. They were pitch black, the bottom half long and flowing, with wide sleeves and a hood that could cover most of my face should rain, hail or snow ever begin to fall. The mid-section was slightly tighter, hugging my shoulders and waist slightly, so as to not look too effeminate, nor like a sack of potatoes. If a passer-by did not realise I was an established Mage dressed like this, they were blind, stupid, or both.

Keeping my hood back off of my head, I left my cottage and made my way to the local Apothecary. Mr. Brimms, the proprietor, was a lithe, middle-aged man who had an affinity with collecting some of the rarest ingredients known to the potion making world.

“Good morning!” Mr Brimms said happily as I entered, smiling from ear to ear. “What can I get you for today Veheen?”

I smiled back at him. “Morning, Mr Brimms. I don’t suppose you have a Baselisk tooth in stock?”. He nodded and began to look through his shelves and draws. “I also need Essence of the Fae. Oh, and some Wart Mushroom, if at all possible?”.

He placed all three on the counter. “Here we are, Veheen. Just call that three gold pieces for those”. The Basilisk fang alone would normally cost seven gold pieces alone, and I think he saw the shock on my face. “For being a good customer, and for helping the hunstmen in their work”.

I handed him five gold pieces, and insisted he take it. “You’re very kind. However, you have a shop to run, and I do NOT want to be held responsible for the damnation of your business” I said jokingly, before saying my goodbyes and leaving the shop.

I walked home, as had everything I needed for the enchantments stocked away in my cottage. It was going to be a long, yet productive day- enchanting took time, patience and a lot of skill, all of which I had in abundance. However, I was mindful that I needed to get as much armour done as possible, before the huntsmen began their countryside patrols. Most of them were too damn handsome to die.

Hours had passed, and I had managed to finish five pieces of armour, a good amount. My stomach began to growl, and I realised how hungry I was. I began warming through some soup as I heard a knock on my front door. I opened the door, ready to greet whomever had come to collect the fruits of my labour.

It was the tall, dark huntsmen. Standing next to each other, the top of my head barely came to his collar bone. He had a loose, linen shirt on, yet the contours of his muscles were still visible underneath the fabric. I stood for a second, taking it all in. For the first time in my life, I was lost for words, my mind fumbling as to what to say.

“Hello”. His voice was deep and rugged. His brown eyes looked upon me and he smiled.

“Hi” was all I managed to say. He must think I’m simple or something, I thought to myself. Maybe I can go with that to avoid embarrassment.

“You’re Veheen?” he asked. His eyes did not look away from my face the entire time, though it was far from a stare. It was like he was taking my features in, as if to remember for another time.

“I am,” I stammered.

“I’m Farkas”. He lifted his hand, indicating a hand shake. I somehow managed to reciprocate. His grip was tight, though I would put money on him being able to crush my hands should he have wanted to. This was gentle to him, I surmised.

I began to take hold of my senses.

“Nice to meet you Farkas” I said in a friendly, welcoming tone. “I take it you’re here for the armour?”

“I am”. He eyes were still firmly fixed on me.

“Come on in. They’re just inside”. I turned and motioned for him to enter, leaving the front door open. This was usually a short exchange.

“They look brilliant,” he said in his gruff voice, “you have outdone yourself”.

I felt my face getting hot. “Thankyou Farkas. I hope they do you and your fellow huntsmen well”.

“They will. In return, let me help with some errands. I could chop some fire wood for you?”

“That’s very kind of you, but I do not wish for nothing more than your gratitude. You all do us a good deed by keeping our houses that much safer at night.”

Farkas raised his large hand. “I insist. I will be back tomorrow afternoon. Just leave any logs outside, as many as you want cutting.” He placed the pieces of armour in the sack they were originally delivered in, hauled it over his back with one arm and walked to the front door. “It was nice meeting you”. He opened the front door with his other hand, turned and smiled, and closed the door behind him.

The following afternoon couldn’t come quick enough. I kept thinking about Farkas’ legs, his arms, his buttocks and his crotch. That and his handsome, chiselled face, his dark brown eyes, his long, black hair. That night after our first meet, I masturbated thinking about him on top of me, his cock in my mouth and arse, his hot cum filling me up. I also thought of his arse, how good it would be to rim him and fuck him senseless. My orgasm came thick and fast, drenching myself in my body fluid. I’d squirted up to my neck, which was a record. This man really did something to me.

