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Wife’s Shameful Discovery

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She knew the two men were watching her and although still a little apprehensive Cathy finally worked up enough courage to stand up from the shallow edge of the billabong. It had been nice lying on the sandy bottom in the cool water and she was now feeling quite refreshed. The drive in the old troop-carrier had been hot and dusty seeing as most of the vehicle’s windows were missing. Then of course to be jammed in the middle of the front seat between the two black men in the heat of the tropical midday sun; the sweat had poured out of her!

She wasn’t sure how the native owners put up with it. Cath enjoyed the more civilised luxuries of an air-conditioned car even if it was a four-wheel drive and one with good suspension to absorb the corrugations of the long and rough unsealed roads around these remote areas that she only ever rarely visited.

Of course she was going to have to wait for that luxury a bit longer she thought, as she stood dripping. You see her husband Tom was waiting back down the road some 150 kilometres away with their near new four-wheel drive. They had only that morning suffered another puncture after a piece of scrap metal took out the side wall of the right-hand rear tyre. They had already used their two spares the day before when Tom had driven off the road to find some shady trees to have some lunch under… and promptly got a couple of burnt-off ironwood stakes through both front tyres!

They had waited all morning before the troopy had chanced upon them on the infrequently used road.

There were two men in the front of the vehicle and a young black woman with a baby in the back. They had offered to give Tom and Cathy a lift to the next community to repair one of their tyres. Not wanting to leave their expensive vehicle unattended for too long Tom had thought it wiser to send his wife Cathy with the men in the troop-carrier rather than leave her with their vehicle all alone in the middle of nowhere…possibly for the night. Tom felt a little better sending his wife with the strangers knowing there was a woman and infant travelling with them too. They looked harmless enough and as an incentive Tom had given the men two hundred dollars upfront and said there would be another couple of hundred for them when they returned. He had even hinted at giving them some bottles of wine he had stashed. Alcohol was of a premium around here as it was quite illegal to possess unless you had a special permit.

Before leaving with the strangers Cathy had collected a few items of clothes like a change of underwear, and a light cardigan in case it cooled off that evening and they didn’t make it back that night. Along with these few things she took some toiletries and her small digital camera on the odd chance there would be something of interest to take a picture of. Tom tossed her swag in the back of the old vehicle…just in case there was nowhere to stay the night in the next community and time got away. He knew that you could not expect it to be an easy task to have a simple thing like a tyre repaired in some of these places and he made Cathy aware that she would have to be patient until the job was done which could mean staying the night.

Finally, and with some reservations Tom had watched the old vehicle drive off into the distance leaving behind a thick cloud of dust.

Little did Tom know that after travelling not much more than forty kilometres the troopy pulled off the road and then headed down a two-wheel track for a few k’s to where an outstation was. Once there the young woman with the child had disembarked from the cluttered rear of the troop-carrier and bade Cathy and the two men farewell.

Cathy had been anxious from that moment on and it had only gotten worse when she noticed the men occasionally looking at her tanned legs beneath her short skirt and making the occasional comment to one-another in their own language as they headed further down the road. She had wished then that she had stayed with their vehicle and it was her husband Tom sitting between the two black men.

As the kilometres wore on she had finally begun to relax a little and just enjoy the occasionally interesting scenery. The driver, a young man named Jack had asked Cath if she would like a cool swim before they got into the next town. He had described a waterhole to her and she thought it sounded lovely so she agreed, even though she hadn’t thought to bring her bikini.

Finally after a few more kilometres they had pulled off the road and onto a little used track. Almost immediately Cathy noticed the paperbark-lined billabong with its pink and mauve water lilies. It did look tempting although the bank looked a bit steep, she thought. They had driven past an old windmill creaking slowly in the afternoon breeze where Cathy had asked the driver to stop so she could take a couple of photos of such an icon bush relic in such good condition.

It was about four hundred metres further on before Jack pulled up under a clump of small acacias in the shade. The three of them had hopped out of the hot vehicle and walked over to the bank. Cathy was impressed. Here she’d noticed that the billabong was actually still flowing…just, its clear water running over a natural sandbar where the bank was not so steep. She’d wondered if it was really a billabong seeing as it was flowing and Jack had told her it was but it was spring-fed.

With her small camera handy Cathy had stepped back and took a few pictures of the idyllic location with its spindly palm trees amongst the shady monsoonal trees. Cathy had the two men pose for a couple of shots too before she’d stepped down to the sandy bank and after some instruction on how her camera worked she had the older man take a picture of her posing with his younger friend, the tranquil setting as a natural backdrop.

* * *

They had now been at the billabong for well over half an hour and Cathy had finished her cool-off. Standing there by the sandy edge dripping wet she briefly glanced back over to where the men were lying down relaxing in the shade of a large paperbark when she caught them watching her. She instantly felt embarrassed. Both men had not long exited the water themselves and were still wet, their ebony skin shone in the fading afternoon light. But the thing that reddened Cathy’s high cheeks most was their total disregard for their lack of clothing in her presence! You see, only moments after Cathy had taken the photos of the men earlier on as they stood by the billabong than both had barely hesitated before jumping into the water. Well, they had stopped just long enough to pull off their dirty shorts and t-shirts and with no modesty at all had leapt off a higher part of the bank into deeper water and swum and skylarked completely naked!

They of were of course still naked and made no attempt at covering their genitals from the blushing white woman in their presence, both men grinning at her obvious discomfort!

