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She smelled, uhm…fresh! Her scent perfectly matched the floral top she was wearing that afternoon. I just realized that she liked floral dresses and has worn several of them before. Oops…my mind was drifting. I’m right in the middle of a meeting! Alysa Park and I have been in a meeting all afternoon. I was sitting next to her at the client’s boardroom and couldn’t help but notice that she seemed a bit pale and not her usual bubbly self.

Maybe she was tired and bored too. As she knew the project we were working on in greater detail than I did, I often asked her for the numbers when the clients needed anything. During these times, I had to lean closer to her as she whispered and explained the data to me. I couldn’t help but notice her fragrance, or was it her long reddish-brown hair, some kind of wild flowers from an enchanted forest is how I’d describe it.

“Can you give us the numbers for the new floors we’re adding?” our client asked. For a brief moment, my eyes met Alysa’s full round and dark brown eyes, then she quickly turned to her laptop to check. I had to move closer as the texts on her screen were really small. Again, her scent distracted me! While she was typing away, my eyes moved to her soft fingers with long nails and nail polish that seemed to be the colour of desert sand. From her hands on the keyboard, my eyes wandered over her slim arms with very light hair, almost unnoticeable unless you really look closely, towards her body, her hair covering the part of her blouse where her nipples should be. I could almost trace with my eyes the outline of Alysa’s bra under the sheer blouse she was wearing. Seems like Alysa’s wearing a white bra today, I said to myself. I knew there was no chance that the others in the meeting knew where my eyes were fixed at as Alysa and I were at the end of the long table. Then I noticed she was wearing tight jeans that showed the shape of her thighs – her soft milky white thighs – and my mind drifted even farther…

“Congratulations Alysa! We did it!” Alysa and I were in a cramped old elevator a few weeks ago right in this building and we were smiling at each other. We just finished a presentation and got our client’s approval for a new project. I reached out to shake my 23-year old assistant’s hand and was surprised how tiny and soft her hands were on my palm. She’s young, I thought. Just twenty-three! Then I remembered Ginny – she was 23 when we were having afternoon delights in my apartment during office lunch breaks! I can’t believe I was actually fucking a girl as young as Alysa?! WOW! I must say, Alysa is as cute Ginny, though a bit shorter being just 5 feet tall.

“Congrats to you too, sir!” she said, as I noticed her full lips with very light lipstick and a wide proud smile. It was already noon and I told her we should celebrate over lunch. We got a table on a quiet corner of the restaurant. She ordered tacos and I had a large burrito. When our food was served, she said her tacos were a bit small so she ordered another one. We have finished our food and she was still waiting for her second set of tacos so I decided to check my phone for any messages. Suddenly, her foot brushed against my leg. “Oops, sorry sir,” Alysa murmured. She was crossing her leg, I figured.

Then something naughty entered my mind. Alysa was wearing a short dark blue skirt and a matching dark blue top for the presentation that accentuated her creamy white skin. And now we were sitting across from each other, maybe about two feet apart. Bored, I wondered if she just crossed her legs or uncrossed them underneath our table. As I was holding my phone, I thought I could switch to camera, take a picture and see weather her legs were crossed or not. So I turned my phone to silent and on camera mode, made sure the flash was off, and put my hand on my lap nonchalantly, and pointed the camera towards her.

Click…click…click…silently, my phone was taking pictures of the scene just below our table. Her fresh order of tacos has arrived and she was busy eating and discussing our earlier success. Of course, I wouldn’t dare take a look at the photos right there and then. I had to wait ’til I got home to see them. Then I thought, what if her legs were uncrossed and her knees were a bit relaxed and a few inches apart? Would I be able to see her…panties?! Is Alysa wearing white panties that matched her bra? Click! I had to take a few more just to be sure I got the right angle and lighting. Click…

