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Friendly Football for Three

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The sun is setting on this Friday marking the end of a work day and work week. I watch the dynamically shifting color change while my car speeds along the two-lane highway. Although your email lacked specific details, I grabbed my backpack and jumped in the car anyway the sheer thrill of a weekend with you sets me in motion.

My selection of road trip music took aim at reducing my work stress and refocusing my mind on playful fun. Blues, old rock and a little country/folk all relaxed tones with sex appeal. One particular, Hoochie Coochie Man plays through my stereo as I near the destination.

Not knowing what to expect, I chose attire with a hint of sleaze: an old man-tailored denin workshirt over a sexy push-up bra. Jeans that cling to my curves but fall loose enough to drop without resistance. My cowboy boots provide a little fun to the outfit while demonstrating that I’m not arriving to impress but merely to play. I let my curls cascade in a mane of natural, but reckless abandon to reflect my mood.

My mapped directions end at a condo. The made-to-look rustic charm suggests marketing for ski retreats but, between seasons, the area appears isolated. And, then there’s you. I guess you heard my car pull up and came out to greet me. I cannot explain that simple greeting that I’ve come to adore. First the eye contact – a friendly, caring stare but with a twinkle of mischief. The gaze is immediately followed up by a simple embrace. Next, the kiss. Although the action could be described as more of a lip caress due to an initial lack of pressure. I understand the idea behind the soft gesture. It lets me know that you feel me first and want me second.

So, following the kiss, your soft beard brushes my cheek as you move your face close to mine. Our foreheads, nose and cheeks touch and then, finally, that grip that says “you’re mine”. A grip and pull which brings my body close to yours while you seize this moment and my ass cheeks. There is no better way to say hello.

We separate but you dont let go. I somehow manage to scoop up my pack before you steal me away into the open door. I smell food cooking but before any more observation on my part, I feel your hand behind my head. An act that allows you to gain control of my movements while you lock your lips against mine, forcing my mouth open to accept your tongue inside. This action is prologue to more evening activity.

I feel a surge of energy rush through me; that kiss indicated that my thoughts of this weekend were on target; you want me and nothing else. Locked in that intense kiss makes me lose sight of my surroundings and all your actions. You’ve managed to unbutton a few more buttons of my shirt because I feel the cool air and your hands on my bare skin. I was definitely right about my jean choice, while intensely kissing me they magically came open causing a series of related events. First the waist fell open, next the pants dropped to my ankles and subsequently pooled around my cowboy boots. I stepped out of them by shifting my hips side to side allowing me to pick up my feet one at a time. Finally, I kicked completely free of the garment while still engaging with you.

Your hands found their way inside my bra and while you massaged the bare skin, my arousal escalated and I did’nt care that I was standing in the foyer of a strange condo, locked to your mouth, gripped by my hair and displaying my scant panties barely covering my ass.

An unexpected turn of events stemmed from this moment; the untying of my boot laces. I tried to pull away from your passionate kiss but couldn’t. A disembodied hand removed first the right, then the left boot. Another disembodied hand held my calf, supporting me as first one foot and the other was made bare of socks. I felt hardwood below my newly bare feet but more importantly, I felt a hand exploring both my bare legs in an upward movement.

I tried to speak but your tongue’s forceful exploration of my mouth kept me from vocalizing a question. You pushed my bra aside clenching at my tit. Fingers rolled my hardening nipple between them. In a weakened moment of pure pleasure induced lust, I forgot about the strange unidentified hand that was now exploring my inner thighs. Even as your lips left mine, I didn’t try to speak because they resurfaced on that nipple. I arched my back as you sucked, nibbled and then tongued its sensitive end. When my back arched forward, the movement enabled the climbing hands to reach their destination and remove my panties by slowly pushing them down my thighs, knees, calves and adding them to the clothing heap now forming. Your hand was wrapped in my curly tresses and pulled my head back so you could again push your tongue into the far reaches of my mouth just as a new tongue performed the same act between my legs.