Cathy had of course not been so bold when she had gone for her swim. She had waited until she noticed the men weren’t watching her, and then…discreetly, she had slipped off her black lace bra from beneath her lemon-coloured singlet and then quickly taken off her short denim skirt before hurrying to the waters edge and taking the plunge.

She could not be so discreet now unfortunately and she stood dripping wet not more than ten metres from the pair of cheeky buggers ogling her. Cath now regretted that fact that she had chosen to wear the pair of tiny lace g-strings that matched her bra that morning, something her husband always loved to see her in but in the present company she felt…well, quite under-dressed to say the least.

But that was not the only cause of her discomfort, she was well aware that her thin cotton singlet even before it was wet had been partially see-thru and now it was almost totally transparent. Her large areolas had puckered-up in the cool water so her nipples had become quite erect and they were now plainly obvious to her unwelcome admirers.

“Do both of you mind?” Cathy huffed at the men who were quite brazenly staring at her.

Quickly she folded her left arm across her breasts and covered her crotch with her other hand. Then Cath looked down to where she had left her skirt hanging on a branch close to where she now stood and to her dismay it was missing along with her camera!

“You lookin’ for this, missus,” Jack, the young driver of the troopy called to her as he held up her skirt in his right hand.

“Yes thank you,” Cathy responded, slightly annoyed. “Would you mind handing it back?” She watched almost aghast as the young man folded her small skirt in half and pushed it down between his thighs near his scrotum.

“Come an’ get then, hey,” he laughed.

Cathy looked on dumbfounded; she watched the young man reach behind his head and then lift up her black bra holding it close to his face and sniff it deeply before laying it over his chest in pretence of wearing it.

“Ha ha very funny, come on fella’s just pass them back over please, you’ve had your fun,” Cathy said a bit more forcefully.

“Tell ya what, you have a little drink with us first…then we get dressed an’ get goin’, what do ya reckon?”

It was then that Cathy noticed the two black men had a couple of empty beer cans next to them. An opened carton lay close by in the shade of a small bush but it appeared to be empty. She wondered where they had come from as she hadn’t seen any beer cans in their vehicle earlier.

Cathy was not to know of course that the beer was almost the sole reason for them coming here. Some weeks before both men had collected some rare cycad seed for an avid collector and he had arranged to have the beer sent out and hidden by the billabong for the two men in gratitude.

Cathy now thought of her options; should she be really bold and just walk straight over there and reach between the naked young buck’s legs and grab her skirt, or have the drink and trust them to honour the deal?

She hesitated a moment longer thinking and looked down between the man’s legs to where the hem of her denim skirt was just visible. The young man caught her eye and no doubt as a further deterrent he laid his penis over what little was visible of her skirt. If at all possible Cathy blushed even more when she thought she detected a sudden swelling in the young man’s circumcised cock! To Cathy’s innocent gaze his bulbous knob now looked somewhat out of proportion on the end of his long, thin shaft. Embarrassed even more so at the apparent effect she was having on the young man, she quickly looked away again; she guessed she would just have to have the beer!

“Just one beer okay!” Cathy said sternly as she walked slowly over to them, momentarily forgetting her partial state of undress and letting her hands drop to her sides.

“Yep…just one missus…just one,” Felix the older of the two ruffians sniggered. He watched intently as the pretty white woman walked slowly towards them. With his sharp eyes focused he continued to look her up and down…from her supple pear-shaped breasts down past her slim waist to her crotch. He was almost positive he could make out the pale skin beneath the tiny piece of lace that covered the woman’s pussy.

“Hey…look here for me, missus,” Felix called and he raised Cathy’s camera to take a photo. “Come on…be a sport…like a model, hey? Yeh, lift them arms up pretty lady.”

Cathy sighed with frustration, and begrudgingly she stood a moment to pose with one hand on her hip and raised the other to the back of her neck to flick out her shoulder-length ringlets of fine auburn hair. She feigned a smile as the now camera savvy Felix took her picture a couple of times.

“Happy?” she enquired sarcastically, as he took another shot.

“Not bad, missus…” Felix said enthusiastically, not expecting for a moment that she would humour him. “How ’bout your nice titties…wanna lift up that little top…hey? Nearly see ’em now anyway…go on…just a flash.”

“Don’t push it Felix!” Cathy growled at the cheeky suggestion. Never in her life had she done such a thing and she wasn’t about to start now! “Just one beer and we go, deal?”

Neither of the men answered her.

Earlier Felix had placed the cans of beer in an old Hessian sack and had left them in a protected spot where the spring water from the billabong flowed over them. This had cooled them to a degree but they were still far from what you would call cold.

There was nothing much for Cathy to sit on apart from the damp sand or a large flat rock that was partially shaded just to the left of Felix. Cathy opted for the rock and sat down crossing her legs demurely. She watched as Felix stood up and went over to the stash of cans and returned with three more. He handed her one and as she took it she could not but help notice that he too appeared to be sporting a partial erection. This unnerved her even more and she hoped the men had not mistaken her large erect nipples as a sign of her own excitement…which of course it wasn’t!

Cathy wasn’t a big drinker at the best of times but she was keen to get her clothes back and head off again so she downed the can in record time (for her that is). The lack of drinking water the last two hours or so in the heat of the tropical sun and the fact that the full-strength beer was not too cold meant it went straight to her head in no time at all. Slightly giddy Cathy crunched up the aluminium can and tossed it to one side before asking for her clothes back.

