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Dawn on The Dancer

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Five foot two, light brown hair, hazel eyes.

That was Dawn. She was also one hundred twenty pounds, firm bodied, and shapely.

A bit of a tomboy, she refused to shave her legs or pussy, but with really fine hair it didn’t matter.

We were out on my boat; The Dancer. It was mid-August, nicely hot on Puget Sound, and we were on a light reach heading for Quartermaster Harbor. The wind was only a couple knots and boat speed was half that.

She was stretched out on a cockpit cushion, tanning her tits and nipples; the bottom of her suit was pulled down until just her pussy was covered.

As the wind died off, I knelt next to her, pulled the bottoms aside, and licked her slit.


We had been seeing each other just over three months; usually on weekends when we could get away from our jobs. Sex with her was an adventure; Dawn was an intense lover, delighting in everything we did; many were new experiences for her. A couple interesting things I learned fairly quickly; she loved being dominated, and some pain enhanced her sexual experiences.

Today we were out on the boat. The weather was sunny and in the mid-eighties; excellent for being on the water. We were alone; no other boats within a half mile, so Dawn had shed her bikini top, letting her light brown nipples bathe in the sun. I signaled her to me with the crook of a finger, pulled her to me, sucked her nipples to hard points, finishing with light bites. She responded with quick intakes of breath and then a moan.

I sent her to the leeward cushion, telling her she would get much more when we anchored.


We glided to our moorage; fifteen feet of water at low tide, sandy bottom, no other boats in the area, and the nearest house a quarter mile away. The anchor was set and tested, sails furled and stowed, all while she moved about the boat topless, her firm B cup breasts gleaming in the sun, a touch of perspiration shining on her skin.

Once everything was stowed properly, I called her to me in the cockpit. “Remove your bottoms and come here.”

She stood before me, legs spread. I admired the light, downy patch over her pussy, the lips gleaming with juice. Placing my left hand behind her, running it up her back from firm butt to molded shoulders, I pulled her tits to my mouth. While I sucked and bit them, I inserted two fingers into her flowing pussy, and strummed her clit with my thumb. As she moaned, I pulled her further down, so we could kiss. After a moment I released her so she could stand; “After you have cleaned my fingers, you are to go to the forward bunk. Kneel facing forward, knees at shoulder width, and head on a pillow. While you wait for me think of this; I shall take your cherry ass sometime this weekend. When I deem the time is right, your ass will be mine.”

The look of lust in her eyes confirmed my belief she wanted to be taken. I offered my pussy-juice covered fingers, and watched as she lovingly cleaned them. She turned and went into the cabin.

While I had been talking to her, I thought I’d seen a flash of light from the nearest house, but looking over, I didn’t see anyone. I waited several minutes, then stood, dropped my shorts and went below.

Stepping into the forward compartment I was greeted by the sight of Dawn’s glorious ass; round and full, her rosebud just peeking from between her cheeks. Her pussy was just below, a pouting, vertical smile, waiting for me. I ran my hands all over those delightful globes, paying special attention to her pussy and rose. In response, she wiggled her ass around, seeking more, all the time moaning and whispering words of delight.

Soon I dropped to one knee; putting her pussy and ass at face level. Holding her hips I nuzzled into her ass-crack, licking pussy and ass, drawing juices from her and then swabbing them up into her ass hole. Now she was pushing back, forcefully, wanting more and more attention. My thumbs began pressing into her dark passage, getting her excited by the pressure; the promise of even more thrills to come.

When I deemed her ready I stood, pressed my cock against her gaping pussy lips and pushed in just an inch. Back out, then in again, several times. Then I pulled out completely, moved my cock up just a little, swirled it around her ass. Her rosebud began to open, just a little; she was anticipating my cock taking her for the first time. I moved back down, sliding in half way, then pulling almost all the way out, in again, then back out. Again, teasing her ass, getting it to respond; winking as if to say; “Hi sailor, want a ride?”

For the last time I pushed into her quim, going all the way, driving in until my hips slammed into her cheeks, forcing the air from her. By now she was frantically pushing back, yelling for me to fuck her, then making high pitched yelps, then grunting, begging for more. We crashed into our orgasms together, shouting at each other and at no one, cum boiling out of me as if it came from my toes.

