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The RA’s jokingly call the bathrooms in my residence hall “gender blind”. In this case, I supposed that fits, because I never did see the girl. But in most cases, it just means that all the bathrooms are coed; don’t ask, don’t look, in other words. There are only 30 people in the whole hall making it more of a house, really, and 25 of them are girls. Yeah, a little lopsided, but who’s going to complain, huh? The guys? I’m the only male on my floor out of 15!

So, you can imagine my surprise when I was taking a sheezy one day, reading the graffiti that had accumulated over the years, when I came upon a passage of the type usually only written by men:

3 AM 3/25 $20

Blowjob + Anal

That last part raised my eyebrows a notch. I’m an ass man, and proud of it. I’ve poked my fair share of posterior, let me tell you. It’s actually how I choose my girlfriends. I checked my watch: 9 PM, 3/24. Hmm. Intriguing, and a little sketchy. But I decided to bite.

I bided my time in my room, studying and actually managing to finish a paper despite the fact that my thoughts were on the mystery ass I was slated to get that night. I went to the bathroom at 2:58 AM, so I would get in before the person got there. If anyone was going to come at all, anyway. So I sat there on the toilet seat, twiddling my thumbs. 3:03 AM passed, and I started kicking myself for getting my hopes up, when the door quietly opened and light feet padded into the stall next to mine. I could see the polished toenails and distinctly feminine shaved ankles and feet, so that assuaged one fear of mine. I heard her sit down on the toilet seat and wait a moment. My heart beat like a drum. Was this the girl? Or just some late-night studier taking a pee?

My questions were answered a half second later. There was a hole about as big around as a small soup can, where a toilet paper dispenser used to be (it had since been ripped off by an unruly past resident). Through it, a thumb and two fingers appeared. They rubbed together in the universal sign for “pay up, foo”, and opened to accept. I stuffed four 5-spots into the hand, all of which I had discreetly marked. Maybe I could identify the mystery girl at a later date! I heard the rustling of paper in the stall next door, and a small notebook hit the floor between the stalls. The front page said, “Put it through the hole, stud, and hang on”. I was flattered. She called me stud. And a fitting name, too. At 8 inches and as big around as a baby’s arm, some girls did say it was like being fucked by a horse.

I unzipped, letting my manhood spring free. I was already hard as a rock in anticipation. I slipped “Kong” through the hole, and smiled at the sudden gasp from the stall next door.

“Jesus…” the voice muttered in a low whisper. I felt a palm on my tip, pushing me back. Puzzled, I withdrew. The fingers came back. More money?! I rolled my eyes. I pulled out my wallet and stuffed a 10 into the hand. I guess that was enough, because her foot tapped on the notepad, and I put my cock through again. Small, warm fingers wrapped around my shaft and slowly stroked me up and down. That was more like it! Lips…a warm, wet kiss on my tip, making me shudder…a long, slow lick from my balls to my head…then, suddenly, the head of my penis was enveloped by a warm, wet, experienced mouth. I gasp sharply.

“W-wow…” I stammered. A muffled giggle came from the opposite stall. Only 2 seconds in, and already the best blowjob of my life. This was shaping up to be a very good experience indeed. I took hold of the top of the stall divider as I hung on for dear life. I swear at some point she was swapped out for a Hoover. My eyes rolled back in my head as quiet slurping noises emanated from next door, her hand following her lips closely so that it got a little lubrication for her expertly-executed, lightly-twisting hand movements. Her tongue swirled around my tip, and though she could only take in about 3 inches at one time, that was plenty. Her tongue was small and agile, sliding and darting around every nerve, concentrating on the sensitive little ridge of my tip like only an experienced girl knows how to do.

“Awwwwgaaawwwddd…” I groaned. My hips began to move involuntarily with the bobs of her head, and my mouth hung open in rapture. The slurping sounds became louder as more saliva was added to the mix. This was too good. I was going to come soon!

As if hearing my thoughts, she slowed and stopped, reluctantly releasing my throbbing shaft and sitting back on the toilet. A hand quickly pulled back the notepad and I heard some scribbling. It came back down with, “You’ve got a minute to settle down while I lube up…” and a winking smiley face. I got goose bumps. I only wished I could see the booty I was about to plumb. I fought the urge to peek through the hole; that would have ruined the whole thing. I heard her unzip what must have been a purse, and the opening of a tube or jar of some sort. Probably Vaseline; doesn’t work with condoms, and the experts say don’t use it, but it just can’t be beat for rump-ridin’. I watched the floor of the other stall. A pair of flannel sleep pants hit the floor, closely followed by a pair of panties. She stepped out of them and hung them on the door (I’m guessing). I listened to her rustle as she got ready and pondered the case of blue balls I was going to be enduring if she left me hanging.

The notebook was snatched away again, and returned a couple seconds later with, “Please go slow and be gentle! I’m delicate” written on it. I stuck my fist under the divider and gave her the thumbs up. She giggled. I watched her bare feet turn around on the tile floor until her heels were facing me. She spread her feet until she was at the right height, and I was treated to a view of the world’s most perfect pucker. It was tiny and pink, like it had been washed with Clorox, and I could see half of a wet, thick-lipped shaved pussy to go with it. I swallowed hard. Her tiny little rosebud glistened with lube, half-hidden by slightly-tanned buns. This was going to be sweeter than sweet.

