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Covered by a Stallion

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Jake Hughes, the owner of Blue Sky Horse Farm, sat at his kitchen table sipping coffee as he stared out the window at what could only be described as a gloomy Saturday morning. Overnight rains had left the farm drenched and a heavy fog had set in, obscuring his view of the mountains that encircled the pastures where his horses grazed. The house was quiet and dark and it was times like this that he was most lonely.

At age 52, Jake was a widower. He had lost Ramona, his wife of 17 years, in an automobile accident just over a year ago. The only thing had had preserved his sanity was that his step-daughter Steph, a high-spirited 19 year-old was still living in the house.

Both Jake and Steph were devastated by the loss of Ramona, and both grieved mightily, yet as time passed, they gathered themselves and began to move on.

Naturally, moving on was easier for Steph than Jake…A high school senior, her life lay ahead of her and she was attacking it with a vengeance. She had plans for college and although she missed her mom, she filled each day with a stunning variety of social and school activities. It seemed to Jake that she was always arriving or departing and never really home very much.

Jake, on the other hand, was not fairing as well and it was mornings like this that he missed Ramona the most. Had she still been with him, they would most likely still be in bed and most likely Jake would be mounting Ramona’s upturned ass for their second fuck of the morning.

As corny as it sounds, Ramona and Jake met in the local grocery in the small town where they both lived. She was a successful trial attorney, dressed in a dark suit, stockings and heels, and he was in dirty jeans, muddy boots and an old shirt. His scarred hand brushed her neatly manicured one as they both reached for a can of black beans in the canned goods aisle and the connection was instant.

They had a couple of formal “dates” and then easily drifted into a comfortable relationship…About three weeks into the relationship, Jake took Ramona into his bedroom and it was there she discovered that her horse farmer boyfriend was a stallion in his own right. Jake would never forget Ramona’s gasp of surprise and the wide-eyed look on her face when she first reached under the sheets and grasped the nine inches of thick, erect penis laying on his belly.

“Oh my!” she whispered as she pulled back the sheet. “You’re a big boy!”

From that point on, sex was a constant in their life and Jake never tired of Ramona’s gasps of, “Oh please go easy baby! You’re so damned big!” as he pistoned his penis into her wide-stretched pussy.

Steph, two years old at the time, soon became part of his daily life as well and Ramona and Jake’s wedding followed quickly. The three of them settled into a quiet lifestyle and lived happily for the next 17 years until the day the deputy drove into the drive with the news of Ramona’s accident.

Unbeknown to Jake, Ramona had taken out a large insurance package which left him set for life and provided for both Steph’s undergraduate college education and graduate school should that be her choice. He was free to run his horse farm without financial concerns and both he and Steph were provided for, but he was a very lonely man.

He had made a couple of attempts to date, but it was much more difficult at age 52 than at 35 when he and Ramona had dated. The number of available women was much smaller now and he discovered that when you’re a guy in your 50’s, younger women don’t even see you…You’re completely invisible to any woman under the age of 45.

Additionally, he discovered that with age comes “issues” and between his issues and the collective issues of the older women who were available, a match was not in the making. After a few attempts, he gave up, rationalizing that he had experienced the one true love in his life and there was nothing left out there for him.

As Jake sipped his coffee and thought of Saturday mornings with Ramona, he shifted in his chair and rearranged his half-erect penis in his jeans. He had not had sex since the day of Ramona’s death, resorting to the Internet, personal lubricant, and his right hand to relieve his frustrations and loneliness. Hours alone with only thoughts of Ramona squirming under him led to many nights of frustration followed by limited masturbation-induced relief.

After their marriage, Jake and Ramona had built a three bedroom house with the master suite on one end of the house and two smaller bedrooms and a connecting bath on the other. Steph had used one of the smaller bedrooms from the beginning, and when she started having friends over, Ramona just told her to “expand her domain” to both smaller bedrooms and the connecting bath. This, in effect, turned the Hughes’ household into a small dormitory for young females. That had continued even after Ramona’s death and this Saturday was no different than others.

There was a racket in the back of the house and Jake grinned as he heard feminine laughter and scurrying about coming from the vicinity of Steph’s bedrooms. As was usual for a weekend, several of Steph’s friends had spent the night at the house. Soon, the house was filled with the sound of the shower running, blow dryers whining, and girls giggling as they prepared for whatever the day would bring.

