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Freak in the Sack

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This is another true story. This one took place several years ago at an old job I had. I met Jacey at work and immediately I noticed a sexual spark. She was a short girl, about 5’3″ with jaw length straight blond hair with big brown eyes. She was 23 and I was 28. She had great skin with a few freckles here and there. I later found out her light bronze skin tone was because she went to the tanning bed.

She had small tits and a thick tight ass. She was one of those girls who looked like she had played sports in high school because of her muscular legs and ass.

She had a great body. She always wore super short shorts and had her hair up in a pony tail. She had this one pair of shorts that made her ass look unbelievable. Every time she wore them I just wanted to kneel behind her and eat her ass and pussy from behind. We worked near each other in the same building and would always flirt when we saw each other. At the time she had a boyfriend and I had a girlfriend, but we both knew the chemistry was there.

This continued for a while. At one point we even managed to meet up for drinks one evening after work and it was all I could do not to grab her and deeply kiss her goodnight when she left. She later expressed to me the same regret.

Well, as fortune would have it, we both ended up single around the same time. During this time we both figured out that each of us had dark and sexually expressive desires. It didn’t take long for us to hook up. The first time we had sex was a pretty hot but traditional affair. I fucked her from behind and came all over that sexy ass of hers. The second time we had sex was when I first put my cock in her ass. I’d found out that she had a fantasy of being taken by two guys consecutively up the ass, so I was more than willing to recreate the first act of her fantasy. The third time we had sex is the story I’m bringing to you today.

We found that we had a volatile relationship as soon as we were able to focus on each other. Like a fuse on a stick of dynamite our sex was hot and combustible, but destined to be short lived. Well, one night a few weeks after we started hooking up, she called me late one night and sounded a little odd.

“Hey”, she first said.

“Jacey, are you OK? You sound a little muffled.”

“I’m… OK… I need…” and her voice got quiet and trailed off…

I interrupted “What do you need? Are you ok?” Then my mind began to work. I had heard her rustling around on the phone and I could hear her breathing. When I finally put it all together I realized she was masturbating.

“Do you need a hard cock?” I asked

“Yes. Now. Hurry.”

And just like that, she had called, spoke 8 words and my blood was pumping straight to my cock. I got off the couch, grabbed my keys and I was quickly out the door. I didn’t have to be told twice. This girl was hot. For example, she had a collection of broken vibrators from jamming them up her pussy so hard and so frequently. She said she couldn’t find any that would last longer than 3 months, and she had the nice expensive Rabbit ones too.

My mind was racing as the prospects of what she was doing right now or how I would find her. She lived across town, so it was a 25 minute drive, but I made it there in 15 thanking my lucky stars I didn’t see any cops. Her driveway was empty, so I knew her roommate was gone and we could have loud noisy sex. I let myself inside and walked to the back of her dark house where I found her on her bed, with a Jenna Jameson porn playing on her TV. Jacey’s legs were spread wide, shaved bald pussy up in the air, purple vibrator humming away being jammed in with her right hand, while her left hand squeezed the shit out of her left tit.

In her lust she was still wearing her pj’s. She always wore thongs and a t-shirt to bed. Her pink thongs were around her left ankle and her orange t-shirt was pushed up over her breasts. Her eyes were closed and she was completely focused. I stood in the doorway and watched until her dog barked at me. He was sitting on the floor beside her bed while she was plugging away. She was expecting me so she opened her eyes slowly and looked over at me and said for me to come there.

I began taking off my clothes as I walked across the room towards her. I sat on the edge of the bed beside her and leaned over to kiss her beautiful face. This girl was amazing and I never wanted her to go away. I could hear the sucking sounds of her pussy grabbing onto the vibrator as she pulled it out before the squishing sound of her thrusting the vibrator back inside. I was in heaven. We kissed for a while before she said she wanted to sit on my cock.

