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Fashion Parade

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In a couple of weeks I’m running a large party with a group of friends. The organisation side of things is hotting up and there is a flurry of activity in my social circle with all our friends getting ready for the party. On Saturday just past, my wife Samantha decided to go out shopping with her friend Erica to buy clothes for the party. The party is nominally black tie, but the ‘understanding’ is that it should be a place where people feel comfortable with a more sexy take on the theme.

Samantha and I have known Erica since we moved back to London about 6 months ago. We met her through mutual friends at a ‘welcome back’ party and instantly had that connection with her where you know you’re going to be close and firm friends. I can’t deny that I thought she was attractive when we first met. Her parents were Spanish but she had lived in the UK all her life. She has deep green eyes, subtle pouting lips, chocolate brown skin and dark wavy hair that ends in the middle of her back. She’s small – a little over 5 feet tall – but has a full figure, with a small waist, ample breasts and rounded hips. When you look at her, you immediately think of Penelope Cruz, but the image is shattered – in the best possible way – when you hear here deep rich Surrey accent.

It seemed that Sam had been affected by her in a similar way. All she could talk about in the cab on the way home was how gorgeous Erica was, how smart, erudite and funny she seemed. The three of us had spoken all night and I had to admit, many women (with the exception of my wife) look lovely, but wind up being quite boring to talk to. Erica – on the other hand – had been captivating, keeping us in stitches with stories of her mis-adventures as a medical student and as an Accident and Emergency doctor in London hospitals. Both girls had wound the night up, arms around each other dancing on tables in the bar.

My wife is an extremely attractive woman. Like many Vancouver natives, she is gregarious, laid back and makes friends easily, traits she has exploited in her job as an interior designer, specialising in large corporate and hotel fit outs. In such a male dominated area I am sure she also benefits from her short blonde hair, her tall lithe figure with slim hips and waist, olive brown skin, infectious grin, sparkling blue eyes, and….well….her ample breasts. Sometimes I am jealous of the people who work with her. Not because they are leering at her, but because they get to look at her all day.

As we grew to know Erica I began to see a subtle change in Sam’s attitude toward her. It was nothing I could put my finger on, but it evidenced itself in a number of ways. A hug that lingered too long when they were greeting or parting, the way they casually draped themselves over each other at our house or bars when we had been drinking and their…familiarity with each other.

In the past, Sam and I had discussed bringing another person to bed with us. I was perfectly happy for it to be another guy and had told her this, but had been pleasantly surprised when she said she would prefer a woman, if we did it at all. When I had tried to press her a little further on things however, she’d gone quiet, indicating that the discussion was closed. The seed had been planted in my mind however.

Things had come to a head one evening about a month after we arrived back in town while at a party at a friend’s house in Mayfair. All of us had been drinking quite heavily, and a small quantity of drugs had been passed around. Both Sam and Erica had partaken of some (as had I) and were feeling quite loose, friendly and tactile. Our friend had a jacuzzi on his top deck, and the girls and I decided to make use of it. The night was warmish, so we were happy enough to strip down to our underwear and climb into the bubbling water.

While the party buzzed downstairs we sat in the jacuzzi and talked, sipping champagne and letting the jets sooth our muscles. The girls sat close to each other Sam’s arm around Erica’s shoulders playing with her hair, Erica’s head resting on Sam’s shoulder. Watching the two of them sitting there, I started to get quite hard and the I think the girls could tell as the conversation began to turn a little flirty.

“You know Sam, I think Scott has a pretty decent body” Erica said coyly

“Doesn’t he?” she replied “you should feel his abs, he works on them at the gym about 3 or 4 nights a week> Go ahead and have a feel of them if you like”

I grinned at the compliment and was surprised when Erica’s hand reached across the tub to stroke me on the stomach. A look of surprise crossed her face as she let her hand roam a little lower and brushed the top of my penis, jutting conspicuously out from my pelvis.

“Ooh dear” said Erica in mock surprise. “I think he might be a little bit excited at the moment.” She whispered “I thin k he had a hard on”

“Really?!!?” said Sam in equal mock surprise “Well, he’s a very excitable boy, isn’t he?” both girls giggled at my expense, looking deeply into each other’s eyes.

