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Dawn’s Friends

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Chapter 1

Dawn’s friends were spending the night again. I really wasn’t all that surprised, of course, but it would have been easier on me if they were staying at another parents house. There was some work I had to do tonight, but I guess it would have to wait. Whenever my daughter’s friends are in the house, I don’t get much done until they quiet down for the evening.

Since my wife, Dawn’s mother, had left, Dawn and I had learned to get along a lot better. We both realized that Jan had been unhappy, and her unhappiness had affected us both. Once she was gone, we had developed a much better relationship and had learned to get along a lot better. About to graduate high school, she and her friends were spending as much time together as possible, knowing that they would probably go to separate colleges in the fall.

Since Jan had left two years ago, I had spent a lot more time at work. Of course, since I was so dedicated to it now, I had earned several promotions. I was now the head of the industrial investment group, and just last year Dawn and I had moved into our new house. The house wasn’t really new, but it was a lot better place than we had been living in. Dawn also realized that I would be able to send her off to college without her needing to get a job to help out with the cost, which she appreciated!

When the girls were in the house, there was a lot of giggling and talking, of course. Sometimes they didn’t act eighteen. Although I didn’t try to be “buddies” with the girls, I had a good relationship with all of them. They knew that I was fair with them, and if they really needed something they could talk to me and I wouldn’t treat them like little kids. I had made a deal with them that although I didn’t approve of them drinking, if they got into a situation where they were going to drink and drive, I would go pick them up at any time of the night and deliver them home. There were only a few times that this had been required, but on those occasions I had picked them up and taken them home. They got lectures from me, but I hadn’t turned them into their parents, either.

“Hi Mr. E! What’s for dinner?” Amy was one of Dawn’s oldest friends, and one of the most attractive. Long, dark hair ran part way down her back, outlining her pretty face with her green/grey eyes, pert nose and sweet mouth. One of these days, Amy was going to make some guy really happy.

“Oh, I suppose the usual. How do you girls want your filet’s cooked tonight?” This brought much laughter from all the girls, as they knew that I was not a cook. I gave Dawn some money and told her to either order Chinese or pizza, whichever they wanted. Then I gave them the usual nightly lecture before I retreated to my study to try to get some work done.

“OK, I know you all know, but here are the house rules. No drinking. Period. No drugs of any kind. Period. If you have a prescription you need to take, tell me about it. My pistols are locked up, but don’t try to get to them, anyway. Oh, and most importantly, NO BOYS! At ALL!” With that, I made sure to make eye contact with Sandi, the little blonde. About a month ago, after the girls thought I was asleep, Sandi had tried to slip a boyfriend in. Although she had sworn that all they were going to do was talk, I had refused to let her spend the night for a month. Her face was a little red, but she still smiled at me as they all nodded their heads. They complain about getting the same warning every time, but I want to make sure no one could say they didn’t understand or remember. They joked about the “prison” sometimes, but that didn’t bother me.

As usual, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to concentrate. I guess I should be ashamed, but all the pretty young female flesh in the other room was stuck in my mind. I didn’t know if Dawn’s friends would appreciate the thoughts running through my head, but I was sure that their parents, all of whom I knew, would take me out and string me up!

The bad part would come when the food arrived. As usual, I would go out and help myself to some of it. The girls all got along well with me, so I would talk to them while we were eating, trying to not let my desire for their tight bodies show. Once everyone had eaten, anyone who was not spending the night would go home, and those that were staying would change into their nightclothes.

This was the best, and the worst time for me. As usual, I would go and shower, putting on sweat pants and a shirt to get more comfortable. It also helped to hide my swelling cock. This was because the girls usually wore t-shirts to get comfortable while they talked or watched a movie. There were times that one or the other of them had asked to borrow a shirt from me when they had forgotten their own. Watching a sweet young teen-aged girl cavort around all evening in a shirt of mine was just not fair!

Even though it was a Friday night, the girls didn’t have a lot of energy. They did indeed change into their night outfits. Dawn was the only one wearing actual pajamas, but she is always a little colder than the other girls. Amy had on a shorter shirt than usual, and I knew from past experience she would not be wearing anything but small panties underneath it. Some of the girls wore a bra, but not Amy or Sandi. Of all the girls, these two were the most forward of the bunch. They were well developed, and more comfortable with their newly developed bodies.

On one of my trips to the kitchen to get a beer, I looked over into the living room. My daughter and Jana were upstairs already, either talking or sleeping. Only Amy and Sandi were left, and neither of them had heard me walk out of the study towards the kitchen area. My house is mainly an open plan, with the kitchen, dinning and living rooms only separated by a T-shape counter. The door to my bedroom is off the living room, in the back. In the other corner of the living room is the door to my study.

