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My First Hrs. At The Awakening

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It started with a telephone call, a couple of weeks ago, one of my former girlfriends called Christine, inviting me to her birthday party. I had nothing else planned for the evening, and accepted the invitation.

When I walked into the venue, an upstairs room at a local pub, Christine was leaning on the bar, ordering drinks. She was wearing a very short, mini skirt, her long shapely legs were parted, and her J. Lo like arse, was pushed back, Christine, was on the pull.

I moved behind her and rubbed my groin against her firm round arse. Christine didn’t flinch when I cradled her large breasts in my hands and gently squeezed them. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her hard nipples were straining against her thin silk blouse. “Hello Craig.” she said, without looking round. “Still can’t resist a quick feel of my tits and you got to look at yourself in the mirror how good that was, can I get you a drink?”

I replied that as it was her birthday, I would pay for the drinks. Christine turned round gave me a hug, and kissed my cheek. “It’s going to cost you, I’m buying a round for that lot; I think you’ll know most of them?” Christine pointed, to five of my former girlfriends, standing around a tall table, full of empty glasses.

“Oh fuck, how many are here?” I enquired.

“Six counting me, all your conquests over the last couple of years, I think?” Christine laughed and waved to the girls. As one, my former girlfriends smiled, and pointed to their empty glasses.

I paid for the drinks and picked up the tray, Christine guided me through the crowded room to join my ex girlfriends. I asked Christine; “This is supposed to be your birthday bash, not mine, whose idea was this?”

The girls began to chide me. “He’s not pleased to see us.” Said Pat a small redhead, with small pointy tits.

“I can’t imagine why.” Gillian, a posh willowy blonde, who’d turn up at the opening of a fag packet replied.

“He’s terrified we’ve been taking about him.” Andrea a big busted brunette, who could fuck for Great Britain, chimed in.

“He’s so vain he knows that we’ve been talking about him.” Christine with the long legs, big tits and J. Lo arse replied.

All of them started to point at me, and sing. “You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you.” The singing stopped when they all burst into fits of laughter. Taking turns, they all gave me an affectionate hug, and a kiss, and told me they were sorry. They just couldn’t resist the opportunity to embarrass me.

The whole pub, many of them my mates, were cheering and clapping the girl’s impromptu performance. “You can’t all want a shag, so what’s brought you lot together?”

“We do have something in common besides you.” Replied Lola, the ex-girlfriend I’d dumped, about two months ago.

“And that is?”

“The Awakening, you really ought to go, it would be good for you.” Lola replied.

The girls all chattered away telling me about, The Awakening, how fantastic it was, in reality they told me nothing. Only that it took place from Friday to Sunday, it was great fun, and they’d all enjoyed it; “But exactly what is it, and what did you do for three days?”

None of them would tell me anything only that I had to go and find out for myself. Later in the evening Christine led me to an empty room in the pub. She gave me a card, with a telephone number on it, and told me reserve a place at the next Session.

I put the card in my pocket, and went back to the bar a little disappointed. I thought I had been taken to the room, to give Christine one. I walked back to the bar and ordered a drink, still a bit pissed off. I hadn’t got to shag Christine.

Just when I was thinking the whole evening, was a total washout, a very pretty, tiny Asian girl came to join me at the bar. “You’re Craig aren’t you, I’m Aisha, and I quite fancy you.”

“Well that’s a great start, because I really fancy you.” I looked her up and down.

“Happy, like what you see, have you seen enough?” Aisha enquired, smiling sweetly, and holding her arms out so I could check her out.

“Yes, Yes and No, in that order” I replied. “Yes I’m happy, yes I like what I see, and no I haven’t seen enough, not nearly enough.”

“You put it about a bit don’t you, have you fucked them all?” Aisha was nodding her head, at my ex’s standing together at the other end of the bar.

“Yes but not recently why; Do you fancy a fuck? They won’t mind.

“I admit, I was thinking about it, but I haven’t quite made up my mind.” Aisha smiled broadly.

“If I told you, that I’m pretty good in the sack would that swing it?”

Aisha, who hadn’t taken her eyes from mine, laughed and was first to break eye contact. She stopped laughing; resumed eye contact, and announced; “Ok you’ve got the gig; your place is nice I hear. My dad and brothers would kill me, if I took a white guy home.”

Aisha took hold of my hand, and almost dragged me to the exit. I saw her furtively nod and smile, in the direction of my ex girlfriends. When we entered the car park, Aisha walked straight to my Audi A4 and waited for me to open the door. She knew it was my car. I couldn’t work out how she knew.

I climbed behind the wheel and started the car. As soon as I started to drive, Aisha undid the zip on my jeans reached in and prized my semi stiff cock free; “Not bad, not bad at all.”

She popped it into her mouth and easing my foreskin back, circled the head of my cock with her fluttering tongue. My cock grew harder and longer in her mouth, Aisha was no stranger to sucking cock’s; “Are we going far?” She enquired, before plunging my cock back into her expert mouth.

“Round the world, suit you?”

“Oh yes please, I’d like that very much.” Aisha giggled, before she resumed sucking my cock with gusto.

I announced our arrival at my place, to the back of Aisha’s bobbing head, as I parked the Audi in the underground car park of the block of flats that I lived in; “Oh that’s a shame I thought you’d come in my mouth, before we arrived.” Aisha roughly stuffed my stiff wet cock, back into my jeans.

We walked hand in hand, and entered the basement lift. The second I pressed the button, to take the lift to my penthouse apartment. Aisha pushed me against the rear wall, took out my cock and popped it back into her delicious mouth. “You do know, that there’s a surveillance camera in this lift?” I enquired, groaning as she toyed with the head of my cock. Her capable tongue flitted over it and scooped up the pre cum, oozing out.

“Yes I checked if your security man is watching I bet he’s jerking off. If not, he’ll do it later, when he reviews the tapes. They all do that, you know?”

“Yes” I managed to gasp, my cock stated to throb and my balls twitched, I was going to come any second.

Aisha looked up; “You are going to come in my mouth, aren’t you? I’d be so disappointed, if you didn’t, so would the security man.”

