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Was It Ravishment or Something Else?

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What the hell was it with girls? Linda had flirted with him shamelessly for a long time. She had invited him over while both of their respective significant others were out of town. They had hung out together in her parent’s basement rec room. Her outfit had been very sexy and she had flashed her white cotton panties at him numerous times.

She’d asked him how a boy knows a girl wants to be kissed and he had ended up kissing her. They had ended up on the floor with him on the bottom in a hot 69. He had yanked off her tiny panties and eaten her plump little pussy lips and ass hole with gusto. She in turn had sucked him off. He had made her cum twice with his lips and tongue. So,like any guy of twenty-one, he had assumed that she wanted at least a repeat performance which would certainly lead to a fuck.

He had invited Linda on a date for the following evening with every intention of getting a piece of ass from the hot little blond with the tight body. They didn’t go out anywhere, they went to his apartment. They started making out; in short order he had her clothes off along with most of his own and they were rolling around on his single bed. And then she started saying, “no, no, we can’t do this”.

What the fuck? She wasn’t a virgin; he knew she was getting fucked on a regular basis by her, out of town for the summer, boy friend. She was on the pill; he’d checked her purse. Sure, technically they were cheating on their respective, “steadies” but they weren’t married or even engaged for Christ’s sake.

She wanted to kiss and make out. He felt her pussy and it was very wet. He’d finger fucked the little college junior and she had moved her hips up and down in perfect rhythm. She was stroking his cock. He wanted her cunt; he’d positioned her appropriately on her back with her athletic thighs pressed up against her fine titties. His rock hard prick was inches from the target and then, “no, no, don’t”. He’d gone down on her and she vigorously fucked his face with her hairy little bush. She’d cum. She’s tried to get his cock into her mouth; not a bad idea, he thought, she’s an exceptional little cock sucker—far better than his regular girl friend. No, not this time, he mused, I want some pussy.

Was all of this, “no, no” shit about playing hard to get? Shit, she’d already blown him the day before. Did she somehow think she wasn’t cheating on her boy friend if they didn’t actually fuck? If he fucked her, could he technically be guilty of rape? He hadn’t forced her to come to his place and she hadn’t resisted him removing her clothes or getting her off with his oral skills. She wouldn’t go to the cops and cry rape, would she? Fuck it. This was a small town; the scandal would be devastating for her family. There was ample evidence that the little tease was sexually active. He was much stronger than she was. He held her down with his strong arms, spread her closed thighs with his knee and shoved his painfully hard cock to the depths of her slippery little slot.

Oh, God, she was tight; she was really tight. She tried to hit him with her fists; he grabbed them and held them firmly against the bed over her head. She tried to bite him; he bit her back and she cried out. And the whole time, as he was positive that she was actually moving right along with him, she went on with the, “no, no” crap. She really did seem to be fighting for all she was worth but he easily overpowered her. The need to restrain her from either getting away or trying to hurt him distracted him just enough to keep him from cumming quickly in this new piece of tail. He was even getting off on her struggles; it wasn’t really rape, was it?

The little cunt came first, much to his surprise. He had started really fucking her hard, banging into her pubic bone for all he was worth. She kept fighting him; it turned him on, even enraged him. He was going to give her the fuck of her life; it was certainly the fuck of his young life. He pulled out of her, rolled her forcefully over on her front and decided to finish her off from the rear. She wouldn’t get up on her knees, lying flat on her front with her legs tightly clamped together. Kneeling between her prominent little butt, he started to laugh. Did she think that was going to keep him from doing her? His cock was longer than the average; he might not be able to go balls deep but he’d sure as hell get most of his cock in her tight little pussy. The extra friction that her attempts to deny him provided only excited him even more. He was back inside her in short order.

He started to finger her ass hole as he settled into a steady pace. Soon he was fucking her dirty hole with his finger all the way up to the second knuckle. More of that, “no, no”, crap. Finally he came; it was the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced. He knew he was not ready to quit. Once before he had vigorously fucked his steady out in a field one afternoon, plundering her like a bitch in heat from behind and had experienced the same phenomenon. He was still rock hard and knew he needed to get off again. Rocking back, he inserted a second finger past her tight little anal ring then began to drizzle as much spit as he could produce on her tight little hole. He’d never fucked a girl in the ass before. He’d gotten the head into his steady girl friend’s fine little butt one time. She had cried out, pulled away and had never let him near her forbidden passage again. Not this time; Linda was going to get it in the ass. She squealed when he broke her anal barrier; she cried out when his cock slowly descended to the depths of her furnace-hot little rectum. He slapped her plump little ass hard several times. He whispered in her ear.

