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A little bit of me wanted to punish my wife. That could almost be justified for I had just found a pair of panties in her bag; damp, wrinkled and clearly used panties at that. But our marriage wasn’t quite like that. We didn’t punish each other, we didn’t usually check up on each other and we didn’t tell the other what we had been up to when we were out on own.

I hadn’t asked her where she had been that evening and I certainly hadn’t told her that I’d been at a gay sauna. I didn’t question her about the panties, but then I didn’t tell her I had been sucked and wanked by two guys in that sauna.

My increasing bisexuality was, or so I thought, my problem to cope with and solve myself, I didn’t need to involve anyone, least of all my Kelly. But of course she was involved. She had been the meat in the sandwich of the threesome we’d had in Boston when we met Brad. She’d been as up for it as I and it was her who had pushed Brad’s and my erect cocks together and then made us lay side by side as she put our hands on the other’s cock and signalled for us all to mutually masturbate. So she was involved and she had an inkling of the change in my sexuality, but we hadn’t as yet really discussed that.

When I had arrived home from the gay sauna the thing I most wanted was to fuck my wife.

I’d forgotten she was out so I had to ‘kick my heels’ for an hour or so until she arrived home. After a drink and a kiss, or maybe a kiss then a drink I told her I wanted her, badly. Actually I didn’t say that. I said.

“Come on Kel, I need a fuck, get yer knickers off.”

She looked guilty and scooted off to the bathroom making me feel suspicious; I don’t know why, but I was.

For some reason, and I had never done it before, I looked in her bag and found her panties. I can’t say for sure what was my strongest emotion, but excitement at the thought that she had recently been fucked by another man was near the top!

I grabbed her immediately she came back.

“Come on then let’s go to bed,” she said smiling so innocently at me.

I pulled her into my arms.

“No here,” I growled, kissing her deeply and shoving my tongue straight into her mouth. She kissed me back and ran her hands through my hair. I got my hand up the skimpy sparkly top with the thin spaghetti straps and, as I’d guessed, there was no bra. She has quite small, but very pert B cup tits and she can go without a bra quite easily, but I still thought ‘fuck it I should have dug deeper in the big wags bag she always carried, maybe there’s a bra there too!’

I was almost immediately hard. I shoved that firmly against her stomach, she squirmed back at it. I got my hands up her ‘shorter than a nearly forty year old woman should really wear’, denim skirt and gripped the deliciously rounded, pliable cheeks of her as good as perfect arse. By fuck it felt good.

“I’m gonna fuck you over the arm of the settee,” I groaned.

“Yes fuck me like that,” she responded. She’s nearly always up for anything, the dirty cow, as I called her, usually when we were fucking.

I pulled her top up so that her tits were bare and rolled the skirt up round her waist as I turned her round and manipulated her towards the arm of the sofa. She lay over the arm, her delicious arse in the air; she looked fucking awesome.

“Come on then, don’t promise what you can’t deliver,” she smiled shaking her arse at me. I undid my trousers and pushed those and my boxers down. I got behind her and pulled the thong to one side. Her cunt and arse beckoned at me like two beacons. I stroked her lips and slid my fingers inside. As always, she was already wet, the sexy bitch.

Laid before me, her skirt bunched round her waist, her body bent so that her back, neck and head were lower than her waist and her slim, shapely legs straight and slightly parted, she looked really horny. Her cunt lips were glistening and the pale brown, puckered skin round her anus seemed to be beckoning to me.

I leaned forward, holding onto her by the hips and licked her ass. I shoved the very tip of my tongue right against the wrinkly skin feeling the hole open a bit. I knew she liked that so I wasn’t surprised to hear her gasp and feel some shudders go through her body.

It was then that it came to me, that I had the idea, the need and desire. Yes it was as I looked at my bent over wife, her thong pulled to one side, her tits, cunt and ass bare that I realised what I wanted. We’d done it before so I knew it wouldn’t be a major surprise for Kelly, but I wasn’t sure just why it became such a strong obsession for me. Just why I felt so strongly, why I wanted so badly to fuck my wife’s ass!