“Ya know where they are…come an’ get ’em yourself,” Jack declared as he cracked open another green tinny while eying off the woman’s thighs.

All it took was that one beer…and the sun…and a bit of dehydration for Cathy to get perfectly annoyed with the whole game. Without any more fuss Cathy stood up from the rock just a little shakily and took the four or five steps to where Jack lay back smirking.

Felix, the older of the two men now looked on excitedly as Cathy stepped past him toward his friend. He could now see for the first time that she was wearing one of those g-strings and his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched her suddenly bend over to snatch her bra back from his young friend’s chest! This was the closest Felix had ever come to a white woman’s near-naked backside. He had only ever seen a woman in a g-string in magazines before and the almost perfectly round white orbs of firm flesh before his eyes was just too much. Just as she bent over again to reach for her skirt Felix couldn’t help himself and he reached up to touch Cathy’s bare buttocks! They looked so nice and firm…and so white, it was just way too much of a temptation for the older man to resist. His gnarly hand hovered just centimetres from her flesh and his eyes feasted upon the woman’s inner thighs that were now spread apart slightly. Felix could see where the thin strap of material disappeared between her cheeks then emerged only slightly wider to just barely cover her youthful looking pudendum!

He leant in closer…yes…he could just make out the narrow cleft in her puffy vulva beneath the lacy material! He had to touch her…just this once!

Cathy unwittingly bent over even further so as to grab part of her skirt that was sticking up near the younger man’s penis. Jack laughed at her vain attempt and thrust his pelvis upwards mocking her, his cock almost touching her hand. She tried to prise his thighs apart at his knees so as to release her skirt but he clamped his legs shut even tighter. His cock looked to be even harder now as he was obviously getting excited with his schoolboy antics.

“Come on Jack…you promised…I had a drink with you…quit your mucking around so I can get dressed. It’s not funny now!” Cathy pleaded through gritted teeth as she tugged hopelessly on part of her skirt.

It came as a complete surprise! Cathy felt a hand touch her bottom and squeeze her flesh roughly. She reacted almost immediately by stepping forward, more on reflex than anything else. Of course Jack’s legs were in the way and she lost balance as she tripped over them. As she went forward she felt a slight resistance around her hips and with her hands out-stretched she fell hard onto the damp sand face first.

Felix looked up at his hand with a bemused expression on his face; there in his fingers like a prize was the tiny piece of lace underwear that only a moment ago was worn by the white woman sprawled out in front of him! He had accidentally clutched at her miniscule clothing just as she had fallen and it had torn clean from her!

“Hey, I’m sorry missus…didn’t mean that,” Felix laughed loudly as he watched her roll over onto her back with her legs all askew, one of her small feet lay over his friend’s legs and her other was resting on the ground.

Cathy was momentarily dazed. She laid her head back and groaned weakly, her eyes partially open. She had head butted the ground and her forehead was now covered in loose sand. Reaching up she carefully brushed off some sand from her brow so as not to get it in her eyes.

Cathy hadn’t yet noticed her new state of undress…but the two men had!

Jack’s eyes fastened upon the sight of the white woman’s near-naked body. He quickly glanced down between her thighs and his eyes bulged at the sight! There was her pink slit, totally hairless…only an arms length away. He could just make out the delicate folds of her inner labia protruding from her smooth puffy outer lips. He’d never seen anything so inviting in all his twenty three years. Instantly he felt his black slug grow even harder at the beautiful sight before him. Jack looked over at his friend Felix and noticed his mouth was agape too as he knelt in for a closer look!

The beer had given Jack courage, too much courage and he quickly looked back over at the partially naked white woman who still lay where she fell still quite oblivious of her ogling tormentors. As the seconds ticked away Jack moved as if in a dream. Almost without thinking about what he was doing Jack rolled onto his knees and hastily moved over between the partly open legs of the white woman.

Still slightly dazed and squinting with the setting sun in her eyes Cathy was caught completely off-guard. Jack quickly moved his knee up between her legs and forced them apart further. It was only then that she realised in sudden horror what was going on!

“What…what do you think you’re doing you bastard? Get off…get off meee you black bastard!” she screamed.

Jack knew he had gone too far now, he thought there was no turning back. He reached up quickly and grabbed Cathy’s thrashing hands with both of his. Her thin, damp singlet became askew with her struggles and one of her breasts was now partially exposed through the arm hole, its long brown nipple extended almost three quarters of an inch!

Excitedly Jack lent down over the struggling woman and licked ravenously at the engorged nub of flesh then clamped his thick lips upon her breast. She tasted quite salty he noticed as he rolled her nipple around with his tongue, sucking on it noisily for a moment as she squirmed helplessly beneath him.

“Hey Felix…gimme a hand here would ya…hold her arms for me…quick…” Jack panted between slurps on her breast.

Cathy twisted around as best she could but she was no match for the younger and much stronger man whom lay on top of her. She watched on horrified as Felix hurried to his friend’s aid and then gripped her by the wrists, pulling her arms back above her head. This allowed Jack the freedom he desired to maul her further and wasting no time he lifted her thin singlet up above her heaving breasts and lowered his face onto them again, sucking first one long nipple and then the other.

“Please…don’t do this…come on….I don’t want to do this….please…get off me…pleeeese….” Cathy begged as she felt the young buck move further up between her twisting and kicking legs.

