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Vixen Gets Her Kicks

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Asleep, comfortable at night, you lay snoring soundly. Your wife in deep slumber beside you, you feel something tug at your arm. A soft seductive voice calls your name. You stir gently, the voice beckoning, purring your name. You feel a hand searching under the blankets finding your leg she drags her nails up your thigh. You awaken fully to the realization that it is not your wife searching for you, but Vix. You open your eyes fully to find a dark figure kneeling beside the bed.

Vixen wants to play.

You pull yourself gently from the bed, facing the dark beauty before you. She pulls your arm and escorts you down the stairs. “Let’s go for a ride,” Vix says. You quickly dress with clothes you find in the laundry room., place shoes on your feet, and slip the keys from the hook by the door, not even making a sound.

Vix waits out by the car standing in the pale moonlight. You are surprised to see her attire. Though she’s usually dressed in some classy black dress, here she stands in a very short knit black skirt and a tube top. Her breasts seem to spill over the top. You look to see her in some sexy knee-high boots. It seems a little strange to find her looking this slutty, her hair a mess, her eyes deeply lined in black and her lips traced with the brightest of red lipsticks.

You hurry into the car, watching her slide into the seat next to you. You start the car and pull out of the driveway.

“Where would you like me to take you?” you ask curiously.

“I want to see where you work,” she says sliding her legs apart. Wanting to please her you nod yes and drive.

Vix takes your right hand from the steering wheel and slips two of your fingers into her eager pussy. You can almost feel her excitement through your fingers. She moves your hand slowly in and out, your fingers gliding into her. She moves your hand away and shoves your wet fingers into your mouth. You suck them until you can no longer taste her.

She puts your hand back on the steering wheel, and then slides her hand down your chest to your pants. She unzips them slowly and slides her hand into your boxers to find your cock aroused and waiting for her.

“Keep your eyes on the road,” she says mockingly as she unbuckles her seat belt and then leans her body over toward you.

You look up to the street before you, not a single car on the road. You feel Vix slide her mouth over your cock, her mouth wet, her tongue flicking at your head. She settles one hand at the base and one on your balls and tugs them roughly. She takes the whole thing into her mouth sucking hard. You take in a sharp breath as she bites at your cock, not enough to cause pain but just enough to let you know she wants you to feel something more than pleasure. She slowly slides her mouth up and down, biting the head of your dick occasionally. You moan softly.

“Watch the road,” she says pulling at your balls hard.

She begins sliding her mouth up and down faster and harder, hungrily taking in your cock. She moans loudly and the vibration sets you on the edge. You can feel the orgasm building within you. She stops suddenly and tickles your head again with her tongue and at the same time you pull the car into the company parking lot. “We’re here,” you offer, but not wanting her to stop. She sits up and you see that her lipstick is smeared. She looks even more disheveled and slutty.

“Let’s go look around,” she says opening her door and exiting the car before you can even protest. If someone notices you here with this slutty Vixen at your side, your marriage would be over, perhaps even your job. You zip up your pants reluctantly, crack open the car door, and climb out.

Vix walks quickly up to the door finding it unlocked and strolls in as though she owns the place. You know it’s unlikely anyone is here and you decide that even mentioning the unlocked door could just cause you problems. You pull the door open and find Vix waiting for you.

“Take me to the room where you work,” she says demandingly.

“Ok,” you say, “but know that I can get in some deep shit being here.”

She doesn’t even acknowledge you, turning quickly on her heels and stepping forward. You quickly head her off to lead the way down the hall. She pops you on the ass playfully.

You follow the hallway along, passing the other offices until you come to the cages. You slip your keys out of your pocket and open the caged door. Vix reaches around you and unzips your pants, pulling your now soft cock out. You open the door and stand next to her as she walks in. You glance over your shoulders and lock the door behind you.

Vixen walks to the back of the room into a doorway that leads to your tiny office. “Is this it,” she asks seemingly disappointed.

“Yes, ma’am,” you say.

Vix surveys the room and walks to your desk. She picks up your name plate and smacks it against the palm of her hand. “Take your pants off. No, no, leave that door open,” she demands as you attempt to shut it. You tilt your head but immediately obey. Your pants fall to the floor and you pull your shoes and your pants off and set them beside the desk. Vix walks behind you and stops. She places her hands on your ass and digs her nails in. “Bend your ass over,” she commands.

