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Four Old Men and Me

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Isn’t the unforeseen relationship perhaps the very best of all possible pairings in life?

Most of us grow up believing that we will in fact meet that ideal someone who will be our lifelong partner.

Young girls dream of the prince charming they read about in fairytales, riding in on a white stallion, their first kiss, the dreamy wedding and life happily ever after.

The male counterpart, a young virile stud, see’s the girl of his dreams in the centerfold of the latest issue of the classy men’s magazine that’s been passed around until the pages are stuck together with the results of his passions.

The present, and ever altering technology, encourages us to search across the infinite cosmos for that special one who precisely fits our own preconceived notion of perfection.

Dating sites thrive, offering services that guarantee the sexual soul mate we seek. Then there are the websites that specialize in a particular lifestyle or fetish.

I love the idea that we can explore all our fantasy and lifestyle interests, becoming free and accepting of ourselves and others.

In the beginning, most of these cyber dating services were geared entirely towards the younger set, things have dramatically changed.

In recent times the age differential has altered that mindset, there are now, with a single click, sites that provide infinite pools of older men who seek younger women as partners. Similarly, many a young man now enjoys the company of an older experienced woman.

I would like to say that the term “younger” doesn’t necessarily denote a nubile just legal teenage girl. In my experience, younger can actually symbolize a very lovely lady who has passed the days of youthful awkwardness, has some life lessons and experience under her skirt and now knows just what it takes to encourage the older gentleman to live out a fantasy or two.

Perhaps it merely suggests a woman several years younger than him, a woman who could simply enjoy his company regardless of age or ability to maintain an erection. Age is a matter of mind, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

I am a confirmed lover of the “Dirty Old Man”, bless his heart.

Although I personally have not experienced any tribulations meeting and enjoying the pleasure of the older man, I periodically visit some preferred sites to, window shop, shall we say.

I have chatted, e-mailed, and actually met many wonderful friends. Although I limit my personal interactions to a select few, I am always energized to hear from the delicious men who find their way to me.

I thought you might enjoy a particular meeting that was most unexpected, however, perhaps one of the most sexually exciting experiences I have had the pleasure of engaging in.

Every morning, as I eagerly wait for my PC to power up I think of the sweet gentlemen who have sent me a special note. The banter back and forth with my cyber DOM’s , that’s “Dirty Old Men”, tickles me, over and over, in the most luscious wicked ways. I find their words and invitations tempting waking the feeling between my legs as I read their stories and titillating suggestions. Some are passionate connoisseurs of raw sexual chat some are just friends that I’ve come to love.

There are many days when I don’t recognize a sender and open a new e-mail that more than amuses me.

On the day in question I received an e-mail from someone I didn’t know without any subject matter. I opened the mail and was immediately intrigued.

Raymond wrote “I have enjoyed your stories immensely. Being a DOM myself, I can certainly appreciate the words and thoughts you treat us to. Would you be interested in chatting with me? I am 74, single, love big tits and am extremely oral”.

Now, what self respecting woman, with a deeply embedded love of DOM’s wouldn’t be interested in learning more about Raymond?

It’s no secret that I love and crave every second of attention showered on my twin beauties. I suspect, that the nerve endings, of my so very responsive nipples, are directly connected with the blossom of delight, warm and cozy, hidden within the warmth and shelter of a very responsive feminine flower.

I wrote a standard thank you for your lovely note and added that I would be very pleased to chat with dear sweet Raymond. I hit send and wondered just how long I would have to wait for a response.

Later in the afternoon, I was so thrilled to see that Raymond had sent a reply. He was pleased that I would like to chat and gave me the information I needed to connect with him. The time was set and I cleared all and any obstacles that would in any way hamper my rendezvous.

At exactly 8:00PM there he was. I am going to write our conversation as an actual in person meeting, much easier to follow.

“Good evening Debra how are you?”

“Raymond, how nice to meet you, I’ve looked forward to this since I received your message.”

“Well, I wasn’t sure if you actually answer the many admirer’s who send you messages, but a fellow can hope.”

“Actually, I try and respond to each one, I think that if someone takes the time to write I should at the very least acknowledge and thank them for their kind words. So, Raymond, you sparked my imagination, there can’t be anything sweeter than a darling man who enjoys the fullness and curves of a woman. Speaking from a purely selfish point of view, a DOM who loves ample breasts and enjoys spending time lavishing kisses and licks is definitely a man I want to know better.”