The mood had immediately turned heavy and as I watched, Erica leaned toward Sam and began to kiss her on the mouth. Sam didn’t hesitate for a moment and returned the kiss with a passion I hadn’t seen in a while. If possible, my cock got even harder as I watched them, Erica’s hand reaching up to pull the strap of Sam’s bra down to expose her breast, which she began to massage slowly, tweaking the nipple each time.

Both girls stopped kissing each other and looked at me, mouths slightly ajar, their breathing heavy. Erica started to move toward me but at that exact momentm the door to the deck opened and out friend’s Jonah and Kelli stumbled out onto the deck, taking their clothes off as they came, preparing to join us in the jacuzzi.

The girls split from each other and moved to opposite sides of the jacuzzi, Sam looking a little sheepish and Erica looking somewhat panicked, as if the breaking of the mood had reminded her of just exactly what she was doing. Sam subtly put her bra strap back in place and moved to sit next to me, keeping an eye on Erica as she did.

Jonah and Kelli, both drunk and stoned didn’t notice a thing and immediately began talking and laughing with us, remarking on what a great party it was. Erica quickly made an excuse, got out of the jacuzzi, gathered he clothes and walked back inside the house.

Out of politeness, Sam and I stayed for a few minutes more, but we left quickly when more people came out onto the deck from the main party. I had a moment of embarrassment as I left the jacuzzi and displayed my massive hard on to those gathered as the fabric of my wet boxer briefs clung to it like shrink wrap. The jeering and cat calls were enough to disrtract everyone from the see through bra and crotchless thong Sam was wearing however.

Back in the party, soggy and dressed, we looked for Erica only to find that she had already gone. Andrew, our host, had said she’s left quite quickly, claiming an urget page from her hospital. We gathered our things and also made our way home.

After we arrived home, Sam and I engaged in some of the most passionate sex since our honeymoon. Afterwards, while we talked and fell asleep, she confided in me that she’d wanted to fuck both Erica and I in the jacuzzi and was annoyed that she’d not gotten the chance. We decided then and there that we would broach the subject with Erica more formally and see what happened.

The opportunity never presented itself though. In the following weeks and months, Erica never said anything relating to the incident in the short moments we were able to get with her at lunches and other gatherings. Where we had seen her 3 or 4 times a week before, she always seemed to have something on or another commitment whenever we tried to make plans. In addition, she started seeing another doctor at her hospital (whom neither of us liked too much) and all her off call hours seemed to be spent with him Samantha’s feelings had been a little hurt by the whole incident.

In the week preceding the big party I was organising though, Erica and her doctor broke up after she found him shagging a nurse in a supply cupboard at the hospital. Out of the blue, Erica had called Sam and they’d gotten together for a bit of a ‘deep and meaningful’ and a bitch session on the nature of the male sex. We both thought that Erica had been a bit freaked out by the incident in the jacuzzi, so we decided to leave it alone for a while, allowing Erica to take the lead.

So, on that Saturday afternoon, the both of them had decided to go out and shop for outfits. I’d spent the day running errands and doing chores, as well as buying a bit of food to cook that evening. The plan was for the ladies would come back to our place after shopping, I would make dinner and we would then go out for the evening with some other friends.

They made it back here by about 5ish. I’d already cooked some risotto and gotten some wine. They trooped through the door weighed down heavily with their shopping bags, gabbling and giggling like a pair of school girls. I commented on the sheer volume of shopping they had come back with and was assured that all were good purchases and that I would get a look later after we had eaten. “Samantha bought you a surprise as well, Scott,” Erica teased “I’m sure you’re going to like it”.

I tried to get some more hints but to no avail. I opened the wine and dished out food and we all sat down in the lounge room to eat. The girls had obviously worked up a decent appetite shopping as there was hardly a morsel left by the time they were full. We’d also managed to work our way through a bottle of red in the process. It seemed to evaporate into the air.

We sat and talked about nothing in particular for a little while afterwards and it was about 6:30 by the time the ladies decided it was time to try on the clothes they had bought shopping. Erica offered to go first

“If we’re going to do a fashion parade, we really do need a bit of bubbly, don’t you think?” She said, gathering up her bags. We all heartily agreed and I slipped off to the kitchen to open a bottle and get some glasses, while Erica nipped off into our bedroom to change into the first outfit she had bought.

