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For those of you not familiar with the British ‘pastime’ of ‘Dogging’ let me explain that it involves numbers of people meeting up in secluded public carparks for sexual frolics. It’s become a bit of a cultural cliché over here, with the tabloid image of seedy loners and old slappers getting down and dirty in dreary locations in the dead of night.

But as I found this summer, that can be pretty far from the exciting truth now that a new generation of ‘doggers’ is emerging. Bear with this tale; I think you’ll get a buzz, as we did. . .

Kent is known as the garden of England – a somewhat dubious monicker given the weather variations – but at the beginning of this summer with a heatwave scorching all and sundry my 29 year-old wife Lucy and I visited friends down there.

After one particularly heavy night and with our friends having family commitments, the following day Lucy and I took a bus into the lush green countryside and decided to make our way back to the town via the many country pubs and beer gardens.

After an afternoon’s drinking under the vibrant sun, we were pretty merry after dinner and found ourselves budging up our wooden bench-seats at our table in a crowded beer garden to give another couple some room.

We made smalltalk with Richard and Chloe- a tall brunette with a very fine figure, full in all the right places I ascertained with my many glances down at her chest straining her tight white vest-top.

He was an amiable bloke who worked in the city but had taken the weekend off to come down to Kent in pursuit of their hobby. I never immediately pursued the ‘hobby’ inquiry, not wanting to appear too nosey, and preferring to watch his wife chat to mine – both girls had dark locks, my Lucy’s ringleted where her hair lay on her shoulders, Chloe’s straight, falling halfway down her back; Lucy has big green eyes, a natural full pout and softer features, while Chloe’s sparkling blue orbs and dazzling smile lit up her tanned face. They were a pair who attracted plenty of unsolicited male attention from the surrounding tables.

Because of the heat, Lucy wore a fitted red T-shirt which clung to her prominent 36C tits and a white pair of shorts, finishing halfway down her long thighs. I hadn’t noticed what Chloe had complimented her skimpy vest-top with until she stood to get some more drinks and revealed a shapely pair of pins beneath a short denim mini-skirt. Her tight little ass swayed provocatively as she sauntered into the bar.

While she was gone Chloe eventually asked out of politeness exactly what this ‘hobby’ was that Richard had chosen to travel to Kent for.

I nearly choked on my beer when he replied with a cool smile, “Dogging.”

Lucy just sat with a blank expression and a question in her eyes as Richard found amusement in my reaction.

“You’re not quite sure what dogging is?” Richard asked her.

“Well. . .No,” Lucy answered with a sheepish smile. “I’ve never heard of it; although I think Andy might have. . .” She glared at me.

Richard laughed. He was a rugged guy, about my height – just under six feet – with a touch of grey around his dark temples. I reckoned he was mid-late thirties, while Chloe was more our age; late twenties.

Chloe arrived back with drinks before Richard chose to give Lucy and answer. Instead, he told Chloe what was up and she beamed at Lucy. “You really don’t know? Well. . .It’s sort of like a lot of people get together, mostly at night but in summer it can be early evening. . .Well, we all meet up in car parks, and, well, things can get exciting, you know? Like, maybe some people will have sex and others get off watching, or sometimes join in. .. ”

Lucy looked mindblown. She had been quite reserved about sex – I think I was only the third guy to ever see her naked, and the second to screw her. The odd one out, carnally, would have been her doctor. . .

That was when we married. Since then a one-off bit of wild, boozed-up fun after a wedding had been her only ‘bacchanalian’ behaviour. I wrote about Lucy losing her inhibitions in a previous recollection entitled, ‘lapdancing’.

Back at the beer garden table, when Lucy eventually shut her gaping mouth, Chloe added, “It really is a lot of fun. You never thought about trying it?”

She looked at me, her beautiful smile making me scream ‘YES!’ inside, but I held my composure through my beer-fugue and shrugged, “Nah, never. Reckoned it was only old geezers and strange loners who did it. . .No offence, you know?”

“Nope, don’t worry about that,” said Richard. “You’d be amazed. Loads of young folk doing it for a laugh now. I mean, since the weather got so warm, we’ve seen some real antics, eh Chloe?”

She concurred.

