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Finding Luna

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I’m astride my husband and he’s pounding me with his pulsing hard cock, bottoming out inside my cunt, his hands gripping my hips and his tongue lapping at my swaying tits. Luna’s behind me, fingering my ass with one hand while fondling hubby’s balls with the other. Husband grunts like a bull and slaps my ass, pulls my hair and pinches my nipples, as Luna starts licking my thighs and lower back like a dog. Just as she prepares to lick my ass I reach for my vibrator, and in an instant I recall how I arrived here.

It began when we decided to find a willing girl on an adult dating website because my husband, lord and lover, had a fantasy of fucking my mouth while another woman fucked me from behind with a strap-on. He told me how the idea came to him in the shower, how his cock instantly hardened, how he jacked off and spilled his cum down the drain while imagining it was spilling down my throat.

His visions usually intrigue me, so we talked about it. Some of the conversation took place in bed beneath the sheets as he rubbed my clit and I stroked his lubed cock. I’d been with a couple women before marriage, so I wasn’t entirely opposed to a chick doing me with a strap-on while I sucked him like a whore. I’d do almost anything if it turned him (and me) on. But I had to feel sure that our journey together would be enhanced by the experience, not damaged. I’m a slut in my mind, but I’m an ethical slut for my husband. And the first priority for both of us is our relationship.

After exchanging emails with some women who posted ads seeking couples, we met a few interesting ones for coffee. The last one was Luna, a submissive, somewhat plain but cute perv who reminded me of a curvier Christina Ricci. A divorced mother of one close to my age, her desire was to be gently but firmly used by a couple, no strings attached. Since Mike and I were only looking for a one-time affair, we arranged to meet her.

Over mocha’s and almond biscotti, me and hubby sat side by side and appraised Luna. Her tits were smaller than mine, and her long brown waves contrasted with auburn curls. Hubby and I both found her attractive, but neither of us felt insecure next to her. She was open and honest, and the three of us soon got over our initial nervousness. The energy at the table was comfortable, and eventually the conversation turned to what we were there for.

“So, Luna,” I asked, “why do you want to be with a couple, as opposed to two guys or just another man or woman?”

Luna laughed. “It’s a fantasy I’ve had for a long time, but I never had the chance to do it. The thought of it excites me.”

“Have you been with a woman?” I asked bluntly.

“I messed around with a couple girls in college, but I enjoy men – their bodies, their urgency.”

“We’ve never done this before,” husband said, “and it seems like most women with ads like yours prefer a couple with experience.”

“I know, but I like the idea of it being new for everyone,” Luna replied. We nodded in understanding, and then she asked about us.

“You two look happy, in love, the way you sit together. You’re not worried about involving someone else?”

“We’re very into each other, and we’ve thoroughly discussed our boundaries,” I assured her. “We like to have a good time, but we respect each others feelings. Whatever’s off limits for one is off limits to the other.”

Hubby followed up in a quiet voice.

“We’re looking for a girl who’s there for our pleasure. Above all I want Lee to feel safe, so you and I wouldn’t fuck or suck each other,” Mike said with a smile.”I want to tell Lee and and another woman what to do. And I want everyone to be satisfied.”

Luna sipped her coffee. “Hmm. So, where’s the line between your wife and any woman who might join in?” Luna wanted to know.

“For now? No oral, and I give the directions” hubby told her.

“We’re being a bit cautious, not wanting to open a Pandora’s box,” I elaborated.

Luna waved her hand. “No, I totally understand. I appreciate that you guys are focused on each other. It sounds like a good way to do something like this.”

“So your cool with our ideas?” I asked her, and when she looked at us with her brown eyes I felt like we were already on our way.

“Oh yeah,” Luna said with a smile, sitting straighter. “If we decide to get together, I think it’ll be fun.”

“Luna,” Mike said, “let me ask you: Do you like being told what to do?”

“I do,” she replied, grinning and eyes wide.

“Do you want to be used?”


“Do you like the idea of being used as a sex toy?”

