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French Kiss

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“Then go fuck yourself!” I yelled as I stormed out of the apartment and slammed the door.

I was fuming. How dare Matt accuse me of “dragging him away on holiday”? I’d done no such thing. Our holiday in France was supposed to be fun for both of us. Huh! Not likely! Matt had done nothing but complain; he didn’t like the food, the beer was too expensive, he couldn’t get a Wi-Fi connection. Whinge, whinge, whinge!

I’d had enough. The holiday had cost me an arm and a leg and I was buggered if I was going to sit around with that moaning arsehole anymore. I wanted to enjoy myself. As far as I was concerned my relationship with Matt was over, finished. The holiday, however, wasn’t. There was still plenty of time for me to go out and find some excitement.

I stalked off towards the bar half expecting to see my suitcase and belongings to come flying along the hallway behind me but nothing so dramatic happened. All was silent. I hesitated, wondering if Matt would come after me. He didn’t of course. Matt was as sick of our relationship as I was so why would he stop me leaving?

My partner, Matt, and I had been together for five years but the spark had died after two. We should have ended it then but neither of us had the guts. The holiday in France was our last chance to salvage our relationship, make or break time. Sadly it was the latter.

I swiped at the tears blurring my vision and marched resolutely down the hallway. I didn’t know where I was going but I had money in my pockets so I could stay out all night if I wanted to, go from bar to bar drowning my sorrows. Hell, I probably would. Getting a drink was certainly a priority after the day I’d had.

Our apartment block had a restaurant on the first floor with a small bar attached. The bar stayed open most of the night and offered discounted drinks to residents of the apartments. The discount wasn’t much but the bar had a friendly atmosphere and the bar tenders were lovely. I’d got to know them quite well during the eight days I’d been staying there.

My favourite bar tender was Jacques, a twenty-two year old French Canadian from Quebec who was working in France for the summer before embarking on a year out in Australia. Jacques was short and stocky, not my usual type at all, but was always cheerful and had the most endearing smile. Jacques had a habit of gazing at my ass and complementing me on my curvaceous figure whenever Matt was out of earshot. His highly personal comments had annoyed me at first but I’d grown to like them. My ass was great so why not accept the complement? And so Jacques open admiration for my derriere, however inappropriate, had became most welcome.

As luck would have it Jacques was on duty that night. He smiled warmly as I marched up the bar but his expression changed as I got nearer.

“Oh dear Lisa, another bust-up?” he enquired cautiously.

I tried my best to smile. “Is it that obvious?”

“I can see you’ve been crying, so yes,” he answered sympathetically. His big brown eyes searched mine. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah.” I sighed. “It’s over with Matt. For real this time.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Anything I can do?”

“No. I just need to get my head straight and work out what to do next.”

“Well, the first you should do is have a beer,” he instructed.

“Beer?” I replied, my head still dazed.

“Yes, you know, one of these?” He poured me a large glass of beer and pushed it towards me. “Drink this, calm down and see if things look different. It’s on me,” he added when I reached into my pocket for money.

“Thanks,” I smiled. “I knew you’d cheer me up. Can I get a chaser with it?”

Jacques grinned. “Planning to get drunk are you?”

I nodded.

“Look Lisa, I’m off shift at ten. We can talk if you like?”

I shook my head. “I’m not good company tonight.”

“You’re always good company,” he smiled. “If it’s any consolation, he’s wasn’t right for you.”

“Oh? What makes you say that?” I asked stiffly.

Jacques eyes twinkled. “The fights, the tears, the arguments…”

“Yeah, yeah ok,” I grinned.

“No, seriously. Five years together and you’re not married, not even engaged? One of you doesn’t want to commit.”

“Both of us I think,” I sighed. “He’s a nice bloke really.”

“Nice? Ugh! I wouldn’t want to be described as nice!”

I laughed. “Don’t worry, you’re not nice, you’re gorgeous.”

“Am I?”

“Shit! I said that out loud didn’t I?” I stammered, slapping my hand over my mouth. “What I meant to say was you’re gorgeous to most women…”

“Uh-uh, don’t you dare, no taking it back,” Jacques teased. “You told me I was gorgeous!”

I blushed, my face turning a deep tomato red.

