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As I drive to your house I think about our lives. Both new members of the single parent club, it is hard for us to find time to be alone together but we always do. You don’t live that far away, but when my pussy is wet and throbbing as I think of you it seems like I will never get there. Finally, I turn off the main road and am that much closer to you. The road turns to dirt and through the field and trees I see the back of your property where you took me to look at shooting stars.

I don’t remember if we saw any but I do remember it ended with me sucking your cock…a common ending to our visits.

I see the back deck where you wiped my tears away and danced with me the night I thought I lost you. The pool that I always convince you is warmer than it really is. I even managed to talk our freaky fun-time friends into the chilly pool one moonlit night. You always joke you won’t believe me next time but you always get in. Maybe its because I prefer to swim naked and my cold wet body against yours in the summer heat is irresistible.

As I pull in the driveway I see your cabin, your hideaway. That was before me. It has now turned into the place where you asked me to get on my knees as you stood above me stroking your hard cock. I sat there watching it glisten with pre cum as you grew closer to an orgasm. I stayed just as you asked me to, on my knees, mouth open, tongue cupped waiting to catch all of your seed. As you shot your load into my mouth and onto my cheek I stayed perfectly still. I didn’t want to miss a drop. I kept my mouth open so you could see how full I was of your cum. Waiting for your say so, I closed my mouth and swallowed it all. Even using my finger to scoop up the cum on my cheek and swallow that too. I stayed on my knees to show you my empty mouth like the good cum slut I am. You love my naughty cum obsession.

I am just dying inside thinking about you. I walk in the door and there you stand. You turn to look and me and I am caught in your eyes. You smile that beautiful smile at me. The one that makes the corner of your eyes crinkle. We walk towards each other, you put your arm around my waist and pull me close to kiss me. “I missed you” you whisper as your lips touch mine. I feel like if you weren’t holding on to me I would melt onto the floor.

I love how your kiss goes from a soft kiss, to a passionate kiss. You are pulling me closer to you. I can feel your cock hardening. I reach down and can feel how you want me to let you free. You kiss my neck and push me back against the table you bought with your ex wife as you kiss all over my neck. You unbutton my cardigan just a couple buttons and kiss my milky white cleavage. You make my nipples stand right out straight. You step back and pull my shirt off. You resume paying attention to me covering my neck and chest with kisses. Oh, you give me goosebumps! You run your fingers through my shoulder length blonde hair and gently pull my head back. You lean forward and whisper to me, “Take off your bra.”

I like when you are a little rough. I am more than happy to respond quickly. You cup my soft white breasts in your strong masculine hands and caress them, pinching my nipples as you kiss me. “Oh, baby! You are making me so wet”, I squeal in delight. But you already know that. You have me pinned against the table. My pussy is now throbbing, “I need you in me.” I’m begging. “Please, make me cum. I need you…please.” I can’t move but you know I wouldn’t any way. I love the way you are using your erect cock to keep me still. You slowly kiss your way down my neck and chest, across my breasts, licking and sucking my nipples. I can feel my orgasm building. “Please, baby, please.” It doesn’t help. You like when I beg for your cock.

You pull me close again so you can have a whole mouth full of my soft breasts. You are making me crazy with desire. I need you. I need a release soon. You run your hands down my back, down to the soft curves of my ass. I know you well enough to know you can’t resist the need to touch my wet pussy. You need to see how wet you make me. You know how your kisses make my pussy slick with desire. I carry extra panties in my purse. Just thinking about you is enough to have to change them.

You reach down between my legs not even waiting to take my pants off. You slide your hand down into my underwear. My pussy is smooth, freshly shaven, as always. I know what you like. I am dripping wet! No surprise to you. You always tell me you have never been with someone as wet as me. I’m still embarrassed by how wet I get but you love it. You put a finger inside me and make me gasp. You slowly pull it out and then slowly slide two in and slowly pull them out. I am so close to cumming. “Please don’t stop.” “Not yet”, you tell me. You bring your fingers up to my lips and put my wet juice on them like naughty lip gloss. Then, you kiss me tasting the most delicious pussy you have ever tasted.

I love the taste of pussy! I lick your fingers and then suck on them pulling them deep into my warm mouth. Tasting myself and reminding you how I like your cock in my mouth. That’s all the reminder you need. I can feel how hard you are and you can’t resist anymore. “Take off my pants”, you say. I undo your jeans and watch your amazing cock spring out from its denim prison. I kiss you passionately stroking you. I can feel your cock already dripping waiting for me to suck you clean. I drop to my knees and kiss the tip, licking you from the head of your cock all the way down to right under your balls. I suck your balls into my mouth and stroke your cock. You are so hard.

I need you now. I need you to fuck my throat. I rub your wet balls as I take you deep in my mouth. You start pumping your hips and pushing deep. After three strokes my throat opens up and I swallow your cock. I love when you fuck my throat making me take you deep. You grab the back of my head and making me swallow your cock deeper. Your cock is so deep down my throat, I can’t breathe and yet I love it. How lucky are you? How many men have a girlfriend who loves to suck cock, loves the taste of cum and have no gag reflex. You have the trifecta of blow-jobs with me and you can’t get enough!

You pull back and I gasp for air. Taking you that deep makes my eyes water and you wipe my tears away. I love how you can be so rough with me and so gentle at the same time. I want more of your cock. With one of my hands caressing your balls and the other hand using a finger on my swollen clit I lick the insides of your thighs. I lick and kiss all around your cock. Just as you think I’m going to take you in my warm wet mouth again, I just blow on the tip. You can’t take the teasing anymore and grab my hair. You push your cock so deep in my mouth again you have me impaled on your cock. Oh, I’m a lucky lady!