Pausing only a few feet into the living room, I was brought up short by the wonderful view I had of Amy’s long legs and tight, shapely ass. She was lying on the floor on her stomach, and her t-shirt had ridden up her back, giving me a clear view of her round ass cheeks and between her thighs the thin strip hiding her pussy. Actually, it was trying to cover it, but as it was a only a thin strip, her cunt lips were just visible. The only light in the room came from the flat panel TV on the wall and a lamp on the end table that was positioned at her feet and slightly off to one side. This lighting allowed me to enjoy my view of her wonderful pussy. I noticed that there was no hair visible, and the strip that was vainly trying to cover her was thin enough and tight enough to provide an excellent “camel toe” effect.

How long I stood there before I came to my senses I don’t know. At first, I hadn’t even realized that Sandi was lying on the couch off to the side. Only a small movement by her made me realize that she was there. Had she noticed me admiring Amy? When I realized that she was there, she was looking in the direction of the TV, but there was a smirk on her face as I walked by them to the kitchen.

From the kitchen, I could see Sandi lying on the couch but couldn’t see Amy on the floor due to the counter between the rooms. As I threw the empty bottle in the trash and got another one from the refrigerator, I could hear murmurs of conversation from the girls in the other room, but not what they were saying. Turning, I saw that Sandi had leaned her upper body in the direction of Amy and was saying something.

Walking back to the edge of the living room, I turned towards the girls. “Hey Mr. E! Still working? You work all the time! You should find something better to do with your time on a Friday night! Want to finish watching the movie with us?”

“Nah, I’m almost done with the portfolio I’m working on, I think I’ll finish it up and go to bed. Everyone else go to bed already?”

“Yeah, everyone quit on us. As soon as this is over, we’re going to bed too.”

As I stood there talking to them, Amy had turned her head and shoulders towards me so she could look at me, but was still lying flat on her stomach with only her shoulders raised off the floor as she braced her chin on her elbows. This caused her shirt to pull up even farther, an inch or two above the top of her panties and showing the top of her tight ass and the smooth skin along her waist. I couldn’t help staring until I realized that this time neither of them could have any doubt of what I was looking at. Sandi continued to lie on the couch, grinning at me.

I was a little embarrassed to realize how obvious I was. I quickly turned and walked towards my study, but I couldn’t help but look back before I walked into the study. Amy had raised her hips slightly off the floor, rolling her ass upwards just slightly and separating her thighs even farther. This also had the effect of spreading the outer lips of her pussy so that the thin panties were now sucked between them.

I didn’t have the strength or willpower to look away. She was very slowly hunching her ass up and down just an inch or two, her head still straight ahead as she looked at the TV. But as I finally looked away I realized that Sandi had been watching me. I almost ran into the study and closed the door, but not before I heard them giggling. In the past some of the girls had teased me, making sure I could see down their shirts or had a shot at their little panties, but this had been the most obvious. It was also the first time I knew for sure that the girls had caught me staring at them. It’s a good thing they would all be graduating soon and going off to school.

“Damn! Caught by two oversexed teenaged girls!” I was muttering to myself as I sat down at the computer and tried to concentrate. But it had been a while since I had any kind of sexual satisfaction other than my own hand. Way too long, apparently! For the next half hour I replayed the sight of Amy’s long legs and thighs. Her knees had been at least a couple of feet apart, granting me an excellent view of her sweet pussy encased in her thin panties. She may not have realized the lovely view she was providing me when I had first walked out of the study, but there could be no doubt that she had improved it on purpose. Sandi must have seen me staring before my trip to the kitchen, and they had decided to tempt me.

There was a soft knock on the door of the study. “Mr. E? We’re going to bed now. See you in the morning, OK?” Soft giggles came through the door.

“Uh, OK girls. Turn the lights off, I’m going to bed in a few minutes too.”

After waiting a few minutes and hearing them go up the stairs on the far side of the living room, I shut the workstation off and went to my bedroom. As usual when all the young pussy was around, I hadn’t really got much done. I knew that I was going to have to cut down on work and go out and find myself a girlfriend. I was in bad need of some relief!

Some people say a stiff dick has no conscience; I know for sure it has no mercy. I lay in bed for what seemed like hours, unable to get to sleep. Finally, I decided that there was no other choice but to relieve my sexual desires by myself. Not the most dignified thing for a forty-four year old, fast rising executive to do, but I did want to get some sleep.

Sometimes I was able to work out at the gym hard enough that, even though the girls were around showing off their firm tits and long legs, I could fall into an exhausted sleep. During warm weather I would ride my bicycle for forty or fifty miles on afternoons that I knew the girls would be staying and managed to fall to sleep. This was not going to be one of those times.

