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The Clinic

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Money had been tight for some time now and at 35 Jamie felt helpless in fending off the bill collectors calling each day. Her husband Tom had lost a good job some time back and was now skimming along on a mediocre wage with a smaller company.

It was Monday, the day after another weekend of no nights out, no dinner at any fancy restaurants just endless Television, God how she hated Television now more than ever.

Jamie had made a decision this Monday morning that things had to change.

They had been married for 10 years and had decided to have kids when the time was right and not before. She thought to herself they may never have kids if things didn’t change.

This Monday morning Jamie looked through the employment ads only to find jobs requiring years of school or experience. With a sigh she scanned the other pages only to find the employment opportunity section and quietly mouthed, HMM.

Looking through them she came upon an ad for women from the ages of 18 to 35 to participate in a study at an alternative medicine clinic in a town not to far from where they lived.

The ad had a 1 800 number to call and she did just that as curiosity was filling her head.

A woman answered and began to ask her questions pertaining to her height, weight measurements etc. The woman seamed to be pleased with her small frame size and girlish looks.

The woman gave Jamie a date and an address to come by and interview and the conversation was over. Jamie felt as though for the first time in a long time she had been given a chance to make a difference in their financial state and the next few days were filled with much more prospect then the days before. On the morning of the interview Jamie waited until her husband had left for work and darted to the shower to start to get ready. Wanting to be at her best she fixed her self up better than she had perhaps sense her first date, making sure every thing was in its place. At 35 she still looked good, 5-5 and 120 lbs. With 36c breasts, still perky and full of life. Her raven hair was her real attribute, it made men wild when mixed with the rest of the package and she knew it and in the back of her mind she hoped it would help this time. Jamie drove to the city and parked at the address taking note of the small clinics structure being that of a house that had been in some way converted and in others still looked lived in.

As she walked up the steps to the house there was a small sign next to the door saying, capital ventures inc. She knocked and a woman near her age dressed very nicely walked to the door and turned several bolts and greeted her inside.

The woman introduced herself as Margie and asked her to sit in a chair next to the large wood desk. The woman asked many questions one of which was if she would be interested in a better paying position in a program involving studies of a sexual nature.

Jamie paused for a minute in surprise but had to ask the million-dollar question, How much more are we talking about here?

The woman smiled and brought out a piece of paper and floored Jamie with the prices that followed. 3,000 dollars per 5 hour shift, 6,000 dollars per 9 hour shift, 12,000 dollars per 24 hour shift. The woman stated that the procedures were highly sexual in nature and she would need to sign a contract prior with a witness present, of course the woman smiled and said, Liability, you know.

Jamie had heard of such things before from college friends and knew they were quite bizarre to put it mildly, but god would that money come in handy now or what.

The woman sensed her mental struggle and put the paper away stating, you know it’s not for every one Mrs. Staford.

Jamie quickly jumped to attention and stated, I’ll do it!

Are you sure the woman replied?

Yes, I am when can I start, well we need to know which program you will be interested in first, then you will need to meet with the specialist for a few minutes, it’s up to you.

Jamie asked if she could meet now so we could get started sooner, as she had spent a lot of money in those few minutes just in her head.

OK the secretary said, I’ll be just a minute and walked into the other room.

In the other room a man sat in front of a large screen watching a silent display of a young woman’s face, she was staring at the camera, eyes wide, mouth filled with some kind of gag.

Margie stopped in silence to watch a few minutes as the man turned and asked, what do we have.

Margie popped up still staring at the screen, we have a woman, married, 35 good body, no kids and needs money.

Do you think we have a live one, I’m not sure but it appears we may.

OK send her in, give me a few minutes to get ready and straiten this place up first.

Margie walked back to the main room and told Jamie it would be a few minutes.

Jamie stirred in her seat wishing on one hand she had reconsidered but on the other a little excitement and money in her life wouldn’t be all that bad.

A few minutes passed and Margie asked her to go on in.

The man asked that she sit and handed her a contract asking that she read it carefully. Jamie asked if she could be told more specific of what she would be doing and the man replied, if I were to tell all then the study data would be unusable.

Jamie sat silent and read the paper , summarizing in her mind the text line for line.

I have to do as asked

Experiments are of the sexual nature

Refusal warrants breach of contract, Hmm (no money then) OK

No permanent harm

Clean shaven genital area

If married signed waver of spouse, Oh shit I guess I can sign Tom’s name well enough as he would never approve of this.

Then last but not least in Jamie’s mind the prices to the T that had been stated up front.

Jamie then spoke and said, OK when can I start, The man introduced himself then as Dr. Mac and buzzed in Margie to witness the signing.

Dr. Mac then said, we are starting a new study soon, first of all which program would you like.

