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Young Years Are The Best Ch. 01

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It happened in the year 1998 when Andrew, a real naughty dude of 18, had his first odd intercourse. It was a strange that the guy of such an age had a boy amidst his friends that was only 14. His name was Oleg and of course he went to school. Oleg and Andrew had been the very close friends for some time and shared everything they could and there was plenty of that between them.

One day when Andrew was near his close friend’s place he made up his mind to visit him. It didn’t take too long to reach his apartment’s door and ring the doorbell. When the door opened Oleg’s elder sister Lena of 19 stood there, straight at the doorjamb and smiled at him nicely. The girl was always very friendly to him like “Hello” and “See you”. So when he saw her at that moment, grinning Andrew asked her, “Hi, is Oleg in?”

“No, he went shopping, but he will return soon. You can step in and wait for him. Come in.,” she replied simply as she always spoke to him.

At first her secret admirer thought that he should resist like any shy guy does nowadays but then he decided to stay because he liked to be next to Oleg’s sister too much.

When Lena opened the door she wore a short nightgown that hardly went to her knees and her hair was dripping very erotically wet, she had been taking a shower the guy guessed. In short she was a nice girl for any guy to have. Thus Andrew agreed to wait for his friend at his apartment hoping to spy on his sister. Lena showed him to Oleg’s room and went to the kitchen to get something for them to snack on. Five minutes later she entered the room carrying a plate that was full of fresh toast and offered her guest to try them. In his usual manner Andrew was a very polite guy and thanked her. By this time he was really hungry and took one. Enjoying her company the guy took a bite and it was very delicious. Surely the girl would make a very good housekeeper.

“Let me have it,” Lena said and bit a piece from the toast that lay on his stretched out palm.

When Andrew began to take his hand back she pulled his pointing finger to her mouth slowly and started sucking on it. The guy lost his voice from her unusual performance and wasn’t in a hurry to get his hand back. Then holding his relaxed hand the girl pulled it to her night-gown that she opened up a bit, straight to her naked perky tit, trying to give him a hint of her intentions. What could Andrew do? He began squeezing it not believing in his luck and when the girl’s nipples became stiff Andrew began kissing them with his lips and tongue. At first he did one nipple then another, licking them around and sucking them in tenderly. It made the girl very hot and her pink nipples became swollen and firm. They both shone with his spit and her looks excited the guy awesomely.

By that time Andrew had already fucked several girls and one of them was his classmate. Fortunately his sexy classmates liked him to pay attention to exciting their breasts and liked when the guy lapped up and down their nipples. Andrew guessed Lena would like it too and he wasn’t wrong.

Oleg’s sister started moaning aloud without being afraid of being heard, although girls usually like to smother their cries. Soon his hand was caressing her panties-covered pussy and she didn’t resist. By that time her hand had easily found the guy’s cock, which was beginning to swell. Getting it out Lena stood up and squatted in front of Andrew and her head was close to his hard-on. At first she just took it in her hand and started jerking it off, up and down slowly and then she bent down to kiss it.

“Fuck,” the guy thought and looked forward to her taking his raging dick in her mouth. “God, she had done that. Wow, no girl had given him head before her!” Andrew thought to himself about the very first experience of such activity.

Since it was the first time for Andrew and he had almost been over the edge while his cock was being stroked the amazing movement of her tongue around his piss-hole drove her partner crazy very quickly and she got the first stream of cum in her mouth in several moments. By that time Andrew knew many girls didn’t like tasting cum and tried to move their pretty faces away when their boyfriends were cumming but Lena was different kind of girl and she swallowed every drop he gave to her.

The boy just sat gasping and tried come back to reality after his first orgasm with that cover girl but staring into her eyes he noticed that there was going to be a continuation. Andrew even didn’t notice how she took off her short nightgown. When he had finally come back to reality Lena vulgarly laid on the sofa and the guy was smart enough to understand that it was his time to give her pleasure. Soon Andrew knelt down between her widespread tender legs and got down to licking her already slippery pussy. Such an open-minded girl made the guy extremely excited and drove him out of control. Her opened pussy’s lips attracted him very much and his tongue instinctively touched her swollen clit. It was clear that Lena enjoyed his tongue so much that she grabbed his head tightly against her juice-covered pussy lips. Andrew enjoyed her reaction and he began to lick faster moving her closer to orgasm. Laying between her legs the inexperienced boy could hear moans and screams like, “Yeah, yeah!” coming from her cum-stained mouth. Lena just couldn’t help lying back and enjoying herself.