As I lay there I heard a small noise. It sounded almost as if someone was closing the French door on the side of the house, where the patio was. Who the hell would be opening or closing that door? This couldn’t be good! As I got to my feet and opened the small vault next to the bed where my Kimber 1911 was stored I didn’t realize that at least I no longer had to worry about my stiff dick!

Picking up the portable phone and the powerful flashlight I keep by the bed, I considered calling 9-1-1. If it was an intruder, I didn’t want to have to shoot anyone and calling the sheriff first could save some time. But we lived in a rural area, and I knew that the sheriffs department could easily take ten minutes to get to the house. We live in a large county, and due to budget constraints the county only had two officers on duty. Being a Friday night it was also likely that they were busy dealing with drunks or fights.

There were only two things in the house that anyone could want. There were occasions that I had a couple of thousand dollars in cash in the house. This was not one of them, and if that was what they were after, I would be more than willing to let them have money or any other object in the house. But I also had four young girls and myself in the house, and I’d be damned if anyone was going to do anything to harm me, and especially not the girls! Spending time in a prison for shooting someone was much better choice than explaining to one of the girl’s parents that I hadn’t even tried to protect them!

As a deliberate measure, I always keep the hinges on the doors in the house well oiled. It has always been a pet peeve of mine, the sound of a dry hinge. Easing the door open, I slipped into the living room and stood next to the wall. Because I had been laying in the dark my eyes were fully dilated, giving me excellent night vision. From the security light outside shining through the glass of the door, I could see two figures as they quietly moved from the door to the middle of the living room.

Staying in the darker area at the back of the room, I slowly moved away from the bedroom door and closer to the pair. They were whispering to each other, and it was quickly apparent that one of them was female. I moved farther along the wall until I had them highlighted by the light coming through the door. As long as they didn’t make a move towards the stairs, I was willing to keep still and leave them alone. If they were after the stereo or the TV, they were welcome to them! With the girls in the house I didn’t want any trouble unless it was necessary.

But to my shock, as the two whispered to themselves I realized that the girl was Amy!

“Brad! What are you doing here?” She was so obviously stressed it even showed in her whisper.

“Hey, baby, aren’t you glad to see me? I thought you’d be glad to see me!”

“Dawn’s dad doesn’t like us to have guys here. You know that, I’ve told you!”

“Fuck the old son of a bitch! I don’t care what he wants or doesn’t want! Now get over here and give me a kiss.” As he spoke the young man reached over and grabbed the back of her head. They were sitting together on the couch, and I could tell that he had to really put some effort into it to get her lips to his.

“Stop that! Mr. E’s going to be really pissed if he wakes up and finds you hear!”

“Fuck him! Maybe I should just make enough noise and get the prick out of bed!”

“NO! Don’t do that! I don’t want him pissed off at me, OK? He’s a nice guy, but he’ll get really mad! That’s one of his rules!”

“Screw him and his rules!” I was starting to get even angrier. This little schmuck didn’t seem to have but one response to me. “You haven’t been paying much attention to me for the last couple of days, baby. Now I want some of your attention, or I’m going to start talking real loud!”

“You asshole! And you wonder why I’ve been ignoring you? Go to hell!”

The young man stiffened a little. “Well, fuck you too, baby! So you don’t want anything to do with me, huh? Well, that’s fine! But since you’re so worried about this asshole catching you, maybe you can make it worth my time to leave quietly.”

There was a moment of silence, and the two of them were moving around on the couch. I could hear Amy’s breathing getting a little louder, and I realized that the young man was holding her still as he was roughly squeezing her tits. For a few seconds I saw red, and then realized that I was standing in the dark in my living room, holding a pistol and getting really angry. While I knew I was going to make sure this little asshole didn’t ever want to come back to my house, I didn’t want to shoot the stupid son of a bitch, either!

Turning quietly I put the pistol, the phone and the flashlight on the bookshelf behind me and pulled a magazine over the gun. It was pretty apparent that I wouldn’t need it. Turning back to the young couple on my couch I watched as Amy managed to push herself away from the boy.

“Leave me alone!”

“Hey, you seemed to like it when Hunter did that last month! What’s the matter, I’m not good enough for you?”

“Just leave, and leave me alone from now on, dickhead!” Good for you, Amy!

“Fuckin bitch! Well, unless you want me to make a lot of noise right now, you better get down on your knees, cunt! The least you can do for me is suck me off again, you little tease! You did it last week while you were here!” With that, he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her off the couch onto the floor in front of him. I could hear his zipper as he pulled it with one hand and held her by the neck with the other. She was struggling with him, but it was apparent that he was much stronger than her.

Not being willing to hear or see any more, I quickly walked over to where he sat on the couch. Amy noticed me before he did and let out a soft startled cry as I grabbed him by the neck in a similar fashion to the way he was holding her. He grunted in pain and immediately released her and she fell on her side on the floor.

