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Professional Affair Ch. 01

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I shifted from one leg to the other impatiently, weighing my chances of escape. What would happen if I worked my way over to a window and forced my way out? No good, because not only were we stuck between stations but we were underground as well. The thought of emerging into the tiny dark space of the tunnel only to be hemmed in by a cold metal train was even worse than the claustrophobia I was starting to suffer where I was.

Thinking like this was the only way I could distract myself from the tension that grew inside of me with every passing minute. Since I was still in my probation period in a very strict corporate environment, I knew everything I did was being quietly watched and carefully noted. I was doing everything I could to stay in their favor because I desperately needed to keep the job. Being late was not an option.

Up until very recently I’ve been scraping by, faking my way through every irregular temp job that I could get and waiting tables as often as I could at night. Up until a few months ago, my hope for a stable future was fading rapidly.

My best friend and I were collapsed on his sofa after a night of pub crawling. In other words, a Saturday night just like any other. He was a waiter too but Saturday nights always went to the staff that had been around the longest, and neither one of us was even close to qualifying for that.

We always ended the night on his sofa, talking for a little while before passing out. But for some reason Rick wouldn’t settle down. He kept pacing around his apartment, talking half to me and half to himself. He was hyper enough that he was disrupting my mellow, sleepy state and I didn’t like it.

“What the hell is with you?” I grumbled at him.

“I hate this town. We need to get out of here. Do you know we do the same thing every damn day of every week, over and over and over? Aren’t you sick of it?”

I managed a half-hearted shrug. “Yeah. So? Why would it be different anywhere else?”

“Why wouldn’t it? I can’t stand being here anymore, neither of us can find any kind of steady work, so what’s the point in staying? At least we could do something new and have a better chance than we do now. Nothing ever changes here. It’ll be the same place when we’re 80 years old as it is now.”

I figured he was just drunk and raving and he’d get over it when he sobered up. So I half-listened to him and tried to watch TV at the same time. Eventually he sat down with me and we both fell asleep.

But the next night Rick hadn’t changed his mind. To my surprise, he had started making real plans.

“I’m gone. End of the month. Are you coming with me?” He sounded so determined I started to believe we could pull it off. I’d dreamt about getting out of this town for years but leaving had always seemed like something I could imagine but never actually do.

Since Rick had been talking this way I had started thinking. It didn’t take me long to see I had no good reason to stay, especially without him around.

So we did it. Moved to the city. We got a tiny apartment together and we both got work as waiters. Just to keep the money coming in for awhile, we told each other. I spent my days looking for programming work and my nights in the restaurant. We started to meet new people and we were having a lot of fun. Things were going great, except on the job front. It was just like it had been for me since I finished high school. I was making just enough for what I needed but never getting ahead. I tried to stay hopeful but as the weeks passed it got harder and harder.

Then one morning I got a call from a company I was hoping to work for. They wanted to see me as soon as possible and so I went in that afternoon. I wasn’t very hopeful since I had only applied there the day before, and usually when that happens they just want to check you out for no good reason. I made a bet with myself about how long it would take for the interviewer to tell me I’d be kept on file.

To my absolute shock, I got hired on the spot. Turns out they had just fired someone, and the boss told me he didn’t want to fuck around with Human Resources and wait while they took their time finding a suitable replacement.

“Don’t disappoint me,” he said, scrutinizing me as though I was keeping a secret from him and he wanted to know what it was.

My department was very busy and I always felt like the manager was keeping an eye on me a lot more so than anyone else. At first I didn’t think much of it because I was the newest hire. But normally that kind of thing wears off after your first day and they forget you even exist. I was well into my second month and still feeling like I was under the microscope when the boss called me into his office on a Friday afternoon.

“So, Roberts, catch me up. How’s it going with you? Everything okay?”

“Absolutely, sir, everything’s great. I’m happy that you gave me the opportunity to—”

He cut me off with a wave of his hand. “What I want to know is, can you see yourself sticking around for the long haul? Or are you looking at your position here as a stopover on your way somewhere else?”

I told the truth. “I definitely see myself here long-term. I really—”

He cut me off again impatiently. “Great. And it’s not me you need to impress. I’m moving you over to Michael Carson’s department. And I expect that if all goes well there, you will work out as a permanent fixture around here.”

His phone rang and he answered it, gesturing for me to leave.

As I reached the door he stopped his conversation. “Go report to him now. He’s expecting you.”

I stifled a sigh as I entered the elevator to head up to the 19th floor. I had hoped to be able to duck out early, but now I’d be here late as usual. Oh well. I couldn’t pass up any opportunity for what I hoped would be a step up, even though I wasn’t exactly sure where I’d been transferred.

The floor was deserted. Guess I wasn’t the only one who wanted to get an early start on the weekend. I walked through the rows of cubicles before I found the small office door practically hidden at the back of the floor.

The door was closed and I hoped my new manager had left too, but my knock was answered by a deep voice.

After I opened the door I stopped in my tracks, caught off-guard by the sight of a tall man bending down to retrieve something from a box on the floor. I got an unexpected eyeful of a terrific ass. Firm and perfectly rounded, it pressed nicely against the dark fabric of his pants and I stared at it until he straightened, turning towards me.

I blinked when I looked up into his face. Not many people were taller than me, so he had to be at least 6’2″. His black hair was just a little bit longer than it should be for a corporate environment. A few strands fell in front of his bright blue eyes and I fought the urge to reach out and brush them away.

“Alex? I’m Michael. How are you?” I shook his warm hand and tried not to stare at him.

“Have a seat. I’m sure you’re anxious to get out of here, but there are a couple of things you need to know right away.”

He called up a few files on his monitor and showed me the current project, summarizing it briefly. Then he sat back and regarded me.

