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We all have dark secrets locked away in the deep recesses of our imaginations, those of you who have read my earlier work will already know that I possess some deep dark fantasies.

I have been lucky in the past that some of my wildest fantasies have actually come true, including this little story that has fulfilled my ultimate fantasy and, as they say, fact can sometimes be stranger than fiction. Well you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Some of you will know my wife, Mia; she comes from the Far East, a gorgeous and sensuous woman who looks after me well. As she is also responsible for my starting to write erotica in the first place, you should all be extremely grateful to her.

We have an open relationship and can talk freely about all our inner most secrets and desires and if acceptable we enact those whims and thoughts.

It is most men’s fantasy to have two women at one time and in the past I have fulfilled this fantasy on more than one occasion the first time was at college the second and third times were on my travels (By a mountain Stream and Earl Grey and two sugars). Mia has of course read both these stories and found them interesting and arousing and has asked me what being with two women is like and did the women really enjoy each other. I have teased her with the idea for a long time hoping that one day she might just take the plunge and try it.

We live near a large university city and as with all such communities there is always a shortage of suitable accommodation for the students.

Like many couples no matter how hard we try, the month is always longer than the pay cheque. After carrying out some research we decided it would be financially beneficial for us to let out our spare room; and so an advertisement was placed in the local free press and even though we live several miles outside the city we were inundated with applications.

Mia comes from Chinese stock so was more inclined to help a fellow national and I was not at all against this decision, so we whittled the list of applicants down to 5 prospective lodgers, all female.

5 letters of invitation were sent off, asking each of them to come and view the accommodation, and out of the five, three responded by phoning and asking for directions so over the course of three days my wife and I set about interviewing the candidates.

Tan Mi Lin was the first to arrive she was a very shy little character and who was put off by our little dog the second girl called at the last moment to give her apologies.

So we were left with just one candidate, luckily she did keep the appointment.

Kita she is of Chinese and Japanese decent and both my wife and I took an instant liking to her, at 23 she is extremely cute. Coming from a fairly wealthy family that’s protected her from the evils of the world. To this effect she is somewhat naive but in other aspects she very mature.

So after some short discussions on house rules, rent and other minor arrangements, Kita decided to move in that evening.

We took our car and went to collect Kita’s belongings from her current accommodation, which was a dingy little room in the basement of a very run down terraced house.

Over the next couple of weeks we learnt how to live with a permanent houseguest and to give her space and also let her feel that she wasn’t in the way.

I like to show affection to Mia all the time with kisses and cuddles and words of sweet endearment, and because of Kita’s presence I had to make sure she wasn’t in the same room when I fondled my wife so as not to embarrass her. On one occasion we did get caught, as I was embracing Mia at the kitchen sink kissing her neck and shoulders and my hands fondling her breasts under her blouse.

Kita came up behind me and hugged us both saying “Its wonderful to see you both so much in love”.

The innocence of the moment was not lost and passed bringing us just that little closer in friendship.

Kita’s classes coincided with my wife’s so they could travel into town together and they both enjoyed each other’s conversation and company.

To overhear their conversation at times is like listening to the women in a Chinese laundry as they rattle away in Mandarin.

I work the graveyard shift and so am away at least 4 nights out of 7.

Both Mia and Kita seemed very happy and things even improved for me. Mia was so happy, she had a female companion who like her enjoyed study and cooking and together they invented some really superb menus that I had to give my honest opinion of by leaving my plate or bowl completely clean.

Kita had been with us for about a month and we were fast becoming a little family unit, she being 22 years younger than both of us.

On a day out to the coast someone had remarked that ‘our daughter was very beautiful’. Kita had been very moved with this suggestion and had been even more pleased when neither Mia nor myself, denied the innocent remark.

After that Kita had walked in between us holding our hands, just as if she were ‘our little girl.’

Time passed and we all seemed to be a happy household. I had the great pleasure of sharing my home with two women and there was the added advantage of brief tantalising glimpses of Kita to and from the bathroom.

Then one night Mia and I lay wrapped in each other’s arm after making love, when, Mia said something that made me nearly fall out of bed; she said “Darling would you be shocked if I told you that Kita and I had made love?”

I sat up in total shock; I was not disgusted or jealous, I was just surprised and pleased that Mia had been with a woman.

She had always admitted that she did find the site of naked women arousing and had on several occasions admitted, whilst we had been watching a blue movie with two women making love to each other, that she wondered what it would be like!

After my initial surprise had subsided I asked “So when did this episode take place?”