Jack knew he couldn’t stop himself; he had done this sort of thing with a few of the local girls over the years when they had been drinking together. He thought in the end they didn’t mind, they never complained to the police so he reasoned that it cannot have been that bad for them. It was just like a game.

He was sure this visiting white woman would be no different once she felt his long, hard slug pump into her. Jack now cared little that she was married, if anything it only added to his lust for her. She was older too, that thought excited him as well and he guessed she was possibly as old as thirty five, maybe more. Jack was not to know Cathy had just turned forty years old three weeks ago. Hmm…yes, soon he was going to be fucking her…whether she liked it or not, he thought as he sucked and nibbled her flesh feverishly. Hmmm…and maybe old Felix could have a ride between her thighs too if he liked…maybe the pair of them would fuck the uppity white bitch all night long!

Cathy’s strength was quickly diminishing; she tried to clamp her slender legs together again but was eventually over-powered by Jack’s persistence…gradually she felt her legs being forced open wider. Now with his hands free he was able to grip under her knees and pull them up either side of his hips. She felt the young man move up her body, although he was not an overly large man his weight still trapped her more diminutive form beneath him and she struggled vainly as he positioned himself closer to his goal.

She couldn’t believe how quickly it had happened; how quickly it had escalated from fairly innocent fun to this. Here she was now lying in the sand next to a pretty billabong, miles from anywhere about to be raped by a young black man…maybe repeatedly! She felt fear grip her stomach at what may happen to her and she thought of her husband and wished he could somehow save her from this nightmare.

“Jus’ stop ya fucken kick’n lady…will ya…it’s gonna be orright…jus’ relax an’ enjoy it…” Jack growled into her ear as he manoeuvred himself with some difficulty closer towards her hairless slit.

“Ya gonna like it…I promise…I’ll make it special for ya…that’s it…just relax a little…hmm…yeh…that’s it…you gonna love my slug…jus’ wait…” Jack stammered excitedly as he rubbed his cock along her hairless cunt.

Cathy finally stopped her pleading; she felt it was useless now and she was quite out of breath; the fight had almost gone out of her. She knew that she was powerless to stop the inevitable. Cathy felt him rub up against her and she closed her eyes tightly in disgust. The thought of the man’s big purplish black knob touching her churned her up inside. Never promiscuous in her life she had only ever had sex with three men…including her husband…and never before would she have giving a second thought to screw a…a black man!!

She tried to concentrate on gripping her vaginal muscles tighter to slow him down, her final line of defence, but with her knees spread so wide she knew it wouldn’t be long. His prong jabbed persistently against her and his hot breath played on her neck. She recoiled in repulse when his slobbering tongue licked in and around her ear at the same time his hardness pushed forcefully against her unwilling opening. Still she concentrated on denying him entry as best she could.

“Ya in yet bro?” Felix asked, as he looked on impatiently.

Now that his friend had gone this far with the white woman he was determined to wet his black slug in her honey-pot too. He couldn’t wait, white pussy! Only in his wildest dreams! A cousin of his had told him about a white bitch he had fucked once in a camp by the river…she had been with another white girl both on some sort of “cultural experience”, feral types but young and pretty enough. For a week the camp men had taken turns with them both. Felix had missed out as he had been away hunting and his cousin ribbed him about it often. Now finally he was going to get himself some!

“Fucken tight man…like a fucken virgin…think her ol’man only got a small fuck-stick!” Jack grunted as he kept pushing and grinding between her thighs.

“Maybe you should put a bit of spit on her cunt…she could be jus’ a bit dry or something?” Felix suggested. “I can kneel on her arms an’ hold her legs back if ya wanna try?”

Jack poked at her a few more times and then grudgingly he agreed to Felix’s suggestion.

“Nooo…don’t…pleeese…” Cathy cried out when Felix knelt on her arms, his balls not more than an inch away from her nose. She was thankful of the small mercy that he was now clean at least after his swim…his odour barely noticeable to her sensitive sense of smell. His strong calloused hands gripped her ankles tightly and he pulled her legs back against his chest. This brought her backside up off the ground several inches and she was now unable to move a muscle.

Jack moved his head down between the woman’s thighs and without hesitation he lowered his face to her beckoning slit. He quickly darted his long tongue out and licked up and down her narrow opening. She tasted slightly musky, the way a healthy mature woman tastes and Jack enjoyed it. He prised her smooth flesh apart with his fingers enabling his tongue access to her little pink nub of flesh that was protruding slightly from its protective sheath and he licked at it greedily.

“Stop…jus’ stop it…please…I…I don’t want…want to do this…nooo,” Cathy whimpered as she felt the black man’s coarse tongue flicking rapidly at her pussy. What felt like little jolts of electricity surged through her whenever his tongue lashed across her sensitive clit, the feeling made her shudder helplessly each time.

“What’s she taste like Jack?” Felix asked inquisitively.

Jack stopped what he was doing for a moment and looked up at his friend; his face glistened with both saliva and the woman’s juices.

“Mmmm mmm…she taste like chicken man…sweet white chicken meat…not like that ol’ magpie goose meat…” he said before he went back down on her.