You lean far over the desk. She loosens her grip on your ass and leans over to your ear, ” You know what I want.” You simply nod. You spread your legs out a little bracing yourself against the desk. She spanks your ass with one hand lightly at first with small little taps. She watches your ass and says, “Mmmmm…”.

She switches the name plate into her dominant hand and pops you hard on the ass with it.

“Are you gonna give me what I want?” she asks.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good, my little fuck boy. Stroke your cock now.”

You reach down taking your hardened cock and slide your hand along the shaft. She pops you on the ass again a little harder with the name plate. “Stroke it faster, bitch.”

You increase the speed as she walks around you, to the other side of the desk. She watches you closely and sits in your chair. She separates her legs showing you her hairless smooth pussy.

“See my pussy?”

You nod a yes.

“You can have this after you cum on your desk.”

You stroke a little faster with this new incentive as you stare at her inviting pussy waiting there for you to touch it. She flips down her tube top.

“See my tits?” she asks pulling at her hard nipples, stretching them out some.

“Yes ma’am,” you mutter feeling so eager to suck on her nipples.

“Good,” she says.

Vix slides your name plate between her legs and props it there hiding her wet hole away from sight.

“Spit on your dick,” she commands you.

Your mouth dry, you lean up some and muster to spit on yourself. You look down to see white spittle dripping from the head of your cock. Vix laughs. “Keep stroking it!” she yells.

The lubrication makes it easier for your hand to glide. You feel close to cumming again. Her eyes meet yours and she seems to read the feeling swelling in you.

“Cum you fucking whore,” she says angrily. Her tits jiggle as she strains forward in almost a yell.

You watch them bounce slightly, the image caught in your mind. You cum hard on the desk. Your semen spills across the width and a small drop lands on Vixen’s thigh.

She looks down to the sticky wet spot on her leg and shakes her head in disappointment. “Come lick it up,” she says.

You walk around the desk, drop to your knees between her legs and lick slowly at her thighs, making sure to clean her well. She pulls at your hair and shoves your face close to the name plate placed in front of her pussy.

“Do you want to taste it?” she asks teasingly.

“Yes ma’am, please.”

“You need to beg me.”

“Please Ms. Vix, I need your pussy. I need to taste it. Please let me taste it. Can I have it please?” you say begging and meaning it. She moves the name plate, places it on the desk and shoves your face into her.

“Lick my pussy clean, fuck boy.”

You waste no time, smothering your face into her . You suck fiercely at her lips. She holds your head steady and props her legs up on the arm rests of the desk chair. You see the hood of her clit and explore it with your tongue. You suck on it, placing it between your teeth, tugging softly.

Vix guides one of your hands up and slides one of your fingers into her ass and the other deep inside her pussy. You flick your tongue repeatedly at her clit and slide your fingers in and out of her smoothly. She grips your hair tightly and shoves your face harder into her.

“Finger me harder. Use more fingers,” she says purring at you.

You fix your hand into a better position shoving two fingers into her ass and two into her pussy. You slide them in harder. Her pussy and ass tighten around your fingers and face. Her legs begin to quiver. You lick furiously at her clit, slamming your fingers into her, hoping that you are pleasing Ms. Vix. You know you are doing well as she begins moaning louder and shoving your face harder into her pussy. She throws her head back and moans a huge sigh as she cums. She pulls your hair, jerking your head back suddenly.

“Good boy, clean your face,” she says.

You stand up, grab a paper towel and wipe at your face reluctantly, her scent engulfing you. Vix pops up out of the chair and walks over to a shelf. She grabs some 550 cord that she has spotted and a gerber. She pulls you to the chair, pushes you into the seat and binds your feet to the chair. Vix kneels down at the desk and crawls beneath it.

Your dick is spent from cumming just a few moments ago so she slaps it hard. “Wake up,” she demands. Without an immediate response, she shoves your cock into her mouth anyway. She flicks her tongue on the head, then licks it up and down while looking up at you. You stare down at her and deep into her eyes. You both have the feeling of enjoyment and excitement and you read it in each other’s eyes.

“I’m going to suck you off, fuck boy. I’m going to make you cum again. I’m going to fuck you so hard. I’m gonna spank your ass until it’s red. You’re going to have to cum for me again and again tonight. You’re going to beg me to fucking stop. You’re going to cum so many times your cock is going to hurt. I am going to fuck you like the little bitch-ass whore that you are.”

