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Eastbound and Going Down

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Driving East

My eyes were heavy and I’d been struggling to maintain focus on the straight wide highway for the last hour. It was after 2am and I’d been driving for 14 straight hours on the final leg of a cross county trip that would bring me back to my native New England after too many years away.

The blue sign ahead listed three motels located off the next exit and I backed off the throttle and slowed to an easy 80mph. The big v8 rumbled and popped waking me up a little and my blury eyes focused on the next sign which listed an array of fast food restaurants and I made my decision to get off and grab some coffee and food to tide me over for the final 8 hours of my trip.

The low, wide Corvette jerked to a halt at the light and I eased the short shift lever into first as I waited for the light to change. I shook the cobwebs from my head and released the clutch slowly, the deep throaty exhaust cut through the silence of the night and I felt instantly awake as I rumbled towards civilization. I considered grabbing fast food at a drive thru but I needed to pee and stretch my legs so instead I pulled into a Denny’s parking and parked up front in the near empty lot.

The brisk fall air engulfed me as I climbed from the low seat and stretched my arms, legs and back. I inhaled sharply, drawing a cool refreshing breath into my lungs, and clicked the keyfob, locking nearly all of my meager possessions inside the car, as I walked towards to entrance of the well known breakfast chain.

“Just one?” The cute young hostess asked. She appeared too chipper for such a late hour and her happy demeanor was juxtaposed with her dark brooding eyes. She was attractive but too skinny and she’d have benefited from a sandwich or two and a lower dose of meds. Her thin, sinewy arms were pale and marked with dozens of pink scars indicating that perhaps her mind numbing meds were necessarily strong.

“Yes please,” I answered politely and she smiled. She had bright white teeth and a pretty smile and I glanced furtively at her small round ass as she led me to a window seat in the front of the bulding affording me a view of my three year old Corvette. It was the one significant asset that I’d gotten in my divorce and the few boxes of clothes and personal effects that didn’t fit inside it for my trip from LA had been boxed and shipped to my mother’s house on Cape Cod. I had no intention of staying with my mother for more than a few weeks in my mid forties but it was the only address I had for the time being.

“Kylie will be with you shortly. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Coffee please,” I replied. I smiled up at her and our eyes met for a moment. I saw a flash of humanity in her pretty brown eyes and I felt a subtle surge of blood in my crotch. It had been over a month since I’d shared the company of a woman and I felt the draw of attraction between us.

“Okay, I’m Megan. If you need anything let me know.” She flashed me a playful smile that let me know that her offer extended beyond the items listed on the big laminated menu.

“I will. Thanks Megan.” I returned the smile and she turned slowly. The sway in her walk was more pronouced as she walked away and I realized that she did have a nice trim and very sexy body even if she was thinner than most of the women to whom I was drawn. In my younger days I’d been exclusively attracted to small pettite girls. It had always made for strange pairings given that at 6’3″ and 220lbs I was anything but small. But as my age clicked past forty I’d found myself preferring women with curves.

“How do you take it?” A heavy set, thirty something, brunette woman with a cute round face and weary blue eyes asked. She set down a brown coffee pitcher in front of me and forced an insincere smile in my general direction but I could tell that her mind was far away.

I glanced at her name tag and confirmed that she was Kylie.

“Black and bitter like my ex wife,” I replied half kidding. My ex wife was most certainly bitter, though given her generous settlement she had little reason to be, but she was as white as virgin snow and the truth was that I’d only hooked up with one black woman in my entire life, though not for a lack of effort on my part. Black and Hispanic women never seemed intersted in my European features but I was most definitely not opposed to anyone exotic.

“I see,” she said curtly. Obviously my joke had fallen flat and I smiled apologetically. “Do you know what you want or do you need a minute?”

“No I’m all set,” I replied. I ordered eggs, toast and home fries and Kylie walked briskly away with a blunt thank you. Her wide flat ass had none of the sway that Megan’s had and it confirmed to me that sexy is as much about a person’s state of mind as it is about their physical appearance.

I looked around the room and sipped my coffee as I waited. There was only one other customer in the restaurant. A tall, well built and well dressed man in his thirties. He seemed out of place at a Denny’s at nearly three in the morning but who was I to judge.

