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Every Man’s Dream

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Her lips wrapped around my cock, gliding across the swollen veins until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I stroked her hair gently as she gave my cock an expert sucking. She slid her hands up my chest and teased my nipples, sending electric waves of pleasure careening down my body and causing my cock to swell even thicker. I reached down, grabbed her pig tails and pulled her mouth off my cock. She loved having her hair pulled.

“Yes daddy,” she said with an innocent smile, “is something wrong?”

“I just wanted to tell you that you’re the best wife a guy could ask for…and I’m about to cum like a porn star.”

“Mmmm,” she said oh-so-sweetly, “you’re making my mouth water daddy.” She paused in mock-afterthought, “Oh, you do want to cum in my mouth don’t you?”

“Goddamn right I do,” I said, pushing her willing mouth back down on my cock, “I’m going to cum in your mouth, on your face, your tits, your pussy, maybe even your ass.”

“I love being a cum-soaked slut for you,” she moaned, her words muffled by the huge cock impaling her throat.

She continued bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock, her red pig tails bouncing playfully around her head. She looked just like the dirty catholic school girl she’d always wanted to be. She made me wait until we were married to have sex (3 agonizing years) but once married, she accommodated every kinky request I made, including swallowing as much cum as I could shoot.

Today was no exception as my cock erupted with an ocean of white-hot cum. She moaned loudly and began swallowing, practically slurping the cum from my cock. I pulled out of her mouth and let a few drops dribble down her chin. I aimed my cock a little further south and let a few blasts coat her tits. She expertly pulled her tits to her mouth and began sucking the cum off her nipples. This sent me into overdrive and I quickly turned her around, bent her over and sent a river of cum flowing over her asshole, trickling down over her swollen pussy lips. She reached her middle finger between her legs and ran it, stripper-like, down her ass to her pussy, letting the cum coat her finger before sliding it into her mouth and licking it clean.

“That was unbelievable baby,” I whispered.

She popped up curtly. “I hoped you enjoyed it, Nancy will be here in a few hours and you won’t get anymore until she leaves.”

* * *

The rest of the day passed predictably. The two old friends caught up and reminisced about old times. All I could do was suffer through, my only thought the amazing sex we’d shared that morning and how long it was going to be until we had any again. 4 days. 4 long, agonizing days. I knew why she wanted to abstain – the bed was very noisy and so was my wife. She loved to moan (and occasionally scream) just to let me know how good I’m giving it to her.

When we finally went to bed that night, I’d already made up my mind that I was not going to bed without pussy. As we lay next to each other in bed I slowly began to tease her nipples. She pushed my hand away quickly.

“Stop it,” she said weakly, “we can’t.”

I pushed my rock-solid cock against her leg, letting her feel how much I wanted it.

“Here’s what I’m going to do,” I whispered, nibbling on her ears, “First, I’m going to finger fuck that tight little pussy of yours, get it good and soaking wet. Then, I’m going to eat that delicious pussy of yours, suck your little clit into my mouth and torture it with my tongue.”

“I have a better idea,” she said, clearly giving in, “why don’t you just fuck the shit out of me and be done with it.”

With that she hopped out of the bed, stripped naked and bent over, offering her pussy to me doggy-style. I needed no encouragement as I slammed my rock hard cock into my wife’s red-hot and dripping wet pussy. I bit my lip as I glanced over her porcelain body, bent over at the waist and glistening with sexy sweat as I fucked her brains out from behind. I gave her ass a nice hard smack of appreciation. She moaned with delight, but muffled it in her pillow. Normally, my wife had no problem being loud and proud, but her best friend was across the hall in our spare bedroom and she was attempting to preserve some modesty. I hate modesty. I reached up and grabbed a fistful of her curly maroon hair and yanked her head out of the pillow.

“I want her to hear you,” I growled lustily, “I want Nancy to know that her best friend is getting her pussy pounded the way she can only dream about.”

Before she had a chance to protest, I slipped my free hand down to her pussy and began flitting my fingers lightly across her clit. She immediately snapped up from her bent over pose and wrapped her arms around my head.

“I love having my pussy pounded by you,” she whispered, “I love being a slut for you. If you want her to hear me then that’s what I want. Open the door so she can hear us better.”

Now I knew that my cock was pretty big and definitely pleasured her pussy to its fullest, but even I was shocked by this. Rather than over think it, I simply thought of a way to take it even further.

“I’ll open the door but first I need to make sure that you moan extra loud.”

“How are you going to do that?” she asked with naughty innocence.