“Anyway, I am gorgeous,” he boasted, “and so are you, especially your ass. God-damn I love your beautiful round ass cheeks. And may I say that skirt looks stunning on you?”

“What is it with you and my ass?” I demanded, giggling.

“Oh, your ass is peachy, I could just eat it!”

I shifted uncomfortably on my bar stool.

“Sorry,” he smiled, noting my uneasiness. “What can I say? I’m turned on by a nice round ass, and yours is exactly right. Just enough flesh to grab whilst I stick my…”

I coughed, my eyes wide.

“Oops, sorry, I talk too much.”

“Talk all you like, I liked being complemented. I don’t hear it often.”

“Ow, poor Lisa,” Jacques grinned. “I have to get back to work but if you find a table I’ll join soon, ok?”

I nodded and retreated to a table by the window conscious that Jacques eyes would target my backside the second I turned around. I gave him a wiggle and waited for his reaction.

“Flirt!” he called across the bar.

I smiled to myself.

I found a table next to the window and sipped my beer whilst watch the bustling chaos on the street outside. The resort was still heaving with pedestrians, locals shutting up their shops for the night and restaurant owners enticing late night customers inside their establishments. No-one would get any sleep with that din going on but not many would try. Everyone was a night-owl in this resort. I loved that.

Jacques served his customers but his eyes kept wandering in my direction. He liked me or at least fancied me. That was good. I fancied him come to think of it. He was the total opposite to Matt and I found that refreshing. Matt was tall, slender and took great pride in his appearance. He was fond of routine and rarely let himself go. Jacques was short, on the podgy side and always looked a bit ruffled. He also struck me as a happy-go-lucky sort of person who would go with the flow. That appealed to me. I’d been like that, once.

I suddenly thought of Matt. He hadn’t come to find me and yet he’d know I was in the bar. Where else would I go? A lump formed in my throat. The end may have been coming for a long time but it still hurt.

Jacques waved to me from across the bar and held up two beers. I quickly composed myself and beckoned him over.

“I’m done for the night, Fabien just took over. Do you want to talk?”

I shook my head, nodded then shook my head again.

“Ok,” Jacques smiled. “Tell me what the bust-up over this time?”

“I honestly don’t know!” I shrugged. It was true, I didn’t. Something trivial had triggered our latest row and it had escalated from there.

“So Lisa,” smiled Jacques, “what would you like to do to cheer yourself up?”

I hesitated. Was that a proposition?

“Well?” he asked softly.

I reached out my hand and gently stroked his arm to see how he’d respond.

Jacques took my hand in his. It was a proposition.

“What’s on offer?” I dared to ask.

Jacques leaned towards me. “Anything you want.”


He raised an eyebrow and nodded.

“What would you like to do?” I enquired turning his question back on him.

“Oh, let me see,” he grinned roguishly. “I’d like to remove that tight skirt of yours, feel-up that gorgeous ass and fuck you right here in the bar.”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head! I burst out laughing and slapped my hands across my mouth.

Jacques looked bemused. “Why’s that funny? You like me don’t you?”

“Yes, I do but…”

He shrugged. “But what? Come on Lisa, let me have a piece of that ass.”

“I’m tempted, Jacques,” I giggled, “but I can’t.”

“Why? I think you’re hot and I want you. If you like me, why not fuck me?”

I gazed at him, astounded by his frankness. “Because…”

“Matt? Do you feel guilty?”

I thought about that. “No,” I said. “Jacques, don’t take this the wrong way but you’re not going to tell me you love me, are you?”

Jacques laughed. “No, I’m offering casual sex. If you want more then we should forget all this. We can sit here and talk instead.”

I squeezed Jacques’ hand. “Casual sex is good. I’m a bit out of practice but…”

“So get some practice. Let me fuck you,” he smirked. “I’m very good,” he added with a twinkle in his eye.

I was intrigued but knew I should walk away. My relationship with Matt may be over but storming off to the bar and promptly screwing the barman was a cruel and I wasn’t a vindictive person. But what about me? I needed to be happy. I always put Matt first so maybe it was time I didn’t?

So there I was, in the bar, drink in hand being propositioned by a very attractive young man. Very attractive indeed. Why not fuck him? I sat back and looked Jacques over. He had a good body, clear skin, nicely tanned and the bulge in his trousers looked promising. He had a big, fat cock tucked away in there. I could do with a bit of that.

