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Vet Check Ch. 02

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The mittens didn’t make the crawl very easy, but she followed as best she could. The tile floor hurt her knees a bit, but she focused her mind on the deed her master laid before her. They entered a room at the end of the hall, and it was rather large. A cold silver steel exam table laid in the middle, and along two conjoining at the corner walls were lined with cabinets. A counter top lined underneath the cabinets.

A light fixture for a very powerful light hung from the ceiling over the exam table, and a silver tray held up next to the table was covered by a light blue cloth.

Aven felt a shiver go down her spine. The room was not very warm, and goose bumps rose all over her skin. The man walked over to the exam table and stared at his clip board, occasionally pulling up papers still clamped down and looking at them. Then he looked up and told master to get her up on the table.

Master led Aven over to the table and then knelt down and scooped her up still in all fours position as you would a dog, and put her on top of the table. The steel was cold, and Aven shivered a bit. She looked around, and she was beginning to become very frightened. She had no idea what was going to happen. Was this the surprise or only part?

“We should put a muzzle on her, in case she tries to bit,” The man said, who was now evident to her by looking at his name tag that he was a Vet.

Master reached round Aven’s head and put a ball gag in her mouth. She took it between her teeth, and felt him cinch it behind her head. The vet put his clipboard down on a corner of the table and came to the long side of the table so that he was facing her mid section. Aven turned her head to watch him. He pulled the stethoscope from round his neck, put the ear pieces in his ears and then put the steel circle end on her chest to listen to her heartbeat.

He stood there listening for a few moments, and then took it off her chest, and then removed the ear pieces from his ears and looped it back around his neck. He picked up his clipboard again and wrote something down then announced that her heart sounded fine. He approached her face, and pulled her lips up to see her gums, peered into her eyes with a light, ran his hand down her spine to check the alignment, and moved her shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles to check her joints and announced all was well.

He then called to her master and asked him to lay her down on her side. He came over and said for her to lie down and Aven did the way she would at home, hips folded and her feet off to the side and propped her self up on her elbows like a cat would lay. He then pushed her over and she laid on her side straightening out her legs and arms in front of her.

The vet came around and took hold of each nipple, twirling it in his fingers. They became hard nubs at his touch, and Aven squinched her eyes shut and whimpered softly. He made a “hmm” noise and then walked over to the covered steel tray. He lifted the cover, and on it lay silver instruments. Aven caught sight of them, and they looked horrible. She began whining and looked to her master. The vet picked one up and brought it over to Aven.

“Have her stand up again,” he told her master.

Master pulled on Aven’s collar and she rose to all fours. The vet walked around to the back of her, and she looked behind her. She kept whining and when she felt the vet’s hand on her back end, she tried to scramble away. Master grabbed hold of her collar to hold her in place, and yelled at her to stay.

She stopped at the sound of his voice, and tried to relax. She trembled and shook, and tried to look to see what instrument the vet had, but could not get a view. She felt his thumb go down her crack and spread one cheek. She felt his fingers from his other hand come to her asshole and spread a goo on them which she determined to be a type of lube. His fingers left and she heard him pick the instrument off the table, and she tensed her whole body and whimpered again. She looked up to her master who was watching what the vet was doing. His hand was still on her collar, and his other on the middle of her back.

She felt the instrument against her tight hole and the vet pushed and it went in. It was sharp and cold and made Aven yelped and tried to run away. Master held her strong and the vet moved one of his hands to her hip holding her faster still. Master ordered her to stay again, and she stopped and tried to relax. The vet moved away and went to the tray again, he picked up another instrument and brought it back and set down on the table.

He started with the one in her ass again, and she heard it start to click and her opening to start to spread open. It was dreadfully painful yet aroused her as well. The vet then took a finger and pushed it into her pussy. Aven’s eyes opened wide and her body went rigid. She felt him move his finger around, feeling her. He then stuck in a second finger and with the other hand clicked the instrument again opening her wider still.