I greeted him the next day, this time prepared and confident. “Hello Farkas. Thankyou again for this, it’s really appreciated”. I tried not to think of all the carnal thoughts that had been in my head the previous night.

“My pleasure” he replied, and smiled. His gaze yet again did not seem to move from my face.

I watched him as he worked in my back garden. His axe went cleanly through even the largest of the logs in one swoop. I was lucky if it took six strikes when I cut the logs. I could see sweat marks appear on the back of the material of his shirt. He dropped his axe and pulled his shirt off, his tattoos now on display. I noticed even his back was pure muscle. I also noticed how tight his trousers were. They came down to just above ankle, framing legs akin to tree trunks, and he had taken his shoes off. His feet were massive too, and well looked after.

From where he was cutting, with his back to me, I could see his buttocks clench whilst he lifted his axe. His bum was extremely round, and looked delicious. I felt my cock twinge at the thought of touching it. I began to think of how good his arsehole would taste, and soon I could feel my cock pressing against my underwear.

Calming myself down, I went out with a glass and a jug of lemon water. He accepted, drinking a glass in one go.

“Farkas, if you’d like a break you’re more than welcome to come and sit inside”. I felt bad he was doing all of this work off of his own back, and even if he wasn’t an Adonis (which he most certainly was), I wouldn’t expect him to work so hard without some rest.

“I might just do that” he smiled. “Let me just get my shirt back on”.

“Don’t worry about, keep it off” I replied. I wanted to get as much time looking at his bare torso as I possibly could. Politeness was also a very good characteristic, and made me appreciate him even more. “I insist, you’re hot, and you’re doing me a favour. I really do not care”.

“Thankyou”. Farkas then came into my cottage and sat at my table.

“I’ll fix you something to eat too”. He began to protest, though I quickly insisted and began making his meal.

Whilst he ate his bread and soup, we talked about his job, the hazard of hunting, and we talked about mine, and what it was like to be a Mage. Conversation came easier than it did the day before. In fact, it just came easy. We laughed together about failed exploits, and reminisced on times passed. We dreamt of a day where they would be a peace from the monsters outside our doors.

In what seemed like minutes but was probably hours, the sunlight began to dim, covering the world outside with a homely orange glow. I collected his empty plate and took it to the kitchen sink.

“I haven’t finished all I was supposed to do today for you Veheen” Farkas said, disappointment in his voice and on his face. It was obvious he felt like he’d let me down somehow, though I couldn’t understand why.

“You’ve already done more than enough” I replied. “And anyway, it’s been great to get to know you better”. I meant it with the utmost sincerity. He was handsome and interesting.

“Likewise. Perhaps I could do something else for you though?” He asked, and began to grin like a naughty schoolboy.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked cheekily. I had no idea where this small, innocent flirting session was going.

“Maybe…” he paused for a few moments, contemplating on what he was going to say next. “Maybe I could show you the rest of my body.”

My heart skipped a beat. I had no idea he was going to come out with something like that. I didn’t really know what was going to be his reply, but I didn’t expect him to be so blunt. I laughed awkwardly, unsure of what to say.

“I noticed you looking at me earlier. You probably didn’t notice all the times today I’ve admired you back either”.

“I had no idea Farkas, I assumed you didn’t look at me like that”. I was stunned. I was literally gawping at him.

“Quite the opposite. It’s been a long time since I have laid with a man, but only because I lack confidence in intimacy. You, however”, he pointed towards me, “seem to have brought out something in me”.

I just couldn’t understand how someone who looked like him had a lack of confidence when it came to sex. That, and the fact he apparently fancied me. I was far from ugly, with piercing green eyes, honey coloured hair, soft skin and features both masculine and feminine at the same time. However, it had never occurred to me someone like him would look twice. And I assumed he was into women for goodness sake, there were no tell tale signs he was gay. I never once noticed him looking at me like that.

