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Susan looked back over the numbers as she sipped her coffee. In the background, chatty morning talk radio spoke of sports and sex positions and someone laughed. There is always laughter on morning talk radio. Something is always funny. But Susan couldn’t enjoy it, because there was no time to laugh. She was crunching her businesses’ numbers.

Yesterday, seven shipments had made it around the Midwest, but one of her truckers was stuck in Akron, Ohio because of a snowstorm. He wouldn’t return for at least three days. She needed to be able to make up for his loss. She accounted for fuel and maintenance schedules. She feared it would take nothing for her business to go belly-up if she didn’t look at the accounting numbers herself every morning.

She heard a door squeak and Eric walked into the office down from the loading dock, surprising Susan because of the time of the morning. It was 7:04. She was usually the only one at work until at least 7:50.

But here was her favorite boytoy. Her current fantasy. Eric. He was young and cute and a strong kid. He was 23 and getting a divorce from his high school sweetheart. At the same time, he was back in college.

“Morning,” he said. Susan smiled back at him.

“Good morning,” she said. She was also getting a divorce from her high school sweetheart, but the difference was the graduating year. She graduated in the time of arena rock, disco and one-night stands in the late 1970s. He graduated in the time of grunge punk, techno beats and one-night stands in the late 1990s.

“I heard Ralph was stuck in Ohio. I was wondering if you were going to need help because of that?” he said.

“I was just thinking about that myself, Eric. Are you reading my mind, now?” she responded.

“Yes, but I’m dyslexic, so it was really confused. It looked like you were thinking Ohio was stuck in Ralph. That would be a very uncomfortable state to have stuck in a person.”

Susan laughed at Eric’s wit. If she had heard right, he was going to study business at the local community college. He did have that leadership quality needed for someone who wants to be in charge, and she appreciated that. Most of her workers did their 9-to-5 job and went home. That was understandable to Susan, she knew if she had a husband or kids, she’d want to dedicate less time to her job. However, the only things awaiting her were three cats. Two of them didn’t even pay attention to her.

Eric poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the break table in the plush office space. He looked at a day old newspaper as she crunched the last of her numbers. It was midwinter, and still dark outside. There was a prediction of a big snowfall for the area in a few days, and the chill seemed ready for it.

There was a silence in the room, broken only by the sips of coffee and the sexual innuendoes via the radio.

“…now if I could have a 21-year-old man again, I’d keep him around,” a female comedian bantered on the FM dial.

“I hear you, sister,” Susan said unconsciously, then blushed as she realized the 23-year-old was laughing.

“Is that what you want?” he said. “Sorry. I should be more respectful,” Eric apologized.

“Oh, Eric. It’s okay. It’s no big deal. Yes, I’d very much want a 21-year-old. For just an hour or seven. I don’t know what I’d do with him once he started talking to me about sports or music, but I know what we could do in the meantime.” Eric remained quiet. But Susan decided not to worry about it. She liked flirting with him. And the radio personality backed her up.

“…it’s all about recovery time. When guys are young, they recover quickly. Nowadays, if my husband has sex with me, it takes a round of golf and an agreed upon United Nations resolution before he can get it up again…”

“Preach on, sister,” Susan laughed.

“…thank god for vibrators…”

“Amen.” Susan smiled at Eric. He grinned back at her. Eric stretched and yawned, he strong torso expanding as he inhaled. He turned his head from side-to-side and laughed.

“You work too hard. You need to get a boyfriend. Relieve some stress.”

She stood up. This day, she’d worn a navy blue business suit, matching knee-length skirt and white blouse. She stood 5’7 with her two-inch blue heel’s assistance. Her hair was cropped short and professional. Her face had the shine of youth, even if some lines tried to admit her age. Her breasts were constricted under her blouse and bra. Something had happened inside her. She had decided that she wanted Eric … and if he didn’t object, they had about 40 minutes before anyone else arrived at her business.

“Too bad I don’t know any 21-year-olds who are single, mature and fantasies of mine,” she spoke, looking at Eric’s outfit. He had worn a blue flannel, gray t-shirt and new blue jeans.

“Yeah. Sorry I can’t help you out there,” he said as he pushed his chair back.

Susan walked to him, her heels clicking as she came around the table. He sat comfortable. He looked up at her, and a bulge began emerging from his jeans. She stepped her thighs over his legs, and reached down to his hardening member, massing his body through his denim.

“Know anybody who might be a better option for me?” she asked, her fingers rubbing.

“Yeah. I know this one guy …” he cut himself off by rising and kissing Susan. His boss. His boss who was literally twice his age. She was 46. He was 23. He settled his hands to his her hips as she stopped grinding away with her hand, and started grinding down on him as she lifted her business dress.

“…that’s right, ladies. You find some young man with endurance and you use him like a baseball bat at a softball game. Use him to hit it with distance. Then throw him toward the dugout and enjoy your home run…” the radio comedian, who had just been identified as Joanne the Comedian said.

Eric groped at Susan’s body, opening three of her dresses seven buttons, and breathing against her breasts. He tried to licked her nipples, but was cut off by the curve of her beige bra.

His other hand played with her thighs, rubbing her ass, and then moving to her panties. He cautiously rubbed the fabric protecting her womanhood and listened to her moan in his ear.