Jake busied himself with starting the day as well…Checking his email, making a couple of phone calls to arrange feed deliveries for the horses, and generally waiting for the weather to clear a little. Suddenly, the noise that had been contained in Steph’s bedroom became significantly louder as four young women burst into the kitchen.

“Mornin’ girls!” Jake grinned as Steph, Ann, Joy, and Amanda tumbled into the room, not unlike a small litter of puppies.

“Hey Dad,” Steph replied as she wrapped him in a hug and kissed his cheek. The other girls all greeted him similarly, giving him a hug and kiss as well. He reveled in the sensation as their firm young bodies pressed against his and their arms went around his neck.

The girls had grown up together and he had known them since Steph’s preschool years, so hugs were part of the routine for all of the girls. Typical of the custom in the area, they called him by his first name, reserving “Mr.” and Ms.” for teachers, employers and the like.

“Want some breakfast?” Jake asked, knowing the answer.

“Naah,” Steph replied, “We’re going down to the mall and will stop on the way and get something.”

“How long you goin’ to be gone” he asked.

“Probably most of the day,” Steph replied. “We’re going to see a movie while we’re there.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Okay then, we’re on our way!” Steph said as she bent to kiss his cheek one more time.

“Um, wait.” Jake said. “Weren’t there five of you when you came in last night?”

“Oh, yeah.” Steph replied. “Billi’s still in the bed. She’s not going with us because she has something to do late this afternoon.”

“Oh, okay.”

With calls of “Bye Jake!” and “See you later!” the girls were out the door and walking toward Steph’s SUV. Jake stood at the window and in an instant, his mood changed from sad to bitter. He watched the girls as their long legs carried their denim encased asses across the yard. Those asses, and the breast and pussies that came with them, had been a growing source of frustration for him over the last three months.

He knew what he was carrying between his legs and he knew that if it were on a twenty year old stud, those girls would be all over it, but once again, the phenomenon of the 52 year-old man that was invisible to young females had reared its ugly head. To them, he existed only as a dad, and an old one at that….He was neither a threat nor desirable…He was invisible.

“How ironic is it,” Jake thought bitterly, “that I would end up this horny when there is that much fine pussy just down the hall almost every night of the week?”

It wasn’t that he was particularly interested in fucking these girls…He was simply horny beyond belief and had no relief in sight…And the girls were around him all the time.

He shook his head as if to clear it, turned and walked back into the kitchen. He paused in a brief moment of puzzlement as he heard a toilet flush in the back of the house.

“Oh yeah, Billi.” he thought as he poured another cup of coffee and sat down at the table.

In a moment, he heard the bedroom door open and looked up with a grin as a tousled haired Billi walked into the room wearing an oversized tee shirt and little else.

“Hey Cowgirl!” he smiled at her, using a nickname he had given her years ago as a result of her insistence as a child to dress like a cowgirl, a preference she still maintained.

While Steph and her other buddies tended to follow fashion trends, Billi stuck with the classic cowgirl look of boot-cut jeans, boots, and western style shirts. Her only nod to fashion was a tendency to paint her nails bright colors. Today, as she walked across the room, Jake could not miss the vibrant hot pink flash of her fingernails and toenails.

“Hey Jake. ” She grinned back.



“You know where the cups are.”

As Billi shuffled by him she bent down and kissed his cheek. He closed his eyes as the scent of her body, still warm from bed, surrounded him.

Jake liked all of Steph’s friends, but Billi was his favorite. She absolutely loved horses and unlike the other girls, was happy spending hours with Jake as he went about the business of running the farm. From the time she first started visiting Steph, if she went missing while visiting the farm, everyone knew that if they found Jake, they would find Billi.

Unlike the other tall leggy girls in Steph’s group of friends, Billi was petite. Only five feet two inches tall, she had a very tight, athletic body. Her muscular calves and thighs blended into curvy hips with nice round asscheeks that protruded enticingly. Her hips were topped by a narrow waist and round firm breasts that stood proud, even when Billi chose not to wear a bra.

Jake had fantasized about all of Steph’s friends at one time or another, but it was Billi that was the focus of most of his sexual attention. As a result, Jake often found himself gazing at her as she moved about the house. Today was no different.

As she stood on tiptoe to reach for a coffee cup, the muscles of her calves and thighs went tight and the hem of her tee slid up until the lower curvature of her panty-covered ass peeped into Jake’s field of vision. He looked as long as he dared then took a sip of coffee.

Billi poured her coffee, took a sip and then set the cup down and stretched her arms above her head as she yawned and stretched. Again, the hem of the tee slid up, this time pulling tight over her nipples and revealing a taunt little belly and the waistband of her panties.