“Well it was 2 nights ago when you were at work, Kita came into the shower whilst I was washing my hair” Mia began, I laid back down and could feel a tingle down below in anticipation of what she would say next.

“Go on” I encouraged.

“She asked if she could wash my hair for me and although I was a little reluctant I thought to myself, why not? And slid the shower door open so she could come in, the water was hot and I made her wet all over, she took the shampoo and poured it onto her hand and began washing my hair, her body and mine rubbed together and it felt ever so nice. I found myself pushing myself back against her. She didn’t back away but pushed her breasts against my back and I could feel the nipples of her tiny little tits pressing against my soapy skin. Adam! It was wonderful and I couldn’t believe how randy I felt” at that moment Mia stroked her hand across my now semi-erect penis.

“Is this turning you on?” She asked looking into my eyes with a twinkle and smile that she always gets when she wants to play.

“Is the Pope Catholic? What happened next?” I said and lent forward to kiss her long and deep as my mind filled the vision of Mia and Kita all wet and soapy in our shower.

“Well…” Mia said as we broke our kiss she lay back and stroking my cock continued her narrative.

“ Kita asked me if I was enjoying her washing my hair and would I mind if she washed me all over, I said no but as long as I could wash her as well.

The next thing we were in each other’s arms all covered in suds and our hands exploring each other’s bodies. Oh she felt so delightful and I could feel how turned on I was getting and I just had to touch her pussy. So I slid my hand down her tummy and slipped my fingers into her looking her straight in the eye, just like you do.

Her hand copied mine and we both found ourselves kissing and rubbing each other at the same time.

Kita noticed my shaved pussy and asked me what it was like and I told her that it was really nice and clean and tidy and that I wouldn’t let the hair grow back again.” Mai broke her story and knelt beside me with an expression of mixed feelings on her face.

“You are sure you’re not upset by this,” she asked.

I said reassuringly “I think my old chap speaks for the whole of me.” As proof I pushed the covers down, my rampant erection saluted her by springing to attention.

“Why don’t you sit on that and continue with your story.” I said pointing at my nice hard cock it too shaved around the base. Mai lifted herself to straddle my hips.

When her quim was comfortably filled with my hard member, Mia said, “Where was I? Oh yes! Well Kita asked me if she could have her pussy shaved too. I got the scissors and trimmed away the black curls until the hair was short enough to use a razor. I had to kneel down in front of her and watch her little slit come into view as I shaved away her pubic hair. I don’t know how I managed to do it with out cutting her as my hand shook with expectation all the while I was shaving her.

It seemed to take an age to do but ten minutes later she was as smooth as me.

She passed me the shower head when I’d finished and I rinsed her satin soft skin making sure I got all the tiny bits of hair from all her little folds. I pushed a finger into her, and she was so hot and wet she also gave a little cry of pleasure and wobbled on her legs. I looked up at her and smiled asking her if she liked that, ‘Oh yes’ she replied and I started to push my finger in and out of wet little quim.

I then did something I never thought I would ever do, I lent forward and started to kiss and lick her slit. Mmm it tasted so sweet I just had to have more.

But Kita was having trouble standing as her legs were shaking so much with pleasure. We kissed and fondled each other a little more and when we were all rinsed and washed clean we got out of the shower and dried each other’s bodies and then we went into the bedroom and dried our hair with the hair dryer.

After our short break we climbed into bed together I wanted to pleasure her so much that I soon found myself kissing and touching her beautiful body all over. I sucked and fondled her little tits and found out why you enjoy sucking my nipples so much”

At that I pulled Mia down toward me so I could suck on her nipples whilst she continued her narrative.

“Aaah” She said exclaimed “ Do you want to hear the rest of this story or not?”

I broke my suckling of her breasts and let her sit up again.

“Pray continue,” I said.

“Then I became even more adventurous” Mia said, “and went down and started to kiss her pussy again. She went wild jerking and bucking her hips. I had to hold her down as my tongue explored her sweet pussy. Oh, it was really fantastic when she came and I pulled her into my arms as the waves of pleasure swept though her.

When she had calmed down she returned the favour and ate me until I came, but it wasn’t the same as when you make love to me ~ I needed to feel something inside me. So I went and got my vibrator and gave it to Kita who took great delight in screwing me with it. She couldn’t believe how much of it went inside and when I told her that the dildo was thinner and shorter than your cock. Her jaw dropped in disbelief when I confirmed that you could get all of your cock inside me.

