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Fulfilling Her Fantasy & More

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Liz Connors was seated between her two co-anchors for the morning news in Brad Jefferson’s dressing room. The other news anchor Vern Wilson had joined them. Liz was still dressed in her mini dress that showed off her gorgeous legs. She was nervous but excited at the same time as the two handsome men caressed her shapely legs.

For years now Liz had hoped to live out her fantasy of making with two men at the same time and she sensed that it was finally going to happen.

She had approached her husband of seven years many times about hooking up with another couple that she knew liked to swing. Her husband refused and even chastised her for thinking of such a thing. Liz had come close one time when she and her husband were on vacation. Dave said he was tired and went to bed early even though Liz wanted to hit the hotel Jacuzzi before turning in. She decided to go without Dave and she ran into two young hunks in the hot tub.

Liz was in a very revealing bikini when she entered the Jacuzzi and her curves did not escape the young men’s eyes. They also noticed her wedding ring and assumed she was a horny wife looking for action. It didn’t take long before Liz was seated between the two studs and letting them fondle her. Her bikini bottom had been pulled to the side and her pussy was being fingered under the water. Liz also had an impressive cock in each hand as the guys had pulled them out through a leg opening in their swim suit. She was really turned on and she was ready to go to their room if they asked.

Dave had changed his mind and decided to join his wife in the Jacuzzi. As he walked toward the hot tub, Liz spotted him and alerted the two men that her husband was coming. The two guys moved away quickly tucking their stiff cocks back in their swim suits as Liz covered her pussy. Dave smiled at the two guys and entered the Jacuzzi to sit with his wife. Once their erections had subsided the two guys left the hot tub and said goodnight to Dave and Liz. It had been so close and Liz was frustrated by the failed attempt.

Now as she sat between her co-anchors she was sure it was finally going to happen. Brad and Vern were also married but they fooled around quite a bit. For a month now they had admired Liz’s beauty and her gorgeous gams. She was proud of her legs and she always wore mini skirts or mini dresses. That day she had one a mini dress that was very short but also full. It was easy for the guys to run their hands under her skirt and caress her legs all the way up to her panties. They had been dying to see what was at the end of those lovely legs and they were about to find out.

Brad unzipped the back of her dress and let the front fall into her lap. Next he unhooked her bra and released her firm pert tits. Vern reached under her dress and pulled her panties down and off of her legs. He knelt in front of her and parted her legs so he could lick her pussy. Brad was fondling her lovely breasts and tweaking her hard nipples. He also unzipped his fly and fished his cock out so that Liz could hold it. She was impressed with the size of Brad’s cock and hoped that Vern was equally endowed.

Vern was an excellent cunt lapper and Liz had a very quick orgasm. Things moved quickly after her first orgasm and soon they were all naked. Liz could barely contain her excitement. All she could say to herself was that it was finally going to happen. She would experience her first threesome and she was anxious to get the cocks in her mouth and her pussy. Brad sat on the sofa with Liz sucking his cock as Vern entered her from behind with his sizeable cock. Brad and Vern had more things planned that day for Liz than she would have ever imagined.


Liz graduated from college with a major in Journalism and she bounced around from job to job before landing the co-anchor at the news program. Dave was a successful CPA and earned a very good living. The two of them liked to travel and went to Europe and other interesting places on their vacations. They were happily married except that Liz had the itch for group sex. She secretly watched some porn and saw very beautiful women engage in threesomes.

As much as she pressed Dave on the matter he always dismissed it. Liz was 30 year old when she landed her co-anchor job. Her two colleagues were in their early thirties. Brad was 32 and Vern was 34. They were both handsome fit guys who looked to be in great shape. Liz was the darling of all the morning news shows and the rating had gone up once she was hired. She always wore very short skirts and displayed her drop dead gorgeous legs. Liz had a nice 34-26-35 figure and she too stayed in shape. She had blonde hair that she kept short and she was well tanned.

Once she arrived on the set, Brad and Vern went gaga over her and schemed to seduce her. Little did they know that Liz was hoping for the same thing? On their breaks during the broadcast they flirted with Liz and eventually became very touchy. Liz pretended to be put off by their advances but by the end of each show her panties were soaked. Often when she got home she would use her favorite dildo to climax. Liz had begun using the dildo on her pussy when she was sucking her husband’s cock, simulating a threesome. Occasionally when she was horny she would use it when Dave was not at home.

After three weeks on the set Liz wondered if Brad and Vern would ever make their move. Finally after a month Brad invited her to join him and Vern for mimosas in his dressing room. Liz hoped that this was the day they would make their move. She agreed to have a drink with them and after a few mimosas they were in the mood. The guys began caressing her legs and turning her on.

“You know Liz for a month now we have been wondering what those gorgeous legs lead to,” Vern began.

“I’m not sure we should be doing this,” Liz faked her objection.

“Oh but we should. We know that you want it and we have been dying to see you naked,” Brad added.

By then Brad had her dress unfastened and her bra off. He fondled her lovely tits as Vern continued to caress her legs and fondle her panty covered pussy. Liz knew her panties were sopping wet and that Vern could feel her excitement. She made no effort to stop him when he removed her panties and in fact she lifted her hips. Next her dress was removed and she was completely naked in front of her co-anchors for the first time.

“Very nice,” Vern announced as he lowered his face to her pussy.

Liz leaned back against the sofa and as she did Brad turned her face toward his cock that was poking out through his pants. Liz took the 7+” shaft in her hand and ran her tongue over the soft mushroom head. Brad gasped as she teased him with her mouth and tongue. As Vern continued to eat her, Brad moved away and took off his clothes. He sat back on the sofa next to Liz and fondled her tits and rock hard nipples.