“How were things today?” I asked Samantha when I came back. “Really good.” She said. “It was like old times.” A little smile crossed her lips and she looked away briefly “What’s that look all about?” I asked surprised to see her face reddening a bit “Well, it’s just….she’s so cute” Samantha confessed. “I’m probably just being silly but I thought she was coming on to me a little, today” “REALLY?!!?” I mock exclaimed. “Why do you think that?” “Well…” Samantha never got the chance to finish the sentence because Erica came back out on the first outfit.

I like a good fashion parade and I especially like it if it’s pretty much just for me. Erica had purchased a psychedelic coloured vinyl mini skirt and a matching boob top that left a great deal of exposed flesh between the top of the skirt and the bottom of the top. For such a tiny girl you wouldn’t think there was such a great deal of stomach to display, but maybe because it was so ‘out there’ it seemed like it went on forever.

Samantha was leaning against my right side, under my arm and I felt her take a sharp breath as Erica did a bit of a pirouette, showing us that the mini-skirt really WAS quite mini, beginning just below the protrusion of her pelvic bone and ending just below the point where her bum stopped. I had to admit that she had an extremely nice bum and even though her boobs weren’t too big, they filled out the top quite nicely. Despite myself, I felt my jeans becoming a little bit uncomfortable as the occupancy in them….increased a little. Samantha also seemed to notice a bit as she took her free hand and put it on the inside of my leg, adjusted her positioning a little bit, seeming to rock back and forth slightly as she did so.

“So what do you think?” Erica asked, picking up her champagne and playfully striking some model-esque poses as she walked around in front of the couch where we were sitting.

I was a little speechless, but Samantha filled the gap nicely by getting up and walking around Erica eyeing her in a mock critical manner. “It’s very tight up top.” She said as she grabbed the top from behind and tried to move it around a little. “Do you think it will get uncomfortable as the night goes on?”

“Yeah, you’re right…it might. What do you think, Scott?” Erica moved back into Samantha, leaning her body into her and putting her arm up above her head, placing her hand behind Samantha’s neck and stroking it languidly. “Do I look sexy?” Both girls giggled and Samantha reached around to stroke Erica’s toned and tanned stomach, looking at me and smiling as she did so.

I missed a beat, blinked and opened my mouth to say something, stammering a little bit. “I…ah…um….” Both girls laughed and Erica doubled over, covering her hand with her mouth, laughing hysterically.

“I think that’s a yes” she said as she stood back up and turned to face Samantha. “You’re probably right. I’ll try the other one on. This might be good for a club night though, don’t you think?”

Samantha agreed and Erica started to move out of the room, taking the top off over her head just as he passed trough the door out of the living room and into the hallway leading to the bedroom. I almost got whiplash as I turned my head around to follow her. I caught a brief glimpse of ‘side boob’, but mainly got to see her back, as she walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

When I turned back around again, I noticed that Samantha had walked around to the hall way to follow Erica out of the room and was watching as intently as me.

“See what I mean?” Samantha said “She’s been like that all day”

I thought about it for a second and erred on the side of caution. Erica was flirty kind of girl and it usually just meant that she was comfortable with you rather than trying to hit on you.

“I think she’s just being the old Erica. I wouldn’t read too much into it”. I said as I drained the last of my glass of champagne and reached for the bottle to fill it back up again.

“Yeah, you’re probably right”. Samantha gazed off into the middle distance as she too drained her glass and waved it at me for a refill.

Whether Erica was flirting or not, I still had to admit that I’d gotten slightly aroused. As I filled her glass I looked at Samantha again and reminded myself just want an attractive woman she is. She was wearing a pair of tight hipster pants which grabbed her ass in all the right ways. She was wearing a tight t-shirt which ended just above her navel, exposing her newly pierced belly button. As my eyes moved up I noticed her C cup sized breasts and that her nipples had become quite erect and were poking through the cotton of her shirt…hmmmm….no bra today, I see….although I’m sure she left the house wearing one.