I held myself to her, keeping her on her knees until we had finished, then let her slide forward and down, her ass sticking up as if to say, ‘I’m still here’.

When I had my breath, I smoothed and caressed her back, then her hips, and finally her ass; rubbing the excitement back into them.


After we had napped a bit, we moved back up to the cockpit, not bothering with clothes. As we were lolling with drinks in hand, another sail boat came gliding in. An older looking man was steering, while a much younger woman was on the fore deck bringing down the jib. She was blonde and curvy, with a blue bikini. More than that I couldn’t tell.

He looked over at us, obviously saw Dawn with her tits exposed, and waved a hand, sailed farther up the harbor, anchoring a few hundred yards nearer the house. They stowed everything, then I could see him saying something to his companion and waving in our general direction. She looked over our way, then reached back and released her bra. Even at that distance I could tell she had beautiful breasts.

“Mmm, I wouldn’t mind playing with her.”

“You want to play with women too?”

“You wouldn’t mind would you? In fact, I’ll bet you’d want to be in the middle of something like that. Yes, I do have dreams of loving a woman.”

“Do you have anyone in mind?”

“No…Not yet. But I’ll let you know when I find her.”

“What about that one?”

“Hmm, maybe as a first time. It’s a bit hard to tell from here, but she seems pretty enough, and those tits would keep both of us happy.”

“What about him? Would you like to fuck him as well?”

“I’ll fuck anybody you tell me to, as long as I don’t get hurt, and don’t lose you.”

“I’m getting hard just thinking about you sucking those tits. Open your legs, dip a finger in and give me some pussy juice.” She swirled two fingers deep into her pussy, bring a load up to my lips. Delicious! It got my cock hard instantly. She knelt over me, guided my cock to her pussy, and sat down in one move. I bottomed out, and she yelled out; “Oh, God…”

I glanced over at the other boat; he was waving her to him. I could see him taking her bottoms off, guiding her to his lap, duplicating us. Dawn was now pumping herself up and down on my cock, rolling her nipples tightly between fingers and thumbs. She was moaning and groaning, and every once in a while, glancing toward the other boat. She was on display, knew she was, wanted to be.

The more she rode my cock, the louder she got. The louder she got, the harder she rode. Soon we heard echoing yells from the other boat; looking over we could see the blonde bouncing in his lap, head lifted to the sky.

Again, a glint of light from the nearest house caught my attention. I didn’t see anyone, but another glint came from a larger window. “We’re being watched from that house. And they have glasses on you.”

“Oh god I’m coming. Coming. Coming. All this attention. I can’t wait…Aaa”

And come she did. Wordless yells that must have echoed off the hills. Our compatriots on the other boat were matching us yell for yell. Our voyeur must have been going nuts scanning from boat to boat. We finally slumped together, me holding her in my arms. Looking over, the other couple had disappeared


After another rest we set up the grill off the stern, and while I cooked up the salmon steaks Dawn put together a salad and brought me a glass of wine. As the sun dropped behind the hill, we finally put clothes on, probably to the dislike of our unseen voyeur. While we relaxed with after dinner wine I scanned the harbor and houses; admiring the other boat and the houses, finally settling on the home of our voyeur. Scanning the house with my glasses, I noticed movement at the window; then a woman holding binoculars stepped onto the deck, and brought them back up to her eyes. We were looking at each other through our lenses. She appeared to be middle aged, blonde and slim, wearing some kind of robe.

As I watched, she undid the belt and opened her robe, putting her body on display for me. Quickly I removed my shirt and dropped my shorts, returning her display. Dawn stepped into the hatch, and seeing me nude asked what was going on.

“I’m exchanging full frontals with our watcher. Take your clothes off and join me.”

Instantly she shed her shorts and top, and stepping beside me faced toward the house.