“Lemme have some too Jack…just a little taste…I like that chicken meat…”

Cathy groaned deeply, she still had her eyes shut tight but she felt herself being re-arranged between the two men. She felt the breeze between her legs briefly and was well aware of the scrotum rubbing against her face. Then she felt the hot breath of a mouth on her pussy again and just moments later a tongue lapped at her like a puppy dog. Opening her eyes she was able to see that Felix had now lent over her and was having a taste of some “chicken” too. She was aware of his fingers pulling her labia apart, his tongue rasped along her opening and darted in and out. His hard thick penis hovered just centimetres from her mouth and she could clearly see the veins bulging along its moderate length, his purple, helmet shaped knob oozing clear pre-cum. She hoped to God she would not be forced to take it in her mouth!

“Hey…she better than that chicken meat…sweet, man her cunt sure is sweeeet to eat!” Felix mumbled between the woman’s slender thighs.

“Tha’s enough Felix…I reckon she’s ready now…come on, outa me way man,” Jack said as he knelt close to where Felix’s head was bobbing up and down steadily between Cathy’s raised thighs all the while stroking his lengthy meat.

* But Felix continued to slurp up her juices for a few more minutes until he was sure she was ready for some cock. He noticed her pussy lips had become engorged as he worked his tongue in and out of her tight hole and he sucked on her inner lips drawing them out further and further.

Cathy felt powerless now…this older man was an expert at cunnilingus and she grudgingly acknowledged her own rising pleasure at his persistent ministrations. She had only now just realised that neither of the men were holding her legs apart anymore and she was merely resting her feet on the ground!

“Or’right then Jack…get up an’ do her would ya hey…git that big ol’ slug in ‘er cunt man…I’m itchin’ for a turn too ya know…” Felix grumbled as he finally relented and moved away from his sweet meal.

The young man could see they had done enough preparation now, her glistening pudendum was split open like a ripe fig and hurriedly he squirmed back up the woman’s body. He could see her face was flushed and she turned her head to the right; both her eyes were clamped shut again and her long auburn hair was splayed out in all directions. Felix moved back to give him some room releasing her arms as he did…she didn’t lash out this time. Jack gripped her ankles and pushed her legs back up again and he watched her now puffy slit open up even more as he spread her thighs apart even further. He could clearly see her tasty, pink clitoris standing proud of its drawn back hood. Felix had done a good job, he thought smugly to himself.

“Ahhh…not too far…please not too far…you’re hurting me…mmmph…gawd…” Cathy cried as the young man repositioned himself between her thighs again. Her hamstrings straining at the uncomfortable angle he had her legs in.

This was more fun than Jack could have imagined and he poked his cock at her again. But even when he was certain his knob was right on target he still felt her resistance. “Come on…just relax…that’s it….bit more….hmph…hmph…ah…oh yeh that’s it…” he said to her as he gradually made some progress.

Jack looked down at his cock nudging against the woman’s vagina, his fat knob partially disappearing in to her at last.

Cathy couldn’t hold off much longer, the strain was exhausting and when she felt him ease off the pressure she took the opportunity to relax momentarily before her muscles cramped up.

Releasing one of her legs Jack withdrew his knob and reached down to rub a finger along her small wet slit forcing her labia apart further. He felt her moist entrance briefly with his fore-finger then pushed it in to the first joint.

Cathy quickly tried to clamp shut again but it was too late and she felt the young man jamb his finger in all the way and he began to finger-fuck her. It was only a matter of time now she knew.

“Come on Jack…fuck her would ya…I wanna shot at her…” Felix said excitedly. He reached down and pulled her singlet up and over her head removing it completely, and then he roughly began to rub her titties, pulling on her long nipples.

Jack’s fingering had helped release more of Cathy’s lubrication and he now removed his finger completely. Gripping his cock again Jack rubbed his large round helmet back along her now very juicy slit. It didn’t matter how much Cathy tried to clamp her muscles together now.

“Umph…nooo….please….ugh…noooo….” Cathy groaned as she felt the young man’s large black knob pop past her entrance to enter her finally.

“That’s it…ah yeah…that’s it…” Jack breathed triumphantly; as he slowly slid his cock in most of the way then pulled out completely and eased himself back in again…a bit faster.

“She’s like silk…orrr…yeah…jus’ like silk…maybe better,” Jack sighed, he could feel the walls of her vagina gripping his shaft like a glove and his sensitive knob felt like a thousand little fingers were caressing it!

Jack watched lewdly as his long slug disappeared in Cathy’s cunt almost completely a couple more times before he repositioned himself on top of her. Digging the balls of his feet into the sand for better purchase and gripping her shoulders, he was able to force himself in close to the hilt!

Felix watched his friend’s backside rise and fall between the spread thighs of the white woman. He knew his friend was finally fucking her! He listened to the juicy squelching the woman’s pussy made every time Jack’s cock stroked in and out. He also listened to the woman’s guttural moans that escaped her gaping mouth with almost every thrust!

Felix manoeuvred himself around to the side of the white woman’s head and lifting it slightly he rubbed his fuck-stick over her lips of which she seemed oblivious.

“Suck it…fucken’ suck it would ya…” Felix demanded of her, but even though her mouth was open and he was able to insert his pointy knob a bit of the way she wouldn’t suck it for him.

Felix gripped the back of her head by the hair with one hand and with the other he held his cock and turkey-slapped her face hard a few times.

Cathy kept her eyes closed and tried to block out her assault but it was useless. The young man fucking her was pumping in quite hard and her body was feeling every long thrust as she lay on the firm, damp sand.