Andrew guessed that if he kept on lapping he would make her cum but he wanted to fuck her. He understood that the girl could refuse his attempts, because oral sex was one thing but vaginal sex was another thing altogether. Lena was still in that position after her lover had risen up and taken a position between her legs. Looking down at her the guy noticed her pulsating pussy ready to be screwed and her lust-filled eyes begged for more. Staring at her eyes Andrew slowly began pushing his cock inside of her, trying to enjoy his first pussy screwing. It wasn’t very comfortable for him and he had to stand up a bit and his entire gun entered her. Her legs obediently embraced his muscled hips and the girl began moving with her adorable lover in rhythm. His first time was so exciting that Andrew lay on the top of her giving her wet kisses. His tongue immediately rushed and literally broke into her mouth without meeting any obstacle. Now there was no shyness in that guy and he took his opportunity in both hands. Lena just lay and stared with wide-open eyes asking for hard pounding and gasped, “Yes, baby! Like this! Yeah baby, just a bit harder,” the teenager tutored him in lovemaking.

Andrew was continually speeding up trying to get his cum boiling in his balls. It felt so good feeling her tight pussy around his cock that he was ready to explode. Notwithstanding his eagerness to cum the guy decided to delay it, afraid that he would have to leave but he wanted some more. The young boy decided to change his position so that Lena felt comfortable and grabbing her ass cheeks with his cock deep inside her, he rolled over so that the girl turned out on top. She was quite happy to be in charge and pumped up and down on his cock with great intensity and her firm tits bounced in the rhythm with her, up and down. It was surely the guy’s luckiest day. Andrew, like a zombie, grabbed her tits that moved up and down in front of his fog-filled eyes in both his hands.

“Fucking A!” the guy realized she was cumming because she screamed out loud at the top of her lungs and her pussy milked his cock very fast. Seeing that Lena was very happy from their lovemaking Andrew was about to cum. As she was pressed against the sofa’s back by his sweating body the guy managed to get his rock-hard cock out of her just before cumming and all his baby-making cum splashed on her firm stomach.

The teenagers lay there on the sofa, relaxed and having a pleasant time. Suddenly a shocking idea struck Andrew, “Fuck girlie, Oleg could be here at any moment.”

The guy was about to get up and get dressed to bolt away. He even forgot that he had stopped being a virgin and that it happened with his friend’s striking sister.

“Ah funny,” the girl giggled. “I was just kidding earlier my boy. He’s at training now and then he goes to some Internet club to play that stupid Counter-Strike computer game with friends. I think we can get some extra cum out of your balls so screw my tight asshole.”

Her words excited Andrew because the girl was a natural born nympho and was eager to do dirtier acts. She wasn’t just a stupid girl who only liked talking. After those words Lena dipped her fingers in the pools of cum that were on her flat stomach. Lena moved her well-trained legs behind her ears demonstrating her elastic ass to the guy. Staring at Andrew’s eyes the girl moved her cum-covered fingers over to her inviting pussy and they easily entered it. Without blinking Lena began sawing in and out of her tight asshole, lubricating it with the guy’s sticky thick cum. It never occurred to Andrew but he was making her dreams come true with delight and it was happening there by the sofa’s back. The teen girl rested her hands on the sofa’s back like some relaxing sportswoman (it was the only comparison that came to the guy’s mind) and Andrew moved closer to poke his cock into her tight asshole.

“How could such things happen?” the guy wondered in awe. “Today I’m gonna fuck this beauty in all her holes and no one would ever allow me do such things before!”

His swollen cock, full of desire again, was entering her asshole so slowly and her rectum was squeezing the guy’s cock so tightly notwithstanding all that lubricant. As his cock went deeper, its tightness was turning into pleasure. At first Andrew didn’t think that a girl could like it, but her face’s impressions were the best proof of her enjoying that too much. Andrew made up his mind to double her pleasure and inserted two fingers to the knuckles into Lena’s moist pussy. In no time her movements had sped up and she cried out loud,

“Oh my God! Mummy… mummy… fuck, it feels so good!”

At first he liked what he had heard and thought it was her usual expressions during sex, but he was very wrong. Oleg and Lena’s mother was approaching the young couple in action from behind. She was a woman of 39, fattening a bit but with big boobs that she had gotten out already when Andrew turned his head and noticed her. The woman had many things in common with her daughter. They were both stunning and attracted men too easily. They weren’t too tall or too short and had everything in the proper places. The guy couldn’t say a word as he heard, “Suck this up,” she said in a commanding tone, giving him one of her gorgeous boobs. “You have to give me pleasure if you wanna fuck my little daughter any longer.”