“You sorry little piece of shit! What the hell is your name, numb nuts?” Although I was speaking very forcefully my voice wasn’t particularly loud.

“Uhhhnnnn! Stop! That hurts!”

“Yeah, I know it does. It’s going to hurt a hell of a lot more if you don’t answer me! WHAT’S – YOUR – NAME? Is that simple enough for you!”

“MMHHNNNNNNnnnnnnn!” Still no answer from the little ass wipe as I increased the pressure on the nerve center at the junction of his neck and shoulder.

“Ahh, fuck it!” I was already getting tired of this shit. I shoved him over on his side on the couch and reached down to pull out his wallet. Pulling him back up, I dropped the wallet for a second and turned the lamp on. Looking at him as I opened it with my free hand, I held him in place with the other. He might have been mildly attractive if his face wasn’t screwed up in pain and a small amount of spit leaking out of one side of his mouth.

“Hmm. Bradley Wilson, 1803 Stevens Road. Yeah, I know you. I saw your parents at a restaurant just a couple of weeks ago. I wonder what they’ll say when the sheriff’s department calls them and tells them you got arrested for breaking and entering. That ought to make them really happy and proud, shouldn’t it!”

Even through the pain of the pressure point hold I was using it was apparent that he didn’t really like the idea much. His moans of pain got a little louder and he started twitching on the couch.

“SHUT UP! Keep your moaning and crying down, or I’ll kick your ass before they get here!” Without releasing the grip my right hand had on his left shoulder, I bent down and stuck my face in his. “In just a second, I’m going to walk you over to the door and throw you out of my house like the sorry piece of shit you are. If you don’t cooperate with me, the pain you’re feeling right now will seem pleasant when I’m done with you, OK?” This in the hardest voice I could use. “Nod your head if you agree, asshole!” I got a weak response, but it was apparent he wasn’t going to cause me any trouble.

Pulling him to his feet, I shoved him in the direction of the door. He was trying to relieve the pain in his shoulder and had it lowered, causing him to walk strangely. I opened the door with my left hand and shoved him outside and around the house towards where I assumed he had parked his car.

We had a short conversation before I shoved him into the side of his car. It consisted of me telling him that if I ever heard any of the girls mention his name again, even in passing, I would make his life a living hell. I knew his name and his address and I could always find him. His side of the conversation was a lot of moaning in pain and “Yes Sir”. By the time I let go of him his face was wet with tears, and he ran around the car and drove off quickly. I didn’t think Amy or any of the girls would have any more trouble with him.

As I closed the door and walked back into the living room, Amy was still lying on the floor with tears on her pretty face. My first thought was to tell her that it was OK and it really wasn’t her fault. But stuck in my mind was the information that the little punk had let slip. Amy had him come over last week while they were staying here? Thinking back, on Tuesday of last week Amy and Beth had spent the night, and I had been very late getting home. Amy had still been up when I came home at almost midnight, and I had told her that she should go to upstairs and go to bed. She had seemed a little worked up that night, but I hadn’t given it any thought (other than to watch her ass twitch as she went up the stairs). Had the young man just left before I got home?

I must have had a very unfriendly look on my face as I walked over to the couch and sat down. Amy immediately started talking.

“Mr. E, I’m so sorry, I mean, he just….”

“Yeah, Amy I know. I guess I should call your folks, or I can drive you home.”

“OH, No! You can’t tell them! Please! Dad doesn’t like him, he never did!”

“I’m sorry Amy, but I really don’t think this is something that I can keep from your parents.” She was crying again.

“But nothing happened! I was telling him to leave, but he wouldn’t listen!”

“Amy, that’s right, but you’re not really telling the whole story, are you?” She stopped crying and looked up at me. Even in the present circumstances, she was very appealing to look at. Her eyes might have been just a little red, but her face was as pretty as ever. The way she was sitting, with her legs and feet tucked underneath her body, pulled her shirt tightly against her firm tits, and the hem of the shirt just barely hid her crotch from my view while displaying her thighs.

“Wh – What do you mean?” Her voice was quiet, and I couldn’t tell if she honestly didn’t remember what Brad had said or if she was just playing me. I had the feeling that she did it quite often, counting on her pretty face and tight body to influence men around her.

“Last week?” Her eyes got much larger as she realized that I knew what had happened. “You knew the rules, Amy, and you didn’t follow them.” She started crying again. I felt bad about the situation; I mean, I understood being her age and wanting to experiment, especially with sex. But I couldn’t let her get by with this, either.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Edwards, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean for anytthing to happen, I mean..”

I looked at her for a second. “Amy, are you trying to tell me that this guy, uh, Bradley, he forced you? Is that what you’re saying?”

