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Jan & Her Stepmother Pt. 01

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Chapter 1

The normally pretty, teenaged face of Janet Kline was not very nice to look at as she tore open the door to her home. It was a mask of betrayal and hatred. She slammed the door, rattling the windows. She leaned against it catching her breath. Her breasts rising and falling in the frilly white blouse she wore.

She turned, threw her school books on the hall table and ran up the stairs toward her room, two steps at a time. Her short, mini skirt flying, giving glimpses of her athletic young legs and white panties.

As she reached her room, her stepmother, Kelly came out of the master bedroom to see what the noise was. When she saw Janet she said, “Jan, that’s no way to act, slamming doors… You might break something.”

Janet stopped, glaring at her, her dazzling blue eyes were flashing. She said violently, “Shut up Bitch! You’re not my mother… just stay out of my way.” She turned and entered her room and slammed the door.

Silence! Kelly was shocked… stunned… crushed!


Janet entered the dimly lit room through the partially open door. She could see Kelly, face down on the bed, her shoulders twitching as she sobbed. Jan started crying too as she realized what her harsh words had done to her stepmother.

Jan approached the bed and extended her hand and gently stroked the shaking shoulder while saying, softly, “I… I’m sorry, Kelly… I didn’t mean…”

Kelly stopped crying and wiped her eyes. Then rolled onto her back, with her arm over her eyes. “It’s ok Janet, I should have kept my mouth shut! Who am I to tell you what to do.”

“No, no… oh Kelly… I’m so damned stupid… I was just so damned mad… I lashed out without even thinking… I’m so sorry… Please forgive me… Please…”, She was crying quite hard by now.

Kelly, looked up at the teenager and her heart went out to her. She immediately sat up, reaching to the bedside table for the box of tissues there. Grabbing some, she urged the girl down beside her on the bed, and started drying the flood of tears welling from her eyes. She hugged her and pulled her head to hers and started soothing her, stroking her hair, crooning to her. “Hush, hush, honey. It’s alright. It’s fine. Ok. Ok.” She started rocking her from side to side, hugging her, quieting her. “It’s all over. Hush baby.”

Kelly kept dabbing Janet’s eyes and then her own and then started laughing because they were both trying to talk at the same time. Finally, Janet took some tissues and blew her nose and breathed deeply, looking at Kelly who was doing the same.

“God, I feel so dumb, Kelly. You are the best thing that has happened to me since Mom…”, Jan cried.

“Honey, I know it’s been rough, losing your mom, having no one to talk to for so long, and then having your dad marry a woman who is more your age than his, who tries to give you advice that you don’t want.”

“No… I’m sorry for the things I said and… oh… really… Can I explain?”, Janet said.

“Sure, Jan, I’ll be glad to listen, any time about any thing”, Kelley said, dabbing at her nose again.

“Well, I was with this boy, well… this creep I used to like. In his car, after school, well… we were kissing and… you know… just… fooling around and things were getting… you know. Well, Bobby, that’s his name, Bobby, well… he started…. uh… feeling my breasts… and… oh God”.

Kelly hugged Jan again and said, “Go on, Honey, I know, I’ve been there too.”

Janet continued, “Well, that wasn’t so bad… Was it?… I didn’t do any…” At Kelly’s nod she went on, “He took my hand and… put it… on hi… He put my hand on his penis” she finished in a rush.

“Wow”, was all Kelly could think of to say.

“Oh yeah… and that wasn’t all… he asked me to take it out and… and… he called it… ‘jack off’… he wanted me to… jack him off… Ohhh… I’ve never done that… never touched a… When I jerked back and told him NO, he screamed at me, and called me a…. ‘cock teasing bitch’, and a ‘dumb cunt’. He said I was just a stupid kid and told me he was going to find a girl who *would* do what he wanted… I was so… so… hurt that I ran all the way home…. By the time I got here I was so damned angry at him… the world… and then… you… I didn’t really mean to call you those names and… you know… God…”

Kelly blew out her breath… “Damn, I see why you were upset. Well, at least now you know what can happen with some guys, but remember there are a lot of nice guys out there too.”

Pulling her to her feet she stroked Jan’s short, blonde hair with both hands and cupped her sweet, elfin face, wiping away an errant tear with her thumb. She said with a smile, “Don’t worry Darling, you deserve better than that jerk. As far as what you said to me… all’s forgiven, we’ll chalk it up to temporary insanity. Now go wash your face and lie down for a while… chill out, I’ve got to pull myself together too and figure out what to fix for dinner… Ok?… Go, honey”

She turned Jan around and gave her a light pat on the butt to get her to go. Jan spun around and hugged Kelly and gave her a kiss on the cheek. A first.

“Ok Kelly and… thanks”, she smiled, and walked lightly out of the room as only a teenager can.

“Damn,” Kelly thought. She had been worried that she had lost the little ground she had gained since she had married Dave, Janet’s father, 5 months ago. She had been so happy when Janet had finally started talking to her as though she were a friend. She knew it must have been traumatic to Jan, losing her mom when she was just 7. Being raised by a man…. they know nothing of what knowledge young girls need! 11 years later having her father bring Kelly home and tell the girl that they were going to marry. It must have been especially trying since the new bride was only 29, just 11 years older than Janet. Jan’s father was 35.

Chapter 2

When Dave came home he told Kelly that he had to leave on a trip in about three hours and would be gone for almost a week. Well, Kelly took him, grinning, right into the bedroom to make sure that he remembered he was a married man while he was gone.

After dinner and after Dave had left, the house settled down to quiet.

Kelly thought she had better see if Jan was alright. After their happy parting in the bedroom earlier, she had acted a little withdrawn at supper, answering in mono-tones and excusing herself quickly after the meal and disappearing into her room.

She mounted the stairs and as she approached the door, she heard Jan’s frustrated cry “Ooohh… Damnnnn!”

