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It was hot! Not the kind of heat one would feel in most areas of the country in July, but the humid, oppressive heat that was common in any part of South Florida except the beaches. That’s what it was like when Josh stepped out the rear door of the nondescript concrete block house in the Northwest part of Fort Lauderdale. The house had been built in the forties by a family who had aspired towards farming without success and now existed as a lonely rental structure a good three miles from the center of town just a few hundred feet from the North branch of New River.

Josh had to laugh at the label of ‘river’ because from what he could see it wasn’t more than twenty-five feet wide. At least not in the area he was familiar with. He had always felt that the river should have been named ‘Gator Creek’ due to the large number of alligators and snakes populating the water near the house.

Their presence in the black water of the river had provided Josh with un-counted earnings when he was in his early teens by recovering misguided golf balls of the many golfers in the Wilton Manors golf course that bordered the road across from where he lived. Josh would hang out near the green located at the river’s edge and when he would hear the tell-tale ‘plunk’ of a ball hitting the water, he’d wait for the irritated golfer to walk up to the green, take one look at the dark waters and mumble about his lost golf ball. Josh would quickly take advantage of the situation and volunteer to recover the ball. For a small tip, of course, which would usually result in an easily earned dollar or so. He had learned quickly that if he made a lot of noise when he entered the water he had nothing to fear from the populace of the dark denizens. He had received a scare one time when a water moccasin had wrapped around his leg, but then skittered away without sinking it’s fangs in Josh’s leg. Another time Josh did suffer a painful nip from a blue crab but the pain from the claw’s pinch was short-lived when the golfer had tipped him five dollars to compensate for his minor pain. It might have been a minor pinch, but Josh had played it to the full, screaming in agony as he pried open the crab’s claw.

Joshua was just eighteen that summer of 1959 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was deeply tanned from his days in the sun, his hair bleached almost white, his brilliant blue-green eyes contrasting with his sunburnt features. His appearance had always made him popular with girls in school, beginning even in the girl-hating early elementary grades and continuing until that June when he graduated. Once Josh began to take notice of the opposite sex as something other than individuals to make fun of or antagonize, he often took advantage of their girlish flirtations, making it with those who would and playing with those who wouldn’t. With his many conquests, Josh felt he knew all about making love to a woman, or so he thought.

Josh wasn’t looking forward to the chore his mom had given him that morning before she left for work at the restaurant down at the corner of 16th street and St. Andrews but, with a resigned sigh, he stepped off the rear porch and walked up to the Poinciana tree and pulled the old mower out into the opening. As he filled the mower with gas, he looked out at the back yard and shook his head. As usual, the grass had thrived in the heat and summer showers and Josh knew that he was in for at least a couple hours of hard mowing, often having to re-crank a stalled mower when the thick grass would cause it to choke.

Josh pushed the old mower to a bare spot in the back yard and pulled the starter cord, once, twice, three times, and then the mower started, sputtering to life, coughing, then roaring, the muffler-less motor loud enough to wake the dead. Josh hoped that their neighbor wasn’t still in bed, but he wanted to get an early start on his chore so he could go to the beach later with his best friend. He had waited until ten in the morning; certain Mrs. Davis would be up by then. He liked their neighbors, particularly Mrs. Davis, because she was always nice to him, giving him whatever treat she had made for the day, always friendly and cheerful. Not that Mr. Davis wasn’t friendly, for he was, and he often would let Josh ride their old mare on the weekends when he was home. The Davis’ didn’t have any children and they seemed to have adopted Josh in their minds, paying him more attention than Josh’s brothers or sisters.

Josh thought no more about his neighbors as he pushed the mower through the tall grass, having to constantly back up and go forward again to keep the old motor from being choked by the dew-wettened grass. He was shirtless, wearing just a pair of swimming trunks, the oppressive heat already making his tanned body run with sweat, rivulets coursing down his almost-hairless chest, down his backbone past the waistband of his trunks, to tickle the sensitive skin between his muscular butt cheeks. Often, Josh would stop to wipe the blinding sweat from his forehead with an old washcloth he carried, but the relief would only be temporary in the sultry weather, as his exertion brought forth more sweat.

Josh was just mowing the last strip of weeds and grass in the back yard, a portion of which was also the neighbor’s back yard, when he heard someone call his name. The voice was coming from the neighbor’s house, a low building that at one time was a feed barn and had been converted into living quarters. Josh couldn’t see the person who called him, although he recognized Mrs. Davis’ voice. He cut off the mower and stepped closer to the building so he could see what she wanted, having to step under the overhang of the metal shutters that hung out from the building, completely shading the interior.

When he got within a couple of feet of the window, Josh saw Mrs. Davis standing there, her head and shoulders visible above the window sill. “Hi, Mrs. Davis,” he greeted. “Did I wake you up?”

“No, no, Josh. I was awake. I just wanted to thank you for cutting our part of the yard,” she replied in her soft voice as she peered out at the profusely sweating teen.

Josh wiped his head with the washcloth. “Glad to, Mrs. Davis. I had to do our’s, anyway.” Josh moved a step closer to better see her shadowy face.

“You poor dear,” Mrs. Davis said in her sympathetic tone. “You’re soaked with perspiration. It’s too hot out there to be mowing.”

Josh nodded, “yes, ma’am, it is, but I’m finished now.” He studied her mature face in the dim light, wanting to verify that she hadn’t been asleep when he was mowing. He had always been struck by the older woman’s elegant looks, even though she was about the same age as his mother. Her hair was silver, without even a hint of color, and he wondered how a woman in her thirties could turn gray-headed. Not that it subtracted from her looks, because she was quite attractive, with soft, rounded features, a tiny nose, and full lips, her skin like alabaster, appearing as smooth as silk.