Lucy started to ask questions, seemingly fascinated. Most were directed at Chloe, loads about the men, what they did. When Chloe told her about the number of good-looking guys she’d seen wanking openly, I saw Lucy’s expression intensify and her eyes mist a bit – I knew that watching a man wank was one of her big turn-ons; we’d seen enough porn together where she’d gotten extremely hot at those group scenes with the blokes jerking and watching the women; and during our wedding after-party adventure in ‘Lapdancing’ she’d been buzzed by the cocks on show then, too.

A realisation dawned – it had been running through my head ever since the word dogging was mentioned and my reptilian brain began throwing up images of Chloe in sexual situations – and Lucy asked them tentatively, with awe, if they got ‘involved’.

“Of course,” shrieked Chloe, “That’s all the fun!”

Then Richard made my heart race like no man ever has – or, given my red-blooded hetero-ness, I thought possible! – when he proposed, “Why don’t you guys come along with us tonight and see for yourselves? You can just watch the antics. I’ve got plenty room in our 4×4 for a couple of rookies. . .”

He grinned and I put it all together – I hadn’t seen him with a beer; just orange, then a coke. He was driving. Of course, they’d stopped off so Chloe could get some resolve from a couple of large wines on their way out for some fun.

My mouth went dry. I looked cautiously at Lucy. She was wide-eyed, looking a bit like a goldfish that’s just realised its world’s a glass bowl with nowhere else to go. She was stumped for an excuse.

Richard even headed any off at the pass when he offered, “Don’t worry about transport home – I’ll run you back to wherever you’re staying after the fun’s up. Fancy being a couple of interested observers for the evening?”

“If you want. . .For a laugh. . .” I said to Lucy.

Chloe egged her on as well, telling her what a kink it was to see people acting all horny. Lucy kind of nodded, and Richard chose the moment to get up and declare it time to get a move on; things were starting earlier in this heat, he confirmed, and we wouldn’t want to miss anything, would we?

I guzzled my beer and locked eyes with Lucy as she downed her vodka. She just raised her brows and got up with a nervous smile.

It only took five minutes drive in Richard’s spacious offroader to find ourselves heading up a track off the main highway. It was the way into some country park and opened up into a grove half the size of a football pitch; a little carpark, enclosed by trees and lit warmly by the evening sun. To my surprise there were a good half-dozen other cars there. Richard paused, asking Chloe where she wanted to go.

She pointed over to a flatbed jeep which appeared to have some people in conversation around it. He drove over slowly, pulling up alongside.

Lucy gasped, “Oh my God. . .” – the jeep was on her side of Richard’s car and both she and Chloe – in the front passenger seat of course – had a great view down. I leaned over and admit I too got a shock as a burst of adrenalin shot through me. On the flat open back of the jeep a guy who was no older than us was sitting with his arms around his wife, or girlfriend – you don’t check rings at moments like that – who was leaning with her back against him, facing out at three blokes who had gathered around the back of the jeep’s open tailgate, cocks in hand, pulling slowly as they stared at her.

What was so interesting them was the fact that this attractive blonde thirtysomething had her skirt rucked up around her waist and her legs splayed wide apart with no panties to be seen. What was on display was a smooth-shaven pussy, lips swollen and reddened, her winking slit glistening with juices caught in the evening sunlight. Her man had her top lifted and was rolling a pair of very stiff nipples in his fingers while he kneaded her small tits and watched on.

The wankers shot our vehicle a few anxious glances but soon relaxed, even briskened their strokes, when they caught sight of Lucy and Chloe at the windows.

“Wow!” Chloe squealed, and shot at Lucy, “I told you there was some fun, didn’t I?”

Richard lowered the girls’ windows and the sounds of soft feminine moaning drifted in. The blonde wore a glazed look as she gazed at us with hooded eyes. One hand strayed to her pussy and her fingers got busy. I swear she locked eyes with me for a few moments – I’m not imagining it because I distinctly remember the erotic shock zipping straight to my dick and tenting my jeans.

The blonde girl worked up a rhythm and her free hand disappeared behind her, no doubt to get a handful of her man’s hard cock. Now and then I heard the juicy retort of a horny pussy being fingered.

Lucy and Chloe spoke in whispers:

Lucy: “Does this happen all the time?”

Chloe: “Oh, yeah. . .Just look at those guy swank. Hot isn’t it?”