As I couldn’t wait ’til I got home, I excused myself and went to the toilet to check if I got good shots. The shots were somewhat blurred as it was dim but they answered my question! Alysa’s legs were crossed…then uncrossed…then knees a bit apart…then her feet were crossed with each other, knees still slightly parted! I didn’t know I took so many shots! But unfortunately, I couldn’t see her panties – if she was wearing any -as it was too dark in the area between her thighs. But the shots really turned me on! So that’s the view under our table. The ends of her long brown hair over her chest can be seen in some of the shots. The smooth and tender skin of her white thighs against her dark blue skirt formed a dark triangle between where Alysa’s pussy – her virginal pussy, I assume – would be. In one lucky shot, it was like her pussy was two feet from my hand and staring straight into the camera but it was just too dark to see anything between her legs. In another shot when her legs were crossed, I was sure I could have seen her panties but it was just out of the frame! Alysa rarely wears skirts to work but today was special. So I figured I should go back and take a few more!

As I sat down and got my phone into position, she looked at me and said, “Shall we, sir?” I forgot we already paid our bill and the driver was waiting outside. She started to move on her seat and got up as I clicked and clicked before I had to stand up myself or else she would’ve found it odd…

“Sir…” Alysa nudged me. “Here’s the area for the expansion they requested,” pointing at some numbers on the screen. I was quickly brought back to our long afternoon meeting and read the numbers to our client. The meeting went on a few more hours and it was already dark when Alysa and I got back to the office.

I washed my face to cool down in the office’s unisex toilet as soon as we got back. I smiled – after a long day – and thought the janitor did a pretty good job cleaning up before leaving as everything was super clean and dry and the trash bin was empty with a new white plastic liner. Alysa and I discussed a few more items to wrap up the day and I noticed it was just the two of us left in the office. She seemed restless in her chair as we talked and I figured she must have been really exhausted. “OK Alysa. I know we’re both tired. Let’s call it a day!” She smiled, “yey!” After shutting her computer down, Alysa went to the common toilet. A few minutes later, she went out and I noticed she had a small purple pouch in her hand that she put in her bag as she smiled at me, pressing one hand on the top button of her blouse to herself so I don’t get to peak and see her breasts. She seemed relieved and looked fresh as a daisy. Alysa picked up her bag and said she’ll be going ahead. “Bye, sir!”

I was also ready to go and decided to use the toilet before driving off through Friday night traffic. The toilet still had Alysa’s scent – wild flowers, I thought. As I was peeing, I noticed the trash bin with it’s newly replaced plastic liner had a light purple wrapper in it. It wasn’t there earlier. Alysa must’ve changed panty liners, I thought with a grin.

Then I got curious…I wonder what brand she used. “This is sick,” a part of me said. Still, I picked up the wrapper and saw it was not from a panty liner but a sanitary napkin wrapper, “Regular flow. Non-wing. Super clean and dry,” it said. It smelled like flowers! Another peek into the bin and I saw lots of red and white stuff against the plastic liner. “Oh my, Alysa’s got her period alright,” I softly whispered. I could feel my heart beat faster! No wonder she looked pale and restless today. Getting even more curious, I picked up the blood-soaked pieces of toilet paper and laid it on the lavatory counter. It was very wet with fresh bright red blood. I imagined Alysa must have been dying to change napkins during the long afternoon meeting, the drive back to the office, and our short wrap-up. I then thought I was just six feet from here on the other side of the wall when she had her panties down and wiped her pussy and inner thighs with this just three minutes ago! Hot and fresh from the oven! Wow!

I then knew that her used sanitary napkin still had to be down in the bin! I looked down on the still very clean liner and near the bottom, it was stuck to one side. Alysa must have been in a real hurry as she didn’t even have time to fold it or put it inside the empty wrapper like other girls do! Or is this the way she always does it?

So I carefully picked it up from the bin – one side sticking on the liner – and held it on the palm of my hand. I was simply amazed. “This…thing…was pressed tight between Alysa’s pussy and her panties, inside her tight jeans less than five minutes ago! It felt rather heavy, with the menstrual discharge on it. There was a dark red concentration in the middle and got lighter pink to the sides and on one end. I couldn’t figure out which end went to her clit and which went towards her butt. I felt like Sherlock Holmes trying to record all the details in my memory. It still felt warm in my hands. I touched the middle part with two fingers and thought, “this is how warm Alysa’s pussy feels like!” Maybe I should say “hot.” Again, Wow!