Vern got up and moved Liz to all fours so that she could suck Brad’s cock as she knelt on the floor. He then undressed and got behind Liz. “I have been waiting to do this for weeks,” he said as he eased his nearly 8″ cock into her pussy. Vern fucked her slowly and fondled her curvy buttocks. This was Liz had been hoping for, a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy at the same time. She was consumed with the lust of the moment.

Both men were incredibly turned on and they did not last long. Brad warned Liz that he was cumming but she went right on sucking his cock. He loved it when a woman swallowed his load and he was thrilled that Liz was one of those women. Vern pulled out and shot his load on Liz’s ass and back. He didn’t cum in her because he knew they would be eating her pussy again. Brad gasped as Liz swallowed every drop and sucked him dry.

“We are going to give you a special treat,” Vern told her.

Brad stretched out on the sofa and Liz was told to sit on his face. Brad slipped his into her pussy and licked her clit. As Brad was busy with her pussy, Vern shocked Liz when he began to rim her. No one had ever licked her anus and she went wild with the sensation. She thought it to be so naughty, so wicked and yet so exciting. With Brad sucking on her clit and Vern probing her anus with his tongue, Liz had a massive orgasm. She had to cover her mouth in Brad’s should so that the studio would not hear her cries of ecstasy.

Liz limp body rested on top of Brad as they let her recover from the intensity of her climax. She was then moved down where she was guided onto Brad’s cock and once again her vagina was stuffed with cock. Brad moved under her and got her juices flowing again and then she began to ride him. She felt something at her anus again but she knew it wasn’t Vern’s tongue. Liz felt a cool substance enter her anal passage and then she felt something moved around inside her. She had never had anything in her ass until Vern’s tongue that day and she was confused as to what he put in her.

Vern had put a lubricant applicator in Liz’s bottom and injected the substance into her. It was a special lubricant that would cause a numbing feeling so that one would not feel the pain of an anal intrusion. Vern and Brad were convinced that Liz was an anal virgin so they took precautions with her. Liz was focused on Brad’s cock in her pussy and the tingling sensation in her rectum was an added turn-on. She felt another orgasm being to build within her and she rode Brad harder and faster.

Liz felt another intrusion around her anus and then it happened. It one smooth steady notion Vern eased his big dick into her ass. If it were not for the numbing lubricant, Liz would have screamed in pain. She felt the intrusion and she felt very full and bloated. Liz sensed that Vern had stuck his cock in her ass but she was confused as she felt no pain. She was stuffed and at first unable to move. Vern fucked her slowly and matched the strokes from Brad. Liz felt she was about to explode as she had never felt anything like this in her life.

As the two men drilled her Liz was beside herself. When she had fantasized about a threesome she had always thought it would be vaginal and oral. She had never anticipated a double penetration. Liz was still confused over the sensation in her ass. She could feel Vern’s cock moving in and out but she was not in pain although she felt bloated. Trying to come to her senses before she reached her crescendo, she called out, “I don’t want to do this. Not in my ass, please take it out.”

“Oh no Liz, I have been dreaming about this day. I have thought about your ass for sometime now. When I’m done, Brad is going to fuck your ass too,” Vern responded.

“I didn’t want it to be like this. I’ve never had anal sex,” Liz whimpered.

“We knew that and that’s why I used the special lube. Now that you have had my cock you will be able to handle most cocks in your ass. Oh and by the way, we will continue to break you in after the broadcasts,” Vern told her with a chuckle.

Liz was about to protest some more but she felt her crescendo building and then she exploded. Sensations that she had never felt shot through her body and she thought that she might pass out. Her body went limp and she was only slightly aware of the two men moving in and out of her holes. Liz felt Vern thrust into her and fill her rectum with his seed. He pulled out of her and helped her disengage from Brad. She was placed on all fours and then she felt Brad enter her ravaged ass. Still there was only fullness and no pain, she was thankful for that. Brad pounded his cock in and out of her ass until he too stiffened and shot his load into her rectum. He pulled out and backed away and Liz could hear the two men talking.

“Isn’t she something?” Vern said.

“Unbelievable, what a great ass,” Brad acknowledged.

“Yeah and to think we were the first ones there,” Vern added as he sat along Liz and caressed her lovely buttocks.

“Liz dear, you were terrific. You did a great job handling our two cocks. Would you like to try three the next time? We could invite Louie the camera man,” Vern said in a mocking tone.

“I bet you would love that Liz, a cock in your pussy, another in your ass and another in your mouth,” Brad chimed in.

The near lifeless body of Liz remained prone on the sofa as Vern massaged and fondled her buttocks. She had no idea how much longer they would be at her but she new that they had both cum twice. Vern and Brad got dressed and then they helped Liz put on her clothes. She walked gingerly out of Brad’s dressing room and headed to the studio parking lot. As she approached her car she felt the whole world knew that she had been butt fucked by her co-anchors. Her mind was racing as she drove home and she knew that she had to tell someone about her debauchery. Liz decided to call her friend Trudy. She was thankful it was Friday and she didn’t have to face Vern and Brad the next day.


On Saturday morning Liz woke up feeling very constipated. She knew it had to be from the anal sex. After all she had taken two large cocks in her ass and both guys had cum in her rectum. Her anus was somewhat tender but she was not having severe pain. Dave left for golf and would be gone most of the day so Liz decided to call her friend Trudy.

“Trudy, hi it’s Liz. I was wondering if I could talk with you.”

Hey, I just made a fresh pot of coffee. Why don’t you come on over,” Trudy offered.