Lucy didn’t answer, but she shuffled uncomfortably in her seat beside me.

Then Chloe nodded across the carpark, “Looks like this is where the action is tonight. Here come some more.”

I saw figures approaching. Two blokes moving independently of each other, and a couple. Then another car drew up on the opposite side of the jeep from us; a top-of-the-range Merc. I saw a very classy lady gaze out at the scene, her exquisite, defined features, make-up and general appearance speaking volumes. The car door opened to reveal her sitting side-saddle, facing out wearing a dark fitted pencil-skirt. I was pretty shocked to note her black blouse was open, her lacy bra supporting a couple of rosy-nippled breasts that were free of their cups. She flicked her brown, shoulder-length hair back off her face, took in the jeep scene and gazed hungrily at the guys’ dicks. Her husband reached round her and slowly began to raise her skirt.

The wankers switched their attentions between the jeep and the Merc. If the two women had any qualms about audience figures, they were soon assuaged by the arrival of the two new guys from across the carpark. They were younger- early twenties – and Chloe quipped, “Hey, Lucy, here’s some top totty for us!”

Lucy giggled, but I recognised the signs of attraction. Each guy looked pretty fit, groomed, although they were strangers to one another.

One of them stopped right at Mrs.Merc’s door. No shortage of confidence as he unbuttoned his flies and took out a hardening length of meat.

Chloe moaned; Richard slid a hand over though I couldn’t see what part of her he was touching because of the seat-back. Lucy gaped again in shock, but tinged with interest.

The second guy lingered at the back of the jeep, looking over at the Merc and at us. I felt Lucy flinch as his gaze roamed over our 4×4, and then Chloe upped the stakes by clicking opened her door, though not opening it fully.

“Chloe!” Lucy hissed, breathless.

“You don’t think I’m going to deprive that lovely meat of some stimulation, do you?” she said with a great dazzling smile.

My dick pulsed.

The other couple we’d seen tailing the two young men arrived on foot. A large bloke, looking like a bodybuilder gone a bit to seed, and the girl a slim brunette with a short bob and a cute, tan face. She had a little bra-top on holding a fine pair of bobbing tits and a matching white mini-skirt and sandals. Being a bit of a leg man I was pleased to note a toned pair of pins carrying that appetising frame.

She looked about as nervous as Lucy, I thought, but then realised I’d maybe been mistaken and that it was sexual tension I was seeing – she led her man up to the action and placed him right beside the original three jerkers.

Then, to my delight and surprise, she knelt, pulled out his fat cock and began to suck whilst watching the guys wank only feet from her face. The big bloke reached down and freed her fine high tits for our delectation and I rubbed myself slyly as they began to judder whilst she blew him.

In the Merc, that refined lady was losing a bit of her dignity as her skirt rose to reveal a fine full pussy, neatly shaved to leave only a brown landing strip above a puffy slit. Her hubby began to finger it and she groaned loudly. The newcoming young guy had his dick at full mast and beat it furiously. She responded by opening her legs to allow full sight of her flushed cunt. As her husband’s fingers delved inside, Chloe muttered, “Right, that’s it,” and kicked her door open.

Lucy actually recoiled a bit in shock, bumping into me. Of course, my cock was rock-hard and she felt it prod her back. She looked round, shocked, but it melted into a wicked grin. “You dirty sod,” she whispered, “This pervy stuff getting to you?”

“And not to you?” I asked back.

She just smiled wanly and turned back to the action. With another sharp intake of breath.

Chloe had the door open fully and was gaining some attention. Another single guy had appeared round her side of the car. He seemingly only had eyes for her and was in the act of extracting his member.

On the jeep flatbed, the guy moved into the doggy position and started to hump the blonde. Her little tits shuddered delightfully as he pounded into her. Two of the original jerkers squeezed forward against the back of the jeep, bringing their cocks to within inches of the blonde’s lust-filled face. She reached out and grabbed one.

Lucy said quietly, “Oh my God she’s going to wank him off. . .”

The third original, however, joined our newcomer in giving his undivided attention to Chloe.