I stood and walked towards the restrooms. My trip took me past the other man’s table and I felt his eyes on me as I approached. He had warm intelligent eyes and he flashed me a pleasant disarming smile as I walked past him. I could feel his gaze on me even after I passed his seat and I shuddered slightly as his appraising eyes lingered on my body after our initial eye contact. I’d been hit on by guys before though I’d never had any inclination to pursue anything with any of them. I was, for the most part, straight but in recent years I’d had some decidedly bicurious fantasies and my curiosity had led me to some interesting and exciting perusals and discoveries on various porn internet sites.

“Excuse me,” she said in a soft melodic tone. She was a thick, curvaceous blonde with big breasts, a trim waist and generous hips. Her smile was warm and inviting and her eyes glimmered with promise. Her voice shook me from my daze and her eyes held my gaze as she approached. My pulse quickened and I felt a familiar tingle between my legs. There was a distinct sexual energy in the room that was impossible to ignore and I flashed her my best “you’re hot” smile.

My cock felt heavy and impressive as I aimed my pee stream into the urinal and thought back to the look in the curvy blonde’s pretty green eyes. She was my type and I was prettt sure that she’d liked what she saw as well. I shook twice and tucked my dick back into my jeans before washing my hands and heading back towards my table.

The curvy blonde was seated across from the well dressed guy and our eyes met again as I approached. She glanced openly at the bulge in my pants and I grinned to myself. I knew that in all likelihood nothing would ever come of it but flirting, especially with a woman who was with a guy at the time, was good for my ego and after all that had happened in the previous year I needed all the ego boosting I could get. My ex wife had left me for another man, her personal trainer, and she’d gotten the house and most of the furniture. She was living with him in that very house while I was starting fresh with almost nothing.

My food arrived moments after I sat back down in my booth. I sipped my coffee and ate toast soaked in runny egg yoke. My mind kept returning to the look that the curvy blonde had given me and each time I looked over at her and her companion he was looking at me. My mind began to wander and I created a plausible explanation for his glances while I finished my meal and pealed off a twenty.

Kylie dropped off my check and I left her the entire twenty before heading towards the door. I was a firm believer in over tipping when ever possible.

I saw the well dressed guy head to the bathroom and the curvy blonde got up and walked towards me as I headed out the door into the cool dark night.

“Have a good night,” I said to the pretty yet troubled hostess and she smiled brightly. I felt her will trying to draw me in as if she was silently pleading for me to take her away from the monotony of her small town life but I was ill prepared for any emotional attachment.

“Thanks, you too,” she replied. I sensed that she wanted to say more but she glanced at the curvy blonde and the moment was gone.

“Excuse me,” the curvy blonde said as I started to swing open the low door to my car. I looked at her for a second and then glanced around skeptically. Years of military training had taught me to always assess a situation as a possible attack. It had served me well first in operation desert storm and for twenty years in the military, including deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, I had never been a victim.

“Yes,” I replied once I was sure we were alone and I wasn’t about to be attacked by a well built, jealous boyfriend for making eyes at his woman.

“We were wondering if you would like to join us for a drink?” She asked. I could tell from her mannerisms and her voice that she’d been drinking but she didn’t seem drunk and her eyes focused on mine as she waited for my answer.

“The bars are closed,” I answered naively.

“At our hotel,” she countered. Her eyes glimmered knowingly and her cheeksa flushed ever so slightly.

I turned to fully face her with my back to my car and let my eyes travel down her body. Her low cut blue dress clung to her ample curves and the plunging neck line displayed her deep cleavage. Her nipples strained against the thin fabric and her chest heaved betraying excitement more than any other emotion. I was, again, skeptical of her offer but her smile put me at ease and I sensed that she was sincere.

“Where,” I asked. I heard her well dressed companion join us and I glanced at him. He had a pleasant face and warm eyes. His cheeks were flushed like hers and his eyes held mine before he cast them submissively to the ground. I’d dabbled in the BDSM scene years earlier and I knew his role.

“We’re down the road at the Holiday Inn Express. I will ride with you and Max will drive his car. I’m Trina by the way,” she extended her small pale hand and I grasped it in mine. My big paw engulfed her hand and the fresh airy scent of her perfume wafted over me.

“Paul,” I replied. “The pleasure is mine.”

I released her hand and she walked quickly around the Vette. Max walked over to his car, a five year old E Class Mercedes with a small dent in the rear quarter, and I waited for him to pass.

“Why me?” I asked Trina as she settled down beside me. Her bright eyes darted for a second before her smile returned.

“Because your hot,” she grinned, “and you look like you’d be a good fuck. Have you ever had a threesome like this?” She asked. She was blunt and I liked that. My ex wife had been exceptionally passive aggressive and never said what she meant which had driven me crazy.