Aisha turned sideways, raised her head to the camera as she thrust my jerking cock back into her mouth. She waved to the camera, and pointed to my cock. My body jerked as my first jet of come spurted into her delicious mouth. Aisha plucked my cock from her mouth, and pumped it furiously in her tiny hand, aiming it straight at her face. Several more jets of semen shot from my cock and coated her pretty face; “Yes, Yes, Yes.” Aisha cried out triumphantly, she raised her come spattered face to the camera shouting; “I hope you were watching, Mr. Security man.”

Aisha was laughing at the camera as she wiped the come from her face with her fingers, and popped them into her mouth. “God that was fun, did you enjoy it?” she asked, grinning up at me.

“Ye, but I’m trying to figure out, if that was for your benefit, mine, or the security man’s?” Aisha was quite the exhibitionist.

“What does it matter, everybody wins? You came in my mouth and I loved it. Thank you. The security man probably got his rocks off too.”

The lift stopped, I placed my card in the slot to open the doors into the reception area of my apartment. The first thing Aisha saw, when the doors opened, was my gleaming yellow Harley Davidson, leaning on its stand. She ran out, and jumped astride it, shouting out “Christ almighty. Sorry, you’re not a Christian are you? You have a Harley parked in your lounge, how flash is that. Will you fuck me on it?”

Aisha was bouncing her arse up and down on the huge leather saddle. I picked up a remote control from the telephone table. “Open the curtains, switch the Sterio on and turn the lighting down, its too bright.”

Aisha made revving sounds, and bounced her pert little arse on the saddle of my bike. Her mini dress rode up to her hips to reveal her naked cunt, and its smooth wet outer lips.

What the hell was going on here; Aisha had known what car I drove, and new about the remote, that controlled almost everything in my flat. I also remembered she had nodded, at my ex girlfriends, as we left the pub. If this was a set up, it had been an enjoyable one thus far. I resolved to let things ride, and see where this went.

I asked Aisha if she wanted a drink, she nodded, and asked what I had. I pressed a button on the remote, the bookcase slid back, to reveal the fully stocked bar. Aisha clapped her hands with glee, jumped from the Harley and ran over to the bar asking; “Are you a fucking Millionaire? You must be you own an Audi, the Harley and this bachelor pad. Does that thing, do anything else?” She pointed to the remote in my hand.

“Well the showers running, what temperature would you like the water?”

“Which one’s the bathroom?” Aisha asked excitedly.

I pointed out the door to the bathroom Aisha grabbed the hem of her mini dress, tugged it over her head, and threw it on the floor. Once she had kicked off her shoes, Aisha was stark naked, and ran into the bathroom, shrieking in delight. She emerged seconds, later dripping wet, and stood in a pool of water that was dripping from her naked body; “The water just cascades out of the wall, its like a waterfall, are you coming?” Aisha asked, before she ran back into the bathroom.

I took a minute I could hear Aisha splashing about under the hot water. She was of India or Pakistan origin and extremely pretty, she had a dusky skin, thick short dark hair, and large dark brown eyes. Early twenties I thought, but she was so petite, it was difficult to estimate her age accurately.

Aisha was no more than 5-00 tall, very slender, with very small firm tits, her tiny nipples were set in equally small dark aureoles, her cunt was smooth and totally bald. Everything about her was tiny, but perfectly proportioned she was a beautiful woman in miniature.

My cock began to rise, as I thought about her tiny body. I undressed quickly dropping my clothes on the floor and went to join Aisha, frolicking under the shower; “Let me wash you, you’ll enjoy it I promise.” Aisha said she pulled me under the water by tugging on my stiff cock.

Aisha soaped, every inch of our bodies then she grabbed me around the neck and pulled my mouth down onto hers. Her tongue was like a little snake, as it darted expertly around my mouth. Aisha slid her soapy body against mine, grinding her tiny tits into my chest, then my groin. Then she slid up and down my torso and back. When she slid down my leg, she parted her thighs and gripped mine,sliding her slippery gaping cunt slowly up and down my legs.

While Aisha pleasured herself on my leg, she was massaging the head and shaft of my soapy cock, in her tiny hand. Her other hand, slid between my buttocks, she plunged a finger into my arse and probed it. Aisha knew exactly, what she was doing to me. I thought my head was going to explode, when her finger located and started to gently massage my prostrate gland. My legs almost buckled, and my hips jerked forward involuntarily.

My whole body started to shake and I groaned loudly. The feelings ripping through me were new and exquisite, Aisha, withdrew her finger from my ass seconds before I came. I was gasping for air when she pulled my head down and kissed me. She was looking up at me excitedly; “None of your ex-girlfriends ever did that to you, did they?”

I couldn’t speak I just shook my head, looking down at Aisha’s tiny soapy body. I could see her breathing become ever more rapid, as her own orgasm built. When the dam finally broke, she slithered rapidly up and down my thigh pressing her gaping cunt harder onto it. She pushed me back under the hot water, gripped my stiff cock in her tiny hand and pumped it furiously. Finally she screamed; “I’m coming, oh my god, isn’t this is wonderful.”

When Aisha’s orgasm arrived, her body started to tremble, her knees gave way and she slid down my leg, almost to the floor. She let loose her grip on my cock, grabbed me tightly around my waist for support, until the tremors in her cunt subsided. When they had, she kissed me fiercely and asked; “When you’ve dried me off, will you fuck me on the Harley? That would be really be something.”

I stepped from the shower, turned the water off and wrapped Aisha in a bath sheet, the soft white sheet look huge, and enveloped her delicate dusky frame. First I dried her thick black hair, face and shoulders. Then I started to vigorously rub the towel over her tiny tits and hard nipples. Aisha closed her eyes, sucked in air and groaned she loved it.

I dried her flat stomach and slender hips, Aisha squirmed like a slippery eel, trying to manoeuvre her tiny cunt under the towel. I saw her stomach muscles tense each time the towel neared her pulsing cunt. I teased her by stopping just when she thought I was going to rub it.