She looked at me for a second, and then dropped her head a little. “No.” It was said quietly, but clearly. At least she wasn’t willing to lie about it to save her own ass. That made me feel a little kindlier towards her. I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to tell her folks about it anyway. I guess I figured that all teenagers had the same hormones I had back when I was their age. I didn’t really appreciate her taking advantage of me, though. Apparently I still had a stern look on my face as I thought this out.

Amy leaned forward and put her hands on my knees. “Please, Mr. Edwards, please. You can’t tell my parents, you don’t understand!”

“What don’t I understand?”

Her head went down just a little, and then she looked back up at me for a moment. I was very aware of her hands on my knees. It looked like she was trying to work up the courage to tell me something, and finally made up her mind.

“Please, Mr. E, you can’t tell anyone about this, OK?” It was back to ‘Mr. E’, not ‘Mr. Edwards’ now. “You promise? Not even Dawn and the other girls, OK?” Now she had me wondering.

“Amy, are you sure you want to tell me?” She nodded. “OK, I won’t tell anybody.”

She sat back down on her feet, pulling her hands off my knees, her hands falling onto her thighs. She was looking down at them as she started talking.

“Last summer my cousin, the one that lives over in Indiana, came to stay with us for a while. Do you remember?” Those wonderful greenish eyes looked at me, looking all the better with a little dampness still obvious. I nodded, remembering that there had been some problem during the visit.

“Yeah, I remember. There was something strange; didn’t he leave to go home unexpectedly? A family member died, or a pet or something?”

She nodded her head. “Yeah, that’s the story my dad told everyone, and made me tell the girls.” She stopped for a minute, biting her lower lip, and then made up her mind. “Actually, my dad caught us, uh, having sex.” She saw the expression on my face.

“I know, I know, he’s my cousin.” Even in the relatively low light I could tell she was turning red. “I don’t really know how we got started, I guess it was his idea and by the time I knew what was going on, he had me convinced!” Thoughts went through my mind of doing the same thing when I was their age. The hope was always that if you got the girl excited enough, her common sense would disappear. It didn’t work very often for me, but it looked like the cousin had better success.

“What happened?”

“Oh, Mr. E, this is too embarrassing!”

“Amy, I don’t mean what happened with you two! How did your dad get involved?”

“Oh. Well, the first time no one caught us, we were home by ourselves. Mom was shopping and dad was at work, so we had an hour or so alone.” The first time? I thought that maybe I DID want to hear more about this, after all! And only an hour?

“I tried to stay away from him after that, but he knew how to get to me. Once, while mom and dad were downstairs, he caught me getting out of the shower. He knew after that I liked it as much as he did, so we started doing it more often. Everything was all right for a few days, but then we got careless and didn’t realize what time it was. Mom was gone again, and I wasn’t checking the clock.” Her face got even redder now.

Despite my attention to her story, I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were sticking out through the thin t-shirt she had on. I had to force myself to look up at her face again, and was embarrassed to realize that she had seen me looking at her tits. She smiled just a little, the first time since I had heard the two of them in my living room. It was obvious she liked me looking!

“We were fu.., uh, having sex in the living room, on the couch. He was on top of me, and I didn’t even notice dad come in the house. Apparently, my cousin didn’t either! Dad grabbed him, and threw him into the wall. When he got up, dad hit him and told him to get out of his house!” She paused for a moment, remembering. “He swore at me, calling me all kinds of names, and told me to get upstairs. I ran up the stairs and hid till mom came home. She was almost as mad as dad!”

“I think mom may have had a few suspicions about us. I mean, you know, uh, the smell?” She was embarrassed again, but looking straight at me now. “Well, just a couple of days before, we had fuck.., uh, I mean..”

“It’s OK, Amy, you can say it. I think I’ve heard the word a time or two.” Another small smile. She wasn’t really relaxed, but at least she wasn’t ready to have a nervous breakdown, either.

“Thanks. Well, we had done it in the kitchen, on the table, while mom had gone over to the neighbor’s house. Mike, that’s his name, had said that we didn’t have much time so we didn’t even get undressed or anything. But right after we finished I saw mom coming up the sidewalk towards the house. Mike ran out to talk to her for a minute and I cleaned up as best I could, but even with air freshener I think she could smell it when she came into the kitchen.”

Not knowing if the two of them had used condoms or not, I was wondering if she had his cum running down her thighs as she’s trying to fool her mother. Did she use a paper towel to wipe up their cum, or had she just grabbed a dish towel? Thoughts of this lovely young girl enjoying hot sex with her cousin on the kitchen table were beginning to get to me; I was as hard as a rock. Was she wearing her normal stretchy shorts, the kind that she wore most of the summer? Had he just pulled them down to her knees and bent her over the table? I tried to banish such thoughts but couldn’t.