Kelly tapped on the door and when no answer came she opened it and peeked inside. Janet was not in the room but she could hear water splashing in her bathroom and a low moaning. Fearing that Janet had fallen in the tub, Kelly opened the door and looked in.

Janet was in the tub, her beautiful face was creased in a frown, her left hand was squeezing her pert right breast, pinching the nipple while her right was holding a wash cloth wadded tightly against her mound, her hips rising and falling against it, making the splashing sounds. Her lithe young body was beautiful. Her budding breasts were just a nice hand full, her waist tapered down, past her tiny ‘inny’ belly button and then out to her flaring hips and long shapely legs which were now stiffened as if in agony. She was moaning and breathing hard.

Kelly gasped and clutched at her own, suddenly ‘wet,’ tingling mound. Janet must have heard her and opened her eyes. She saw her standing there and jumped. Kelly said, “Oh God, Jan… I’m sorry… I heard you and thought… Oh God…” She ran out of the room.

Oh, Shit… Kelly was really shaken. Talk about instant turn on. Wow! Seeing the 18 year old girl in the throes of sexual heat had really gotten to her… She thought that if she hadn’t just have had sex with Dave, she would have had to go finger herself to a wild climax. That was a wild scene in the bathroom. Shit, she might have to do it anyway. Kelly had always been aroused very easily which was why she and Dave had such a great sex life. He could make her get creamy just by looking at her in a certain way.

Later she took a shower (No, she didn’t. She had cooled down by then). Kelly, agonized over the events earlier and finally *had* to see if Janet was alright… again…

Dressed in shorty nightgown with matching panties, She went to Jan’s bedroom door, tapped lightly and said, in a low voice, “… Jan…” There was no answer so she repeated it.

Finally, she heard Janet reply in a strained voice, “Come in.”

She opened the door and peeked around it. Only her little bedside lamp was on. Janet was lying on top of the covers, on her side, in a loose fetal position, facing away from the door. There was a large ‘teddy bear’ laying on the other pillow. Janet had on her usual night wear, one of her father’s T-shirts and white cotton panties with little yellow flowers on them. They cupped her young butt pulling into the crease, separating the cheeks, deliciously.

Kelly said quietly, “I’m so sorry that I disturbed you… earlier… I wanted to see if you were OK… and then I heard noises and thought you might have fallen in the tub… When I saw… you… doing… well… I should have knocked. I’m really sorry that I… uh… interrupted you… in the bath.” When there was no response she started to close the door.

“Wait!” Janet said. “Please…”

Kelley saw she was trembling and on the verge of crying so she came in and shut the door.

“What is it… What can I do, Honey?” She went to the bed and sat next to her and put her hand on her arm. Sitting up Janet threw her arms around her and cried into Kelly’s breast…

“Oh, Kelly, I’m so… I think I’m going crazy sometimes”… sob… sob, “I get these feelings… hot… like with Bob… Bob… Bobby and I don… don’t know what to do… do… about them.”

Kelly turned and laid Janet down. Jan turned on her side, facing away from Kelly sobbing her heart out. Kelly lay down behind her, put her left arm under Jan’s neck and around and held her right shoulder with her hand. She put her right hand on Jan’s stomach and hugged her from the back, ‘spoon’ fashion.

“What has happened, Honey, I thought things were all ok… was it my… seeing you… in your bath…”

Jan interrupted her saying, “No… no… well partly… I’m so ashamed… I can’t stand it.” She reached up and gripped Kellys forearm where it was under her chin and squeezed and started crying again and twisting her body.

Kelly started rocking her as before and rubbing her tummy, whispering in her ear again, and again…”It’s Ok, Jan… what ever is wrong we can fix it… Shhh… just relax and tell me what happened now, Hon…”

Janet quieted down and slowly quit sobbing and started breathing easier. She was silent so long that Kelly thought maybe she had gone to sleep. Kelly still rocked her and rubbed her belly.

Finally Janet started talking. In a soft voice. She told Kelly that awhile after her dad got home she was going to ask him something and went looking for him and finally walked up to the partially open bedroom door…

Oh God, Kelly thought, she saw us having sex.

Sure enough. Janet said, in a whisper, “I saw you and daddy naked, on the bed. You… had his… his penis… in your… hand… stroking it up and down. His fingers were… in… your… Oh, Damn, it felt like… my stomach … oh God… then he said, ‘I’ve got to…’ Well, you know… He moved… on… on top of you…” Here, her hips started to move back and forth, bumping Kelly’s hips, and she was squeezing her legs together, hard.

Getting more and more agitated she added, “Then… he… put it in… you down… down there… oh, I couldn’t stand up… it felt like I was going to pee my pants. It felt so strange… I… I turned and almost fell… I almost crawled up to my room. My body felt so strange… like it is now… all hot and tense and… quivering!… and I didn’t know whhhat to dooo!!!”

She trembled violently.

“After awhile I calmed down and you called that dinner was ready. I thought the distraction would make it go away… this feeling I had… that I had a big balloon down between my legs and it was going to… burst. Food wasn’t the answer… oh, damn, I couldn’t quit *thinking* of you two together… it was tormenting me, so much, I had to leave the table.”

She was twisting and turning and finally she put both hands down between her legs cupping her vagina and moaning, “That’s when I got in the tub. I… was all hot and wet… sticky… like now… and I thought something was wrong… I started wash… washing… myself… oh damn…. down *there*… and suddenly I saw stars and sparks… Oh, I don’t know what’s wrong, I don’t know what to do… I feel like I’m going to explode… OHHhhhhh… what’s wrong with meeee. I’m so scared…”

Oh, my God, Kelly thought. Janet needs to masturbate but doesn’t know how to do it or anything about it. The girl was twisting and moaning and was in, if only mental pain. She was twisting and turning, bumping Kelly with her hip movements.