She seemed to be studying his face a moment before she asked, “would you like some lemonade, Josh? It’ll help cool you off.”

The idea of a cold glass of lemonade made Josh perk up. “Yes, ma’am, that would be real nice.”

Mrs. Davis took one step back from the window and began to turn as she said over her shoulder, “come on around, Josh. The door is unlocked.”

Josh started to do as she said just as Mrs. Davis walked away from the window and he then saw that she was completely naked. Not a stitch of clothing, not even shoes or slippers. Josh couldn’t help but stare at her naked backside as she walked toward their small kitchen. Her body was well rounded with a small waist, and her pale buttocks jiggled as she crossed the room on very shapely legs, with just a hint of wrinkling skin at the very top of her thighs.

Josh stepped closer to the window and stared, balanced on his toes, ready to duck should the nude woman feel his entranced stare, watching her naked body until she turned and entered the kitchen. He had seen more than one girl naked before, but this was the first time he had seen a real woman live and in the nude! The fact that Mrs. Davis was close to his mother’s age didn’t prevent his manhood from responding, rapidly pushing against the leg of his swim trunks.

Josh hurriedly went around the building to their back door and saw that Mrs. Davis had the door wide open, guarded only by a rickety screen door. He knew the back door was right next to the kitchen, so he gingerly knocked on the aging wood frame, not sure if he should walk right in with his neighbor completely naked.

Mrs. Davis called out as Josh knocked, “come on in, Josh. It’s cooler in here.”

His palms sweating from nervousness, Josh slowly opened the door, wincing at the sound of the creaking spring as he swung it wide enough to enter. He held the door as it closed, not wanting the spring to slam it shut, then turned to his right to enter the kitchen. There was Mrs. Davis, standing in the middle of the tiny room, glass of lemonade held in her outstretched hand, still naked, and smiling at the blonde teenager. Josh couldn’t control his eyes as they wandered over her body, fascinated by the hairy bush of dark hair that came almost half way up her white-fleshed belly, proving that Mrs. Davis was not always gray-haired. His eyes wandered of their own accord up from the bushy mound, over the barely noticeable roll of flesh in the middle of her belly, traversing up to her very generous breasts. Josh had never realized that his neighbor had such large tits, usually only seeing her in her husband’s oversize, button-up shirts worn outside of faded jeans. But they were large, and in the dim light, he could make out tiny stretch marks that years of gravity had placed in the sides of the ivory globes, and could even see the trace of blue veins running under the surface of the tightly stretched skin. Slightly below center, pointing, it seemed, at his crotch, were dark pink nubs sticking out from a brownish background of wrinkled flesh like two bug eyes, searching, but not seeing.

Josh’s quick appraisal of her body didn’t go unnoticed by Mrs. Davis, as she offered an apology for her nakedness. “I apologize for not having any clothes on, Josh, but it’s so hot and I always feel better not wearing anything inside the house. It makes me feel so much cooler in this weather.”

Josh stuttered a little, embarrassed that his stare had been so obvious. “I-I, I’m s-sorry, Mrs. Davis, I d-d-didn’t mean to l-look.”

“Oh, shush, Josh. It’s okay.” She handed him the glass of lemonade, then added, “Besides, I find it flattering that you look at me that way.” She smiled at the flush showing in Josh’s face beneath the tan, inwardly touched by his innocence.

They both consciously observed a minute of silence, Josh standing there nervously, looking everywhere except at the pretty woman in front of him, Mrs. Davis standing relaxed, her arms now crossed under her breasts, the soft globes resting on her forearms, the nipples now seeming to stare at the embarrassed boy. Breaking the silence, Mrs. Davis stepped past Josh, speaking across her shoulder to him, “just a minute, Josh. I’ll be right back.”

Josh’s head turned to watch her walk away, his eyes again examining her nude back. Realizing he was staring again, Josh quickly snapped his eyes back to stare at the opposite wall of the kitchen, hoping his neighbor hadn’t felt his eyes on her back.

Josh didn’t hear Mrs. Davis’ bare feet as she walked up behind him. The first he knew she had returned to the room was when he felt her hand on his shoulder, then the coarseness of a towel as she wiped away the sweat that was dripping down the small of his back. “You’re all wet with sweat, Josh. Let me dry it off for you.” She held the towel in one hand as she rubbed it up and down his back, her other hand still resting on his shoulder, but caressing Josh’s firm, muscular skin.

Josh gulped some more lemonade, subconsciously aware of the sensuality of the naked woman’s touch while comparing it to the touch of his mother when she used to wipe his face or clean his ears when he was a little boy. But this was different; his neighbor’s touch was causing a stirring in his loins, a tingly feeling in his youthful balls. The feeling heightened as Mrs. Davis worked her way around to the front of his body, pushing his arms out of the way as she wiped his chest. Josh tried to not stare at her quivering breasts as she wiped his chest from side to side, but to no avail. His eyes were locked on the lily-white skin shaking from side to side with each movement of her arms. His mind began to wonder what it would be like to squeeze those fantastic mounds, to suck on the tiny nipples, and his body began to respond to those thoughts, his dick beginning to push against the material of his trunks. Feeling his reaction, Josh immediately transferred his thoughts to other things; the beach, his friends, even school. Nothing worked, as his organ continue to push against its confines, seeking freedom, release. Josh’s attempts at controlling his young body’s urging became fruitless as Mrs. Davis knelt down and began to wipe his legs, beginning at his deck shoes and running up to where his short swim trunks met his muscular thighs. Sweat popped out on his head as Mrs. Davis began to dry between his legs and Josh closed his eyes in a silent prayer that the kneeling, nude woman wouldn’t see the beginning of his erection straining against the thin material.