“Yes, I’ll fuck you,” I whispered before I could talk myself out of it.

Jacques leaned in close. “You’re gorgeous Lisa, and I’m going to make you scream.”

“Really? Can you do that Jacques? Can you make me feel so hot I need to scream?”

Jacques flashed that wonderfully seductive smile. “Oh yes!”

“Then fuck me Jacques,” I breathed as my pulse began to race and my loins caught fire. “Fuck me hard. Bend me over backwards and thrust that cock of yours deep inside me. I want it! Now!”

Jacques eyes widened. “Jesus Lisa! You are keen. Don’t I get to finish my drink first?”

“No. What are you waiting for?”

Jacques shrugged, rose to his feet and offered me his hand. I accepted. The decision was made. It was a life changing moment, one that terminated my relationship with Matt for good. The past five years were over and a new chapter was beginning. Bring it on!

Jacques led me away towards the exit. I expected him to take me up to his apartment, which I knew was on the top floor, but he didn’t. Instead he guided me into a store room just behind the bar. It seemed that sex with him would not be performed in the comfort of a bedroom. Oh well, so be it.

The storeroom felt cold and was cluttered with beer barrels, crates of bottles and all the paraphernalia of a busy hotel bar. Jacques didn’t lock the door, so anyone could walk in, and he left the light on. Privacy didn’t seem to matter to him.

Jacques was as keen as me to get started. His healthy erection already stood prominently against his tight black work trousers, begging to be released. I watched as he unzipped and freed it. Goodness that was big and fully pumped ready for action. This wouldn’t be a slow love making session; it would be sex – fast and furious. My heart pounded at the thrill of it.

Matt had never been spontaneous where sex was concerned. He liked to make love the old fashioned way with a candle lit dinner, wine and plenty of time in a comfortable bed. It took him a long time to achieve a full erection and hours to make him come. Sex with Matt had been good but was so laborious and time consuming that it’d hardly ever happened. How I’d longer for spontaneous sex with him, just a quick fuck before work or a swift fingering at bedtime. I never got it.

Now I would. I threw back my head and gave in Jacques. I allowed him to yank off my tee-shirt then unzip my skirt and push it down my legs to the floor. My panties and bra came off next leaving me stark naked in the middle of the store room. It was so exciting!

I watched Jacques remove the rest of his clothing and marvelled at the body beneath. His physique, although stocky was muscular and the slight paunch didn’t bother me at all. It merely confirmed that he loved life and wasn’t pre-occupied with achieving the perfect six-pack, unlike certain people I knew.

Jacques stood before me, naked, his cock in his hand. It was huge; purple with blood and hard as wood. I gasped as I caught the whiff of pre-cum and saw a large drop emerge from his swollen tip. It glistened in the stark florescent light.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” I moaned as Jacques moved towards me.

“And you’re beautiful,” he whispered his hands running around my body and straight onto my buttocks. I felt him stroking them, kneading them beneath his palms.

“Oh God you’re sexy,” he groaned, pressing his hot penis up against my flat belly.

“You too,” I murmured. “You’re so fucking hot! Fuck me Jacques! I want to feel you inside me.” My pussy did and involuntary twinge and I could feel the wetness inside.

“Turn around,” said Jacques.

I did as I was instructed. I braced myself against a tall beer barrel and opened my legs as Jacques moved up behind me. He stroked his engorged cock across my ass.

“Oh so gorgeous, so smooth,” he groaned.

“Fuck me!” I demanded, my patience gone. I wanted sex. I wanted a good hard fucking. “Do it!”

Jacques took hold of his cock and positioned it against my wet slit. Tiny spasms of pleasure began to ripple out from my longing cunt as he pushed himself inside me. I felt the heavenly squeeze of penetration and the burn as he sank his substantial length inside my in one continuous thrust.

Gone were all thoughts of Matt. The only thing on my mind was Jacques’s huge cock and how good it felt as it filled me. My wet tunnel contracted, gripping that cock as it drove inside me, again and again, stroking me with such divine force. Jacques pushed so deep and his cock was so huge…

“Oh yes, yes, that’s good,” I gasped. I was breathless.

“Oh fuck you’re hot,” came the answering moan.