…Kelly… Kelly… should you be doing this??? NO you should not! But… she *had* to help Janet. She had to end the teen’s torment. She had to show her what to do!!

Kelly took a deep breath and then started soothing her again, only this time she did it differently. She let her left hand move from the girl’s shoulder down to her right breast. She cupped it and squeezed it marvelling at the fullness of it, She pinched the already hard nipple and molded the breast with her hand. It felt hot even through the Tee shirt, and… surprisingly good. She loved teasing her own breasts this way too.

“Oh, Damn, I know I shouldn’t be doing this!” she thought to herself.

“OH… Yes Oh God, touch me… Pinch it hard like that… oohh yeesss”, said Jan as she moved her left hand up to grab Kelly’s hand and press it harder on her tit. Kelly slipped her right hand down, under Jan’s hand, under the front of her panties and into her pubic hair. Kelly slid her palm down over the very wet vagina.

“Aaaaahhhh… yeahhh… There too!”, moaned Janet.

“Oh, yeahhhhh,” echoed Kelly to herself… “It feels so fucking good to me too. The slippery, juicy wetness.” Kelly loved to play with herself almost as much as getting fucked.

Kelly cupped Jan’s cunt and then let her middle finger part the engorged labia, sliding into the opening. It was hot, wet, and slick. Janet screamed, “Gggaaaaaaaaaaa…” Kelly then hooked her finger downward and dragged it upwards until she could feel her clit at the base of her finger. Then she started rubbing her now slippery hand around in a small circle, then up and down, her finger delving deeper and deeper into the virgin hole. Jan’s other hand clamped on Kelly’s and followed what she was doing to her cunt. She also pushed her hips back so that her ass cheeks were grinding against Kelly’s mons causing Kelly to reciprocate, tilting her hips and pressing up against the yielding butt in front of her.

It took only about four or five seconds before Janet’s body went rigid and then started shaking. “OOOoooooohhhhhhhh… what’s hap… pening… to me? AAAAh… Daammnnnn… what is it…?”

Kelly told her, “Don’t worry Honey… That’s your clit right there.”

“Oh, Shit… It’s ‘thrilling’… that’s the ooohh… only wayyyy… to describe it… Oh,… so goooodd… Oooohhh sshhhit… something is going… AAaaaaaahhhhhrrrrrgggg!!!”

“Yes, Yes… it’s good… Do it Honey… Do it… You’re *cumming* … Climaxing… Enjoy it… Cum… cum for me… Janet.” She felt Janet’s cunt gushing against her working hand and was surprised at the liquid this girl was putting out. She kept talking and squeezing her tit hard and fingered her ruthlessly, rubbing her clit hard too. “Cum for me!… Cum all over my hand, Honey!!!”

Jan twitched and shuddered… Screaming and humping Kelly’s hand and the invading finger… Twitched… convulsed… “Oooohhhhhhh… damn”.

Kelly kept fingering and stimulating her pussy and clit… slowing and slowing. Bringing her back easy, not wanting to stop too soon. For her part, she was still pressing against Jan’s ass… *She* wasn’t able to come down… not yet.

Janet finally came down to earth… Breathing very heavy and moaning.

Finally she was quiet.

“Ohhh Kelly… Oh, Kelly… thank you… oh thank you, thank you. Ohhh… That was so… great… Ohhhh, yeah… that was awesome… ohh… So that was cumming!!… Wow… GREAT!! Mmmmmmmm…. yesssss. I want a lot more of that!!”

Kelly slowly disentangled herself and pulled her hand out of Janet’s panties. She had mixed emotions about this. On the one hand she was glad that Janet was feeling better, and had had her first *cum*… and that it had been by Kelly’s hand that she did it. But yet… Yet it was so wrong. Very wrong. God… what now.

Janet was still thanking her profusely and finally sat up and kissed Kelly deeply, solidly on the lips. Then realizing what she had done she blushed and apologized.

Kelly looked at her and burst out laughing.

Flustered, Janet said, “What’s wrong?”

“I just fingerfucked you to your first orgasm and *you* apologize for *kissing* me?” laughed Kelly.

Janet laughed and said, “Oh, Kelly, I *love* you… and… I love… *IT*… I’m never going to forget this night… Ever! Ohh… WOW!!!”

Kelly thought to herself… ‘Yeah… you and me both!’ Besides feeling she had made a terrible mistake, she also was so fucking horny she was going to have to go play with herself and cum for an hour!

Chapter 3

She told Janet she would get a wash cloth and clean her up. She went into Janet’s bath. She rinsed a cloth in hot water. Looking in the mirror, at her auburn framed face she thought, ‘you look the same but you know different, don’t you. Things will never be the same between you and Jan again. Oh, well… I might as well clean her up… I helped get her ‘dirty’. She laughed a little at that… God she had to hurry. She was *very* wet now.

Janet was taking off her T-shirt, pulling it over her head as Kelly returned. Kelly stopped as Janet’s breasts came into view. She groaned inwardly. They were small but beautiful. She suddenly remembered Debbie’s breasts. Deb had been her best and only friend in school. Deb’s breasts were like this… a nice teenager’s handful. They had been only 18 when they had finally ‘experimented’ with mutual masturbation, fingering each other. It had only happened that one time. Deb’s family was moving, that was how it happened. They had started kissing ‘goodbye’, got aroused and it just… happened, feeling each other’s body pressing together… then caressing the other’s breasts as they stared into each others eyes. Then the fingering and more kissing, then… two explosive climaxes. She had never seen Debbie again. Kelly had never tried it again with another girl…. ’till now, that is…..

As Janet fell back on the bed, dropping the shirt to the floor, Kelly came awake and moved forward. She was just going to hand Jan the cloth and leave and go fuck her fingers *raw!* But then Jan lifted her hips and slid her panties down. The crotch was so wet that it stuck and her panties turned inside out as they left her sticky loins. Then raising her legs, bending her knees apart, pulled them off her feet. This opened her cunt to Kelly’s gaze. Kelly almost swooned.

