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Waiting For Suzy

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Nicky was bored. She had an hour to kill before Suzy finished her shift. Then they’d play. Oh fuck, how they’d play. She was still sore and tingly from earlier. The pouring water of the shower hadn’t totally removed the friction from three of Suzy’s fingers, as they slid into her ass. She owed Suzy a giant cum for that. And she’d deliver.

Nicky had ducked into a café to escape the rain. She hadn’t escaped the rain entirely though, and her brown hair looked great when it was wet. It gave her a just-fucked look. Twenty guys standing at the bar waving cash around, and she still got served first. The waiter had told her he got off in about ten minutes. She’d replied that she could get off way quicker than that.

She had a bar stool but was leaning against it rather than sitting on it. Guys were eyeing her up but she turned them down when they approached. She couldn’t wait for Suzy to get here so she could slide her tongue down her throat, and feel Suzy’s hand on her ass. Guys got off on that big-style, and she wanted to see the jealousy roll across their faces as she snuggled her fresh young body up against her girlfriend’s, and let them imagine…..

Nicky was drawn towards the table opposite. A man was sitting with his girlfriend. She was half with her back to Nicky, long blond hair and a nice figure underneath a neat business suit. Nicky guessed lawyer, or would-be lawyer. From the gestures and her body language, she seemed to Nicky to exude a puppy-like enthusiasm, and a doe-eyed devotion to the man. Just something about the way she deliberately looked up to him, when she could have shifted in her chair and looked straight at him instead.

She couldn’t blame her, though. He was fucking gorgeous, and Nicky made the decision there and then that she was going to have him. Somewhere, and soon, she’d have him. The only questions were how, and how long it would take. He was tall and slim, with an athletic body. Short, gelled black hair, and a wicked grin that he obviously knew was shit-hot.

Nicky saw him look up at her. She just stared at him. It was a non-committal stare. It didn’t ooze lust, or challenge him to make the first move. She just stared. He held her gaze momentarily, then looked away. Quickly, he looked back again. The second look clincher. She was still staring, and she knew she had him.

He looked back to his girlfriend, and tried to renew the conversation. But she knew his mind was now on her. He’d tuned his girlfriend out, although he still held the conversation. Who said guys couldn’t multitask?

He was thinking about the tight ass that was almost visible underneath that short, loose skirt she was wearing. Thinking about whether she was wearing underwear. He could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her top was off both shoulders, exposing smooth olive skin, muscle tone, and the gentle slopes of small, firm tits. He couldn’t see her soft brown nipples, though he could make out their outline as they pushed at the fabric. He could imagine her lips sliding round his shaft, though he couldn’t imagine how fucking good she was at that. And he couldn’t imagine how much cum he would spray on that pretty face.

Nicky scooped a lump of ice from her drink, and ran it around her lips. Then she held it in her mouth, knowing he was looking, and let it slide from her lips and fall down between her tits, leaving a glistening trail of water pointing towards her pussy. He was trying not to stare, but it was tough. His girlfriend was too starry-eyed to notice him eyeing up this little slut.

Puppy-dog-girl reached down to her bag for something. Her eyes locked onto his, and she gave a small, almost unnoticeable, nod towards the toilets.

She was waiting in the little lobby area when he padded softly down the stairs. She opened the door to the disabled toilet and stepped inside, leaving the door ajar. She knew he’d follow. When he entered and closed the door, she was leaning up against the wall, back to him, looking at him over her shoulder. Her legs were straight, accentuating the bubble curve of her ass, and the firmness of her smooth thighs. Her firm young tits were pushed against the fabric of her flimsy top, pressed against the cold tiles. She was a little fuck-dream.

He locked the door, and unzipped, taking out a thick meaty cock. It wasn’t overly long, she noted, and it still had a little way to go for maximum hardness. But it was hard, and right in front of her, and that made her mouth water.

“Shit, girl. Are you sure you’re eighteen?”

She smiled.

“Yes I am, but what a time to ask. Me with my ass ready and begging for a fuck, and you stroking your cock. Either I am, in which case you should get on your knees and lick my cunt and my ass, or I’m not, which makes you a very naughty boy, doesn’t it?”

He grinned.

“My girlfriend doesn’t do anything anal.”

Nicky turned around and put one foot on the basin next to her. Her stomach muscles rippled, and she stroked a nipple through her blouse. She lifted her skirt the last few inches, and showed him her glistening, totally shaved teenage cunt. She slid a finger into her pussy, which was still agitated from the lunchtime fuck she had with Suzy in the park. She could almost feel Suzy’s tongue there still and, fuck it, it made her wet even when it was absent.