Jacques grabbed my ass tightly with both hands and began to fuck me frantically. The increased pace stimulated my juices creating squelching noises as Jacques’ cock pumped hard.

“Make me scream, Jacques,” I panted as his hips pounded against my ass hurling me forwards against the beer barrel.

I pushed back against his thrusts with all my might, loving the depth this man could achieve with his long cock. Length and width, no wonder Jacques was never short of female admirers. Not with that in his trousers! Fuck he felt good!

“That’s it…fuck me, harder,” I gasped.

Jacques grunted out his lust and thrust harder. I loved the noises he made – so animalistic, so primitive. His rough fucking set me alight and soon the early tingles of a building orgasm began to make my legs tremble. The sheer size of Jacques’ cock and the vigour with which he pumped me were heavenly…and Jacques knew it.

“You like it rough, eh?” he grunted.

“Oh yes!” I screeched, “I fucking love it!”

“And you’d like it even more if I fucked your tight little ass, wouldn’t you?”

I gasped. What did he just say?

To my horror Jacques stopped his blissful thrusting and withdrew his cock from my soaking cunt. His cock was slick with my slimy cunt juices and he rubbed them over my tightly closed ass sphincter, making it wet and slippery. He pushed against my ass hole and I felt it give a little.

“How about it Lisa,” he urged. “Can I fuck you up the ass? That would make you scream like never before!”

I felt my whole body tense…then quiver. Fuck me in the ass? My heart began to pound. I hadn’t had the pleasure of a good hot cock in my ass for years…and I’d missed it. Matt liked clean conventional sex but I hadn’t always been with him, had I? I’d had plenty of boyfriends before Matt and some of them had been very adventurous. More than one had taken me up the ass and I’d loved it…

Yes, yes! Do it! Fuck any hole you want!” I gasped without missing beat. God I felt horny. Jacques was an ‘ass man’, of course he’d want to fuck my anus. Well, if he wanted it, he could have it. He could fuck anything he wanted; cunt, ass, mouth, anything – so long as it was rough and made me come. Jacques was hard and hot and I felt like being dirty. Why not give in to that?

“Do it Jacques,” I breathed, “fuck my ass.” I leaned over, spread my legs wider and ran a saliva covered finger around my puckered hole. “Fuck it hard and deep!”

Jacques let out a deep sigh. “Oh I will!”

He moved close behind me and spat on my sphincter. Gently, slowly, he ran his finger around my opening until it relaxed, then he pushed against my opening and slid his finger inside. The intrusion felt strange but good, so good. His touch made my whole body shudder with pleasure. Jacques expert finger stroked and teased, encouraging my hole to open.

Suddenly Jacques withdrew. He ran his fingers over my wet snatch rubbing my juices over my sphincter and his own cock, lubricating both, then he lined himself up and pushed hard. Knees slightly bent he pushed against my sphincter until his penis entered me and slid smoothly inside.

A burning pain shot through me accompanied by the exquisite sensation of fullness and friction. I caught my breath as Jacques’ fingers found my clit, simultaneously stroking it whilst his long penis caressed the inside of my back passage.

“Fuck!” I yelled. “Fuck, fuck that’s good!”

Jacques thrust again, deeper, filling me, rubbing me whilst his fingers stimulated my pulsating clit into an agonising frenzy.

“Oh God!” I yelled. It was too much stimulation, too much pleasure. I overloaded. I screamed like a banshee as gigantic wave of sexual electricity was unleashed throwing my body into the spasms the like of which I had never felt before.

“Oh yes, you love it, you love my big cock in your hot little ass don’t you?” grunted my ass-loving assailant.

“Oh fuck YES,” I screamed. “Yes, yes, YES!”

Jacques grunts became deeper, guttural and his thrusts faster. The pain was intense but the pleasure even more so. I’d never been fucked so furiously.

“I’m going to come, I’m close. Where do you want it?” groaned Jacques.

Where did I want it? In my ass? On my ass cheeks? On my tits? That would be good. What about in my mouth? If he did it there I could watch him ejaculate and see the expression on his face as he let go. And I could taste it…

“In my mouth. Come in my mouth,” I gasped.

“Your mouth? Ok. Done.”