“That’s okay; I don’t want to bother you. I thought we could talk on the phone,” Liz replied.

“Don’t be silly its no bother and I would love some company. Come on over,” Trudy insisted.

“Well coffee does sound good and maybe it is better if we talk face to face,” Liz accepted.

Liz got dressed and drove over to Trudy’s home. Trudy had been divorced for over a year and she had made out very well in the settlement. She was dating here and there but she had no interest in a permanent relationship. Trudy was a beauty and most guys went crazy over her. Liz pulled into the driveway and then walked up to the front door. Trudy greeted her with the European style kiss and both cheeks and invited her in.

Liz walked behind Trudy and followed her into the kitchen. She couldn’t help but look at Trudy’s shapely legs and curvy figure. Liz watched closely as Trudy’s buttocks undulated beneath her short robe. Liz found herself wondering what Trudy looked like naked. In spite of the fact that Trudy had just gotten out of bed, she looked beautiful.

Trudy poured the coffees and then suggested that they sit in the family room. Trudy sat in a chair facing Liz and curled her legs up under her as she sat down. Liz subconsciously looked at Trudy’s pubes almost as if she was trying to get a glimpse of Trudy’s pussy. Trudy caught Liz’s eyes and smiled at her. Liz blushed and mentally scolded herself for checking Trudy out.

“So what’s on your mind this fine day?” Trudy asked.

Liz told Trudy about her fantasy and then what happened at the studio. “Wow! That is some story. Are you okay?”

“Yes, a little tender but I’m okay. Just embarrassed and mad at myself for letting things get out of control.”

“As long as you’re okay, I’ve done anal many times and I enjoy it. My first time hurt like hell. I wonder what kind of lube the guys used on you to create that numbing feeling.”

“I don’t know but I guess I should be grateful for that at least.”

“Liz, before you called I was just going to take a swim and then sit in the hot tub. Why don’t you join me?” Trudy asked.

“Sounds good, do you have a swimsuit I can borrow.” Liz replied.

“Oh, don’t worry about a swimsuit. It’s totally private out back and I swim and sunbathe in the nude all the time. Come on join me,” Trudy urged.

“I don’t know. I haven’t been skinny dipping in quite a while,” Liz giggled.

“Well I’m sure that you have seen naked girls before and it just the two of us,” Trudy snickered.

Liz watched as Trudy walked out the patio door and wiggled her finger at Liz to follow her. As if in a trance Liz walked out on the pool deck and looking around she saw that it was indeed secluded and private. Liz watched as Trudy slipped off the short robe and dropped it on a lounge as she walked passed it. As Liz had suspected, Trudy was naked under the robe and now Liz stared at the gorgeous shapely blonde. Trudy had no tan lines and her skin seemed to be flawless. Liz actually envied the pretty blonde with her nice size firm tits, curvy ass and shapely legs.

Trudy then dove into the water and knifed cleanly through it hardly making a splash. Liz watched as Trudy easily swam to the other end of the pool with steady smooth strokes. Trudy was an accomplished swimmer. Trudy looked at Liz and yelled to her.

“Come on in, the water’s fine but you may want to take off your clothes first,” Trudy teased.

Liz decided to go for it and she stripped off her shirt, shorts and panties. She was slightly embarrassed with her nudity so she quickly entered the swimming pool. Liz simply jumped in dispatching the notion of trying to dive. Liz was a decent swimmer and she glided easily through the water. The two young women swam for several minutes and then rested in the swallow end of the pool.

“Are you ready for the hot tub?” Trudy asked

“I guess so, sure,” Liz responded.

The two women got out of the pool and they both checked each other out. Trudy made Liz nervous when she stared at Liz’s body. Trudy smiled and then spoke.

“Liz, with your tan lines in looks like your wearing a white bikini. By the way you have a great looking ass,” Trudy said with a sultry smile.

“Thanks! You have a beautiful figure,” Liz said as she blushed slightly.

“I’m not surprised that your co-workers went after your ass. It’s beautiful,” Trudy stated and then asked, “Is Dave into your ass because he should be?”

“No he’s not into anal sex at all,” Liz replied shyly.

“His loss,” Trudy said as she turned on the jets for the hot tub.

Trudy then slid sexily into the bubbly water and leaned her head back on the side of the tub. Liz entered the tub and sat across from Trudy. They both sat with their heads back and their eyes closed as the jets caressed their bodies. Liz moved and as she did one jet propelled the water into the crack in her ass. At first she was startled by the surge but then she relaxed and let the water run over her anus. Liz liked the feeling of the warm water caressing her nether hole. She found the right distance from the jet and then she tilted her head back and closed her eyes again.

The two young women sat quietly in the hot tub and let the water soothe their bodies as the jets spurted water over their intimate areas. Liz was getting turned on by the jet hitting her anus and she felt a mild orgasm pass through her body. She decided then to talk to Dave about putting in a hot tub at their home. Liz opened her eyes and looked over at the beautiful Trudy who had her head back and her eyes closed. Liz found herself wondering what it would be like to make love to a woman, not just any woman as she was thinking about Trudy.

Just then the jets turned off and the water came to a rest. Now both naked bodies were visible again and Liz stared at Trudy’s beauty. Trudy gracefully eased her body out of the hot tub and Liz watched intently when Trudy walked over to get some towels. Trudy’s ass was magnificent and Liz took in every sexy movement of the rolling hillocks. Trudy retrieved a couple of towels and then gave one to Liz as she exited the hot tub.

“I’m going to make us a light lunch and then we can sunbathe and you can tell me more about living out your fantasy. Are you cool with that?” Trudy asked hopefully.