Raymond and I chatted for almost two hours that first night. The candidness and honesty were refreshing. I believe we actually surprised each other with the frank way we were able to talk about what we enjoyed sexually. The longer we talked the more convinced I was that I wanted to meet this dirty old man in the flesh. It seems he lived quite close by. I felt very comfortable and safe so I suggested we meet the next afternoon for lunch. The plans were set and we said our goodnights.

I was so sexually aroused from our conversation I had to take a few minutes to catch my breath. When I saw the time I got ready for bed and gave in to the urges I felt.

I could only imagine what his mouth would feel like, licking me, sucking and teasing. It didn’t take more than a few strokes of my finger to feel the wetness coming down. I reached down, slipping one finger inside me, moving in and out, feeling the sticky warm fluid cover it. I pulled my finger out of my drenched tunnel of desire; it was now so wet, and glided it over and around my swollen clit. I closed my eyes and thought about how his lips would feel, wrapped around my stiff nipples, sucking and nibbling. I needed this, wanted this, moving faster, my slick slippery finger rolled over and over my pulsing button until I felt the orgasm start sending the sparks deep inside me. It was so nice, a fast quick cum, just enough to quell the fire.

The next day I was up early. Getting all my daily obligations taken care of I showered and dressed. A quick glance at the clock and it was time to leave.

I arrived at the restaurant and smiled when I saw Raymond standing outside, waiting for me as we had discussed.

He was a very average looking man, a bit on the pudgy side, average height and bald, just as he had described himself. His smile was spectacular.

He walked towards my car and I opened the door and slipped out.

“Well, Debra, it’s so nice to meet you.”

Raymond extended his hand to help me to my feet, and I leaned in to kiss his cheek.

“Raymond, it’s so nice to meet you. You described yourself as if you were painting a portrait. Let’s go on in and get acquainted.”

The restaurant was a small place nestled in the valley just outside the small town of Effort. There were a few others sitting at tables and a few people at the bar. The hostess showed us to a little table by a window that looked out onto the beautiful view of the mountains.

The waitress gave us menus and told us about the specials; we ordered cocktails, lunch, and settled in to each other quite comfortably.

“I’m just a little surprised that you suggested lunch, I’m crazy glad you did, but I would have thought it would be a task for a woman to meet me after a few hours of chatting.”

“I think we’re on the same page of music. I know what I like and I don’t see why I should play games or waste time. I am quite frank, sometimes bold I’ve been told. I feel quite safe and comfortable. Maybe I’ve put a scare into you old man.”

Raymond laughed, and I couldn’t help but notice how at ease we both were. I love men, dirty old men; if I know what I want why beat around the bush.

“You don’t scare this old guy; I’ve got plenty of gas in my tank. Might I say that I can’t wait to get my hands on your tits?”

“Oh, talk dirty to me, I love it.”

He leaned closer to me and began whispering in my ear.

“I bet your pie is nice and warm isn’t it? There’s nothing I like more than slipping a finger or two into a hot, steamy, juicy pie that’s waiting to get a real good sucking. Bet you can imagine my fat tongue flipping your big swelled up clit round and round in my mouth?”

For an added touch of drama he licked my ear sending shivers down my spine. I was thoroughly and quite expertly primed, just as he had planned I suspect.

Raymond smiled at me as he settled back into his chair. He deliberately slid his tongue ever so slightly out of his mouth and made a very quiet slurping sound.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the waitress walking towards our table with our lunch and thought I’d better calm this down a bit.

“Careful old man, you could be using up valuable energy.”

“I may be an old man, a very dirty old man, but I assure you I have enough energy to get your motor running and keep you humming.”

The more I heard the more I was sure I wanted to spend some personal private time with Raymond. I couldn’t help but imagine his lips surrounding my passion filled bud while he was humming like a fine tuned motor should.

The waitress delivered our lunch to the table and refreshed our cocktails. While we were eating I was momentarily startled when I felt his hand reach out under the table and feel my thigh.

I was immediately aroused; quickly I wanted to be sure no one could see us. A swift glance around the room and I saw that we were very safe.

Raymond just kept eating and talking, as if his hand reaching between my legs was totally normal. It took only a very few seconds for him to reach inside my thighs and grab my already damp mound.

“I just love warm juicy things. I like the feeling on my fingers when I dip into a hot pie and pull up some sweet sticky sauce.”