I wanted – badly – to see what she was getting up to in the passenger seat. I saw her hand snake across the gap and delve into Richard’s lap. So did Lucy. I strained forward, looking through and saw a beautiful sight – Chloe’s lovely full tits out of her vest-top, it pulled down to show off her toned smooth torso. I reckoned her chest even bigger than my Lucy’s 36cs, and full with it. Her nipples were surprisingly small in comparison to her abundant tit-flesh – two little brown caps, but hard as studs.

Then Richard hauled her denim mini right up. She wore a pair of lace panties, high-cut, tantalisingly see-through in places. That was my only complaint about dogging – if you’re not in the right position, the view can be a pain. I wanted to be in the jerkers’ place – looking right up at Chloe as she displayed herself. But right then I settled for the over-the shoulder shot.

Chloe shot Lucy a devilish grin and said, “Look at all those hard cocks Lucy. . .Want to see this hot sod’s meat?”

She meant the younger bloke who’d turned up but as yet was not revealing anything, albeit there was a distinctive bulge in his denims as her stood only a few feet away in front of Chloe.

“Hey, hot stuff, take my panties off for me. . .”

Lucy just about choked in shock as Chloe ordered the guy. He stepped up with a grin as wide as the big blue sky above and did as she asked. He sniffed them, then tossed them in to Richard.

Looking down, I got a delicious view of Chloe’s naked mound – bare, I noted, waxed clean of hair, shining in the mellow light. Then she hooked a leg up on the dashboard and let the other dangle free, totally open to voyeuristic appetites.

The latest bloke pulled at his firm dick, looking at Chloe’s bared pussy. Her rubbed precum around the shaft, saw Lucy watching intently, smiled and jerked faster.

Beside me, Lucy’s breath quickened. She kept cursing to herself under it; disbelief, arousal. Her eyes flitted to the front – she saw Chloe’s fingers free Richard’s impressive cock and manipulate it. Lucy stared at his rampant, circumcised dick. Then she reached for mine, found it, worked her fingers into my flies, wrapped her hand around it.

Thank fuck for that; two seconds later and I was going to have to get it out myself anyway.

On the jeep the blonde shrieked expletives in an obvious and thrilling orgasm. Suddenly, the guy she was wanking came too, shooting some cum onto her chin. She laughed , milked him dry, then leaned just a bit further forward and took the other cock in her mouth.

Lucy wriggled, slowly jerked me. I reached round, fondled her firm tits – her nipples were like diamonds, felt even harder than my cock. I looked over at the Merc. She was sucking off the young guy. Her hubby had come out and round beside him to jerk his own dick against his wife’s face too. She was fingering herself, moaning in rhythm with their tryst.

Suddenly, my attention was snapped back – by my own wife as she took hold of my hand and ran it from her tits down to her crotch. So she was that horny, was she? Lucy groaned with lust; I followed her gaze, no longer on Richard’s cock but now on the younger bloke who’d removed Chloe’s panties. Chloe was rubbing at her pussy while Richard continued to tease her tits.

The young guy was the centre of the girls’ attention – he opened the fly of his jeans with a very wry grin and produced a slab of meat any bloke would have been proud of.

It looked like a damn fresh catch at a salmon farm. He wanked it up, growing it to a good nine inches by any quick guess.

Chloe cooed, “Oh yes, baby. . .Oh yes, wank it for me. . .”

Lucy was wrestling with her emotions – fiercely in the grip of hitherto rarely-known overt lust and yet staunchly maintaining some kind of reserve, continually telling herself aloud that she didn’t believe this was happening, peppered with plenty of ‘Oh God’s.

Then the blonde in the jeep fell forward, exhausted, leaving her man kneeling there, big dick in hand, gazing over at us. He had a cock-ring, a silver band protruding from the head of his member – a ‘Prince Albert’ ; looked fucking painful I can tell you.

The other two guys – the original wankers, followed his gaze, one of them now working his spent cock back up, the other surely on the brink of cumming.

Lucy shuddered with pleasure as I began to unbutton her shorts. The guys’ eyes were mainly on Chloe’s bare pussy of course, but they knew damn well there was a hottie behind the back door too, whom they could see through he window space..

My hand slipped into her panties – they were soaking wet. My fingers found her thick bud of a clit solid and slick and her hole sopping with desire. Her whole body quivered, a spasm shooting through her as I rolled her clit and sunk a finger in deep. She made a guttural sound that attracted attention.

