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Dirty Old Man & Alice

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Alice was bored. At eighteen she was old enough to be on her own but she still lived at home and with both of her parents working 50+ hours a week she was bored out of her skull most of the time and she wasn’t allowed to have friends over when they weren’t home. She’d already done her chores, finished a book, and surfed the net and it was only 11:00 a.m. Usually she could spend all day looking up porn, one of her favorite things to do but recently her Mom had found a few pictures she’d downloaded and forgot to delete.

She’d blamed it on Alice’s Dad and when they’d argued Alice had been forced to admit it was her. Her punishment was child level restrictions on their account which basically meant she could check her email and that was it. Now she was sitting on the front porch catching what little breeze she could and she noticed her neighbor, Mr. Burns, out in his garden. He was an older man, older than her father but other than the deep lines across his forehead and creasing his mouth like deep parenthesis’ he didn’t look bad. She’d always thought of him as a bit sexy with his thick head of salt & pepper hair and his body was pretty toned from all the yard work he did in his garden. He was a bit of a mystery in the neighborhood. He was friendly but kept to himself. He lived alone and rarely had visitors. Alice had heard her parents friends whispering that they wondered if he was gay since he never seemed to have girlfriends. He did have a couple of nieces that visited from college every few months or so. Alice had met one of them getting the mail one day and she’d told her that she was going to the University upstate and stayed with her uncle when she couldn’t fly home. The other girl came at different times but had told a friend of Alice’s Mom almost the same story about her situation. Alice had become increasingly curious about Mr. Burns over the summer. She could swear that she’d caught him watching her a few times and once when she was laying out in the backyard, topless she’d heard some rustling on his side of the shared hedge and had been convinced he’d been over there, although she didn’t see or hear anything else when she’d walked closer to check.

Now, she watched as he shoveled mulch from a wheelbarrow into a flower bed and faced with another monotonous day stretching before her she impulsively stood and walked across the yard. As she approached Mr. Burns straightened and wiped his brow. “Hello Alice,” his voice was deep and throaty.

“Hi, Mr. Burns… I was just wondering if you wanted any help? ”

“Oh, surely you have other things you’d rather be doing on a nice summer day”

“Not really,” Alice replied. “I’m not allowed to have friends over, I’m grounded, and I can’t get a job until I get my permanent license in the Fall.”

“But you’re more than old enough to drive aren’t you Alice?”

“I am but Mom & Dad are strict and didn’t want me to get my license until I was out of high school. Now they’re putting off letting me get it until Fall. It’s a long story.”

“Well, if you want to, you can weed that bed over there, while I get some more mulch. I suppose some help would be nice.” With that, Mr. Burns winked at her and grabbed the wheelbarrow, heading off to the backyard where he had a large pile of mulch next to an enormous workshop.

Alice bent over and began pulling the few weeds that had come up around a grouping of flowers. Mr. Burns really was in good shape for an old guy and she let her mind drift to some of the websites she’d found with older men spanking younger girls. She’d always found them appealing and none of the men on those websites were nearly as good looking as Mr. Burns.

Suddenly she was dying to know if he really was gay or if she was right that she’d caught him looking at her with more than passing interest.

She glanced down at herself, suddenly conscious of how she was dressed. Cut-off denim shorts, not too short but they were from low-rise jeans so they only came up to just below her belly button. Her t-shirt was a little baggy but it was thin and she could see the outline of her black bra beneath the faded pink fabric. Feigning more heat than she felt, Alice quickly tied her t-shirt up just under her bra so her smooth stomach and waist showed. Mr. Burns would come from behind so she bent down on her knees and leaned far into the bed so all he would see when he rounded the corner was her ass high in the air, shorts stretched tight.

It took about an hour to finish weeding and mulching the remaining flower beds. Alice took every opportunity to show off her body. Her breasts weren’t huge but they were a nice round 34C with nipples that pointed up and were nice and long when she got horny. Her legs were long for her only 5’5″ frame, making her look a bit taller than she really was. Her blond shoulder length hair was tied up in a ponytail on top of her head and luckily she’d taken the time to put on a little make-up this morning although some of it she’d sweated off.