“I’m not your girlfriend. I’m the dirty little slut who’s going to deep throat you. I’m the little whore you thought might be eighteen, and showed your cock to. I’m the nasty little girl who’s gonna take that dick inside her ass. I’m the slut who’s gonna tell her girlfriend all about it later……”

He was next to her in two strides, dropping to his knees and licking her pussy lips. She shuddered and grabbed the handrail as her legs buckled slightly. He flicked across her clit in long, deep licks along the length of her pussy. She was sooooo fucking ready for this. Like there was ever a time when she wasn’t. Christ, she seemed to be permanently within about sixty seconds of an orgasm. As if her body was unstoppable. This was no exception. He wasn’t particularly talented, but his tongue was good enough. She just wanted a shuddering cum to get her totally impatient to fuck. He gave it to her. She slammed herself back against the wall when she came, biting her lip to keep from screaming.

His finger delved into her ass. It felt tight and very, very hot. His tongue moved to her rim and he licked his finger as he withdrew it. Fuck, her ass tasted just as good as her cunt. She rotated her hips a little to encourage him to do it again and again. He gave her a taste of his finger. It clearly wasn’t the first time she’d tasted her ass juices. Her hands had gone to her tits and she was mauling them, as he stroked his cock and tried not to think about how fucking hot this felt.

She grabbed his hair and hauled him to his feet, pushing her firm young body at him, willing him to grope her. As their tongues clashed they could both sense the urgency, the raw animal instincts, in each other. She held his cock tight, rubbing her thumb across the head, making him flinch each time she did it. He grabbed her ass in both hands and tried to pull her ever closer, relishing the feel of her tight butt in his hands, loving the way her smooth body felt as she ground it against him. He slid two fingers of each hand into her compliant butt hole, and she groaned in delight. He pulled away from her tongue momentarily.

“Nice and sweet, or rough and nasty?”

Nicky grinned. As if he needed to ask. An eighteen year old playing with his cock in the toilets, shoving her cunt at his groin as they kissed? It was a no-brainer.

“The rougher the better. Take me.”

He thanked his luck as he took a fist full of hair and bent her over the sink, her breath steaming the mirror in front of her. She looked at herself, a dishevelled teenager begging for a cock up her ass. Mission accomplished. He held his cock at the entrance to her ass. Her butt hole was twitching in anticipation. He figured she’d taken plenty of guys up that ass, but it still looked fucking fantastic. This girl was born for this.

He pushed against her entrance and she groaned, as her butt hole opened out and grabbed his cock, pulling it inside her. She held the sink as she shoved herself back, needing to feel him open her up. Her butt was even tighter than he’d thought it would be, but she was sufficiently expert that it felt smooth and buttery all the way to the hilt. When he hit his balls against her clit she screwed her face up, and for a second he thought he’d hurt her, but then her eyes opened and a broad grin spread across her face.

“Not bad….but I said………fucking….take….me”

He caught on fast, and put both hands on her shoulders. She slid forward until the tip of his dick was barely inside her, and then he slammed back inside. She relished the pleasure and pain as he drove back in, deliberately squeezing her ass down on his cock to make it tighter. She had a natural wiggle that she couldn’t suppress, whether she was walking down the street, or bent over in a toilet getting her ass nailed. It meant he had to hold on to her tight as he fucked, to avoid her squirming away. And being held tight was what she wanted.

As he pounded in and out, she let her body relax and just be fucked. She pulled his hands from her shoulders to her throat, and he held her like that as he screwed her ass that little bit harder.

“Yeah….fucking do me like that…….yeah…..harder baby……harder……you can fucking do it harder……take me up my ass like a sick little slut……ram it….fucking ram it……make me scream……yeah…..come on baby…..hurt me with that dick……fucking do it……..slam me full of cock……oh shit….that’s so good”

He could feel her body shudder with mini cums as he fucked. Christ, he’d never seen a girl take it – and want it – like this. He’d known a couple of girls who liked to be fucked hard, but to find a girl who looked this good, who was this anal, who liked it this hard and this deep, she was fucking perfect. No matter how hard he rammed it into her, she wanted it harder. She was goading him with her body. The way her slim frame and tight butt just took this kind of punishment, made him want to be even nastier to her. Even as he held her throat in both hands, and slammed his dick into her ass, she was fucking back onto him.