She then told me she was a virgin and had never had a man. She gave me the vibrator and asked me to take her virginity. I didn’t know what to do and asked her if she was sure she wanted the first thing inside her to be a latex dildo.

I told her how wonderful it had been when you took my virginity.”

I hoped I could see where this was going and ground my hips up forcing my cock deeper into Mia’s slick quim.

“And…” I encouraged her, by now I was impatient for her to get to the point of this tale.

“And I asked her if she would like YOU to take her virginity. At that she began to cry with tears of joy and held me close asking me if I was sure and yes she would love to have YOU take her virginity. So DO YOU want to?” she chided, looking me straight in the eye knowing what my answer would be.

We rolled over with Mia under me I thrust into her with long firm strokes and we made love ~ oh so beautifully, I didn’t need to give a verbal answer.

The next morning when we awoke and I still couldn’t believe what had been said the night before and made sure that Mia had really meant what she’d said. Mia confirmed that she wanted me to take Kita’s virginity and to be her first male lover.

So I asked “How and when?”

“I have shown her your stories on the web and of course she read ‘Earl grey and two sugars’.

She also pointed out that the book was ‘The valley of the horses’. She’d like to make it really special like it was in your story and the book.”

I agreed to this and Mia went and told Kita I was in agreement with the whole idea. Mia was ages in Kita’s room and I could hear them talking, I didn’t want to barge in and so I went downstairs to start breakfast. When Kita came downstairs, dressed in her silk robe, she hugged me close. She smelt delightful and I started to get a lovely tremble of anticipation.

She made little attempt to conceal that she was naked under the fine silk robe and gave me a tantalising glimpse of her small breasts, when she sat down opposite me at the dining table, Mia sat next to me, and we discussed all the implications of our planned endeavour.

I know it sounds all pretty corny to sit there and discuss morals when your wife has agreed to let you deflower a virgin in your own home. But we had to all live together after the event and so all parties had to know what would be the outcome, but with age comes wisdom, not to mention better sex.

To my surprise Mia was the one who spoke first and explained that she thought it would be wonderful that we stay together and develop the relationship in the direction it seemed to be evolving naturally.

“Right” I said getting a hold on the situation “ We are all off for the day and no one is due to visit lets take the phone off the hook and lock the doors. Then you two girls go and make Kita all clean and pure I’ll tidy the house and you two put clean sheets on the bed”

So the preparations began and I cooked pancakes and brewed fresh coffee for when all was prepared.

Mia and Kita came downstairs still dressed in their bathrobes, we ate and then whilst Mia and Kita tidied the kitchen.

I went and showered myself, my mind was in a spin with all that was about to happen and what could go wrong with the situation in the future. The reason I hadn’t stayed with Rose and her daughter was because only after a couple of days jealousy had reared its ugly head.

I shaved and showered and, wearing a sarong, I went downstairs where Kita and Mia were watching television. I stood in front of Mia and lifted her into my arms to kiss her and ask her again if she was sure she wanted me to take Kita’s virginity she confirmed her resolve with the passion of her kiss.

I then stood in front of Kita and lifted her into my arms and holding her close I kissed her. First gentle and then with rising passion our mouths were soon locked in a lustful kiss, she allowed me to explore her mouth and sucked on my tongue pulling me into her.

My cock was sticking out, tenting my sarong and pushing into her tummy and I felt Mia’s arms come around behind and unfasten my sarong letting it fall to the floor around my ankles.

I broke my embrace with Kita and said to Mia in a tone of solemnity, “ Go, take this girl to the chamber above and make ready.”

Mia then took Kita’s hand and I followed them to the foot of the stairs, and watched them ascend, their robes being so short I could see both their beautiful bottoms as they climbed the stairs; and to make the picture just perfect they were both wearing stockings.

Mia turned and looked down at me and said, “Like what you see? You wait down there until I call you to come up.”

I did as Mia requested and waited, for what seemed like an eon. Mia, at last, called for me to come up. Naked I climbed the stairs, my erection bouncing before me. I stood in front of the closed door and knocked, the door opened and in front of me stood the two women, Kita in front of Mia.

Kita’s robe was untied and hung tantalisingly open revealing just the merest glimpse of her nakedness.

Mia pulled the robe off Kita’s shoulders opening the silk garment to reveal her nakedness.

Then Mia said, “I give to you this woman, to show my true love for you.”

With those words Mia revealed Kita to me pulling the robe from her shoulders and holding the folds of fine fabric back framing Kita’s perfect young body before letting the silk slither to floor. Kita stood there, in all her virginal beauty.