When the last bit of mulch was patted down, Mr. Burns stepped back in satisfaction and thanked her for a job well done. “You can come over and help me out, anytime,” he said, smiling. And then he winked again. Alice was still unsure if he was just being nice to someone he perceived as a kid or if he was looking at her as the horny teen that she felt like.

“Thirsty?” Mr. Burns asked as he laid down his rake.

Alice nodded and followed as he waved her to follow him toward a door on the side of his house.

His kitchen was clean and modern with sleek lines and not a lot of clutter unlike their kitchen at home. Through a doorway she could see a great room with a black dining table and gray couch & chairs in front of a large screen t.v.

Mr. Burns pulled out a pitcher of iced tea and a bottle of wine. He poured the tea in a tall slim glass and set it in front of her and then a glass of wine for himself.

“I always reward my gardening efforts with a glass of wine,” he chuckled. “And then I tend to finish the bottle before the evening is through. Nice to have some company for a change.”

They chatted for awhile.

Alice told him about her parents jobs & hectic schedules, a bit about school and some of her friends and he told her that he’d been married and divorced once but didn’t have a lot of family and enjoyed his simple life of gardening. He did a bit of freelance writing from time to time but he’d received a modest inheritance years ago and was pretty comfortable, as he put it.

“So, why are you grounded,” he asked after a bit.

Alice started to lie then became too intrigued with where the subject matter could take them.

“Well, my parents caught me looking up porn” Alice blushed as she said it, “and they restricted my internet.”

Mr. Burns looked surprised for just an instant and then he broke out in a hearty laugh.

“How old are you , Alice?”

“I just turned eighteen. I finished high school this year but I’m still debating college.”

“And you don’t have your own computer?”

“No, Mom & Dad have laptops they take to work and then we all share the main computer.”

“And why don’t you work and have your own money by now?”

“My parents thought I was too wild to have my license during high school and they won’t let me commit to a job until I can drive myself there and back without them needing to pick me up.” “They’re busy,” she stated as an afterthought.

“I’m sure they are,” Mr. Burns said quietly and then seemed lost in thought for a moment.

“Come here, Alice,” he said, rising and walking out into the great room.

Alice hesitated for only a moment before following him through the carpeted great room and into a hardwood hallway. At the end of the hall Mr. Burns opened a door and disappeared inside.

Alice’s heart was pounding as she envisioned his bedroom, was she really ready for this, but then was disappointed when she walked in to his home office. He had a large desk with tons of equipment on shelves all around it, a comfy padded leather desk chair, and a matching loveseat completed the furnishings. Bookshelves lined one wall and were stuffed full of all kinds of books and interesting little objects and boxes.

Mr. Burns was leaning over a small cabinet next to his desk and when he straightened back up he was holding a small, slim, laptop.

“This is wi-fi compatible,” he said handing her the computer. “If I loan it to you can you keep it from your parents?”

Alice was flabbergasted. “Of course,” she gushed, “thank you so much. Are you sure you don’t need it?”

“Not at all, I use it when I travel and I don’t have any trips planned soon.”

“Wow, Mr. Burns, how can I ever thank you?”

“Oh, we’ll think of a way. But, right now, Alice, I really need a shower and you probably do too.”

Alice knew he was giving her an easy way out and she could leave right now, with a computer to boot but after all the wondering and build-up she was sopping wet and horny as hell and she needed to know if there was any chance of anything happening.

“Well, I could thank you by staying here and showering with you,” she said softly.

“Unless I’ve been totally mistaken that you might want that,” she added quickly, “in which case I’m so embarrassed and I’ll just leave.”

Mr. Burns settled back in his desk chair while Alice stood awkwardly in the doorway.

“I’d love nothing more than to shower with you Alice, but you would have to go into it knowing that there’s more to it than that.”

Alice was puzzled and knit her brows together.

“What do you mean?” she asked nervously.

“What I mean is that I find you amazingly sexy but I’m into what is referred to as an alternative lifestyle.

You see Alice, I am only interested in relationships with passive women. When it comes to sex, I need to be in control and I don’t want to scare you away but I’m not convinced that you are ready to handle what I would want to do with you.”

Alice was shocked. She’d been envisioning letting Mr. Burns, the nice old man, fuck her as if she was doing him a favor and here he was ready to turn her down because she was young and inexperienced.

