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The Photographer

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Becca got her studio ready for her first customer after checking to make sure that Dean was also getting prepared.

This was the first time she’d be trying something so new and different… and although she wasn’t totally comfortable with all of it she definitely wasn’t going to back down now. Her good friend Chelsea had some fantasies that she shared with Becca one drunken evening – specifically about being spanked by a large and dominating man (something she’d never done before) and then having him take her anally (something else that would be a first as she was a virgin there still.).

Most of all, what she wanted was a documentation of this – not video because she didn’t like to watch videos. She wanted pictures… a photo album of iniquity that she could peruse at her leisure. Thinking that she wouldn’t look as good on tape (and with the knowledge that most home videos of sexual events were lackluster at best) she broached the subject with her photographer friend. Now, Becca and Chelsea had been friends for awhile, and Chelsea knew that Becca was hard up for money at the moment. All of this made it ten times easier for Chelsea to talk her friend into it since Chelsea came from old money. In other words, her parents were stinking rich and she was incredibly spoiled.

With the kind of monetary incentive that Chelsea had offered it had turned out to be almost impossible to say no… especially since all Becca would have to do is take pictures. Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend (they broke up because he was too controlling) Dean would be doing the honors. Although Becca thought that it was silly to ask an ex to do something like this she could somewhat understand. Dean was incredibly attractive, very tall and imposing at 6’4″ and with dark brown hair and piercing grey eyes. And Chelsea had always said that she liked it when he took charge in the bedroom, she just hadn’t been so thrilled with the fact that he also took charge everywhere else as well.

Tossing long blonde hair over her shoulder the 22 year old photographer set up a camera on a tripod. Although she would be walking around for close-ups, this camera would take pictures of the whole scene for her on a regular 30 second interval. She was using a creamy white backdrop and there was a black leather ottoman for Chelsea to lay on top of. Placing a tube of KY Jelly next to the ottoman she stepped back and examined the set-up. It was pretty much exactly what Chelsea had asked for.

Turning Becca went into the other room so that she could change. Although she wasn’t going to be part of the scene Chelsea didn’t want anyone in her pictures that looked unsexual, since she was going to be in the full scene pictures (with camera still) she was going to be wearing a silky negligee that clung to her curves. The blonde twisted in front of the mirror, looking at those modest curves. 34C breasts with a rounded and firm ass, long legs and a slim torso… the black silk of the negligee made her skin look more tanned than usual and her straight blonde hair gleamed. Green eyes sparkled as she admired the way she looked, all 5’6″ of her pretty package.

The door opened behind her and she shrieked as Dean looked in. It was silly to try and cover herself when he was going to be able to see her while she took pictures but she did anyway, one hand over her heaving cleavage and the other trying to tug down the front of the skirt. He grinned at her.

“Nice Becca… Maybe we should try a threesome thing after this.” his gaze took in her entire figure and she blushed deeply.

“I don’t think so Dean, if it wasn’t for Chelsea I wouldn’t be doing this at all,” she told him tartly, even as her cheeks were a pretty pink.

“Too bad,” he looked her over again, “I bet you could making a killing taking pictures of people’s sexual fantasies… anyway, Chelsea’s here and practically panting to get started.” Becca nodded and grabbed her camera as he left the doorway, pondering over his words. Was it really possible that maybe other people out there would be willing to pay to have their sexual exploits put onto film? How would one go about starting a business like that anyway??

Shaking herself she left those thoughts in the room as she headed into her studio. Now it was time to work… she could think later.







Chelsea’s short brown hair was bouncing as the pretty brunette wriggled on the ottoman. SMACK! *click* squeal. Although she was supposed to be a passive observer Becca couldn’t believe how went she was getting watching this… her friend was an attractive girl anyway and seeing her getting spanked by someone who had no reason to go easy on her… well it was more of a turn-on than she’d thought it’d be. Formerly creamy white cheeks were now bright pink as Dean’s hand crashed down again, he was really showing no mercy to his former girlfriend.


Oh, that was a good one, Chelsea’s face in a mixture of pain and lust, her mouth open and panting for air as yet another stroke was delivered to her heated backside.

Dean chuckled, “Hey Becca, you should come get a picture of how wet this little slut is getting…”

There was a slight moan of protest from Chelsea which was quickly turned into a shriek when Dean’s hand came down perilously close to her pussy lips.


Dean’s fingers were sliding up and down between the trimmed wet folds of her pussy, cheeks glowing rosily above the sopping wetness.