“Sure that sounds great,” Liz accepted and then moved to put on her clothes.

“Oh leave those there. I’ll get you a robe. Here put this one on and I’ll get another,” Trudy offered.

Liz accepted the short terry robe from Trudy and put it on. The soft terry material felt great against her naked skin and Liz felt very sexy. Trudy walked naked into the house with Liz right behind her and once again Liz’s eyes focused on Trudy’s ass. Trudy walked down the hallway to a bedroom and returned shortly wearing a similar terry robe. Trudy made them a salad for lunch and opened a bottle of white wine. They dined in the sun room and finished off a glass of wine. Then they tidied up after lunch and they took a second glass of wine out to the pool deck.

Trudy and Liz moved the lounges around so that they were facing the sun and took off their robes to sunbathe in the nude. Liz had become comfortable with her nakedness by now and she stretched out in the lounge. She took a sip of wine and then put her head back and closed her eyes. She was turned by being naked with Trudy and she again thought about what it might be like to make love to Trudy. Liz wondered what she would do with Trudy but then she suspected that Trudy knew what to do. Just then she felt something warm on her breasts and she opened her eyes. Trudy was propped up on her side with a bottle of suntan lotion in her hand.

“You don’t want to get these babies sunburned,” Trudy said as she poured the lotion onto Liz’s tits.

“I can do that,” Liz stammered.

“But it’s more fun if someone else does it. Isn’t it?” Trudy whispered.

Liz just shook her head yes as she was lost for words. She just lay there as Trudy rubbed the lotion over her white tan lines. Liz’s nipples hardened immediately and she clenched her fists tight as Trudy massaged the lotion into her skin and covered her breasts. Liz was so turned on that she wanted to plunge her hand into her pussy and rub her clit. Liz lay there excited and confused. Trudy’s hands had felt so good that Liz had not wanted her to stop. Liz’s nipples were on fire and it was all she could do to keep from rubbing her own tits.

“There that will take care of your cute titties, now let’s take care of this,” Trudy said as she poured lotion on Liz’s pubes.

Once again Liz clenched her fists tight and this time her loins stirred as Trudy rubbed the lotion into the white skin surrounding Liz’s vulva. Trudy just smiled as she knew that she had gotten to Liz. Later that afternoon Liz was on her stomach when Trudy repeated the action. This time she rubbed Liz’s buttocks and covered them with lotion. It seemed that Trudy spent more time than needed on Liz’s ass and Liz subconsciously wiggled her buns in response. Trudy then let her fingers drift between Liz’s thighs and work there way up to Liz’s nether hole.

Trudy noticed Liz trembled a little and that goose bumps appeared on her body. Trudy took that as a sign of encouragement so she had Liz get up on all fours as Trudy knelt behind Liz and began to tongue her nether hole. Trudy got Liz’s asshole wet with her tongue and then inserted a lotion moistened finger into the opening of her ass. Trudy pressed her finger in Liz’s sphincter and let it slide in up to the knuckle causing Liz to flinch and groan. Trudy removed her finger and then she spat into Liz’s ass allowing her saliva to moisten her anus further. Then Trudy dipped her tongue back into Liz’s bung hole and Liz almost came with the eroticism of the moment. Trudy alternated between eating Liz’s ass and finger fucking it. Trudy’s fingers now slid easily in and out of Liz’s hot asshole. Liz couldn’t believe that she was letting someone else make love to her ass and this time it was a beautiful young woman.

“Come on let’s take this to bed,” Trudy whispered.

Trudy and Liz went back into the house and into Trudy’s bedroom. Trudy had Liz get on the bed on all fours with her beautiful ass pointed in the air. Trudy told Liz she would be right back and she left the room. Trudy returned shortly carrying a jar of lube and a string of beads. Trudy applied the lubricant to Liz’s asshole and Liz felt the soothing cool lube coat her rectum. The Trudy began to insert the anal beads into Liz’s ass one at a time. Liz unable to talk, allowed Trudy to have her way with her. One by one Trudy pushed the beads into Liz’s ass until all six of them were buried in her rectum.

“Are you okay, any pain? Trudy asked showing real concern.

Liz nodded that she was okay and that there was no pain. Trudy massaged Liz’s beautiful ass cheeks and reached between Liz’s legs to diddle her clit. Liz felt herself getting hot again and she felt the onslaught of an orgasm. Trudy sensed it too and she rolled Liz over on her back. Trudy then got between Liz’s legs and placed her mouth on Liz’s pussy. Trudy lifted Liz’s thighs on her shoulders giving her complete access to Liz’s twat. Trudy ate Liz with a passion and she felt Liz start to tense as the orgasm built within her. Liz groaned as she tightened her thighs around Trudy’s neck as the first wave rocked her body. As Liz began to cum, Trudy pulled gently on the anal beads so that they popped out of Liz’s ass one at a time.

Liz felt it over and over again as she seemed to cum when each bead cleared her asshole. Her body went into spasm and jerked like never before. She was overcome with the lust of the moment as it seemed she would cum forever. Trudy kept her mouth glued to Liz’s pussy throughout Liz’s orgasms and sucked every drop of Liz’s nectar into her mouth. Liz finally collapsed on the bed her body spent and incapable of any more movement. The sensation in Liz’s ass felt as if the anal beads were still in her but she knew that Trudy had pulled them out of her hole.

Liz lay silently for a few minutes with her lips parted as she breathed shallowly through her mouth while her body lay limp next to Trudy. Trudy watched her and admired her soft features as Liz recovered from her orgasm and slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Trudy. Looking into her eyes Trudy smiled back at her and Liz blushed slightly her cheeks turning pink as Trudy looked into her face.