What could Andrew do? He had never partaken in a three-some and the guy obeyed continuing to fuck Lena’s ass hard. The day had given him too much and he couldn’t believe that all of it was true not some wet dream. While he kept on ramming Lena’s tight asshole the guy didn’t stop sucking on her mother’s big nipples with his hand squeezing her ass cheeks tightly. Andrew was about to cum again and it was the first time when he tried a girl’s asshole. He tried getting the cock out of her ass that was stretched open with his swollen stalk splashing the cum across her ass cheeks and back. But he was too slow and several streams of cum were shot off inside her asshole and some poured out of her puckered asshole. After covering Lena in hot cum the happy guy with a hardened dick between his muscled legs stepped back and sat on the sofa confused. But Lena’s mum was a really kinky bitch who was much dirtier than her cum-covered daughter. She picked up some cum from her daughter’s back with her fingertips and tasted it smacking.

“Yummy!” the matured woman exclaimed, smiling.

With that prodigious impression on her face, she lubricated her cunt and asshole that had already been freed from her small panties and skirt with the cum. The guy sat and stared at her like a deer in the highlights but she just came over to him and without saying anything she sat on his blood-filled cock. So Andrew looked like a stool. Her hole wasn’t as great like her daughter’s was, because her pussy was really stretched out wide after cheating on her husband for so long. During her saddling she looked at her daughter masturbating her pussy fiercely. The excited mother couldn’t get the rhythm going with Andrew and was going to surprise the “green” boy and stood up. The guy was very surprised and wondered what was wrong but Lena’s mother requested, “Boob-fuck me! I have wanted it all my life!”

Andrew hadn’t any notion to give her any argument so he grabbed her legs and threw Oleg and Lena’s mother on her back and sat on her stomach without giving her time to come to herself. Sitting on her stomach Andrew put his vein-covered cock between her boobs. The woman immediately knew what the guy was about to do and helped him, squeezing her tits around his ready-to-cum cock. The family’s friend started sawing forth and back in the artificial tunnel. Although Andrew had already cum several times he was ready to cum again. Lena’s mother was very good at pleasing cocks and knew that the guy was on the edge and grabbed his pulsating cock. She was right as usual and directed it straight at her face just in no time because healthy cum splashed on her face and opened mouth.

Andrew was excited that after all the time he had spent he could at the least cum once more. So he glanced at her cum-stained face with thick globs all over it and grabbed her by hair making her move her face toward his cock seeking release. Lena’s mother was very clever to figure out what his intention was and took it in her mouth, swallowing it to the balls. Lena thought her mother planned to deep-throat her friend and wanted to see because she always failed to do that. She was impressed as she saw her mother swallow the entire cock but the guy put his hand on the back of her head and held her in position with her nose buried deep in his pubic bush. Andrew like it so much and moved his hips back, leaving only the tip of his dickhead in her mouth and then thrust forward, burying it balls deep in her mouth. Her throat felt good around his cock and suddenly the guy had started ramming her small throat, speeding up.

Nobody could believe that such a shy guy as Andrew was would be turned into such a rough guy, just because he had several sexual intercourses in one day. Lena just stared at Andrew and her mother like she was a hypnotized girl. It was shocking for her to see how fast he was ramming her dear mother and how grotesque it looked as her throat was spread with his cock. The woman moaned so erotically and the slurping sounds excited the guy very much. Andrew turned his head and glanced at Lena and winked at her seeing that the pretty girl enjoyed the watching so much. It was too much for Lena and her orgasm overtook her and everyone could see it. The sight of her mother sucking the cock and her fingers stroking her pussy were the reasons for making her squirt. Seeing two happy women Andrew began cumming into the depths of the mouth of two children’s mother. He fell down next to the woman he was so tired. Thank God Lena and her mother saw that Andrew was very tired from so many much pounding and left him alone.

After the guy had come to himself Lena sent him to the bathroom to take a shower. The family was very grateful to the well-hung boy and had a meal with him later. He was so drained that he ate like a bull and his plate was empty in the blink of an eye. While Andrew was eating he thought that Lena and her mother were great professional cocksuckers and planned to be a frequent guest at their apartment. Being happy and glad the guy collected all his stuff and went to his home. It was a great day!

Just on his way out he came across Oleg, Lena’s brother of 14, in the entrance.

“Hiya man, whuzzup?”

“Heh Oleg, I just dropped by to check out if you were home, but your ass was out!”

“Yeah, I was away playing Doom on the Internet with some friends. I won first place!”

“You are a lucky man like me, dude!”

“Come inside with me and have something to smoke.”

“Oh boy, I’d be happy to do that but it was depressing have a speak with your people. Let’s have it some another day.”

“Right you are. See ya!”

“Later man!”

Saying good-byes to each other they struck fives and we went our separate ways.

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