I want to speak, think, react, ask questions but I suppose you sense that desire because one of your strong hands holds my head allowing you to control the deep, intese kissing. Your free hand grabs an ass cheek and pulls it away from the other while the second, strange mouth has new access to my most private areas.

Trust is the bedrock of our relationship. I trust you. And, part of me is so lost in pleasure that I don’t care that a stranger is lapping up the juice caused by your kisses. In fact, my body responds by gyrating my hips against that mouth in a sort of subtle bump and grind. But then, you spin me rapidly, dislodging the strange mouth from pleasuring me and causing me to be off balance. I fall forward into a strangers arms positioning me at a slight angle – my back to you, ass aimed upward, legs open and pussy vulnerable. My face is to the warm, slightly familiar eyes greeting mine. I acknowledge the look of lust on an old college buddy you introduced me at your nephew’s wedding.

“Hi,” a barely audible greeting emerged just before his lips collided with mine. The taste of me transfering from his tongue, mouth and cheeks reminded me he had just spent five minutes devouring my pussy. “You taste good” he muttered into my mouth between kisses. Meanwhile, you dropped your pants an activity unbeknownst to me until I felt that hard staff push into my wet hole. No ceremony necessary before that plunge. I gasp into the mouth devouring mine, the sudden stab from your thrust causing a shock of pleasure to my body. The stranger before me smiled and softened his kisses while he watched my eyes turn to wild desire.

Both of you suddenly stop your torment. You slide out of my pussy, he straightens me while I process that loss and I look upon the two of you for the first time. Two grinning men looking at me as if I was the result of a hunt. Your friend and host asked if I was hungry, you whisper in my ear that I just had a preview and I’m sure if I could look in the mirror right now, a look of pure exhileration would reflect back at me.

“There are rules.” The simply stated comment broke the silence as the three of us stood in the foyer of the condo. I was bewildered, overwhelmed, intriqued and most of all – aroused. “Rules?” It was first statement I’d uttered since arriving. The sound of my voice pulled me out of my surreal situation and I began to process the situation. I’ve never had much of a poker face and my expression at this moment revealed the rise of moral conscious.

“You’re breaking one.” That came from your lips. You pulled me to you so our faces were touching. I felt your fingers against my pussy and you began rubbing my clit while you calmed any doubt I had about this scenario. “Rule, number one – no second thoughts.” You were stroking my labia while you made this comment. “Or maybe just no thinking at all.” I laughed at that. Then, you pushed me toward our host and his fingers replaced yours. His stroking efforts were more exploratory. He tickled my clit then glided to the opening to my pussy then back to my clit. My body responded to these ministrations by awarding his efforts with continued wetness. “Rule, number two. No pants.” I think he meant just me but I didn’t want to ask due to rule number one. So far, I can handle these rules.

I watched you lean over to pick up my pants, panties, boots and socks. You folded the clothes and set my boots neatly near the doorway. The clothes went on a side table near my backpack. All the while, our host continued fingering me. I was getting hot and pushing back on his fingers but he insisted on a slow tease by ignoring my persistence.

“Are you hungry?” This time the question was much more audible and definitive then earlier. I looked him in the eyes and said yes while licking my lips. He was suggesting food but I could only think about cock. Then, he removed his fingers and put them in his mouth. One finger at a time – he sucked the wetness like it was chocolate icing. Then, he walked away from me and I looked toward you.

“Would you like a nickel tour?” I looked into your mischeivous gaze and smiled. “Certainly,” I said. “But, I don’t have a nickel.” A boyish grin crossed your face and I could imagine that you were deciding how I could earn that nickel.

You held my hand and guided me around the corner to see the kitchen. It was small and John, our host, was sauteeing vegetables in a wok. A counter with four stools separated us from him. He leaned across the top of it with a fresh cut green bean offering it to me but only if I met him half way. So, I leaned over giving you a view of my bare bottom and him access to my bra covered tits. I took the vegetable from him and he grabbed one breast, kneeding it while I stared in his eyes. I could feel the sexual tension mounting and imagined what would happen later. You saw it as well and steered me away from the counter using my right ass cheek as a rudder. “Not yet,” you said in my ear.