What the hell was happening to her. She had never had any lesbian feelings, never looked at another girl… *that* way. Even with Deb it had been only a way of masturbation. Well, she *had* noticed other girls breasts and butts but only, she thought, in comparison to her own, or so she told herself.

She sat on the bed, staring at this naked angel. Jan had shortish, blonde hair, a very cute face, trite, I know, but true. A slightly turned up nose with a generous, sensual mouth with straight, white teeth. A long neck and good shoulders, probably due to this being her second year on the swim team at school. Her breasts were almost perfect cones that, lying on her back, were still cones, little hint of sagging at all. Kelly felt tingles in her simmering crotch as she watched Jan smooth her hands over her breasts, navel and ruffle her teen pubic fuzz while stretching. Janet saw her gaze and said, “I don’t know why, Kelly, but I love being here with you… like this. Naked. I feel so free now. No shame or anything. Just Love. Do you feel that way… with me?”

Kelly hesitated, “I’m not sure, Honey… I’ve done a very large thing here you know. I’m really mixed up about it… I love you too… in the same way but I’m also responsible for what we’ve… I’ve done to you… I’m worried about what this will bring later.” Damn, she couldn’t look away from Jan’s gorgeous body, her pussy. What have I done…

“And what do you want to *do*?” said her lust!

Jan said, “Oh, Kelly, I know what we’ve done. I’m not as dumb as I sound. We’ll be ok. I know…” She sat up, put her arms around her and kissed her again, on the mouth, while pressing her naked breasts against Kelly.

Oh,God, Oh, God… Kelly groaned, fighting with herself… and losing! Kelly kissed her back… then slipped her tongue into Janet’s mouth.

“MMmmmmmmm” Janet said,”… I like that”.

“MMmmmmm” answered Kelly. “Me too.”

Then she said, “Oh, Fuck… Jan… Please… just lie back so I can clean you up.”

Janet did so reluctantly. She spread her legs and Kelly’s breath caught in her throat. Jan’s cunt was so beautiful, lips open, wet and looking delicious. She had never seen one up close like this. Only, like in the girl’s shower when she’d been in school, and she’d never felt… anything… anything… like *this* before… Had she?… Even Deb and she had …*felt* more than *looked*. She bent over Janet as Jan’s feet came up toward her butt and then knees splayed outward. Janet felt so ‘open’ with Kelly. *Open* was the right word… Damn.

Kelly took the wash cloth and started to mop up the congealed juices on Jan’s leg.

“Shit”, yelled Jan and clamped her legs together on Kelly’s hand. “That is so cooollldddd.” Kelly’s wrist was trapped against Jan’s pussy lips.

Kelly said, “Ok, We’ll forget that.” Janet opened her knees and Kelly threw the cloth aside. She looked again at the teen’s glorious body, the cherry tipped breasts, the flat stomach and the slightly rounded mons. She was sitting near the middle of the bed and she just leaned closer….. and closer to Jan’s cunt until she was lying between her legs staring at it. It was a magnet drawing her in. She couldn’t help herself. Jan started to say something but stopped when she saw the look on Kelly’s face. She just watched.

Jan’s vulva was still red from the fingering it had received. Light, almost invisible blonde down was sprinkled on it, mainly at the top. Lips pouted, clit still prominent, glistening in the lamplight.

Kelly extended a finger and traced the fleshy, wet lips. Jan hissed as she drew in her breath. “Ssssssssss, Oooooo”, she cooed.

“So beautiful”, Kelly said and leaned forward and kissed those lips. “So beautiful”. She kissed them again only this time she stuck out her tongue and also licked them. A third kiss and her tongue slid all the way into Jan’s cunt, licking it, bottom to top.

“AArrrrRrrrggg… oh… what… you… Oh… sooo goood.”

Kelly marvelled at the sweet taste… MMmmmmmm Damn… The texture was like… *peaches*… all slippery, wet little folds and nubs. She sucked them into her mouth. The taste? The taste was like… like… well, it probably tasted like cunt. She licked again, again sucking the flesh into her mouth, savoring it… Delicious pussy.

“Ooohh fuck”, Kelly thought, ” I should have tried this before… It’s fantastic! I *love* licking cunt!!”

As Janet started crooning and shifting her mound around, she touched Kelly’s hair to let her know that what ever Kelly did was Ok with her. Kelly used her thumbs to open these wonderful petals and she pressed her face deeply into them inhaling the wonderful smell of this aroused girl. Her nose bumping her clit, tongue sliding into her vagina opening, discovering that it was almost hot inside. She slid her hands under her butt and lifted the cheeks up so that she could thrust her tongue deeper into it… where someday a huge cock would slide in, destroying her virginity.

Janet looked down, past her pert tits, her belly, to Kelly’s beautiful face, or what she could see of it. It was buried in her crotch. Every time Kelly’s face moved, Jan felt something move deep in her cunt, Kelly’s tongue. She could see her nose, and feel it as it rubbed her clit… sending jolts of electricity through her whole being. She tried to keep her eyes open so she could watch Kelly but the intense pleasure she was receiving made it almost impossible. That new, special feeling was coming again, closer… and closer… and all of a sudden… Janet was *gone* again… groaning and bowing her back… thrusting her cunt up and down on Kelly’s tongue… trying to get to some… unknown spot… She grabbed Kelly’s head and held her mouth onto her clit. And as Kelly sucked and ‘strummed’ her tongue on the nubbin… Janet felt her insides pull up… her asshole pucker… and then she… blasted off.

“AAaaaaahhhhhhh… Godddddd… I’m cccummmmmmmiinngggg.”