“My cock is balls deep in your ass, Linda. Relax and accept it. I’m going to fuck your ass and I’m not going to stop until I dump a load in that tight little rear of yours.”

She whimpered, moaned and protested but much of the fight had gone out of her. He had released her arms. She slipped one hand under herself and began to diddle her little nub. He fucked her ass longer than he ever thought he could last inside that excruciatingly hot, tight velvet like canal. All good things must end. He came with a howl and a growl at the very depths of Linda’s abused other hole. She came a few seconds later but tried to hide it.

She turned over and slapped him, hard in the face; he did not retaliate, figuring he probably deserved it.

“Take me home you bastard!” Linda screamed, retrieving her clothing and quickly dressing.

The laxative effect of the cum in her rear took effect and she dashed to the bathroom. He heard her farting and shitting his cum into the toilet. She came out of the bathroom obviously embarrassed.

He drove her back to her parents place and not a word was exchanged. She exited his car, slammed the door and dashed to the front door and beyond without ever looking back. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t get any of that fine young pussy—or ass— again. If she tells her best friend—my steady—I’m probably screwed there too. Fuck it, that relationship was beginning to wear thin anyway.

He was walking out of the building where he worked during the summer and heading for lunch when he next saw Linda. She pulled her little Mini into a space a couple of spaces in front of his own car. She sat there in the car for a few minutes. He stood on the sidewalk between the two cars and wondered where the hell this was going. She got out and came up to him; she looked angry but also very desirable. She also had a summer job which required wearing business clothes and she looked good enough to eat.

“We need to talk!” She exclaimed, inches from his face.

“Look, Linda, I’m sorry…”

“Not here.”

“Well, I’m going across the street to the hotel to get a quick bite to eat, then I have to get back to work. Do you want to join me?”

Linda nodded and fell in step beside him. She said nothing until they had placed their orders in the old hotel lunch room. It was late for most people to be having lunch so there were few other folks around.

“I’m going to tell her what you did.”

“By her, I guess you mean your best friend and my regular girl friend; by the way, that should be what, ‘we’ did, just for the record.”

“You raped me…you forced me…”

“Oh, hell, Linda, I’ll plead guilty to rough sex but you’ll never make a rape charge stick…if that’s what you are implying.”

“You shouldn’t have done it. I kept telling you no!”

“Look, Linda, I’ve been told no, before and I think I know when it really means no. You’d already blown me, you’re clothes came off without a lot of protest, you were ready to suck my cock again, your little quim was dripping and I wanted your pussy…and I guess I took it.”

“You did more than that…you sodomized me!”

“Yes, and as I recall you came again. By the way, I’d never done that before, I’ve tried to talk, you know who into it, with no success; it was really nasty but it was also incredible.”

“You’ve never done that before?”

“Nope, I was a virgin in that regard. You?”

“No, my boy friend tried it once, but it hurt and—it hurt when you did it—more than you know!”

“I really am sorry. Look you invited me over that night. We made out, we had oral sex and I assumed you wanted to take it to the next level. The ass fuck, well, the more you fought me the more it turned me on. There I was, dicking your little cunt from behind and that cute little bung hole of yours was just winking at me…”

“It was so dirty…you…”

“Yea, it was dirty and it was the most incredibly erotic thing I’ve ever done. By the way, you did slip your hand down there and get yourself off; you didn’t exactly just lie there and take it.”

“It stopped hurting once I relaxed and got used to the fullness but it’s not something I’d ever let a boy do to me again.”

“Look, Linda, I’m sorry. Do what you need to do. I really like you and, bluntly the sex was beyond anything your best friend and I have every, ‘enjoyed’. I’ve got to get back to work. I’ve got to go back to the lab and finish up another hour or so of work. Lunch is on me.”

Linda followed him back to the tall office building. As he let himself in through the side door, to his surprise, she came in with him and climbed the two flights of stairs to the lab along side him. She sat down at his desk chair as he checked on the progress of the various machines and started several other machines to do their designed tasks.

He had joined the Army right out of high school just after his seventeenth birthday. It was during his three year hitch that he had learned how to do this kind of work. Thanks to the Army, his college expenses were virtually covered. As promised, the US Army had taught him a trade, so that now, rather than having to squeak by at some crappy job barely above minimum wage, he had a real job that paid three or four times the minimum wage. He’d gotten a good start on college while in the Army. He’d received two semesters of credit for his Army training and another year’s worth in night school. He’d CLEP tested out of several mundane undergrad requirements. His major was actually directly related to the work he was doing and the training he had received. He would officially be a senior when he started school again in the fall. Thanks to his training and experience, coupled with the discipline the Army had provided, he was an “A” student.