Was it my burgeoning bisexuality, a reaction to being in the gay club, a sort of punishment or what?

I rubbed the head of my cock along the length of her slit making it as wet as I could with her own juices. She clearly thought I was going to enter her for she pushed back a little and moaned.

“Yes, James, yes, fuck me.”

Instead I put my fingers to my mouth and soaked them with my spittle which I rubbed all round that tan-coloured wrinkled skin. She still didn’t realise I was onto something else, for I often did that.

“Come on, come on,” she urged.

I wasn’t sure whether she was acting for she’d had her fill earlier and wanted to get this over and done with or, whether perhaps she hadn’t had enough, particularly if she’d been with some bloke in a car or, if she really was well aroused. I chose to believe the latter.

Pulling my cock away from her lips I pressed the glistening, shiny wet head right against her hole.

“Oh no, no,” she grunted sounding a little pissed off.

“Why not?”

“I want to be fucked properly.”

“This is properly,” I said pushing harder and seeing the serrated skin start to expand and the hole start to open.

“James no.”

“Kelly please,” I asked pushing just a tad harder. “Say it’s ok.”

“Oh fuck,” she moaned sounding resigned to it. “Let me lift up a bit?”

I removed my hand from the middle of her back where I had been sort of holding her down. I saw between her thighs one of her fingers slithering downwards as she searched for her clit.

“Ok, now fuck me like this,” the dirty bitch suggested, rubbing herself.

I again took hold of each of her hips and lifted her just a little bit to get the angle exact. I licked my fingers putting loads of spittle on them and rubbed that onto my cock. I was slightly leaning backwards as I started to push further.

“Of fuck, oh shit, oh fucking hell,” Kelly groaned.

“Is it ok, or is it too much?” I asked.

“Ugh, it’s ok,” she grunted, go on, push.”

As I eased forward so she pushed back and slowly but very evidently my cock vanished right up my wife’s arse.


A few times over the next couple of weeks I thought of visiting Peter or going back to the gay sauna, but something stopped me. I don’t know what it was, but I felt I didn’t want that, I didn’t want to be with a man or express my gay or bi tendencies.

Kelly and I had sex most nights and I was feeling sexually quite sated. I was busy at work and was playing a lot of golf so I guess I had other things to occupy me as well. I had no feelings of wanting any gay experiences and I never looked at a guy and wondered what was under the clothes the way I did to nearly every well proportioned, and some not so well proportioned, women I met or saw.

“Did you want to go further?” Kelly said her face on my hip, her hand holding my dick.

“When?” I asked wondering just what was coming next.

“With Brad.”

“How do you mean?” I asked my fingers finding her small left breast and squeezing it as I played for time. I don’t like being put on the spot like that.

“When he did this?” she asked slowly pumping my prick.

She was referring to the threesome we’d had in Boston with a guy we, or she really, picked up in the bar of the Copley Place Marriott. We had taken him back to our room and I had watched him shag her, something I had wanted to see for years. After that she took over and made us lie on our backs propped up against the pillows and headboard. She then took our hands placed them on the each other’s cock and slowly made the same pumping motions as she was doing now. Leaving our hands there, she had then started to play with herself and we ended up with Brad and me jerking each other off as we watched Kelly make herself cum. It was heady stuff indeed.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Although we had a pretty open marriage and we were quite liberal in our views and in what we said to each other, I had been loathe to open up to her about my increasing sexuality dilemma. It had been going on for a year or so and I was now convinced that I was bisexual. Bisexual that is in wanting, now and then, sexual thrills from men. With my typical double standards or twisted logic, it wasn’t in the form of wanting to fuck a guy’s arse as I did my wife’s, or have mine fucked. I didn’t look at men and fancy them or imagine them naked. It was just that occasionally I would get the urge for something different and I would end up at a male masseur or a gay sauna, where I would get jerked off. I hadn’t yet, other than Brad and when I was a kid, actually masturbated another guy and the sensation of going down on a guy was still waiting me, but I knew that was just a factor of time and opportunity, not desire.