“Having a good look?”

The question brought me out of my revere and I looked at her face. She was smirking in a very cheeky manner.

“Well….you know” She arched her eyebrow and then rocked back and forth from one foot to the other a little before closing her eyes and sighing a little bit.

“Are you OK?” I asked?

She opened her eyes and looked at me. “Oh yeah…just fine”. She ran her hand through her hair and came back to sit next to me once again. Putting her back against my chest and her left arm on the inside of my thigh she settled in putting one foot up on the divan and leaving the other on the floor, her purple painted toes wiggling from under the hem of her pants. She pressed her elbow up against my crotch, gently rubbing back and forward making things a little bit less comfortable for me to sit there. I wasn’t complaining though. I had my right arm around her shoulders and my hand naturally came to rest in proximity to her breasts. I could smell her freshly washed hair and feel her lungs fill and empty of air as I gave the left nipple a little rub.

“Hey, didn’t you have a bra on when you left this morning?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said “but I took it off in the lingerie store and didn’t bother putting it back on.

“I had enough time to say “Lingerie, huh?” before Erica came out in her new outfit.

Where the other was an over the top club inspired outfit which screamed frivolity, this one was a deep midnight blue, with a circular neck band (like you would find on a t-shirt), no sleeves, a V in the front that plunged well below the bust line and a deeper one in back dipping to almost the small of her back. The hemline ended mid thigh and she had finished the outfit off with a beautiful pair of strappy Gucci shoes in a similar colour of blue. She had put her hair up in a simple silver clip and the effect was all sex appeal. The dress draped in an A-line from the shoulder and billowed about her small frame as she swivelled and turned. Ringlets of her dark hair spilled out of the clip and danced around her ears and shoulders.

“What do you think?” she asked. Samantha moved her elbow back slightly placing more pressure where it didn’t need to be and I spoke up.

“It’s awesome. I definitely think it’s the one to go for”


“mmmm….I agree. DEFINITELY the better one of the two” she said in a strangely languid voice, still gently rocking back and forward on the seat. She took my right hand in hers and – almost imperceptibly – used it rub her left breast while Erica’s back was momentarily to us, completing her last turn.

“Excellent”, exclaimed Erica. “This is definitely the outfit I will go for, then!”

She walked forward and grabbed Samantha’s right hand pulling her up out of the couch.

“OK, your turn. Scott must be sick of me prancing around like I own the place. It’s time to show off what you’ve bought!”.

As Samantha came totally to her feet, Erica lithely pivoted around her and took up the exact position my wife had vacated, surprisingly with almost the exact same positioning of the left elbow. I hope she couldn’t feel the now rather firm erection I had

Samantha gave us both a cheeky smile. “I only bought one outfit, but I think it will be good. Make yourselves comfortable and I’ll be out in a minute”

Erica pulled my right arm around her and hugged my arm to her chest. I found the least provocative position to put my right hand, but still found my hand on her midriff slightly grazing her left breast.

“Scotty, my comfort would be greatly increased if you poured me another glass of champagne. Please do your wife’s bidding as a good husband should”

I laughed and reached for the bottle with my left hand, levering it precariously off the floor and topping off Erica’s glass. She took a big sip and stretched back languidly taking her head off my chest and lying back across my lap. She looked me in the eye and said:

“So are you enjoying your little London Fashion week right here in the living room?”

“Indeed I am, sweetie. You looked absolutely scrumptious. No doubt you will dive all the boys mad at the party”

“Just the boys?” she asked, lifting her left hand up to play with my hair and smirking coquettishly.

I smiled playfully at her “I have no doubt that more than a few of the girls will be driven mad as well!” “Eeexxxcelent!!” she said in a fake Monty Burns voice. “I like to keep my options open.”

“Naughty little strumpet”, I laughed as she moved her back around on my lap. I could see the hem of her dress riding up her leg in my peripheral vision. I moved my right hand to place it on her right thigh casually patting it and rubbing a little despite myself. The cloth of her dress was stretched against her breasts. And I could see her nipples standing erect through the cloth, the hint of the dark areola of her left breast peeking out from underneath the thin fabric.