“You have an incredible body, Liz and you are very sensual,” Trudy whispered in her sultry tone.

“You have to believe me I’ve never done anything like that,” Liz whispered back, her soft voice barely audible and then she added, “I have never cum like that in my life with another woman, it was incredible.”

Liz’s nipples were standing half erect and her chest was still heaving with each deep breath she took. Trudy heard the girl’s excitement escape softly through her lips as she slid her wet fingers over the woman’s breasts and tickled the tiny nipples with the tips of her fingers. Liz gasped audibly as Trudy flicked the nipples as they grew wrinkled and hard underneath her touch. Liz groaned again and pushed her breasts up into Trudy’s hand. Sensing the Liz’s renewed desire Trudy lowered her mouth down to one of the nipples and nipped it lightly with her teeth. Liz cried out and held Trudy firmly to her breast.

Liz’s hands reached up and wrapped around Trudy’s bare breasts and her nipples puckered as Liz watched them come to life. With a small bit of pressure Liz pulled Trudy’s chest down toward her own. Trudy lifted a leg over Liz’s body and straddled her waist. Bending down Trudy’s breasts brushed against Liz’s and Trudy’s nipples felt jolts of fire through her body as they rubbed against Liz’s. Their faces moved towards each others and their lips sought each other meeting in a kiss of pure passion.

“You seem to like anal. Would you like me to make love to your hot ass again?” Trudy whispered.

“Oh, yes!” Liz exclaimed.

Trudy then rolled Liz over on her stomach and lifted her by her hips so that her ass was in the air. Then she wet one of her fingers with her own saliva and rubbed it gently against the opening in Liz’s ass. Trudy lubricated Liz’s asshole with her spit before sliding one finger into her pressing it past her sphincter. Trudy pushed it in up to her knuckle and stroked it in and out of Liz’s nether hole causing her to groan loudly. Trudy then slid a second finger into Liz’s ass and gently started to pry Liz’s asshole open. Trudy then pulled Liz’s cheeks apart and spit on her bum allowing her saliva to dribble into Liz’s gaping hot asshole and then she probed Liz’s ass with her tongue. Liz almost orgasmed then and there and she marveled in the technique of the wonderfully experienced Trudy. Trudy continued to eat Liz’s ass for a while longer dipping and probing Liz’s ass with her tongue. Trudy stopped and went over to her nightstand and retrieved a large strap-on dildo and a tube of lubricant. Trudy slipped on the harness and then snapped the large dildo in place. Trudy approached Liz again with the lube in her

“Now I’m going to fuck you in that hot ass of yours,” Trudy announced.

Liz remained speechless and motionless as she awaited her fate. Liz felt the cool soothing liquid enter her ass as it flowed slowly into her and coated her anal passage. Trudy began to rub the tip of the dildo against Liz’s ass, teasing her and causing her to push back against the fake cock in frustration before Trudy finally pushed it deep into her. Trudy stroked the thick rubber cock slowly and deeply into Liz’s ass and soon they were both groaning in pleasure. As Trudy thrust deeper and harder into Liz’s ass, the strap-on base rubbed steadily against Trudy’s already swollen red clit. Liz was moaning loudly now and Trudy’s fingers began to strum Liz’s clit as she fucked Liz really deep and hard. Trudy thrust the strap-on into Liz harder and harder, stretching her tight curvy ass. The strap-on was rubbing Trudy’s swollen clit making it tingle and throb. Trudy knew Liz was close to her climax and she reached around Liz and as she fucked her deep and hard, she teased Liz’s pussy. Trudy stroked and pinched Liz’s clit and let her fingers slip into her wet cunt. With a few more thrusts of the strap-on Trudy went over the edge and she came hard; her body trembled in orgasm and her juices ran down the shaft of the dildo as well as down her silky thighs. Almost instantaneously, Liz came too, her body was quaking and her pussy was gushing. Liz’s cum gushed all over Trudy’s hand and Trudy brought her hand to Liz’s mouth allowing Liz to taste herself.

The two women collapsed face forward onto the bed with the dildo still embedded in Liz’s ass. Liz’s anal muscles clenched around the dildo as if the were trying to push it out from her ass. Trudy’s tits pressed into Liz’s back as the tow of them lay motionless for several minutes. Then Trudy pushed herself up off of Liz and the dildo slid out of Liz’s asshole. Liz felt the cool air of the room caress her dilated anus and she cooed softly. Trudy rolled over on her back and she looked absurd with the dildo sticking straight up in the air much like a guy with an erection. Liz slithered over to Trudy and kissed her.

Trudy then got up and removed the dildo and harness. “Come on I want you to make love to me and fuck me,” Trudy said in a sultry tone.

Trudy opened her legs in invitation to Liz, who was still nervous and hesitant. With encouragement and coaching Liz soon found herself between Trudy’s legs. A moan escaped Liz and Trudy felt her tremble yet again. Trudy felt the Liz’s hands move down the length of her body and caress her skin. Gently she guided Liz’s body up so that her mouth could find Trudy’s breasts. She gasped as Liz’s lips locked around one of her nipples and sucked deeply emulating what Trudy had done to her earlier. Her hands cupped the cheeks of Trudy’s shapely ass and her delicate fingers softly massaged Trudy’s hot skin as she sucked long on Trudy’s nipple. Liz would leave one nipple wet and chilled by the air as she moved to the opposite one and sucked again driving Trudy wild.