Without saying a word, I grabbed the thin sheet of fabric we kept by the bed for use as a blindfold and quickly put it to that use, securing the knot with extra firmness.

“Oh yeah,” she smiled with delicious depravity, “I fucking love kinky sex.”

I grabbed ahold of her hair and dragged her to the end of our antique four post bed. I’m sure the good old pioneer who hand-crafted this bed never knew it would be used for all manner of deviant sexual activity. I pushed my wife up against the post nearest to the door until her face was completely flush with the post. Then I grabbed the handcuffs we received as a gag gift on our wedding (from Nancy no less) and cuffed her hands tightly around the poll. She wasn’t going anywhere. I took a moment to admire the sight of my wife, blindfolded and handcuffed, her pussy and ass sticking out like an open invitation to anyone with a cock (or a mouth – she loves having her pussy eaten).

I quickly came to my senses and swung open the bedroom door. Imagine my surprise when I found Nancy sitting completely naked on the floor with three fingers in her pussy and one of her perfect 34C titties in her mouth. Nancy looked up at me through her curly brown hair and licked her lips, her tiny arms ceaselessly pounding away on her shaved and glistening pussy. She gave me a look as if to say: “don’t mind me, just go about your business”. I had other plans. I leaned down and whispered in her ear,

“I want you to crawl in there on all fours and eat your best friend’s pussy like only a spoiled rich slut like you can.”

I wasn’t sure this would work, but to my surprise, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and started to crawl towards my wife with perfect obedience. I could see her pussy juice glistening all over her fingers and couldn’t resist taking the depravity to another level. I grabbed her hair and yanked her to her knees and then quickly pushed that pussy covered hand into her mouth. She hungrily licked off every bit before I let her continue crawling to my wife’s waiting pussy.

When she reached my wife, I grabbed Nancy’s arms and tied them behind her so that she would have no choice but to bury her face in my wife’s pussy. I then lowered her gently (by her hair) towards the swollen pussy of my bride. Nancy’s long, delicate tongue snaked out from between her plump little lips and ran itself over the entire length of my wife’s swollen wet pussy. My wife moaned in overt ecstasy, making sure to be extra loud. If she only knew.

Nancy buried her face and feasted upon her first pussy. My cock swelled to new lengths as I watched Nancy suck my wife’s pussy lips into her mouth and torture her clit with her tongue. I stood back and enjoyed the show, stroking my mile-long cock with a vengeance.

“Oh fuck,” my wife practically yelled, “your tongue feels so fucking good. Lick my slutty little pussy.”

This sort of dirty talk always had a dramatic effect on me, but it seemed to send Nancy into another realm. Her tongue became a tornado, performing acrobatic feats inside my wife’s pussy. I was barely holding back the huge load of cum that I knew would soon come soaring out of my cock. My wife squealed in absolute delight as Nancy tongue-fucked her tight, steamy cunt.

“Oh baby, I’m going to do anything you want. I’m going to wrap my lips around your huge fucking cock and suck every drop of cum into my mouth,” my wife screamed as Nancy’s tongue found a new gear and pulverized her clit, “Jesus, I’ll even let you fuck me in the ass.”

None of us could hold back any longer. My wife screamed and bucked her hips, grinding her pussy all over Nancy’s face as her pussy juice gushed forth in an orgasmic river. Nancy herself had somehow managed to free one hand and had her entire fist buried inside her pussy. I finally gave in and let my white-hot cum soar out of my cock and all over Nancy’s hair, face and tits.

We all collapsed in exhaustion, my wife still blissfully unaware that is was not me, but her best friend, who had eaten her pussy to such a level. I allowed myself to bask in the glow for a moment, already plotting my next move.

After a few moments of relaxation, I began to come down from my orgasmic high. I looked over at Nancy, who was absentmindedly gathering my cum on her finger and sucking it into her mouth. My cock began to stir at the site of another beautiful cum slut and my completely depraved mind began to run wild with possibilities.

I leaned over to Nancy and whispered in her ear, “Tell her it was you.”

She looked at me with uncertainty, but I gave her an encouraging nod.

“Tiffany, its Nancy. I was the one eating your pussy.”

I could see my wife’s body tense up in disbelief.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

I whispered my next command to Nancy.

“I was the one eating your pussy and now I’m going to suck your husband’s cock.”

My wife protested and struggled against the handcuffs in futility. I turned to Nancy and positioned my cock at the entrance to her mouth. She slowly wrapped her baby-soft lips around my cock, her mouth barely able to fit around it. Like a true pro though, she started sucking my shaft into mouth, eventually taking my entire 8″. Seeing her nose buried in my pubic hair made my cock extend even further down her throat. Nancy slowly made her way back to the tip of my cock, her velvety mouth taking my cock to new heights of pleasure.