“hmmm…there seems to be a bit of a lump underneath my back, here Scott. Is that your belt buckle?” she asked with a disingenuous look on her face, reaching up to stroke my hair and cheek again.

“Ummmmm…..yeah….that’s what it is….my belt buckle.” If this were anyone else, you would probably think that this was all a definite come on, but where Erica was concerned, you could never be certain. I decided to play things cool, but my mind DID keep flashing back to that night in the jacuzzi, the smell of her perfume bringing the memories back even more vividly in my mind.

I was saved the continuation of the situation as Samantha came back out into the living room wearing her outfit. She saw Erica stretched across me and noted my hand position on Erica’s right thigh. Far from being annoyed by things though she seemed to brighten and a slightly sexy smile crossed her face. I took all of her in and for the moment, all thoughts of where I was or who was stretched across me evaporated.

Samantha had bought a scarlet red silk Chong-Sam which was embroidered with peacocks, leaves and dragons, in gold and green thread. The dress hugged her body in all the right places, accentuating her curves, the silk glistening in the light like it was wet. The dress had a collar neck line with a ball tie at the throat and a key hole dip in the bodice. Where it really hit the mark was below the waist, a slit in each side of the dress rising up her long olive thighs and stopping almost at her hips. She was showing off a mile of deep brown leg on both sides, the contract with the red and the gold was breathtaking.

Erica sat up off my lap and focussed her attention solely on Samantha. I heard Erica’s faint intake of breath as Samantha began to turn to show us the back of the dress. While the front seemed almost prim, the back was virtually non existent. Dropping from the front of the shoulders down under the arms in a subtly curved line, the back formed a V shape that ended about 1 centimetre above where Samantha’s bum would start.

The overall effect was slightly marred however, by the fact that about 2 centimetres of black lacy knickers were showing above the bottom of the V. Samantha had left her undies on for the viewing which was odd.

“So, you like?”

This time it was Erica who stammered out an answer “Well….shit…..ummmm….jesus……ahhhh…yeah, you look great!!”

“I second that sweetie. That’s one of the most awesome dresses I’ve seen in a LONG time”. I firmly resolved then and there to shag my wife senseless that evening after we got home. Hell, I might even find some quiet spot in whatever club we went to and do it there!!

Erica was up on her feet and playing around with the dress like a seamstress for a major fashion label. “The back looks great” she said. “It’s the perfect length”. She moved around to stand in front of Samantha and began playing with her hair, lifting it up and putting it down, experimenting with different styles.

“Hair up or down, do you think?” asked Erica

“I was thinking that up might be better with this, although maybe a pony tail might be nice?” Samantha said.

“Well, what ever you decide, you are going to look like a knock out at this thing! So, Scottt, what do you think of these two hot mommas?” Erica moved in beside Samantha and put her arm around her waist, resting her hand on the middle of Samantha’s hip. Samantha turned to face me as well, her arm slung around Erica’s shoulders, her left hand dangling tantalizingly in front of Erica’s left breast.

“I have to say that I am one of the luckiest men in the world to have received such an amazing fashion show from two women who leave any super model for dead, right here in the comfort of my own home. A toast to you!”

We raised our glasses and drank to ourselves, satisfied with our own fabulousness.

“What’s with the undies poking out the back of the dress though Bouver?” Erica became very interested and turned to face Samantha.

“Have you got them on?!” she asked.

“”I’ve had them on since I left the shop actually.” Replied Samantha with a cheeky grin on her face

“Got what on?!” I asked feeling out of the loop

“So that’s why you’ve been rocking back and forward all day with that dirty little smile on your face.” Remarked Erica, slapping Sam’s arm in a playful way. “Do they feel good?”

“MmmmHmmm. They’re pretty good.” Samantha replied. Her face went the same colour as her dress and she giggled “They’ve got me so WET!!”

“OK!! What the HELL are you talking about?” I shouted. Both girls were looking at each other with huge grins on their faces. Samantha turned to Erica

“Should I show him?” “Definitely!” Erica said Samantha grabbed my hand and made to take me into the bedroom, but Erica objected.

