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Tracey woke to a silent darkness. Groggy she opened her eyes, tried to sit up, confusion swirled in her mind, then awareness flooded her as heart hammered. A blindfold covered her eyes, a gag of some sort filled her mouth. She could taste the rubber and leather on her tongue. Straining against her bonds she moved her head, then realized she couldn’t hear. Earplugs had also been placed in her ears. Her arms were tied over her head, she could feel her nude body lying on some type of corse surface.

A lifetime of logical thinking slowly forced back her panic as her mind tried to inventory what was happening to her. Her legs were also restrained, kept wide by ropes or some binding tight around her ankles severely limiting the movement of her legs. She was mildly chilled, her skin seemed especially sensitive as a breeze fluttered across her skin, raising goose bumps. Her mind began to race as she tried to remember what took place before she awoke here, helpless, wherever here is.

She fought through the fogginess that seemed to fill her brain, that kept her distracted, confused. Think, she told herself, remember who you are, what you are.

Tracey remembered, she was a Criminal Defense Lawyer, the owner and Lead Partner in her firm. Slowly memories returned, thoughts began to become clearer, a little more focused.

She had recently hired a male secretary. Ever aware of the countries growing fears of sexual harassment she had been very careful to keep the relationship on a strictly formal basis. Though handsome and well mannered she had prided herself on her cool business-like manner she had taken with Robert. He was very good at his job, efficient with both the typing and dealing with clients, she had no real complaints. A neat dresser as required in a professional setting, he never actually said anything disrespectful, but she occasionally thought she saw a hurried look or a slow smile slide at times on his lips.

Robert had been with her six months now and she was relaxed enough to accept his innocent offer of a quick drink after working late on a difficult case they had just finished. She was looking forward to her six weeks vacation. She had told Robert he deserved one as well and hoped he had some good plans for relaxation, after promising him a bonus for his hard work on the case. He had smiled and said yes he planned on starting his this very night, but wouldn’t she have a drink before she left, to celebrate their victory, his treat of course. Smiling she had told him yes, pleased at the resolution she had gotten for her client.

Strangely, Robert always took his lunch at the club across the street. She assumed it was one of those exclusive types for it didn’t have any gaudy neon lights or advertisements. All it had was a sign hanging at street level. It resembled one of those Old English type signs. It was dark green with black highlighted script that said. “Hunters Den” and had two crossed riding crops on the header. A riding club or perhaps an all men’s club she had thought to herself, for she had noticed mostly men in business suites enter and leave, few women. That was the place he had suggested they take their drink before parting. When he saw her hesitate he said she could choose another place if she wanted but this was closer and it was late. She smiled and said she didn’t mind, but she didn’t want him to spend his bonus before he got it. He had laughed, stating he was a member thanks to his father so not only could they get in, but the drinks were free for him.

When she still hesitated, he assured her yes he was a member and in good standing so she shouldn’t worry about the cost.

Tracy was surprised since this was the first time in six months he had mentioned his family or his interests. She looked at him appraisingly as he revealed some obvious money in his family.

She remembered his smiling at her as he held open the door for her to escort her across the street.

A fine early distraction, Tracey thought, looking foreword to relaxing in the sun and perhaps a nice romantic interlude in the weeks to come.

Lying there in the dark she thought back to her anticipation over her vacation, how she had poured out her thoughts on a journal she kept in her computer under her private password. She had of recently been writing about finding someone to share her vacation with. A strong man, who she could relax with and not worry about the little things, the day to day details that filled her life. She had even confided in her journal her own growing need for sex. Her dreams of late were quite erotic and she woke throbbing in need of release. She usually satisfied her-self and dressed for the office and left. But she had confided some of these dreams to her journal, surprised at their intensity and determined to see to some of those needs at last while on vacation.

At forty-two Tracey still knew she was an attractive woman. Plump but nicely rounded in all the right places and relatively fit. Only five foot five, she spent her lunches at the gym keeping her weight down, and her butt relatively firm. She had long brown hair, which she usually kept in very business-like chiffon at the nape of her long slender neck, her eyes were a dark blue that could become steel and had caused many a witness to crumple under her withering cross-examination. Still she was quite ready to begin her vacation. She really hoped some good would come from this. At least stop some of the daydreaming, somehow being the cold-hearted bitch in control seemed to scare off most men.