I had no time to reconsider my request. Jacques withdrew from me, pulling his swollen cock hastily out of my enlarged anus and spinning me around roughly. He put his hands on my head and pushed me to the floor then left hand gripping my hair, right around his cock he plunged his purple cockhead into my open mouth. He climaxed immediately, pumping his sticky load straight into my throat.

I swooned, tasting the salty smooth cum and remembering how much I liked it. Matt didn’t like aural. Of course he didn’t. I did. I closed my lips around Jacques swollen tip and ran my tongue over the smooth, sensitive surface. He tasted divine. I began to suck hungrily.

Jacques expression was priceless. He crinkled up his face, gritted his teeth and let out a pained grunt as shoot another thick glob of sweet cum into my greedy mouth. His body shook with his efforts and his fingers dug into the back of my head.

“Oh shit yes, that feels so good,” he groaned.

I actually smiled as I sucked back his satisfying load and swallowed it down. It was slick as oysters and far tastier. I’d forgotten how good a mouthful of cum tasted.

Jacques released his grip on me as his climax subsided. He looked down with a satisfied grin on his face and moaned contentedly as I cleaned his softening penis.

“Dirty slut. That’s been up your ass!” he grinned.

I laughed. God that was filthy!

Jacques offered me a hand and helped me to my feet. He held my gently and kissed my neck with far more tenderness than I had expected. “Well, Lisa,” he whispered, “you surprised me. I never took you for a sex crazed hottie!”

I smiled at that. “I am sex crazed. I’m a total slut. I’ve just been repressed for a long time.”

“I see. So this is the real you?”

I nodded. “Yes, I think it is. Do you like it?”

Jacques raised an eyebrow and nodded approvingly.

“Good, I…”

The store room banged open and Fabien marched in carrying an empty crate.

“Merde!” he screeched as his eyes fell upon Jacques and me, stark naked and sweat drenched amongst the beer barrels.

My hands flew across my breasts and Jacques stepped swiftly in front of me. We stood staring at Fabien like rabbits caught in the headlights.

Poor Fabien put the crate down, raised his hands in apology and backed out of the room.

“Oh God, I forgot Fabien would be re-stocking the bar,” snorted Jacques.

I giggled, “Will he be angry?”

“Na, shouldn’t think so. I’ll apologise later.”

I threw my arms around Jacques’ neck. “Well, I had fun but I guess it’s time for me to face the music.”

Jacques pulled a face. “So soon? Come on Lisa, keep me company a little longer.” He slid his hands around to my buttocks. “I don’t want you to take these away from me just yet.”

Jacques leaned in and kissed my lips. His kiss was tender, gentle.

I gazed into his brown eyes. “Fancy a walk? It’s a lovely night,” I asked.

“Yes, I’d like that, but first I want you to kiss me again. Kiss me like you mean it.”

My smile widened. My lips touched his, pressing down upon them as our kiss became deeper, more intimate. My hands ran down his back and came to rest on his own pert behind. I stroked it the way he was stroking mine.

Jacques moved his body closer to mine and I could feel the heat from his cock as it began to engorge with blood, ready for round two.

“We can’t do this again here,” he breathed.

“Let’s take that walk then. Maybe you’ll kiss me on the beach under the silver moonlight?”

Jacques gaped at me sending me into fits of giggles.

“Joking!” I laughed. On impulse I kissed him again, long and deep.

“What was that for?” he asked when we broke apart.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. What can I say, you drive me wild!”

“How wild?” he responded with a mischievous grin.


“Show me,” he goaded.


“If you like.”


“Hmm, maybe not.”

“Too late, you hesitated!”

“Lisa, don’t,” uttered Jacques nervously. “Fabien won’t be happy if he catches…”

I placed a finger over Jacques lips. “I don’t care. Right now all I want to do is fuck you in the ass, like you fucked me! God, you have such a sexy ass!”

“You what?! Lisa!”

“Shut up and turn around!” I ordered.

“Lisa no! I …Ohhhh!”

Jacques stopped protesting as my fingers found his tightly closed ass sphincter and began stroking it, gently.

“Oh Lisa,”

“Should I stop?” I teased, taking my fingers away.

“No, no, fuck no. Don’t stop. Fabien won’t come back for a while.”

“I don’t care if he does,” I whispered.

Jacques opened his legs a little and braced himself against the same beer barrel I’d leaned against. An aphrodisiacal aroma of testosterone emanated from his body filling my nostrils with its tantalisingly erotic odour. I breathed in deeply, loving the effect it had upon me. My pussy throbbed.