“Hey, show him here!! I want to see how they look as well”

“Really?!” replied Samantha

“Damn straight! I did a lot of work helping you choose these and I want to see what they look like!” Erica resumed her place on the couch next to me, snuggled up to my right side. Samantha walked closer to me on the couch, stopping just near my knee.

“So what’s going on, Ladies?”

They both giggled and Samantha grinned at Erica and mouthed the word ‘ready’

“Well,” said Samantha “we went past Janet Regar after our dress shopping because we both wanted to get some new lingerie for the party. While we were there, Erica suggested that I get something that you might like and, well….we came up with this”

Samantha lifted up the hem of the skirt, gathering it in her hands as she went. Her legs were brown and smooth, still holding the tan from our recent trip to Italy. Her high heeled shoes gave her calves a pleasing curve and it continued up her legs, which clearly showed the tone she had acquired form the increased time in the gym.

The hem of the dress made it up past her waist and initially I was uncertain of what I was seeing. Back when we were livening in New York, Samantha had visited a laser hair removal place and had had most of the pubic hair she used to have waxed away, permanently removed. What she retained was a small wedge of hair just above the top of her vagina that started out about a centimetre wide at the base and became about 5cm wide at the top. A nice little triangle. It had been a little expensive, but compared to the cost of continually waxing, it was a steal, and it meant that her pussy was always nice, smooth and kissable.

Today however, it looked as if she had been to the waxers again as there was absolutely nothing there. The caramel brown skin of her pubic area was totally smooth…except for the small string of pearls attached to the black silk waist band of her knickers. The pearls took a decidedly southward direction from the waist band and disappeared between her labia and inside her pussy.

“Oh…my…god” I gasped

Samantha lifted the back hem up and turned. I could see the string of pearls come out from between her butt cheeks and reattach to the silk waist band.

“Does it….ummmm…” I tailed off, unable to complete my thought.

“Wow….they look really pretty, sweety”, Erica commented. “Does it, you know, make you…..?”

“Oh my god, there’s a pearl right on my clit at the moment, it’s been there all day. Every time I walk somewhere it rubs on it, I’ve come about 5 times since I’ve been wearing them”

“WHAT??!!?” I screamed, my heart pounding with excitement as I looked back and forward from Samantha to Erica and I slowly began to realise what a nasty girl my wife was.

Erica got up from next to me, walked around to stand behind Samantha and started to play with the fasteners at the neck of Samantha’s gown.

“What are you doing?” Samantha asked

“Well, I can’t get a really good look at them with you still wearing the dress, so I thought I’d help you take it off so Scott and I can have a better look at the undies…that OK with you, Scott?”

“Ummm, yeah, I don’t have a problem with that” I replied. I looked at Samantha and we both shrugged slightly, but she looked to be enjoying the attention

Standing on her tip toes, Erica unfastened the collar and helped Samantha out f her dress, folding it gently and arranging it so it didn’t crease before putting it on the couch beside her. Samantha faced me standing naked save for a pair of pearl string underpants and gold high healed shoes. Her arms dangled loosely by her side and she looked straight into my eyes with a look of sly playfulness. Her breasts swelled proudly from her chest and her nipples were rock hard She brought a hand to her stomach and lazily ran a fingernail up and down her middle, finally slipping it into the band of the knickers, weighing them down slightly.

“You see anything you like?” she asked.

I was powerless, overwhelmed by her sheer sexuality and incapable of answering. Fortunately I didn’t need to as Erica took care of it for me.

“I sure do” she said and reached out to play with one of Samantha’s nipples. Samantha looked mildly surprised but rolled with the change easily and turned slightly away from me to face Erica who stood between the two of us. Samantha raised her hand to smooth Erica’s hair slightly

“Really?” she asked Erica who was looking at Samantha in a hungry way and biting her lip. Erica glanced at me a moment before saying “Fuck it” and standing up slightly on tip toes once again to kiss Samantha on the mouth.

Again, Samantha was slightly surprised, but reacted quickly to move her body into Erica’s and put her other arm around Erica’s waist, deepening the kiss. Erica reciprocated, placing her remaining hand on Samantha’s ass.