“Hey, Lucy’s getting into it!” Chloe said with lustful glee.

Richard, looked right round the seat, heightening Lucy’s response. She ground on my fingers as his eyes roamed over her body.

“Pity she’s all covered up,” he smiled, looking right into her eyes.

She gasped, lifted her hips forward as more juice flooded over my twisted hand. She jerked her head back, actually going through a small orgasm with her yes tight shut.

Richard winked at me, said, “Man, I’d love to look at her awesome body and wank for her. . .”

That was the best trigger-pulling line I’ve heard. Lucy groaned, gasped, “Okay, let him see me, dammit!” as she finally overcame her inhibitions.

I lifted her T-shirt, took it right of fin one movement which shocked her. She opened her eyes, looked down at her own bra-clad tits, looked up at Richard’s hungry gaze and with a sexy bite of her lower lip, reached a hand round and flipped off her bra-catch. The white cups fell away and those ripe breasts were exposed to another guy fort he first time since I’d know her – in fact exposed to others as well; murmurs of approval rose from outwith but I don’t think it even quite registered with Lucy right then, such was the heady buzz of the situation.

She has very swollen aureole when aroused and those nipples certainly looked red and perky as she drew a deep breath, showing her fine chest off to maximum effect.

“Wow!” said Chloe, craning round, “You look fantastic Lucy. Doesn’t it feel great?”

Lucy grunted, not really saying anything but ground against my hand. I had two fingers up her and the others attempting to work her hard clit. Her breathing was deep and heavy; I felt she was encroaching on uncharted territory – a new form of arousal through unknown but violently powerful stimulation.

“You look awesome,” said Richard, ” but I want to experience it from those guys’ point of view as well. . .”

With that he got out the car and walked round to the girls’ side, dick in hand.

Chloe gave a little cry of glee as he joined the other wankers. She now had Richard, the three originals, the young guy with the oversized cock and the bloke in the jeep with the cock-ring all her eager and appreciative audience. The newly arrived couple were still at the back of the jeep, the heavy-built guy now turning his attention to Chloe as well while his girl bobbed her dark head back and forth on his dick.

Across the way Mr. Merc was now fucking Mr.s Merc as she lay across the front seats, with the other young bloke jerking and fondling her tits.

The entire scene was startling, yet very appealing, cast as it was in the golden evening sunlight. I briefly wondered if it would be quite so appetising on a bleak winter’s night but you got to realise the thrill is in the daring and actions of others and the sense of shared pleasure it brings. There’s quite a civilised atmosphere when everyone’s gathered for the sole purpose of gratification and appreciates everyone’s personal boundaries.

And one person close to me was about to step beyond her boundary. . .

Chloe said to Lucy, “Hey, they want to see you, Lucy. Just like me. . .Go on. . .”

Lucy hesitated, squeezed my hand with her thighs and pussy. I pulled it away, asked the question with wide eyes. She shot me a briefly irate, puzzled glance.

Chloe took up the baton again: “They want to look at you you and wank, Lucy. . .I love it. Look, they can see everything but they can’t touch. . .Only themselves. . .Now Andy, get round beside Richard and let us girls get some entertainment. . .”

I wasn’t, under any circumstances – terrorist attack, WWIII, the Second Coming – missing this chance; I leapt out the car, almost pranging my waving wood on the door as I did so, and raced round the other side as fast as you can with a hard-on. I leant against the side of the jeep, noticing the blonde now sitting back up beside her kneeling hubby, having taken his dick in hand to watch the show we were now supposed to provide them. Well, not ‘we’ – mainly Chloe. . .

When I looked away, my heart leapt. I didn’t realise how much the 4×4’s elevated chassis raised the seats above ground. Not ’til I saw Chloe spread delightfully in the passenger seat, that is. With that leg folded up against the dash and her other shoe resting on the footboard, her legs were wide apart, and her pussy drew everyone’s eye and raised everyone’s dicks while it was at it. Not that mine needed much more encouragement.

Just looking at Chloe’s long gash, the sheen of moisture all over her protruding thick crinkly inner labia, was enough to make me want to come there and then. Richard watched all our reactions with an expression of lust infused with pride. Chloe just looked horny as hell, running a finger down and around her gaping cunt as she savoured the cocks standing for her attention.