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as seeing a woman naked for the first time, and Kita is pure beauty. She has flawless olive-coloured skin, her breasts are small with perfect nipples and aureole, her belly is flat and her mons is a delight to behold, and the lips to her pussy are very small and just peek out from her quim.

Mia dropped her robe to the floor and we all three stood naked. All this time Kita had been silent but then she spoke.

“I want you to be my first,” she said and held her arms out to me. I walked forward and embraced her, pushing her gently back onto the bed. Mia climbed onto the bed and guided Kita back to lie in the middle of our large mattress.

Kneeling myself down next to our lodger, I first let my hands trace the contours of her young body, feeling and enjoying her softness and warmth under my slightly trembling fingers.

Kita softly moaned when my hands stroked her body from head to toe, teasing the more sensuous regions by giving then the least of attention. When I was sure that she was aware of every nerve ending on her body, I cupped a breast and she drew in a very deep breath as I bought my lips to her tiny globes. I ran my tongue gently around their surface, flicked the tips of each nipple in quick succession before taking each one in turn into my mouth and sucking on them. All this time Mia was caressing Kita’s head and shoulders, Kita’s head cradled in Mia’s lap.

Kita held my head in her hands and drew me up to her face, looking me in the eyes said, “Make me a woman I’m ready.”

“Not quite yet” I replied, “there are still a few more nice things I want to do to make you really ready.”

With that I moved slowly down her body kissing and caressing as I got lower as I reached her shaven mons I kissed licked a nibbled the soft silken skin. The tip of my tongue found the top of her slit slid over the hood covering her sweet little clit until at last, when I was unable to resist any longer and I buried my head between her thighs; sucking long and hard on her outer lips before pushing my tongue through the folds of skin to lick her inner sweet depths.

“Aah that’s just so good, please don’t stop,” She exclaimed.

Mia said to her, “Don’t worry, my sweet, he won’t stop until you come.”

I turned my head to see Mia take Kita in her arms and begin to kiss her tenderly.

Kita responded in kind and rewarded me by taking hold of my cock in her hand.

Then Mia prompted Kita and said, “Why don’t you suck it, it tastes just lovely.”

We adjusted our position to allow Kita and I to lie on our sides more comfortably in the 69 position, Mia lent over Kita’s body and showed her how to lick and suck my prick, whilst I rested my head on Kita’s right thigh and buried my head back into her quim. Now I started to work with true gusto to make Kita cum.

Kita licked and sucked on the head of my cock and Mia helped her all the while so I had two soft mouths worshipping my iron hard cock. It was just amazing to be in such a situation I worked, hard to concentrate on eating Kita’s sweet tight quim.

Kita’s orgasm came very quickly and in a great rush surprising us all, not in the least her. Her body tightened as the spasm swept through her like a Tsunami.

I pulled my head from between her thighs and wiping my left cheek I lay her over on her back and climbed between her open legs.

Kneeling between her wide spread thighs I looked down at her and Mia as they still cuddled and taking my cock in hand rubbed its tip up and down her slit parting the outer lips of her quim. When the head was slick with her juices I slowly leaned forward holding my body over hers, then I pushed the head of my cock into her, letting her get used to the new sensations of being filled with a hard male member.

Mia reached down and rubbed her lower tummy and told Kita to relax and enjoy the feelings. When I was sure she was prepared for more, I pushed deeper, although she was tight there was no barrier and I was soon buried in her virgin pussy as deep as I could go grinding our pubic bones firmly together.

Kita looked at me and said, “It didn’t hurt, why?”

“Your hymen must have been torn before, sometimes when girls do gymnastic or horse riding it can happen. Stop asking questions.” I said and with that and feeling greatly relieved at the ease of her first penetration, I pulled myself out so that just the head was in her.

I then thrust forward without mercy and she just moaned with pleasure as I started to screw her like all woman desire.

I thrust in and out of her, enjoying the feeling and tightness of being inside a new woman -the first in several years- and the best part was that my wife was there encouraging me to screw this sweet, young, 23 year old.

They could have ended the world at that moment and I wouldn’t have cared; I was so happy I had been the first to take Kita and make her a woman and it hadn’t hurt at all. In fact as I pumped away, nearing my own release, Kita came for a second time. At that moment I felt my own balls tighten as my semen coursed through the length of my cock and shot deep into Kita’s body, her eyes opened wide as she felt the flood of my warm come fill her womb. I fell gently forward and kissed both women before laying my weight onto Kita’s body.

Mia asked me if I was OK, to which I replied an affirmative. Kita stroked my back and head whilst she clenched her inner muscles onto my softening prick.