“Thanks and no. I had the other kind once in college but never two guys.” I’d spent two years in college before joining the Marines at twenty and I’d finished my degree after returning after the first gulf war allowing me to become an officer for most of my time in the service.

“Good,” she said happily. “I want to make your first one good then.” She leaned over and kissed me softly. She had an active tongue and supple lips and her soft mews were music to my ears.

My cock was instantly hard and her hand quickly found my bulge as we kissed hard and deep.

His horn sounded breaking the spell between Trina and I and I quickly fired up the big V8 engine.

“Ooh, I like that,” Trina purred as the car shook from the rumble of the engine. I’d poured money into it over the last few years and while it was frighteningly fast it was much less civilized than it had been when it rolled off the assembly line in Bowling Green Kentucky. Her hand remained on my dick and I shifted in my seat to get comfortable with my cock straining against my jeans. I slipped the car into first and followed Max out onto the empty four lane road.

We pulled into the Holiday Inn Express parking lot a few minutes later and I followed Trina to the building. My heart was racing and my mind was reeling. I was delirious from lack of sleep and I was ravenous from a recent lack of sex. I watched Trina’s beautiful round ass sway gently with each step and for some strange reason I got even more excited when she grabbed Max’s hand and pulled him into a passionate embrace. I’d never seen two people fuck but I’d always had some voyeuristic tendencies.

My dick grew painfully hard in my pants as I watched them kiss. Trina’s small pale hands roamed over his back and she shamelessly ground her body against his while her tongue plunged deep inside his eager mouth. I could tell that she was used to being in control and that excited me. I’d often tried, to no avail, to get my ex wife to take control or even to initiate sex but she was as submissive as humanly possible and eventually I’d given up trying. In my mind that had been the beginning of the end for us but we’d maintained a lie for several more years before she found someone else. I’d always been a natually dominant person in everyday life but I’d discovered early in life that I craved the freedom of being submissive in bed and I hoped that I’d read Trina right.

She led us down the hall her soft hands gripped my, and Max’s, hands. She stopped in front of a first floor room and looked expectantly at him. He quickly fumbled with his wallet and dug out his key card as she pressed her thick curvaceous body against me and beckoned my lips to hers.

Her warm supple lips met mine and her aggressive tongue plunged into my mouth. Her hands clutched at my ass and our tongues entwined in a deep passionate kiss. I hadn’t been kissed like that in several months and she set my body on fire by the time Max opened the door.

I stumbled into their room, my cock threatening to rip through my zipper, as Trina and I kissed. My hands moved to her ample breasts and I knew instantly that they were god given and not enhanced. I felt Max move behind her and he lifted her tight blue dress over her head. He’d already stripped his clothes off and my eyes grew wide when I saw his big hard dick. I had never seen another man’s dick in person and my only frames of reference was my dick and those I’d seen in porn and he compared favorably with both. It was long and straight with a bulbous tip and a thick shaft.

Max unfastened Trina’s bra and she let it slide down her arms and fall to the floor letting my eyes feast on the magnificence of her big natural breasts. She wore no panties and I slid one hand between us, my fingers curling over her neatly trimmed pussy, as we continued to kiss deep and wet.

“Mmm,” Trina cooed into my mouth. Her soft naked body melted against me and she spread her legs shoulder width allowing my fingers to slip between the slick wet folds of her wanton cunt. Her copious juices soaked my hand and my other hand held her head tight.

Max moved next to me and tugged off my shirt forcing my lips away from Trina’s for s moment before we kissed again. His hands brushed against my bare skin as they moved down to unbutton and unzip my jeans. It felt odd letting him undress me while I kissed Trina but it didn’t bother me at all. He pushed my jeans and boxers to the floor and I stepped out of them letting my dick spring free. It pressed against Trina’s smooth belly and I reveled in the feel of her smooth skin against mine. Her body was curvy in all the right places and she looked every bit as good naked as she had in her sexy, revealing dress.

She pulled her lips away from mine and turned to Max. Her arms rested on his broad shoulders and she looked into his eyes with a sassy knowing look in her eyes. She pulled his lips down to hers and kissed him slowly and sensuously as my fingers conyinued to toy with her hard clit.

I felt Max’s cock brush against my leg leaving a cool wet trail of precum in its wake. Instinctively and without consideration I gripped it with my free hand. It felt surprisingly hot to the touch and I could feel it pulse whith each pump of his heart. It was alive and I couldn’t believe that I was touching another man’s dick.