As one, we wanked our hard dicks. Chloe cooed her appreciation, fingering herself more rigorously. The bloke with the biggest cock stepped closer, with a bit of encouragement from her. She squeezed and pinched her tits, then reached down and grasped the top of his huge dick.

Chloe turned to Lucy and said, “Oh, you should feel this thing, Lucy. Isn’t it a beauty?” Then she stroked it some. The guy grinned and slid a hand up Chloe’s smooth taut thigh.

I looked at Lucy who was gazing out the window at the scene like a startled deer. But those wonderful tits of hers were on show. After a brief second when I thought she might scream, she let out a great, lustful sigh and pushed the rear door open.

I really got a thrill, then – my demure wife had slipped her shorts right off and was sat there with her right hand firmly thrust into her panties, working away at her inflamed pussy.

The guy looked at her crotch and tits as Chloe jerked his shiny cock. Then Chloe leaned back up, pulling the guy’s hand up her thigh to her cunt. His fingers squelched in without ceremony and she pulled his hand as he pistoned two digits in and out of her gaping hole. But he didn’t take his eyes off Lucy and grasped his thick shaft again with his free hand.

Lucy moaned, whispered, “Oh God yes, let me see you wank. . .”

And he did. Then Richard moved closer to her, along with two others. Lucy’s expression seemed to waver intermittently between incredible arousal and sheer terror – I think she was testing herself, daring herself.

Behind me, the bodybuilder type and his cute girl had clambered up onto the jeep flatbed. The blonde went down on him whilst the cuties remove d her panties and sat giving me a fantastic upskirt of her red-raw pussy – dark pubes trimmed back to a close crop. ‘Prince Albert’ took his chance to get some fingerfun.

Richard’s voice snapped me back. “Go on. . .” he said. I thought it was Chloe he was talking to because she began to jerk and swear as she came on the guy’s fingers. But I realised it was Lucy as Chloe hissed through her orgasm, “Go on, Lucy, it’s wonderful!”

Lucy looked at me, then to the side and smiled broadly. I was puzzled for a second, then felt a warm hand encircle my cock – the classy lady, standing right next to me, her sweet perfume teasing my nostrils, the faint aroma of hot pussy underlying it. I looked down – her wonderfully proportioned tits still out, and then I realised she was completely naked from the waist down.

I moved my hand over hr smooth flesh, cupped her moist cunt – it was on fire. She purred, stroked my cock ever-so expertly. I smiled back at Lucy, shrugged.

She looked inflamed with passion – in a totally different way than I’d ever seen; I guess I was watching my wife actually live out a little fantasy. She gazed imperiously down at the cocks bobbing in front of her, appeared overwhelmed, nipples ferociously erect. She took her hand from her panties, hesitated, then lifted her ass from the seat and slid them right off. She tossed them to Richard, who grinned, sniffed then wrapped them round his cock.

That set Lucy off even more; she took a deep breath, let out a small choking cry of pleasure and parted her thighs wide.

I’ve seen my wife’s pussy in many states of arousal but that night I doubted I’d ever seen it look so much like a cunt. I use the old English term because it is in a way perfectly beautiful; and Lucy’s cunt was perfectly beautiful in its extreme arousal -she looked as though she had been fucked. Her mound as always had the triangle of dark pubes but usually so neat, tonight they were matted with her juices, curled and straggly; her lips are almost ideally symmetrical but were so swollen and reddened with manipulation they lay open, allowing all a glorious view of her fiery pink inner lips, her exposed clit and the dark entrance to her cunt. All was awash with shining juice and traces of whitish cum – hers.

The guys all voiced their appreciation and jerked faster. Lucy was breathing fast and shallow, eyes big saucers. She took this all in for a few seconds then attacked her own clit.

Chloe stepped down from the 4×4 to look at what all the males were wanking to. She clapped, “Oh, yes! Lovely, Lucy!” And then she knelt and took big dick in her mouth, whilst reaching out a hand to grasp another. The lucky guy turned out to be Mr.Merc, who had just forced his way forward.

Two of the original wankers grunted that they were going to come. Chloe stopped sucking to voice her glee and watch with delight as sprays of cum shot onto the ground. I think one of them was the guy who’d already shot only ten minutes or so before although my memory isn’t quite clear; but if it was and he’s reading this – good repeat effort, mate.