Aven slowly began to relax, and before long she was moaning as she felt his fingers move around inside her. A third went in and another click of the instrument was heard. Aven felt an orgasm begin to build up. Her moans were beginning to grow in volume and she even heard her master chuckle a bit. The vet looked up and smiled. She felt him insert a fourth finger, and instead of one click he clicked the instrument twice. The instrument was beginning to hurt her badly but she couldn’t help but enjoy it, and his twisting prying fingers as well.

Before long, the vet was trying to get his hand inside her. And Aven without realizing began to push back on his hand. The vet took his hand off the instrument and put it against one of her ass cheeks trying to get her to stop from pushing against his hand. Aven responded by stopping, and she felt him click the instrument again as he slid his hand the rest of the way in.

Her body was trembling and she was moaning very loudly. The vet made a “hmm” noise and removed his hand. He then took the instrument up from the table and stuck it in. It was a thin and long, and he pushed it up against her cervix. She felt him continue pushing and the pain was so great Aven couldn’t help but let tears stream from her eyes. He then removed the rod, placed it down, and then put his hands on the clicking instrument. He clicked it several more times, and Aven tried to scream but the gag just muffled the sound.

The vet picked up a second rod from the table and slid it through instrument, and pushed it as deep as it would go. It felt terrible, and she began to cry from the immense pain. He removed a minute later and shut the clicking instrument letting her bottom go almost back to normal, and then remove it. He laid all these things on a counter top, and then turned and leaned against it. He looked to her master and raised a questioning eyebrow.

Master must’ve known what the question was, because he nodded and the vet turned around and reached up into a cabinet for a beaker. In the beaker was a liquid. Aven watched him, and the vet gave her a sadistic smile. He took the beaker to a door and opened it. Inside were lines of kennels filled with dogs and when he stuck the beaker inside the room, all the dogs went crazy with barking and howling and pawing at the cage doors. Aven’s eyes went wide with fear.

Master came close to her ear and whispered, “Maybe next time you’ll think twice before you play with the toys without permission.”

“How did he know?” she thought to herself. But it didn’t matter. Master had found out, and she was being punished.

Master picked up Aven as he had to put her on the table, and put her on the ground. He led her through the door to the kennels by the leash. The vet then kneeled in front of her and poured the liquid into a spray bottle. He sprayed it in her hair, and all over her body. When he came to her ass and pussy he sprayed her so liberally she thought she would never be able to clean it off ever.

He then went to the kennel of German Shepard and opened the door. He clipped a leash to its collar and let it out. It darted at Aven but the vet held it back so that they were just nose to nose. The dog pawed furiously to get at her, howling and barking. He then led it to the door on the opposite side of the room and took it outside. He tied the dog to a stake in the ground underneath a secluded shelter, and came back in.

This time he went to the kennel of a St. Bernard. He put a leash on it and let it come just to Aven’s nose. This time she crawled away fast and hid behind her master’s legs. Master reached around and grabbed her collar pulling her from behind him and back to where she previously had been. The vet led the dog outside and tied it to a second stake in the ground.

He repeated this process with a Rottweiler, Doberman, and a Labrador. He came back down after he had tied all five dogs outside in a circle of stakes. He smiled at Aven again in that sadistic way, and motioned for her Master to follow.

He led them outside to the circle of dogs where a pole stuck up from the ground in the middle of the circle. Master began tugging on her to crawl to the pole. Two of the dogs, the St. Bernard and German Shepard she had to walk between. As she did, they ran at her. Knocking her down, and trying to mount her backside. She scrambled and struggled to get away from them, and it seemed almost futile to try. Finally she reached the pole. Once again she was barely out of reach of the dogs. Master tied her leash way up at the top.

He then knelt down to her, and stroked her liquid soaked hair, “This will give you some time to think on what you’ve done. That is one rule you are never to break, and you know that!” he told her.

He then walked away, and she was left outside alone behind the clinic at the mercy of the dogs.

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