I took myself in hand and placed my tip on her pucker, listening to her tiny gasp with pride. That was a common reaction. Unable to hold on to her hips to guide myself inside her, I had to depend on her to keep still and make adjustments when needed; a girl’s rectum isn’t exactly a straight line sometimes.

As delicate as she claimed to be, from the get-go it was easy going; this girl was no virgin in the rear! I gently pushed my hips forward, listening to her groan and envisioning the grimace that always accompanies the initial penetration (God, I love that face). Her slick anus stretched generously with a quiet slurp, admitting inch after inch of my shaft like a greasy glove until I was buried in her bottom up to my balls.

“Ohhhh yeaahhh…” I sighed/moaned as I slowly withdrew and slid back in, completing the first thrust of the butt fuck.

“Uhhggh!…God!…” came her piteous whine from the opposite stall as I again sheathed myself in her booty as deep as I could go. The part about anal that I love the most is burying my bone; shallow-cheeked ladies need not apply.

I grabbed onto the top of the stall divider again, hanging on for dear life as the mystery girl’s sweet, sweet ass did a number on my cock. Despite letting me in with very little trouble, she was tight. I’m talking wring-the-blood-from-your-cock tight, and hot as a blazing furnace on top of that. Her choice of lube was exquisite, and my shaft glided easily in and out of the tight sleeve of her rectum. She held her sweet cheeks tight against the divider and let me do all the work, thrusting in and out, in and out, in and out of her tight tushie.

“Ooooo…Ooooooo!…Oooo!!” she squealed with a mix of sweet pain and utter delight. My mystery girl was loving it as much as I was! I thrust over and over, my shaft slipping past the slippery snug ring of her anus and deep into her bowels, welling up in her belly. It was as if I could feel the head of my cock poking her stomach with each thrust, making her yelp and groan. I quietly hoped no one needed to use the bathroom for the next 3 minutes!

“Oh God!” she moaned, her rectum flexing around my shaft as I thrust. “Ohhhh ffffuck!!I’mgonnacome! Don’t stop! Deeper!! Oh!Oh!Oh!Ohhhhhhhooo Jeeeeesssuuuusss!!” I could see her feet, and she was up on her tiptoes as she came. I could feel her entire body shaking and quaking through her ass, not to mention her heartbeat, which was going like the percussion section of a marching band. She may have come, but I wasn’t done yet. I drove my shaft in and out of her ass as fast as I could go while still using my entire 8 inches, listening to the quiet slurping sound it made in her well-stretched bumhole. Her ass squeezed my dick inside of her, her muscles convulsing and rippling as another orgasm lined up directly behind the first! I’d never known a girl who could come so easily from getting it in the backside.

But all her rippling muscles up there were having an effect on me, and fast. Her rectum, clenched tight, was now not so much a sleeve I was sliding back and forth in, but a tunnel I had to blast open again with each thrust. By her cries, I could tell this was hurting her a bit, but by that time I was beyond caring. I was about to get my rocks off in a spectacular fashion, and this chick didn’t show any signs of pulling away when I did! All that extra flesh sliding past my sensitive tip was excruciatingly pleasurable, as was the picture I had in my mind of the face she had to making at this point! I watched her feet, still up on tiptoes, her calf muscles shaking and straining. She wailed with pleasure as her second consecutive orgasm hit her like a Mack truck. I think she nearly stumbled and fell, which would have destroyed the moment a bit.

I was about at the end of my rope! The muscles in my arms strained and bulged, pulling me up on the divider as I too went up on my tiptoes, my orgasm approaching fast. I judged I would last 3 more thrusts, and then I was going to come. Time to warn her.

“Uh! Oh fuck, I’m gonna come!” I rasped. I felt her anus clamp down on my cock and she let loose a high-pitched moan of pleasure. That was all the go-ahead I needed! I was going to come in her ass in…

One! (She squealed at the deep, hard thrust!)

Two! (A sharp yelp and growl as she fought back the pain!)


“Aaahhh!…Ga!!! Ahh!-Ahh!-Ahh!-Ahh!-Ahhhhh!” I moaned, my mouth gaping and my eyes shut tight. I kept thrusting slowly as I flooded her ass with my come, punctuating each spurt with it’s own groan of abject pleasure. I could hear her own moan of satisfaction as she felt me coming deep in her rear, filling her to brimming and painting her insides white. I couldn’t remember ever coming so much. Her ass just kept milking me for more, making my orgasm last for what seemed like an eternity!

Finally, after pumping a load up her butt big enough to fill a shot glass, I felt her give me a squeeze, pushing my softening cock out of her bottom with a soft “pop!”. I heard her sigh as she straightened up, and a couple of little splat’s as a little of my load leaked out of her booty and onto the floor. I imagined a good amount of it was running down her legs and over her pussy. I relished the thought. I sort of collapsed on the toilet seat and used some tissue to clean the lube off my dick. Next door, my mystery girl wiped the come off her legs and pussy and flushed it. Then I watched her feet as she stepped into her panties and sleep pants, pulled them up, picked up the notebook she had been leaving me notes on, and quickly left. My kind of relationship. Man that was a great assfuck! I stayed in the stall for a moment, catching my breath. I had considered going out to listen for a door closing and getting a clue as to who the girl might be, but decided against it. It was better this way; more mysterious, more exciting, and with no strings attached.

It was the right decision. Three days later, there was another invitation on the stall wall, and that night another 30 bucks was well spent!

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