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Old & Divorced

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Sometimes life really sucks! Fifty-four years old, married thirty years, and then zap! It’s all over. My wife, now ex-wife, decides that she wants someone younger, fifteen fucking years younger. As I mentioned I’m fifty-four; bald; salt and pepper beard (as well as my chest and around my dick); six-foot and about one sixty-five in weight.

I’m still in pretty good shape and have never had any complaints in the sex department. I have what I would say is an average size dick, it’s a little over seven inches and not to thick. ‘She’ used to say that my best asset was my big balls that hung heavy between my legs.

I had met and bedded a few women during the past year and a half but nothing that kept my attention. I liked watching porn movies and jack off or I would spend time online in some of the chat rooms and got off that way. I had bought myself a couple toys, one was a small butt plug and one of those soft jelly masturbators. I had found that when online with other women that when I would tell them of the toys I was using they would get really turned on. I had a digital camera and had a few pics showing me with my ass plugged and the pink tube over my hard cock. Occasionally I would send one of these pictures if they would send one in return. I had quite a collection of amateur ladies, and I found that when they saw my picture many of them would find me a couple times a week just to get off with me. Almost always wanting to know if I was ‘using my toys.’

I had just gotten off and logged off the ‘puter when I glanced out the window. The next door neighbors, Betty and Jim, were out working in their yard. Both are retired and in their late sixties, if not seventies. We had known them for years and they were good people. When she up and left they had really become my greatest supporters and closest friends. Jim used to be an insurance man and golfed every other day and they both swam in their pool every day so he stayed in pretty good condition for an older gentleman. He had a thick head of gray hair and and his chest was gray. He stood about my height but much heavier set, and always had a joke and a hearty laugh.

Betty was maybe a hundred and twenty soaking wet with short gray hair that came to just below her ears. Not much in the ‘boob department’, I would guess maybe a ‘B’ cup, but a nice flat tummy and nice legs; bright blue eyes and always had a smile on her face. She spent much of her day either in or around the pool, and on the back patio there was an exercise bike and treadmill that she used quite regularly. Actually I thought she looked twenty years younger than she really was, and even in a conservative bathing suit she looked great! There had been a couple nights lying in bed with a raging hard on that she had suddenly appeared naked in my thoughts and I have to admit those thoughts and my fist had given me some great orgasms!

I cleaned around the house for a few hours, glancing now and then out the window watching them out in their yard. Suddenly the thought went through my head wondering if they still had sex. The thought shocked me for a minute and then I smiled at myself figuring why shouldn’t they, maybe not as often as when they were younger but I bet they still did. Seeing it was close to dinner and I hadn’t started anything I decided on a shower and go out and eat and have a few beers.

It was dark by the time I got back and going up to the bathroom I flipped on the light and got undressed. I noticed the bedroom felt stuffy so went over to the window and opened it up. Suddenly I slowed and finished opening it without making any noise. Jim and Betty were sitting in their patio chairs facing each other. Naked! I stepped back into the shadows to watch. Jim’s cock was in his fist and he was slowly stroking it. Betty was facing him and her fingers of one had were slowly rubbing along her slit while the other cupped her breast and toyed with her nipples. They weren’t but twenty feet from me and I had an unobstructed view. Even though they weren’t speaking in overly loud voices at that distance I could hear them just as if they were standing in the room with me.

Jim had a thick mat of gray hair on his chest that thinned out down along the center of his belly and then thickened again around his cock and balls. His cock looked about the same size as mine, except when he pulled his fist up to the top his foreskin covered the head. I am circumsized but thought to myself that he wasn’t. Betty cupped a breast in her hand and was caressing her nipple, it was hard but couldn’t have been much larger than a baby pea, the aerole a light pink and no bigger than a coat button. Using two fingers to separate a mat of gray hair exposing her slit the middle finger played along it. I found myself holding my rising cock in my hand and begin to stroke it as I watched and listened. The conversation brought my cock to full staff!

“You saw him jacking off?” Jim stared at Betty’s moving fingers.

“Yes. I went over to invite him to dinner tonight and without thinking I walked in just like we always do. He wasn’t in the kitchen and I was about to holler when I started through the doorway to the dining room then stopped and backed away.” Releasing her breast Betty reached onto the table and picked up a small dildo and slowly worked it between her open thighs and into her pussy. “He was sitting at his computer chatting with someone and one of those sleeves on his cock jacking off.

“Really? I’ve seen them and wondered about getting one. Damn, I love to see you fuck yourself with that thing!” The tip of Jim’s cock was getting a darker color and I could see the precum oozing from the tip and onto his fist. Betty was working the dildo faster and her fingers were now concentrating on her clit.