Jamie thought for a moment and said, If I am going to do it I might as well go for the 24 hour session, if that’s OK.

Dr. Mac smiled and said OK then I will need time to set that up but it is no problem as he looked at his schedule on his desk, saying, Wednesday the 24th 8 am. Go ahead and sign right here as he pointed steeling a peak at her soft cleavage peaking as she peered at the contract, knowing full well he would soon explore every inch of her body very soon.

We will supply every thing you need for that time, but don’t forget to bring back the signed waver. OK spouted Jamie with a feeling of winning the lottery as she was showed out by Margie.

When she returned home she spent a bit of time practicing Tom’s signature, then placed his name on the waver with a strong swipe at the tale of the last name, she was ready.

The next week was busy for Dr. Mac as he hurried to get every thing ready for what may turn out to be a very enjoyable subject depending on how she reacted to the drugs he had formulated with his colleges. Tom Staford had noticed a change in his wife from the day of her visit to the clinic, she seamed as if things were ok no matter what and she had surprised him by asking him to do things in bed she had not asked for in years.

This was ok with him, what ever it was he hoped it kept up as she was making him one happy man for sure these last few nights.

A few days before her appointed time Jamie fabricated a story of her being needed to stay with a sick friend in a not to distant city, she would swear her friend to secrecy then make her arrival at the clinic, the plan was flawless.

Jamie kissed her husband goodbye the morning of the 24th and hit the road, three hours later she was at the doorstep of the clinic waiting for 8 am.

At exactly 8 AM the door opened and Margie asked Jamie to enter.

Margie wasted no time to take Jamie directly to a private room with some pills and liquid on the table next to a hospital type bed and asked that she take those, lay down and wait for the doctor.

Jamie did as she was told and made herself comfortable on the bed.

As she lay there it seemed odd that she felt so tired, after all the drive there had only been 3 hours long and she had rested well the night before.

As the minutes drew on she felt as though she was becoming more relaxed, her lips were becoming a little numb, similar to when she had drank a bit to much at a party years ago.

Jamie’s mind drifted back to that time, things were so care free way back when, money was ok, sex was good and strangely enough somewhat often.

She secretly thought to herself that maybe these things that were to be done to her could help that area out between her and Tom.

She was suddenly startled as the door opened and in walked a man she had not met dressed in a white over coat very similar to what doctors wear.

The man pulled up a chair next to her and without introducing himself asked her to stand behind the curtain in the corner of the room and remove all her clothing and put on the gown placed there for her.

As Jamie got up and began to walk towards the corner she could not help but get butterflies in her stomach at the thought of removing her clothes for a man other than her husband.

Once behind the curtain she began to disrobe removing first her top then skirt, then bra and panties, finding her legs a bit shaky as she finished up and put on a white practically see through gown.

She sheepishly returned to the main part of the room as the male stranger watched on as she walked.

The man asked her to stand in front of him as she approached him then spoke, Mrs. Staford 12,000 dollars is a lot of money and we will expect your full cooperation in these experiments. That was the first time the word experiments was used and Jamie started to wonder just what she was getting into as she stood silently in front of the stranger looking down at him noticing her nipples had hardened and were living a life of there own. His eyes at the same time were drawn to the spectacle that drew a smile from his face.

OK then lets get started, you will not speak unless asked a question, you will do as you are told at all times, to the tee, no exceptions or the contract is breached, is that clear, Jamie is it?

Yes she replied, OK then let us get started.

The man stood and walked to the other side of the room to retrieve what looked like a pull up bar on rollers with two black cups about two feet apart attached to the bar and rolled it to the middle of the room. He then asked that Jamie reach above her head and place one hand in each cup.

She did so as he mentioned it was for her own safety and then he pulled straps around on the open ends by her wrists keeping her wrists from moving out of the cups.

Next he placed a blind fold over her eyes, and a cuff on each ankle placing her feet tight together as not to alarm her at this point while attaching two cords, one to each cuff on her ankle.

The man then told Jamie he needed to get some measurements and then placed a strap around her neck, stomach, and above each knee.

Jamie’s mind was racing as she felt all these strange things being put on her as the gown fell open in front of the stranger exposing all her assets to a man that had not even told her his name.

The man now placed a set of earmuffs on her and attached many other cords to all the straps that had been wrapped around her at key points.

As Jamie stood silent the man ran all of the straps through open ratchet devises placed in various places on the vertical supports and then slowly pulled one ankle out to the side then the other, getting small peeps from the beautiful wife as she began to thrust her chest out to accommodate the new position.

There was now a knock on the door as it opened and a short balding man entered with a case in one hand resembling a large suitcase. He smiled at the site of such a beautiful woman spread wide open in front of him.