The living room held a leather couch, a straight back chair with no arms and an ottoman with cushioned top. A flat screen was perched on a fireplace mantel. The two of you had started a small fire. It wasn’t cold yet so I surmised that it was for ambiance. Perhaps a hint of romance although I’m sure you both of you leaned more toward fucking my brains out rather than romancing me into lovemaking. Next was a sleeping area beneath the stairs. It held two single beds placed in an L-shape. As we neared them, I could think of nothing else but you bending me across one and taking me from behind. The teasing from earlier has left me desperate for more of your cock but you were obviously making me wait. You motioned me toward the stairs leading to an open loft and a king sized bed. As we ascended, you filled my pussy with your thumb so that each time I lifted my leg to climb, you could press into me. When we reached the top, I turned to you. “Fuck me,” I whispered, looking at you with pure lust and desperation. “Not yet.” I know I saw more of that mischief twinkle in your eyes. I pouted and then I leaned against the railing of the loft bedroom and looked down at the kitchen. John opened three bottles of beer and waved at us to come down. You snuck your cock into me while I held the rail. My pussy absorbed you and I nearly cried out but you covered my mouth. “I made a deal with John,” you started to explain but I wasn’t listening. The only sound I wanted to hear was the slurping caused by your cock sliding in and out of my wetness. I felt like cumming right then but you stopped. I could feel your reluctance but John had called from the kitchen for us to come down. I think he knew that you were fucking my pussy.

While we ate dinner, you both laid out the details of a deal you made. You agreed to share me throughout the weekend and I was not to show favoritism or we could not play together. No alone time was allowed so that no one felt left out. For me, it meant that I would have two men at one time for the next 24 hours and I had no objections. I played my part at dinner. I shared a taste of one thing with you allowing you to suck my fingers off when I offered you a morsel of food. Then, I took a piece of meat from John, slowing sucking it into my mouth from his fingers while I watched his intense stare.

Clean up was the most fun. Since you shopped and John cooked, I felt that I should do the dishes. Both of you agreed that I should remove my shirt and bra so as not to soil them in the cleaning process. There was really nothing to clean. I just stood at the sink rinsing while you each took one of my tits in your mouth. When the dishwasher was loaded, John pushed me against it as it began to vibrate. Since you had taken me out of turn upstairs, John opened his jeans and produced a long, hard cock. You helped him hoist me up on the dishwasher while he plunged inside my pussy and the machine vibrated beneath me.

John’s cock was long and skinny while yours is thick and round. Thoughts of having both were racing through my mind while John fucked me to my first orgasm of the weekend.

I saw you watching his cock pumping in and out of my pussy. I sense you had voyeuristic tendencies and I certainly planned to exploit them whenever I could. John stopped pumping then pulled out. I dropped from the counter and engulfed his cock with my mouth so I could suck his cum from him while you watched. I think you wanted to see it hit my face but I wanted it for myself. He shuddered as I emptied his balls.

I was far from done with kitchen clean up though. I jerked at your pants and released your cock finding it swollen and dripping. I dropped to my knees on the kitchen floor and sucked it into my throat. I’m sure I looked so slutty at that moment. My pussy juices leaking onto my thighs from John’s recent efforts and now on my second cock of the evening. John watched as I took on your thick dick – my head bobbing as I passed it in and out of my mouth until you finally shot your delicious cum down my throat.

“I’m naked!” I proclaimed to both of you. Your responses were to snicker. You leaned over and suckled one breasts while John dipped his finger in my pussy. I’m far from satisfied but the two of you needed a break. I grabbed my shirt and slipped it on,then finished cleaning up the kitchen.