Your cock hardens quickly at her speaking to you this way. You love the idea of her fucking you. She’s the only one who can turn you on with the things she does to you. Sometimes there is so much pain involved but it feels absolutely so good. You look down at the desk, her eyes on you, you see her tits moving with her as she slides your cock in and out of her mouth. You think of her suddenly as the hot slut who can’t get her fill.

You look at the paperwork scattered across your desk, figures from the day all waiting your attention for later. You suddenly notice a shadow in the doorway. Your heart pounds and just about jumps out of your chest.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” your supervisor asks sternly.

“Finishing some paperwork ,sir,” you offer quickly. Vix sucks hard at your cock, shoving it deep into her mouth. She pulls at it with her hands roughly. She pulls at your balls. She bears down on your cock, sliding her teeth along its shaft, making you almost wince.

“Oh, ok,” he begins, “So you just decide to come in at two in the morning?”

“Yes, sir. I couldn’t sleep knowing that I needed to get this done and to you as soon as possible,” you say.

Vix’s brutality with your cock doesn’t slack, if anything she gets rougher. You fight hard to keep a straight face.

“Did you hear the shit that Bill was saying this afternoon?” he asks trying to make conversation.

You try to think back but you are distracted by the pulling, tugging, and sucking of Vix at your cock.

“No, what did he say?” you ask wishing he would just go away.

Your supervisor goes into detail about some sordid affair that Bill is having with a young prostitute. Vix sucks eagerly and hard and his voice seems lost in the air about you. You try to listen nodding your head and try not to cum while he’s standing in the doorway of your office.

“That’s fucked up,” you say interjecting.

“Yeah, but he says the pussy is so good. He talked about fucking her all over his house, about treating her like a submissive little whore. Man, that mother-fucker went into detail. He had us all blushing. I can’t believe he’s doing this shit to his wife, but I guess when the pussy calls, you’ve got to have it.”, he says with a big belly laugh.

“Ha, ha,” you say snickering. “Yeah, I guess you can’t beat good pussy.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna run. Have that shit on my desk in the morning. Let me know when you decide to come in here at night.” He walks out abruptly leaving you there with a hot pussy sucking your cock beneath the desk.

That was a close call; almost being caught at work with your domme sucking you off could have spelled absolute disaster. Relieved that he is gone you sigh loudly and find that you can no longer contain yourself. Your cock feels as though it’s on fire. Vix still angrily sucking doesn’t loosen her grip as you explode into her mouth. She sucks hard as though she is trying to remove every last drop of cum from you. You look down at her as she swallows the hot sticky cum down hard. She stands up, her tube top still flipped down, her nipples showing her excitement, her skirt still awkwardly pulled up to her waist showing her shaved pussy before you.

You absent mindedly touch your aching cock, red from Vix’s abuse.

“Don’t touch that cock,” she says angrily. She unties your ankles from the chair. “Here’s a list,” she says pulling from her purse, “find these things and shut and lock that fucking door.”

You obey her finding paperclips, more 550 cord, a small thin piece of pvc pipe, a long wide piece of pvc pipe, and a bungee cord. All of these things were strewn conveniently about your office and you have no trouble finding them. You place everything on the desk in the order of the list making sure it looks neat.

Vix watches, still not bothering to straighten her clothing. When you finish she pushes you against the desk and removes your shirt. You watch as she expertly creates a spreader bar by slipping the 550 cord through the long pvc pipe and binds your ankles to it. She pulls your hands behind your back and ties them together. She takes the loose ends around your waist and ties them tightly together. She takes another length of the cord ties it around your balls.

She moves toward the paper clips, small pvc pipe and bungee cord. She slides all but the bungee cord close to you on the desk. She picks up the bungee cord and removes the wire hook from one end and carefully unbraids it to the middle. She then ties the braids in the middle to prevent it from unraveling the rest of the way. Vix lays her new flogger on the desk then helps you get turned around.

“Lean over the desk,” she demands.

She picks up the flogger and slaps her own thigh with it. It makes a faint slap. She swings it over again and slaps her pussy with it. You see her shiver.

“Open your mouth,” she says and she slides the small pvc pipe in. “Suck on it,” she says giggling.

You suck on the pipe obediently, Vix’s little fuck boy.

She picks up the paper clips and straightens them, then begins encircling your cock with them. She pokes at your thighs with one. Your skin dimples in from the pressure. She pokes you again with the paperclip then pops you softly across your thighs with the flogger. She alternates randomly between the paperclip and the flogger each time a little harder with both. She stops and slides the pipe in and out of your mouth.