With a shudder as another cool breeze crossed her skin, she again thought back to the last clear memories she had. They had entered the club with a smile on her lips and Robert at her elbow. The exterior was dark and very quiet. No music could be heard. A young woman whose appearance took Tracey back at first met them. She was dressed in a very short tight leather skirt that just stopped short of her crotch, with very high heels and skimpy leather halter-top. Her long blonde hair was woven in a tight braid atop her head and she had on a leather choker necklace with a small piece of chain dangling from it. Tracey almost giggled thinking she looked like a biker chic and so out of place in the quiet elegant interior of the clubs lobby.

“Good evening Robert Sir, so glad to have you with us again Sir. How may I serve you Sir?” The young woman said as she greeted them with a slight bow.

Tracey started to reply but Roberts’s fingers tightened on her elbow, since it was his club she waited for him to speak.

“A quiet table, were we won’t be disturbed. This is Tracey. She is joining me this evening and I don’t want to be disturbed.” Robert spoke in a clip and abrupt manner to the young woman. Tracy noticed she listened attentively, but never looked up at them.

Tracey felt sorry for her and again started to speak when he gripped her elbow again and guided her away.

“This way Tracey. Since we are at leisure its ok for me to call you by your first name right?” He asked as he deftly guided her with the young woman following quietly behind.

“Of course Robert” She stammered slightly over his first name. In the office he was only allowed to call her by her last name. For a moment she had a slight uneasy feeling, which she quickly dismissed. She really did need this vacation, she thought.

The rest of the time was very uneventful. She drank only two vodka and grapefruits, although they did seem a little strong. It’s slightly bitter taste she still remembered as the two of them discussed the case and the office in general. She remembered feeling very tired and telling Robert she really needed to be going and get started on her vacation by first having a nice long sleep. He had laughed as she told him she was looking forward to not setting or waking to that damn alarm clock.

She laughed some more as she rose and he nodded of course it was a silly alarm clock, and began to escort her towards the door. She remembered feeling warm and leaning against Robert then, nothing. Absolutely nothing, until she awoke in this strange and awful state.

Clearly her place was being burglarized and she was being held captive. She trembled thinking on what her present state meant about their plans for her. Her heart began racing as she began to struggle. Pulling at her bonds, squirming to loosen her arms and legs. She kept at this for what seemed like hours a fine film of sweat building on her skin. At last she gave up and lay quiet, exhausted, trying to breath through her nose and around the mask. Just for a moment she thought, just a moment’s rest, to try and get her breath back.

She jerked as she felt hands suddenly touch her and her heart rate jumped off the scale. Large soft hands were caressing her breast and belly. Slow, light strokes that despite herself sent little shivers up her spine. She struggled anew, desperately trying to speak through her gag. The hands continued to caress, now teasing her nipples. They responded despite her efforts to will them not. God she felt so embarrassed. If they were going to rape her why not just get it over with. She was helpless and couldn’t see, so just do it. Do it she screamed through her gag. But the hands were unrelenting.

One hand left her breast and she felt it on her thigh. She jerked and bucked wildly trying to get away from that hand. It slid up her thigh and slid through her thick curls over her mons. She moaned behind the gagged, near tears in her frustration to get loose. Tracey decided to go limp. To just lay there and give them no response. Hoping this would let them do whatever and leave. But she wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of seeing her rage in fear or plea anymore. Besides with the gag and restraints holding her totally immobile that was impossible anyway. Tracey willed her body limp.

She felt the hands stop and then to her amazement she felt her left nipple gripped and squeeze. She remained still. The pressure increase and the nipple were twisted. The pain building in her breast was intense. She had to move to try and relieve some of the pain. She jerked and tried to arch her back to get away and at the first movement of her body the fingers at her crotch slid between her pussy lips and a finger was thrust up inside her. She felt it like a deep shock. The sensation from her nipple rolled through her body to deep inside. Both hands and both sensations connected.