She didn’t know what to say and she knew she was blushing furiously.

“Are you a virgin, Alice?”

“No,” Alice shook her head.

“Tell me about you sexual experiences, then.”

“I lost my virginity to a boyfriend. We broke up a couple of months ago.”

“And, how many different boys have you been with?”

“Two,” Alice answered quietly.

“And, who was the second?”

“My next boyfriend,” Alice answered. “We dated right after I broke up with Brad and then he broke up with me a couple of weeks ago.”

“Okay,” Mr. Burns seemed to think about this. “Tell me, Alice, what is the wildest thing sexually that you’ve done?”

Alice thought about it for a moment. She was surprisingly calm having this conversation now that her heart had settled back into a normal pattern.

“Well, I guess it was the time Rob and I, that was the second boyfriend, were having sex in his parents pool and they came outside.”

“So, you got caught…”

“No, not really. It was dark and we were doing it with him behind me. His parents knew we were in the pool but they only came out to sit at a table closer to the house. So, Rob just slowed down but never pulled out, I guess to them it just looked like he was hugging me from behind. They started talking to us about their night and he kept fucking me really slowly.”

“Okay, that’s not bad.” Mr. Burns nodded.

“Alice, what would you do if I told you to take your shirt off.”

Now Alice’s heart was beating hard again. She could believe she was saying it, even as she did…

“I would take it off.”

Mr. Burns seemed to study her for a minute.

“Put the computer on the desk, Alice, and then take your shirt off.”

Alice moved robotically to the desk and laid the computer down, then she stepped back to where she’d been standing by the door.

She pulled off her shirt in one quick movement and dropped it at her feet.

“Now your shorts.”

Alice pushed her shorts down and stepped out of them.

Her underwear were boycut hip-huggers and were visibly wet at the crotch.

“Bra” Mr. Burns stated simply as he settle back in his chair and unzipped his own twill shorts.

Alice slipped her bra off and watched as he freed his cock. It was on the bigger side of average from what she’d seen on the internet. A bit longer than normal and quite a but thicker than normal. Mr. Burns seemed totally at ease as he casually stroked his cock.

“Take your underwear off but don’t drop them.”

Alice slipped off her underwear.

“Put the crotch to your nose and smell them.”

Alice colored once again but felt an electric surge go straight to her nipples and clit at being ordered to do something so dirty.

She did it and was amazed that it didn’t disgust her.

“Now, put your tongue out, Alice, and taste yourself on your underpants.”

Alice felt outside of her body as she felt her tongue rasping across the damp crotch of her underwear and Mr. Burns seemed to be stroking himself even more quickly.

“You can drop the underwear now, Alice, and use your hands to touch your tits.”

Alice did this immediately, caressing and pinching her own nipples was something she loved doing.

“Good girl… pinch them hard” he encouraged as he watched her play with her nipples.

“Now, touch your pussy.”

Alice put one hand between her legs. Her outer lips were thick and she slid one finger between them, rubbing against her clit.

“Very nice, Alice, you’ve been very obedient.”

“Come here and stand in front of me,” he demanded.

Alice moved in front of him and straddled his knees as he indicated.

“Put your hands behind your head and entwine your fingers.”

Alice did and glanced down at the effect. Her already pert breasts were even higher and her nipples were rock hard. With her legs straddling the chair and Mr. Burns’ legs her pussy was wide open.

“Now, you must keep your arms and hands in that position, Alice, or I will have to punish you.”

Alice trembled but nodded.

She groaned aloud as Mr. Burns finally cupped her breasts with his large, rough hands. His callused skin on her nipples was like nothing she had ever felt before and even when he pinched her nipples roughly and pulled them out from her body she could only groan in pleasure.

“It hurts a little, doesn’t it,” he asked her, “but it feels good too?”

Alice nodded and groaned a yes.

His hand roamed her tits for a minute longer and then dropped down her sides and back, caressing their way down to her nicely rounded ass.

He grabbed her ass firmly, squeezing and massaging.

Alice’s arms and legs were getting tired but the pleasure she was feeling too precedence over the discomfort.