Jake surreptitiously glanced over at Billi’s muscular little belly and the lacy waistband of her pink panties and his penis expanded at the sight of the dark shadow of her pubic hair under her panties. Without thinking he groaned aloud.

“You okay?” Billi asked, cocking her head in concern.

“M-m-m-m? ” Jake responded distractedly, “Oh, yeah. I’m fine.”

“So, you just groan out loud all the time?” Billi said as she sat down across the table from Jake.

“Yeah,” Jake replied with a grin, “Old men groan more than you might think and for a variety of reasons.”


This was another thing Jake liked about Billi. Unlike the other girls, she didn’t seem to mind, and usually seemed to enjoy, sitting and talking with Jake. More than once, the other girls had to goad Billi into leaving with them because she seemed more content talking with Jake than going with them to the mall or whereever. To Jake, Billi may have been a 19 year-old girl, but she had the soul of a mature woman.

They had been sitting at the table for a while, chatting about this and that when abruptly, the air was filled with a guttural, high pitched whinnying. Jake slapped his forehead and cursed.

“What?” Billi said.

“I forgot…I’ve got a mare in the barn that is in season and I was going to use Bolt to cover her. I thought it could wait until Monday when the hands are back and could help, but last night when I had her in the corral, she was breaking down in front of him and he was almost going over the fence to get to her.”

“Bolt’s young right? Has he ever covered a mare?” Billi asked as she sipped her coffee.

“No, this would be his first. That’s why I wanted the hands here to help.”

“Who’s the mare?” she asked.

“Rain,” he replied, “She’s kind of laid back and I thought she would be a good first for Bolt.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

While this type of conversation may have seemed unusual or even bizarre to the casual observer, it was normal “horse talk” for Jake and Billi. It was inevitable that in their years of hanging around the farm, all of Steph’s friends had, at some point, observed a stallion covering a mare.

As young children, their initial reaction to seeing horses breeding was the simple curiosity typical of youngsters. As they grew older they would giggle about the horses “making babies.” Here lately, their reactions had evolved into casually ignoring the activity except for an occasional glance in awe at the massive erect penis on whatever stallion might be involved in the process.

Except for Billi…Her love for horses, combined with her natural curiosity, led to her involvement in all facets of running the farm. She had seen many mares covered by stallions over the years.

At first, Jake made every effort to try to keep her away from the process, but more often than not, she managed to end up hanging on the fence as he and the hands struggled with a reluctant mare or a timid stallion. He had never let her in the corral because he was concerned for her safety, but she knew the process very well.

She knew that when Jake said that Rain was “breaking down,” he meant that the mare was squatting in front of the stallion and urinating, signaling that she was ready to be mounted and penetrated. She also knew that with Bolt being inexperienced it might be difficult to get him to cover the mare. Finally, she knew that this couldn’t wait until another day. When a mare was ready, she was ready and there was no time to waste.

“Well,” she said as she drained her coffee cup, “Let me get some jeans on and I’ll come out and help you.

“Nope,” said Jake as he stood up. “I don’t want you in the corral with them. I’ll do it by myself.”

“Jake, you’ll need some help. You just said you were hoping to be able to wait until Monday when the hands were here.”

“Yeah, well, they’re not here and this has to be done, so I’ll do it by myself.”

“Just let me get my jeans on and…”

“Billi,” Jake growled, “You’re not getting in the corral. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Fine!” she pouted as she pushed back from the table, “I’ll just get dressed and go home!”

“Billi…” Jake said, exasperated…But she stomped from the room without another word.

Jake walked out to the barn, noticing as he passed the corral that the previous evening’s rain had turned it to slop.

“Great!” he muttered to himself, “This is going to be nothing but a pain in the ass.”

He opened the barn and walked to the stall where Rain danced impatiently. She was normally a fairly calm horse, but her need for a stallion had her nervous and jumpy. Jake led her to the corral, turned her out and then turned to get Bolt from a second corral across the barnyard.

Bolt, too, was nervous and jumpy, his ears pricked up, nostrils flaring and eyes walling as he was led to the corral where Rain waited. Rain immediately squatted and urinated when Bolt pranced into the corral and Jake watched with interest as Bolts penis immediately unsheathed itself and extended into full erection.

“All right!” Jake muttered, “This is going to be a piece of cake!”

But it wasn’t. The mare was overly jumpy and Bolt just didn’t know what to do. Three times he mounted her, but each time he didn’t seem to know how to penetrate her. The more he tried, the more frantic both the young stallion and mare became.

