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Pizza Boy Breaks Down

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It was my day off, but I stopped by the shop anyway to get the address of the mechanic Cody used when his car acted up. A pizza guy’s life blood is a car they can depend on, and mine had began acting up the previous night. My last couple of hours, it decided it didn’t want to start a few times and I had to use a hammer to tap the starter motor to get it to roll over this morning.

Figured I had best get it looked at before it completely goes out on me out on some run to the boonies at midnight. Cody swore this guy was really good and would treat me right, so I decided to run my old beater Honda by his place to check it out.

I pulled into the long driveway of the address Cody had given me and noticed a few cars sitting outside an old metal building at the end of it. I navigated down the dirt path; had a few low hanging tree branches brush my roof; and was met by a large collie as I parked in front of the open garage door. Since the tail was wagging, I popped open my door and got out as I yelled “Anyone here?”

“Dammit Lassie, I keep tellin’ ya to leave the fuckin’ customers alone,” boomed the voice of the stocky guy that came thru the doorway. “Sorry buddy. She is such a pain in the ass, but completely harmless. My name’s Greg, what can I do for you?”

I allowed myself to give him a quick once over before answering. He was probably 12 or 15 years older than me, but didn’t really show it. He still had a thick matt of dusty blonde hair with bangs that hung almost to his eyes, piercing blue eyes, a friendly smile, and a body that could only be described as very interesting. Short like me….maybe an inch taller….but had a wrestler’s build packed into the coveralls he was wearing. He was thick, but not overweight and obviously worked at keeping himself in shape. I also quickly noticed that he had no shirt on underneath them and two large pink nipples peeked from the dark blonde hair on his hard pecs. His arms were also covered in the same light fur and my box surprised me by twitching as I gazed at him. There was just something about those rare blondes that are ultra hairy that turned me on. I shook off my fantasizing, said my name was Josh, and gave him a quick explanation of what the car had been doing. I also mentioned that Cody had sent me to him, hoping that would help keep whatever repair bill I ended up with as low as possible.

“Oh yeah….Cody,” he replied. “You work with him too, I would guess from the pizza shop shirt you are wearing.” It was more of a statement than a question and I simply shook my head yes. “Well,” he began in a slow drawl, “let’s see what I can figure out that won’t cost you a bunch of your tip money.” The grin and wink he added to the comment made me feel better immediately. He unlatched the hood, raised it, and had me get in and crank the starter. Of course it caught first turn. “Do it again,” he ordered from under the hood. It worked perfectly again. “Again!” he yelled and this time, there was nothing….not even the telltale whirl of a bendix not catching or multiple clicks of a bad starter….just silence. “Stay put for a second,” was his instruction as he walked back inside the garage and then reappeared with a hammer. Using the same tap-the-starter method I had earlier that morning, he said “Try it now.” The old Accord fired right up. He stood up and smiled as he said “I think you got lucky and this may be a real simple fix buddy. Shut it off and make yourself at home for a few minutes.”

Greg went back inside again and he had a small box end wrench and one of those mechanic creepers that looked like a boogie board on wheels in his hands when he came back out this time. He dropped it on the concrete pad I was parked on and used a floor jack to raise the front of the car before he flopped his compact body down on it. “Be right back,” accompanied the grin he gave me as he slid underneath. I half listened as he talked to himself under the car, but also took the opportunity to stare blatantly at the bottom half of him that was laid out in front of me. His coveralls were stretched tight and I had to hold back a gasp as I noticed the humongous hump his crotch made in them with him on his back. He wasn’t hard, and yet the box my eyes were fixated on was gigantic….looked like it might be six or seven inches….SOFT! I rubbed myself unconsciously as I starred at him and noticed for the first time, that his legs were as thick as the rest of his body and showed thru the tight fabric too. Just as I popped a full boner thinking how much I would like to see him naked, a hand reached out from beneath my car and shifted his Titanic bulge a little before dropping to the ground. His other hand quickly followed and I tried to hide my own packed shorts as he used them to push the creeper out from below my car.

“Good news for you I think,” he stated as he stood up. “Get in and turn it over a half dozen times or so now.” I did and the starter engaged every single time. Greg was grinning almost as much as I was and he explained with “Just a loose wire….you shouldn’t have any more problems with it now.”

I flipped the ignition key one more time just to be certain before crawling out and thanking him. “What do I owe you for getting on your back?”

An even bigger grin crossed his face as he uttered “I never charge for getting ON my back….reattaching a loose wire is another story though.” I wasn’t sure if the wink that came with it was real or just my imagination. “Help me take the tools back inside and drop me off a free pizza some night, and we’ll call it even Josh. I try to take care of you college boys any chance I can.” There was no imagining it this time…..he DID wink just before he bent over to grab the handle on the jack and started pulling it inside the garage. I grabbed the creeper and hammer and followed after him like he was the Pied Piper.