I moved around to Aisha’s back rubbing hard before I descended to her firm round arse. I was careful to avoid any contact, with the purple wrinkled rose of her firm little arse. Aisha’s scream of frustration echoed through the bathroom; “You’re a total bastard Craig, you’re teasing me. You know that I’m desperate for you to dry my cunt and arse, and you’re not. Rub it hard, and do it now.” She demanded

I stepped behind Aisha, and she pressed her firm little ass, onto my rampant cock as I started to rub her cunt with the towel. She parted her legs allowing access to her open slit and little pink clit, my stiff cock sprang up between her legs. Reaching back, Aisha grabbed the bulbous head of my cock, and rubbed it against the tiny rose of her arse, wriggling and pushing her arse back onto my cock as she stimulated its dark rose.

I rubbed the towel between the lips of Aisha’s gaping cunt and over her stiff little pink clit. Her body immediately stiffened, her head rolled from side to side, she started to tremble and groan throatily.

Aisha stopped rubbing the head of my cock over her arse instead she pressed it against the entrance. I could feel the tiny rose of her lovely little arse twitching,inviting my cock to enter it. Aisha’s slender legs began to tremble as her orgasm swept through her. Quickly I thrust the bulbous head of my cock, into her tight arsehole.

Aisha screamed in pain, and her body twitched and shook when she first felt the pleasure and pain combination that resulted from having the large head of my cock jammed into her tight little arse.

I dropped the towel and began to stimulate her wet slit and hard clitoris vigorously with my fingers, strumming it like I would a guitar. Aisha came in seconds her warm fluids spurted from her cunt onto my already slippery fingers.

She crossed her legs, and clenched her buttocks her tiny arse-hole gripped the head of my cock even tighter. The pressure her arse exerted on my cock was extreme, and quite painful. Aisha moaned and thrashed about, her arse still impaled on the head of my cock, she clenched her bottom lip between her white teeth. Her body trembled for almost half a minute, as she fought to prolong her orgasm. I was never more pleased, when she released her grip on my aching cock, and finally allowed it to pop out of her tight arse.

Aisha was ecstatic she leapt upon me, throwing her arms around my neck, and locking her legs tightly around my waist and kissing me repeatedly as she thanked me; “I just kept coming and coming, I couldn’t stop. It was like having hundreds of little electric shocks shooting through me. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.”

She leaned her upper body back, looked into my eyes and announced “And you didn’t come in my arse, I was certain you would and I wanted you to, so bad. Now will you fuck me on the Harley?”

I picked up a dry bath sheet, and wrapped it around Aisha’s tiny frame tightly. I picked her up in my arms, realising that she weighed nothing. I carried her into the lounge, and put her down on her feet, telling her, I’d have to put the bike on the stand, or it would fall over as soon as we started fucking.

When I put the Harley on its stand, Aisha leapt onto it, squealing dementedly. First she sat side saddle and opened her legs fingering her tiny wet cunt. Then she laid out full length, with her tits crushed onto the petrol tank. Her dusky body contrasting as it did with the bright yellow and chrome of the Harley, gave me an idea: “Would you like me to take some photographs of you on the bike?”

Aisha frowned, and shook her head, but after a few seconds thought, she told me; “I wanted you to fuck me, not photograph me on it, what will you do with the photographs?”

“I’d get one blown up life-size, frame it and put it on that wall. You can look at the shots, and if you don’t like them, delete them.”

“I’m already on video sucking your cock in the lift. So let’s go for it, get your camera.” Aisha was smiling as she adopted her first demure pose.

I am a keen amateur photographer and always have my camera handy I grabbed it and pointed it at Aisha’s naked tiny frame, the huge Yellow Harley, dwarfed her, and made her look vulnerable. Aisha didn’t need instructions, as she posed in a variety of positions. Some were very erotic, and others pornographic, she was clearly enjoying herself.

Aisha was a exhibitionist, and the camera loved her, I walked around the bike, my camera clicking and flashing. She draped herself on the tank of Harley back on the tank, with her legs dangling down either side of the bike I walked around her taking photographs from every angle. I could see her small breasts were heaving, her nipples were hard and her cunt juices were leaking onto the shiny leather saddle.

I put the camera down and straddled the bike, lifted Aisha’s legs onto my shoulders and slid my throbbing cock deep inside her soppy tight cunt. Aisha raised her head and smiled at me as I looked down at her fragile slender body and small tits: “Your cock is a really tight fit my cunt feels so full, it’s tingling like mad. Rub my clit and nipples like you did in the shower, I loved that, I’ll come in seconds.”

Slowly I pressed my cock deeper into Aisha very tight little cunt then slid it out feeling her cunt gripping it, fighting to keep it inside her. I saw the shaft then the head of my cock beginning to slowly emerge from the gaping and glistening lips of her tight little cunt. I reached down and wet my thumb with her juices and slowly, I rolled her clit under my thumb. I did the same thing to her tiny tits and small hard nipples. “Do that faster and harder? I’m going to come.”

I could see the muscles in Aisha’s lower abdomen tighten and ripple, then she groaned, and threw her head from side to side as her orgasm ripped through her. Aisha held her breath, she was desperately trying to hold back the orgasm reverberating deep inside her cunt. I could feel the throbbing begin, the inner walls of her cunt gripped my cock as it slid slowly in out.

Her tight cunt pushed me over the edge, my balls shot up into my body, and my semen jetted into her. I thrust my throbbing cock deep into her cunt and coated her insides with my sticky warm come. Aisha arched her back and screamed loudly when she felt my semen gushing into her.

Her hand reached down, she took hold of mine and applied more pressure to her throbbing clit. Aisha was panting hard, wriggling her body and arse moving my cock around her cunt. She raised her knees, allowing my fingers access to the entrance to her arse, wet with her cunt juices.

As soon as I slid my finger into her tight little arse Aisha started to come again even more violently, her tiny body shook as if she was having a fit; “You said you’d take me around the world, and you have, twice. It was wonderful both times. I’ve never come so hard or so often.” She screamed out still wriggling her arse and groaning.

Aisha flopped back onto the Harley huffing and puffing like an old steam train. She placed her arms behind her head to support it, smiling up at me. I stared down at her small dusky frame, her chest and small breast were heaving as she sucked in air. “I feel like a bloody paedophile, you’re so tiny, but you’re bloody gorgeous. I just hope the Police aren’t going burst in tomorrow, and cart me off because you’re only thirteen?”