Jake finally gave up on letting things happen “naturally” and stepped back into the corral. He thought if perhaps he secured Rain’s reins to the fence to hold her still, Bolt would mount her and he could then help Bolt with the penetration by inserting the penis himself.

He grabbed Rain’s bridle and tied it off on the fence. Then he gathered up Bolt and led him to the waiting mare. Bolt immediately raised up and mounted Rain, but just as Jake reached to grab Bolt’s penis, Rain shifted violently to the side and knocked Jake against the wall of the barn and Bolt dismounted and trotted off around the corral.

“Shit!” Jake cursed as he rubbed his arm where it had been abraded by the rough barn wall.

Again he gathered the Bolt up and again, just as Bolt mounted, Rain danced sideways, knocking Jake off his feet.

“Fuck it!” Jake cursed as he stood and raked mud off his jeans and shirt.

Just as he turned to walk toward Bolt a third time, he saw a slim figure moving across the corral. It was Billi.

“Dammit Billi,” Jake called, “I told you…”

“Shut up Jake!” Billi shot back, “You aren’t doing so hot right now, so just shut up. Calm Rain down and let me see if I can get Bolt up on her.”

“Billi…” Jake growled.

“Shut up Jake! I’m doin’ this, so just shut up!”

“Dammit!” Jake spat as he walked to Rain and started trying to calm her.

Billi finally cornered Bolt and grabbed his reins. Talking softly and running her hands over his flank, she soothed him for a moment then led him to the mare.

“Now be careful…” Jake warned.

“Shut up Jake. I’m not the one who’s been knocked down twice now am I?”

Just then Bolt raised up and mounted Rain. His engorged penis bobbed as he tried to thrust into the mare. He was close enough to her but simply couldn’t hit the target. Rain was again getting antsy and began to dance. Billi looked in panic at Jake, understanding fully the danger of being trampled.

“You’re going to have to help him” Jake said, trying to stay calm but the desperation in his voice obvious. “Just take hold of him and put him in her.”

Billi nodded, turned and reaching forward, grasped the stallion’s penis in her small hand. The engorged organ was thicker than her wrist and the contrast of her slim red-nailed fingers on the black flesh of the horse’s penis was stark.

“Oh!” Billi whispered, almost to herself.

“What?” Jake asked, thinking something was wrong.

“His p-penis,” she stuttered unthinkingly. “It so warm!”

Jake’s head jerked around in surprise at her comment, but he said nothing.

Billi leaned down, biting her lower lip in concentration and after a couple of tries managed to insert the stallion into the mare. Then, it was as if a switch had been thrown in Bolt’s brain and he settled down to the business of covering the mare. Rain, for her part, stood stoically and let Bolt have his way.

“Okay,” Jake said as he exhaled heavily.

They both backed away from the horses and leaned against the barn. Jake turned to Billi to thank her, but stopped when he saw her face. She had not taken her eyes from the stallion’s penis and she stood with her lips partially open, eyes slightly glazed.

“Hey,” he said as he touched her arm. “You okay?”

“H-m-m-m-m?” she pulled her gaze from the horses and realizing she had been caught watching, blushed with embarrassment she mumbled, “Yeah, I’m okay.”

At that moment Bolt’s tail flagged, signaling that he had emptied his seed into Rain. He stood still, then dismounted after a moment.

“Well, so much for that” Jake intoned as he turned to walk from the corral. “Let’s hope he took a lesson. I don’t want to do that again anytime soon. C’mon, let’s go into the barn and see if we can get some of this mud off.”

Billi followed, walking along almost as if in a trance. As they entered the barn, Jake turned and walked toward the tack room.

“There’s some towels back here we can use to wipe down with. That way we won’t track mud into the house.”

He stopped at the door to the tack room and removed his boots. Billi did the same and they walked into the warmth of the room. The tack room, filled with saddles, bridles and other gear, was one of Billi’s favorite places. It was quiet and isolated and filled with the smell of leather and she was always soothed when she walked into the room.

After Ramona’s death, Jake has enlarged the room into a “man cave,” adding heat and AC, a bathroom with a shower, and furnishing it with easy chair, desk, and bed. He found the room to be a comfort when Steph wasn’t home and often slept in the room when his house was empty and he was lonely.

Jake busied himself finding towels and when he turned to hand one to Billi he noticed that she still seemed distracted.

“You sure you’re okay” he asked with concern.