Throwing her head back Trudy opened her mouth as if to moan but no sound came out. Liz continued to play with Trudy’s breasts as her teeth scraped against the nipples and pinched them while her hands still dug into Trudy’s firm ass. Trudy reached up and grabbed onto the headboard of the bed to support her body as she pushed her chest closer to Liz’s face. Liz grunted around Trudy’s breast and she sucked even more into her mouth. Liz not only sucked on the nipple but on the whole area around it as if she were trying to devour Trudy with the same hunger that Trudy had for the girl’s pussy earlier.

Trudy’s cunt was dripping wet and she could feel her juices flowing down her thighs as she ground her hips against the woman. The fire in Trudy’s nipples spread through her chest and belly to her pussy and ignited so much passion inside her body she felt as if she may explode at any minute. Still holding tightly to the headboard Trudy moved her hips up Liz’s body so that she could place her pussy in front of new lover’s mouth. Liz reluctantly released her mouth hold on Trudy’s tits as the blonde moved her pussy into place.

With a moan of pleasure Liz stretched and kissed Trudy’s pussy. Her warm lips made the blonde shiver as they caressed her lips and one of her hands caressed Trudy’s ass. As she breathed on Trudy’s pussy Liz’s warm breath made her tingle. Trudy moaned out loud unable to control her own gyrations as Liz moved closer and closer to her pussy.

At the first touch of her tongue Trudy nearly jumped out of her skin. Trudy had experienced this many times before but there was something very special and very erotic with this beautiful woman. She moaned loudly again as Liz’s tongue timidly lapped at her cunt. Liz shifted underneath her for a better grip on Trudy’s ass, and the hot tongue snaked out again and the girl’s hands tightened on Trudy’s ass bringing her pussy closer to her face as she licked Trudy’s juices.

Trudy moved her hips, gyrated, thrust, and whimpered as Liz began to lick her more insistently copying everything that Trudy had done to her. The woman’s lips parted and she sucked on Trudy’s skin, taking parts of Trudy into her mouth, sucking softly and then diving back inside Trudy’s pussy with her tongue. Liz was inexperienced but she was a quick learner and was doing well. Trudy cried out as Liz’s lips found her clit.

With just the slightest brushes of Liz’s tongue and lips against her sensitive clit Trudy felt her body go into convulsions. She felt the juices flow out of her body and she cried out as her buttocks tensed in Liz’s hands and she drove her pussy into the eager young woman’s face. The orgasm rocked Trudy’s body as her pussy pulsed and her muscles tensed and she came gushing onto Liz’s face.

“Liz!” Trudy cried out. “Liz, don’t stop, Oh God don’t stop!”

Liz plunged her tongue deep inside Trudy drinking her juices as they poured out of her body. Each lap of Liz’s long tongue sent more shivers through Trudy’s body, tingles shot up her spine, down through her legs, around her arms and through her pussy. As it finally it ceased and Trudy’s body relaxed there were still slight tremors of aftershock shaking her. The woman continued to lick Trudy tenderly savoring the experience of eating pussy. Liz’s silky tongue ran up and down Trudy’s widespread slit as she remained motionless on top of the beautiful young girl. With a reluctant groan Trudy shifted her body off of Liz and lay down on the bed next to her. Taking Liz in her arms Trudy pulled her naked body towards hers. Their skin sticky with sweat and cum added to the eroticism of the moment as they held one another.

“Liz you were magnificent,” Trudy said speaking first.

“Never in my widest dreams did I ever think I would eat pussy but I loved it. I loved everything we did,” Liz said excitedly.

“Let me rest for a minute and then I want you to make love to my ass just like I did to you this morning,” Trudy said sexily.

Liz was now faced with another challenge. Could she bring herself to tongue Trudy’s beautiful ass? Would she be able to probe the cute aperture with her tongue? Liz contemplated these acts while the two of them rested. Trudy smiled at Liz as if she knew what was going through Liz’s mind. Positioning herself, Trudy was ready. Liz was nervous as she watched Trudy on her hands and knees, glancing over her shoulder, giving her a little wink.

“This is how I like to have my ass licked,” Trudy said with a wicked grin.

Liz moved cautiously also on her hands and knees right up behind Trudy. She leaned forward and extending her tongue and licked Trudy’s ass check from her thigh, up and over it to her lower back. Trudy shivered from the thin trail of wetness from Liz’s tongue and the heat of her breath on her skin. Liz repeated the action, slowly licking from Trudy’s lower back down to her thigh.

Moving closer, Liz took a hold of Trudy’s ass and pulled her cheeks apart. She had never seen another woman’s asshole so up close and was mesmerized by it. Trudy quivered in anticipation of feeling Liz’s tongue and she didn’t have to wait long. Bending over a little, Liz extended her tongue and lightly flicked around Trudy’s lightly pink colored hole. Liz took a deep breath, summoned up all her courage and lunged at Trudy’s asshole. She forced her tongue into the nether hole and then just as quickly withdrew it. Liz wasn’t sure if it was the shock of doing it or the beauty of Trudy’s ass but whatever it was she was hooked. She wanted to try to please Trudy as much as she had been pleased by her. Flicking her tongue up and down, she grazed over Trudy’s puckered ass and felt the tautness of the seemingly tiny opening. It was all so new and exciting and so incredibly arousing.

Working her tongue in little circles, Liz heard Trudy’s moans get louder and felt Trudy’s hips and ass moving back and forth against her tongue. Liz slipped one hand downwards and between Trudy’s thighs and lightly stroked her clit. Liz’s ministrations drove Trudy into frenzy. Trudy pushed her entire body back to Liz, wiggling her hips and lifting up and down against Liz’s tongue. It was all Liz could do to keep up with her. Trudy’s soft moans were quickly getting louder, her body spasmed and trembled from Liz’s fingers manipulating her clit and the tongue flicking and poking her ass.

