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Don’t Be Shy

Category: Anal Sex
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Don’t be shy with me… Fuck me, Fuck my tight little fuckhole. I want to feel your balls smack my clit as you grab a tit with each hand relentlessly, mercilessly pounding my sweet ass with your fat cock.

Mmm Fuck! I scream as I feel your cockhead enter me, pushing your long fat shaft all the way deep inside my ass with one hard push. Pulling completely out and pushing it straight back inside for the first few thrusts.

Feeling my body warming as your fat cock thrusts slowly and deeply. Pulling my ass higher as you grab my hips hungrily. Forcing moans from my lips as I grab the sheet holding it tightly, pressing my body back into yours. Feeling my asshole stretching wider to accommodate such a fat cock.

My moaning causing you to become very excited, your balls smacking my clit hard and fast as you thrust deeper, harder. Grabbing my tits and squeezing them tight, pulling on them with a firm grip, pushing your cock deeper as you use my tits to pull me harder against your fat cock.

Reaching between my thighs to take a firm grip on balls… Holding them as I feel every inch of your fat cock slipping easily now in and out of my ass. Massaging them in my hand as I rub them against my pussy with each thrust you make.

Hearing your grunts, each time your hips resonate off my ass. I begin to rock on my knees, grinding my ass against your cock. My movements making each thrust harder and deeper, clawing the bed with one hand as my other continues to hold and stroke your balls.

My face buried in the sheets as I try and stifle my loud lustful moans. In a moment of passion I release your balls and quickly finger my engorged clit as my thighs shake and my body tingles. Feeling my orgasm coming quickly, I cry out loudly…

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, baby… yes, oh Fuck… YES…”

Cum dripping from my pussy onto the crisp clean sheets. Your balls stealing some of the moisture as they smack even harder against my quivering pussy.

And then I feel your hand coming down hard onto my ass…

The fierce sharp sear, as the next comes crashing down, and the next until I am literally shaking; your cock becoming completely engorged as another smack comes painfully sharp down upon my reddened ass.

Crying out, “Oh Fuck, oh fuck that feels so good,” I bury my face harder into the bed as my ass instinctively rises higher to meet your hand. Pushing back against you as your fat cock slams into my body hard, lurching me forward.

Your hands back at my hips digging your nails into my hips as you thrust. My moans turning into guttural screams and then into breathy pants as I cum violently again, feeling your throbbing cock pressing deep into me.

Feeling your fingers working my clit quickly, rubbing and stroking it firmly. Slapping it as my juices pour from me a second time…

“Yes, that’s my good girl, cum for me.”

Pulling your cock from me, you grab my waist and flip me quickly onto my back, grabbing my legs and pushing them back until my toes touch the wall behind us. With one easy thrust, you are back deep inside my ass again.

Brushing the hair from my face as your hips slowly rock back an forth, looking down at me, smiling. Your fat cock slowly dipping in and out of me, as your lips find mine.

Reaching behind my head, grabbing a handful of hair and gently pulling it as your tongue slips into my mouth finding mine and curling around it. I taste your sweet breath as whimpers leave my still shaking body.

Holding my hair firm as your other hand finds my breast, brushing your thumb over my nipple, as your thrusts pick up again; not as hard or fast but just as deep, if not more deeply than before.

I stare into your eyes as I grab your neck, moaning softly. Holding your head to mine as our eyes lock, losing ourselves, surrendering to each other and the ecstasy surrounding us…

Feeling your thrusts briefly quicken as your cock pulses hard inside my ass, taking my lips again to yours as you spill yourself deep inside. Our lips linger, pressed together as your balls empty, with a few more slow deep thrusts.

Feeling your fat cockhead emerge from my ass, you sit back on your heels and admire the sight of your hot cum dripping from my gaping hole.

Looking up at your as my fingers move through the wet mess left behind, grinning as I feel the gapping hole that was my asshole.

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