Again, she jerked her head as if she had been brought back from another world. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Well, take this towel see if you can get some of that mud off.”

She wiped at her jeans for a minute and then she paused.



“Um…Did she like it?’


“Rain…Did she like it when Bolt went inside her?”


“Well, I just wondered. I’ve, um, ya know, done it and it was fun but….”

“Billi! That’s a little too much information!”

“No. Really Jake. I’m serious. Does the mare like it like humans do? Does it feel good to her?”

“Um, well,” Jake stammered as he glanced in Billi’s direction only to be met by her direct stare. “I’m not sure, but I think a mare’s needs are more to, um, insure the survival of the species. Humans have sex for that reason too, but I’d say that sex is more fun for humans than animals…But I’m not sure. Rain’s never told me.”

“Very funny Jake.” Billi replied sharply. “I’m serious.”

“Sorry…I didn’t mean to make fun.”

“It just that he was so big and his, well, he was so firm and warm.” Again she stared off.

Jake paused to look at Billi. He saw that her nipples were protruding against her damp tee shirt and she unconsciously had one hand cupped at the crotch of her jeans.

“Fuck me!” he thought as he continued to look at Billi, “She’s so turned on she can’t stand it.”

Just then she caught him staring and she knew that he knew. She turned her eyes to the floor.



“C-can you…Um…H-help me?” Her demeanor had suddenly become mild and submissive.

“Billi, baby…”

“Really Jake…I need it…Right now…Can I be you mare? C-can you cover me? Like Bolt? Please?”

Jake didn’t know what to do…He knew what he wanted to do…

Billi, sensing his hesitation, upped the ante by reaching down to her sides, grasping the hem of her tee, and stripping it off over her head. She shook her hair out of her eyes and stood facing Jake nude from the waist up.

Tiny pink nipples stood rigid on the upturned surfaces of her perfectly round breasts, her need unmistakable. Jake stood frozen in place.


Lust overrode reason and common sense. Jake unbuttoned his shirt, stripped it off and dropped it on the floor. Then he stepped around behind Billi.

Taking both her tiny wrists in one of his hands, he pulled her arms over her head until she stood with arms fully extended and she was standing on tiptoe. His other hand caressed her ribcage and moved around to cup her breasts, glossing over her nipples until she wriggled in need, then pinching them lightly as her hips began to slowly move back and forth.

“So, you want to know what it’s like to be a mare? To be covered by a stallion?”

“Y-y-e-s-s-s-s-s…” her response was a hiss of passion.

Still holding her arms high, he slipped his hand around to the button on the fly of her jeans, released it, slid the zipper down and slid his hand in to cup her pussy. Her panties were soaked through with her excitement.

“Y-a-a-ah! Oh god!” she bucked in his hand as his middle finger slid over the wet material and grazed her clitoris.

He stripped off her jeans and panties and stared in awe at the sight of her small nude form. Turning to the wall he walked over, reached up and took a leather strap off the wall. Working quickly as she watched with a questioning look on her face, he fashioned a bridle of sorts.

“Come here.”

“B-but…A bridle?”

“You said you wanted to know what a mare felt….Come here…”

Her bare feet padded over the smooth floor and she stood before him, head bowed. He fit the makeshift bridle over her head, placing a portion of the strap in her mouth as if it were a bit. Then he pulled the straps tight and felt a sense of satisfaction as he saw he could now control her completely.

“Now…Over here…”

He led her to a sawhorse used to support saddles and bent her forward, tying the bridle so that her head was down and her legs straight and her ass upturned. He could see her hair covered pussy lips peeking from between her thighs.

“Grab the bar with both hands Billi and don’t let go.”

“O-okay…” she mumbled through the makeshift bridle.

Again, he stroked her nipples and traced patterns over her belly until she began to buck in need. His hands stroked behind her knees and then up between her thighs until she cocked her ass up and spread her legs, revealing the slick hot pinkness of her pussy.

Stroking around the edges of her pussy, Jake lightly rubbed her clit and listened as she mewled into the leather strap between her jaws. With one slow but steady stroke, he slid his middle finger into her and buried it to the knuckle.

Her head jerked up in surprise and she squealed in delight. He couldn’t help but notice that as aroused and wet as she was, her pussy was tiny…And very tight…Her small physique carried over to her pussy…Taking his cock would be an ordeal for her, but he couldn’t wait to mount her.