When I realized that she had stopped talking I realized that I wasn’t the only one who had noticed my hard cock. I sleep in cut off sweat pants, and my dick was pressing out against the front of them. As I watched her looking at my crotch, her mouth opened just enough for her tongue to exit and wet her lips. It was such an unconscious yet erotic sight that I could feel my dick stiffen just a little more.

“Wow! Mr. E!”

“Amy!” I rearranged my crotch as unobtrusively as possible, but it was pretty obvious what I was doing. Looking back at her, I realized that she was now looking at my upper body, and it appeared that she entirely approved. Over the last few years, trying to work off the stress of my job and my life, I have been working out with a trainer at the company gym. It has paid off, although no one will probably ever ask me to be a model. I’m built just a little too thickly. I still have small love handles, but the rest of me is pretty well muscled up. No six pack, but no roll around my waist either. Most of my girlfriends have told me that “powerful” is the word they would use to describe my physique.

“What happened after your dad caught you?” I had to get her attention off me before I made a total idiot of myself.

“Oh. Uh, yeah. Well, dad drove Mike home that night. It took him all night, to get there and back. I only talked to him, uh Mike I mean, once since then. I don’t know exactly what dad told him or did to him to scare him, but he won’t even talk to me anymore. When his parents came to visit last fall Mike found some excuse to stay home.”

“Dad sat me down the next day and told me that I wasn’t to tell anyone about it. It wasn’t bad enough that I’d had sex, but how it was really wrong to do it with my cousin!” She paused for a moment. “When I told him I was on birth control, and I couldn’t get pregnant, that just made him even madder!” Her left hand went up to her face. “He even hit me! Mom got mad at him for that, and he apologized. He really meant it, too.” Her eyes looked at me again, a little of the fear returning. “But you can’t tell him! He’ll get so mad at me! When he found out I was seeing Brad he grabbed my arm and told me that Brad was a little shit, and the only thing he wanted was sex. He was right, I guess. But he made it very clear he wouldn’t be very happy with me if anything happened. Like what did happen!”

“Dad wanted to ground me for the next year, until high school was over, but mom told him that all my friends would want to know what I had done that was so bad. So dad just keeps after me all the time, trying to check up on me.” She started crying softly. “That’s why I had Brad come over here last week. The only place I go that dad doesn’t check on me, just about, is when I’m over here.”

“What happened last week? Do the other girls know about him being here?”

“OH, NO! Please, Mr. E! They don’t know anything! They all told me the same thing that dad said, that Brad wasn’t much. They all told me not to have anything to do with him. It was a school night, and we had cheerleader practice that afternoon, so Dawn and Beth were tired and went to bed early.” She had stopped crying and had turned red again. “Brad wanted me to wear my cheer outfit, so I put it back on when I knew he was coming over.” She had been looking at my crotch again, but now her lashes swept up as she looked up into my face. I could swear there was a little smugness in her voice. “Guys are so silly about cheerleaders, you know?”

Imagining her on her knees in front of Brad as he sat on my couch, her sucking his cock in the cute cheerleader’s outfit, my cock lurched again. At the girl’s school, the cheer outfit was something resembling a sports bra and tight, Lycra shorts. I caught myself as I started to wonder if Amy had it on the whole time, or if she had … this wasn’t helping my situation at all!

“Mr. E, if you tell my parents, I won’t get to do anything for the rest of the school year! My dad will get so mad at me; he may not even want me to go to college! Please, please! You have to promise not to tell them!”

“Uh, Amy, I don’t know what to do.” And I really didn’t. Part of me understood. Another part of me wanted to toss her on her back, right there on the floor! I wasn’t going to tell her parents, I was pretty sure of that. But she wasn’t aware of what I was thinking.

Leaning forward, she put her hands on my knees again. “Please, Oh please, Mr. E. They won’t let me go to any of the dances, or spend any time with Dawn and the other girls. It will be like jail, that’s what dad told me!” She stopped for a moment.

“Look, Mr. E. I’ll do anything. I’ll clean your house for you; I’ll cut your grass, anything. You name it!”

“Amy, you know as well as I do that if you came over here and started doing chores around the house, Dawn and all the other girls would want to know what was going on.” All the girls were more than a little lazy.

Her face fell for a moment. She knew I was right. “Mr. E, there has to be something I can do for you!” Just the words, and of course the thoughts that went through my mind, were enough to make my carefully arranged dick pull free and stick out straight from my body in the sweats I was wearing. Amy noticed, of course, and was staring at my barely concealed cock for a few seconds. Her face grew a little red as she slowly looked up at me again. Her green eyes held mine as a small smile appeared on her face.

“Oh, yeah, Mr. E! I should have thought of it before!”

“Uh, now, Amy…”

“Mr. E! It’s perfect! I mean, I know you like to look at me! Sandi told me you were staring at me just tonight! Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

“Yeah, well…”

“Come on Mr. E. I can tell you do. A girl knows when a guy is looking at her. I mean, like you look at me. You do, don’t you? It’s OK; I like it when you do! I mean, that’s why I was teasing you tonight.”