As he spoke he slipped his finger under my panties and wiggled it around until he was just about inside me. I was smiling, I loved it. He spoke softly but I understood every word.

“You like this don’t you, sitting here with my finger rubbing your pie up and down; I bet if I just touch your little apple, like this, you would enjoy it even more.”

His finger rolled over my clit and I was insane with how excited he had me. Luckily, the tablecloth was long enough to conceal all the stimulating action that was taking place between my now slightly open thighs.

“It feels good doesn’t it; me rubbing your sweet pie, here, in public and no one will imagine or can see what I’m doing to you.”

This dirty old fool was quite a tease, I spread my legs just a little further apart and he smiled at me as he taunted and pummeled my so stiff little apple with his fingers. Sensing that I was very close to not being able to contain my excitement quietly, I clamped my legs shut around his hand.

“Yes, you filthy old man, I love it, almost as much as you like having your wrinkled crooked fingers playing with my sweet wet pie. I think it’s time to finish up our lunch and go somewhere private don’t you?

There wasn’t any need for him to verbally agree, the look on his face said all I needed to know. Raymond pulled his hand out from between my legs and when he slipped his glistening finger into his mouth I nearly choked.

“I don’t like to leave a drop, it tastes so sweet.”

This old man had me going. I can’t remember the last time I was actually speechless. There was something else; he played to my very fantasy. Sitting here was the consummate dirty old man; I was crazy for him and couldn’t wait to get out of here.

“I thought you’d like to come over to my place for a visit, you can follow me, and it’s not that far. When we get to know each other better I’ll stop by your place now and then for a visit.”

It was clear to both of us that we had found exactly what we were both looking for.

I’m sure we finished our lunch in record time and were more than ready to go. We got up to leave and Raymond took care of the check. As we walked out to the cars he took hold of my hand.

“I can’t wait to get you in my house. I’ve been waiting for a woman like you a long time; get ready for a hell of an afternoon?”

I could tell you that I had second thoughts or that I wasn’t sure about what I was getting into but none of that would be true. This was a straightforward case of lust, pure and simple.

I followed Raymond to his home and parked right behind him in the driveway. I noticed that there were only two other homes on the road he lived on and they were back in the wooded area. Most of the towns here are very rural and there are more homes used for summer vacation homes than there are year round people.

He waited for me to get out of my car and we walked up the path together. Once he had the door open we were inside in a flash. This was a modest home, clean and warm. As we walked into the house he locked the door behind us.

Right inside the doorway was a desk with his computer. He took off his coat, hung it up on a hook Helped me with mine and sat down in a chair, a desk type chair.

“Come here, I want a good look at your tits right now.”

I was shaking, not from fear, from sheer excitement.

He was just as he said, a dirty old man, and I was in heaven.

In seconds he had my blouse open and he scooped my beauties out of the cups of my bra and into his hands.

“You have super tits, just the kind I love, big and bouncy.”

I watched him actually bounce my breasts up and down, he was really enjoying himself. It didn’t take long for him to start pulling my nipples.

“I like to pull big nipples out like this, gets them real hard and long, then I can get a good sucking on them. I read all your stories, you love getting your big tits played with and sucked, and that’s when I knew we were made for each other. I can make you cum just sucking on this big sugar sweet nipple.”

“I’ll bet you can, go for it old man.”

The fact that I was on the verge of exploding just listening to him talk to me, telling me what he could do, I was sure the minute I saw his mouth get hold of his prize it wouldn’t take long for the message to get downtown that an express orgasm was heading my way.

This man was a master at sucking my tits. His jaws were like suction cups, holding the taut nipple in his mouth while his tongue whipped it back and forth. The sound he made was mind blowing; it was sloppy and wet and sounded dirty.

“Oh you have some lovely tits, you like them sucked hard, I remember, real hard, and both at the same time, that gets your pie real wet doesn’t it?”

“I love a wet mouth sucking hard. You love my stiff nipples filling up your filthy old mouth don’t you, show me how you tongue it, tease it.”

Raymond took my right breast in his hands and squeezed it tight. I watched my nipple pucker up and swell with the first flicker of his nasty old tongue. Over and over he whipped at my stiff bud until it was deep red and the areola puffed up all around it.