He walked over to the small table beside the bed and opening the drawer, removed a bottle of personal lubricant he had kept there for when he needed to jack off. Moving around in front of her, he slowly unzipped his jeans, and in one motion stripped them off along with his briefs. The full nine inches of his erection sprang into view and stood rigid.

The stem was thick and heavily veined, the head shone like a freshly peeled onion, and his testicles hung like two large plums between his legs. He flexed his sphincter and the head swelled, growing angrily red…A drop of precum seeping from the slit and stood ready to drip to the floor. Wasting no time, poured his hand full of lubricant and using a motion not unlike what he used to jack off, spread it over the full length of his penis.

Billi’s eyes bulged as Jake stood before her. She had no idea that he was this large and the idea of taking his massive cock into what she knew was her tiny pussy was terrifying. She pulled her head against the makeshift bridle but found she was firmly secured to the sawhorse.

Jake stepped around behind her and grasping her defenseless hips in his large hands, used his thumbs to slowly spread her asscheeks until he could see both the gaping slit of her pussy and the pucker of her tiny anus.

Again he flexed his sphincter and then milked a dollop of precum out of the stem of his penis. Catching it on his fingers, he spread it over the plum shaped bullet of his cockhead.

Pushing his legs between hers, he forced he ankles apart until her legs were sufficiently spread, then squatted and dipped his hips until the head of his penis rested between Billi’s pussy lips.

Billi’s head jerked up and she clenched her asscheeks and squealed in fear as she felt the massive plum-shaped cockhead begin to penetrate her body. Jake worked the head back and forth slowly, gritting his teeth at the exquisite sensation of Billi’s tightness grasping his burgeoning cockhead. Eventually, he managed to get the head completely buried inside her and hesitating only for a second, gave another firm thrust forward.

“Y-i-i-i-e-e-e-e-e!” Billi squealed around the leather bridle as she felt him stretching her hole.

“Like that little mare?” he questioned sarcastically as he drew back for another thrust.

“N-e-e-o-o-o-o-o!” she squalled shaking her head as if to shake off the pain.

“But you want to be covered by a stallion, right?” he thrust back into her, gaining another inch.

“W-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h!!!” she squalled as a fine sheen of sweat began to form on her body

He drew back slowly and, as gently as he could in his state of lust, pushed in again. She stood on tiptoe and again cried out as four more thick, fleshy inches slid into her tiny body.

He stopped and held still, panting in unbridled lust. Looking down, he could now see only a third of his penis remaining outside Billi’s pussy. Her pussy lips were stretched tight around his shaft and her juices gathered from the friction on his cock.

He pulled back again, this time pulling out until he could see the angry red edges of his cockhead, then grasping her hips and picking her up until her feet were off the floor he aligned her pussy with the trajectory of his penis and in one smooth thrust, penetrated her to the hairs.

“Y-e-e-e-e-o-o-o-w! A-r-r-r-g-h!” Her legs kicked out straight, the muscles quivering tight with definition and her toes curled as she felt his cockhead press against her cervix.

“Y-a-a-a-a-i-e-e-e-o-o-o-h!” She screeched as he pulled her pussy up tight against his groin and flexed his sphincter, causing the bulging knob of his penis to swell even more in the clinging depths of her pussy.

He held still and she quieted, panting desperately and holding on to the crossbar as he held her feet off the floor, her tiny body impaled and quivering.

“Okay little mare,” he growled. “Now the fun begins.”

She only shook her head side to side, desperately looking over her shoulder hoping to plead with her eyes. He ignored her.

Slowly, he withdrew his penis from her tightly clinging pussy. Pulling out until only the head remained inside, he slowly pushed back inside her. She tensed, but this time the pain wasn’t as intense. Again, he pulled back and then thrust forward…And then again…And then he heard it…

“Oh! Oh god!” she whispered.

Saying nothing, he began to smoothly thrust in and out of Billi’s tiny hole. Each stroke became easier, smoother, and slicker.

She began to groan in pleasure and soon her head was up and she was grunting and cursing behind the leather bridle as he rode in and out of her. With each stroke in, his balls cracked against her bulging clitoris, causing her to jerk in pleasure.

He continued thrusting in a slow, deliberate manner, every stroke pulling out to the point that only the head of his cock was inside Billi, then thrusting forward until she was fully impaled on the rigid flesh of his cock.

As she felt the bulging head of his cock burrow into her, Billi closed her eyes and threw her head back in absolute, unadulterated pleasure. Arching her torso, she bucked in one orgasm after another, desperately hanging onto the sawhorse while thrusting back onto Jake as he repeatedly pumped into her.