Kelly sucked and licked, thrusting her tongue as deep as it would go… Moaning too, in the knowledge of what Jan was experiencing and wanting to encourage her to let go. Grinding her own mound into the mattress…

She tried to hang on as her mouth was suddenly full of gushing cum… full to over-flowing. She sucked and swallowed the nectar and still it gushed… it was delicious! It coated her cheeks and chin and ran down her neck.

Licking… sucking… humping… cummmmmming… and then… finally… two long drawn out moans… Janet’s and… Kelly’s. One of satisfaction… one of agony.

Chapter 4

Panting… Gasping… slowing.

Finally, Jan became conscious of Kelly’s groans… Jan felt so good and wonderful. Her pussy was all tingly, so satisfied, so why was Kelly groaning? She opened her eyes and sat up. Kelly was flat on her back, across the bed, with her knees drawn up. Her hands were thrust deep in her panties, and judging from the movement, she was fingerfucking herself.

“Oh Kelly! Poor, Poor Kelly! I’m so selfish. I’ve cum twice and you haven’t at all. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think of you.”

I’ve got to help her she thought as she kneeled by Kelly, she reached out… hesitated for only a second and then pulled Kelly’s panties off. Kelly, though focused on her need, raised her hips, to help. Yes! Kelly’s hands were covering her pussy and squeezing it. Her hips thrusting up and down. This was Jan’s first time seeing a girl fingering herself. God! It was so exciting, seeing her fingers sliding in and out. She didn’t know how to proceed but remembering what Kelly had done for her. She was sure that she could return the favor.

Janet said, “Don’t worry, I’m going to help you Kelly,” and she kissed Kelly on the mouth. Tasting the juices there. “Oh… Mmmm… is that what I taste like? Oh… *yeah*!” She started kissing and licking all over her face. At the same time her left hand squeezed Kelly’s somewhat larger breasts through her PJ top, God, was she really feeling her tit! Yes! And it gave her tingles. She also ran her right hand down and pushed Kel’s hands away from where she was fingering her cunt, and replaced them with *her* fingers.

Oh, Wow. What a feeling. That slippery, juicy feeling under her fingers, around her fingers. Oh,God. She’d never felt anything like this before. It felt wonderful. She started to get tingles again but then she remembered what Kelly had done and how it felt. She started doing the same things. She slid her finger in… in… Wow! Kelly’s pussy was swallowing her whole finger, sucking it in deeper! She started fingering her… running it in and out, in and out, then up to the large bump and around it… then back down into the gooey morass again. Kelly groaned and raised her hips every time Jan hit a good spot.

Finally she heard Kelly say something between groans and heard what she thought was, “Two…” Jan immediately stuffed *two* fingers *deep* into Kelly’s pussy!

“AAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh… yyyeessss… so gooodd… Fuck… fuck… fuck.” She raised her hips up and started a fucking motion, meeting Janet’s downward plunge, burying the fingers deep… deeper in her slippery cunt.

Jan was pumping and fingering and Kelly was thrashing more and more. “OOhhh.. Shiiiittt,” moaned Kelly. She still sounded as if she were in agony. Janet decided to go all out. Still fingering her she moved between her knees, looked at Kelly’s wet cunt. Wow, yes… beautiful, she thought. As she thought of what she was about to do the *tingles* got so much stronger, making her quiver inside. She took a deep breath and dropped her head down and… as her fingers came out… her tongue went in… deep into Kelly’s pussy! Oh… yes…. yes… delicious juices. She *liked* this. She *Loved* this! She started licking and sucking in the loose membranes, swallowing the juices, then sliding her tongue to the top she found the nubbin and sucked it into her mouth hard. While she sucked she slid her fingers back in deep… deeper… in and out, twisting. Tongueing her clit as Kelly had done to hers.

“Ffffuuucckkkk… Yeessss… AAaaaaahhhh… Cuuuummmmmiing” said Kelly.

It was Janet’s turn to be inundated with cum. It gushed out into her mouth, face, and all over. Jan jerked her fingers out and covered Kelly’s cunt with her mouth. She sucked and swallowed while Kel came… and came in her mouth. Delicious, juicy cum… all over her hands and face. Kelly jerked and ground her pussy into Janet’s mouth… and came… and came… Screaming…

After an eternity of maybe a minute or two, Kelly stopped screaming, then groaning and then… just heavy, heavy breathing. Janet, too was out of breath. She climbed up Kelly and they clutched each other, laughing.

Kelly finally picked Janet’s beautiful, cum drenched face off her breast and just held her there, looking into her eyes. She smiled and said, “God, don’t we make a wonderful team… together?” Janet agreed, “Yes… Together.” They kissed deeply… as lovers do.

Chapter 5


Kelley was lying with her head on the pillow. She had taken off her top, finally. Her Auburn hair was short also. Her body? Ever see a “Victoria Secret’s” swimsuit model? After looking at Kelly, you have. Proportioned just right, poised when ever she moved. Very long legs with an auburn thatch, which did not cover her pussy as much as ‘bracketed’ it, like a picture frame.

They *both* felt ‘comfortable’ being naked with each other now. Jan was lying at kind of an angle to Kelly, on her stomach, her saucy little butt cheeks dimpling. She was up on her elbows watching her hand explore slowly over Kelly’s breasts, nipples, stomach and mons. In a studying way, as a lover would do, who wants to know her partner’s body better. She loved the older girl’s breasts. She hoped hers would be as beautiful when she finished growing. She kissed and suckled the closest nipple, getting a moan out of Kelly who was running her fingers through Jan’s hair and looking at her lovingly.

Jan said to Kelly, “When you first… ‘touched’ me… masturbated me…I didn’t know what to think. After I came… well, that really was a thrill. Then… you… licked me… God, when you first stuck your tongue in me… and when I came… with your tongue in my… ‘cunt’… ‘WOW’ I know it’s bad,… what we’ve done but I’m glad because everthing is so wonderful! I want to… do it all with you.” Then she added, with a grin, “I also want to learn to use all those ‘filthy’ words like ‘fuck’ and… and ‘cock’… and ‘cunt’… and any that you’ll teach me. They make me tingle when I say them!”