Her rapist reached behind her knees and pulled her legs up high and wide allowing him to achieve even better penetration with his every stroke. Cathy’s face smarted where old Felix had whacked her with his thick cock and again she was almost gagging on his slug as he forced it in her small mouth a second time. Reluctantly, to avoid being turkey-slapped again she began to suck the end of his cock, she could taste the man’s pre-cum as it oozed over her tongue and just the thought of what she was being forced to do made her gag several times.

After more than five minutes or so of her assault she wished they had at least pulled out the old mattress that she had seen in the back of the troopy to “do” her on such was the discomfort of the unforgiving ground. Cathy groaned repeatedly with her lips stretched around Felix’s black slug. She was now not even aware that he no longer held the back of her head and she almost mechanically moved her mouth back and forth. Occasionally she would accidently rasp her teeth along his knob when Jack’s vigorous thrusts went too deep and Felix would growl at her carelessness.

Cathy had one hand gripping the shoulder of Jack and her other hand wrapped around Felix’s cock, more to stop him from forcing himself in her mouth too far, her submission was almost complete and any fight had long been fucked out of her.

“Please…ump…arg…stop… for a minute… my…ahhh… my… ahhh… back…” Cathy pleaded again between Jack’s long powerful strokes after Felix finally removed his chafed cock from her mouth!

Jack did stop for a few moments, puffing from his exertion. Cathy looked him in the eye and detected a glimmer of what she mistook as kindness and she thanked him. There was some hope after all that she may get out of this alive she thought.

He began to fuck her again…slowly this time and she found the best way to ease the friction of the sand on her back was to meet the deep thrusts of the young black man with her own. She felt almost disgusted to think that she was made to respond in such a way, but that is what she continued to do. Cathy could clearly hear the squelching of her own juices with the young man’s effort and the musky smell of sex wafted in the air. Now with her eyes open she watched him screw her, the first man to have sex with her apart from her husband Tom in many years. Cathy rocked her hips back and forth in almost perfect unison with him and a realisation occurred to her that it was actually starting to feel good!

She felt like crying at what she was now allowing to happen…but her pleasure was rising quickly. How could she? Oh God. Tom, please forgive me, she thought. Cathy’s eyes began to roll back in her head and she gripped the shoulders of the young black man with both of her hands.

Now there was no stopping Jack, he was getting close, very close. Jack got up part way and moved his grip to Cathy’s ankles pushing her legs back even further so her knees nearly touched her shoulders. From this position he could watch as he buried his long black slug deep into the hairless slit of the white woman beneath him. It was a sight to behold and with sweat dripping from his brow onto the woman’s breasts he increased his tempo.

With his new angle of penetration Cathy felt that pleasurable jolt of electricity in her loins… his shaft now rubbed against her clitoris mercilessly. She felt ashamed that she could possibly be getting any pleasure from this man assaulting her and tried not to think about the familiar sensation rapidly building deep inside of her. Surely she was not about to orgasm, she thought guiltily. It was also fairly obvious to her that he was probably about to ejaculate soon and with a sickening curiosity now mixed with her own lust she peered down at the fit young black man between her legs.

She could clearly see his long thick shaft glistening as he withdrew his cock and then buried it repeatedly between the swollen, reddened lips of her vagina. She was unaware when Felix had removed her singlet but she was now well aware of what he was doing as his black head moved from one of her nipples to the other, roughly sucking and biting them.

“Argg…arrg…not…not…please not in me….mmm ….mmmm….argh….mmm… don’t … not in me….” Cathy pleaded when she sensed Jack getting closer to his own climax. It was not a thought she cared for…the sperm of a black man seeding her fertile womb. The thought suddenly scared her more than she could have believed!

Jack released Cathy’s ankles and moving into an almost kneeling position he gripped her under her hips and lifted her onto his cock like she was a rag-doll. Felix had moved away from sucking her titties and Cathy’s breasts swung back and forth with Jack’s effort. Felix now tried to force his cock into her mouth again as her head lolled from side to side moaning, but with little luck.

Puffing with the exertion Jack gave one final deep push and clenched his buttocks forward so the base of his cock bottomed out against the pubic bone of the white woman. He rolled his head back and bellowed in ecstasy.

Cathy could feel his fat knob pressing into her cervix and winced at the discomfort. She knew what was about to happen and her eyes locked onto his in disbelief as she felt his first great spurt of seed shoot deep into her pussy.

“Nooo… not inside me… please….take it out…” Cathy begged again almost breathlessly, trying to wriggle away but it was all to no avail.

Jack held her like that for another minute or so until well after his heavy balls emptied themselves completely in her slick passage. Both of them shone with sweat and Jack looked down at his victim, her chest was heaving, her nipples looked even larger and he could see small bite marks on the pale flesh of her breasts. The smooth hairless skin on her pubic bone looked red and blotchy, no doubt from his short thick pubic hair rubbing against it.

“Get off her now Jack…my turn man…” Felix said excitedly as he moved around next to Cathy’s legs.

Cathy was sore; her back was sore, her legs were sore, her nipples were sore too, but it was her poor little pussy that hurt the most. She couldn’t do it again, not straight away but what choice did she have?

Jack eased himself out of her cunt and looked down at his handiwork. He could now see up into the formerly tight, little, hairless pink slit. She looked stretched and reddened and he grinned when he noticed a big glob of thick white cum ooze out of her and run down the crack of her arse before dripping onto the sand.