If she saw the evidence of Josh’s excitement, Mrs. Davis gave no hint of it as she rose from the floor, apparently satisfied with her drying of his body. Josh gave a sigh of relief when Mrs. Davis didn’t say anything about his emerging manhood, merely taking the empty glass from his hand and sitting it on the kitchen table. “Do you want any more, Josh?”

Josh could only shake his head, not trusting his voice; afraid it would betray him, as he wondered how to make a graceful exit without offending his neighbor. But Mrs. Davis wasn’t finished with her drying task after all. Taking Josh’s hand, she pulled him through the cluttered living room to a room beyond, which turned out to be a bedroom. Puzzled, Josh could only dart his eyes around the room, furnished with an unmade brass bed and large dresser with a mirror hung crookedly above it.

Mrs. Davis led Josh to the bed and gently pushed him down to sit on the edge as she said in a comforting tone, “you’re still a little wet, Josh, and I can’t let you go like that. I’ll finish drying you and then you can go.” She put the towel on his sweat-slicked head and began to briskly rub his hair. Josh could see her body from the waist down as she tended to his head, rubbing it like she was doing hand laundry. The view caused Josh’s loins to stir again as his eyes focused on the triangular patch of curly, dark brown hair that disappeared between her legs. Her rubbing motion was causing the cellulite in her thighs to shake back and forth, giving the sensual appearance of her hips growing out and down, as though inviting him to lie on them.

Finished with his hair, Mrs. Davis then lightly, but firmly, pushed Josh back on the bed so he was lying across it, his feet still touching the floor. She got up on the bed beside him and began to rub his stomach with the towel as she knelt at his side, her full breasts dangling over him, hypnotizingly bobbing as she dried the already-dry skin of his washboard stomach. Josh couldn’t resist her attentions, beginning to become lost in her touch and her warmth, the sweet smell of her body hovering over him. Even when he felt her hand push the towel inside the tight band of his trunks, Josh could only lie there and submit to her ministrations.

Josh was shocked when he felt Mrs. Davis begin to work his swimming suit down over his hips, but made no move to stop her, enjoying her touch and wondering at what point she would stop her task of ‘drying’ him off. He felt the soft hands as they slipped inside the tight elastic of the trunks on each side of his hips and slide the suit to his knees, revealing his privates, his thickening dick springing to a position pointing at his head when it was freed from the restraining material. Josh closed his eyes, not wanting to see the older woman’s face as she peered at his genitals, feeling embarrassed, but at the same time, arousal, at the thought she was now seeing him naked. His stomach involuntarily flinched when he felt her bare palm rest on his belly just above his pubic hairs and begin to stroke the flat area from side to side, no longer using the towel as a pretense.

A warm hand dropped to the nut sack propped between his closed legs and gently rubbed the tightened egg-size appendage. Josh felt the skin of his sack tighten as the hand moved up to the base of his rapidly hardening prick, gently sliding up the underside until it reached the head. He felt a finger lightly stroke the exposed head and the responding dick jump from her touch.

Mrs. Davis laughed, “mmm, it seems to like that,” as she tested its reflex again with her finger, laughing softly as his dick one again responded with a jerk.

Josh felt the examining woman’s body move on the bed, the mattress yielding and then springing back to shape as Mrs. Davis got off the bed. Then he felt her pulling his swim suit over his knees and feet, followed by her tenderly lifting his legs and turning him on the bed, not assisting her in her efforts for fear of appearing to take her actions for granted. When she had straightened his body on the bed, Josh felt the mattress yield again from her weight and cracked his eyes open into narrow slits to spy on her as she got on the bed beside him, quickly closing them when she began to lie down. He felt her very warm body as she rested beside him on her side, their skin barely touching, and then her now-hot hand return to his belly, stroking the thin line of blonde hair that ran from his pubic hair to his navel, the top of her hand brushing against his dick as she stroked downward.

Josh kept his eyes closed, enjoying his seemingly detached role as the woman’s plaything, hoping she wouldn’t stop. Mrs. Davis’ caressing of his body continued, her hand now stroking the length of the underside of his dick, feeling her fingers examine the bulging tube that ran from his nuts to the tip of the swollen head, tracing the rope-like veins that circled the hardened meat. He couldn’t believe the heat that emanated from the naked woman as he felt her leg rest across his legs, her belly come into contact with the flesh of his hip, the brush of her full tits against his arm.

After what seemed both an eternity and only a few seconds, the warm hand left his genitals and rested in the middle of his chest. He heard her soft voice and opened his eyes. “Would you like to make love to me, Josh?” Her leg on his moved up and down suggestively, the softness of her skin tantalizing his, as he turned his head to look at Mrs. Davis, shocked by her question.

“I, I don’t know, Mrs. Davis.” Realizing how dumb that sounded, Josh quickly blurted, “I mean, I mean I don’t know if I should, ma’am. I-I-I, how about Mr. Davis?”

The blue eyes looked at him adoringly through heavy lids as she smiled, “I think you should call me Doris, Josh. ‘Mrs.’ makes me feel old. Do you think I’m old, Josh?”

Josh stuttered again, “n-no, ma’am. I m-mean, no, Doris. You’re not old. I think you’re beautiful.” Josh was embarrassed by his stuttering and couldn’t understand what had happened to his usual self-assuredness when he was with a girl.