Lifting myself up onto my arms I withdrew my sticky member out of Kita’s body and lay down next to her. I pulled Mia over her and drew her body onto mine.

“Are you happy my darling?” I said kissing her. “ I can feel myself getting hard again do you want me to take you?”

“Yes, but first you can eat me” and with that she straddled my head and sat on my face. Her quim was running with her juices. I circled her clit with my lips and flicked my tongue across her little bud. A few seconds of this was all Mia needed to make her own climax course through her. As the sensations subsided she lifted herself from my face and moved down my body pushing my cock into her.

Having come only a short while before, I was able to take full advantage of this and they took it in turns to have me in each other in quick succession.

Kita just adored me taking her from behind whilst Mia rubbed her clit, but in the end I pumped my second load into my wife’s willing body.

We were all exhausted and fell into that deep and dreamless sleep; wrapped in each other’s arms.

I awoke from that lovely deep slumber us men slip into after great love making, to the sounds of affection and the bed bouncing around a fair bit too.

“Mmm excuse me.” I said in mock indignation. “But can’t a knackered body get some sleep round here?”

Mia came over and kissed me and said “Sorry my darling we were going to wake you but you looking so lovely and relaxed that we thought we’d just play with each other for a bit.”

“Don’t mind me” I said as I pushed myself up to lie with back to the headboard, my hand went and started to stroke my cock as Mia and Kita started to kiss and fondle each other. Mia was addicted to suckling on Kita’s tight firm breast and Kita seemed equally addicted to having her breasts sucked and nipped by my passionate wife. As she moaned and writhed holding Mia’s head and forcing her to be more rough. Mia moved to lie between Kita’s legs and by the way Kita pushed her hips up they were trying to get better contact Mons to mons.

“Oh I’d love to see you two rubbing your pussies together. Why don’t you both sit up and show me?”

Mia and Kita untwined from each other and sat up resting back on their arms and with a little working out of who’s leg went where finally got their delightfully shaved conies grinding on each other.

The site was just so sexy I couldn’t resist pushing their thighs out so I could get my head in between, they both then pushed their hips up off the bed allowing be to push my tongue down into the cleft made by thier slits, the taste of all our combined juices was tangy but not unpleasant and when Kita laid on her back and wiggled under me and took the head of my now stiff willy in her mouth my attentions to these two quim’s before me were doubled.

Mia’s legs and hips began to twitch and jerk.

“Oh, Oh make her cum yes don’t stop.” She begged in a gasping voice. So I sucked on her just a little harder and with some difficulty got one hand underneath her and pushed two fingers in her tight hole. I started to finger fuck her tight arse and only a few strokes took her over the edge, Mia’s orgasm shook her body so violently that I had pull my hand and head away as she bucked on the bed.

Mia moaned and screamed with pleasure at the same time Kita stopped sucking on my cock, she moved around from under me.

I sat back on my haunches and watched as Kita laid her body on top of Mia and started kiss and caress her face, head neck and chest.

The site was so gorgeous Kita’s tiny body covering my wife’s and Kita lay with her legs either side of Mia’s.

Kita’s beautiful little bottom showed me her slick wet lips beneath just asking to be penetrated.

I quickly straddled both pairs of legs and lowered myself down and slipped easily into Kita’s welcoming pussy. My cock ached somewhat but the feeling of her soft inner walls soothed the ache away and I held my body over them both and pumped up and down into her willing cunt.

Lowering my head down to their heads I was able kiss both of them it was just wonderful.

Tensing every muscle in my legs and hips I continued to thrust faster and faster I was going to fill her with my seed again.

Kita forced herself up to take me deeper into her, moaning and begging for more and faster strokes of my iron hard cock as it pounded into her willing flesh.

The position we were in was not conducive to making me cum, so I withdrew from her and her pulled up off Mia and onto all fours.

Kita complied with ease and followed my manoeuvrings.

With her head and shoulders on the bed she pushed her wonderful bottom at me, her cunny gaped open waiting to be filled again.

Positioning myself kneeling behind her I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her back onto me as I thrust forward her arse cheeks slapped into my tummy and I then started to thrust and with each thrust she pushed back against me. I leant back more with each thrust or her hips backwards until I was not moving and Kita was fucking me forcing her body back and forth.

The tingle in the head of my cock became greater and greater until I let myself go up and over the top. My seed pumped into her and my head spun with bliss. I held onto her and pulled her down so we lay upon out sides.

We were all three so happy and content and in bliss.

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