Kelly thought, “God… what am I into? What have I opened up? Well, she couldn’t see the future but she knew that Janet was going to have to be a big part of it.”

Kelly put her hand under Janet’s chin lifting it to look in her eyes. “Darling, I… I don’t know what has come over me. And you too by what you’re saying. I shouldn’t be *feeling* this way, this, love… and… lust for you! God, Jan… We don’t even know much about each other and… bang, we’re doing this!”

“I know, Kelly. I feel… Wow! I feel like I just woke up. I can’t quit thinking about you, and… *IT*… But I *love* it. I want *more*, and I think you do too, don’t you?”

Kelly finally replied… “I should have the courage and discipline to *stop* this. Damn, you’re only *18*. I shouldn’t want you like this… *hunger* for you. But, oh, *Fuck*, Jan… I do… God help me I really do!”

Jan said, “Kelly… last night… well also earlier today, I was a 18 yr. old girl who *talked* to her *Teddy Bear*, for God’s sake. Ugh! Now? Now I’m a 18 yr. old girl who has discovered the taste of *cunt*… *Your* cunt. I’ll never go back to my teddy bear again. I’m a *cum* junkie,” she said with a grin.

Kelly pulled Jan up and they kissed long and deep. Tongueing each other, moaning.

Then the phone rang.

Chapter 6

Kelly reached to Jan’s night stand and picked up the extention. She said, “Hello… Dave?”. He must have answered because she looked at Jan, smiled and put a finger to her lips in a ‘hushing’ manner. Jan put her hand over her mouth and giggled but went on teasing Kelly’s nipple. Kelly said, “You got there alright then… what time is it anyway. 11:00… already….damn, time flies when you’re gone. Yes, I’m just lying in bed… talking to my ‘Fucking Stud’.” She made a raised eyebrow look and smiled at Jan. Jan giggled and mouthed, ‘Thanks’. “Jan? Oh… She’s in her room. Do you think I would ever talk like this in front of her? Ha ha… yeah, I miss you too. Oh, so you liked what we did, huh.”

Listening, Jan remembered Kelly playing with her dad’s ‘cock’ while he fingered her ‘pussy’. Those words again! She started to get that funny feeling again. As Kelly talked Jan lifted Kelly’s leg so she could slide around and under it to get to her pussy. Kelly was watching her as she said, “You have a hard on… again? Doesn’t it ever go away? … Are you going to jack off? Yeah? Ookaaay!”

Jan, hearing these words could resist no longer. She had been looking at the delicious morsel before her and she boosted herself up and slid two fingers, deep inside. Kelly hissed and said, “Oh, Yeah… I’ve got two fingers buried in my pussy now… yes… slipping in and out… Are you jacking off now? Yeah? I can almost see that big ‘cock’ now, with your hand jerking up and down on it… Oh, Fuck… this ‘finger-fucking’ feels so good… different from when you do it…” Jan moved up and thrust her tongue in Kelly’s pussy too. Slurping in the juices. “Oh, God… it feels almost like you’re licking me now.” Touching Jan’s hair, lovingly. “Oh… Ok I’ll hold on…”

Jan pulled her head back and looked questioningly at Kelly. Kelly covered the mouth piece and said that some one was at his door. “Yes?… Oh, I’m sorry, Honey… yes, I miss you too… sleep?…” She looked in her 18 year old stepdaughter’s eyes and said, into the phone, “No…” With a wink to Jan. “I think I’m going to *eat* something, you know, have a … ‘midnight snack’.”

She had to cover the phone because Jan drew in a big breath and Kelly thought she was going to shout. Jan didn’t though. She pulled her fingers out of Kelly and stuck them in her mouth and started sucking the juices off. Kelly said, “Yes Darling… I’ll eat something… ‘non fattening’.” Jan turned on her side, opened her legs and, raising her eyebrows with a smile, nodding her head, pointed to her blonde cunt. Kelly smiled broadly and nodded emphatically. “Ha ha…Ok Dave… call tomorrow… Ok… Love you too. I will… ‘Night.” She hit the ‘off’ button, then laid the phone on the table.

“Your father sends his love to you and said to ‘take care of each other’! So… ‘Snack’… ‘Snatch’… ‘Cunt’…, what ever you want to be called… consider yourself on the menu tonight… Mmmmm… I’m going to ‘take care of you, Honey!'” Kelly said.

Jan whooped and jumped into her step mother’s arms, kissing her, with lots of tongue. “Mmmmm yourself. I really enjoy licking your ‘pussy’.”

Kelly said, “Shit, Jan, I can’t seem to get enough of your’s either.”

Chapter 7

Kelly said, “Ok, Honey…We need to ‘chill’ a minute and talk.”

“Awww Kel, we can talk later, she pushed her thigh between Kelly’s and started rubbing it against her slippery pussy.

“Ohhhh, Honey, you don’t play fair. Wait… feel how wet my cunt is? Well, I want it as much as you do… but lets talk a minute, Please, Dear.”

Jan stopped her wiggling and slid off her. She said, “Ok, Kel, I can wait for a ‘minute’ I guess…” but then added with a laugh, “But only for a ‘minute'”

Kelly smiled and sat up. Jan noticed that her breasts barely changed shape, hardly any sag to them. ‘Yes, she thought, I want mine to be just like hers.’ She sat up too, facing her.

Kelly paused, then said, “I guess you know that we are in trouble. We love each other… and each other’s body… love… eating each other…”

“Yes…?” queried Jan.

“Well, how do we act… when your father gets home? It’s going to be very hard for me to not touch you when you walk by… we aren’t going to be able to hide our feelings *all* the time… sooner or later, we’ll slip up and… pow.”

“Oh, yeah, I see that.” said Jan, “Well, we’ll just have to do the best we can… what else can we do… I don’t want to and probably *can’t* go back to how I felt before…anyway.”