She, against all reason gripped the finger with her pussy and felt herself become aroused. Her wetness became evident and she moved her hips to press her mons against the hand. She moaned into the gag. The finger was removed from Tracy’s now throbbing pussy and the hands left her body. She trembled, she didn’t know if from shock or to her shame, arousal.

As she lay there her mind drifted and she thought of her fantasies. This had been one of her dark ones, to be taken and used with no choice but to … respond. She had even written this in her journal. She was beginning to wonder if she truly wanted that now. Faced with the reality it was frightening and she felt so helpless.

Tracey wondered if they were staring at her, watching her respond. How many were in the room? Were they going to leave her here like this to be found, humiliated? Tears slid from under her blindfold. Tracey felt the breath against her cheek before she felt the tongue. It licked at her tears and then a gentle kiss was pressed to her cheek. She felt fingers remove the earplugs and sound rushed in. She could hear her captor breathing. Tracey’s head was lifted and the gag untied and removed from her mouth. She licked her lips and stretched her jaw.

“Please let me…” she started to ask. But a hand covered her mouth and she heard a deep measured voice say. “You will only talk if given permission. You may nod your head to show you understand” Tracey nodded her head slowly.

Her mind was racing to see if she could recognize the voice, so deep and measured. She was picturing a huge man in her mind and she trembled. She felt something like a belt being slid around her neck. He is going to choke me to death her mind screamed. But instead she felt it fitted snugly and heard a snap like a lock being clicked. Tracey once again felt the hand on her breast. It squeezed then rolled a nipple between two fingers and continued down to her belly and lower. As it approached her mons she squirmed and started to plead.

“NO don’t!”

“SHhhhhh pet, you don’t want the gag back do you?” the hand never stopped it downward journey as she shook her head rapidly no. She didn’t want that gag back at all.

The fingers slid between her lower lips and once again began their caress. As fingers stroked her clit a tongue slid over and around her nipple. Lips closed over then latched onto the nipple and it was sucked hard. Her flesh was betraying her. Her clit was throbbing and she wanted that finger back, deep inside her. A soft moan escaped her lips. She felt and heard the man chuckle as he took his lips to the other nipple. Her indignation rose to save her and she bucked wildly trying to get away from the hand that was buried in her crotch stroking her clit. Teeth clamped down hard on her nipple and two fingers were shoved hard into her. She gasped at this sudden invasion and the pain in her nipple.

“Be Still!” the man commanded. Gasping she nodded her head in understanding. She settled and the lips became gentler, the fingers once again began sliding slowly in and out of her now wet pussy, stroking her clit again. Tracey’s resolve to be non-responsive was once again broken as her hips moved with a life of their own and rose slightly pressing herself against the insistent hand. Tracey felt his other hand slide under her bottom and grip her ass cheeks. His lips continued to tease and arouse her nipples.

As her clit was stroked and a finger teasing the throbbing depths of her, she felt a finger circle and caress her tight anus. She felt herself nearing the peak. Her clit was hard and throbbing, her need for release, to cum building. Tracey now actively rubbed her clit against that hand. She was focusing on the building sensations deep within her. Moans were escaping her lips and she knew that she was going to explode into orgasm any instant, closer, closer until…then he just stopped.

The lips withdrew from her breast. The questing fingers moved away from her pussy and ass cheeks. She lay there panting, her body throbbing. She almost pleaded with him for release, but she gained control and bit her lip to keep from speaking.

For long minutes she waited. Her body cooled and she began to stiffen, her anger rising. Then, again the soft wet lips and tongue were applied to her nipples and the hand pressed against her mons a finger sliding in between her neither lip’s to stroke her clit. Slowly she began building again, faster this time. Her body becoming totally lost to the sensations he was producing in her. She was brought once again to the peak but not allowed to go over. Her body was afire; her desire to cum was beginning to block out all other though. When she thought release was there all caressing stopped.

Soon she was begging, pleading for him to make her cum. All she heard was his deep laughter as he continues to toy with her body. His control of her body was total and maddening, she lost all track of time, wishing for then demanding to be allowed release from the constant pressure.