“We have virtually no time to test this system before we go live, so we’ll be doing nearly everything onsite. The team will be heading down to Dallas on Tuesday. As of now, the team includes you.”

I blinked as he continued. “We’ll be there for six days. My assistant will give you the details on Monday. I know you’re being thrown into the deep end pretty quickly. I hope you can handle it.”

“Of course.”

“That’s all I need to tell you for now. Have a good weekend.”

I left the office slightly dazed and thought about what had happened all the way home. Suddenly I had a far more challenging position in my job, a drop-dead gorgeous new supervisor, and an upcoming trip down south.

The only problem I could see was being able to keep my hands to myself, especially on this trip. Back in his office it was all I could do to keep from dropping to my knees in front of him and begging him to come all over my face.

For the first time ever I was at work early on a Monday morning. The thought of seeing Michael the Sex God again had made me very enthusiastic. I couldn’t help calling him that in my head now, a holdover from the way I had thought about him all weekend every time I jacked off.

I headed directly to his office but his assistant stopped me before I got to the door. I introduced myself and then told him I needed to speak to the boss.

“Ah, right, Alex Roberts. Michael’s not in today. He flew down to Dallas last night. I have all the info you need for your trip tomorrow.”

Trying to hide my disappointment, I listened as he gave me the flight info. I worked intensely for the rest of the day to get myself up to speed on the convention project. I didn’t want Michael to think I wasn’t up for the challenge.

I got home late and went to bed just as soon as I had a quick meal. Before I fell asleep, I imagined being on my knees in front of Michael, taking his cock deep into my mouth. I stroked my own erection rapidly at this thought and it didn’t take long until I came hard.

Tuesday finally rolled around. My flight was delayed and I was late as I checked into the hotel that was hosting the convention we were running.

As soon as I dropped my bag off in my room, I hurried back out to find the main boardroom. We were scheduled to have a team briefing at five and it was already a few minutes past. Michael was at the front addressing the assembled group when I slipped in the back as quietly as I could. He noticed me anyway and nodded in my direction as he continued speaking. Turns out there were some issues that needed fixing immediately, so we had to hit the ground running.

Several hours later I collapsed into bed. We had worked until nearly 11:30 and I was exhausted, but I couldn’t get Michael out of my mind. My attraction to him was starting to interfere with my focus on work, and I needed to get it out of my system somehow. I decided this would be the last time I’d jack off thinking about him, and so I had better come up with a really good final fantasy.

My cock was already responding as a very hot scene popped into my mind. I pictured everything so clearly it was as if it was actually happening.

I imagine him knocking on the door to my room. I answer without hesitating, and realize right when I open it that I’m nearly naked except for the very tight black briefs I have on. Michael runs his eyes all over my body before saying, “I need to talk to you.”

I let him in and hastily grab the hotel robe to cover myself up, turning back to find him smiling at my embarrassment. If he only knew. If I don’t cover up quickly he’ll be seeing a lot more of me than he expects, since my cock is already trying to tear through my underwear in an effort to get closer to him.

I sit down on the edge of the bed, expecting him to take the nearby chair. Instead he comes over and sits on the bed right next to me, a lot closer than is appropriate for a boss and his employee. His clothed leg brushes against my bare one and I shift around, my cock growing even larger from the light touch.

I waited expectantly, hoping my robe is keeping my obvious excitement concealed. He looks directly into my eyes.

“Alex, I’ve wanted to fuck you from the moment you walked into my office. And I know you want me. There’s no reason to wait any longer.”

Before I can reply he moves close and his lips meet mine. His kiss is slow and firm. Possessive. He moves his hand to my lap and touches my steel-hard erection. I can’t help moaning as he fondles me through the cotton of my briefs, a sensation which I can never get enough of. I shiver and my cock throbs.

He keeps kissing me and I wrap my arms around him, pulling his strong body firmly into mine. I feel pretty slutty with him being still fully clothed and me nearly naked, and I love it.

He breaks our kiss and stands up right in front of me, quickly removing his shirt. I gape at his well-developed chest with growing lust but I have to lower my eyes when his hands move down to his pants. Very, very slowly he slides the zipper down. I can see the outline of his cock right in front of my face and I reach for it, feeling its impressive length.

I slide his underwear off without breaking my gaze. His cock is monstrous, at least nine inches long and very thick. I fit as much of it into my very willing mouth as I can and suck on him intensely. He can’t get enough and he pushes deeper and deeper into me. I wonder what it would feel like if he was filling my ass up instead.

I stop sucking and pull back. He groans as I tongue his length up and down, exploring every inch of him. He moves his hips, wanting to be back inside, and after a moment I open wide to take him in again. I nearly gag as his cock fills my mouth up and even though I want his cock in my ass, this is too good to stop.

His breathing gets heavier and I can tell he’s trying to hold back. But he’s so turned on by what I’m doing to him that he can’t stop himself and with a loud moan he comes hard in my mouth. I swallow it all.

When he’s done we lie down on the bed together. He pushes my robe aside, not bothering to take it off, and rubs my cock through my pre-come soaked underwear. I’m in ecstasy. It’s not long before he pulls them off me and I feel his warm hand wrapping around my throbbing erection. It feels so good I can’t help but thrust my hips, needing more contact with him.

The sexy sight of the gorgeous, wonderful man stroking me expertly is making me writhe around in ecstacy. When he leans in close to me and says my name it’s so hot I can’t stand it. He speeds up his pace and I come so hard my hips lift off the bed. It feels like I won’t ever stop, my hot juice splashing wildly all over his hand.

As the scenario played out in my mind I stroked my aching erection faster and faster. At the same moment that I came in my fantasy, my cock pulsed and I shot all over my own stomach.

My real orgasm was nearly as good as the one I had imagined. I fell asleep still imagining Michael lying beside me.

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