I was surprised by how quickly things had changed but realised that this was going to happen from the moment the girls walked in the door.,,possibly since the time they had agreed to go out shopping together. I broke out of my stunned inaction and jumped to my feet. I moved in behind Erica and started to unfasten her dress from behind while I kissed her neck. Erica and Samantha continued to kiss with Samantha running her hand over Erica’s face. Erica took her hand from Samantha’s ass and moved it behind her, between us and began to massage my cock through my jeans. I got the neck of her gown undone and allowed it to drop to the floor where it pooled. She was totally naked underneath the clothes and I reached around in front of her to massage her breasts and gently tweak her nipples. Erica’s nipples were rock hard, protruding from her breasts like small pencil erasers.

I moved my hands down her stomach touching Samantha’s at the same time. The two girls stopped kissing and Erica turned her head to me reaching her hand up behind my head and pulling it down to kiss her hard on the lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth as she pushed back into me. I could see Samantha look at me and smile as she focussed her attention on playing with Erica’s breasts, bending forward to take one of her nipples between her teeth.

Erica moaned deeply and broke off kissing me to look down at Samantha, bringing her hands up to Samantha’s hair and running her fingers through it. My cock was hard, almost bursting from my jeans. Without taking her eyes off Samantha’s face, Erica spoke to me

“You’d better get your clothes off quickly Scott, because I want you to fuck me while I eat Samantha’s pussy.

Samantha smiled and stopped sucking on Erica’s nipple long enough to say “Excellent” before getting back to work. She moved her hand between Erica’s legs and started to rub her pussy.

I quickly started to remove my clothes and watched as Samantha sat on the couch and Erica kneeled down on the floor in front of her, parting Samantha’s legs and kissing the insides of her thighs. Samantha’s pussy opened up and I could see that she was wet and glistening. The pearls snaked down between her labia, tantalisingly playing with her clit and offering a target for my eyes. As Erica reached the target and slowly ran her tongue over the outside of Samantha’s pussy, I finally got my cock free and my clothes off.

As Erica slowly licked Samantha’s clit, a full throated moan escaped both their mouths. Samantha arced her back and pushed her pelvis harder into Erica’s mouth. Erica responded by quickening her pace and bringing Samantha to a new level of excitement. With her bent forward on all fours intent on pleasuring my wife, I got a perfect view of Erica’s pussy from behind.

I remembered having a conversation with Erica about piercing just prior to the jacuzzi incident, she’d seemed very interested in the notion of vertical clitoral hood piercings. Erica had clearly taken our conversation to heart and gone and gotten herself one. The green gem ball on the end of hers sparkled in the light and enticed me further.

“Wow” I said.

“Samantha opened her eyes and looked at me “What?”

“You’ll find out later”, I replied

“Fair enough ” she said “Now hurry up and put your cock in her. I want to see you fuck her” Not wanting to be the one to disappoint, I did as I was told. Erica moaned loudly as I slowly eased myself into her.

Her pussy is small and tight and I could feel the flesh on my cock stretch back as it went deep inside her. She increased the pace of her lapping at Samantha’s pussy as Samantha played with her own nipples watching me fuck our friend, moaning so loudly I wondered if the neighbours would hear through our brick walls.

I built to a steady rhythmn, thrusting into Erica and seeing the shock waves move her head deeper into Samantha’s crotch, which only seemed to intensify her pleasure. Erica took her hands off the floor and used her left to open Samantha’s pussy even wider and with her right she inserted two fingers into Samantha’s pussy to massage her G spot. I could see her small pink tongue rapidly teasing Samantha’s swollen clit.

Samantha shuddered and her hips bucked up off the couch in a thunderous orgasm. I could feel Erica’s pussy contract around me as she was rocked with an orgasm of her own, her loud moans muffled by Samantha’s pussy in the same way mine had always been when I had gone down on my wife.

I took myself out of Erica’s pussy as she crawled up onto the couch, kissing Samantha’s stomach and then on the mouth as she relaxed on top of her. Both of them lay there for a minute holding each other as their breathing returned to normal. I paused briefly, kneeling in front o the couch slowly stroking my cock and watching the both of them.

Samantha reached down to kiss Erica deeply on the lips. I smiled as I watched thinking about how happy the both of them looked. They broke off the kiss and held each other closely as they looked over at me.