Tracey’s breathing was ragged and her body covered in sweat when she felt the bed shift as his weight was added to it. She felt him shift between her wide spread thighs. Her mind raced thinking at last she would achieve that release she so craved. Her body trembled her need great. Tracey felt the hands slide under her lower back and a soft but firm wedge was shoved under her lower back and ass. The pillow raised her hips high off the bed; she felt the strain in her legs as her thighs were stretched, the ankles still tied to corners. For a moment, she felt his hot breath on her pussy, and then a tongue slid between her lips. It stroked her clit once and she arched her back and moaned.

He stopped and she felt his weight shift again. The sensation of cold metal touched her wet pussy. It slid slowly but surely up into her the length of her slit. She felt it pressed relentlessly into the depths of her tight pussy. Sliding easily she was so wet. It filled her and stretched her tight. She was impaled and her body shook as her pussy rippled around it. Again he chuckled ” Now for some serious training ”

Her mind went into over-drive, quivering at the edge of orgasm. Training she wondered, her mind trying to work, for what? Tracey felt his cock then for the first time. It was sliding up and down her exposed ass cheeks. They were already slick with her own juices but she could tell extra lubricant had been added to his cock. Her mind cried out, panicked. This was something she had never done except in her wildest fantasies. None had tried to use her ass before. She wiggled her butt and hips frantically trying to avoid him.

He gripped her hips and growled “BE STILL SLAVE.”

Slave! Her mind screamed as she felt him press his cock to her tightly puckered ass.

“NO …Please! ” She cried out as he applied steady pressure to her ass. The head of his cock entered her with an almost audible pop. She groaned at the unexpected pain. He held still letting her as relax around him and felt the spasms fade.

Slowly Tracy felt her tight anal muscles relax. As she relaxed further, the opening began to widen, the pain receding to only a strange alien feeling of having her ass filled. Then, he pushed in a little further. Tracey first tensed, but at the feeling of pain forced her muscles to relax, unprepared for the sensations this was awakening in her. As he entered her slowly her clit throbbed and her pussy tightened around the now warm metal object filling her. The intense feelings of two large objects filling her were driving her nervous system into frenzy.

She heard him groan with pleasure as he slowly buried his cock in her ass. She felt his hips meet her flesh, totally connected, and joined. As he leaned forward and his weight pushed on the thing buried in her pussy, which had begun to slide out of her incredibly wet flesh. She couldn’t help herself she squirmed against him. Tracey felt his hand travel up her body as he began to slowly slide in and out of her ass. Slow short strokes that surprisingly began to feel wonderful. His hand grasped the piece of chain hanging from the belt around her neck. She felt him pull on it pulling her downward and onto him with each stroke.

“Tracey, know that you are mine. I am your Master. You will call me that and beg to let you cum, or be punished. Do you understand? You may speak.”

“Please don’t do this.” She gasped as the feeling of him moving slowly, deeper into her, filling her. For an instant she realized this was not her idea. Pushing aside the feelings, the intensity say gasped out, “I don’t want a Master. YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” She cried out as he suddenly drove hard into her ass.

His slow soft motions became a driving force. Tracey felt a hand move between them and suddenly the metal object in her pussy began to vibrate, the low thrum sending shock waves of pleasure up through her body.

“Agh!” She gasped. Her body seemed to explode with the intensity. She now knew what he had shoved into her. Waves of vibrations seemed to run from her toes all through her body, exploding into her head.

“But you do pet , you do want to be mastered.” Said the voice in her ear, she could feel drops of sweat falling across her back from him. “I have been watching you. Your desires and needs are evident to me.” She was losing track of everything except those feelings and his voice, both pounding at her will. “You will call me Master. For that is what I am.”

“Beg me to make you cum pet. Let it go. YOU are mine!” With that he began driving deeper, faster, harder into her ass. Long strokes that rocked her body when his hips met her ass with and audible sound of wet flesh meeting wet sweaty flesh. With each stroke, the vibrator was shoved deep into her, as he moved back her muscles tried to squeeze it out of her body, meanwhile the buzzing throb of the vibrations were driving her insane.