“Yeah me, too, Pumpkin. I love how I feel about you,” said Kelly. She opened her arms to Jan and kissed her, lovingly.

Chapter 8

“Minute over?” Jan smiled, “Good, but first… I’ve got to go ‘pee’.” Kelly said, “Oh no, Not if I get there first!” and scrambled off the bed. She was on the side closest to the bath room and so got to the stool first. She sat down as Janet came rushing in.

“That wasn’t fair, I said it first.” She stuck out her lower lip in a mock pout. Kelly just laughed.

Janet turned on the light and looked in the mirror, turning her head this way and that, posing. “Do I look… different? God… I sure *feel* different.

As Kelly’s pee hissed into the bowl, she reached out and touched Jan’s hip, “We are *both* different now… we’ll never be the same again.” Jan turned and Kelly pulled her over and cupping her butt cheeks, kissed her stomach, saying, “…. And I’m glad.”

Jan said, “Me too,” stroking Kelly’s hair.

Kelly pulled back and reaching, got some toilet paper to wipe with. Jan, seeing this, reached and took it out of her fingers, saying “Remember? We’re supposed to ‘take care of *each other*!'”

Kelly grinned and as the last little spurt came out, so did a soft ‘ puff’, from the back. She giggled, nervously and Jan said, with a laugh, “Oh, Gross”. They both cracked up. Jan then reached down and looking in Kelly’s eyes, she blotted her pussy. Kel grabbed her arm and shuddered a little as Jan wiped up across Kel’s clit… then dropped the tissue.

Kelley blinked and then rose. Jan’s turn. As her pee splashed in the bowl, she buried her face in *Kelly’s* stomach, also clutching her cheeks, inhaling her fragrance. Kelly pressed Jan’s head gently, sighing contentedly.

As Jan stopped, she pulled her face back and Kelly got some tissue and started to reach… Jan grabbed her hand and smiling, strained a little… nothing.

Kelly said, laughing, “You don’t have to do *everything* I do…”

Jan said, “Oh, but I *want* too. So far it’s been a real education.”

As Kelly wiped Jan and Jan hissed, she said, “You’ve got that right… for both of us!” She dropped the tissue and, standing, Janet flushed the stool.

They shut off the light and stood there a second, then put their arms around each other and hugged… molding their bodies together. The slim 25 year old girl and the slightly smaller, and now, wiser 18 year old girl. Finally, they parted and, holding hands, side by side, two sets of cute butt cheeks twitching, they went in and sat on the bed. Hugging each other, they lay back.

Chapter 9

Jan rolled over, half on top of Kelly, and kissed her with hunger, slipping her hand between her thighs, finger slipping into her slick pussy. Kelly moaned and then moved all the way on to the bed, crosswise, and told her, softly, “Come, *sit* on my face this time.”

Jan’s loins tingled as she complied. She straddled Kelly’s shoulders and looking down her body, past her tits, and flat belly, lowered her wet cunt, directly onto Kelly’s mouth.

“Aaahhhh… God” she cried as Kelly jammed her tongue deeply into Jan’s ‘swamp’.

‘God, she’s a juicy girl’, Kel thought, and groaned into her pussy, loving the taste.

After a few seconds, Jan caught her breath and lifted herself off of Kelly. Kel opened her eyes. Jan said, “Wait.” she got off Kelly completely, leaned over and kissed her on the lips and said… “I want to suck *you* too.” She turned around and settled on Kelly.

She had heard of 69 but wasn’t sure how… so she squatted over Kelly’s face and then lay down on her so her head was near *Kelly’s* cunt. As Kelly brought up her knees, Jan was in kind of an awkward position to get to her goal. She, finally put her arms through Kelly’s legs, with her armpits behind Kel’s knees and she was *there*! She gripped Kelly’s butt cheeks and started kissing and licking and sucking.

She felt Kelly’s arms go between *her* legs and as her knees were pushed toward her own breasts, her pussy, just naturally settled on Kelly’s tongue. Kelly, gripping her ass cheeks raised her head and started licking as well. Then, reaching to the side, grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under her head, Now she didn’t even have to lift up.

Janet enjoyed this position, greatly. Then she thought, what *is* this? Really. Before, when she had eaten Kelly, it had been fast and furious. I want to *know* Kelly.

She raised her lips and looked down at the sight before her. Kel’s cunt had an elongated, tear drop shape not just a slit. Kelly’s nether lips were slender but fleshy and pink. Labia, that was the name. But she liked ‘cunt lips’ better. They started just below the hair line. She used her fingers to pull them apart gently and delve inside. As the slot went down towards Kelly’s bottom it widened and deepened. Where the folds, or petals were at the top, there was a bump in the middle, like a small finger. She circled it with her finger and pressed it back and forth. Kelly groaned and quivered. This was the ‘clit’ she had heard about and sucked on earlier. She reached forward and licked it a few times, experimenting with different tongue pressures. This was greeted with deeper moans and answering licks on *her* clit.

Moving on, sliding her fingers through the, now slippery folds, Jan noticed a tiny hole. ‘Pee hole’ she thought. Seems that was about where ‘she’ had to wipe anyway. A few more long licks. Again answered by a similar treatment on ‘her’ cunt by Kelly who was also, evidently, examining her. She slid her questing fingers farther down and noticed that as she opened the lips further it also got deeper, more folds of tissue. She looked for a hole but there wasn’t one… only circular swirls and folds. She slid her finger into this and found that there *was* a hole, or more correctly, a tube or funnel of flesh that gripped her finger. As Kelly moaned again she could feel a ‘milking’ or ‘sucking’ pressure on it. Wow! This was her ‘vagina’. This was where daddy put his ‘cock’ in her and ‘fucked’ her! Oh, God that sounded good. She thought, ‘Someday I want to *see* that, up close. She felt pressure on hers, almost painful, but Kelly couldn’t get her finger in very far. To Kel’s credit, she didn’t try too hard. Probably remembering her own youth, not too long past.