“I do, yes,” Luna said with a laugh.

“Well then,” Mike said with a light knock on the table, “your application is being reviewed!”

I raised my coffee in toast, exchanging an affectionate gaze with my husband.

The conversation then moved on to kids and jobs and hobbies, and when we finished our coffees we parted with friendly hugs, agreeing to email each other in a couple days.

Husband and I walked to our car in silence, smiling, my arm around his, my boot heels clicking across the parking lot. After we got in he leaned over and kissed me. Our breathing quickened instantly and our tongues met, sloppy and wet, our hands roaming over each others chests and asses and between one another’s legs. Hubby could feel the humidity from my cunt right through my jeans.

“What do you think, my love?” he asked as he tickled my neck with kisses.

“Maybe we should look into hotel reservations for next Saturday,” I said, my hand gripping his rock-hard cock through his pants.

Now it’s Saturday night. I drive to the hotel and jack hubby off in the car and his pearly cum coats my fingers. We meet Luna in the hotel bar and share a bottle of bold red wine. I’m between my lord and the new slut and I’m a goddess. My pussy is wet from the cock stroking, conversation, anticipation, and the way Mike and Luna sweetly rub my thighs beneath the white linen table cloth. We buy another bottle and take the elevator to our room. This is one of the finest hotels in town.

Our room has a king-size bed and a marble shower big enough to hold a small Roman orgy. Luna remarks that she’s never been here before. Husband tells her we had a good time when we were here last and winks at me. I remember our previous stay, how I got on my knees and sucked him until his cum dripped from my face, and I’m eager to swallow his cock tonight.

We lock the door and pour wine into glasses. I ask husband how he thinks things should start. He places his wine glass on the bureau, then lays a hand upon my cheek and kisses me. His tongue is slow, hot and insistent. I can feel his love in that kiss, his passion. He slips his arm around my waist and then gently pulls Luna to us with his other hand till our bodies are pressed together. As we kiss, hubby reaches behind Luna’s neck and guides her lips to meet ours.

In a moment the three of us are tasting each other’s tongues and lips, our arms are around each other and our hands explore each others bodies. The contrast of Mike under one hand and Luna under the other is exquisite. My eyes are closed and I’m enveloped in the warmth of a lusty three way kiss with my husband and our sweet slut-for-the-night.

Luna’s long, dark brown hair brushes my face and neck as I lick her earlobe and husband lightly sucks my neck. Luna and I kiss, her lips soft and yielding. Hubby runs his fingers through our hair, then whispers into my ear, “Darling, show Luna how good you are at sucking cock.” I smile at him and look at Luna, who demurely smiles back me.

Hubby takes my hands in his and backs toward the bed. I’m happy that he’s taking charge, moving us quickly past the initial awkwardness. I motion to Luna to sit in a chair at the foot of the bed, feeling shy that I’m now the center of attention, but comforted by the knowledge that once husband’s hard-on is in my mouth and hands all the focus will be on his glistening cock.

We move to the bedside and I get on my knees to unzip him. I pull his black khakis down over his hips and his half hard cock points at my face. I smell his cologne and his unique scent and I’m horny and I want to taste him. I grab his ass in my hands and engulf his manhood with my salivating mouth, taking him in till I feel his smooth, shaven balls press against my chin. I suck noisily, swirling my tongue and mouth-fucking him until he’s completely hard and I can’t fit all of him in anymore.

I close my eyes and lose myself in the pleasure that I provide my husband, and when he grasps a handful of my hair and groans, when he mumbles “fuck” and whispers “goddam, babe,” there’s no doubt that he is mine and I am his. Luna can watch, she can wish his cock was in her mouth and imagine sucking it down on her knees like a desperate, hungry whore, but it’s my toy and I will not share. When I release him to catch my breath, it’s my spit that will stretch from my lips to Mike’s cock. When he says, “Stop,” it is me who will look into his eyes with satisfaction and pride in a (blow) job well done.

