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I stalk you like a huntress. You are my greatest desire. I want you desperately, but have not taken you yet. I want to be your lover, but have had you many times before. Except not the way I want you. We have been lovers for months now, but tonight will be different. I want to violate you. I want to fuck you like you have never been fucked before. Tonight I will kidnap you and make you mine.

I pick you up at your door, and tell you we are going to play a game. I immediately blindfold you and bind your wrists together. You seem not to be concerned, good, you are used to my little sexual games. I have already rented a room, prepared it for our arrival, way in the back of the motel complex, away from prying eyes.

I can feel my excitement mounting. Your obvious trust in me is comforting, and my desire for you is exceeding all boundaries. As I lead you from the car, my open hand slides down your ass cheek and returns upward lightly with one finger drawing a line up the crack of your ass. You whisper “Oh baby.” I know this is going to be a night to remember.

For my benefit the room is filled with candles, I light them while you quietly sit in a chair not questioning, not moving. They are scented, the sweet aromas filling the air almost instantly. I remove all of my clothing. My nipples are hard, the aureoles crinkled with their erection. I do not have to feel my pussy to know it is already wet. Wet with anticipation, wet with the knowledge of what is about to come. I walk over to where you are, stand directly in front of you, lean over and kiss you wetly on the mouth. My warm tongue darts into your mouth seeking the wetness of yours, you immediately offer yours to me, hot and wanting. They dance the dance of lovers, steamy, anticipatory.

I stand abruptly, place my hands on the back of your head pulling you toward me, toward my breasts. Guiding you directly to my hard nipple. Your lips feel where they are, and your tongue moves out of its enclosure, sweeping the nipple with a wet, hard swipe, first up, then down. I close my eyes, and enjoy the sensation. You nuzzle your face in between my huge orbs, and move it slowly across the other breast until you find the other nipple. You repeat the procedure causing me to groan slightly. I press your head in closer, your teeth close over the area just around the nipple and grip it gently, sucking the nipple in hard, while biting softly. God you know what I like. Your hands, even though bound in front of you, are clasped together and massaging your cock inside your pants. I pull your head away gently, and give you the only instruction I will give you all night. You are not to cum until I tell you. If you feel you are about to cum, you must tell me. I will stop, or slow down, but under no circumstances are you to cum until you are given my permission. You consider for just a moment, and then agree. “You must have something special planned tonight,” you whisper. I smile a smile you cannot see.

I unbind your hands and place them on the arms of the chair temporarily. While you are seated, I remove your shoes, your socks. Then I have you stand and begin to remove your clothing, your shirt first, pulling it over your head, and tossing it on the floor. Your hands reach out to me, I push them down, giving you a directive without speaking. You understand, and leave them hang at your sides. I unbutton and unzip your pants, and ease them down over your hips, I have you sit again, and remove them for you. I then take your hand, lead you over to the bed, and have you lie in the center. I open the velcro wrist binder I have already installed on the bed, and place it on your left wrist, and complete the task by doing the right also. There is some room for allowable movement, enough to be comfortable, but effective all the same. Before I proceed, I remove your shorts. Your cock is very hard, your groan is low and raspy as I slowly pull them down your legs and remove. I have placed 3 pillows under your ass raising it up off the bed for maximum unobstructed attention. I bind your ankles in the same fashion as your hands, but with more freedom for movement. You are exactly where I have wanted you for so very long.

I stand away from the bed for a moment, just taking the sight of you waiting for me into my mind. A fantasy come true, or about to. Unconsciously, instinctively, my hand moves between my legs, feeling the wetness on the outer lips. One finger slides into my torrid tunnel moving in and out slowly, as if enraptured. My other hand cups one large breast with the fingers pinching the hard nipple incessantly. Your soft questioning whisper breaks my reverie, and I move to the bed, lying next to you. I take your face in my hands, and begin kissing you hungrily, lustily. My warm wet tongue sweeps into your mouth with urgency, a need. You pull it in sucking it deeply, it feels so very good, so exciting. My long nails leave faint white trails on your skin as I drag them lightly down your chest. Past your hard straining cock, onto your hardening balls. Down between your open legs, under your balls, where they stop. I bring them back to my mouth and put three fingertips in wetting them completely and return them to that sensual spot. I start to move them in a slow, circular fashion, just in that area, looking for the spot that will make you groan, quivers with excitement.

While my wet fingers circle slowly around your sensitive skin, my tongue moves onto your hard nipples, whipping each one back and forth with a hard quick movement that causes you to tense up, move your head back and forth on the pillow, and you begin licking your lips. I take an ice cube from the pitcher of ice water I have placed by the bed, and rub it over your lips, letting you suck on it, lick it. Then I place it in my mouth, and keep it there while I flick my cold, dripping, tongue back and forth across your rigid nipples. The onslaught of the sudden cold makes your cry out, “Jesus,” and I ask if I should stop. “No, don’t stop,” is your only response. The ice, almost half melted now, I drop from my mouth, into the cup of my hand.