There were even juices actually dripping down the smooth skin of her thighs, the entire room smelled of Chelsea’s arousal. Becca too was incredibly aroused and desperately wanted to masturbate – or even just rub herself and relieve a little of the tension – but she knew that she couldn’t. Partially because she just couldn’t bring herself to do that in front of anyone – even two people who were both completely naked and involved in an act of lust themselves – and partially because she had to keep both hands on the camera. The latter reason was probably her saving grace, otherwise she didn’t know if she’d really be able to keep from burying her fingers into her sopping pussy.

Satisfied that he’d spanked his ex-girlfriend enough (she’d been pleading for at least 5 minutes for him to stop, it hurt to much, etc… never getting up to actually move away or that Becca try to stop him), Dean picked up the KY jelly. Pressing the tip of the tube into Chelsea’s puckered hole he squeezed and she shrieked a little as the cool liquid slid into her back door.

Winking at Becca (*click*) he pressed the tip of his dick up to Chelsea’s crinkled hole. Posing for a moment so that she could get the perfect shot contrasting the very large object that was about to fit into a very small hole. Apparently Dean didn’t want to make this any easier on Chelsea than he had to, he didn’t put any KY on his dick at all, just slowly began pressing in.

Moans and pantings, whimpers for him to go slower filled the room as Becca held her finger down on the button, letting the camera just take picture after picture with no stopping in between as her friend’s ass was spread open onto this huge cock. It seemed impossible that her tiny ass hole would be able to stretch that much, but stretch it did and soon half of Dean’s length was buried into Chelsea’s back door. Moving around to the front of her friend she got a picture of Chelsea’s gaping mouth, her glazed eyes and the contorted expression of lust and discomfort on her face. Seeing her friend’s face like this, right up close, really made her wonder what Chelsea was going through. Becca had never tried anal sex before, being too afraid of the pain, but Chelsea looked like she was really enjoying this despite the fact that Dean had purposefully made it harder on her.


She got an incredible shot of both of their faces as Dean suddenly buried the rest of his length into Chelsea’s ass… her friend’s scream and Dean’s ecstatic expression both memorialized on film. Moving back around the ottoman she got a picture of Dean’s groin pressed up against the firm curves of Chelsea’s cheeks, and then he pulled out again and pressed in… she just took picture after picture – especially of their expressions and the way Chelsea’s hole was stretching out. The tiny puckered hole was clinging to Dean’s dick as if it never wanted it to leave… and yet every line of Chelsea’s body seemed to speak of incredible discomfort and pain.

Becca’s panties were soaking already, and she took another picture of Chelsea’s expression, this time it was definitely veering towards lustful. The best pictures were definitely when Dean reached underneath Chelsea and began rubbing her clit, Chelsea started cumming almost immediately and the expression on Dean’s face when she did was priceless. It must have felt fantastic being in her deflowered ass while she was orgasming, because his expression was that of a man who has just seen the heavens.

He pulled out of that gaping hole while Becca was standing over his shoulder and taking pictures, she got one of a spurt of cum actually shooting into Chelsea’s hole and then the rest of the thick ropey strands as they sprayed over the pink cheeks of her buttocks. Chelsea herself just lay quivering on the ottoman, completely exhausted and content. Although she did manage to turn her head around and smile over her shoulder at the camera.


A few days later Becca and Chelsea looked over the pictures, Chelsea’s eyes were glowing happily.

“This is fantastic Becca, everything I could have asked for, thank you so much!” Her friend gave her a tight hug.

“Oh, no problem… it wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be.” Actually, it had been more arousing than anything. But admitting to her friend that she’d gone and masturbated immediately afterwards seemed… invasive somehow.

“Did I tell you that Dean and I are back together?” Chelsea grinned at her friend’s startled expression.

“Was it the photo shoot?” Becca asked curiously.

“Pretty much,” she turned to another picture and let out a low whistle at the look of Dean’s ecstatic expression, “Oh he’ll like this one… anyway, yeah I just decided that maybe I’d been a little too hasty to judge us.”

“You know, he said the oddest thing to me,” Becca confessed, “About how people would probably pay money to have me do this… people other than you I mean.”

She thought that Chelsea would laugh, but instead brown eyes looked at her with deadly seriousness, “I think he’s right. This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had… hell I could probably get you clients just from some people that I know.”

“Are you serious?” Becca was pretty aghast at how sincere her friend sounded.

“Absolutely, you just let me know and I’ll provide a client! Hell, they’ll probably be willing to pay you more than I did.”

Becca thought about this for a moment and then made a joke to lighten the talk a bit, “Well, you know, friends get special discounts.”

Chelsea grinned at her. After another moment Becca said, “Well… I guess if you can find anyone that’s interested… I’d be up for it.”

“GREAT!” that pretty brunette head snapped up, eyes sparkling, “I know someone who already hinted that they might wanna try this too!”

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