“I’m twenty three.” Aisha retorted; “Fucking me is perfectly legal, also it was excellent. I don’t think my brothers would share my views, they’d kill us both if they ever found out what we’ve just done.” Aisha was still smiling at me and rubbing her tiny fingers vigorously in the gaping wet slit of her tiny cunt.

“Are you serious?” I asked frowning.

“Oh yes deadly, my family are old school Muslims. They pray seven times a day and all that. They’d take a very dim view of me fucking a white boy family honour is everything to them.”

“I don’t know anything about the Muslim faith you say your brothers would kill us if they knew I’d fucked you?” I shook my head in disbelief and couldn’t believe what she was telling me.

“You’ve dishonoured me, and the family name.” Aisha smiled and shrugged her small shoulders.

Was she kidding, I couldn’t figure her out; “But you’re not a virgin? At least I didn’t get that impression.”

“Oh fuck no, your not the first, and won’t be the last, I hope. But you certainly were the best so far. To change the subject, are you going to come to the Awakening I’ll be working there, it starts next Friday?”

“So that’s the connection between you and my ex-girlfriends. Do you fuck everyone you try to recruit?” I laughed.

“I haven’t fucked any of your girlfriends, I just talked to them, and they all came. I can be very persuasive.” Aisha sprang from the bike grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. As we showered together I lifted her up easily, and slid her down onto my cock. Aisha put her arms around my neck, her feet on the wall and bounced up and down on my cock under the torrent of hot water. “You just stand still and let me fuck myself I’ve never done it before, its hard work but it’s delicious. Your cock feels gigantic.”

As Aisha slid up and down on my cock, I slipped a couple of my soapy fingers into her arse, she screamed in delight. I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her gripping cunt. Aisha was obviously enjoying having both of her orifices penetrated simultaneously. She was wriggling her arse on my fingers and bouncing on my cock, she shouted into my ear; “I’m coming again. One day, soon I hope. I’m going to find out what it’s like to have your huge cock buried in my arse then feel you come into it.”

As we dried each other, I asked if Aisha had ever been fucked in her arse. She told me that having the head of my cock in her arse was as close as she’d ever come. It had been painful but she’d expected that; “My arse isn’t like my cunt, it wasn’t designed to accommodate a big cock like yours,

Aisha told me that she couldn’t stay the night and she had to return home. I offered to drive her but she refused, telling me she still lived with her parents. When she was getting dressed she removed a pair of panties and tights from her handbag, and put them on remarking; “Good Muslim girls don’t go out without underwear.”

Then she laughed, and admitted her family weren’t devout Muslim’s, and her two brothers weren’t going to kill us. They were both in the pub with her, when she picked me up. I called her a taxi and while we were waiting Aisha took a form from her handbag. “Fill it in and send it, to the address on the bottom it starts next Friday.

Aisha’s taxi arrived and I walked her to it, she gave me a long kiss, smiled and whispered; “Getting shagged on the Harley was simply wonderful, call me when you get the picture framed, I’ll come and unveil it. See you on Friday I hope?”

As the taxi drove off Aisha waved and blew me a kiss mouthing, Friday to me through the window. I returned to my flat read the form she’d left. I Googled, the Awakening and looked at their web site but was still none the wiser. What the hell, I had nothing to lose, I filled in the form wrote out a cheque and placed them in an envelope to post.

I didn’t get much sleep because I couldn’t get Aisha’s tiny dusky body out of my mind. She might be 23 years old but her body looked like that of a girl much younger, she captivated me. I posted off the application and received a reply three days later, enclosed was a letter and an extremely long questionnaire.

The letter gave details of the venue and informed me, if I contacted the hotel direct I could reserve a single room for a £20 supplement. I didn’t fancy sharing a room with a stranger, so I phoned the hotel and reserved a double room, for single occupancy. I also downloaded the photographs from my camera and printed the best shots, and put them in my overnight bag so I wouldn’t forget them.

Friday arrived quickly I got up, showered, dressed in my leathers, packed my overnight bag and strapped it into the back of the Harley.I didn’t want my arrival to go unnoticed. The Awakening was scheduled to begin at 1-00p.m. I arrived at noon. I parked the gleaming yellow Harley right outside the front door of the hotel, strode into reception and booked in. The pretty curvy blonde behind the reception desk looked over the form I’d filled out and gave me a very cheeky smile; “Nice bike, do they do them in bright colours?”

“I like things understated, Janet” I replied, staring at the name tag pinned on her crisp white blouse, also at her large breasts. When I finally looked up I smiled.

“I’d love a ride, can I phone you sometime?” Janet’s double entendre was no accident.

“Call me you have my number, I’ll come and pick you up, would you like to come on my bike?” I replied, giving as much as I got.

Janet giggled and blushed; “Only if you have a large helmet.” She was obviously enjoying the direction our conversation had taken.

“Call me, you can find out if my helmet fits snugly enough for you. I’m here for a couple of nights.” I picked up my keys and turned to go to my room.

“You’re in Room 211 on the second floor it’s a deluxe double, end room on the left, next to the fire escape.” Janet called to me.

“Excellent, then you know where to find me, if any things get a little hot?” I replied before I walked to the lift.

The rooms was nicer than I expected, it had recently been refurbished and contained two queen size beds, Janet had looked after me. I threw my bag on the bed and took the lift down to the bar, it was full and very noisy. People were standing in small groups, when someone new joined the group they all hugged and chatted excitedly.

I looked around, but here was no sign of Aisha. I saw a guy standing alone at the bar alone and walked over to join him, extending my hand I told him; “Hi I’m Craig, your obviously not part of the in crowd, are you here to attend the Awakening?”

Mike, he said his name was, shook my hand and smiled; “What’s your first impression?” he asked.

I told him I didn’t make snap judgements, I preferred to wait and see. I pointed out a group of burley looking guys standing near the entrance to the bar, all drinking beer; “They look a little out of place.”

Mike told me they were Rugby players, who had travelled up from North Wales, for a match tomorrow adding; “By the looks of them, they were drinking all the way here.”

Just then, Aisha entered the bar she was wearing a beautiful purple Sari, and looked fantastic. A small stocky rugby player grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into the middle of the group, they all cheered. Aisha smiled, exchanged a few words with the stocky man before attempting to leave. The hand around her waist slid up and attempted to grab her breast.