The sight of his lips clenched hard around the pulsing tip was so fucking wicked and nasty. I almost lost it when he began to suck harder, pulling my nipple up taut and then letting it go with a popping sound. The noise is like a mouth sucking on a lollipop not wanting to miss a single drop of sweetness.

The tingling was so strong it was painful and hurt so damn good. When he had satisfied himself with my now throbbing nipple he turned his attention to the other and gave it equal pleasure.

“”Your sexy nipples are so big and suckable, look how long and puffed up they are, now I can get to the part I was waiting for. Push your beautiful tits together for me, I want to suck them both, just the way you love it.”

When I pushed my milky globes together and he swallowed both stiff nipples down into his mouth I felt the first wave of cumming hit me. It was almost too hard to stand there. He knew I was there and he sucked harder and waited to see the look of sheer satisfaction wash over my face.

“Yeah, I told you, I would suck you right to a hard cum.”

I loved every shock that came up and down my body. Every time his lips sucked, my pussy tightened, the final assault was feeling him bite me, and I had to pull back, out of his grasp, now the feeling was so strong I couldn’t let him touch me.

Raymond just smiled as he grabbed at my tits and bounced them up and down. At one point he had my nipples in his fingers and he was actually pulling them round and round in circles.

“Shake those big tits for me, shake them all over I love to watch them bouncing around. Is your pie nice and wet, full of sweet syrup, I think it is, and I’m ready for a slice ala mode.”

Raymond got up from the chair and lay down on the living room floor.

“Now, come over here and put your knees around my head, I like to eat my pie while you shake those tits for me.”

I tried just lifting my skirt over my waist but I finally just pulled it off, my panties down and off in a heartbeat.

I straddled his head, just close enough for him to get his mouth on my pussy.

If there were ever a man who could win a pie eating contest hands free, this was the one. His hands were on my thighs, holding them apart as his mouth scoured every inch of me. His eyes were glued to my bouncing tits, and when I playfully shook them side to side his lapping tongue went into overdrive as his lips sucked me to a fabulous earth moving orgasm.

I heard him sucking me and watched him lick me clean.

I slowly crawled off his face. After a few minutes I was able to pull myself up against the couch. He sat up and licked his mouth dry, all the while staring at my tits. I remembered something that I thought would show him how much I appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed him.

“Come here old man, I think I should let you fuck my big tits.”

He couldn’t get to me fast enough.

I sat up on my knees as he unzipped and released his old cock. Surprisingly he had a pretty nice cock for a man of his age, not very long, but nice and thick. “Just give me a minute to get you ready.”

I saw him open a drawer in the table next to the couch and reach for a tube of lubricant; he was evidently prepared for my visit. The look on his face as he squeezed a generous amount of KY between my breasts was priceless, and he was all smiles as he smeared it up and down and around me.

He slipped his old cock slowly between my tits and I held them tight as he rocked back and forth. The look on his face was precious; he grabbed my nipples and pulled them until he could get them in between his fingers. I couldn’t stop watching him as he rolled my nipples over and over, fucking my tits and moaning.

“Oh, I’m about to shoot, I wish I could hold on and fuck you like this a lot longer, it feels so damn good, but I can’t, so here it comes.”

In a few seconds he bucked and pounded until I saw the first drop of cum bubble up out of his cock. I bent my head down and I thought he would pass out when I licked the head of his cock while he was shooting a stream of cum. I dropped my hands and grabbed his cock while I sucked him. I felt the small hot shot and swallowed it down before I let him go.

It suddenly occurred to me that sometimes getting down and dirty, raunchy sucking and fucking is the only way to go. “Boy, I knew you were one hot piece but I never figured it would be like this. You and I have the same idea about sex; do what you like with a partner who likes what you enjoy. I’ve know some guys who think exactly like I do, boy, they’d love to meet you.”

The thought of a party with another dirty old man only made me want it more. “This may come as a shock but why don’t you give one of them a call and see if they’re available for a little playtime right now.”

I thought he’d have a heart attack and drop on the floor when I said that. I might have found a gold mine here. Imagine a steady supply of dirty old men any time I wanted one, what more could I ask for.

“I knew you were different, I could never have guessed you’d like something like this. I have a few old guys that are just the kind you like. Oh my God, holy shit, is this really happening?”

I smiled as I gathered my clothes off the floor. I saw a throw blanket on the couch and just picked it up and wrapped it around me as I sat down.