Her warm smile shined on him again, “thank you, Josh. I think you are, too. You’re such a beautiful boy. You have such a beautiful body.” As though proving her statement, she began to stroke his chest and stomach again with the palm of her hand, causing the heat inside of his naked body to rise to the surface, to bond with her hot hand. Looking down at his erection as she propped herself on one arm, Mrs. Davis invited once more, “I want to make love with you, Josh. Don’t worry about Bill, he’s on the road to Kansas right now and won’t be back until Saturday.”

Josh gulped his answer as another question, “then, then it’s alright?”

Mrs. Davis responded by pulling his body half on top of her, her impassioned heat transferring to his skin, the nipples of her breasts crushed against his chest seeming to burn into him, causing a stirring inside that began in his loins and ran down to his balls, his dick striving to stand straight up as it pressed against her rounded belly. Her lips found his, ever so lightly brushing against their fullness, causing them to tingle, then her tongue teased against them as she sought to taste his mouth. Josh’s passion flared and he opened his mouth eagerly, locking his lips to her’s as his tongue danced like a flickering flame with her tongue. The sweetness of her mouth was overwhelming, the taste of her unique to his experiences, and he hungered to draw her juices into his mouth. As they kissed so tenderly, yet passionately, her hands wrapped in his short blonde hair, his hands fondling her ripening breasts held captive between their burning bodies, Josh moved his body completely on top of her’s, his legs forcing her legs apart, opening her womanhood, her heated passage, to him.

Just as Josh’s young dick, ramrod straight, poked against the closed lips surrounded by her dark, curly pubic hair, Mrs. Davis broke off their kiss, pulling Josh’s face back from her’s with a hand on each cheek. “Slowly, Josh, slowly. There’s no need to hurry.” Her deep eyes probed into his, as though she was looking for his soul.

Her next move surprised and disappointed Josh, as she rolled his body off of her’s and returned them to the position they were in before Josh had attempted to consummate their sex play. Josh was dumbfounded, certain that she wanted him to have sex with her, but puzzled at her stopping his entry into her body. He began to think he may have offended her in some way, or maybe she was just a tease like some girls he had been with.

Mrs. Davis interrupted his self-doubts. “Have you had sex with a woman before, Josh? Or a girl?”

Her question further perplexed him as he boasted, “sure, I have. Plenty.”

Mrs. Davis smilingly shook her head, “what? With girls your age, Josh?” The look on her face was as if she was mocking him.

Josh felt her derision sting his face, “no, not with just my age,” he blustered. “I’ve done it with a senior, and she was seventeen back when I was a sophomore.” He felt her questions were an affront to his manhood, and it began to anger him.

Seeing and hearing the anger in the youth, Mrs. Davis touched his cheek and, in a motherly tone, soothed his damaged pride. “There, there, Josh, I didn’t mean to make you mad or make fun of you.” She pulled his head to her breast and continued, “I just meant that you must not have made love with a woman, that’s all.”

Josh raised his head from her soft breast, “wh-what do you mean? I told you I’ve done it with several girls.”

“I know, Josh, I know. But do you always just climb on them and do it? Or do you do other things first?”

“Well, yes, I do other things first,” Josh answered defensively.

“Like what?” Doris prompted.

Feeling like he was telling forbidden secrets, Josh replied, “we, we kiss, and touch. Things like that. You know.”

“Oh, Josh, there’s so much more to really making love,” Doris advised in her motherly tone again. “It can be such a wonderful experience when you learn to explore the other’s feelings. Its like the difference between eating a cookie and eating a piece of cake.” She rubbed his face as his head laid against her breast, his warm breath caressing the pale flesh. “Can I show you, baby?”

Although Josh didn’t like being called ‘baby’, he was curious about what the naked woman beside him was referring to, what she could show him, he who had had sex with at least twenty girls. “What do you mean, Doris?”

“I’ll show you, Josh.” Mrs. Davis moved Josh’s head from her breast. “Just lie there and I’ll show you.” Without waiting for his agreement, she placed her leg over his again, then began to kiss his ears, her tongue searching for his sensitive areas, exploring his neck, then going to his mouth, their kiss not the heated, passionate kiss of before, but sensitive, probing, sexual, but not urgent, awakening his passion gradually, not explosively. Leaving his mouth, Doris returned to his neck, her tongue streaking across his skin, slightly tickling, but arousing. Her mouth and tongue traveled to his muscular shoulders, then worked down to his chest, pausing at each nipple to suck and tongue the small protrusions before continuing her journey to his lower stomach. She lingered there for minutes, her tongue tracing circles on the sensitive skin, her teeth playfully nipping at it, the action causing the muscles to briefly contract, his guts to tingle, and his erection to throb impatiently.

Her next move both shocked and overwhelmed Josh as he felt her tongue flick over the head of his dick. Looking down at her face, Josh could see a spider-web-like string of precum stretching from his purple head to her tongue as she pulled her head back slowly. He couldn’t believe she would taste him like that as he returned his head to the pillow and closed his eyes, floating somewhere in space while he hoped the taste didn’t offend her. Her next moved erased that concern as he felt a sudden, indescribable warmth envelope his palpitating cock.