“You like to suck on my pipe don’t you?” You nod. She crawls up onto your desk and spreads her legs before you.

“Fuck me with it,” she says grinning.

You nod a yes and slide the pipe into her pussy. The pipe slides out of your teeth some as it enters her.

“Bite down on it bitch. I’m gonna want you to shove it in me hard.”

You clench your jaw down on the pipe as hard as you can and slide it into her. She moans and picks up the flogger again. She pops you on the back with a smack. “That’s a good fuck boy,” she says.

You shove the pipe in and out of her pussy until she stops you and removes the pipe from your mouth. Your jaw aches from not daring to disappoint her or drop it. She gets her purse and climbs off the desk. She pulls something out and after a moment or two she sticks one hand on our ass and the other wet with something against your asshole.

“It’s my turn to do the fucking.”

She slides a dildo strapped to her hips into your ass carefully, the buzzing tells you that she has one with a clit vibrator and that she will enjoy this. She slides the dildo out and reaches for the cord left dangling from your balls. She tugs it some and slides the dildo in slowly. You sigh as it slides deep into your asshole. She tugs the cord and your balls are stretched backwards. She moans lightly and pulls the dildo out. Lubing it again she slides it deeper still, pulling the cord around your balls. Each time she pushes it into your asshole she moans as her clit gets pressed and vibrated.

Enjoying herself, Vix gets more excited and picks up the pace.

“You like me fucking you,” she says suddenly slapping your ass with her hand.

“Yes, ma’am,” you say.

“I’m gonna fuck you harder.”

She rams the dildo into your ass harder now. You take a deep sharp breath from the pain. She pulls it out and slams it into you again. She slaps your back. She pulls the cord as she shoves the dildo in again.

“Say you want it harder,” she almost screams in your ear.

“Please fuck me harder Ms. Vix,” you yell back. “Fuck my ass hard. Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck me please,” you plead desperately despite the almost agonizing pain of your balls and asshole hurting.

Excited by your screams she rams the dildo faster into your ass.

“Fuck me, Pussy Queen. Fuck me like a bitch. Shove your cock into my asshole.”

Vix begins moaning loudly. Your moans begin to match hers. She pulls the cord around your balls.

“Fuck me Ms. Vix. Beat me Ms. Vix,” you say over and over again.

She shoves the dildo deep into you over and over again. She smacks your back with the flogger and then with her hand.

“Treat me like a bitch, my Pussy Queen,” you beg her. She fucks you until finally she collapses from an orgasm and lays over your back. Slowly she gets up from your back and grabs something from her purse again.

She shoves an anal plug into you and smacks your ass. “Wear this until you get home tonight,” she says.

Vix rounds the desk and takes off the strap on she was wearing. She unties you and removes the paperclips from around your cock. Finally free from your restraints you bow your head down.

“Get your clothes on fuck boy.”

Back at the car, you are relieved that you did not encounter your supervisor or anyone else for that matter. Vix immediately begins sucking your cock again. This time she is soft and sweet about it.

“One more fuck,” she says and springs into your lap. You lay the seat back as she straddles you and begins wildly fucking you hard. She slaps you across the face as your cock raises up to meet her wet pussy. She permits you to suck on her tits and you absolutely revel in it. Once you have both cum again, she climbs back into her seat. “Take me back to your house,” she says.

You drive back in silence sliding your hand onto her thigh. She shoves your fingers into her pussy.

“Thank you Ms. Vix,” you say having truly enjoyed the fucking she gave you.

She nods, “You’re a good fuck boy.”

You smile, pleased that you did well. You pull your car into the drive way. She steps out of the car. “Come on, I’ll walk you in,” she says. You both enter the still house and go up the stairs. She tiptoes behind you.

“Lean over the bed and I’ll take the plug out,” she says just before you enter the door of your room where your wife lays sleeping. You lean over and she pulls the plug out. You sit down on the bed and Vix kneels in front of you. You undress before her, trying carefully not to wake your wife. Vix licks at your cock and then encloses her mouth around it.

Your wife suddenly stirs. “Did you go somewhere?” your wife asks sleepily.

“Yeah, had to go into work and finish some paperwork,” you say looking down at Vix. Your wife places a soft hand on your back.

“Ok baby, go to sleep,” she says. Vix sucks hard at your cock.

“I will baby,” you say. Vix pulls away and lays close to the floor. You fall asleep knowing she’ll leave quietly and you will see her soon.

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