He grabbed her hair with one hand, and pulled her head back. She squealed and urged him on again. She arched back, further than he’d forced her to go, until her face was underneath his. As her body shook with each ramming movement, she locked her eyes onto his and opened her mouth. He drooled into it, and she swallowed, and grinned, and stuck her tongue out for more.

He couldn’t handle any more of this. Her butt was too tight. Her body felt too good in his hands. She was too fucking nasty, too horny. She looked too good, getting slammed like this, for him to hold back. He yelled that he was cumming, and before he had a chance to pull out, she’d pushed forward and off his cock. She spun around and dropped to her knees in an instant. He was sure he was about to cum, but that changed when he saw her take his entire cock into her throat in one fluid motion. Pre-cum stayed on her lips as they stretched to accommodate his cock, and it slid to the back of her throat smoothly. She held it there, the fantastic sensations of her mouth and tongue temporarily anaesthetising his cock.

She knew he’d hold out for a couple more minutes now. Her hands were on his ass, pulling him deeper into her mouth. She could taste her ass juice on his cock, which was way cool. She loved having a meaty cock in her mouth. She loved having to breath through her nose because her mouth was totally stuffed with meat. And she loved it when they fucked her mouth over and over. They all did. No exceptions. Just the look of her face stuffed with their cock, and her obvious delight in getting throat-fucked, was enough. They all succumbed. She kept up the eye contact. He couldn’t believe she could take it that deep, but she clearly fucking loved it.

She grabbed his ass and he began forcing his cock down her throat. She started to gag, but when he stopped pushing, she pulled him onto her again, making herself choke. She loved getting ribbons of spit all over a guy’s cock. When he’d fucked her throat for a few minutes, she felt him preparing to cum again. She took his cock out and licked her lips, rubbing his cock over her face to allow her own spit to cover her.

Fuck, this was unbelievable. She looked small compared to his cock, which felt bigger and harder than it had ever felt. Just watching her pulling his dick into her throat, wanting him to force it into her, made him harder than he could have imagined. When he came, the cum speared out of his cock in thick, fast globs. She aimed him for her face, then her open mouth, then back to her face. Making sure she got to taste, as well as feel, his cum. She grinned as she licked his cock clean, hands-free, throating him once more just to feel him shudder.

She looked up at him, smiling.

“Mmmmmm…your cum tastes fucking good, baby. Almost as good as my ass tastes………now you’d better get back to wifey.”

He came to his senses, realising he’d been gone too long for the piss he’d said he was taking. He pulled his clothes back on. Reaching for the door, he turned, wanting to say something, but not sure what. She saved him the bother.

“Next time you see me, ram four fingers up my butt to say hello, babe.”

He smiled and shook his head in disbelief and went back upstairs to the café. Nicky rose slowly, and looked at herself in the mirror. Her skirt was wrapped up around her waist, her hair was damp, she was sweating slightly, and cum was oozing down her face. Mmmmm she loved fucking around with guys. Especially anal ones. She reached three fingers into her well-fucked asshole, and licked the juices off them. Then she delved again into her ass, but this time, left the juices on her fingers.

Back in the café he’d recovered his poise. He thought he’d got away with it. Some pathetic comment about maybe getting flu had explained his flushed appearance. But he still noticed the tiny blonde standing near his table, where the little slut had been ten minutes ago. The blonde was wearing a black cocktail dress that showed smooth, firm legs. She had a glint in her eye that said she was ready to party, but none of the guys were getting anywhere. She looked tiny, surrounded by the many guys who were trying to hit on her.

The brunette emerged from the toilets, and the blonde’s face lit up. The two girls walked towards each other and were quickly entwined, hands in each other’s hair, tongues clashing, stomachs touching. Their ripe young tits pressed against each other as they kissed. The brunette brought her fingers up and the blonde sucked them in greedily. As her tongue swirled around them, her face changed, and she winked at the brunette. You could have heard a fucking pin drop. The brunette whispered something in the blonde’s ear, and they both laughed. The blonde reached out a finger, and scooped a drop of white liquid from the brunette’s hair. She brought the finger to her mouth and licked it clean, still with her hand on the brunette’s ass, groping it firmly.

Then they both turned and winked at him. He tried to look away, but it was so clearly for him, his girlfriend went purple. The two girls left the café arm in arm, a hand on each other’s tight little butt, their asses swishing as they walked away.

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