I change it up and wetly slurp husband’s balls in and out of my mouth while sliding his spit covered shaft through my fingers. When I look up I glimpse Luna’s puffy bald cunt beneath her skirt. She catches me peeking and lifts one shapely leg to give me a better view. This excites and annoys me, so I stop feeding on husband’s dick and tell Luna to take off her clothes. “As long as you’re showing me your pussy, you little slut.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Luna says, pulling her turtleneck sweater off in one swift motion. She wears no bra and the lamp light glints off small chrome barbells that pierce her nipples. As Luna shimmies out of her skirt, Mike tells her to leave her stiletto heel boots on. Then he instructs her to to sit back down and play with her cunt while she watches us.

At this point I’m absorbed in this scene; I’m so turned on, in the moment. I look into Mike’s eyes and greedily resume sucking his cock, taking the tip to my throat. He groans and breathes deeply.

“Fuck, honey – your mouth feels so fucking good.”

He places one hand behind my head and holds it as he moves his cock in and out of my drooling mouth with long strokes. I moan and massage his taught balls with my fingertips. As the veiny shaft of hubby’s throbbing cock slides between my lips and the head encroaches upon the back of my throat, my spit gets thicker and mixes with the salty-sweet precum flowing from his cock hole.

“You’re my little cock whore, aren’t you sweetheart?” he asks me. I moan and nod.

“Say it.” he insists.

I remove my mouth from his cock and a stream of saliva and precum slips down my chin and hangs there. “I’m your cock whore, honey – I’m your slutty bitch.” Luna sighs a soft “yes” as she gazes from her chair.

“Such a good girl,” hubby says, pulling my hair till my head is craned all the way back. He leans over and licks my neck, then kisses me, his tongue exploring my gooey mouth. In my peripheral vision I see Luna, nude and reclined in her chair, her knees bent and spread and her black leather boots resting on the edge of the bed. She’s rubbing her cunt with one hand and twisting her nipples with the other, her eyes moving from my fresh fucked blushing face and back to the rigid cock that slides through my fingers.

“Luna,” husband says, releasing my hair, “get behind Lee and help her undress while she sucks me.”

Luna moves behind me, lowers herself to her knees and obediently unbuttons my silky black blouse. I continue working husband’s cock as if I were born to suck it. My hair falls around my face and my swaying breasts brush against Luna’s warm hands. When she finishes unbuttoning me she helps me shrug off my blouse. I continue sucking cock.

Husband orders Luna to take off my bra. She reaches round me and her palms slide over my tits toward the front clasp. The bra comes off and my bare nipples rise in the cool air, aching to be touched. Husband senses my need and tells Luna to play with my tits. Gently she caresses and kneads them, occasionally rolling my nipples between her fingers and my pussy gets wetter.

“Now take off her skirt, Luna” hubby says, sitting on the edge of the bed like a king. Luna deftly unwraps my long black skirt and tosses it aside. Of course I’m wearing nothing underneath, as Mike requested. All I’m wearing is my thick-heeled black leather boots. Tension is building in my jaws from this prolonged sucking, but husband’s thrusting hips demand that I keep him in my mouth while he continues giving instructions to our sex toy.

“Luna, lean over my wife and remove my shoes, socks and pants,” he says, adding, “and rub your tits on Lee while you do.” Luna’s tender breasts move across my back as her arms wrap around me. I feel the cool pinpricks of her piercings and I can imagine twisting them till she cries out with pleasure and pain.

Husband’s pants are soon cast aside. He moans and swears as I blow his cock, breathing through his teeth. He wouldn’t last this long if not for the handjob I gave him earlier. My spit coats his balls and pools on the bed beneath him like a puddle of mercury. I must relieve my jaw so I suck the head of his cock while stroking his steely shaft in my spit-lubed hand. He loves it and the increasing hardness of his cock tells me could cum soon. This is confirmed when Mike pushes my head back with a hand on my forehead.

“Damn, Lee. Stop for a minute,” he laughs.