“I don’t know what to say.” I looked down at my feet. The last few minutes had frazzled my brain, things were happening so fast. Thoughts rushed around my head, like a whirlpool of emotions. Here was the most handsome huntsmen I could ever ask for, admitting admiration was reciprocated. And he wanted to show me exactly how big his bulge was in the flesh.

He stood up and walked briskly up to me, and leaned down, his hands on my shoulders. It was then, face to face so close, I noticed how plump his lips were. The horny part of me thought how good it would feel to have those lips around my cock. I looked at his nose, broken yet not unattractive, his nostrils ever so slightly larger in comparison to the rest of his features. His eyes looked like you could swim in them, a pool of chocolate glazed with tones of mahogany. I thought of those eyes looking up at me as he took my cock into the back of his mouth, and shuddered in excitement.

He leant in and kissed me deeply, his stubble softer than it looked. His tongue was soft against mine, and I again imagined how good it would feel, not only around my cock, but my nipples, my neck, and my arsehole. He placed his left hand gently on my cheek whilst continuing to kiss me, his right rubbing my swollen manhood through my clothes.

I moaned in ecstasy, though I was so worked up I was afraid in the back of my mind I was going to cum in my robes. My hands rubbed up and down and his back, and I felt just how solid his muscles were. I brought my left hand to the top of his arm, taking in the feel of his biceps that were hot to the touch and as hard as rock.

I could smell the days sweat on him, musky and masculine, and it drove me crazy. He smelled of sex. I felt his other hand move around to my buttocks, whilst the one rubbing my cock moved down to my balls, which were so full of my semen they practically hurt. He began moaning, low and guttural, as if in agreeance with what he had felt so far.

He broke the kiss and whispered gently in my ear. “May I take off your clothes?” He caressed my neck using both his lips and the tip of his tongue, sending shivers down my spine.

“Do whatever you want”, I said in short breaths, and half laughed. The situation was crazy, but so damn hot.

He moaned again, into my neck as I said this; my willingness to engage sexually with him seemed to drive him wild. He leaned into my ear and murmured, “I can’t wait to have you naked”.

He undone the buttons of my robe, pulling it off, leaving me with nothing on. He looked down approvingly at my manhood, then looked into my eyes.

“You have a beautiful cock” he whispered, before kissing me on the mouth again. He pulled me in closer against him, his hands firmly on my lower back. My cock was pressed against the top of his firm thigh, and I could feel his trousers were getting wet in that area from my leaking dick.

I disengaged the kiss, and began to unbutton his trousers. His cock looked like it was ready to burst through the material. He helped me pulled them down, and I stepped back to admire him in his entirety whilst he stepped out of them.

His chest was coated in black stubble, which curved down into a smaller strip across his stomach and abdomen. He didn’t have a six pack, yet you could see his stomach was just as firm as the rest of him. The strip continued downwards into his pubic area, a neatly kept black mass around his cock. His manhood was in perfect proportion to his body, an uncut, rock hard length of about seven to eight inches from my estimation. It was thick too, with veins decorating the shaft. His cock twinged in excitement every few seconds, and there was precum leaking from the tip, dripping down his shaft towards his balls, making his dick glisten. I’d never seen a guy precum as much, and it filled me with even more lust, if that was even possible.

“You’re beautiful.” I whispered.

“As are you.” He said with honesty in his eyes.

We stepped back towards each other. He kissed me deeply on the mouth, his hands rubbing all over me. I began to rub his large, dark nipples, and he moaned with excitement. His cock was against my stomach, and I could feel it was already soaked in his body fluids. He began thrusting up and down against me, rubbing his cock on my wet stomach, and in turn massaging mine against his thigh. I felt his fingers explore my crack, and moaned loudly as they found my arsehole, massaging and teasing the outside.

“I think I need to cum,” he breathed gently into my ear. “I want us to fuck each other but I think I’d cum as soon as I started”.

“Me too,” I replied truthfully.

“Let me help you cum then,” he said as he got on his knees.

He rubbed my soaked cock from shaft to tip, sending shivers all over me. He stopped, held the base of my shaft with his hand, then began to lick and suck the tip. His tongue felt better than I ever anticipated, his saliva mixing with my precum, making it even wetter. He began to rub my bollocks with his other hand, full and in need of draining.