Finally, Alice felt his thick fingers find her pussy, rubbing her juices around, sliding back and forth across her engorged clit. With one hand in front of her, rubbing her clit, he brought his other hand in from behind until his fingers were pinching against her clit, from front to back. Alice moaned aloud and dropped her hand to Mr. Burns’ head to brace herself.

“Hand back up!” Mr. Burns ordered sharply and gave her clit a quick hard pinch that brought tears to her eyes.

Alice’s hands flew back up to her head and Mr. Burns continued his assault on her pussy. One thick finger still played over her clit and the other found her tight hole. She gasped as he entered her and before she’d acclimated to the feel he shoved a second finger in with the first.

Minutes flew by as Mr. Burns pumped first two and then three fingers in and out of her increasingly sore pussy. He added an assault on her nipples as his mouth found first one, then the other, sucking them hard into his mouth and then biting them gently with his teeth.

After a minute or two of this his left hand withdrew from between her legs and he pulled her down onto his lap, his cock straining against her sopping pussy.

“Bring your arms down and brace yourself on the arms of the chair.”

He guided her hands to the arms of his desk chair so she could support herself and then he pushed her up and guided her cunt so that it was poised over his cock.

His arms went through hers and up around her back to brace her shoulders and then with once quick movement he jerked her down so that she was instantly fully impaled on his cock.

Alice screamed out and he chuckled and began pumping slowly in and out of her.

“God, Alice, you are so tight,” he murmured. “I can’t wait to explore every inch of you.”

Alice was on the verge of coming now and was rocking happily on his cock with no prompting from him.

He took this opportunity to grab her bouncing tits and roll and pinch her nipples roughly while she squirmed.

Suddenly, he stopped her, pulling her close against him.

“Did you come yet?” he asked her breathing heavily.

“Not yet,” she almost cried. “I was so close!”

“Me too, darlin, but we have one more thing to take care of before either of us can come.”

“What?” she asked innocently.

“Your punishment,” he answered blandly.

She looked confused.

“You let your arms drop earlier, without permission. Have you even been spanked, Alice?”

Alice felt a little trill of fear, but also excitement.

“Not since I was a little girl,” she answered.

“You’re still a little girl,” Mr. Burns chuckled. “My little girl.”

“I want you to bend over the back of the loveseat over there.”

The loveseat was about waist high and as Alice bent over it she realized it was the perfect height for her ass to be fully exposed and perfectly positioned for him to spank her as he stood beside her or for that matter to fuck her from behind. It also faced a large bay window that overlooked the backyard. Until now the curtains had been closed but Mr. Burns suddenly swept them open. His yard overlooked a small stream and then across the stream was a small park where some of the locals walked their dogs and sat and chatted at the rustic picnic tables. There was nobody there right now but Alice still felt fully exposed.

“Don’t worry,” Mr. Burns chuckled. “Nobody can see in during the day even if the curtains are open, now at night, that’s a different story.”

Moving to the side of her he asked if she was ready.

She nodded, biting her lip.

“It’s not that bad, Alice, in fact I suspect you’ll end up liking it. We’ll start with 20 and just by my hand. You have to count every one though and you mustn’t try to cover your ass with your hands or anything like that or we start over.”

The first three hits weren’t too bad but as the stinging sensation built Alice began to tear up. She also realized that the pain was not turning her off at all, in fact her clit was getting just enough stimulus with every hit to bring her even closer to her delayed orgasm.

At twenty Mr. Burns seemed to stand back and admire her reddened ass.

Then he moved in behind her and laid his cock against the crack of her ass as his hands patted and rubbed the sore flesh of her backside.

His cock slipped into the wet cleft of her pussy lips but he made no move to enter her, instead letting his cock rub up and down the slippery wetness, just hitting her clit enough to drive her crazy but not to satisfy her.

As she groaned and writhed beneath him he used both hands to separate her ass cheeks. Her virgin asshole was a tight pink pucker, glossy with juices that had been dripping down from her pussy.

“Did your boyfriends ever lick your pussy, Alice” he asked as he dropped to his knees behind her.

“Not really,” she answered in a muffled voice. “Rob tried to once or twice but he didn’t like to and he usually just ended up using his fingers instead.”

“What a shame.” Mr. Burns answered.