“Yeah, Amy, I’m sure it’s no surprise to you. You know how attractive you are.” The little minx. Like most women, I guess, she liked to have men reassure her of how attractive she was.

She was sitting up straighter now, pressing her sweet tits against her thin t-shirt. Her nipples were getting harder as she could feel my eyes on them.

“Oh, please, Mr. E. I know I’m a lot younger than your girlfriends have been, and I’m not as sophisticated as they are. But I’ll do anything I can to please you! You’ve got to let me! If you don’t tell my parents, I’ll do anything you want! Anything; I mean it! Please? I promise I’ll learn as fast as I can, I promise!”

Apparently she was taking my shocked silence as acceptance, not that I was struck dumb with surprise or the fact that all the blood had left my brain and had rushed to my cock. “Oh, goodie! Thank you, thank you so much!” She smiled at me for just a second. “I’ve always had a thing for you, Mr. E. All the girls do, really. You’re so much better looking than all the other dads, and you act so much younger, too!”

Her hands started up my legs as she smiled at me. She stopped for a second, looking up at the area at the top of the stairs where the other girls were asleep in the bedrooms. “Uh, Mr. E? I don’t want to wake up the other girls, OK? I don’t know about you, but, uh, well, when I’m, uh, with a guy, you know, fucking him, I’m not always quiet, OK?”

Even though the sight of this young girl between my legs and the feeling of her soft hands on my thighs was working on my mind like a drug, I managed to regain a little of my senses. “Uhh, look Amy, it’s, uh, I won’t tell your parents, OK?” I didn’t want to pressure this young girl into having sex with me, as much as my body tried to argue with my brain.

“I know you won’t, Mr. E! We made a deal, right?” Her hands continued up to my crotch, and her fingers closed around my cock, feeling the size of me through the sweat pants. “Wow! You’re pretty hard, Mr. E! Pretty big, too! I don’t think any of the guys are as big as you are! But I’ve only been with boys my age.” Her hands moved up and down me slowly, starting to jack me through my sweats.

“Oh, God, Amy! We shouldn’t be doing this.” I didn’t sound very convincing, even to myself. My resolutions were being eased away by the great pleasure she was giving me. It had been over a month ago since my last girlfriend and I had broken up, and I was primed and ready for sex.

She giggled as her hands continued to stroke me. “A deals a deal, Mr. E. You should know that!” Her hands released me long enough for her to reach up and tug down on my sweats. Without even thinking I raised my ass off the couch, letting her pull my sweats and boxers down my legs and off my feet. Amy dropped them on the floor, staring as my dick bobbed a little from my movement. It was so hard it didn’t move much.

“Oh, yeah, Mr. E! You must really think I’m pretty, don’t you!” Her right hand returned to my dick and gripped it at the base. She could hardly get her hand around it. “Gosh, you’re pretty big!” It was as if she knew what men like to hear, but from the tone of her voice and the look on her face, she was being honest. While I’m not overly large, I am about seven inches long, and when I’m as excited as she had me, I swell up pretty big.

She continued running both her hands up and down me. In only a few strokes, I began to leak pre-cum. She quickly noticed, and immediately her left hand moved to the head of my cock and spread the liquid on the upper half of it. Now as her hand moved up and down, there was a squishy sound. “Oh, gosh, that’s sexy! Mr. E, wow!” As she continued to jack me, I continued to leak cum and each time she would use the palm of her small hand and gather the liquid to spread it on my cock. The smell, sounds and feel of this young beauty as she worked on my cock were so strong that I couldn’t help the soft sighs and moans I was making. She looked up and grinned at me, and I laid my head on the back of the couch and closed my eyes.

For a few minutes Amy continued her slow hand job. “Mr. E, this is so sexy! None of the guys ever let me do anything like this; they’re always in such a hurry! But I’m going to have to get back upstairs before Sandi wakes up and see’s I’m not there, OK?” Was the little slut going to leave me like this?

Instead, she smiled at me as I opened my eyes and looked at her again. She slid on her knees a little closer to me.” You’re pretty big, I’ve never tried this with a cock this big.” With that, she leaned into my crotch and her pretty red lips pursed as she kissed the red, shiny head. I couldn’t help moaning at the soft, butterfly feeling of her lips on the most sensitive spot of my body. She looked up and grinned again, then started to lick my dick head. I had to close my eyes again to keep from cumming, but my cock twitched against her tongue.

“Ummhh, Mr. E, you taste good! Stronger, and a little saltier than anyone else, but yummy!” With that, she licked all over my dick, little slurping noises coming from her mouth as the taste of my cum started saliva running in her mouth. It was very erotic, the sounds and feel of her enjoying my cock.