Again, Josh raised his head and opened his eyes. The sight astounded him. There was this woman he had always respected and liked with his dick in her mouth. Just the head, but he could see her mouth work as she roved the ultra-sensitive skin of his dick head with her tongue. His head collapsed back on the bed with an involuntary moan of pleasure. Josh and his friends had talked about blow jobs and even read about them in the men’s magazines they could get hold of, but had never been able to talk a girl into doing something they considered ‘disgusting’. Now he was feeling what it was like. He couldn’t believe the new sensations he was experiencing as the mouth expertly massaged his cock, seeming to swallow the entire seven inches before returning to tantalize the pulsing head. Josh’s head began to spin and his loins tighten from the immense pleasure Doris was giving him, and he could feel his sperm begin to well up in his tightened nuts, fighting to overcome the urge to release the pressure into the manipulating mouth. He forced himself to briefly think of other things, willing his body into control, wanting the feeling he was experiencing to last forever.

Doris’ intuition must have told her that Josh was fighting to control a climax, for her mouth suddenly left his dick and surrounded his balls, calming them with her warm mouth, careful to not tongue or suck the bulging sack. When she saw or sensed that Josh had controlled the urge, Doris released his nut sack and straightened on her knees, looking down at the heaving chest of the lovely boy lying prone on the bed. She then stretched out her body next to his, lying on her back, her breasts slightly parting and now pointing to her sides, her hand resting on his knotted stomach comfortingly.

Doris spoke in a husky voice, bringing Josh back to reality. “Did you like that, Josh?”

Josh exhaled deeply, “whew! I’ve never felt anything like that, Doris. You made me feel so good, I wish you hadn’t stopped.”

A little girl giggle escaped her lips, “I know, baby. But that’s how you make love. You don’t go right for the climax. Let it build, and build. Then, when you let it happen, it’s greater than anything you’ve ever known.” She looked down at his still-hard dick and wrapped all the fingers of one hand around it, barely covering two-thirds of the distended meat. “See? You’re still ready to make love. To feel it like you’ve never felt before. If I hadn’t stopped, you’d be limp by now.” She giggled again.

Josh knew she was right, but had never forced himself to not cum before. Usually, with the girls he had known, they were ready to call it quits after he shot his load, some not even knowing what a climax was. He had found he could get hard again in fifteen to thirty minutes with the proper stimulus, but the first time was always the best. He acknowledged vocally that she was right, “true, it would be limp by now, Doris. You’re right.” Then he added, to show his prowess as the male animal, “but it would grow again in no time.”

That brought a knowing smile from the soft lips, “yes, Josh, but in the meantime, what would the woman do? Don’t you see? Women have feelings, too. We enjoy climaxing just like a man does.” Pleased that Josh appeared to be drinking in all she said, she continued, “you need to understand that it can be very frustrating and even a little painful when a woman doesn’t climax, too. It’s just like with a man. I think you guys call it ‘blue balls’. Is that it?”

Josh nodded, “yeh, and it hurts, too.”

“Well, it’s the same for us, Josh. It’s wrong to just ‘wham-bam-thank-you-mam’. Do you see what I mean?”

Josh was giving serious thought to what Doris was saying. It made sense. He had never thought about a girl’s needs, just thought that they were happy to let a boy ‘do’ them. He acknowledged, “yeh, I see, Doris. But how can a man make a woman, a girl, climax? Do they climax when it’s in them?”

“Sometimes they do, Josh, but it usually takes more than that for a woman. A woman needs to feel some love when they’re having sex, and that means touching and kissing. Like I did you.” Doris stroked his upright cock for emphasis.

Josh was interested, wanting to learn from the more-experienced woman. “How does a man do it, Doris? Teach me. Please?”

Doris was touched by the youth’s eagerness to listen and learn. She rose up and kissed his forehead. “Oh, Josh, you’re so precious! Of course, I’ll teach you.”

She rolled on her side to face him and took his hand, “start off by doing just as I did you. It’s no different, really. Kiss me, touch me. Explore my body. See if you can discover sensitive spots and, when you do, see just how much you can tease that area.”

Unsure, Josh queried, “but don’t you know where those places are? You mean, like on the neck?”

Doris shook her head, “not always with all women, Josh. It’s different with every woman. And if I told you where my spots are, then it wouldn’t be the same. You have to be willing to explore a woman’s body, baby. Inch by inch. You’ll be surprised at some of the places you’ll find that will drive a woman up the wall.” She giggled at using the phrase she had often heard.

Placing a hand behind Josh’s head, Doris pulled his face to her’s and kissed him hungrily, her mouth opening wide for his searching tongue. As they kissed, Josh began to run one hand over her upper body, caressing her fine skin as she had his, attempting to duplicate her earlier sensate touches. His lips moved from her’s after a long, juicy kiss and went to her soft, perfumy neck, tracing in an arc from below her ear to the hollow in her throat, inhaling her woman scent there as he tongued that spot, sensing her breathing become sharper. Josh moved to her ear, lightly tonguing the grooves, snaking his tongue in and out of the opening while he let his warm breath flow over the delicate skin. His attention to her tiny ear didn’t appear to elicit a greater passion from Doris, so Josh dropped his mouth to her shoulder, lightly running his closed lips back and forth along the smooth muscle. He felt her body tighten with each stroke of his lips and realized he had found one of her ‘spots’. Josh concentrated on her shoulder for several minutes, finding another sensitive spot between the muscle on top of her shoulder and the bone connecting her shoulder and chest. He ran his tongue ever so lightly back and forth over the narrow hollow, pleased at her sharp breath intake with each stroke of his hot tongue.

Doris’ hands cupped his head; her fingers intertwined in his hair, and guided his mouth to one breast. Josh eagerly took the nipple in his mouth and began to nurse on it like a baby. He felt it grow in his mouth from a small bud to a stiff projection at least a half-inch long. Doris whispered breathlessly, “nip it with your teeth, Josh. Lightly. Tease my nipple with your teeth.”