I grasp the base of your cock, the melting cube against the shaft. Your reaction is immediate. The cold against your hot cock is electrifying, your bonds keep you in place, your loud outcry subsides to a low groan as my wet, dripping hand starts to move up and down the shaft of your straining rigid cock. The melting cube against your hot dick runs down your balls, into the crack of your very sweet, tight ass. Oh God you don’t know what the thought of that is doing to me. I really have to control myself not to ravage you just as you are, innocent, lying defenseless.

The cube has finished melting, and I move my fingers over your tight balls, massaging them gently as I move them lower. My mouth, my tongue, busy still on your hard nipples, slowly drawing them in deeply, sucking them up into my warm wet mouth. With each movement of my tongue, each siphon of my mouth, your cock throbs visibly. My cunt is drenched; fuck juice oozing through the engorged lips. I place a folded pillow under your head, angling it so that as I straddle your upper chest, my pussy is right in your face. I spread my outer lips open so that you have clear access to my heated, pulsing cunt. Taking in my hot, sizzling scent, you immediately begin to lick my hot pussy. Pressing your face into me as much as you can. I can control how much or how little you can delve into me by moving forward or backward.

I don’t want to cum, but I need to feel the sweet sweep of your tempestuous tongue. In return, I spread your legs wide, my huge tits holding down your cock underneath them, and I begin to lick your balls, wetly, leisurely at first. Your cock, under my tits, twitches, pulses, as you raise your hips over and over trying to grind into them. My lips wander downward and I begin to lap under your balls, leaving a wet gooey trail of saliva there. Sucking at that spot, hearing you groan as I do, my pussy moving under the auspices of your fucking hot tongue. I find I have to change positions or I will cum, in your face, and saturate you with my hot love juice. I have other plans.

I stop for a few minutes, giving you a chance to recoup, calm down, but your cock remains extremely hard, you are aroused beyond my wildest imagination. I move slowly between your legs, a group of toys now accompany me. You are so close; I have to be very careful. You open your legs wide for me, anticipating my movements, you know me so well. What I have wanted, you have also. My fingers press into the flesh of your ass cheeks, the edge of your steaming crack, and slowly pull them apart. The whole lower part of your body is quivering, almost shaking. The moisture in your dark crevice is almost intoxicating. The sweet moist scent of you is breathtaking, so arousing. The tip of my drenched tongue touches the crinkled edges of your hot hole, slowly moving around my desired fixation. You reaction is instantaneous, you scream “Stop,” and I do, reluctantly, but I knew I would have to. My hand reaches up and grips the base of your cock, squeezing, trying to hold your climax in.

You start to relax, and I take the opportunity to get you some ice water, letting you drink from a straw, licking from your lips the few drops that have gotten away from you. I ask you if you are ready to continue, you tell me yes. This time, your cock is only semi rigid, which is good for me, allowing me more time to play. I again move between your legs. The break has given both of us a chance to relax, in order to build up again. Once more my fingers move to your steaming separation, but this time my tongue moves in quickly, deftly, with precision. Pushing into your tight hole, no soft preparation, just hot tongue to hot ass.

You try to pull backward, but can’t, your restraints keep you stationary. You gasp, but say nothing. I keep my tongue immobile for a few moments, and then push my fingers deeper into the groove of your ass, spreading your hole open wider, and then pull out quickly, and plunge in again harder this time. One more time, my fingers move downward, stretching your puckered hole even wider, and again I ram my tongue inside. Your gasp has become a loud moan; your cock is almost at full mast again. I move my hand from your open crack, and slide it between my open legs. With my fingers, I pry the dripping outer cunt lips open so that I can grind myself on the sheets while I work on your hot pulsating ass hole.

Over and over again I plunge my wanton tongue into your ass, showing no mercy, just fucking you hard and deep. You begin to respond, moving your ass into my face, taking my wet hard tongue to the hilt time after time. Finally we have created a rhythm, with you fucking my tongue as I fuck your ass. My middle finger slides into my dripping mouth, and as I remove my tongue, I replace it with my finger. Your ass muscles grip it tightly. Almost pushing it out, then pulling it back in. My pussy is starting to do a slow grind on the bed, my legs spreading wider as I push my finger into your tight hole. While one finger plunges in and out of your ass, I grasp a bottle of oil, and drizzle it down over your ass, your crack, my fingers, your tight hole.

My finger starts to move in and out very freely, your cock is now very hard and standing again, pre cum on the tip now, waiting for my warm lips to kiss it away. Two fingers find their way into your ass now, moving in and out slowly and steadily, the oil making the slide easy, welcoming me. You continue the fuck rhythm with me while I move the fingers in an ever widening circle, opening you wider still until the third finger moves inside. Once it does and you begin to fuck me, I grab one of my nearby toys, purchased just for this occasion. It is already condomed, ready for play. Again I drizzle the oil down your ass.