Suddenly, looking on, Lucy howled into an orgasm, she lay back onto the car seat as her hips jerked up and down giving us all a great view of her fingers circling her clit at speed and that raw pussy of hers winking as it spasmed. Her juices soaked her thighs.

She stopped her frigging and kneaded both her tits, groaning with pleasure. The unfettered sight of her soaking cunt was too much – Richard couldn’t help himself and steeped forward, sliding his fingers over her lips and mound. I saw her stiffen .I meant to say something, but the thrill of seeing another guy touch her intimately, plus her own show had me too close to cumming to care. My left hand was lodged in the sweet tight pussy of the classy chick next to me who was shivering through her own little orgasm whilst pumping my throbbing cock in her soft fist.

Lucy sat back up, saw it was Richard and gasped, “Yes! Finger me while you cum!”

Chloe took her mouth from the big dick and gave a little cheer. Then she grabbed the cock of the third original wanker and jerked him in unison with Mr.Merc while the two originals who’d just come stepped out the way.

Mr.Merc started top shoot as well, and Chloe shrieked her delight, shooting his cum onto her juddering tits. That set his wife off big time and she came hard on my fingers, her knees buckling. Thankfully the side of the jeep held her up.

I heard the two guys on the flatbed cum as well, their respective partners egging them on.

Lucy was glancing around, watching it all, grinding her pussy onto Richard’s fingers, almost delirious with arousal.

Then Chloe guided the last of the originals over to stand in front of her beside Richard.

Big dick followed, and also the second younger guy who’d arrived with him. I thought he’d just been content to watch after, I presume, coming with Mrs.Merc, but here he was, stepping up to the plate again, working his cock to hardness. Stepping up to a plate that contained my young wife, that is.

You guys take over,” Chloe said, before assuming a stance against the 4×4 that invited a police search. What it did invite, of course was her hubby to fuck her from behind. Richard did so happily, thrusting right up between her spread legs, gripping her hips. Chloe came loudly as her tits shook like mad.

Lucy was tripping over the edge again. The bold young bloke who’d fucked Mrs. Merc stepped close and placed his hand where Richard’s had been – right on her cunt. She gasped, shook with pleasure. He poked two fingers in and out. Lucy rubbed her clit in small circles. The other two guys drew closer, each rubbing their free hands over her thighs and crotch, tugging on her pubes, pushing fingers into her when they got the chance.

I was freaking out; with both worry and arousal. But I couldn’t help but come. Mrs.Merc sensed it, jerked me fast and expertly, also cupping my balls. I groaned loudly, bucked, shot a copious amount of cum over the ground.

Lucy saw, gasped “Oh hell, oh God. . .”

Then she pulled away from the reaching probing hands; not in any sudden realisation of inhibition but in order to get herself off. She looked down at the three guys, barked orders – “Cum for me. Cum on my legs,. Please! Now!”

She glanced at me, then lost control, attacking her raw cunt. I wondered about her demands on the guys; she deliberately thrust her long smooth, toned legs down and they, starting with the oversized-cock guy, began to shot strings of white cum onto her smooth tanned flesh. She seemed to love it, almost screaming as the spunk landed and I made a mental note to investigate this kink at a later date.

It only took moments but seemed an age as everyone hit a climax. Richard shot his load right up Chloe, pinning her against the 4×4 as he came hard.

All spent, there were incredibly polite thank-yous swapped around as mopping up took place.

Lucy was still shaking when everyone melted away into the creeping dusk and on our way back to town could hardly speak to Chloe and Richard save to say she was a bit shell-shocked by the sexiness of the whole thing.

She wasn’t the only one. I’ll long remember that hot summers evening for our introduction to something I’d not ever considered as sexy. Richard and Chloe got a couple of converts. They stay a few hundred miles from us unfortunately and we haven’t been brave enough to repeat the experience ourselves. But we keep in touch through the net and Richard has invited us to go on a long-weekend trip to the south of France with them next month where he claims there is some interesting action to be had.

That event opened a few borders in our relationship and Lucy and I had an unforgettable summer holiday abroad after it which I’ll write about soon. If we decide to go the trip with Richard and Chloe I guess I’ll put that to ‘paper’ as well, depending on if we’re brave enough.

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