“Oh-god-those-balls-feel-so-good!” she panted with each slap of his cum filled orbs against her defenseless clit.

He was holding her ass in the position that gave him deepest penetration, thrusting so furiously that sweat dripped off him onto the smooth surface of her ass.

She could only gasp and groan as orgasm after orgasm washed over her until finally she was staring straight ahead but not seeing, feeling only the thick meat of Jake’s massive cock pounding into her time and again. Then she noticed that his pace changed and with the change came an obvious further swelling of the head of his cock.

“Oh, god Billi! I-I’m almost t-there!” he gasped almost as if surprised.

And with those words he was pounding into her lithe frame so rapidly that her tits were swinging back and forth violently and she was squealing with every stroke. Suddenly, he slammed into her one last time, the head of his cock pressing against her now tender cervix and he began to squirt glob after glob of cum into her grasping pussy.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh god Billi!” he grunted as he pressed into her, squirting his load into her tiny, tender pussy.

“O-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h, y-e-e-e-s-s-s-s, J-a-a-a-k-e!!” she squealed as she pressed her ass back against his pelvis, wriggling against him, all the while milking his continuously squirting cock for every drop of cum, and vibrating in her own orgasmic spasms.

As their orgasms subsided, Jake leaned forward and loosened the makeshift bridle, letting it fall from Billi’s slender neck. Billi had collapsed onto the sawhorse and stood bent over with Jake’s penis still embedded in her pussy, panting as her heartbeat pounded in her ears.

Jake gently pulled back, groaning as her cum slickened sheath clung to his still-firm erection.

“Oh my god!” she whispered as he came free of her, his penis brushing her clit as he stepped away.

He reached and lightly grasped her shoulders, pulling her upright and back against his body. His cock, still erect, was trapped between his belly and her back.

“You okay now?” he asked as he lightly kissed the top of her head.

She sighed and nodded her head, leaning against him.

“C’mon, let’s get a shower.”

Again she just nodded.

He walked her to the shower and after adjusting the flow of the water, got in with her. She groaned in pleasure as his large soapy hands covered her lithe body and then stood quietly while he dried first her, then himself, with bulky towels.

Still nude, he led her to the bed, pulled back the blanket and sheet, sat down, gathered her in his arms and lay down with her small frame tucked in the protective hug of his arms.

An hour later, a somewhat confused Billi awoke to find herself alone in the bed. She groaned as she moved her legs and felt a dull ache, the remnants of what happened earlier.

Raising up on one elbow she looked across the room to see Jake, still nude, sitting in the easy chair.

“Hey Cowgirl…” he grinned.

“Hey yourself,” she said blushing as her mind raced back to earlier that day.

“How you feelin’?”

“Um, a little sore I guess…”

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, um no…Um, not at first…You’re so big…It hurt like hell at first Jake!” tears brimming in her eyes.

“But …?”

“Jake, don’t make me tell you…You know I liked it…You know I did.”

“Well, I guess if you liked it the first time, you’ll love the second time.”


Her eyes grew large as her reached down and raised his fully erect penis so that it was standing vertically off his lap.

“J-Jake…I don’t think…”

“Hush Cowgirl…This will be fun…”

“B-but Jake…”

“Butt’s a short cigarette…Come over here.”

She stood gingerly, walked across the room and stood stood staring at the floor, not believing he was going to fuck her again.

Again, he stroked the lubricant onto his penis and then held it straight up so she could mount it.

“Come on Cowgirl,” he encouraged gently, “Straddle your legs over the chair arms and mount up…It’ll be fun…I promise.”

“P-please don’t make me….”

“Hush, Billi. You wanted to be covered like a mare and I covered you. Now you’re going to learn how to ride like a real cowgirl. Climb on girl, I promise it will be fun.”

She hesitantly moved to one side of the chair and gasping as her sore muscles stretched, lifted one leg over the arm of the chair as if getting on a bicycle. The chair was so wide that her legs were spread to the point that the large tendons stood out at the juncture of her muscular thighs…She grasped his shoulders and lifted herself…Then the head of his penis was at her widespread pussy lips.

“O-oh y-yes, p-please” she groaned at the contact, forgetting her fear.

“Go slow” he commanded between gasps of pleasure as she slowly, oh so very slowly slid down on him.