Any real status and serious money in this field required a degree and ultimately would require grad work. The company was very pleased to have hired him and wanted him to stay around after he graduated. They had assured him he would be promoted to assistant lab manager as soon as he graduated, which would include shift supervisor responsibilities. If he went on for a Masters, he would make Lab Manager in short order. His goal was director of Laboratory operations which required a Doctorate. He liked this college town, enjoyed the work and had an excellent relationship with his boss. The company knew that he had been a treasured find and did not want to lose him. He’d probably stay here and stay with this company for the rest of his life.

“Where is everybody?” Linda inquired.

“Just about everyone has gone home.”

“They let you run this lab, unsupervised?”

“Linda, I ran a lab much like this with a staff of six in the Army. There was an officer, but he didn’t really know the technical stuff so he stayed out of my way. Actually he was a great boss and we became good friends. As a civilian, however, you have to get a degree to gain that kind of responsibility.” He said, then filled her in on his career plans.

“You’re planning to go all the way to a PhD?”

“Without a doubt; it’s the only way to make the move from glorified technician to, ‘professional’.” I’ll keep working and making money, which is a real plus. I work forty to sixty hours a week in the summer and usually around thirty during the school year.” He told her.

“What kind of money do you make, if I’m not being too personal?”

“Well, thanks to Uncle Sam, I required no real training so I didn’t have to come in at the entry level. Again thanks to Uncle, my college costs are covered; I get enough out of the GI Bill to even cover many of my living expenses. When that runs out, the company will pay for my graduate work, at least most of it. I make around thirty dollars an hour with time and a half over forty and double over fifty hours. In the summer I work, on average, ten to twelve hours a day.”

“I’m not a wiz a math but that sounds like…”

“A little over fifty grand a year before taxes.”

“But you…”

“Drive a shitty car and live in a one bedroom apartment? Hell the apartment is better than I ever lived in the Army, probably better than where I lived growing up. I live within walking distance of here. The car is a couple of years old but very reliable and rated by Consumer Reports as a, ‘best buy’ in used cars. I wear a lab coat most of the time so I don’t spend a lot on clothes. I don’t eat out a lot and don’t have any expensive hobbies—or time for them.”

“But all that money…”

“I’m saving it for a rainy day, I guess. Look, I don’t want to work until I’m old and battered; my dad did that. I don’t want to be like him. He still doesn’t have two dimes to rub together. I’ll probably buy a house as soon as I graduate, one more year. When I finish my masters, I’ll probably buy my first nice, new car. After a doctorate and promotion to Director, I’ll probably settle down, get married and start a family, you know five or six years down the road.”

“You and Suzy…”

“Regardless of whether or not you tell her about our carnal adventures, that relationship wasn’t long for this world. I mean, I’m not a bad looking guy but I’m not flashy and I’m not much of a party animal. She is. It was all about physical attraction when it started. I met her at a friend’s fraternity party. I guess she thought I was Joe College and I’m not. The sex was great for a while, hell I’d been in the Army for three years and she was cute and willing. What about you?”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure Ray is fucking his arrogant little ass off this summer. We’ve been dating a little over a year. I used to believe that he was everything I wanted in a man, good family, a little bit of money, fancy car, nice clothes…you know. I think I’m just an arm piece—a show trophy—so he can impress his jerky friends.”

“You are a very attractive woman, Linda, a, ‘head turner’ as they say. So what are you going to do with your life?”

“Thank you for the complement. I’m going to get my degree, early with any luck, get a job, make a little money and then probably settle down.”

“So, in the spirit of candor…”

“Why did I come on to you? I was horny and I thought you were cute. I don’t know where I thought it would end up going, and frankly it went farther that first night than I had planned.”

“And the second night?”

“That went much farther than I planned. I shouldn’t have accepted and you shouldn’t have…”

“Raped you?”

“Oh hell, you didn’t really rape me! Frankly it was more of a turn on than I wanted to admit. I guess I’ve always had a fantasy about a guy, ‘having his way with me’. But then when you…”

“Fucked your ass?”