“Yes, sir,” I reply, grinning and proud of what I do for him.

Luna is pressed against me, her breath on my neck, her tits squashed between us and her hands now roaming all over my body. Her skin is creamy and smooth and there’s an itch in my cunt that I can’t ignore.

“Mike, I want you to fuck me,” I say.

He looks at me with a smile. “Not yet, darling. But you may put Luna’s hands where they need to be, then suck me some more.”

I look over my shoulder at Luna and move her right hand underneath and between my legs. “You know what to do ,don’t you?” I ask as her slim fingers begin sliding between my slippery folds.

“Yes, Lee,” she murmurs, eyes half closed in a lustful daze.

“Good girl,” I sigh as she dips into my cunt and kisses my shoulder.

“You’re here to please me aren’t you?” I ask, my hips moving of their own accord, seeking more friction from her hand.

“Yes,” Luna whispers. My pussy is coming to life as her silky hand slides over and around my lips, up and over my clit. I shut my eyes in bliss and reintroduce Mike’s engorged cock into my salivating suck hole.

“Luna, please go ahead and touch yourself, too,” hubby chimes in. “And be sure to talk dirty to Lee – she loves it. Don’t you honey?” I can only mumble mindless agreement around the throbbing shaft of flesh that’s firmly ensconced inside my mouth.

Luna’s breath tickles my ear and the arm that’s working her own cunt brushes my back. “Please suck it, Lee. Suck it hard for him,” she pleads. “Show me how to suck cock.” Luna’s fingers are working almost exclusively on my clit and my whole pelvis is warm and vibrating. There’s a ball of electric fire building in my pussy and I’m starting to sweat from cock sucking and the sexual high. My whole world has narrowed to the cock in my mouth and Luna’s touch.

“I’m here to serve you like a good girl, Lee,” Luna whispers. “I want to suck cock like you; I want to taste his cum on your sweet lips.”

Hearing Luna talk this way, Hubby is getting close to blowing his load. I stop sucking to give him a break and to take Luna up on her plea. I lean my head back. “Kiss me,” I tell her. “Taste his cock.”

Luna rakes and flicks her tongue over my lips, and each time her tongue darts inside my mouth it coincides with more pressure on my clit. Her breathing is deep and hot and waves of pleasure begin to climb up my spine.

“How do I taste, Luna?” hubby asks, leaning forward to join her kissing me.

“I love how you taste – I love how the two of you taste together,” Luna answers.

“If you’re a good girl tonight, maybe Lee will jack me off into your mouth just as you’re about to cum,” Mike tells her. She groans and rubs my clit faster. “I’ll enjoy watching you kiss her afterward….” he says to me.

The three of us kiss, nip and nibble each others lips and tongues. I retain my grip on hubby’s cock while Luna continues working my clit and her own cunt. Our grunts and groans and sighs mix and mingle at the nexus of our wanton mouths. But it’s when hubby starts kissing my ear, followed by Luna on the other, that I can’t take anymore.

“Mike, please, fuck me,” I beg. “I don’t care how you do it. Just fuck me.”

“Do you need to be fucked?” he asks in the midst of tonguing my ear.

“Yes! Please, fucking fuck me now,” I beg him.

With that he jumps back on the bed, his feet on the floor, pulling me on top of him so that my dripping pussy slides up the length of his shaft. He grabs my hips to increase the pressure his cock makes on my clit and I impulsively reach down to secure the relief that I need. But he stops me.

“Let’s let Luna do it,” he says, short of breath. “Let her put it in.”

Luna needs no prodding and steps behind me, laying one cool hand on my ass. I raise myself to give her access to Mike’s cock. My boots are off the bed as I straddle hubby and I feel vulnerable with my ass in the air and my wet holes exposed to the light. But I don’t care because I need to fuck and cum.

“Fucking get it in there, Luna,” I demand. She leans over behind me and gingerly wraps her hand around hubby’s cock. He flinches and takes in a breath, and I realize that no other woman has touched him for a long time.