“Yes, Eric. Please…” she whispered.

“I don’t know that what we’re doing is completely appropriate,” he said as he looked at her skin. He giggled in his own humor.

“Well, if I catch me, I’ll make sure that I’m fired,” the woman-in-charge of the job said.

She swiftly unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down his zipper and fished Eric’s seven inches out from his stylish boxers. She gave him a hand job as she kissed his lips. Eric’s fingers moved the fabric of her panties to the side as he slipped his strong against her wetness.

With his two middle fingers, he massaged he clit, while his palm pressed against the folds of her passion. Their mouths re-met as they kissed like drunks at a club. She paused, licked and spit on her hand, and then returned her hand to his hardened cock.

“MMMMM,” he groaned, feeling the lubrication of her palm glisten against his manhood. She groaned as well, enjoying what the boytoy knew about how to please a woman.

Susan stood up, balancing her body with her heels, and pushed Eric’s jeans to his knees, his ass against the rubbery brown chair she’d bought cheap for the employee’s lounge.

Susan returned to kissing him. She pulled her skirt up as high as she could, having it rumbled around her waist like a ballerina dress from hell. She couldn’t wait to get her panties off to feel his cock inside her, so she moved her panties more to the side.

Eric teased her with the head of his cock sliding provocatively along her clit and between his fingers. He wanted to maintain a semblance of control. He also wanted to know for sure he wasn’t about to get fired for sexual harassment.

“Damn it,” Susan grunted. She pulled his cock into her and sat down on him. It had been four months since she’d been laid, and the stretching of her body onto his pleased her and warmed her. Susan played with Eric’s soft scrotum while he played with her clit.

The two coupled slowly. She thrust up and down on the young man. She enjoyed the control and the sensation of their passion. Susan hooked her ankles around Eric’s lower legs, her high heels spiking into his legs, as he spiked into her body. The slickness of their bodies rode against each other like the oiled pistons in the engines of her trucks.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder,” she commanded Eric like an angry boss. He complied like an eager worker, raising his hips to slide his cock inside her at a lower angle — buttoning her G-spot.

The two continued the love making for thirteen minutes, then Susan got up.

“Stay just like that,” she told him, two of her fingers rubbing the wet head of his erect cock. She turned around, pulled down her panties and lowered her pussy back down onto him. Susan leaned back and laid her spine to Eric’s chest. She pulled his length back inside her and re-hooked her legs to Eric’s.

Eric breathed into Susan’s ear, sucking on her neck while his hands explored into her blouse. He pulled her bra up and fondled her left breast. Then he brought his hand down to her trimmed black bush and flicked his finger against her clit.

She felt obscene. She didn’t care. She let instinct take over as she enjoyed squeezing the man inside her. Her wetness soaked his thighs as he dangled his fingers lightly between her legs. Susan’s body slapped down on the thrusting hips of Eric’s as she exploded and then smoldered in an extended orgasm.

“Oh shit, oh God, oh fuck. Yes. Yes. Yes!” she squealed.

Eric’s face contorted as well as the walls of Susan’s body slurped against his hardness. She rubbed his tightening testicles.

“Uh…I’m close,” he let her know.

“Cum inside me, Eric. Cum in me.”

A portion of him wondered about her pregnancy protection. A portion of him thought she probably was beyond pregnancy age. It made fair enough sense at the time. And another reasonable place to cum wasn’t coming to him. He couldn’t cum on her clothes or in the chair. That would be against some kind of work policy.

And the portion of his body which was in control, his seven inches of hardness, agreed with Susan’s idea.

“Mmm. Fuck. MMM. Yeah. So close…” he spoke.

“Do it, Eric. Cum in my pussy.” She had worked herself up as well, close to a third orgasm.

The release flew from his system like fireworks — launching into the warm, stormy night of her body and exploding inside her.

“Oh God. Yes!” he stammered as his load expelled from his system. He thrust up harder and faster, over and over into her wanting body. It pushed Susan over the edge again, her pussy contracting over Eric’s cock.

He massaged her pussy and clit, and she massaged his lowering cock as it slipped from her entrance. She turned her head to the side and kissed him deeply, enjoying the sensation of the hot sperm coating her loins. Susan knew she couldn’t get pregnant, but she still loved the joy of a man’s orgasm inside her body.

“Mmmm,” she smiled. “I don’t know if I want to let you do some overtime hauling for my company, Eric. I think I’ve found a rig I’d rather have you drive during the week.”

The two looked at the clock and realized other employee’s of Susan’s company could be coming in within a few minutes. Susan used her panties to wipe dry the chair Eric had sat on while he pulled up his boxers and gripped his cock inside them. It was wet with the mixed fluids of the morning, and he didn’t want it to be obvious to anyone he’d had sex less than a half-hour before working.

Susan walked into the washroom to adjust her clothes, makeup and hair. She pulled her panties back on but knew they were going to be smelling of sex all day. In the background, she could hear comedian Joanne again espousing the good sex younger men can give. She smiled in guilt and in pleasure.

As she exited, she saw Eric sitting back at the table and talking to Anna the Office Assistant.

“Morning, Anna,” Susan said.

“Boy, Susan. You sure looked cheery this morning,” Anna commented.

“You sure do,” Eric smiled. “Why is that?” he asked.

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