As I placed the creeper next to where he left the jack and wrench, I offered again. “I really think you should charge me something Greg. I mean you ARE in business to make a few bucks aren’t you?”

“Ah just give $5 for a six pack and remember to bring your problems to me…..whatever they might be,” was his reply. That damn grin was there again….along with a hand that had slipped inside his coveralls and was rubbing what was most likely a very fuzzy tummy.

I really wanted to see more of his body and grinned back at him as I teased with “My problems aren’t always car related though.” I let my hand slide down across my crotch as I said it.

Greg stepped close to me and lustily breathed “I know what most college boy’s problems really are,” while starring straight at me with a smile. “And it looks like you have a bigger one right now than the car was.” Before I could comment, he stepped close and his hand was cupping my balls. “Bet I can fix that one too, if you want me to.” I simply moaned and closed my eyes as his other hand grabbed my hard tool thru my jeans. “Oh yeah college boy….let Greg take care of that tune up you need before it overheats and blows a zipper gasket.” I watched as he sunk to his knees in front of me; unsnapped me; and pulled my zipper down freeing my thick seven inch bone. “I love finding a hot little stud that’s my size…..they always have such nice big dicks like me,” was all he said before slamming his lips over my leaking head. His tongue worked its way around my ridge and I nearly shot as he squeezed my balls while sucking all the pre from my piss slit. He then buried his face on my sword and I could feel his nose bumping my pubes with every mouth stroke he took.

A few minutes of him working me had me delirious and I managed to get out between moans “Easy Greg….don’t waste all of this on just me buddy.” I used my hands that were twirling in his thick hair to pull him up to his feet. We looked deep into each others eyes as my hand quickly unhooked his coveralls and pulled them down to reveal the rest of his upper body. It was even better than I had dreamed. His pecs and tummy were covered in blonde fur and I swallowed a nipple as I used my hand to shove the suit lower to show off the forest of fuzz that surrounded his belly button and the equally hairy blonde pubic path that led from it. I used my tongue all the way from his chest to his waist and was still licking as I followed his happy trail like a roadmap to paradise and yanked the coveralls down as I sank to my knees. I couldn’t believe it when I was smacked in the face by the largest cock I had ever seen in person….without a doubt almost 9″ if not a little more….and that was only a guess since it was poking out from the thickest blonde bush you can imagine. The fur on Greg’s thighs was just as full too, and I literally sat there leaning back on my heels for a moment taking in this gorgeous golden bear that was looking down grinning at me. I wrapped both hands around his huge tool and took a few tentative strokes before leaning in to taste the pre that was leaking from it like a broken radiator hose. My hands were busy running up and down his muscled thighs as I finally managed to get about half of his fleshy beer can in my mouth.

“Oh yeah college boy. Suck that man dick good for me. Get me good and hot you hunky little boy toy.” His words were almost as exciting as trying to get the rest of that pole in my throat. “Take it all if you can stud and you can have the prize if you do,” was the cryptic comment he made just as he pulled my head tight to his crotch and the head pushed past my tonsils. Whatever ‘the prize’ was, I wanted it and I wanted it really bad. I increased the tempo of my head bobbing; taking a little more of his massive cock on every down thrust. “OH FUCK YESSSSSS!” screamed from Greg as my lips finally met his balls and thick pubes. I felt like I was impaled and certain that his dick head was mixing with my stomach juices as I managed to get my gag reflex to relax enough to take the final inch. Greg held my head tight to his crotch while moaning “Damn I hope you are as good with that thick toy of yours as you are with your mouth, cause you just won.” He pumped his hips into me a few times before pushing me back and pulling me to my feet with his strong arms. A fleeting second of us looking at each other passed before he yanked me tight to his body and wedged his tongue deep between my lips. I slathered his tongue with some of his own jis and hugged him as he wrapped his paw around my throbbing dick and held tight. “Follow me studmuffin,” was all he said as he pulled me towards the old style hydraulic lift in the center of the garage. “Perfect height it looks like,” came with another of his grins and he let go of me and hoisted himself up on it and let his legs dangle from the tire ramp end of it. “You ate all nine inches like a real man, stud….let’s see if you can fuck as good as you suck,” and then laid back with his legs spread wide and his furry ass cheeks exposed to me.