I just couldn’t resist. I had to get a whiff of its scent! I wanted to know how Alysa’s pussy smelled like, how the fluids from her vagina smelled like. “Like flowers! Just as Alysa did!” It surprised me that her menstrual blood didn’t smell like fish or anything like that. In fact, it didn’t have any odor at all! The floral scent was actually from her napkin. This was a totally new experience for me! I just couldn’t believe that I was touching and smelling something that actually came out of my young assistant’s vagina – just moments ago!

Upon closer examination, Alysa’s napkin had a fine net-like surface that let her blood flow through to the absorbent material underneath while keeping a dry surface against her pussy’s outer lips. They designed this pretty well! However, I was curious why there has been no pubic hair that got caught in the fine mesh of the napkin. As in zero! With probably around six hours pressed into her pussy, surely, at least a few strands of Alysa’s bush should have been stuck there. Does Alsya shave her pussy? Or trim it? I got hard just thinking about her shaving! Hmmm…

So what should I do next? Put it back to the bin? Keep it? I was still awed that the fluid in this napkin I was holding actually flowed out of Alysa’s vagina. That this piece of pulp and paper spent hours between her legs, jeans and panties! I wondered how it would have felt like. Instinctively, I got my hard dick out of my pants and slid it over the blood-soaked napkin! I thought some of her blood would stain against my shaft, but it didn’t. It felt hot! It felt good!

I imagined how just a few minutes earlier – not even an hour ago – this pad that was hard pressed against Alysa’s pussy was now sliding up and down my shaft! I felt the warmth of Alysa’s sex, her wetness, against my rigid cock. Before I knew it, I was masturbating on Alysa’s freshly used napkin…sliding it back and forth under my dick…thinking how her pussy also slid back and forth on the same exact material just moments ago…back and forth…bright red fluids from deep inside her vagina flowing down through her hymen, her pink inner lips, the outer lips of her hairless pussy, and on to its surface…back and forth! A few moments from now, semen from my balls will splash onto Alysa’s blood-soaked napkin…fresh, warm, bright red blood from her vagina and white hot cum from my cock will mix for the first time! It’s probably the closest thing I’m gonna get to having period sex with young Alysa!

Images of Alysa’s uncrossed legs under the table, her short skirt hiked up to show her crotch, thighs spread a little bit to show the lacey material that covered her pussy flashed in my head, Alysa wiping her pussy with the clean white tissue just moments ago, her foot propped on the toilet opening her legs, this napkin rubbing against her vagina for hours and my dick rubbing against her pussy…I fantasized how my cock was sliding back and forth between Alysa’s bare outer pussy lips, sliding slowly into the crack of her moist vagina, inserting the head slowly…breaking through Alysa’s hymen, some bleeding…Alysa whimpering, “aww…awww…ffff…sir…” fucking her slowly, gently at first, my dick going in and out of Alysa, then pounding on her pussy doggie-style, both my hands on her floral dress hiked up over her hips, her arms propped over the boardroom table as she looked back deep into my eyes, her fresh scent and the smell of sex filling the room, me fucking Alysa, in and out, in and out…all these images all came to mind in quick succession until…BOOM! I squirted white hot semen onto Alysa’s fresh menstrual blood-soaked napkin and my cum mixed effortlessly with her mens. Bright red blood from Alysa’s pussy and hot white semen from my hard penis, together at last! I was still slowly moving my dick back and forth over her pad when…

“Ahem”…Alsya said softly as she stood by the open toilet door looking at me with one hand over her lips, the other lightly between her legs. Her eyes wide open in disbelief. “Uhm…you forgot to lock the door…sir. I…I’m sorry.”

“…and…I…uhm… I forgot my bracelet…over there, sir…on the counter.”

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