I insert my first toy. A small rubber dildo, defined, an inch in diameter, 6 inches long, actually less wide than my fingers, but obviously longer. I push in the defined head; your open hole accepts it as I begin to move it in and out. Pushing it in further after each extraction. You are so very excited as am I. Each time I push that hard little cock inside, you meet me with your hot burning butt. My cunt is beyond grinding, it is almost thrashing onto the bed, only my intense concentration on what I am doing keeps me from cumming. My hand starts to move the dildo in a more circular motion as well as the in and out thrust.

There is lots of room, your ass has accepted my toy gratefully. Your erotic sounding groans tell me so. Moving slowly, I again drip the oil from the bottle onto you, I chose a medium size this time, 1 ¾ inch wide 7 inches long. This one too is hard rubber, clearly defined with veins, flaring head. This one I slide into my mouth wetting the head thoroughly before I remove the other. I ask if you need a moment to relax, you shake your head yes. The head of your cock is a brilliant deep red, almost purplish. While I wait for your excitement to subside, I kiss the inside of your thighs, massaging your calves, asking if they are cramping. You tell me no, that you feel intensely excited, almost in a state of constant orgasm. After a few minutes have passed, you ask me to begin again.

Slowly I move into place again, the head of the false phallus glistening with my saliva, as I begin to move it inside your waiting, pulsing hole. Almost at once you start moaning loudly, pushing your ass into the cock, wanting it, needing it. I begin again to slide it in and out, fucking you harder this time, as deep as I can go and still keep a grip on the sliding rod. You begin to talk to me, “Fuck my ass, hard, deep, please,” almost begging me. My exhilaration is immeasurable, I take you hard. Probing you to the hilt with the second toy. Without questions asked, and while hearing you plead to fuck you harder, I grab my third toy. A full 2 ½ inches across, 8 ½ inches long, I slide it into my own slippery, searing slit, ramming it fully into my gaping wet hole. I move it around, in and out a few times, drenching it with my love juice. With one perfect maneuver I pull out the second and insert the third. This time only the head, it is much larger taking up all the available room I have made, your hands are clenching at the sheets, your head moves rapidly back and forth, your moans constant, louder. But your imploring requests push me forward, this time though, while my hand moves the large cock in and out of you, my other hand reaches for your throbbing, swollen cock. I take one long, hard lick from the base to the cut on the underside. You tense up instantaneously, whispering, “Oh please let me cum……”

I cannot make you wait any longer, I take the one other toy I have brought, the vibrating dildo, 1 3/4 inches by 8 inches, and turn it on. It vibrates softly and I slide it past my swollen engorged cunt lips into my steaming hot hole. I again open the lips, and press my groin down upon the bed, moving my pussy back and forth, following the motion I am fucking your ass with. I reach up and pull the blindfold up so that you can watch me consume the bucket of cum that is penned up in your fiery, tumescent cock. Almost as soon as my lips touch the head you begin to wail, almost sob, pleading me to take you, to let you cum. I pull my mouth away from your cock, just for a moment, and I tell you, “Yes my love, it is time for you to cum, cum in my mouth, let me swallow all of you, I need you, want you, desperately.”

I plunge the big cock deep into your ass then, twisting it into the oiled cavity, while my mouth takes you in very deeply, down into my throat. You thrust your hips as much as you can ramming your cock into my waiting mouth. Your cries of pleasure are almost shrieks, adding to my own spine tingling sensations. My tongue inside my mouth moves wildly, whipping your cock, and over the swollen veins while I endeavor to suck every last drop of your cum out of you. Up and down my lips move on your cock, my pussy also moving in unison with the dildo fucking your ass. It is then that you let out one earth shattering scream, “Oh my God, I am cumming, oh please suck all of my hot juice.” As you scream, my own orgasm begins to unfold, heat from my toes moving all the way to my hard swollen clit, involuntary muscle spasms begin to clutch and release the vibrating dildo, making the orgasm seem to go on forever. As soon as one wave subsides, another begins.

I slow down the pumping action into your ass as your cock spews shot after shot of hot gooey cum into my throat, filling my mouth again and again. I am unable to swallow all of you, you have cum like I have never seen you cum before. I have to grab the vibrator from between my legs, it has begun to become very sensitive, almost hurts. I then remove the big hard cock from your ass as the last of your hot love juice seeps into my mouth. I lay exhausted between your legs, huge breasts heaving, we are both panting like hot nasty dogs out in the sun. I slowly move off the bed and begin to remove the binding from your wrists and feet, you slide over to the edge of the bed, and pat the bed next to you. I sit down with you, you put your arms around me, kiss me tenderly, and whisper… “It’s your turn now, isn’t it Sweet.” I knew it was going to be a night to remember.

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