Both of you retired to the living room, as I was the last to arrive I took the opportunity to survey the room’s preparations. I’m not sure I noticed the silk ties hanging on the chair back or the fact that a soft cover was stretched over the upholstered ottoman. The leather couch was at least seven feet long more accomodating then cozy. I found you sitting on the far end, beer in hand, watching as I entered the room. You appeared relaxed, with a hand laying across your crotch, maybe even rubbing a little. At the very least, your gaze was one of admiration as you watched my half exposed body move into the room. John sat at the opposite end in an open form. One foot was on the leather cushion as a knee rested on the couch’s high back, the other foot was flat on the floor, the position’s result put his crotch on display. I assumed that I was meant to sit between the two of you so I walked toward the couch’s center.

“The ottoman is yours,” I looked at you as you made this definitive statement althought I was puzzled to be placed at a distance. You stood then crossed the room very near me. I didn’t move but watched you lift your strong arm. It moved past me. Next, I watched as you turned on the television and tossed the remote to John. Ok…porn? No? Football? Not what I expected but then I was in for yet another surprise.

Your hand caught my face just beneath my chin allowing your fingers to stroke my lips and cheek. “More rules.” This time you whispered it in your pleasant but seductive tone while you gently pushed me on to the ottoman. “Turn,” John said. His tone was commanding so I followed instructions in a submissive sort of way. I looked at him while he explained my role for the next 2-3 hours of this game.

So, each of you supported one team. I was to be the token for the competition. The two of you had mapped out a game plan for me and the football game. As the teams competed for points, their triumphs or failures were represented in this living room as possessions of me or parts of me.

John produced a white board for tracking while you explained the rules to me. I’m not sure why, it was obvious that I was as much of an object in that room as the furniture. I was to maintain my position on the ottoman until something point worthy occurred in the game. After the coin toss and subsequent snap, I may “belong” to one of you if your team scores. I cannot root for either team as that would be the same as prefering one of you. Possession only takes place after a touchdown and means that the ottoman is moved to the victor’s end of the couch. At that point, I belong to the victor and the weekend equal sharing rule is void for the duration of that team’s point lead. I don’t seem to have a say as I am merely the prize. Depending on the game’s pace, I could be moved back and forth between you as I am possessed through a team’s leading advantage.

I’ve never been interested in football before but I watched each pass of the ball and announcement of a down with a growing sexual tension. I could feel myself getting wet in anticipation. I watched the beginning of this game intently. My breathing and heartrate accelerated each time the quarterback took the ball. I sat on the ottoman waiting for a touchdown or field goal.

And, then it happened – a fumble, a recovery…one loan player breaks out from the group and runs toward the end zone. I looked over at you on the edge of your seat. Yes, your team was about to score but did the idea of winning me also factor into your reverie? It didn’t take long for me to find out as the crowd roared and the commentators chattered the blow by blow. You grabbed the edge of the ottoman and pulled it across the floor. The force of that movement bounced me into your lap or perhaps it was you that caused it – either way…I was now in your lap. You smirked at John – some old college rivalry revealed in that look but as the game broke into commercial you broke open my shirt and sucked my left tit into your mouth. I practically came from the initial release of that building tension. You moved me up onto your lap pushing my tits into your face. One was sucked then the other. I pushed up onto my knees, moved slightly left and landed on your right hand. Your left gripped whichever one of my tits you were ferociously suckling. As soon as your hand got a feel for my wetness, fingers emerged and entered my pussy. The game restarted with me facing you, kneeling astride your lap while you teased my nipples and my pussy simultaneously.

The game distracted you momentarily and you lifted me off your lap, standing me up in between the ottoman and the couch. A gentle push caused me to lean forward and catch myself with my hands thus putting me on all fours across the ottoman. As the ball soared through the air on the widescreen, I heard your zipper. A player caught the ball and was immediately tackled while you pulled out your hard cock and pushed it into my wet pussy and pulled me backward onto your lap in a reverse cowgirl.

This position granted you complete access to every part of my body and the ability to drive your cock deeply inside me. Despite my requirement to consider you both equally, I secretly reveled in your team’s win. Your cock felt so good. It’s power over me originating from a combination of the familiar feel of you and all that we share and the flattering concept that you enjoyed winning me. I bounced on your cock while you mauled my tits and watched the game. The scenario created by this event proffered a certain amount of sleeziness especially knowing that a mere four feet away, John watched both the game and us.