Jan was at the end. Looking at Kelly’s pussy and running her fingers back and forth, in the slippery channel that awed her. This was fabulous! And just think, *I* have one of these too. She smiled and started licking from the top, over the clit, the pee hole, then running her tongue all the way out, to the bottom. Then sucking in all the juicy folds. She did this a few times, and as she dug her tongue as deep as it would go in the juicy funnel, she opened her eyes and looked at the bottom. *Kelly’s* bottom.

Almost under her nose was another sight. Kelly’s little pink rosebud anus. Again she stared… this was also ‘different’. She kept licking Kelly’s pussy, slowly but looking at the little wrinkled orifice. She wondered… She took one of her slick fingers and slide it over the hole and around, wetting it. Then she applied pressure to it and it slipped in a little. “Awrrrggg”, came from Kelly. She couldn’t tell if that meant ‘good’ or ‘bad’, so she eased it out. It really hadn’t been in very far. “Sorry, Kel, did that hurt?”, she said.

In answer, before she could react, Kelly eased the slippery tip of one of ‘her’ fingers into *Jan’s* rosebud. Oh, Wow. It felt… strange, but definitely good!, in fact, it was exciting as hell. Kelly wiggled her butt a little and started ‘fingering’ Jan’s asshole, gently slipping in a little then out and at the same time, licking and sucking Jan’s pussy. Tongue and finger, alternating. Sliding in and out. Jan thought it felt *very* good this way, and she immediately reciprocated, putting her slippery digit back in Kelly’s asshole, then diving into her cunt and started the same action.

They settled down to a feast of one another. Sucking the slippery folds in, swallowing the collected fluids, tongueing deeply, finger fucking each others’ assholes, slipping the finger deeper as their passion grew. Raising up, looking at the pussy, fingering it, then back to tongueing… and ‘MMmmmmmmmm’ing. Faster and faster they went. Now adding rocking to their deep licking and sucking. Higher and higher they climbed. Soon, the fingering of Kelly’s asshole was too distracting to Jan… She pulled her finger out and gripping Kelly’s butt cheeks with both hands she went all out. She was rocking Kelly and deep tongueing her, and working her chin against her clit, moaning into her cunt as the action was reciprocated. Faster… faster… Kelly followed suit and soon they were rocking and groaning, licking and sucking, slurping and quivering.

Jan felt that wonderful tension building up again, fast, her insides started vibrating. All her muscles started to tighten, her toes curled, and suddenly she was *there*!!… Again!! She was paralyzed with pleasure. It flowed over her in waves. To *her* credit, she kept her tongue deep in Kelly’s pussy and chin on her clit as she moaned and *came*. “UUCummingggnnn” she cried, into Kel’ pussy… She knew she was drowning Kelly… she couldn’t help it… it felt so… wonderful. Suddenly, in the midst of her pleasure, Kelly’s cunt flowered open around her tongue and started *gushing* cum into *her* mouth. Mouthful after mouthful had to be swallowed by the girl. Cumming herself, she tried gamely to do it but it was too much to handle. It flowed out, running down the crack of Kelly’s ass and dripping to the sheets.

Kelly’s situation was the same. As Janet’s cunt clutched her tongue and cum started coming into her mouth in huge quantities she had to swallow again and again, trying to keep up. Her own cum, triggered by Jan’s, overtook her. As her climax occurred, she too, was almost paralyzed by the pleasure. She clasped Jan tightly to her body and groaned and sucked and licked and swallowed and swallowed and then… started… giggling… giggling into Jan’s juicing pussy!! Giggling because her loins were erupting pleasure… Giggling… because… it was fantastic cumming like this… the waves coming and going, a feeling of… a release of tension. Soon, she realized that Janet was also giggling into *her* cunt… as their cum ebbed the giggling grew. Soon they couldn’t continue. The giggles became chuckles and their cumming became a beautiful after glow…

Their loins aching from ecstasy, they rolled on their sides and gulped fresh air into their starved lungs, still gripping each other’s butts. Slowly calming and finally, deep breathing, with, now and then a chuckle and a shiver… A last few licks and sucks…

God… they were good together!!! The ‘young’ older girl and the ‘older’ younger girl.

Janet reversed her position and she and Kelly hugged each other, kissing… more like ‘sucking’ each other’s mouth… sliding all over, licking and sucking up spilled cum.


Kelly looked at the clock on the table. Almost 1:00 AM. On a school day. Well, I’m sure Jan is going to want to call in ‘sick’ in the morning. I want that too. Jan, all pooped out, was sleeping, lying half on, half off Kelly, grasping her breast loosely. Her sticky thigh on Kel’s sticky mons and vise-versa. The sheet draped over them. Fuck it , she thought, we’ll shower later. She kissed her on the forehead, ellicting a soft moan of pleasure, then a softer snore.

Oh, Damn… all that had happened in only 8 hours… 8 hours that had changed both of their lives. Forever!

Jan home about 4:00… their verbal exchange. Then … not quite 5:00, Jan apologizing… 6:00, she and Dave fucking, with their unknown audience… 7:30, Dave leaving and by… 8:00 her seeing Jan in her bath… By 9:00 she was finger-fucking her step daughter!… 10:00 she was sucking her cunt!… 10:30 Janet was sucking *her* cunt!… 11:00 Dave calling and then… 11:30 the little incident in the bath… Around 12:00… Cunt eating again… a wondrous feast for both… in a love knot… 69ing!!!!

She sighed deeply and said, “Oh God, Yes, I love it so much.”

Jan raised her head and looked askance at her. Kelly tipped Jan’s lips up and kissed her softly, then pressed her head back to her breast.

“I love you”, they both murmured at the same time. And then…

They slept.


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