“That scared the shit out of me and it hurt like hell, at first. But, if truth be told, it was so nasty and so damned dominant that I…”

“Started to like it a little too much?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Linda, I’ll be done here in another half an hour. Do you want to start all over again? Maybe catch a bite to eat? I need to go change before we go out but I was hoping we could just go out together like two normal people and I promise no funny business.”

“Okay, why not. I’ll drive this time just for my own safety. How’s an hour sound?”

“That’ll work.”

And then Linda kissed him, more than a friendly peck but less than an amorous prelude. Linda called him right before the appointed hour to say she would be thirty minutes late. When she arrived, she looked pissed. This time she kissed him more meaningfully.

“Well, it looks as if you and I were not the only ones slipping around. I just got off the phone with my best friend and your girl friend, Suzy. She spent the night with my boy friend, Ray.”

“And is she planning to let me in on the news?”

“I didn’t confess anything nor did I tell her I’d keep her little secret.”

“Linda, how are you doing?”

“I’m just fine, pissed at being betrayed but fine. I knew Ray and I weren’t going to make it. Hell those two are perfect for each other, so no broken heart…you?”

“It was only a matter of time; maybe it will all work out for the best. Are you ready for dinner?”

“Let’s do it!”

He and Linda had a wonderful evening together. She was charming, bright and playful. She was a far more serious and substantial young woman than he had expected. He had been guilty of associating her blond, bouncy persona with a lack of depth. He had been wrong. They drove back to his apartment several hours later and they had a new respect for and interest in each other. He invited her in. She hesitated.

“I understand, Linda we are on uncharted ground here. Thanks for a great evening, one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in a long time. Let’s take it one step at a time.” He said, kissing her softly and exiting her Mini.

He waved at her from his front door and let himself in. She called him twenty minutes later.

“That was nice. Thank you. Thank you for being a gentleman.” She said.

An hour later as he was turning off the television news and getting ready for bed, there was a knock at his door. It was Linda. She had changed to an outfit that verged on slutty.

“Excuse me, I seem to be having some car trouble. Could I please use your phone to call the auto club?”

A role play? He’d play along. “Sure, come on in.”

“What are you going to do for me if I let you use the phone?”

“Please sir, I don’t want any trouble…”

“You’re a pretty hot little lady and that outfit clearly says, ‘fuck me’. Is that what you’re here for, some cock?” He said as began to run his hands along her sleek thighs, ultimately pushing her short, tight skirt out of the way and finding her pantyless little cunt.

“Your very wet, little bitch.” He said as he thrust several fingers inside her slippery slit.

“Please, no, I…”

“I bet you’re one damned fine little cock sucker.” He said, grabbing her hand and placing it on his rapidly growing organ. He spun her around, pushed her up against the wall and ran his strong hand along the cleft of her exquisite little ass, working a finger through her tightly clenched butt cheeks. Licking a finger he inserted it inside her tight little opening.

“Please sir, don’t do that, I’ll, cooperate but not there, I’ll do what ever else you want but not that, I’ll suck your…”

“You’re damned right you’ll suck my cock!” He said menacingly, as he spun her back around, pushed her to her knees and presented his raging hard on to her lips.

“Suck it, bitch, and no damned teeth or I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.” Linda did exactly as she was told, whimpering and moaning in protest as he ultimately became more forceful.

“You’re not a half bad little cock sucker. Let’s see how much of it you can take in that sweet little mouth.” He said, pushing his hard tool the back of her throat.

“That’s nice baby, you’ve got a sweet, hot tight little mouth. That’s okay, I don’t care if you gag a little, hell you’re may just gag a lot more in a couple of seconds!”

And gag she did even though he didn’t dump a load of hot cream on her tonsils. It was a delightfully nasty scene…for both of them. Having not cum, he was still rock hard. He removed his clothes but not hers and spun her back around, pushing her over the end of the sofa. He lavished oral attention on her fine young ass and cunt from behind bringing her off rather quickly.

“Okay my young friend, now you’re going to get some cock; I don’t really care right now where, cunt or shitter, you decide.”

“Oh, please, I already tried to get you off with my mouth, no more, please let me go…”

“Oh, hell, let’s start with that sweet little pussy of yours and if I get tired of that…” He said, impaling young Linda on his engorged fuck tool. She squealed, she cried and she moaned and his dick just got even harder, almost painfully so. She attempted to get up. He slapped her fine fanny hard and used his superior strength to push her down into the sofa.

“That enough of that shit! You need to learn some manners!” He said, as he worked several fingers inside her quivering ass and lavished it with spit for lubrication.