“Well you seemed to enjoy him wanking you,” she said, doing just that, “I wondered if you would have liked more.”

“Such as?” I asked, my cock starting to harden as I pinched my wife’s nipple and felt her cool fingers pumping me.

“Oh I don’t know, this maybe?” She said as she licked up the length of my semi-hard cock.

“Mmmmm,” I groaned as those lovely feelings raced from my cock to my balls to then be transported throughout my body.

“Well?” She asked.

“What,” I moaned as her fingers rubbed round my balls and between my legs.

“I asked,” Kelly said slowly, pausing for a moment or two as she licked the tip of my cock “Would you have liked Brad to have sucked your cock?”

What the fuck do you say, when your wife asks such a question? Unlike most answers I give her when she is getting near the mark, I told the truth.

“I’m not sure?”

“Not like this?” She asked taking my cock deep into her mouth and sucking me nice and hard.

“Oh God, Kel,” I sighed gripping her silky, blonde hair as she bobbed her face up and down on me. She really was fucking brilliant at blow jobs.

Taking my cock from her mouth, but holding it like a lollipop as she licked it she went on.

“Or would you have preferred to have sucked his cock?”

I was so pleased it was dark and she couldn’t see my face, for I was embarrassed and concerned at what she might think; after all, admitting that you would probably like to both suck another guy’s cock and have yours sucked by him isn’t easy to say to a wife of as many years as we’d been married.

“I don’t know, luv, I just don’t know,” I grunted giving into the lovely feelings that her mouth and fingers were causing.

She pulled me onto my side, her lips still wrapped round my cock doing the most incredible things to me. She held my cock with one hand and slid the other round my hip. She stroked, caressed and rubbed the cheeks of my arse her fingers slowly moving nearer and nearer to the crease. They got there, they slid slightly inside, they ran through it, they stroked right along its length, one found my hole, it pressed, it sort of enquired, I pushed back, she got the message.

Still licking and sucking my cock, Kelly removed her finger from my bum and her mouth from my cock. I dimly made out her licking her finger and then that was back on my anus and my cock was back in her mouth, a sublime combination. She pressed again, I pushed back again and her finger slid in me. Up and up she went, slowly but surely going nearer and nearer to my prostate. Although I was slightly worried about her long, pointed fingernails, it was fucking awesome. It was as though I was being fucked in two different places, but then I was. Ok, it wasn’t like a woman having a cock up her pussy and another up her arse, but it was pretty close.

She increased the pace with which her mouth fucked my cock and slowly, but very surely went further and further with her finger.

“Ok?” She asked taking my cock from her mouth so she could talk.

“Yes,” I grunted, slightly embarrassed at the pleasure I was gaining from having my wife finger fuck my arse.

The combination of my cock being sucked and my prostate stimulated was amazing, something I had never fully experienced before. Momentarily I wondered where Kelly had learned such erotic arts, but I cast such thoughts out of mind; after all why concern myself with how she learned to give such pleasure when I was getting such pleasure?

I find it difficult to last very long when being sucked nicely by a woman, especially, although it’s rare, when bareback. So when Kelly not only sucked but also fingered my arse, it became doubly difficult to hold back.

Grabbing one of her little tits and stroking that and getting hold of a handful of her golden hair I grunted.

“Fucking hell Kel, that’s fantastic, I’m cumming.”

I went to pull myself out for she doesn’t usually take it in the mouth, but she held me in there. The feelings as my cock exploded in my wife’s mouth as her finger stimulated my prostate really were indescribable. As I revelled in having my arse finger fucked and shooting my cum into her tight mouth I did wonder which gave me the most pleasure. I also wondered whether the fact that it could just as easily have been a man doing those wonderful things to me made any difference.

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