“Maybe you should ask him if you could try it before you buy.” She giggled. “It was all the way down to the base of his cock and the top stuck out a good couple inches.” Sam had slowed his movements on his cock but I could see Betty was rapidly approaching her climax. “He had it oiled and it was making squishy sounds as he jacked off.”

Jim leaned forward and looked directly between Betty’s legs. “You wanted to suck the head while he jacked off. Didn’t you?”

“Yes…yes-s-s-s…” I could hear the hum of the little plastic dildo as Betty pumped it faster in and out of her wet cunt. Two fingers were making small quick circles around her clit.

“You wanted to jack him off and suck him. Didn’t you?” Jim’s voice became more intense.

“Yessss…Yes Jim…Oh fuck yes!!” Her hips were meeting her thrusts.

“You wanted him to cum in your mouth didn’t you? You wanted to suck Jon’s hard cock and swallow his hot sperm. Didn’t you lover?” He demanded softly. He held his cock tightly in his fist without moving it.

“Yes-s-s-s-s!!!!! OhhhHHHHHFUCKKKK!!!” Betty cried out as she climaxed. Her body shook as she held the vibrator deep inside her pussy and her fingers pressed down against her clit. “Ohhhdamn-n-n…” She slumped in the chair as her climax subsided.

Precum dripped off my hard cock as I fisted it leaving a wet spot on the carpet below me. I couldn’t believe they were talking about me, and that Betty had actually seen me earlier this morning! I had never heard or seen her!

“It’s your turn. I want to see you cum for me.” Betty moved her chair a little closer to Jim’s. “Put your feet up here on the arms and stroke that big cock of yours for me.”

Jim lifted his legs up and placed his feet on each side of Betty. Reaching out she cradled his balls in her hand. “Ohh damn Honey!”

“I know the thoughts you are having right now, don’t I?” Betty still held the vibrator in her pussy.

“Y-Y-yes I think so…” I saw Jim’s cock throb in his hand as he spoke, wondering what was coming next.

“You’re thinking about Jon licking my sweet wet pussy. Just like you watched fifty years ago. Aren’t you?”

“Yes. Yes I am!” Jim’s fist was sliding up and down his shaft.

“I know what else too and you’re going to cum so hard.” Betty pulled the glistening dildo out of her pussy and lifting Jim’s balls pressed it against his back hole. “You want him to fuck your ass, just like years ago, while he sucks my cunt.” The dildo slid deeply into Jim’s ass. He pressed back against it as Betty began fucking him. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes! YES! Oh fucking yes!” Jim’s fist was a blur and as his first load shot up and landed on his chest Betty leaned forward and opening her mouth sucked the spasming head of his cock into her mouth and began swallowing.

“Oh..oh…FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!” His fist began to slow as his cock emptied and as I felt my own load getting ready Betty let the dildo slip out of his ass. “Oh gawd! Oh gawd!” Jim was breathing heavily trying to catch his breath.

I bit my lower lip as my balls released. Jacking as fast as I could I saw my first load land against the screen with a splatting sound. I pumped my cock and stepped back until I fell backwards across the bed, hot cum spraying from my cock and covering my belly and fist. “ummmmohhhhh…fuck-k-k-k..” I couldn’t believe how hard I had just cum! Hell! I couldn’t believe what I had just seen and heard!

Grabbing a hand towel I always kept on the headboard I slowly cleaned up my cum. I began drifting off and crawled under the cool sheets. As I felt sleep overcome me my mind my whirled. I hadn’t seen or jacked off or sucked a cock since my college days; Betty’s gray haired wet cunt; Jim’s cock blowing cum down her throat; Betty jacking off; Jim getting fucked; Their fantasy of me participating…….

As I awoke the sun was shining in the window. Laying there I tried to figure out if I had been dreaming or it had really happened. My hand still held the towel and as I glanced out the window I could see where first load had dried on the screen. It was real, but now what? I headed for the shower still trying to sort things out and figure out the next step..

I wandered around the kitchen in my boxers waiting for the coffee to finish brewing and picked up dishes and put them in the dishwasher. My mind continued to turn over the happenings of the previous night, wondering what was going to happen or then again if anything would come of it. I had often fantasized about another woman or a man and a woman, but my thoughts had always been of someone close to my age or younger. Usually it was of those young nineteen and twenty year olds you see on some of the porn sites and not people, especially neighbors you’ve known for years plus the fact they were twenty-some years my senior.