I heard him talking on the phone and had to laugh at the number of times he swore he wasn’t fooling around or fucking with them. After a few calls he came back and sat down next to me.

“Be careful what you wish for, I’m sure you’ve heard that before. It seems like I have a couple of fella’s on the way over. One said he didn’t believe me so I called someone else and now the two of them are on the way. How about we see how it goes and you can always change your mind if you want.”

“Actually I’m sure we can all find a way to enjoy this. Listen, I’m going to go freshen up and put my clothes on while you wait for the Calvary to arrive.”

“Debra, I happen to have some sexy lingerie, I had a lady friend come over now and then and she left it here, would you consider putting some of the things on?”

Suddenly this was turning into quite a party. What the hell, you only live once right?

“That sounds like fun, why don’t you give me what you have and I’ll see what I can do with it.”

He almost killed himself getting up. Within a few minutes he came out of the bedroom with a handful of things and as he handed them to me, I couldn’t help but notice a bulge in the front of his pants. I smiled and reached out to touch him.

“Ummm, already excited and we haven’t even started the party yet. Better slow down old man, you want to make sure you have plenty left when you need it.”

“Don’t worry about me, I may be old and wrinkled but my parts work every time. I got back ups just in case. Get ready woman, we may be over the hill and slowed down now and then but we have strength in numbers. This will be a day you might never forget, by the time me and the boys are done you’ll be done right.”

“Promises, promises I hope you deliver old man.”

I picked myself up and walked into the bathroom to get ready for the action.

I looked at the things Ray had given me and I was pleasantly surprised. I won’t say that I don’t have similar dainties, but these were certainly just a little different than what I would normally think of as lingerie.

I was almost ready when I heard the sound of another voice from the living room. I looked at myself in the mirror and was more than pleased with what I saw. Not knowing exactly what I was walking into I grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around myself. As I walked towards the voices I realized there were probably more than two, maybe three. Imagine my shock and surprise when I saw four old men standing there.

“Well, here she is boys, and doesn’t she look sweet?”

I might have bit off more than I could chew here, four, well here goes.

“Debra, looks like everyone decided to come on over and play. By the time we’re finished here you just might need a break. Let me introduce you to the boys. Just so you know we’re keeping this in the family so to speak.”

In the family, I could see the resemblance and realized they were all related in some way.

The first DOM was Bill, Ray’s brother. Uncle Bill was seventy two, and pretty raunchy. All he did was rub his crotch and play with his cock while he licked his lips. I was already glad I stayed.

“Uncle Bill loves tits as much as I do. By the time we’re done with those big tits of yours we might just have worn them out, isn’t that right Billy boy?”

“You’re right Ray; she has a nice set, bet those luscious nipples are real sweet.”

“They’re real tasty, and she loves them sucked hard.”

I was already wet.

“This is Grandpa, he’s the old man of the bunch, almost eighty, and he sure loves wet creamy pie. Show her that tongue Grandpa, she’ll rub that pie all over your face while you suck on her.”

Grandpa slithered his old nasty tongue out of his mouth and waggled it at me. This one had a tongue that any woman would die for. It didn’t take long for me to appreciate that if I touched myself I would cum I was so turned on.

“Now, this youngster is Sonny, he’s only just retired, and only sixty five, he’s Grandpa’s son, he loves to fuck, don’t you Sonny?”

“That’s a fact Uncle Ray. I’m sure I can give you everything you need and more.”

Sonny smiled at me as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a monster cock. It had to be ten inches long and thick, very thick. The head was round and sat up on top of his shaft like a mushroom cap. He stroked it slowly, shaking it at me and rotating his hips. I wanted every inch of it.

“It looks like we have a good group Ray, I guess it’s true, the family that plays together stays together, why don’t you gentleman get comfortable.”

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but seeing this bunch I was more than pleased. The picture I was seeing was almost bizarre. Four dirty old men in one spot all itching to get their hands, mouths and cocks on me and in me, what more could I ask for.

I watched them take off their clothes like a boy’s sports team in a high school locker room. It was clear they were more than comfortable around each other in their nakedness.

The monster man was smiling at me, holding on to his huge cock, slowly riding his hand up and down. Grandpa was likewise well endowed but not hard at all. “I’d say it’s time to show the boys your goods Debra, I’m sure they want to get a good look at what I promised them.”

Raymond was eager to show me off I think. Promised, now this may have been the first time I was ever promised to anyone, well, promises are meant to be kept aren’t they?