Trina turned back to me. She glanced down and smiled brightly. She kissed me soft and feather light then turned and kissed Max in exactly the same way.

“Now you two,” she said in a low throaty tone. She put her hands on the back of each of our necks and guided us together. I’d never in my wildest dreams imagined myself kissing a guy and despite my occasional homoerotic fantasies I’d always been kind of disgusted at the thought of two guys kissing but I pressed my lips against his and we kissed gently at first.

I felt his strong knowing hand grip my cock and I moaned deep and low when he squeezed it hard. His hand moved up and I felt a large drop of precum ooze from the tip. He smeared the clear viscous liquid over the head and pumped his hand rapidly bringing me to a fevered pitch.

The room was spinning and my body was on fire. I moaned softly yet urgently and I cooed as Trina moved behind me and pressed her sexy body against me.

“Stroke him,” she purred softly in my ear. Her warm breath caressed the sensitive skin on my neck and the tip of her tongue traced the outline of my ear.

My hand began to move of its own accord and he forced his tongue past my closed lips. A low groan rattled up from my chest and I shivered with raw, ravenous desire. I couldn’t believe what I was doing nor how good it felt. I smeared his precum, which was more copious than mine, down his shaft and stroked him fast and hard.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” She asked in a deep velvety tone. Her fingers toyed with my chest and she kissed along the nape of my neck sending a powerful shiver down my spine.

“Mmm hmmm,” I moaned into his mouth. My lips were parted wide and our tongues slithered together wetly as we jerked and stroked each other with reckless abandon.

“Get on your knees,” Trina demanded firmly. Her tone commanded respect and without hesitation I dropped down and knelt before him. The briny aroma of his musky body engulfed me and I looked up, first at him and then to her for direction. I’d never sucked a dick before and I had no idea where to start.

“Lick it first,” Trina directed. She’d done this before. Her fingers dug roughly into her molten honey pot and her pretty eyes glazed over with a lust drunk expression.

My tongue flicked out of its own accord and I grabbed hold of his impressive throbbing shaft with my right hand as my left cupped his smooth shaved balls. I dragged the rough surface of my tongue up the underside of his manhood and its salty flavor filled my mouth.

“Oh yeah,” Max hissed sounding much more effeminate than he had at any time prior.

I looked up at him with gentle pleading eyes and out eyed locked together as I licked his cock repeatedly. My heart raced and I lovingly licked and kissed his pulsating shaft until the look on his face told me that he wanted more.

“Just do it as you’d want it done to you,” Trina advised. Her soft voice trembled and her body started to shake. She was close and I looked into her eyes as I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around Max’s flared head. The taste of sweat mixed with precum tickled my tongue and I moaned deep and low.

“That’s it Baby,” Trina cooed. Her body twisted and writhed as intense waves of pleasure lapped at her quivering body. A string of profanity streamed from her mouth like a trucker with Tourette Syndrome. Her pretty eyes held my gaze and my lips sank down his shaft letting it fill my throat as she climaxed hard.

I sucked and slurped on his dick savoring the briny flavor and smooth feel of his pulsating flesh in my mouth. Saliva spilled from the corners of my mouth and dripped from my chin. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I fought hard not to gag and I lost myself in the erotic act of sucking another man’s dick.

“Come to bed boys,” Trina said in a sultry voice. She laid back with her legs spread wide and beckoned me to her as Max followed slowly behind.

My stiff prick led the way. It jutted proudly from my muscular body and it swayed from side to side with each step. Trina gazed lovingly at my dick and she smiled as I joined her on the big king sized bed.

I knelt between her splayed thighs and aimed my cock at her furry pussy.

“Not yet,” she teased. She shook her head and directed me lower until my lips were level with her aromatic wet cunt. My nostrils flared and I inhaled deeply drawing the sweet scent into my lungs. I’d always loved the visceral feel and taste of a nice wet pussy and she was as wet as any I’d had.

My tongue glided along her slick elastic folds and a deep guttural moan spilled from her soft lips when the rough surface of my tongue grazed her engorged clit. Trina clutched at my scalp, her manicured nails raking through my thick brown hair as her full hips slowly undulated.

Her breathing quickened and a string of soft mews emanated from her pretty mouth. My heart was racing and my tongue was frenetic inside the folds of her needy cunt as I knelt face down ass up between her legs.

The bed shifted and my pulse quickened. Max knelt behind me and ran his hands over my ass cheeks. My mind reeled and I continued lap at her hard clit. I felt his tongue glide across my sensitive sphincter and a long low moan rose up from my chest. I’d had my ass licked a few times before and I loved it. Goosebumps formed on my inner thigh and my cock twitched.