Cathy felt filthy, she knew her ringlets of long hair would be full of sand and almost every inch of her body had a layer of grime and dust on it. She desperately wanted to wash herself. Maybe she could wash out some of the sperm too, she thought as she lowered her legs and closed them with an attempt at modesty.

Felix moved in hesitatingly, attempting to force her legs open again.

“Come on… my turn now… gotta share ya know.”

Cath watched the young Jack saunter over to the stash of beer and pull out three more cans while she tried to push the persistent older man away.

“Ya gonna let him fuck ya too? Might as well, hey? Don’t reckon it was that bad…ya never cried or nothing,” Jack said matter-of-factly as he cracked open a can and took a long swig.

“You just raped me you bastard…and I don’t want to have sex with him! I didn’t want to with you either. Just leave me alone would you Felix,” Cathy growled as he tried to push her back down onto the sand again.

“Well the choice is yours lady,” Jack said between mouthfuls of beer.

“Is it? Good, I want to wash and get out of here thank you.”

Jack laughed, “You gonna fuck me ol’ bro before or after ya wash? That’s your choice.”

Cathy knew she had little to bargain with now, hell they could even leave her here and she knew it must still be around another fifty kilometres to the next community. Maybe another vehicle would chance upon her if she ran off and hide along the road? Even though not one other car had been past them since they left Tom hours ago. Walk? She had only sandals to walk in, no hat, minimal clothing, no water bottles, she knew she couldn’t get too far if she decided to run. They could still even kill her for all she knew and probably even get away with it! Although she didn’t think that was going to happen…not if she played along.

Sitting up, Cathy reached over and grabbed her grubby singlet from the ground nearby and slipped it on over her tender breasts.

“Can I have one of those beers?” Cathy asked solemnly. “I need a rest…my back is killing me too.”

Cathy couldn’t believe it; Felix was now rubbing her back tenderly and brushing the loose sand from the smooth skin of her shoulders as she took several big gulps from the can of beer.

What she couldn’t see was that Felix was also stroking his cock with his other hand as he sat behind her. He was a gentle man by nature but he was finding it increasingly difficult to restrain himself from just pushing the white woman down and fucking her also.

“I can get the mattress out of the troopy?” Felix offered. “Make ya a bit more comfortable?”

Cathy didn’t say anything; what could she say? And she quickly drank the rest of the beer as she looked over at where her crumpled skirt and bra lay nearby, her cute little lace g-string now barely recognisable, lay discarded, stretched out of shape and torn not far away too.

“Can I have a wash…first?” she asked softly, to neither of them in particular, not too sure why she was asking permission.

Without waiting for a reply, Cathy got up on to her knees slowly and brushed off some sand that was clinging to her arms. She wanted to retrieve her skirt that lay not more than a couple of metres away and wobbling slightly, she leant over on her hands to stop from falling over and reached across. Cathy moved with some difficulty, she had not been fucked like that in years and understandably, she was still quite shaken up. Her husband had a short fuse these days and had not been able to last longer than two or three minutes at the most for a very long time, although he could certainly make up for it with his tongue occasionally for which she was always grateful.

Slowly Cathy lent further over, quite oblivious to the fact that she was presenting her backside to the watchful eye of Felix who still sat close behind her. Felix lowered his head; he was close enough that he could see her puffy red lips between her dusty thighs glistening with the combination of her own juices and that of his friends. Felix watched her intently; his eyes now focused squarely on her firm round buttocks that were still red from the friction of the sand. Each of her orbs rose and fell as she crawled on her hands and knees toward her skirt, he noticed with lewd pleasure, and his cock throbbed hard in his hand at the wonderful sight. He would have his turn soon he hoped and his seed would join that of young Jack’s.

Still looking at the woman’s buttocks, a sudden thought materialised in his alcohol-fuzzy brain, maybe she wanted him to take her…now? Yes…and maybe he should make a move before the opportunity was lost? Felix looked over at his friend for support.

Jack was lying back against the rock drinking another can, a look of content upon his youthful face, still naked his limp penis hung slack between his legs spent. He didn’t appear at all concerned for what he had just done to the distraught white woman who was now on her hands and knees crawling toward her clothes. Jack could see the intent in his older friend’s eyes and he nodded encouragement and smiled approvingly, his perfect white teeth contrasting against his thick black lips. He was looking forward to watching this.

Cathy had just reached her skirt and was drawing it toward her when she felt herself suddenly grabbed around her hips from behind. She instantly realised what was happening and tried to scurry forward to escape but quickly lost momentum, the strong hands gripping her held her fast.

“Come ‘ere…ya little tease,” Felix growled confidently, “my turn ta plant some seed!” his grip on Cathy’s hips increasing as he moved in behind her.

Cathy was more shocked than she had imagined. Just when she thought it was over, too! Dropping her skirt she grabbed a handful of sand and threw it blindly over her shoulder.

Whack! “Ouch!!!” instantly Cathy felt her left buttock sting. Whack…again and again the smacks on her arse rained down. “Stop it…okay…please…arrrh…nooo,” she cried.

“No more sand…ya hear me…or I’ll give you proper good belting!” Felix snarled. Now in his slightly intoxicated state the normally peaceful man wasn’t going to put up with that sort of rot from any woman…black or white!

“Okay…okay…sorry,” Cathy sobbed, her butt stinging smartly.