“U-u-n-n-n-g-g-h! O-oh, p-please, oh god!” she breathed as he filled her and she settled into his lap.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, holding her still, stroking her, letting her settle, letting her breathe, reveling in sensation of the warmth of her breath on his neck. Then he turned and their lips met, tongues thrashing, and he felt her orgasm begin…

“Oh, yes. Oh, g-god y-y-y-e-e-s-s-s!” she moaned into his mouth.

Gradually, her orgasm subsided, yet he continued to cradle her in his arms, stroking her back and hips until her breathing settled…The he shifted and flexed his hips, thrusting up into her, grinding the base of his penis into her and lightly rubbing his thumb over her clit…

“U-n-n-n-u-u-g-h!” she groaned as she sat up, her eyes staring into his in surprise.

She could easily cum again, yet he didn’t make the movement that will bring her to her crisis…

Slowly he stroked her face, neck and shoulders, calming yet exciting her simultaneously… Again his fingers found her nipples and began their insistent stroking and pinching…

“A-h-h-h-h, y-y-yes!” she whispered as the sensations rocket through her body.

She closed he eyes and threw her head back in ecstasy as her second orgasm crashed through her body…She ground her hips down onto his pelvis again and again, trying to get him deeper inside her.

“P-please,” she gasped as the tremors in her body subside, “I need for you to fuck me…I want you moving inside me!”

The pleading in her eyes pierced his heart…He so wanted her to be happy, to have what she wanted…Yet, he shook his head side to side…

“Not yet…” he says “You’re not ready yet…”

“B-but I a-am r-rea…A-h-h-h-h, my god!” she stammered as she was interrupted by another flex of his sphincter and thrust of his hips…Stretching the her tiny pussy tight around the base of his penis, his thumb again punished her clit…At the same time the fingers of his other hand lightly twisted her nipples and she fell into his arms thrashing in another orgasm…This one lasted for what seems like forever…She had trouble catching her breath and was afraid to move when he gave another thrust sent her over the edge a fourth time…

“P-please…” she plead in a whisper, her lips barely moving on his shoulder.

She felt him shift, and then stand and grasp her ass with his hands and she wrapped her legs around his back as he walked to the bed, still inside her…Each footstep caused a jolt that jounced her clitoris against the base of his penis…She was about to cum again when he bent and lowered her to the bed…Without leaving her, he got on his hands and knees and with her legs locked around his back, he moved until she was centered in the bed…Each movement caused her to gasp in pleasure and she was again on the verge of cumming…

He raised up on his hands and knees and pulled her legs around so that he held them in crook of his arms…Then the thrusting began…It was slow, yet incessant, never pausing, he pushed into her to the root of his penis then pulled out until only the head remains inside her…Looking down he could see her tiny pussy clinging to his cock like an infant’s mouth as if trying to suck it deep inside her again and again…

On the fifth stroke she was cumming again, yet this time he didn’t stop stroking…Soon she crying out in a combination of lust and need for respite…

His strokes slowed, then stopped…He was in her to the hilt, his balls resting on her upturned ass as she squirmed on him…He held her tight as he felt his orgasm begin to build and her eyes widened as she felt the head of his penis swell and then squirt into her…

” Oh, Jake,” she whispered.


At about 10:00 PM the following Friday night, Steph walked into the den where Jake was reading, bent and kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m going to town and then I’m going to spend the night at Amanda’s.”

“You’re going to town at ten o’clock?” Jake said as he looked at his watch.

“Yes Dad,” Steph grinned. “It’s not like the olden days when you were a kid and they closed town at sundown.”

“Okay smartass!” he grinned back. “Be careful.”

“I will…Bye!”

“Bye, baby.”

Jake read a little longer, then closed his book, stood up, turned the lights off and walked into his bedroom. He looked at the room with its empty bed and knew immediately he wouldn’t be able to sleep with Steph out of the house.

He turned out the rest of the lights and let himself out of the house, leaving the porch light on as a prearranged signal to Steph or any of her friends that might show up that he was sleeping in the tack room. Taking a minute to gaze at the starlit sky, he then walked across the yard, into the barn, let himself into the tack room and soon was asleep.

After what seemd like only minutes he woke with a start at what sounded like a car door slamming. Footsteps crunched as they crossed the gravel driveway, rustled through the sawdust in the barn, then lightly stepped onto the steps that led into the tack room. The sound of boots hitting the steps was followed by the door being opened.

A petite figure moved across the room and Jake squinted to see the silhouette of a shirt, then jeans being shed.

He pulled back the covers and inhaled her scent as she slid under the covers and into his arms.

“Hey Cowgirl.”

“Hey Jake.”

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