“The only way to make a little rebel like you behave is with a big fat cock up your rear. Hold still and relax or this is really going to hurt!”

And then he slid his long cock inside her dank hole and started to fuck her back there in earnest, more forcibly than on their previous anal adventure.

“Take that cock, little bitch, take that fat cock inside you hot little rectum. Oh, that’s a real man’s piece of ass there. That’s the best little ass I’ve ever had the pleasure of reaming.”

He fucked her long and hard; they came at almost the same time as she worked her fingers diligently in the right place to augment the very enjoyable sensations she was feeling in her back side.

“Clean it off cunt, clean your ass off my cock,” He said, pushing his dick to her lips. Linda did so. He kissed her, much to her surprise. He then picked her up effortlessly and carried her back to his bed.

“What are you going to do to me now sir, my God you’re, you’re still erect!”

“The second time that’s happen with you; a good sign I would think. My name is Jack, as you know. You’re name is Linda. The game is now officially over. I enjoyed it more than I probably should have. Now I’m going to take you to bed and make love to you, tender, gentle, passionate love as many times as is humanly possible until the sun comes up. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes, Jack.”

“Good.” He said, thrilling and surprising Linda with his sexual ardor well into the morning light.

“Okay, my nasty little slut, or my sweet young lady, which way do you prefer?”

“I’ve never, ever been truly made love to like that. You are amazing! Do I have to chose?”

“I guess not, at least not today…hell I’m not sure I want you to chose! You are a wonderful lover and the last six hours was more special than anything I’ve ever experienced but then again, the nasty stuff, the ‘forcing’ you, your ass…well, I’d hate to live without it.”

As Linda was just about to fall asleep in her own bed, she heard a noise; someone was opening the window to her bedroom. Before she knew it, a man in a ski mask was on top of her with his hand over her mouth.

“Don’t scream or I will hurt you very badly. There’s no one else in the house so it’s doubtful that anyone would here you. Do you know what I’m here for?”

“There’s a little money, some jewelry…”

“I have no need for either. I’ve been watching you for some time; I’m obsessed with you. I’m here for only one thing, your body. I’m going to rape you, rape your mouth, your pussy and then your ass. Do you understand?”

She nodded fearfully. He removed his hand from her mouth.

She whispered. “Please, I’ll do anything, don’t hurt me and my ass…”

“Is probably a hell of a lot tighter than your cunt, isn’t it?”

She nodded in fear.

“You’re probably a pretty good little cocksucker, but that’s not what I’m interested in tonight. Your pussy? Well, unfortunately, after a man get’s a hankering for a tight anal fuck, pussy just isn’t what it once was. And I know you have a couple of kids. Let’s get this show on the road. The quicker you accept your fate and the better you cooperate, the sooner this will be over. Hold your legs up, bitch, I’m going to take you from the front so you can watch me while I plunder your dirty hole. I bet you’ve done this before, let’s see what we have here in the bedside…ah, top of the line German anal lube. Hold those ass cheeks open, that’s a good little girl, let’s get that tight little rectum greased up for the inevitable. God that’s a sweet little ass.”

Linda had little time to even think as she felt the persistent pressure of the man’s massive cock head at the entrance to her taboo opening. He was right. It would be better for her if she relaxed. She did so and the fat cock head shot past her anal ring. And then he was slowly stroking the depths of her bowels. Not that bad, she thought to herself but I can’t let him know. Oh yea, that’s the way I like it. Damn Jack turned me into such a little anal slut and now here I am with this man raping my poor little ass hole and…liking it…a lot.

“Oh fuck me you bastard, ream that little ass, come on stud, shoot that load deep inside me! Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum you prick, oh, shit…ahhhhhhhhh!!!!”

“I’m sorry, but I just never get tired of it that way. It’s so damned nasty and exciting. You’re still the most wonderful lover a woman could hope for, but when you surprise me like that, let me play my games and pound my little rump just like you did that first time over twenty years ago…”

“You are one nasty little slut and I have to be the luckiest old married man in the world. You still turn me on like no other woman ever could.”

“That’s the whole idea!”

“Well, but now you have to endure the second part.”

“Is that the part where you make passionate, tender, gentle love to me until the sun comes up?”

“Uh, huh.”

“What time are the kids getting her for Thanksgiving dinner?”

“Not until noon, I would expect.”

“Maybe we’ll have time in the morning for the evil appliance repair man to stop buy to check out the stove.”

“He works on Thanksgiving?”

“He gets double overtime.”

“That sounds like just what the doctor ordered, Doctor.”

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