I was standing at the sink looking out the window thinking when I saw Betty and Jim standing on the patio. Betty handed Jim a list and after looking it over he said something and gave it back to her, she walked towards the garage and I heard the car start. Must be going shopping, I thought to myself. Jim had on his old cutoffs and headed towards his storage shed so I figured it was more yard work for him. ‘Maybe I’ll go over and visit with him later,’ talking to myself I headed in to the computer.

Sitting down I made sure that it was set so no one could see I was online and blocked incoming IM’s, then logged in to I wanted to read some stories and not be bothered. I enjoyed reading the variety of stories in there but always moved over any that referred to ‘Mature’ this morning however I went to the Index and scrolled down to that subject. Having never paid any attention to this category I was amazed at the number of stories listed.

Picking one I waited for it to load up, unconsciously pulling my cock out of my boxers and slowly stroking it. I began to read and thought to myself that this author was good! Their style was so descriptive you felt as if you were right there with them. It was about a couple in their late fifties that were old enough to be comfortable in their sexuality and admitted to being bisexual and would masturbate to the fantasy of being with another couple. The description of their mutual masturbation and how they would enjoy being with another couple brought my cock to full hardness. As I stroked it I felt the precum leaking down over hand. As the story unfolded they invited a much younger couple over and set about seducing them.

Damn this story is good! I thought to myself. Usually I can prolong my climax for two or three stories, but this one was extremely well written! There was going to be no waiting! I pushed back my chair and looked down at my hand moving up and down my shaft not only enjoying the feel of doing myself but also watching my fist provide me pleasure. Finding my place in the story I began to read and felt my balls begin to tighten.

I jumped when the screen door slammed shut. “Hey Jon!” It was only a few steps across the kitchen to where I could be seen sitting at the computer. “Just wondered if you wanted to…OH!” There stood Jim in the doorway!

You’ve heard that song ‘caught with that deer in the headlight look’? Well I’m sure that is just how I looked at that moment! Chair pushed back from the computer and my fist wrapped around a fully engorged cock. I was right at that point of cumming, but with Jim standing there everything stopped…my fist…and my cum! My cock went immediately soft but as it did the load of cum that was in the shaft ran down warmly over my fingers.

“Uh..Jim..ah how ya doing?” I tried putting my cock back in my boxers while wiping my hand and trying to stand up all at the same time.

Jim chuckled that contagious laugh of his and started over. “Well, not as good as you are my friend.” He laughed again and I had to smile over my embarrassment. “Sit down, sit down.” He pulled up one of the dining room chairs and sat down beside me as I settled back into my chair.

“Was doing…Am doing…ok, I guess.” I could only stammer and stutter with this stupid look on my face. He chuckled again and patted my shoulder as he sat down.

“Didn’t mean to embarrass you. I apologize for that, but I also understand you are a grown man and now without a woman you have needs.” The screensaver had come on and he reached over and bumped the mouse. “What were you…oh, looks like a good story.” He scrolled to the top of the page and quietly began reading. “Excellent writer and so descriptive.”

I didn’t know if he was talking to me or himself, and inspite of myself I began reading along with him. Even with him right there, and the shock of him catching me fresh in my mind, my cock began to rise in my boxers.

“Damn!” I gasped as I felt his hand take a hold on my stiffening cock. My hands rested on my thighs as I felt him pulled my cock from inside my boxers and begin to rub the shaft. It had been years since feeling another guy’s hand on my cock, and not something that had happened while married to the prude of a wife I had had. It felt good but strange at the same time and I didn’t know what to do.

“I’ve never read this one, it is really erotic.” I stared at the words on the screen and heard him pull the zipper down of his shorts. “No wonder you had such a hard on!”

From his movement I knew what he was doing, but I had to look! His cock was semi erect and his fingers played with the foreskin that closed over the head. One finger was in the opening of the skin and I could tell he was circling the cockhead. As his finger moved his cock grew thicker and longer. He was about the same size as me with the exception of being slightly thicker. He had also undone the snap of his jeans and not wearing any underwear I could see the heavy mat of gray hair surrounding his hardness. As if showing me, as he probably was, he pulled the foreskin down exposing the purple head. I was mesmerized watching his hand and at the same time feeling his fist on me. His voice brought me back to reality and I looked back up at the monitor.

“I was nervous last night too. Especially with what happened and what Betty was saying.” Jim stared at the screen as he spoke.

“Huh? I…uh…” They knew I was watching! I too looked at the screen, not reading words, just staring straight ahead. His hand never stopping the pumping of my cock.

“I hadn’t done anything like that in years, and with her seeing you jacking off yesterday really got her excited. She couldn’t stop talking about it.” His voice got huskier. “That’s nice.”

I don’t know if it was the situation or the story we had been reading, but I had reached over and took his cock in my hand and pulled the foreskin down over his now fully erect prick. Holding the skin down along the shaft I wrapped my fingers around the crown. As his precum coated the head I used it to lubricate my pumping fist.