I take my dripping wet fingers out of my pussy and rub gently all around your asshole. You love when I touch your ass. Do you remember how surprised you were the first time I licked your ass? You knew I liked it kinky and were happy to find out just how much. I decide it’s not enough to have your cock in my mouth and tease your ass with my finger. I slide down under your legs to stand up behind you.

I have you pushed up against the table. I grab the lube pouch out of my pocket and squeeze it into my hand. As I wrap my hand around your fantastic cock I put my tongue in your asshole. Your body shakes and you moan in sheer delight. I stroke you slowly, rubbing my thumb over the head of your cock and back down as my tongue violates your ass. You are so hard. Right as you want to cum I stop…not yet. I give you a couple seconds to make sure the urge to blow your load has passed. Then I start again. Slowly stroking your lubed cock as a squeeze my hand tight. I make a tight circle and push it down over your cock. Making you feel that pop over the head of your cock. Like when you fuck my tight ass.

You want me badly now. You are even more aggressive. You are naked now and turn around and pull me up to face you. You wipe homework and science projects of the table and turn around so I’m against the table again. You push me back on top of it. Grabbing my jeans and wet panties in one swoop you pull them both off. I am completely naked on your table. My pussy is soaking wet and swollen and I need your cock. I tilt my head back readying myself for my favorite cock. Please give it to me. Make me scream!

I feel your tongue! Oh the way you lick me. Your pussy licking is the best I’ve ever had…including all the women I’ve been with, you’re the best! I love the way your tongue feels as you lick my clit and then push on it. Over and over again… you know my body well. In the short time we have known each other you have taken the time to know how to satisfy me like no other. I am pushing back on the table so you grab my thighs and pull me back to you. I want you! I need you! With my milky white long legs wrapped around your face you know what’s about to happen. You know I am about to cum and grab a tapered candle out of the candle holder that fell to the floor. As you are still licking you push it in my pussy. I drench your face with my cum as you eagerly lap up all my sweetness.

I am recovering from that amazing orgasm and you lean over to kiss me. Mmmmm, I taste good! You stand up and smile at me. I just love your smile. The way your eyes sparkle. The light brown color that just draws me into you. I am ready for more. I need you, you know it. You put the head of your cock up to my hot pussy and push in just to the tip. I know what your doing and you know it drives me wild. You push in slowly, slowly. Taking your time and occasionally stopping. When you make your hard cock twitch inside my hot pussy it hits my g-spot and I am going to cum again.

I reach down and feel your throbbing cock separating my wet lips. Stretching them as you push your cock deep inside. When you are balls deep I scream. You know how I love feeling you pop inside my tight pussy. I keep it tight and shaved just for you. You lean forward and kiss me…I can taste my own cum still, fresh from my pussy and I love it! I love to feel your weight on me. You feel so good, your body on mine.You pull back out slowly and push back in again. I can’t take it! I grab you by the hips and pull you deep into me. “Fuck…me!” You slide me down to the edge of the table and start pounding me! “Ohhhhh, I’m cumming baby….ahhhhhh” You make me scream! You have now pushed me further back on the table by thrusting me so hard. You climb up on it so you can get in me deeper. My legs are shaking and I am exhausted but I still want more. I want you. I want your hot cum inside me.

My hands explore your body…touching your muscular arms, my fingers scratch down your back. I put my hands on your hips so I can feel every bit of you working your amazing cock into me. I am so wet, my juices are running down my ass crack. You know how wet I am and pull out.You grab my legs and put them over your shoulder…I can feel your cock pushing on my tight asshole…Oh, you know how I love that! I feel you taking my ass…oh you feel so good. You love that I am so open and willing with you, that my body is for you. My pleasure comes from your pleasure.

You push in, this time not going slow. You know your cock makes me feel full and hurts as you push in. You also know I like the reminder days later when my ass still hurts from the raw fuck you gave me! “Please, fuck my ass deep and hard.” I love when you take my ass like this because I can still see your eyes. I love to look into them as we fuck. I love how even when I watch you fuck other women you look at me. I know you are fucking them thinking about me, giving them my cock that I am nice enough to share. But your cum? That’s mine. And I take it back from whoever and wherever you put it. Other women mouth’s. Other women pussy’s.

“Can I please bring home a ass slut? I want you to fuck her ass like you fuck mine. I want you to cum in it. Then I want her to squat over my face and drip all your cum in my mouth. Please…please?” You are so amazingly sexy and I am the luckiest lady in the world. I can tell you are about to cum, because your breathing changes. You plow your cock into my tight ass and blow your load deep in me. I’ve been rubbing my clit and feeling you explode deep inside me, makes me cum again. My body is shaking from all the orgasms.

You pull your cock out and I can feel cum dripping out of my ass. I love it! You lay on top of me and push my hair up. I am covered in sweat, yours and mine. You kiss my neck. You are still on top of me but slide your arms under my body & hug me tight. I love it when you hold me like this after we are both spent, my body shaking and your warm body on mine.

You stand up and I roll over and slide down, holding on to the table to clean off your cock. I’m gentle because I know how sensitive you are after cumming. When I’m done you help me stand. I can hardly walk and my body is still shaking. You help guide me up the stairs my body still trembling. You help me into the bathroom and help me into the shower. As we stand in the shower together you wash my body for me and help me rinse off. You know I am weak after cumming so hard. You help me out and wrap a towel around me. You kiss me softly. We brush our teeth and head to your big bed. Naked of course.

In your big bed you pull me close to you. I love to sleep snuggled right next to you, my spot. I feel safe snuggled right into your chest hair your arms around me. I love to feel your heartbeat, listen to you breathe, feel the warmth of your body next to mine. You pull me closer to you, rub my hair and kiss me softly. I’ve never told you until now. Sleepily I whisper, “I love you, Rick.” I fall asleep knowing that I am yours and you are mine, always.

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