Aisha tried to escape the man’s grip, but he was much too strong, she did grab his hand, and prevented him from touching her breast. When he started to nuzzle Aisha’s neck, she wriggled trying to free herself. She looked panicky, as lewd personal comments were made, by several of the players surrounding her.

I asked Mike to excuse me for a minute, and pushed my way into the middle of the group. “Hello Aisha, are you alright.” I asked.

The rugby player trying to grope her, glared at me angrily; “Fuck off, she’s mine, I found her first.” His voice was slurred, his stare and body language, threatening.

Aisha told the man to let her go, he was hurting her, but he took no notice; “You heard the lady you’re hurting her, let her go.” I told him.

The rugby player raised his fist and told me I should fuck off. I grabbed his fist, and quickly bent his wrist back, he released Aisha immediately and dropped to his knees, face contorted in pain. I released his wrist, and went to guide Aisha to safety.

Before I could do so, a huge man stepped forward to block our path, he told me I had hurt his brother. The man dropped his glass of beer onto the floor, and threw a wild punch aimed at my jaw. I easily sidestepped the punch, grabbed his wrist and forearm, and used his own momentum, to send him somersaulting into the group of rugby players.

The man cried out in agony, and clutched his shoulder, which I knew was dislocated I had felt it pop out of the joint. I hadn’t meant to injure him it was a consequence, of his bulk and size. A small elderly man stepped forward, telling me; “You’ve just injured two of my best players, I’m going to call the Police and have you charged with assault.”

Mike appeared at my side, as if by magic. “I am an off duty police officer, he announced. This gentleman defended the young lady, and himself, from two unprovoked attacks which I witnessed.” He added. “If you call the police, I will ensure these two, are arrested for assault and indecent assault.”

The small elderly man thought about the situation before replying; “We don’t want the police involved. I think my team should leave the bar and go to our rooms.”

Mike told the elderly man that he’d made a very wise decision, turning to me he said; “I think you and the young lady could use a drink?”

I placed my arm around Aisha’s waist, and gave her a reassuring squeeze, as we walked towards the bar. People started clapping and patting my shoulder as I walked past. Aisha gave me a beautiful smile, and a kiss on my cheek; “Thank you, you were wonderful.”

Mike ordered our drinks and asked if I had used Karate to disable the two rugby players. I confirmed that I had, but I was a little disappointed, I hadn’t intended to dislocate the shoulder of the larger man.

We chatted at the bar for another twenty minutes, before Aisha told us she had to go, and prepare to book everyone in to the session. At 1-0p.m. exactly, the double doors, leading to a conference room opened, and a balding man in his forties stepped into the bar. He asked everyone to form a queue in front of the table which displayed the first letter of our surname.

As people filed into the room I hung back at the bar, Janet entered and walked straight over to me; “Your full of surprises aren’t you? You wear tight leathers, ride a bright yellow Harley, and beat up two of out guests, putting one of them in hospital. What will you do for an encore?”

“Room 211 second floor near the fire escape, should your curiosity get the better of you.” I gave Janet a quick kiss on her cheek, adding; “Your legs and arse are fantastic, and that skirt really shows them off.”

Janet looked coyly down, as I walked into the conference room. I recalled my school days when all the pupils stood in long lines at registration. The balding man, who called us into the room, suddenly appeared at my side, he introduced himself his name was Alexander and was taking this session; “I abhor violence and unlike many of my staff, don’t approve what you did in the bar. It was totally unnecessary.”

Alexander spoke as if he was reprimanding a child, his tone was superior and manner condescending; I took an instant dislike to him; “What would you have done differently?” I enquired my voice, toneless, in an attempt to convey my total disinterest.

Alexander visibly bristled; “I would have talked to the man and reasoned with him.”

“I’d be fascinated to hear what you would have said, to the drunken prop, after his punch landed and broke your nose?”

Alexander looked at me in disgust then turned and walked away, making it abundantly clear, he didn’t like me. This was going to be a very interesting few days I thought. I stepped to the front, I hadn’t even noticed that Aisha had changed tables. When I first joined the queue, I saw she was sitting two tables down.

A middle aged woman seated alongside Aisha, asked my name and placed a tick against it on her sheet. She asked, if I was stopping in the hotel or travelling daily. “Room 211” I replied for Aisha’s benefit.

“Next.” was the woman’s curt response.

I shuffled across, to stand in front of Aisha, she smiled up at me and handed me my name badge, telling me to wear it at all times. Then she pushed a large envelope with my name on it over the table, whispering; “What did Alexander say to you?”

Basically he told me, I was a violent thug and he didn’t like me, apart from that, we got on rather well. Aisha glanced around nervously. Then she told me Alexander, was angry, when he heard what happened in the bar. He had told her, that she was dressed provocatively, and shouldn’t wear her Sari again. “This is the first time I’ve been a facilitator, and I’ve got one black mark already.” She looked very disappointed as she told me to take a seat.

I saw Mike, sitting alone on the back row and went to sit alongside him. I told him about my conversation with Alexander, but before he could reply loud music filled the room. Alexander stepped out through a curtain at the front. He raised his hand, and the music instantly stopped. “Good Afternoon” he said cupping his hand to his ear, waiting for a reply.

A few of his 100 strong audience replied, the majority stayed silent. Alexander told us the one of the first rules we had to learn, was when someone spoke to you, you replied “We’ll start again” He said before he walked behind the curtain. The music started to play again Alexander stepped back into the room and raised his hand, the music stopped; “Good Afternoon” his voice boomed.

“Good Afternoon” everyone responded.

Alexander introduced himself, then all of his assistants, referring to them as facilitators. He explained the facilitators were there to ensure, we got the most out of the weekend. He also informed us, there were three golden rules that we must obey. Participants were not permitted to smoke, drink alcohol or indulge in any form of sexual activity at any time before the weekend ended at 4-00p.m. on Sunday. If anyone felt unable to abide by these rules, they were free to leave; “Any questions.” he asked.

A young woman asked why it was necessary, to impose such rules. Alexander told her the rules were arbitrary, and totally unnecessary, but they were the rules. If she, or anyone else, felt unable to abide by them, then they should leave. I seriously considered leaving, but remained in my seat, deciding that I’d come so far, I should stay and find out, what would happen next.