“Yes, oh God right there!” Trudy cried out as Liz pressed her tongue into her tight asshole again.

Liz slid two fingers into Trudy’s dripping pussy. The juices that flowed over Liz’s fingers were more than she expected and she moaned as Trudy squirmed from her touch. Liz loved how Trudy was responding to her touch. Liz continued finger fucking her pussy, rimming her ass and pinching and rubbing her clit.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Trudy moaned again. “Oh, that’s it, don’t stop, oh, don’t stop!”

Liz was in awe of the noises and movements from Trudy but she didn’t want let up her oral and manual onslaught. Liz then realized that she too was turned on. She felt her own juices coating her thighs as she played with and teased Trudy. Working harder to make Trudy cum, Liz removed her fingers from Trudy’s sopping pussy. Sliding her hand over her ass, she pressed her finger against Trudy’s ass gently. Feeling the pressure, Trudy thrust her ass back, taking more of Liz’s finger into her as quickly as she could. Liz was a little shocked at doing it but she knew Trudy would like it.

“Ah, I’m cumming,” Trudy moaned. “Deeper, fuck my ass deeper Baby!”

Liz leaned down and licked at Trudy’s drenched pussy as she fingered her ass and rubbed her clit harder. Trudy was writhing, her body shuddered uncontrollably. Liz was rewarded with a flood of Trudy’s juices flowing into her mouth. Liz felt Trudy’s ass squeezing tight all around her finger as her pussy spasmed on Liz’s tongue. They both moaned and groaned in ecstasy. Trudy slowly sank down onto the bed, her arms and legs giving way to her trembling body. Lying down next to her, Liz stroked Trudy’s long curly blonde hair away from her face and gently kissed Trudy on the lips.

“That was incredible,” Trudy whispered. “I can’t believe you’ve never been with another woman before. Your touch is so sensuous, so amazing. I feel like I’m on fire when you touch me. Now I am going to show you how to put on the harness and dildo so that you can really fuck me in the ass,” Trudy said in a sexy voice.

Trudy bounded to her knees realizing she had unlocked a sexual tiger in Liz and cautioned Liz that it would be better if she lubed the dildo first with the gel on the bedside table. Trudy braced herself for what could be a bit of a brutal assault from the inexperienced Liz and then she felt the dildo jabbing at her ass. Liz prodded briefly due to her inexperience and then pushed hard. Trudy felt the initial bolt of pain as it was pushed inside her ass past her anal ring. Breathing hard and trying to relax, Trudy had to bite her lip as Liz just forced it deeper and deeper. Liz was so turned on the act that she threw all caution aside.

At first Liz was thrusting with clumsy strokes but soon began to get the hang of it, and Trudy began to enjoy the feelings as her ass stretched to accommodate the dildo. Trudy slid her hand between her own legs and rubbed her clit as Liz continued to pound into her. Trudy couldn’t help but scream as her orgasm crashed through her from the brutal fucking she had received. Trudy collapsed face down onto the bed breathing hard and she felt Liz’s body pressing onto her back as she lay on top of Trudy. The dildo was still embedded deep in Trudy’s ass and Liz was panting and planting kisses all over Trudy’s neck.

Liz whispered in Trudy ear, “How was I? Did I do okay?”

“A little rough for your first time, but nice” said Trudy kindly, “You’ll get better each time from now on.”

Liz then realized that there would be more times at least with Trudy there would. Liz still had trouble believing that she actually did all those things with Trudy but at the same time she knew that she was hooked on anal sex forever. Liz and Trudy relaxed in bed for a few minutes and then they showered together and washed the dildo. Then they returned to the swimming pool and let the cool water bring down their body temperatures.

Liz later dressed and returned to her home. On the drive home she replayed the day with Trudy in her mind. She had suspected that Trudy was promiscuous but she had never thought they would become lovers. Liz knew then that she would see more of Trudy and she was already looking forward to the next visit. Trudy had mentioned something about a swinger’s party. Liz would have to figure out a way to attend that as she knew Dave was not up for it.


The first two days back to work went fine and Liz was pleased with the professionalism of her two co-workers. They never mentioned the encounter the past Friday and they treated Liz with respect. That changed on Wednesday when the three of them had the opportunity to have sex again in Brad’s dressing room.

Liz had agreed and they all went into the dressing room and stripped off their clothes. The three of them looked at each other and for the second time in her life Liz was naked with two men at the same time. Brad directed Vern to lie on his back on the couch. He was hard in no time in anticipation of fucking Liz once again. Liz straddled Vern’s body and took his huge cock in her tiny hand. She guided the cock into her pussy as she slowly lowered her body to his. Liz felt Vern stretch her once again and fill her cunt with his big dick. She groaned softly as he fully penetrated her. Liz leaned forward as Vern pulled her body to him crushing her tits against his chest.

As she lay there now with Vern’s cock deep inside her and Brad’s finger starting to enter her ass Liz realized that a double penetration was about to happen again. She felt the finger slowly push further and further up her ass little by little Brad eased it inside until it was completely in her. Liz felt that wonderful full feeling that she had experienced the last time but she was still nervous about taking two cocks in her at once.

Liz felt the finger slowly withdraw from her ass and she suddenly felt empty as it plopped out. The empty feeling did not last for long though as she felt some more lubricating jelly being applied to her. It felt strange as something smaller then Brad’s finger entered her ass. It wasn’t until she felt the cold lube inside her that she realized the small object in her ass was an applicator tube for the lubricant. The feeling was not unpleasant as she felt her ass being filled with the lubricant.