He used his tongue to lick slowly from her clit all the way to her asshole, holding her fleshy lips back with his fingers. Again, he licked over her clit and moved slowly back but this time as he got to her pussy he worked his tongue in as deep as it would go and wiggled it steadily back and forth. Alice had never felt anything like this and she squealed aloud.

After a few moments he gave her a long slow lick again but this time dragged his tongue all the way to her asshole and lingered there, licking the tight rosebud, then working up a bit of spit he got it nice and wet and then slipped a finger in as he licked around it.

Alice was shocked, as much because he was doing this as by the fact that it felt so good.

Having loosened her up a bit, Mr. Burns stood and, wetting himself in her juices and with a bit of spit rubbed in with his palm as well, he began pushing his hard cock slowly into her ass.

Finally, she struggled a bit, telling him no, and she didn’t want him to fuck her there.

With that he rammed himself home and brought his hands up in front of her to pinch her nipples hard.

Tears streaming down her face she sobbed and bucked against him.

“Calm down, Alice.” his voice was sharp at first and then became soothing. “I would have been gentler but your body is mine and you must never tell me no.”

As her body and her tears quieted, he began pumping in and out of her asshole, admiring how huge he looked slipping in and out of that tiny hole. Before long he began slapping her ass in rhythm with his pumping and finally he let go and pulled out just in time to shoot a load of hot cum all over her ass and lower back.

He held her in place as he collected himself and then asked her again.

“Did you come yet, Alice?”

“No,” she said quietly.

“Good, I’m almost ready to let you.”

Mr. Burns ran his hand through the cum on her ass, rubbing it it.

“First, I just want to make sure you understand that you are mine and must do everything that I say. Turn around Alice and drop to your knees in front of me.”

Alice did as she was told and prepared herself to lick his limp cock as he couldn’t possibly still be hard.

Instead he showed her his oversized hand, now covered in gobs of his cum from her back. He had coated both sides and scooped up a large puddle which had settled into the middle of his palm.

“Once you clean this mess from my hand, I’ll give you relief.”

Alice glanced up and saw the dark look in his face. She knew if she refused that he would punish her again. By spanking or even worse.

Slowly, she lowered her head and began licking his fingers, barely grazing them at first and then as the thought of what she was being forced to do and the fact that she was actually doing it and still needed to come so badly sunk in she began sucking at his fingers one by one. When all trace of cum was gone from his fingers she lapped at the puddle in his palm, letting strands of it stretch from her tongue to his hand as she swallowed as she’d seen women doing on the internet.

Finally, he seemed content that she’d done well and pulled her up and to him and for the first time kissed her deeply.

“Are you ready to come now?” he asked as they finally broke apart.

“Yes,” she replied, eyes downcast, a bit shy to have to say it so boldly.

“I want you to beg me then. When you convince me that I should, I will make you come.”

With that he pushed her back onto his desk so she was sitting on the edge of it, straddling him in his chair. He brought her feet up to rest on the armrests of his chair which forced her to lean back and put her hands slightly behind her to brace herself. This left her totally exposed and open to him as he sat in his chair between her legs.

“Beg me,” he prompted. “Convince me.”

He toyed idly with her nipples, stroking and pinching them, and rubbed and massaged her inner thighs alternately as she began to speak.

“Please make me come, Mr. Burns,” she started softly. “I’ve never wanted to come so badly. Nobody has ever made me so horny. I’ll do anything that you want whenever you want, just please let me come.”

“Keep going,” he urged but his fingers found her clit and began pulling and pinching at it.

“Oh God, that feels so good,” Alice groaned. “You make me feel so good, Mr. Burns, and so dirty. You made me enjoy things today that I thought were disgusting before. ”

Alice was breathing heavy now and so close to coming.

“Please make me come, Mr. Burns, I’ll do anything you ever want, everything you ever want. I just want to be your little girl and do anything you say until you let me come.”

With that, Alice’s eyes squeezed tightly shut and her whole body began shaking. Her mouth opened wide as she gulped for air and tried to control her body from vibrating right off the desk.

Finally, satiated, Alice slid off the desk and curled up in Mr. Burns arms.

“That was incredible,” she murmured.

“That was just the beginning,” answered Mr. Burns.

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