This was the first time she had really been aggressive with me. Previously she had been kind of passive and gentle, but I always knew something darker was there. She pushed me down onto her bed and climbed up onto my hard cock. In our previous sessions we had found that my cock hit her cervix in some positions, but this was one where I got the deep penetration without causing her pain. She immediately started thrusting up and down on my cock but surprisingly she grabbed my chest with both hands as hard as she could and started squeezing my breasts violently. I’m not going to lie, it hurt.

At this point I realized something was different than our previous sessions. I reached up and started doing the same to her. All the while she was pumping that cute little body up and down on my fat cock like it was a pole she was trying to hammer into the ground with her pussy. I was squeezing a small tit in each hand very tightly. I wasn’t sure of her pain threshold, but I found I could almost go as far as I was physically capable. Her nipples got super hard and poked straight out. The areolas puffed out with all blood being squeezed out in her tits. I wasn’t sure if I was OK inflicting this much damage, but I felt something leaking down on my dick and balls. She literally had pussy juice pouring from her cunt.

My chest was in pain as she squeezed and clawed my tits as hard as she could. I removed both hands from her tits and put one hand on her throat and the other hand grabbed a handful of her hair. I had decided as much as she was hurting me, I was going to hurt her. She started to bounce harder and faster up and down on my cock while I squeezed her throat and pulled her hair hard. I’d never used this much force on a girl ever in my entire life and frankly I was a little afraid I’d hurt her, but my cock was throbbing and her pussy was pouring fluid down my balls. As I squeezed her throat she started to scream and yell and she put her hand on my face and pushed down hard.

Next thing I know I felt a deluge of wetness on my cock and a puddle form underneath my ass. This girl was a squirter, and a big one at that. Her pussy had sprayed all over my dick and my crotch was soaked with her ejaculate.

When she took her hand off my face, I saw that her face had changed colors, I had choked her hard. I felt bad and apologized, but she told me she enjoyed it and that’s why she came so hard. We kissed intensely for a little bit before changing the sheets and taking a shower together. I loved fucking this girl.

When we crawled back into bed she noted that I hadn’t cum yet and that I must be going a bit crazy. I concurred and she started sucking my cock back to life. She had a small mouth and kissing her was odd because I wasn’t used to kissing a girl with such a small mouth. So needless to say, my cock was a tight fit down her throat. After getting my dick nice and lubed up I had her lie on her back with her ass hanging off the edge of the bed. I stood between her legs and slid my hard cock into her tight pussy.

Everything about this girl was tight. I’ve had sex with some tiny girls before, but this girl’s tightness reminded me of the girlfriends I had in high school. Oddly enough, despite being a squirter, she didn’t naturally produce a lot of lube initially during sex, so starting out was always slow going and required some lube. While I was lubing my cock so I could fit it all the way up her tight pussy, I let some drip down to her asshole, where I kindly stuck a finger to play with her ass while I fucked her.

We both knew what was coming next. As soon as I could get some deep hard thrusts with my cock entirely sheathed in her little pussy, I pulled out and lined up with her asshole. She was not an anal virgin so I was able to slowly but pretty easily slide my cock all the way up her ass with a single stroke. God it was tight. I looked down at her sexy tanned body with her light blond hair and her small tits and hairless pink pussy, this girl was amazing. I started pumping her asshole with more speed and shorter strokes.

She didn’t really moan like some girls as much as she had short shallow breaths. You could hear her breathing and tell how close she was to orgasm. The deeper and slower the breathing, the closer she was to orgasm. As I drove my cock in and out of her tight hole, I held onto her hips with her feet on my shoulders. She had one hand playing with her nipples and the other playing with her clit. I kept pounding that sexy ass never wanting to stop fucking her.

I could hear her breathing deepen and she slowly opened her eyes and looked into mine when she said quietly with a slight smile, “this one’s going to be good”.

She closed her eyes again and started frigging her clit frenetically. Her hand was almost a blur as fast as she was rubbing her clit. I took the signal and started pounding away at that sexy thick ass of hers as fast and hard as I could. I was taking long fast strokes with my cock almost coming out of her ass on each thrust. I was enjoying watching her tits bounce and her hair bounce every time I drove balls deep into her. Finally I couldn’t take all the stimuli.