“Tiffany girl, you are one lucky slut,” she said, balancing my cock on her lower lip, “I’ve sucked a lot of cock in my day, and this is one of the best.”

My wife grew strangely silent and I knew that despite herself, she was turned on by the idea of someone else being jealous of what she had. I decided it was mean to make my wife just lie there, unable to see or do anything. I leaned down and whispered in Nancy’s ear.

“We’re going to move in front of her and take off her blindfold so she can watch me fuck your face with my cock. You will follow me, crawling on all fours and my cock will never leave your mouth. If it does leave your mouth, I will spank your slut ass. Understand?”

She nodded her approval, being careful not to let my cock fall loose. Smart girl. Guess all that money her daddy spent on college had paid off. She’d learned how to behave like a total slutty whore. I began walking towards the opposite side of the bed, loving the sight of this hot, rich little bitch literally reduced to crawling on all fours just to suck a cock. As we got closer to my wife I quickly yanked my cock out of her mouth and then quickly slammed it back down her throat.

“That’s one spanking,” I said, already envisioning what her pale little ass would look like once I had turned it a nice glowing red. She kept right at it, knowing if she tried to protest it would just mean that my cock would slip out again. I purposely pulled my cock out twice more before we finally reached out destination.

“Better make that three,” I said, “and by the way, each spanking is 10 smacks across that disobedient ass.”

“I want to watch,” my wife said softly.

I smiled proudly. I knew she wouldn’t let me down.

“You want to watch what?” I asked.

“I want to watch you spank that slutty bitch’s ass for thinking she can suck my husband’s cock and not do it right.”

Goddamn I loved her. I quickly positioned Nancy over the edge of the bed, my wife (now free of the handcuffs), pinned Nancy’s arms to the bed so that she couldn’t squirm away. I took a moment to admire Nancy’s tight bubble of an ass before raising my hand slapping that ass so hard her knees buckled.

“You like that?” my wife asked her roughly as I continued the spanking, “that’s what happens to rich little sluts who don’t know how to suck a cock.”

Nancy’s ass was quickly turning a bright whore-red. Strangely though, I didn’t hear any crying or whimpering just moans of pleasure. With each smack I hit even harder, until I was practically abusing her now purple ass. With each smack, Nancy just moaned louder. Finally, I reached number 30 and stopped, my own hand stringing from the beating. Nancy quickly got back down on her knees, a slight grimace of pain the only indication of what had to be a very sore ass. She looked up at me with doe eyes.

“Can I please have another chance to suck your cock properly?”

I could only smile. What more could a guy ask for? Nancy quickly wrapped her now swollen lips around my cock and once again slid all 8″ effortlessly down her throat. My wife stood behind me, playing with my nipples.

“I want you to fuck her,” my wife said, “I think she’s earned the right to have her pussy pounded.”

Nancy looked up with a pleadingly. “Can I please have my ass fucked instead? That spanking got everything good and ready back there.”

I decided the time had come for the grand finale. I placed my wife in the middle of the bed, lying on her back. I then had Nancy sit on her face, so that my wife could get her first taste of eating pussy. The sight of this alone was enough to nearly make me blow it then and there but I manager to hold it in long enough to slide my cock into Nancy’s waiting ass.

It didn’t take very long before my cock was effortlessly pounding her ass. I could feel my balls slapping my wife’s chin with every stroke. Nancy’s tiny little body shuddered as my cock mercilessly raped her tiny ass. Beneath her, my wife was returning the favor, burying her face in Nancy’s flooded little cunt.

“Oh god, oh please, fuck my ass” she screamed, “eat my pussy. I’m your slut-whore fuck toy, do anything you want to me.”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer and let my cock begin spewing it’s steaming hot cum deep inside her ass.

“OH FUCK! Cum in my ass! Fuck me like the whore I am.”

I pulled my cock out and began letting the rest of my cum spray all over their bodies. Nancy turned around and quickly took a huge blast all over her face.

“More!” Nancy screamed, “Coat my face in your cum.”

While she was screaming, I managed to shoot another load straight into her mouth and down her throat. My wife began licking the cum off of Nancy’s face. My seemingly endless load just kept cumming and before long, both of their faces were dripping with my cum. They continued to lick each other clean as I collapsed on the bed and basked in the warm, sweet glow of depraved and deviant sex.

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