“So,” Samantha looked at me “did you enjoy that?”

“To be honest,” I said, “I still am. I hope we aren’t finished?”

The both looked at each other and Erica gently stroked Samantha’s breast

“I think we can help the young man out, don’t you Samantha?”

“Indeed we can, especially after he shagged you so convincingly, my dear”

“He’s got a nice cock, Samantha, you must be extremely happy with it”

“It’s very good…you can see how pretty it is, can’t you?”

“Indeed I can, the way he’s attending to it like he is at the moment I must admit that I think I should kiss it and show my gratitude for suck a wonderful orgasm”

“Come over here hubby and we’ll see what we can do for you”

I moved toward the couch and straddled Samantha’s legs as the girls moved toward me and started to lightly kiss the head of my penis. Some giggling ensued but Erica was the first one to gently take the head of my cock in her mouth and lick it with her tongue. Samantha went a bit lower and started to lick my balls while Erica put her hand on the shaft of my cock, massaging it gently.

I sighed deeply as both girls alternated taking my cock in their mouths and sucking on my balls. They broke every now and then to kiss each other and the sight of everything was amazing. I felt myself getting closer to coming and told the girls that they should slow down.

“We can’t have you finishing before you’ve fucked your wife,” said Erica, but I really don’t want to be left out of the loop. Let’s try it like this”.

Erica moved around on the couch so that she was lying upside down with her head off the seat of the couch. Samantha got the idea straight away and moved around so that she was kneeling on the floor into the couch, her thighs straddling Erica’s face, allowing me full access to her pussy while she was able to lean forward and eat Erica’s pussy.

“Woah,,,I see what you were talking about, Scott” said Samantha as she go her first look at Erica’s piercing.

“It’s awesome, Samantha, I highly recommend it. Make sure you use your tongue on it” said Erica from between my wife’s legs.

“Understood” said Samantha as she bent her head down to buy her mouth in Erica’s pussy, the small tuft of Erica’s pubic hair providing a soft place for Samantha to rest her chin.

I moved in behind Samantha and saw that Erica was already hard at work eating her pussy again. The girl is a trooper, there is no doubt. I pushed the string of pearls to the side and slowly put myself inside of Samantha, standing up slightly so my balls would not keep hitting Erica in the face.

Samantha’s sigh was muffled by the positioning but I could tell that she was coming from the moment I entered her. Small convulsions of pleasure ebbed through her body as I gradually built my rhythmn up. I was close to coming as it was and the fact that I could feel Erica’s tongue on my cock was getting me there even faster.

“Oh god…oh god….I’m going to come!!” I shouted.

“Come inside her…come inside her! I want to feel it! I want to taste it!!” yelled Erica from between our legs.

That was the last straw. I felt my ass cheeks clench as I began to come inside Samantha, delivering what felt like a gallon of semen inside her pussy. Samantha continued to eat Erica’s pussy and I could see that Erica was also coming, enjoying the fact that come was dribbling out of Samantha’s pussy and onto her chin.

I pulled out of Samantha and Erica reached her head up and licked my cock clean. The girls disengaged themselves from their position on the couch, breathing heavily and sitting back up the right way. I leaned back on my knees on the floor before collapsing on the rug, spent…satisfied.

We all took a moment or two to compose ourselves, before I went to sit on the couch next to Erica. She and Samantha were lying next to each other languidly on the couch, softly kissing each other, I leaned over and ran my tongue up Erica’s spine before kissing her deeply on the mouth. I could taste Samantha and myself on her, but I didn’t care. They both looked beautiful and I didn’t want things to end just yet.

We all retired to the bedroom afterwards and spent the rest of the night and a great deal of the next day doing the same sort of thing and more. We all went out for lunch with our friends the next day and all of them were curious as to what we had been up to the previous night that we couldn’t meet them out. I doubt any of them figured out what had really been happening, but there were more than a few curious glances at the party the following weekend when both Sam and Erica engaged in some somewhat ‘dirty dancing’. We ended up disappearing back to Erica’s apartment after the party where another round of interesting things took place….but that’s a story for another time, I suppose.

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