I started to blast a massive load into that tiny asshole of hers. As soon as she felt my cum, she started to squirt a little from her pussy. It was so hot watching it shoot onto my stomach while I pounded her ass and she fingered her clit. While she had her small squirts, I blasted shot after shot of cum up that amazing ass of hers, meanwhile her fingers started to slow. I could tell I had cum just a few seconds too soon for her to get the full gushing orgasm like the one she had earlier. Her face was flushed and she had a wonderful smile on her beautiful face.

I kissed her and tasted the sweat on our faces. We laid there for a little bit just holding each other as my dick softened and slipped out of her ass. Just before I was about to fall asleep she asked if I wanted to go again. Of course I did.

“Will you put your cock in my mouth?” Jacey asked me.

I was startled. My dick had just been in her sweaty ass which was presently full of my cum.

“Of course” I replied.

So I straddled her body and began to walk my knees up her chest so my balls and limp dick were right above her face. She just looked up at me and closed her eyes, reached with her right hand and guided my limp dick into her mouth. “Holy shit!” I thought to myself. This sexy girl was doing ass-to-mouth! I didn’t know what to do and I just stared at her gorgeous face as she swallowed my cock down her throat. I wondered if she even realized what she was doing, or if she noticed the taste. While I thought of this my dick grew harder than I ever think I’ve had it in my life.

I thought my dick was going to pop out the back of her head I felt so hard. I bent over and propped myself up on one hand and with the other I grabbed the back of her head so I could shove her face onto my cock. All while doing this she had stuck one of her hands in my mouth and I was sucking and licking all over her fingers. Her other hand was playing with my balls while I fucked her face.

Next thing I know she took her hand from my mouth and quickly shoved a finger up my asshole. I almost blew my load right there. I couldn’t believe it. I had always liked a girl to finger my ass while blowing me, but I’d never mentioned this to her and even so, I’d found very few girls willing to try it. Here I was straddling this girls face, fucking her tiny mouth, while she fondled my shaved balls, and sawed a finger in and out of my asshole, all while my dick had gone straight from her ass to her mouth.

To this day, I’m not sure how I didn’t cum immediately. I got so turned on by all this, I turned a little rough and animalistic. I grabbed her by her hair, and pulled my dick from her mouth. I pushed her face down onto the bed. Next I made her spread her thick ass with both hands. I licked the side of her face and forcefully shoved my spit covered cock up her asshole which was still full of my cum from earlier.

I violently began fucking that sexy ass of hers while I pulled her hair and clawed her meaty ass cheeks tightly. He asshole was still a little stretched out from earlier and I could feel my cum inside her asshole being pushed around. With everything I had, I pounded my hard cock all the way up her ass. I fucked her like I wanted her to feel my cock rise up in her throat. Even though I had cum earlier, my primal instincts had taken over and I wanted to tear this sexy girl apart.

I didn’t last long up that amazing ass of hers. I hadn’t paid much attention to her, I was so turned on and aggressive, all I could think about was fucking her till I exploded in her ass. I’m not sure which orgasm took more cum from me, the first or the second, but I felt so light headed afterwards, I felt like I’d poured my soul into her ass. I pulled my still hard cock from her cum dripping and stretched out asshole and she rolled over with a wide grin on her face. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t stay away. I leaned down and gently kissed her smiling beautiful face. She held tightly onto my neck with both arms while we kissed passionately for a while before going to shower again. I’ll never forget that night. We fucked several times more that night before finally going to sleep a sweaty mess.

Our affair didn’t last much longer because we both still had issues with our ex’es and we struggled to find substance together other than great sex. That was our last great night-long fuck session. I still think of her and masturbate on occasion. I also think about that lucky prick she’s fucking now.

I think they’ll get married soon since they’ve been together for years. I wonder if she fucks him like she fucked me. When we split she told me she’d never been like that with anyone and she didn’t know what came over her. I don’t know. I hope he gets to enjoy her freaky amazing sex because there are so few girls like that out there; hopefully someone can enjoy her extraordinary self.

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