Alexander walked up the aisle in middle of the room, he stopped and pointed to me; “Craig isn’t it? Go to the lectern, introduce yourself to everyone, and tell us a little about yourself.

I walked to the front of the room, told everyone my name and my potted history. When I stopped speaking, Alexander was standing alongside me. “You told everyone, that you study Marshall Arts. Do you regard yourself as a violent man?”

I replied; “No.”

“You were involved in a fight in the bar before the session commenced, but you do not regard your actions as violent?”

I realised he was trying to provoke a response, and gave the same one word reply; “No.”

“Then would you like to explain what occurred?” he enquired.

“No, I don’t feel the need. Many of the people in this room witnessed the incident. For better or worse, they will have already formed an opinion and I am happy for them to do so.”

“You are aware of my views?” replied Alexander.

I told him, that he had made his views on the incident, and me very plain.A number of people in the audience started to clap, Alexander asked me to return to my seat. As I did so, Mike nodded at me and gave me a thumb’s up, others nodded and smiled as I walked past.

I was angry, but tried to conceal it. The first session passed without me hearing or understanding anything that was went on. I tried to appear interested, but in truth I couldn’t wait for the session to end.

When the dinner break was announced, I didn’t go into the restaurant instead I went to the bar. Before I had a chance to order my drink, a man I didn’t know, asked for two cups of coffee to be brought to a table he pointed out. The man introduced himself as George and shook my hand warmly; “Will you join me please I’d hate for you to leave, I think you have something to contribute. You were leaving weren’t you?”

As I sat down, George apologised for the grilling I received. I told him he had nothing to apologise for; “I thought you conducted yourself very well both in the bar, and in the conference room. You showed remarkable restraint.” George then asked me to have dinner with Aisha; “She is still very upset and I think, it my help you both to sit down and talk over dinner, she’s waiting, over there.” George pointed to Aisha, standing at the door to the restaurant.

Aisha was looking at me unsmiling, she looked visibly shaken. I shook George’s hand, and excused myself and walked over to Aisha I saw tears were forming in her eyes. She stepped into my arms, she was sobbing, and buried her tearful face into my chest; “I’m so sorry, I didn’t invite you here to experience that, I hoped that you would enjoy yourself”

I asked her, how I could not enjoy having such a beautiful woman cradled in my arms. I brushed away her tears and walked her into the dining room. We pointed out a couple of dishes from the buffet style presentation and carried then to a vacant table. Aisha looked at me saying; ” I’m so sorry I feel as if I’m to blame for everything that happened.”

I told her that she was a beautiful woman, who had found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. “The fact that the rugby team was drunk is hardly your fault. How can your Sari be described as provocative? It reveals your face and one arm, everything else is covered. You are a very beautiful woman, but that cannot be considered provocative.”

Aisha’s radiant smile lit up her face; “You do say the most wonderful things, you know how to make a girl feel good, in more ways that one.”

I told her that I was only being honest and I was going to continue to be honest with her; “I’m not going back into the evening session, I’m leaving, the Awakening isn’t for me.”

Aisha looked downcast and asked if I was going home. I told her I would stay at the hotel. I paid, had a nice room and would be able to see her when the sessions ends; “We can only see each other in the evenings. I have to take my meals with the participants, also prepare the next session.”

“Then I’ll see you in the evenings. I can sit in my room, watching the pay to view porn movies all day.”

Aisha leaned over the table, smiled and gave me a quick kiss, telling me she had to go prepare the next session, she’s be finished at 9-00p.m. I left my meal, walked into the bar and ordered a large Scotch. A voice I recognised said; “That’s a stiff one.” Janet was standing at the other side of the bar smiling at me.

“How can you tell, there’s a bar between us.” I said returning her smile.

“Not for long there isn’t, I’m just about to finish my shift.”

I asked if she still fancied a ride on the Harley.

“I’m desperate for a ride, I haven’t had one for ages, meet me at the bottom of the drive in ten minutes.” Janet flashed her radiant smile, undid a couple of buttons on her blouse her large breast almost burst out of it; “I can’t wait to get this uniform off.”

“That makes two of us, I’ll nip out, start the bike I hope my helmets going to fit.” I left the drink on the bar, took the lift to my room, and grabbed the keys for the Harley. I threw my bag in the wardrobe after taking out my cologne. I sprayed a little on me and more around the room.

I made my way downstairs, started up the Harley and set off down the drive to meet the eager Janet. I pulled up alongside her, opened the pannier and handed her the spare helmet; “That is the biggest helmet I’ve ever seen.”

“If that’s true you have a treat in store, get on.”

The skirt Janet was wearing was straight, the only way she could swing her leg over the bike was to pull it up above her crotch revealing she was wearing a wispy black lace thong; “Oh my god, I must look like a whore straddling this monster, displaying my cunt to anyone who cares to look.”

“Everyone can look, but they can’t touch at 100 mph.” I laughed revving the Harley’s engine hard. The heavy thump of the engine reverberated through the bike and was immediately transmitted to Janet’s wide open cunt.

Janet screamed; “Do that again, Christ this isn’t a fucking motor cycle, it’s a 1000cc vibrator. It’s making the lips of my cunt and my clit vibrate.”

I revved the engine hard three more times, Janet screamed louder each time. I dropped the clutch and off we went. The engine throbbed as I drove along and burbled throatily each time I changed gear. I could feel the engine throbbing in my balls, and new it was having a similar effect on Janet’s cunt. I could just about hear her shrieking, above the heavy thump of the engine. When we turned on to the motorway I opened the throttle.

As the speedometer climbed, Janet’s hands slid down from my waist, she grabbed hold of my cock over my leathers, squeezing it harder, the faster we went. When we hit the ton, I had to prize her hand away it felt as if she was trying to tear my balls off. I reached back and had a quick feel at Janet’s cunt, her black lace thong was soaking wet. When I rubbed her clit through the lace thong, Janet nearly jumped off the bike screaming; “I’ve just come; I’ve just come in my pants. Pull this thing over and fuck me, I’m horny as hell.”

I shouted back and told her this was a motorway, we couldn’t just pull over and fuck at the side of the road. Janet shouted back; “Get off this bloody motorway and quick, I’m going to come again.”