His hand on my shaft began to wank my rock hard cock whilst he sucked the end. I could feel the pleasure building and began thrusting myself into him. He moaned deeply, obviously enjoying having his mouth fucked. I looked down at him, and he glanced up at me with his deep brown eyes, looking hungry for what was to come.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I informed him. He moaned in reply, apparently enjoying that thought. I fucked his mouth harder, watching my cock against his lips, observing his throbbing dick leaking precum onto the stone floor.

The pleasure mounted further, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. My mind raced of all the things I wanted to do with him. I thought how good it must have looked to see his crack from the floors perspective, open from squatting, showing off his meaty, tight hole.

The pressure in my cock peaked, and I was in so much pleasure I couldn’t even verbalise my orgasm. I felt an immense, earth-shattering explosion, my cock throbbing and pulsing, squirting my man juice into Farkas’ mouth. Farkas groaned in immense pleasure, still sucking the end of my manhood. After a few seconds he pulled his mouth away but open, and continued to wank up my shaft, allowing the rest of my ejaculate to squirt over and in his mouth. He then licked the remaining fluid from the tip of my cock, lapping it up like he was dying of thirst.

I noticed his cock was bright red, and the veins protruding much more than earlier. He stood, kissing me, giving me a taste of my own love juice. He then pushed my head down, against my kitchen cabinet.

“Lick my bollocks whilst I wank over you.” His tanned face was almost red; he was needing to cum, and in the throes of lust. I was happy to oblige with his request. His balls were slightly hairy, large, and sweaty. They smelled like the rest of him, masculine, musky and sexy.

I began licking his left testicle, whilst he began beating his long, thick cock. He groaned in ecstasy. I moved over to the right, his groaning continuing. I began sucking on his right bollock, and Farkas began to whimper in pleasure. I tried to get the left one in my mouth too, but they were too big. Instead, I alternated between his two large sacks, sucking each one for a few seconds, whilst kneading the other with my hand. From his body language, it seemed both were just as sensitive, neither giving more nor less pleasure from being sucked than the other.

With a grunt, Farkas pulled his large, meaty sacks away from my mouth, aiming the head of his cock toward my face. I opened my mouth, leaned up and licked the tip of his cock. He grunted, this time louder than before, and I felt a stream of thick, hot jizz enter my mouth. It tasted so good, I wanted more. I sucked the tip of his cock, relishing the river of cum going into my mouth. I wanted to suck every drop of it from him. Just when I felt the flow ebb, he groaned loudly again, and I felt another hot, sweet load enter my mouth. I swallowed, my mouth unable to hold the massive load he was giving me. His cock stopped twitching, and I felt him relax.

“That was the best load I’ve ever had,” I confessed to him. I always loved a guy cumming in my mouth, and to have such a huge amount in one go made me feel like all my birthdays had come at once, especially from someone as gorgeous as him.

“Same” he agreed, smiling. He placed his hand on my face, and motioned for me to stand. “I hope we can do this more.”

“Most definitely,” I smiled.

We kissed, this time more tender and less urgent than before. We dressed ourselves shortly after, and Farkas began to make his goodbyes.

“You could stay here tonight,” I said. Fuck it, we’d just had an amazing afternoon talking, an amazing session, what’s the worst that could happen? “It’s getting late, and I could do with someone to keep me company in front of the fire.” I tried not to sound desperate. For some reason, I wanted to be with this guy.

“I will stay on one condition.” Farkas sounded serious. My heart sank slightly. This all seemed far too good to be true, and this was the point where my bubble was going to be burst. I bet he was going to say something like ‘I had a great time but it is only sex for me’. Something like that. He was a hunk, and sex would be great but I liked HIM. That’s probably why the sex we’d had was so much more intense for me.

“And what’s that?” I asked, nonchalantly. I was sure I didn’t really want to hear his answer.

“I will stay on the condition,” he said in his low, deep voice as he touched my face, “that I can sleep in your bed tonight. Deal?”

“Deal.” I smiled, then we kissed again, and I led him over to the fireplace. We fell asleep in front of the hearth, the logs he had cut keeping us warm throughout the night.

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