My sexy French Canadian conquest let out a deep sigh as I stroked his exposed ass cheeks, dropped to my knees behind him and buried my face between those muscular pillows. My tongue found the puckered entrance to his ass and licked it. Jacques shuddered as my wet tongue caressed the delicate skin of his sphincter. His whole body pulsated at my touch.

“God Lisa, you dirty slut!” he moaned. “Wank me, filthy whore. Jerk me off whilst you lick out my ass!”

My cunt contracted the second he called me a “filthy whore.” Spasms of depraved longing consumed me. I could smell pre-cum and reaching through Jacques’ legs I found his penis fully engorged and primed for another climax. I took it firmly in my left hand and began to stroke it, easing back his foreskin and running my hand the whole length of his shaft.

Jacques let out a groan and his ass hole opened allowing my tongue access. I slid it inside, running it around the smooth opening of his back passage.

“Filthy whore!” Jacques repeated under his breath.

Filthy? I hadn’t even started!

I licked the fingers of my right hand and pressed them up against Jacques sphincter. Two of them slid inside smoothly. I tittered to myself as I began to work them back and forth, stroking the inside of Jacques’ ass and massaging his prostate. My grin exploded into a laugh as I heard him respond with deafeningly loud grunts. Spasms shook him as my stimulation thrust him towards a climax.

“Oh God!” he gasped. “You’re going to make me come!”

“Good!” I declared increasing the speed of my strokes on his penis and thrusting a third finger inside his ass, stroking him faster and harder. Faster, faster, harder, deeper…three fingers, four…my whole hand.

“Oh shit, SHIT!” Jacques gasped as his body went rigid. He let out a cry of pleasure which must have been audible for miles! I watched with deep satisfaction as his penis erupted shooting a magnificent load of creamy cum onto the wooden barrel in front of him. It stuck there, clinging like glue. Gloopy evidence of our misdemeanours!

When Jacques climax subsided he returned to his senses. “Merde! I was loud! Oh God, I’m going to be in trouble!”

I giggled.

Jacques turned to face me, a huge beaming smile on his face. “You” he spluttered, “are terrible!”

“I told you I was a repressed slut!”

“Yes you did, but I didn’t expect that! My God Lisa, you’re a brazen ass-licking hussy! You’re the woman of my dreams!”

“Ow, stop with the complements and kiss me,” I giggled.

“No problem. Come here.”

Jacques lips met mine and kissed me passionately. It was lovely. I wish that moment could have lasted forever but it couldn’t. I had reality to deal with.

“I have to go Jacques,” I sighed, holding him at arm’s length and gazing into those incredible dark brown eyes. “I have to face Matt sometime, may as well be now.”

Jacques nodded. “Will you be ok?”

“I’ll be fine. Listen, Jacques, don’t take this the wrong way but I’m not going to tell Matt about you or what we did tonight.”

“No of course not. I won’t say anything, you have my word.”

“Thank you. You’re lovely, you know that.”

“Yeah, I’m gorgeous. I’ll wait in the bar, just in case you need me.”

Need him? Yes, I suppose I might. The prospect of facing Matt terrified me and our initial encounter was only the tip of the iceberg. I’d have to sit next to him on the flight home, drive back to our flat with him and live with him until I found somewhere else. Hell! What a nightmare. There had to be another way…

“Jacques?” I said. “Do you know anyone looking for a waitresses or a cleaner or any sort of job really?”

Jacques looked uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, I’m not after you. I need a fresh start and now’s as good a time as any.”

Jacques looked deep into my eyes. “Are you sure?”


“There’s plenty of work if you don’t mind long hours and poor wages!”

“I’ll need somewhere to stay…”

“Stay with me,” he said without hesitation, “until you find your feet.”

Jacques kissed me and patted my bottom. “Maybe you could repay me with a bit more of that ass!”

“Oh, I could definitely do that!” I winked. “Ok, it’s time. Wish me luck.”

He smiled, “we make our own luck Lisa.”

It’s true, we did. My life with Matt sucked and it was high time I faced up to reality and made some changes, for both our sakes. Life was an adventure and I should learn to take the plunge. I’d been too cautious for too long.

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