The sheet was wrapped around my body covering everything important. For a split second I thought I’d tease them a bit by slowly letting it fall but I decided to give them a treat and just let it fall away from me giving them what they wanted all at once. In a mere flash I was standing in front of them in all my glory and the lingerie Ray had given me.

The bra was black, the underwire held my breasts up and out of the cups like a serving platter. The cups didn’t cover very much so my nipples, already stiff from my own excitement, proudly pointed straight at them. I had matching black panties, low on my hips, tightly hugging my mound. I knew the lacy garter belt would be a real tease holding the black stockings high on my thighs.

“What a looker she is Ray, just the way you told us”, Uncle Bill was unmistakably pleased.

“Why don’t you come and give each of us a little kiss and closer look.”

It was time to get this party going.

I walked towards Uncle Bill smiling, he was sitting on the arm of the couch and he was raring to go. Bill reached out for me and pulled me between his legs. He didn’t waste any time taking my right nipple into his greedy wet mouth. The sucking sound was loud and his lips were tight. I winced when I felt his teeth bite down as he gnawed on the rigid puffed up morsel.

I guess the individual kisses were no longer necessary.

Grandpa was quick to come and get his sloppy mouth around my left nipple. I watched them, sucking and slurping, heard them moaning and groaning. The sound of my nipples popping in and out of their dirty old mouths was nasty and naughty, I loved it.

Within seconds Ray was behind me, his hand sliding between my legs grabbing at and rubbing my pussy.

“Oh brother, this pie is already wet and hot to trot. Maybe I’ll stick a little finger inside these panties and get it going some more.”

Ray twisted his hand around forcing me to open my legs a little so he could get inside my panties. I felt his finger dip inside my lips and begin to slither up and down my slippery smooth slit. I had all I could do to stay on my feet.

“This pie is sweet fella’s, there’s nothing better than a juicy wet pie. Ohhh yeah, the clit is nice and hard, swelled up real good.”

I felt Ray’s finger rolling around my firm bud and couldn’t stop my hips from rotating with each battering assault. I heard myself moaning and felt the quivering. Suddenly, I heard Sonny’s voice.

“You’re right Uncle Ray, this little lady loves it, listen to her, moaning and whimpering with you rubbing on her clit like that. Let’s give her what she really wants; I have a nice hard cock that’s ready to fuck.”

It was now very clear who would be in charge here. Sonny was about to orchestrate quite a scene, making sure that he would give everyone what they wanted.

“Daddy, get that bra off, Uncle Ray pull those panties down and get them out of the way.”

Grandpa and Uncle Bill feverishly pulled and twisted until my tits were fully exposed and the flimsy bra was thrown aside. My panties were pulled down over my hips and down my legs; Ray lifted my feet and got the panties off.

Sonny had me standing in the middle of the floor pretty much on display.

Four dirty old nasty men were waiting for what would be the ultimate fuck of their lives and I was panting just about breathless with anticipation.

“That’s it Sonny, you be the foreman and tell us what to do.”

“Daddy you and Uncle Bill sit down on the couch, you two are about to give her tits a sucking she’ll never forget. Uncle Ray you get down on the floor and lean up against the front here, this wet slippery pussy pie will be right in your face; you can lick it and play with it all you want. Now, me, I’ll be right here behind her, with my cock buried deep in her cunt fucking her hard. I think it’s time to show her just what four dirty old men can do.”

Sonny got behind me and pushing against me he got me right up to the waiting mouths on the couch. I felt him put his cock between the cheeks of my ass and his hands on my hips. Grandpa and Uncle Bill had my nipples entrenched in their greedy mouths and began the sublime sucking I was promised.

“That’s just the way you like it, those burning, big, stiff nipples being sucked hard by dirty old men. Grandpa’s tongue is old and soggy; tell him how much you love his sucking.”

“Ohhh, Grandpa, suck hard, I love it hard, your dirty old tongue is so nasty and I love it.”

“What’s Uncle Billy doing, tell us what he’s doing to you?”

“Yesss, just like that Uncle Bill, bite that hard nipple, and suck on it, make it feel good, just like Grandpa, ohhh I love it, dirty old men playing with my tits, drives me crazy.”

“You’re a nasty girl, aren’t you; dirty and wicked letting these old men play with your titties like this, makes your pussy wet doesn’t it?”