I stepped forward without any pause and squatted down to plant my face between his legs; working my tongue all over his balls and the sweet spot just below them. As I chewed gently on the muscle between his balls and man cunt, he wrapped his furry thighs tight around my head and moaned deeply. I had already soaked down a finger and was working it inside his ass too. As my lips first slid across his rosebud and joined my pistoning finger, two big hands grabbed my head and pulled it forward as I heard “Oh fuck yes…..EAT that ass college boy!” I pulled my finger back and replaced it as deep as I could with a very wet tongue. I used my teeth very cautiously on his puckering hole just before rolling up my tongue and using it to fuck him like a small moist cock. Using my hands to spread his hairy butt cheeks apart, I was able to drive it in at far as possible; being stopped only when my nose was buried against his crack. Greg pushed his ass back at me wanting even more and as they raised slightly, I smacked him across one cheek just hard enough for my hand to sting. “Yeah stud….hurt me good while you eat that ass,” came as I smacked the cheek again and a little harder. Another harder slap and pressing the cheeks apart at the same time allowed me to get my tongue even a little deeper than I though it could go. Greg’s balls were now bouncing off the bridge of my nose and my chin was wedged between the furry crack below his male pussy. I inhaled deep to take in the musky smell and used my lips like a suction cup as he humped back into my mouth. He suddenly yanked my head away from his furry hole and looked straight into my eyes as he issued a four word order of “Fuck me, college boy!”

After one last quick teasing lick across his bung, I stood up and pulled his compact body to the very end of the hoist and stepped between his legs. He had a huge grin on his face as he lifted them to my shoulders and wrapped two very fuzzy calves around my ears. “I’m going to show you ‘college boy’….hope you are ready for the man plowing of your life,” was my comeback as I jammed the head of my dripping cock straight thru his anal ring and drove the next two inches in without any play.

“Oh motherfuckin’ YESSSSSS,” was all he could get out before I slammed the rest of my dick all the way inside him. I looked down and saw that his eyes had rolled back into his head and he was biting his upper lip, but I started short stroking him as I felt his butt muscles clench down on my buried rod. As I increased the tempo of my hips, he quickly followed up with “Oh yeah you young stud…..split me open with that fuckin’ log of yours! Pound that fuckin’ ass like you mean it!” Between his tight butt muscles working my cock, and his hot words begging for more, I was oblivious to everything else. I leaned forward over him pushing in deeper as his legs doubled back across his hairy stomach and his eyes opened as he growled “That’s it….show me you know how to fuck a man like a man!”.

I lowered my head to his and throatily whispered “Hope you can handle it, fucker,” and kissed him as I began to hump him like a dog in heat. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight to his hairy chest and squelched his moans by sucking my tongue into his mouth. My balls spanked his ass with every stroke and I slammed him harder and harder as he ran his hands over my back and down to my own ass trying to pull me even deeper inside him. He bit my tongue as I nailed his button the first time and I felt his entire body quiver as I bumped it the second time. I let my tongue slip from his mouth and stood back up, using my hands to spread his legs wide as I keep ramming him. His cock was drenched in pre and I used one hand to start pulling on him as I keep banging his hot ass. “Hope you are ready to be filled up and have a big ball full to fly too, cause I am real close fucker,” slipped from my lips as I started jacking him as hard as I was fucking him. I then added ‘I wanna see some serious man juice out of this monster,” as I managed to lean down and tickle the head of it with my tongue and still stay buried inside his ass.

With a little extra stretch, I was able to slip my lips over the very top of the head of his extra long cock and Greg moaned even deeper than ever. “Oh damnfuckinhell YESSSS!!!!” screamed from him and I felt the rumble of my balls start up my shaft as my dick head slapped his hot spot deep inside once again. I felt the first blast of his hot spew as he spurted in my mouth. My first explosion came as his balls buried themselves in my thick pubes on the next deep stroke. I pinned myself against his button as I began to unload….which caused Greg to scream again and his next huge wad of cum pumped between my lips. I was short humping him as I finished emptying my load and his next three huge ropes splattered across my face as I pulled it back a little. I opened my mouth and caught most of the last one and savored it as his hard body went limp under me. My cock slipped free of his tight hole and I dribbled one final wad across his thick pubes and furry happy trail as I laid on top of him and pressed my mouth to his to share some of his sweet goo. I felt one final spew from his balls trickle across my bare tummy and I sucked his tongue into my mouth as we kissed deeply. I was nuzzling in the thick forest on his chest when he finally spoke again, “I’d love to stay like this all day, but I do have another type of tune up to finish Josh.” I teased his balls with my fingers as I smiled at him and rolled off to the floor to grab my shorts.

As we were pulling our clothes back on, Greg looked at me and said “Your buddy Cody is the only other one to get that lucky this year; he really knows how to suck cock too.” I was grinning at the thought of my friend with Greg’s huge tool buried in his throat as he added: “But you HAVE to teach him how to swallow my head while fucking like you did. That is talent he needs to learn.”

I simply replied with a wink “I’ll tell him we need to drop by and practice with you.”

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