Leaning into her like this brought him into hard contact with her swollen throbbing clit. Her whole body was screaming for release, her ass and pussy began throbbing in time to the vibrations. She began to buck wildly meeting his savage thrust. Tracey felt it building again, stronger more explosive than ever before, and the deep sensation inside her, as her clit swelled bigger.

Her head was arched back and her cries filled the room. Tracey did begin to beg for release. “PPPLLLEAASE . Oh My God! PLLEASE-make-me-cum!” She panted in time to his thrusts. She could feel his cock swelling deep with in her ass and hear his balls slapping against it.

“Please what my pet? Who am I?” He kept on driving into her, taking and claiming her body as his.

She felt like a tight ball of need and only he could give her release. She realized that yes he was the Master of her body and she felt her soul tremble as she cried out. “OHH GOD! YES MASTER! MASTER! Please let me cumm!” She heard his deep groan of pleasure as her pulled hard onto the chain from her throat.

“YES! ” he shouted. “Master, yours Tracey my pet. YES, now cum for Master, Cum with me, cum for me Now!”

He didn’t stop stroking his cock in and out of her ass, the vibrator fucking her hard as he slammed into her. He was leaning heavily into her.

She felt her lower body turn the delicious deep liquid feeling, as her clit seem to explode. The sensation of pleasure ripped through her body and she screamed a deep guttural cry of release as her pussy tightened and spasmmed around the vibrator. The waves rolling over and over her till she felt like she couldn’t breathe. Her whole entire world focusing as she seemed to explode spreading out to cover the universe swept away as the sensations of her body took her.

Her ass began to spasm too, gripping and milking his cock. She felt like her body was having two orgasms at the same time. Then he gave a loud cry, it mingled with hers, as he slammed hard against her grinding in.

She felt his cock jerking in her and his hot cum bathed the wall deep in her ass. He made small pumping motions with his hips driving each jet of hot semen deep in her. Their joint cum ran down her ass cheeks covering his balls, she floated on the euphoria of the most intense orgasm of her life. He collapsed atop her heaving body, both gasping for breath, breathing hard.

“Well done pet. Well done. Master is pleased.” He then kissed her slowly and Tracey freely returned his kiss. He chuckled and she felt his fingers pulling at her blindfold. His cock remained in her ass, still semi-hard. She bore his full weight, sated.

As he removed the blindfold he said. “Gaze upon you Master.” She turned her head; it took a moment for her eyes to adjust. Then they widened in shock, it was Robert. Around his throat was strapped a device which must have disguised his voice.

“Welcome to My world pet. Your vacation and your training have begun.” He looked steadily into her eyes. She looked into his and saw a strength there she had never noticed before. She also saw tenderness to in his face and mouth as he stroked her breast softly.

As he pulled out of her body, Tracy sighed. He gently removed the vibrator and the wedge from under her hips. With a warm cloth he cleansed her slightly bruised yet still throbbing body. He looked at her and asked with a smile. “Whose property are you pet?” Tracey still lost in the euphoria of all her orgasms smiled up at him and said. “Yours Master yours.”

He chuckled and laid a hand on her belly, softly swirling his fingers across her, the slight touch sending ripples of pleasure across her body.

“That journal of yours was most helpful. When I read it I knew your would be mine.” Tracey began to struggle once again, all at once realizing her position, her job and what he had done to her. He just laughed, loosened the bindings and pointed out her clothing piled neatly on a chair. “You can dress and leave, the door behind that curtain leads into the street, or you can be here later when I return.” Smiling at her he left the room.

Alone, she eased her struggling as her mind cleared, relaxing from that moment of anger. A slow smile came to Tracey’s eyes, thinking about that incredible sex. She caught herself as she began to wonder just what kind of slave she would turn out to be. Chuckling to herself, Tracy hoped Robert truly knew what he was in for.

She slid the pillow under her head, and then leaned back, feeling somehow relaxed and content in her ‘bonds’. Exhausted and well spent she began to drift off to sleep, anticipating her next ‘session’. One word slid from her smiling lips as sleep claimed her.


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