The tube was removed Liz became aware of Brad climbing onto the couch and kneeling astride her and Vern. She tensed as she felt the head of Brad’s cock touch her ass and then she felt his fingers probing her tight asshole again just before the head of his stiff cock pushed against the entrance. Brad did not rush to enter her with the risk of pain, he just kept a firm pressure pushing against her anus, waited for her to relax and take him inside. Liz sighed and leaned against Vern’s chest, enjoying the feeling of his massive cock that was still deep inside her wet cunt. She could feel herself start to relax and the natural reaction of clenching her ass muscles to resist entry was slowly reduced.

Very, very slowly Liz relaxed her anus and as she did, she felt the head of the second stiff cock start to enter her. At first it felt way to big to fit but gradually Liz felt the head push a little further and a little further until, suddenly, her muscles relaxed just enough to allow the cock head to push inside. Brad remained perfectly still as Liz became accustomed to having her anus invaded this way. At the instant of the head entering her ass Liz had felt a sudden panic and a little uncomfortable but she overcame those feelings and concentrated on relaxing. In a very short time she started to enjoy the feeling of having this second cock inside her, even if it was just the head at the moment. She felt Brad run his hands over her back and then move down each side to her tits. Liz lifted herself up a little from Vern to allow Brad to touch her. She swooned with sensations that were starting to flood her body. As she arched her back to allow Brad to reach her tits she felt his cock move a little further into her ass.

Vern’s cock was still deep in her cunt and not moving as the other one slowly but surely started to fill her asshole. She felt Vern’s breath on her face and Brad’s breath on her neck as they both filled her. Liz felt another orgasm start to build and realized that she was fulfilling another wild fantasy. Both men kept still as Liz started to move. She started moving her hips back and forth a tiny amount, pushing her self back onto the two cocks, and feeling them both inside her. As she continued these movements she pushed a little further back each time until her ass was completely full. Any doubts she had earlier about whether she could accommodate both cocks were now gone as she started to ride them back and forth fucking them both at the same time.

The wonderful feelings between her legs were intense as she started to force herself down onto both cocks, hungrily trying to get them as deep as she could. The men felt her urgency and started to match her thrusts. As she thrust back they started to thrust forward, stretching her as they filled both holes. Liz started to moan loudly again as she felt a powerful orgasm start to take over her body. Brad started to roughly squeeze and pull her tits as his cock filled her ass. Liz felt both men start to tense as the first powerful wave of pleasure from this new orgasm swept through her ravaged body. She screamed loudly, almost out of control, wildly fucking both cocks. She felt Vern gripping her bum cheeks with some urgency and the hands holding her tits squeezed even harder, almost painfully, as she felt two loads of hot cum spurt inside her. This was enough to send her over the edge. She had never felt an orgasm as powerful as this as she screamed and screamed with what felt like wave after wave of never ending pleasure rushing through her. Liz’s head was filled with the sounds of her own screams. All that she could feel was the intense pleasure sweeping through her body and radiating from between her legs.

Brad pulled out of Liz’s ass and then she rolled off of Vern and flopped on her back. Liz just laid there and moaned as the guys stroked her body. Liz could still feel the presence of cum in her pussy and ass. But Vern and Brad were not done yet and as soon as they recovered they were back at Liz. Vern moved her to the doggy style position and slipped his cock back in her pussy. Brad moved around in front of Liz and offered her his cock to suck on. Liz took Brad’s cock into her hot sensuous mouth and sucked on it as Vern began to plow her from behind. Liz thought of Trudy and if she could only see her now. As she was thinking of Trudy Vern interrupted her thoughts when he moved his cock from her pussy to her ass. He pushed in his thick cock all the way in with one steady thrust. Liz gasped as the longer thicker cock filled her ass.

Brad continued to fuck her face as Vern started to fuck her ass. Liz’s fingers traveled to her pussy and she played with her clit as her two colleagues moved toward another orgasm. Brad came first and flooded her mouth with cum. He was followed by Vern who thrust his cock as far up her ass as he could and then fired a barrage of cum into her rectum. Liz had now experienced her mouth and asshole being cum filled at the same time. She still had not cum and she rolled over on her back begging one of them to take care of her pussy. Vern dove right in and began licking her twat and fingering her pussy as Brad reached over and tweaked her rock hard nipples. Liz had another mind blowing orgasm as her hips lifted off the bed and she held Vern’s face tightly between her thighs.

The final act of the afternoon was when Brad got between her legs and slipped his cock into her well fucked pussy and Vern knelt by her head and fed his cock to her mouth. Once more Liz had two cocks in her at the same time and once more they both came in her again. Brad’s load was diminished since it was his third of the day but it still was enough for Liz to feel as it shot into her womb. Vern’s load was also less then his two previous ones but it filled Liz’s mouth. The exhausted guys pulled their deflated cocks out of Liz and flopped along side her on the bed.

“I think that we should do this at least once a week,” Vern said as he patted Liz on her shapely ass.

I couldn’t agree more,” Brad offered and asked, “What about you Liz?”

Liz just nodded her head in agreement. She lay there thinking about Vern, Brad and Trudy and she wondered if the four of them might get together. Maybe Brad and Vern would come to the swinger’s party that Trudy talked about. Liz recalled when Louie was suggested as a third cock and she wondered what a triple penetration would be like. There were many possibilities and Liz thought of more fantasies to live out. Things could get very interesting in the coming months.

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