Josh did as Doris suggested, letting his teeth scrape across the end of her nipple, immediately sensing her arousal as she pressed his mouth to her tit. He repeated the teeth teasing a few times before Doris moaned, “now, the other one, baby, the other one.” Without a pause, Josh transferred his attention to the neglected breast, again sucking it to erection, nipping at it gently between sucking. He moved his hand to the breast he had started with and began to roll the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, lightly pulling it outward from her white globe of flesh, extending it until it resembled a miniature penis. His manipulation had a gratifying effect on Doris, as she cried out, “oh, yes, yes, Josh, that’s it!” Josh could hear her heart pounding faster as he worked on both breasts, moving from one to the other; happy at the effect he was having on her.

After several minutes of exciting her breasts, Doris’ hands pushed Josh’s head downward, whispering in a now-hoarse voice, “my belly, Josh. Find my spots. Explore me, baby.” As Josh’s mouth moved to the softness of her stomach just below her ribs, she cried out, “oh, God, God, yes. Oh, baby!” Her hips began to move in a bed-grinding motion, barely perceptible, but telling of her rising passion, as Josh used his mouth and tongue on her belly, covering every inch of her white skin from navel to the hairy bush below, from side to side. Whenever his lips neared her curly pubic hair, Doris’ hips would rise slightly as though seeking the warmth of his mouth.

Doris continued her push on his head until Josh’s hot breath fell between her open thighs like a desert wind through an oasis. She moaned and curled her pelvis upward. “There, there, honey. Use your tongue. Oh, please, baby.”

Josh knew enough to understand what the aroused woman wanted and buried his lips between her legs, the curly hair tickling his nose. He had never licked a woman’s pussy before and proceeded amateurishly, his tongue lapping at the closed lips like a dog licking its master’s hand. His teacher quickly came to his aid, almost grunting her words, “put your tongue inside me, Josh. Open me with your tongue.” Her words were followed by an unintelligible “uhhh, uhh” as Josh permitted his tongue to part the hair covered lips, tasting her musky, but sweet, juice coating the inside of her multiple lips. The flavor of her surprised Josh. It was hard to describe, with a sweetness, and yet, acid-like and mildly sticky. It wasn’t at all what he had expected. Not like the smell that had assaulted his senses with some girls he had screwed. Not that canned tuna smell. Josh found he liked it, his enjoyment reflected in his licking of the soft folds of flesh.

Doris’ hands reached beside Josh’s mouth and parted her pussy lips as she spread her legs wide, raising her knees, her feet on each side of his kneeling body. Her words were expelled from her heaving chest as she instructed her young student, “run-your-tongue-around-inside-baby.” As he did so, his tongue brushed her clit on his first circuit of her opened lips, causing her stomach muscles to immediately contract, her hips shove upward, and her legs clamping against his head. This time her words were shouted, sounding almost like she was in pain, “ohh, ohh, ohh! There, baby, there! Lick my clit! Lick it!”

Josh fumbled with his tongue, not sure where to find her magical spot. He knew what a clit was, but wasn’t sure where to find it. His tongue entered her hot opening, searching, flicking about, and then returned to her swollen lips. At last, he felt her hands take his head and move it slightly upward until his upper lip rested on her pelvic bone and his tongue rested at the joining of her damp pussy lips. The instant his tongue touched that hidden spot, her body tensed and she cried out again. “Yes, baby, yes! Lick it there. Suck it, my sweet boy!”

As Josh began to concentrate on the spot she had led him to, Doris’ hips began to rock up and down in small, rapid motions. He felt more of her inner juices flow against his chin, soaking the crevices of her fiery cunt. He began to suck on the spot and gradually felt an appendage grow from between those inner lips, a rubbery piece of flesh against his flicking tongue. He surrounded it with his lips and sucked it tenderly, bringing the strongest reaction yet from the moaning woman. “Argghh,” she cried out, and jammed his head against her soaking pussy with her hands behind his head and her legs now wrapped around his back. Her pelvis began to buck as she held his mouth to her pussy while the sounds of her passion rolled out of her mouth, half-screaming, half-moaning. “Ahhh, arggh, ohhh, ohh, god, ohh, oooo!” Josh had never seen any of the girls he had had sex with react like Doris was and it made him strive even harder to suck on the drenched pussy wrapped around his mouth. Every lick and suck of his mouth seemed to bring on another convulsion from the incoherent Mrs. Davis and he wondered how long it would last as his mouth and tongue tired.

Her climaxes seemed to last several minutes before Doris relaxed her hold on his head and dropped her legs back to the bed, fighting to catch her breath as her breasts heaved up and down with gulps of air. Once his head was freed, Josh raised slightly and looked up at her face. Her clear, pale features now seemed to glow, appearing like polished pearl, her cheeks flushed, her nostrils flaring with each breath, her eyelids closed as though in sleep. Her lids opened in narrow slits as she looked at him in spent passion and reached for him, guiding his body to a soft resting place on her body, his face buried between her jutting breasts. Doris softly stroked his tousled hair, and then brushed his cheek with her fingers. Her words held a softness that Josh had never heard anyone use as she praised him. “You learn fast, baby. Oh, Josh, that was heaven. I haven’t felt that good in years.” She circled her fingers on his cheek again, and then added, “You’re so wonderful.”