The distraction of the game was keeping your actions controlled and slow while making me so hot. This slow fuck was semi-torturous. My mind raced at more adventurous possibilities. I watched the tv as John’s team struggled for yardage. A small, fast wide-receiver grabbed a short pass and ran like the wind. Touchdown! Followed by a field goal for the extra point. John’s team pulls ahead of yours. For me, that meant I had to reluctantly give up my comfortable position impaled on your cock and resume my place on the ottoman.

It didn’t take long for him to pull the ottoman across the room. With a team that is one point ahead, John gets to keep me until your team scores again. While I was already missing your cock and the comfort of sitting in your lap, John arranged me on my hands and knees in front of him and dove right in to my soaked pussy. Your efforts left me so hot that I was dripping juices down my inner thighs. So, John jumped right in with fingers and tongue. First, he spread my wetness around then he inserted his thumb inside my pussy and a finger into my ass while he pushed his head between my legs and starting sucking my clit. I nearly came but he sensed it and paused his efforts until my body calmed. He intended to prevent my orgasm.

The game started up again but John was still between my legs. I caught you watching him and watching the game then looking over at him again. The game progresses and John hasn’t looked up at the screen but loud clammer from the fans pulled him away from his place underneath my pussy. I was half grateful and half disappointed that he stopped. The intensity of his prolonged teasing and the prevention of my orgasm was near painful. He sat back on the couch watching the game and allowed me to relax into a sitting position between his legs. His hand was up underneath me though as he continued to finger fuck my pussy. I was desperate for cock. I looked over at you and you could tell. I saw that mischievous smirk that reflected a knowing that I was being teased relentlessly while I wanted to be fucked by both of you at once.

At half time, the score was the same and John retained possession of me. I asked for a break – something neither of you factored in. I took ten and went to refresh myself in the bathroom. When I returned, John’s cock was out and erect as if waiting for me to perch. He actually wanted me to lie on top the ottoman with my legs spread over one end. Then, he pulled my butt to the very edge – actually a little over it and then entered me. The ottoman held me in just the right position for him to kneel and push his cock inside while he watched the game. I could no longer see the screen – only your face and his. John’s expression went from sport watching enthusiast to lustful male and back again. He pistoned in and out of my pussy rthymically while the game resumed. You watched the game intently hoping for your team to score again, occasionally watching John’s cock disappear inside my pussy.

Suddenly, John pushed into me forcefully and I could hear the commentator and crowd roaring. Someone had the ball and was running toward an end zone. I heard you yell “yes, yes..” and when John pulled out you replaced him inside me before the ottoman moved. The game was really competitive but I had two cocks inches away from my pussy. John sat back on the couch as you knelt in front of me sliding your cock in and out of my pussy while watching the game. Your team pulled ahead by a mere point.

I still could not see the game but I could hear it. Suddenly, you pulled out and John jumped up from his place on the couch. His team scored a touchdown tying the game. Both of you stood over me waiting but the kicker missed the extra point. Now what? I lay there waiting, horny and desperate. The game was tied so does that mean I have to suffer through the next set of plays until a team scores again? I lay back on the ottoman, legs spread. The two of you looked at each other then you reached down and took hold of both my hands pulling me up to a sitting position. I could see both your minds working. Then, a decision was made and John laid down on his back pulling me on top of him. I pushed up on his pelvis attempting to straddle his cock but before I could mount him – you slid your cock across my pussy from behind me. My ass was up in the air in preparation to mount John’s cock so as you wet your cock with my also spread my ass. Before the ball was in play, your cock was sliding slowly into my ass and pushing me down onto John’s cock. I held still for a moment while my body adjusted to both of you. Somehow though – you both knew how to handle this scenario and I became a fulchrum between you. As John pushed in, you pulled slight out and then the reverse occurred. Soon, I was in a state of pure ecstacy induced lust while you both fucked me – literally senseless.

Somewhere in the background droned a football game but I didn’t care. Those teams should stay tied so I could have both of you continuing to fuck me.

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