“My pussy is on fire, I want Uncle Ray to lick it, suck it real good, rub my clit Uncle Ray, and play with my juicy pussy pie.”

Sonny was getting off on this. The more I begged them to suck and lick me the harder his cock felt. I almost fell to my knees when I felt Ray’s tongue separating my lips and licking up and down my wet slit.

“Ohh, that’s it there Uncle Ray, you must be sucking on that swollen hard clit now, she’s rubbing that pussy all over your face isn’t she. Are you rubbing your pie all over Uncle Ray’s mouth, tell us, tell us what he’s doing?”

“That’s it, don’t stop, suck my clit, tease it with your tongue, yesss, back and forth just like that, ohh, feels so fucking good, Ohh Uncle Ray, your mouth is so wicked sucking my pussy pie like this. Put your old sinful tongue inside me and fuck me with it, Yeah, just like that, ohhh faster Uncle Ray, yesss Grandpa, Uncle Bill ohhh I love it all.

These old guys were driving me wild. Imagine four dirty old men sucking and licking all of me at the same time, I might never be satisfied with just one again.

“Okay now it’s time for Sonny, let’s get to what I want. I’m about to fill that cunt with hard cock.”

I was ready for that monster, I wanted all of it.

Sonny backed away from me and I felt the head of his huge shaft rubbing against the wet opening that would take him inside me, inch by inch he slipped deeper within me, I could feel myself being spread wide to take all of him.

“You are so fucking sweet. I’m going to take my time, slow and easy. Yeah, grab my cock with your pussy; I love that, feeling a firm pussy clamping down around my cock.”

“Deeper, I want it deep, give me all of it, now fuck me nice and slow, ohhh yeah, you’re good, that’s it, ummm, you love it as much as I do old man, now, faster, come on, make me cum all over your stiff cock, I’m ready, come on Uncle Sonny give it to me.”

And he didn’t disappoint me.

He pulled back one time and then he battered my pussy hard and fast.

“Okay boys, she’s ready, this pussy is sucking my cock hard, ohhh shit, and here it comes, oh yeah right now.”

I felt Sonny thrust hard and deep and then the hot shots of cum. I tightened up and my own orgasm blasted inside me. I felt his balls smacking against my ass and every drive into me was hard and full of meaning, I loved it and pumped back against him to get it all. I opened my eyes and Grandpa was tugging his old cock up and down, Uncle Bill had both of my sore swollen nipples in his mouth, Ray was holding on to my thighs as tight as he could and was sucking on my clit as good as he could. Sonny was fucking me like a wild man. I reached the moment when you know you can’t take one more touch, and pushed myself up and away from the couch.

Sonny wouldn’t let me go, he wrapped his arms around my waist and just kept pumping until he had nothing left and I felt him slide out of me.

I turned around searching for a place to fall and walked over to an empty chair, I needed to get off my feet, my legs felt like they would give out any second.

Around the room I saw nothing but dirty nasty old men, cocks soft, breathing for dear life and smiles on their wrinkled old faces. I was in my glory.

“What did I tell you guys, is she one special lady? I didn’t know a woman could love fucking and sucking as much as this one does. Give her a little while to rest and she’ll be ready to go again.”

Ray was quite pleased with himself.

I was more than agreeable to continue this little party, that’s if the rest of the crowd could muster up the vigor to keep going. It didn’t take long for them to let me know they were more than willing. As I suspected Sonny would be the spokesman for the group.

“I think we can all do with a rest. I’m not close to finished here. Grandpa and Uncle Bill haven’t gotten to sink their cocks yet and I know Uncle Ray has a couple of tricks left. Obviously it all depends on the little lady here. Why don’t we see what she has to say?”

Sonny was smiling at me, almost daring me I think.

“Well, I think you dirty old fools aren’t nearly over and done here. I’m wondering just how many ways you can amuse yourselves with me. I’d like to go and freshen up, take a shower and get all nice and sparkling. While I’m doing that why don’t you talk amongst yourselves and decide what games you want to entertain me with.” The looks on their old wrinkled faces was all the answer I needed. Imagine this; I had four, willing and able dirty old men just waiting to play with me. I suddenly believed in Santa Claus, and couldn’t wait for Christmas. If I wanted all my presents I had to be a good girl and listen to my elders.

As I walked out of the room I wondered just what tricks Uncle Sonny had up his sleeves.

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