Jamie could feel the movement of air around her and she now realized they meant business and her mind would never be the same with the memories of these events.

The men now cut the gown strait up the back and pulled it up each arm, securing it on the pole above. The short balding man then cupped her pussy as she took a long breath and grit her teeth feeling her own body instantly react to the small amount of stimulation. He skillfully massaged her outer lips in a steady movement forth and back, watching her closely to gauge her reaction.

After ten minutes or so, he could see her began to rock her hips as he then stopped and withdrew his hand. OH GODDD, emerged from her mouth as the man now bent and opened the case. The other man now began to explore her breasts, first one then the other, holding the tit flesh up then dropping it, then rolling each nipple in his fingers as Jamie reacted by slightly thrusting her chest outward.

Now the men worked together pulling the knee straps tight causing her sex to spill out even more, exposing now the hidden moisture that had formed in her pubic area. She was so totally open now that even her ass pedal was visible from behind and pushed slightly out by the stretching apart of her ass cheeks.

The short man held now, two white vibrators 8 inches in length and slightly wider than a normal man, both covered in a light lubricant he had spread over them. Handing one to the other man he knelt in front of Jamie’s wide spread legs and slowly began to push it up inside her. Jamie was no longer silent at this point shaking her hips and saying OH GOD, CHRIST, OH GODDDD, ITS TO BIGGGG, UNHHHHT. In no time at all the man had two thirds up in her tight pussy and turned on the vibrator and a muffled hum came from the woman’s belly as her hips began to rock again. Knelt In back of her the other man spread her ass cheeks and began to work the other vibrator up into her tight ass hole slowly with his free hand now pulling at her tight spinster ring, first one side than the other to help work the devise up in her.

As Margie sat at her desk she could hear a sudden escalation of noise in the other room now making its way through the walls and out into the other room. Quietly she listened to the sound of a woman-moaning loud then screaming OH, GODDDDDD, FUCK, FUCK, FUCCCC, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, then the sound of the medal frame shaking and rattling and every so often leaving the floor and crashing down on one or two of the rollers. Margie was glad she had already locked the door.

Dr. Mac had heard the noise as well and was leaving his office heading to the room where the two men were violating Mrs. Staford. As doctor Mac opened the door Margie could first hear a growling moan and then the low hum of the vibrators. Turning she could see Jamie from the side, chin down, her breasts bobbing lewdly on her chest with the two men knelt in front and back of her, both their forearms moving rapidly to keep up with her hip movement disappearing behind the woman’s small muscular thigh. Before the door closed behind the doctor Margie caught a glimpse of liquid spurting from above the vibrator in her pussy as the man in front drew the tip harshly into her G spot by rotating its angle using both hands, then the door closed. It was enough to bring Margies hand to her panties for a quick orgasm. She would have her fun with her later, as her specialty was best around hour 20 when a small lick on a woman’s clit would send a spray 2 feet in the air from a woman that was capable of such things. Doctor Mac stood in front of Jamie and immediately reached out for his prize, grasping both of her nipples hard in each hand getting another escalation of noise from the delirious Mrs. Staford.

He then twisted, lifted, and dropped the perky white breasts using the nipples and surrounding skin as a leverage point as Jamie lifted her head and made an O with her lips and began to emanate low noises. Jamie’s mind was a mess, she had been transported to another world where her continuous orgasms used up all her thought process and her body was on its own dancing to three men’s wishes.

The doctor now walked to a drawer and retrieved a cupless bra and placed it on Jamie from behind. The harness had two rings that surrounded her breasts once forced over them.

The doctor then pulled the straps one after the other, pinching the bases down against her chest creating two tight bulbs of flesh that once were soft white breasts just moments before.

The men now removed the vibrators, ankle and knee straps and lifted her legs up to the two upper corners of the stand, reattaching them there.

Jamie was like a rag doll and put up no fight as they bent her their new way.

The short bald man now retrieved two clips with small cords attached from the case and attached one each to Jamie’s pussy lips and then pulling outward, attached each long cord to the vertical bar on each side, holding her pussy lewdly open.

Jamie groaned out loud as the weight of her body was now supported mostly by her arms.

In the front office Margie now met a group of people at the door, two women and one more man and led them to the room.

One of the women brought with her a small case with large syringes filled with liquid and went immediately to Jamie’s open pussy and began injections. The others groped her body while placing a ball gag between her beautiful lips and moving an adjustable chair beneath the cheeks of her ass, as it was going to be a long night for Jamie Staford.

4 hours later in the dark front office, light could be seen under one door as the sound of the metal frame creaking and slamming back to the ground mixed with the sound of a woman screaming and grunting around a gag.

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