I pulled off at the next exit it led onto an old estate of industrial estate with lots of abandoned units. Janet pointed to a dark car park alongside an empty unit; “Pull in there.” she shouted the desperation evident in her voice, this girl urgently needed to be fucked.

As soon as the bike stopped and I put the stand down Janet was off the bike tugging at the zip of my leathers telling me; “I hope your not wearing long johns under there or I’ll scream.”

She was delighted to discover I wasn’t wearing anything at all under the leathers, as she prized my cock free. Clutching my stiff cock in one hand she backed up to the wall of the vacant unit. She undid the buttons on her blouse unfastened the front fastening bra and allowed her magnificent pair of breasts free. When the bra fell away her hard tits didn’t drop at all, her huge erect nipples were pointing straight at my mouth. I dropped my face onto her tits and chewed one of her nipples between my teeth.

Janet’s scream echoed through the deserted car park; “Lift me up, and I’ll guide your cock into my cunt. I’m going to come as soon as you slide it into me it’s really throbbing and my clits tingling like mad.”

I didn’t slacken my teeth’s grip on her tits I just grabbed her arse and hoisted it into the air. Janet ripped away her lacy thong and guided my stiff cock to her gaping wet cunt; “Drop me on your cock really hard, ram it into me.” Janet demanded.

When I allowed her body to drop, I also thrust my cock up into her cunt. Janet’s screamed straight into my ear she nearly deafened me. She slid her body upwards and dropped it down again, thrusting her cunt onto my cock. Screaming louder with each thrust telling me; “Craig, I’m coming, I’m coming hard, go faster, this is so exciting.”

Seconds later the two of us were lit up like the fairy on top of a Christmas tree; “You two will be coming with me in a minute, what you two think your doing, having sex in a public place is an offence.” A Policeman holding a long powerful torch that shone on us both was standing a few paces away.

The Cop kept the powerful beam of his torch on our faces making it impossible for us to get a look at him; “Turn around, spread you legs and put your hands on the wall now, the cop barked. He walked behind me and patted me down, asked my name and address also if I had any identification with me, which I didn’t.

Telling me to stay facing the wall and not move the Cop turned his attention to Janet. Despite the fact she was almost naked, he rubbed his hand slowly over her breast, then her back. The officer told Janet to spread her legs wider, his hands slid down her body and brushed over her gaping cunt. Janet responded with a loud low moan; “She likes that, she likes having her cunt stroked by a stranger in the dark, don’t you?”

“Yes, you can do that again, if we don’t get arrested.”

Janet amazed me, she almost growled when the officer stroked her cunt again; “Do it with your torch, rub it between the lips of my cunt.” She almost begged him in a husky voice.

I saw the light moving on the wall quicker and quicker, as the torch slid backwards and forwards through the lips of Janet’s soppy cunt. She was gasping and moaning as she responded to the torches movement; “Rub the rough part over my clit I’m going to come.” Janet cried out, she was bucking her arse and moaning as she rode on the cop’s torch.

Janet turned around and started to tear at his trousers trying to free his cock; “I want both of you to fuck me at the same time. You in my cunt and Craig in my Arse.”

“Happy to oblige, you heard the lady Craig she wants us to D. P her.” The officer wrenched his cock free from his uniform, hoisted Janet up in his arms whilst she rubbed his hard cock between the lips of her waiting cunt.

“Craig put your cock in my hand I’ll guide them both into me at the same time.” Janet’s hand was furiously searching for my cock.

When she located it she was almost gasping for breath, she rubbed both of cocks through the soaking lips of her cunt moaning as she did so. Then she offered them to their separate targets; “Lower me slowly onto them she instructed the cop.”

He took no notice and dropped her forcibly onto his cock, forcing my cock half way into Janet’s very tight arse. Janet screamed in pain so I kept still. The Cop just started thrusting his cock into her cunt as a consequence he was burying my cock even deeper into Janet’s arse.

The officer was thrusting into Janet’s willing cunt like a madman grunting with the effort. Janet arse was beginning to relax its relentless grip on my cock and she started to pant, moan and buck on the two cocks rubbing against each other, one in her arse and one in her cunt; “I’m coming, fuck me harder both of you I want to feel both of you coming inside me.”

As the officer withdrew his cock from her cunt I pierced her arse with mine. “Janet screamed: “It’s like being fucked by your bike, your cocks are like pistons alternating in and out. I’m commming, fuck me harder I’m commming.” Janet screamed at the top of her voice. Her arse gripped my cock as she thrashed about, impaling herself on the cocks of two men.

I couldn’t hold back and creamed her arse my balls and cock twitched and jumped as my semen spurted out into the depths of Janet’s arse. I could feel the cops cock pulsing as he emptied his sticky load into Janet’s inviting cunt. How we didn’t all collapse on the floor in a tangle of arms and legs I don’t know. When I pulled my cock from Janet’s tight arse it emerged with an audible pop and she squealed in delight. The cop pulled his limp cock out of Janet’s sloppy cunt and put it back in his trousers.

Janet was jumping up and down, in delight her actions caused her large breast to bounce on her chest. She was also clapping her hands together excitedly; “That was wonderful, getting my lounge and garage decorated at the same time was the most trilling experience ever. Did you both enjoy it too?”

I looked at the cops face for the first time; “She’s a fucking superstar! I’ve never met a woman as game as that one.”

The cop walked towards his car, pausing to tell me; “Get her dressed and back on the bike, and find somewhere more private to fuck next time.”

Janet jumped into my arms and wrapped her long legs around my body as she kissed me. Even in the dark I could see she was still very aroused and breathing hard; “I know somewhere we can go and not be interrupted.” She whispered into my ear.

I slapped her naked arse hard with the palm of my hand. Janet cried out, more in shock than pain. The cop heard both sounds, he leaned out of the car door, telling me; “Get her out of here now, that woman’s going to start again, she’ll fuck your brains out.”

The cop started his car and quickly drove away leaving Janet and me standing in the deserted car park. When I looked at Janet I saw come, trickling down the insides both of her long legs. I went to the pannier of my bike, and threw her a small clean towel, I kept it there, to dry the seat; “You have come running down your legs, lets get it cleaned up and get out of here. I don’t want you getting sticking to the Harley’s saddle.”