Felix felt the power now, he felt in control. Yep, treat ’em mean keep ’em keen, he thought to himself. Now he had his chance and his balls ached with anticipation.

“Don’t do this to me Felix…please…I don’t want to do it like this,” Cathy pleaded, as she felt the man shuffle up closer.

Only moments before Cathy had really hoped that the older man was not going to force her to have sex with him and she was going to be okay. He had seemed to be gentler than the younger man, she’d thought. She guessed it was the alcohol; now she was really frightened.

Horrified, Cathy was frozen to the spot and she screwed her face up when Felix pulled her hips up and pushed her chest onto ground forcefully. It was obvious to her what he intended on doing.

Felix grabbed a handful of the woman’s flesh and prised her buttocks apart. He certainly wasn’t gentle now, his lust was overpowering any vestige of rationality he may have had. He looked down at her recently fucked sex, her slit more a gash now with slick, protruding fat lips.

“Ya look all ready…I’m not as big as the young fella…hope he hasn’t ruined ya too much,” Felix said as he rubbed his thick erection against her.

“Gonna have ta let go of yer arse for a second so’s I can line me ol’fella up…now don’t git any ideas…jus’ stay still or I’ll give ya another good smack!”

Cathy didn’t say a word; she just kept her eyes firmly shut with her forehead resting on her fore-arms, tears welling up. She just hoped he was quick.

Felix held his cock with one hand and lined himself up. Pushing forward slightly he rubbed his cock-head along her hot juicy flesh opening her up enough so he was able to slide his cockhead in far enough that he could let go of his shaft and return his grip on her buttocks.

“She is like silk…orrr yeah, man…jus’ like silk,” Felix said to his friend as he pushed himself in completely then withdrew and quickly thrust in again.

“Can you…can you… just make it quick… please… mmm… argh…gawd,” Cathy moaned, she was actually surprised by his girth and felt herself being stretched.

Felix didn’t muck around now. It had been several weeks since he had last had a fuck. That and the sight of his black prong disappearing repeatedly in the hairless cunt of the white woman were exciting him further. He tried to last longer but within less than a minute he felt his climax fast approaching.

“Ya like me black cock in ya cunt…hmmf….hmmf…hey? Tell me…hmmf…hmmf,” Felix said somewhat cruelly, banging himself against her buttocks hard.

Cathy said nothing. She felt like crying, really crying as she was fucked harder and faster. Between the grunts of Felix she could hear their flesh slapping together and the sloppy noise her pussy was making. His balls swung back and forth only to bang against her clitoris repeatedly and Cathy did her best not to focus on the ridiculously pleasurable feeling it was giving her.

Whack! Whack! “Tell me…hmmf…hmmf…I wanna hear it!”

“Aaarh…aaarh!!” Cathy cried out painfully as she felt her already sore bottom smacked again. “I love it…okay!” she sobbed.

“What?” Felix demanded. Whack! Whack! “Say it!” he was only seconds away from ejaculating now and he was merciless.

“Orright…orright,” Cathy capitulated, “I love…I love it…black cock, your black cock…argh…argh…in my…my cunt!” she almost screamed, “ugh…just fucking cum would you…arrrh,” Cathy swore out loudly, which was something she rarely did! Something was building up inside of her too; she knew what it was and what was causing it. Her super-sensitive clitoris was on sensory overload, the bastard fucking her was going to make her come!!!

Felix prised the woman’s cheeks apart again and dribbled some spittle onto her already sopping crack. He momentarily stopped fucking her and rubbed her anus with his thick middle digit. With a bit of effort he inserted his finger deep into her arsehole and started fucking her again.

“Oooh….gawd….ooooh…..gawd….nooo….” Cathy moaned loudly, it was all too much for her; the finger in her arse had put her over the edge!

Felix clenched his black buttocks together just as his orgasm began. He pushed in all the way and held himself there. That was when he noticed the white woman pushing her backside back and forth against his cock! She was fucking him…the pretty little white woman was fucking him back like a cock-hungry slut!

Cathy was barely aware of her own actions as she pushed herself back again and again onto Felix’s thick cock! Her orgasm was intense, both clitoral and vaginal. She reached beneath herself and frantically rubbed her hardened nub of flesh as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

Felix cried out too as he shot his own big load into her at almost the same time she came. Still she rocked back against him and he could feel her vaginal walls repeatedly contracting around his thick slug.

“Ya liked that…hey…ya liked that didn’t you? I can still feel your cunt milking me cock,” Felix chuckled, “say it…” and he smacked her arse again!

“Hmmf…yes…” Cathy said softly. She grimaced when he smacked her arse again, “mmm…yesss…” his smacks had only intensified her orgasm, something Cathy had never before experienced.

Felix could also feel her strong contractions with his finger that was still planted deeply in her anus and he looked up to his friend and smiled at his accomplishment.

As her orgasm subsided Cathy felt disgusted with her body’s reaction. She was not all that surprised though…she often came when fucked doggy-style by her husband. What did of course did surprise her was the intensity of her orgasm and as she lay there hiding her face with embarrassment while Felix’s cock softened in her she wondered if part of her enjoyment had indeed been the brutal fucking the black men had just given her.

In the afterglow of her orgasm she felt a pang of guilt when she thought of her husband. But she remained motionless, savouring the moment, her reddened backside still pointing in the air as Felix’s cock slipped from her messy, used pussy.

“Are we staying here the night?” she asked sheepishly.

Maybe she really did love black cock!

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