After licking it all over, she pulled back up to the top, leaving light kisses in a trail as she went. I still had my eyes closed when she slowly slid her little mouth over the head and fluttered her tongue on the slit as if she was trying to get more of the taste of my cum. With another soft moan, I felt my cock jerk as I delivered for her and her tongue quickly whisked it away. As I opened my eyes her mouth closed around my cock a little tighter as she worked the spunk around in her mouth for a second, then swallowed. She may have been young, and I didn’t know how much experience she had, but she was a natural cocksucker who was enjoying herself!

Spit and pre-cum was leaking out around her lips as she started to lower her head onto my cock and then rise back up, flicking her tongue at the slit to get whatever was leaking out. Little streams of liquid leaked down to her hands about half way down, and she began slowly moving her hands in time with her mouth, working the spit and cum into the skin covering my hard cock. Every so often, she would rise off it and softly kiss around the head, just underneath the rim. The soft, liquid sound of her lips was magic, bringing me even closer to exploding. Every now and then a low sigh or moan would come from her throat, matching the sounds I was making.

Pulling myself a little more upright, I reached down around her upper arms to run my hands over her sweet tits. I was already in over my head; I might as well go a little farther. With no hesitation, she pulled off my cock and grabbed the hem of her shirt and quickly pulled it over her head. I only got a quick glimpse of her firm, pink tipped tits before she had her mouth and hands back to work on me. They did feel wonderful, though, as I held them and rubbed the hard nipples with the palms of my hands. Amy started sighing and moaning in a lower tone as she appreciated the attention. Pulling off me for a second, she arched her back, shoving her young tits harder into my hands. “Oh, yeah, Mr. E, that feels so good!”

With a “Slurp!” she was back onto my dick, sucking harder and driving it farther into her sweet mouth. At the rate she was going, I wasn’t going to last much longer but I knew I was going to hold on as long as I could.

Spit and cum now leaked freely from her mouth as she crammed as much of me into her little mouth as she could. My dick head could feel her throat as I got a little more than half my cock in her mouth, and every time she went down on it she shoved just a little more of my cock into her throat. She coughed a couple of times but continued to try to get it into her snug throat. As she got more excited by the taste and smell of me, and with my pulling and gently twisting on her nipples, she was moving faster up and down on my cock and her moans and groans were just a little louder. I suppose I should have worried about waking the other girls, but when your getting such a wonderful blowjob the rest of the world seems so far away.

My cock was leaking juice constantly now, and with the saliva she was generating her blowjob was becoming even sexier as she slobbered on the hard dick in her mouth and sucked on it. As she moved up me there was a wonderful sucking sound as she tried to keep the juice in her mouth, and she was constantly swallowing her saliva and my cum, trying to keep all the fluids inside her.

Noticing that she was only holding the base of my cock with her left hand, I realized that she had her right hand buried in her crotch as she rubbed her pussy and clit as she sucked me. The sight of her hand working on her pussy and her ass cheeks clenching as she rocked back and forth were just too much for me. With a loud grunt I started pumping my load into her mouth, not having time to give her any warning. There was no question in my mind that she would swallow; she had swallowed all the pre-cum and had smacked her lips over the taste, so I held her head so that my cock was almost into her throat and felt the streams of cum as they splashed into her mouth. She held still, her tongue fluttering against the underside of my cock as she swallowed repeatedly. Finally I groaned as I collapsed back onto the couch, exhausted and drained.

Looking down at Amy, I watched as she pulled her head back until her lips were locked around the rim of the head. She softly applied suction, pulling the last drops of my cum out of me and rolling it around in her mouth. With a small “pop”, she finally pulled off me and sat back on her heels. As I watched this delightful young cocksucker, she ran her tongue around sweet lips, pulling every drop she could into her mouth and swallowing it. Then she rubbed her hand on her chin, wiping off the cum and saliva that ran down her face. Her tits were wet with what had leaked out as she sucked me dry.

“Oh, wow, Mr. E! That was great!” She smiled and leaned over again to kiss the head of my dick. “I’ve got to get back upstairs! I’ll see you later, OK?” With that, she picked up her t-shirt and ran for the steps. I watched her firm, young body in her small panties as she crossed the floor and quickly went up the steps, turning to smile at me at the top before going into the bedroom. I was still somewhat in shock, hardly believing that I had just gotten the best blowjob of my life from my daughter’s eighteen-year-old friend! But looking down at my semi-erect cock, still slightly damp from her mouth, was enough to convince me. Slowly, I pulled my underwear and sweats back on, turned off the light and, picking up the Kimber and flashlight, went back to my bedroom. At least I didn’t have to worry about jerking off! But how was I going to face Amy tomorrow? How could I face my daughter?

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