“Luna, rub my cock on her pussy for a bit first,” he instructs. I grunt in frustration at the delay – hubby is doing it to tease me – but I groan in pleasure as Luna guides Mike’s cock head over my cunt lips, then over and around my clit. Hubby moves his hips and fucks Luna’s fist as he pinches my nipples between his lips. I can’t wait to be filled by him and an inadvertent “please” escapes me, but it takes a minute more before husband finally tells Luna to slip his cock inside me.

When he finally enters me I feel filled and blessed by hubby’s cock and almost cry out in relief. I look down at him and smile.

“I’m your slut, honey,” I whisper to him.

“You’re all I ever dreamed of,” he whispers back, taking my face in his hands to kiss me.

Closing my eyes I begin riding Mike’s cock harder and faster. His hips move to meet me and the tip of his cock seems to hit further inside me than it ever has. I’m a woman, a girl, a goddess, a slut, a whore, a bundle of stimulated nerve endings and wet juicy flesh and I want to cum now and I want this fuck to last forever.

“Grab that vibrator on the floor and put it next to me,” I tell Luna, my eyes clenched shut. I hear her move and fumble with it till it bumps into my hand. Next I tell her to spit on her hand and massage my husband’s balls while we fuck. Her fingers brush my pussy as she does and it feels like I’m in an erotic dream. All I want is to cum, hard, now, to have my pussy explode and spasm around hubby’s cock till it’s milked him dry and he pushes into me and through me and his cum spills out of me and onto the bed.

“Luna,” Mike calls out, “play with her ass. Put a finger in her ass. Help me make her cum.” She complies immediately, first one delicate finger dancing around my forbidden hole, then another, and then pushing her thumb around it, then suddenly into it. The pounding of hubby’s cock and the intrusion of Luna’s thumb makes me lose every rational thought left in my brain. The slapping together of our bodies echos in the room and Mike is praying to god as his cock gets harder and his orgasm nears.

“Lick her ass, Luna,” Mike tells her. “Lick it like a good girl. Lick her like a slut.”

Luna grasps my hips and I grab my vibrator and thumb the switch. It’s big and loud but I couldn’t give a fuck. Holding myself up by one arm I slip the vibe between hubby and me and press the bulb of it to my clit while his cock mercilessly pounds into my noisy wet cunt.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Lee,” hubby says, taking my tits by the handful and pinching the nipples between his thumb and finger.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, the fucking vibrations are coursing through me and then Luna’s tongue is sweetly rimming my ass, hot and eager and swirling in and out of my sensitive hole. Sometimes it takes me a while to come but I know it won’t be long and I arch my back and become nothing more than the pulsing orifices that my lovers are working like pros.

All I can say is, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…”

“Goddam you’re a sweet dirty fucking slut,” husband hisses. “Your face is so beautiful I can’t wait to cum on it.”

“I want to cum….” I moan.

“Cum, honey,” Mike whispers, slapping my ass, grabbing Luna’s hand and making her slap my ass. “Cum on this fucking cock for me.”

There’s an expanding sun inside of me, and the harder hubby pounds me, the deeper Luna slides her nasty wet tongue into my ass, the longer the vibrator works its magic and hums against my swollen clit, the bigger it gets.

“Oh god….Oh fuuuck!” I cry out as the sun goes supernova through my torso, up my spine and down my legs. Wave after wave of electric warmth flows out from within me as Mike pushes his cock into me as far as it can go and Luna presses her tongue still further into my spasming anus. Four hands tightly hold my hips as I shake uncontrollably with pleasure and all I can do is let my muscles go and mutter oh god oh god over and over again.

I open my eyes slowly, blinking away tears and sweat as Mike relaxes and Luna withdraws from my ass with a trail of light kisses across my hips, down the back of my thigh.

I catch my breath and ask my husband if he came.

“No,” he answers with a laugh, brushing my hair back from my face.

“Why not?”

“When your multi-orgasmic, why should I waste it on your first one?”

He had a point, since this was just the start of our evening.

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