Josh looked at her questioningly, wanting to ask her something, but not sure how to ask, finally stumbling with his words, “y-you came, didn’t you?” He felt so dumb; he couldn’t even remember the word for when a woman came.

Doris gave him her little girl giggle, “yes, honey, I sure did. I climaxed several times.” Seeing the puzzled look on his face, she explained, “us girls can climax more than once, Josh.” She laughed, “and want more.”

A light went on in Josh’s head, “oh? I didn’t know you could. . .”

Doris finished his sentence for him, “climax several times?”

“Yeh. I didn’t know that.” A hopeful look flashed across his face as he asked, “and you say you can even want more?”

She read the look accurately as she pressed his head back to her breast, “oh, you poor dear. Does my little man want to do some more?”

Josh spoke against one full tit, “c-can we, Doris?”

With another breast-shaking laugh, Doris rolled him off of her and, in one swift move, straddled his body. “Of course, we can, my darling boy. As much as you want.” She rubbed her wet pussy on his belly teasingly as she leaned over him, letting her dangling breasts brush his face.

Josh bent his head upward and took one nipple in his mouth and began to nurse on it like a newborn baby. The nipple quickly responded, growing in his mouth, before Doris stopped him. “Whew! Not yet, baby, not yet. This time I’m going to show you what it’s really like to make love to a woman.” As she spoke, Doris slid her body down a few inches, her moist pussy lips leaving a trail of juice on his flat belly before it came to rest on the base of his once again awakening cock. She bent and kissed him hungrily, her hands tangled in his hair, her breasts brushing his chest. Ending the kiss, Doris began as she had with her first demonstration, licking and kissing his body as she slowly, agonizingly, moved down his body. When she reached his hardened dick, Doris began to kiss it lovingly while she stroked his balls with tenderness, working her tongue from the juice-coated tip to his nut sack. She spread his legs and lifted them against his belly, raising his firm, rounded buttocks off the bed, then took his balls in her mouth, rolling them around the soft wetness with her tongue. She then moved to the crease between his thigh and ass cheek, running her tongue delicately back and forth over the sensitive area, causing a tickling sensation that changed quickly to one of excited nerve endings, making Josh’s dick jerk up and down with each stroke of her probing tongue.

Lowering his legs, Doris’ titillating tongue moved back up his balls, up the length of his dick to the dripping head, swirling around the purple dome, tasting the fruit of her attention. She slowly slipped the ramrod straight tool into her mouth, her tongue dancing around the shaft as she let it slip further into the hot recess until her lips pressed against his light pubic hairs. The tip of his pulsating cock pushing against the back of her throat made Doris slightly gag, but she recovered as her mouth began its journey back up the seven inches of firm meat. Lovingly, Doris repeated her dick-swallowing move again, then again, stopping only when she felt Josh’s nuts tighten in her hand.

Wanting his urge to cum subside, Doris moved her face to his belly, licking across the ridge-like muscles, savoring the boy’s smooth, taut skin. She then straightened up, her yielding white ass resting on his knees, and cupped both breasts in her hands, kneading them, squeezing the distended nipples, finally raising one to her mouth. A sensual smile lit her face as she watched the boy lying beneath her transfixed on her self-gratification, then bent and kissed his petulant lips, softly, fleetingly.

Doris moved her behind up Josh’s legs, her wet, hot, open pussy lips dragging up the underside of his dick, teasing, tantalizing. Reaching under her, she grasped his throbbing cock in a small hand and rubbed it back and forth along her slit, her body visibly twitching as the swollen head brushed her clit. With eyes closed, chest heaving, Doris slid the head into the wet opening and returned her hands to her breasts, then so slowly began to lower her body onto the impaling cock, feeling each fraction of an inch of penetration, her pussy twitching with desire from the contact of the hot stiffness. Finally, her soft behind was resting on Josh’s hips, their pubic hairs intermingling, their pelvis’ pressing together in the ultimate kiss. Doris sat there for a minute, her eyes closed and her head thrown back, reveling in the fullness the young boy’s dick gave her, feeling it twitch inside her.

Her reverie was interrupted by Josh’s hips pressing into the mattress and then lunging upwards. She opened her eyes and placed a hand on his chest. “Easy, baby, easy. Just hold it in me. Go slow, make it last.”

Josh relaxed, willingly accepting the older woman’s experience. He reached for her breasts and began to massage them, duplicating her manipulation of the full globes of flesh, admiring their shape as he worked on them.

After several minutes of not moving, Doris began to rise off of Josh’s belly, letting his juice-coated cock slide from her dripping pussy, the muscles inside her clamping around it as though fighting its exit. Doris stopped just as the head was about to pop out of her melting cavity, and began to impale herself again, torturously, yet deliciously, like the movement of a snail across the ground, the heat of her body enveloping Josh’s cock. Doris didn’t rest this time, using her legs like giant springs, rising back up as soon as her pelvis met the one under her.

Josh moaned at the torture the woman was exacting on his loins and attempted to

lunge his hips upward to find some relief, but was stopped again by Doris. “No, no, baby. Just lie there. Take it easy.” Her words only brought another moan from his lips as he dropped his hands from the dangling white breasts and clenched them tightly at his sides. The feeling of his dick inside this woman’s body was indescribable, her manipulations of his body almost unbearable, and he wanted so desperately to consummate their union, to spill his boiling hot cum inside her, to empty his aching nuts. But Josh obeyed once more, deferring to her desires, her mandate.

Doris understood the youth’s predicament, but wanted to teach him that making love with a woman was not a rutting experience, done with in minutes, but one of enjoyment expanded over endless time, heightened, rising and falling sensations, brought near the brink of culmination, only to recede, each rise building on the previous one, finishing in an explosion of desire, not relief.