I eased two fingers inside Trina’s tight pussy and curled them upward until the pads of my fingers caressed her g spot. I attacked her clit with the tip of my tongue and she twisted and writhed. Her body quivered and quaked as another climax rolled over her and a surge of her succulent juices flowed from her spasming pussy. They soaked my face and filled my mouth with her rich, delicious flavor as Max eased a thick finger inside of me. He grabbed my stiff prick and stroked it in time with his probing digits.

I felt the rising tide of my climax building deep inside me. His knowing fingers rubbed my prostate and a steady flow of precum ran from the head of my dick. I’d never felt so much precum leak from my dick and the warm steady pressure of his fingers on my prostate was driving me wild.

Max pushed two more fingers inside my ass stretching me wide. Pain ripped through my asshole making my building climax slow noticeably. He pumped them deep and hard and released my dick from his big strong hand.

I felt like my entire body was one tingling erogenous zone. Every nerve ending in my body was on full alert and my knees felt weak and shaky.

“Come up here Lover,” Trina cooed. She pulled me up until I was on top of her and her soft hands reached between my legs and she guided my cock into the warm wet embrace of her molten sex.

I sank balls deep inside her and then paused as I savored the sensation of being inside her. She looked up at me with a hungry gaze pulled my lips against hers. She was a good and aggressive kisser and our tongues danced a tango inside the warm enclave of our joined mouths.

Max slid up between my legs and drooled copious amounts of saliva into my crack. The smooth spongy tip of his big, clipped dick rubbed enticingly across the tender flesh of my eager sphincter.

“Fuck him Baby,” Trina hissed loudly. She dug her fingers into my fleshy ass and simultaneously pulled me deep inside her and spread my ass wide to help Max penatrate me virgin hole.

Pain shot through me and I groaned deep and loud. I’d never felt anything like that before. It was intense and humbling. He pushed his hips down against my ass feeding every inch of his hard throbbing cock into my depths. His balls pressed against mine and he paused for a moment.

Max backed out slowly and it felt weird as if I was going to the bathroom. He then thrust hard into me forcing my cock against Trina’s cervix and making me grunt like a wounded animal. He fell into a hard steady rhythm and my grunts and groans filled the room.

My cock pistoned into Trina as Max fucked me hard and fast for several long minutes. His breathing quickened and so did mine. I felt my climax approaching like a runaway train. My body was on fire and my breathing labored.

Max pounded my ass harder and faster and I sped past the point of no return. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air and it felt warm and stifling. Sweat dripped from my brow and rolled down my face. My hips pumped hard against her, driven by Max’s thrusting cock.

“Cum for me lover,” Trina panted. She knew I was close. “Fill my cunt with your seed.” Her pretty eyes fluttered and I mashed my lips against hers in a deep passionate kiss as I erupted inside her spraying hot cum into her fertile womb.

I felt Max thrust deep. His cock grew bigger and harder inside me as he released a long low groan that shook the bed. Ribbons of hot cream painted my bowels and he collapsed on top of me in a sweat soaked exhausted heap.

I rolled off of Trina, my spent cock slipping from her warm embrace as Max rolled to her other side sandwiching her between us. I could feel his cream ooze from my gaping, well fucked ass and my head started to spin as I came down from the euphoria of my climax.

I felt embarrassed and ashamed in the aftermath of my orgasm. I’d certainly fantasized about bisex but for over forty years I’d been told by society that gay and bi sex was wrong. I knew in my heart that there was nothing wrong with what I’d done but decades of conditioning was hard to overcome.

“Don’t worry,” Trina said in a soft soothing tone when she recognized the angst on my face. “It will pass and when it does you will find that you are much happier with the freedom that comes with the knowledge that you are no longer beholden to what society deems acceptable.” Her fingers ran through my hair and she pulled my head to her bountiful bosom.

I felt safe and secure in her arms and as the fresh scent of her perfume mixed with the lingering aroma of her juices on my face my cock began to grow anew.

I glanced at the clock. It was nearly 5am and I’d been awake for nearly 24 straight hours.

“Do you have somewhere to be?” Trina asked. Her soft lips kissed the top of my head and I swooned with growing desire.

“Nope,” I answered quickly. I had no job, no home and no debts. I was not only free to explore all of my carnal urges with them, I was not beholden to anyone for as long as my money held out.

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