I handed her the binoculars, and watched as the two women looked each other over. Then Dawn lifted her hand, crooked her finger, and signaled to the woman; beckoning to her. Even without glasses I could see her response; she waved an arm and then turned into the house. Several minutes later she reappeared at the dock below the house. She stepped into a skiff, started the motor and headed our way.

All the time Dawn watched her. “Do you think we should get dressed?”

“It’s a little late now, considering she’s been watching us fuck all afternoon.”


Her name was Lillian. Tall and willowy, she appeared to be in her early forties, toned and tanned with close cropped, sun-streaked hair and hazel eyes. She wore a tight pair of shorts and a cut-off tee that clung to medium sized tits.

“I hoped you would invite me.” She said as I helped her aboard. Her hands lingered in mine, and she looked directly in my eyes.

“”Why not the other boat?” I asked as I handed her a glass of wine.

“Oh, that’s my husband and his latest assistant, I’ll get to her soon enough. But I had to meet you two. That has been quite the display you have put on.”

Even as she was talking, her hand caressed my cock, and her eyes devoured Dawn. I reached for her top, easily lifting it off; exposing her pink nipples. The tits had some sag to them; they were naturals and had the same tan as the rest of her. “Would you like to go below? We can get much more comfortable than here in the cockpit.”

“I’d love to…but I want my husband to know I’m over here.”

“That’s easy.” I reached into a locker, pulled out a compressed-air horn, and gave it two quick blasts. A minute later her husband appeared in the hatch, and returned her wave. With that, we went below.

Once again we went forward. “Dawn, stretch out on your back and show our guest what you have to offer.”

“She takes orders?”

“She’s learning. Dawn has the potential of a good Sub, if she is brought along properly. I’ve promised her something special this weekend, and she seems ready for it.”

“What have you promised?”

“I’ll take her ass for the first time.”

“Mmm, I remember when my ass was taken. Dawn honey, you are in for a treat…May I watch?”

“Perhaps. But for now…Dawn is inexperienced when it comes to loving women. Would you like to teach her?”

“I’d love to. And what will you be doing?”

“Well, the first thing is remove your shorts. Then I’ll go where inspiration takes me.”

“Then I’ll try to inspire you.”

I knelt before her, pulling the shorts down, revealing a taut and slightly rounded belly and a completely bald pussy; not even a hint of hairs. I leaned forward and took a tongue swipe; delicious!

I sat back and Lillian moved onto Dawn; kissing her way up from belly to lips, stopping to pay particular attention to the brown nipples before her. Almost instantly Dawn moaned and groaned; encouraging the attention she was receiving. Her hands caressed Lillian’s cheeks-guiding her from breast to breast. As she neared Dawn’s face, Lillian took the hands from her face, and holding them in one hand, stretched them above Dawn’s head. “Do not move them until I give permission.”

Again Dawn moaned. She was fully into the moment; giving herself completely to her lover. Lillian laid nibbling kisses along Dawn’s jawline, then down the side of her throat and across her chest to the breasts and nipples again. This time she didn’t stop; moving down through the navel and around Dawn’s pussy; never quite touching her slit, but blowing across it. Dawn groaned as goose bumps rose all across her body; her arms twitched but she held them in place. Lillian bit lightly at thighs, then across Dawn’s pubic arch; always teasing more groans from her student. Suddenly she dove into Dawn’s pussy; grinding her lips into the slit, moving up to the clit, surrounding it with her lips, audibly sucking it to attention. “Argh!” Dawn reacted; quickly going into a series of yips that came with her orgasms, and then she brought her hands down, holding Lillian’s face in place forcibly.

Lillian held Dawn’s hips in place as she licked her down from her climax. Slowly Dawn relaxed. When she opened her eyes, all she could say was “Wow.”

“Turn around dear; I want to be fucked while you eat my pussy. Just do what I did, and you’ll do fine.”

Dawn spun quickly, placing herself under Lillian’s flowing slit. I watched for a moment as Dawn tasted her first woman. After only one taste, she clasped Lillian’s hips and pulled herself hard against her target. Waiting no longer, I placed my cock head against the quim before me, and pushed in ’til I found bottom. “Jeez! You do know how to get a gal’s attention.”