“Last night we hoped that you would be watching. We didn’t know if you were until we heard you groan once.” I felt his grip tighten on my cock. He was getting me close! “Did you like what you saw? Betty has a beautiful pussy, doesn’t she? Would you like to fuck it for us?”

“Yes..hell yes!” I felt his hips begin to rise up to meet my downward stroke. The same as my own hips were doing against his fist. “I would love to fuck her! Fuck her while you watch me fill her cunt full!”

“OhhhHHHYESSS!!!” His cock erupted in my fist. The first two loads surprisingly strong. So strong they landed and ran down the screen of the monitor. “OHHFUCK!!” His cock throbbed and his cum ran down over my pumping fist.

“Then do it! DO IT!” A body moved in front of the screen! A naked body! It was Betty’s voice and body. I was staring at her gray hair surrounding her cunt! Using both hands as she straddled my thighs she held her sex open. I could see her hard clit. “Fill my cunt up with your hot cum!”

“Take it all sweetheart.” Jim held the base of my cock as I watched myself enter. I still held Jim’s, now flaccid, cock in my cum covered hand. His release hadn’t changed his desire. “He’s ready to shoot. I can feel it, honey.”

“Gaa..ahh..gaadamnNNN…” Oh fuck! I was cumming! His fist pumped me in shorter and shorter strokes as Betty took my length into her. Only his finger and thumb held the base of my cock. Betty began to ride me. I could hear her breasts softly slapping her chest as she bounced on my hard erupting prick. “Ohhhfuckkkme-e-e-e….”

“Yes! Yes! YES!!!” I watched her finger rub her hard clit and the muscles milk my cock as she climaxed on top of me. “Yes! I can feel his cum! Oh fuck Jim!! Ohhyes-s-s..” Betty slowly relaxed atop of me and Jim pulled his now cum covered fingers from between us. Caressing my cheek she looked into my eyes and smiled as she rose of my now shrinking cock. “Please I’ve dreamt of this…” Without losing contact with my eyes Betty pushed my chair back away from the computer. Kneeling between my thighs she took my now flaccid prick and gently sucked it into her warm mouth.

My head was still whirling from all that had happened. “Damn…damn…doubledamn!” Was all that I could manage, her brown eyes bore into mine. My hand caressed her soft gray hair as her lips moved up and down my spent cock.

“Ugh!..” Betty’s eyes widened. Jim had slipped off his chair and had pulled off his shirt and pants. He now lay on his back and had slid up between Betty’s open thighs. From the sound and look on her face he had buried his tongue into her filled pussy. “It’s…OH… it’s going to take him a few hours before he is hard again..UH..OH..” Jim’s tongue was busy as she tried to talk. “But his fantasy, for years, has been to suck my cum filled cunt. OHHH…DAMN!…I don’t mind…”

I could only shake my head. “No I don’t mind at all Betty. Not at all.”

We all stayed in this position for quite a while. As I am slow to recover anymore, I found it not only erotic but also relaxing to watch as Betty gently sucked and cleaned my cock while Jim completely emptied Betty. The best was watching her facial expressions as Jim brought her off again by teasing her clit. Finally she moved off his face and rested against my thigh. Jim stayed on the floor with a smile on his face and I just tried to take it all in.

“This has been an unbelievable day, I must say.” I spoke aloud still sorting my thoughts. Betty moved towards her pile of clothing. “Betty, that isn’t necessary if you don’t want to.” She looked back at me with a questioning look. “I find your body quite appealing.” I smiled.

“Really?” She just looked at me as I nodded.

“How about we all stay just as we are and I’ll get some munchies and beer together.” I stood, and walking naked, went into the kitchen. I knew I wouldn’t recover for awhile myself, but yet my cock swung at half staff in front of me as I walked.

We all sat around the table and talked. I found that what had transpired last evening was all planned between Jim and Betty. It hadn’t been yesterday that she had seen me jacking off, but had actually happened a few weeks previous. They had tried to devise a plan so that today actually happened. We talked and laughed throughout the afternoon. Finally it was getting on towards supper.

“We should leave you to yourself and get some dinner fixed.” Betty stood and leaving her bra off pulled her blouse and panties on, throwing her jeans over her arm. Jim got up and I noticed that he was beginning to recover as his prick was showing signs of lengthening. He grabbed his shirt and pulled his shorts back on, the end of his uncircumcised prick sticking out the leg hole of his cutoffs, as he followed Betty out the door.

I headed upstairs for a shower, thinking to myself how things were certainly changing in this neighborhood.

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