Sensing the beautiful boy’s acquiescence, Doris continued her slow rising and falling on his equally beautiful cock, experiencing small, pussy-convulsing climaxes each time she descended on his veined manhood. After several minutes of this delectable torture, she let his cock slip completely out of her and moved beside him on the bed. Remaining on her knees, she whispered sensually, “put it in from behind, baby.”

Josh had tried ‘doggy’ style before and eagerly rose up and got behind Doris on his knees, happy to be in a position of control at last. Doris dropped her shoulders to the bed and spread her legs, as she arched her back to make her creamy buttocks point upward, her slickened pussy lips gleaming with beads of her love juices, parted and full, waiting for Josh’s penetration. Doris didn’t have to wait long as Josh quickly inserted his impatient cock into her hotness, burying it in her in one swift stroke, feeling the head bump against something deep inside the love cavity. Josh began to rock his hips back and forth, each stroke almost withdrawing, then burying his dick into the tight hole.

Her voice softly reminded Josh, “Slowly, baby, slowly. Feel my insides as you do it.”

Josh slowed the movements of his hips, his regret at doing so quickly replaced with pleasure as Doris began to rock her pelvis with his stokes, the movement bending his seemingly unbendable penis, causing the head to rub against the soft insides of her vagina, her inner muscles squeezing his cock with a milking action. He had never felt anything like it before, the new sensations making him gasp for breath, his head seeming to float from his shoulders. Josh understood what Doris had meant, and didn’t have to be cautioned again as he slowly, methodically stroked in and out of the educated opening.

Josh had no idea how long he continued to slide his dick in and out of the fiery furnace, losing track of any concept of time, as he immersed himself into the sensate experience, no longer feeling the urgency to release his seed into this body, content to enjoy their union.

Doris finally dropped flat on her stomach, causing Josh’s dick to slip out of her with a noisy slurp. She quickly rolled over onto her back and reached for him with both arms, pulling him between her legs. Her hand grasped the slippery cock and guided it back inside her, immediately beginning to rock her hips in a grinding motion. Josh had hardly missed a stroke, as he sat back on his knees and slid his dick slowly in and out of the puckered pussy lips, looking down at the sight fascinated, enthralled by the way Doris’ lips seemed to cling to his dick as he withdrew, the outer lips opening slightly from the friction of the thick cock, then disappeared as he moved his hips forward. Doris resumed her muscle clamping of the slippery tool each time Josh moved it outward, then she would rock her hips down into the mattress as he pushed in, her pelvis and clit scraping along the entire length, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

At some point Doris raised her legs and, gripping them with her hands, pulled them down tightly to her chest, raising her ass off the bed, squeezing her vagina to half its normal size. The poking of Josh’s dick against the sensitive walls of her cavity became more than Doris could stand, and she began to whimper, at first, the whimpers becoming grunts, then moans, their volume increasing with each poke inside her. She began to toss her head from side to side with her eyes closed and mouth open, fighting for breath. Josh started to become concerned at her wild behavior until Doris cried out, “fuck me, baby, fuck me!” Her head continued to toss as she continuously moaned, “oh, ohhh, oh, baby. Fuck me hard, please, please.”

Josh couldn’t believe the words coming from the always proper, sedate woman on the bed, but he happily obeyed every word, excited by her wildness and her words. He began to stroke faster, harder, his belly slapping the yielding flesh of her ass with loud smacks as he attempted to ram his dick in even further. Josh grasped her legs at the back of her knees and pushed them to the bed on each side of her shoulders as he straightened his body like he was doing pushups, his toes digging into the bed, as he used his entire weight to drive his dick inside the now writhing, climax-screaming woman. Then he felt it, beginning deep inside him, boiling in his balls, coursing up the length of his greased cock, and, with one final stab at the upturned pussy, holding the head buried against her vagina walls, the release came, first one huge explosion, followed by several spurts, as the muscles in his ass forced the pent-up cum out of his body. An uncontrollable sound escaped Josh’s lips as he held himself buried in Doris. “Ahhhggghhh,” his climax sound joined her’s, their primordial beings giving sound to the ultimate purpose in life.

Josh stroked in and out of the still body beneath him before releasing her legs to fall beside him and then collapsing on her hot, comfortable body with heaving breasts, both of them fighting for breath, his dick still in the heated sheath, dripping the remaining vestiges of his passion.

After several minutes of effort at breathing, they both calmed, their gasps for air becoming deep breaths of satisfaction and fulfillment. Doris took Josh’s face in her hands and endearingly kissed his lips, not sexually, but gratefully. “Oh, Josh, that was the very best loving I’ve ever had. My beautiful, beautiful boy.” She corrected herself, “no, my MAN.”

Josh kissed her back, “thank you. I’ve never felt anything like that, either. I didn’t know it could be like that.”

Doris smiled at his admission, “now you know what it’s like to make love.” After a short reflection, she added, “and there’s a lot more to learn.”

Josh braced himself on his arms and looked down at her questioning, “really?” He couldn’t believe that there could be more.

Something shined in her eyes that Josh couldn’t fathom as she assured him, “yes, Josh, there’s more to learn. If you want to . . .”

Josh couldn’t contain himself, “would you, Doris? Would you?”

What had shined in Doris’ eyes was hope and joy at acceptance of her offer was evident in her voice as she pulled Josh down to her prone body and hugged him tight. “Oh, yes, yes, baby. My lover. This is just the beginning. You’ll see.”

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