I could feel Dawn’s nose brushing against my cock, my balls brushing her eyes as I stroked deep. Lillian was arching back, opening herself to me while Dawn munched from below. Almost instantly Lillian’s cunt began quivering; she started wailing, juices were flowing, and I could hear Dawn slurping. I held on as long as I could, but soon the constant vibrations on my cock drove me into an orgasm that seemed to pull the hair from my head…Lillian finally dropped over Dawn, and I collapsed on both.


While we rested I learned a little more about our guest; Lillian was her husband’s second wife. She had been his assistant a few years ago, after his divorce. Now she shared him with other women, on the understanding she too could play with others. The fact he would bring them “home” where she could watch just added to the fun. We proved to be a bonus for her.

The current playmate, Melissa, was due to be invited to the house for dinner on Sunday, and if everything worked out, she would become their full-time playmate.

After our rest it was time for Dawn’s anal initiation. Lillian wished to be part of the fun; “I’ll help her through her first time. But she looks like she’s ready now. Let me lube her for you.”

Again, Dawn was on her knees, head down. Lillian massaged lube into her ass hole; first with a fingertip, then two. Soon she was pushing deep into Dawn’s ass, forcing her open, sawing back and forth. Dawn was moaning loudly; deep into the sensations of her ass, relishing the feelings of intrusion. With her other hand, Lillian stroked my cock to extraordinary hardness. When Dawn was ready, Lillian led my cock to the open and waiting ass.

With my cock head pressed against the waiting hole, I paused a moment, savoring the sensations, and Dawn’s eager acceptance of the coming ravishment. She pressed back, wanting to be taken, desiring my cock once again. Firmly I pressed in, stopping after my crown popped past her anal ring. Dawn groaned at the intrusion, but she didn’t pull away, she pushed back, taking another inch into her ass. She was ready, and so was I. Lillian was stroking Dawns clit and tits, I was going deeper and deeper, Dawn was groaning, yipping, yelling, sweating, and quivering. The deeper I went, the faster I stroked, the more noise she made, until she suddenly froze…and collapsed to the bed, out like a light. She dropped so quickly my cock popped from her ass, spewing cum over her back. I sat back on my folded legs, gasping for air.

Slowly she drew up into a ball, clutching her knees to chest. “That was soo intense…thank you…It was way beyond anything I expected.”

All I could do was nod. Lillian smiled; caressing the rounded ass, the hole just closing while a trace of cum dripped over it “It was that way for me also… I thought I’d never be the same. The intensity…I look for it every time now.”

“Can I sleep now? I’m just beat.” Lillian and I left Dawn covered and napping while we returned to the cockpit. Except for the masthead lights on the two boats it was pitch black over the water. But overhead…millions of lights could be seen. Lillian curled into my arms under a blanket. “I never tire of seeing the stars. Many say they feel small in comparison, I just feel alive; as if I’m absorbing energy from all those stars.”

“I look up there, and on a night like this…I guess the thought that comes to me is ‘we’re not alone’ there must be others out there.”

“Speaking of others…I must go. My husband and his assistant may be at the house fairly early. Kiss Dawn for me.” We exchanged contact info and Lillian jumped back into her skiff, not bothering with dressing and motored away.


“Mm, Where’s Lillian?”

“She had to be home for company this morning.”

“I slept really well last night. You two really wore me out. Thank you.”

We had breakfast, then upped anchor and headed out. Dawn moved about the boat nude; she wanted to feel the morning air on her skin. With no wind, we had to motor out, so I had her stand on the foredeck arms outstretched. Lillian stepped onto her deck to wave as we left, and then her husband also stepped out and pushed her to the rail, and apparently began fucking her from behind.

My cell rang; “Darling, it’s Lillian. Robert says ‘thanks for the fucking show’. I just say thanks for the fucking. Call me next week, will you?”

“Dawn! Come here. Suck my cock. Lillian and her husband are watching. Show them what you can do.”

We motored out with Dawn eagerly bobbing up and down, drawing my cock in. I could hear Lillian on the phone shouting for Dawn to suck harder, and just as I came Lillian announced their mutual orgasms as well.

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