Janet dried her legs she rubbed her cunt and arse a little more vigorously than was necessary saying; “Can we going back down the motorway? The vibrations will set my cunt and clit tingling again, it’s fantastic.”

I asked where I could drop her, she looked extremely disappointed, telling me she was looking forward to another ride on my Harley and on my cock; “Not tonight Janet.” I replied; “You’ve fucked me to a standstill.”

When I started the bike Janet ran over and almost jumped onto it; “Let’s go Craig, I bet I come on the ride down the motorway. My arse is burning it still feels full, like your cock is still buried in it.”

I revved the bike and dropped the clutch, when we turned on to the motorway, Janet held on tight to my waist with one hand. I could feel her other hand frantically rubbing her cunt, she was screaming and whooping as she frigged her cunt with her long fingers. About one mile down the road Janet started to bounce on the large Harley seat screaming at the cars we were passing, telling them she was coming.

Ten minutes later I dropped Janet off at a quite spot she directed me to; “Are you sure you won’t come in, I live alone. Having your large helmet stuck in my arse was the just the best feeling, I loved it.”

I told her, another time, I was staying at the hotel until Sunday; “It’s my weekend to work, aren’t I a luck girl.” She replied enthusiastically whilst jumping up and down, her large breasts had not been put back in her bra, and they bounced, under her thin cotton blouse.

She put the spare helmet in the pannier, I gave her a kiss, before I roared off back to the hotel. I had time to order a sandwich and pot of tea from room service, have a bite to eat before taking a long hot shower. I didn’t want to meet Aisha smelling of another woman’s perfume and come.

As I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off I looked at my Rolex, it was only 8-30p.m. I been in the hotel for about eight hours, fought with two drunken rugby players, had a run in with Alexander, and I’d fucked the voluptuous Janet in her arse, while a cop fucked her cunt.

In less than half an hour, I was going to meet the lovely Aisha, with the tiny body, who also wanted to be fucked in her arse. Christ what a weekend this was turning out to be! I rode the lift down to the bar, ordered a drink, and sat down at one of the many empty tables. I hadn’t been there for more than a few minutes, when Aisha appeared behind me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and as I stood up and gave me a long lingering kiss, telling me that she missed me.

I asked if she would like to have a drink in the bar, or get a bottle of wine and take it up to my room. “Wine in your room, the bar will be packed in a few minutes.”

I walked with Aisha to the lift, and down the corridor to my room, she was impressed when she saw the two queen size beds, her room was a small single. I telephoned the bar, ordered a bottle of red wine and a couple of glasses, asking if it could be brought to the room.

Aisha told me that the conference room had been extremely warm, and asked if she could have a shower. I sat in a large armchair whilst Aisha removed her beautiful sari, throwing it onto the bed. She turned around to reveal her tiny naked frame, god she was sexy.

Without the slightest hint of embarrassment, she ran her tiny hands over her tits and dusky torso, her hands slowly descended, until they lightly brushed over the small slit of her cunt. I saw Aisha’s stomach muscles contract, as she lightly stroked her cunt; “Still like what you see?”

“Like it, I love it. You are the most beautiful and sexy creature I have ever seen.” I could stop myself from scanning her beautiful face, and exquisite body, so tiny, yet wonderfully proportioned.

As I stared at Aisha, her hips began to sway and rotate slowly and rhythmically, her arms reached out to the side, her tiny fingers upturned. First her arms moved to one side, then the other. She was dancing, dancing for me, naked. Her legs parted and bent at the knee, she squatted and her torso swayed. Her cunt opened, like a flower revealing its hidden treasures, her tiny pink clitoris and glistening pink canal.

When she straightened her legs and began to rotate her hips. I watched enthralled as the lips of her tiny wet cunt slowly closed and hid her clit from view. Aisha didn’t say a word, and didn’t take her eyes from mine. Her sensuous dance slowly increased in speed. Her body reminded me, of a Cobra, swaying to mesmerise it’s pray, before it struck and delivered its deadly venom.

Like a Cobra Aisha mesmerised me, as she parted her legs and squatted again. I saw a few drops of her delicious venom, trickle from her cunt onto her dusky thighs, and glisten in the light from a table lamp. Occasionally Aisha reached down to her gaping wet cunt, and slid her slender fingers into it, bringing them to her open mouth and inserting each finger individually to suck it clean.

Aisha licked her lips salaciously when she had completed the task. I swear Aisha hypnotised me, I had never witnessed such a sensuous performance in my life. She was driving me crazy and she knew it, as she smiled at me wantonly. God I wanted to fuck her so urgently, my cock was hard as iron, and my balls were throbbing.

I prayed that room service wouldn’t arrive with the wine, and bring an abrupt end to Aisha’s thrilling performance.

Aisha held out both of her hands and took hold of mine gently she pulled me up from the chair. When I stood, she continued to sway her hips in front of me, her eyes, locked onto mine. Deftly she undid the buttons on my shirt and removed it. Then she squatted, and undid my belt and removed my slacks.

When I tried to touch Aisha’s lithe dusky body, she swayed tantalisingly out of my reach. Then she took hold of my trembling hands, and placed them over my eyes. I could sense she had stepped very close to me. I could feel the warmth of her body on my skin. Aisha lightly brushed her hard little nipples across my chest. Then she and took each of my nipples into her mouth and nibbled them between her teeth.

When her tiny body brushed over the throbbing tip of my hard cock it started to twitch and jumping. Gently Aisha guided me back, until my legs came into contact with the bottom of the bed.

Forcefully she shoved me onto my back, telling me softly, to shuffle up the bed, until my head reached the pillows. When I opened my eyes, Aisha was straddling me; my cock was pointing up at the ceiling, and brushed against her stomach.

Aisha leaned forward to kiss me, and brush her nipples over my chest, groaning into my mouth. I reached up to take hold of her, but she caught my hands and placed them above my head; “It’s my turn to tantalise and pleasure you, all I want you to do is lay back, relax and enjoy.”

“Relax? My nerves are shredded, my body feels like it’s been plugged into the electric, and my cock feels like it’s going to explode, and I’m in bits.”

Aisha chuckled; “You are enjoying it, aren’t you?”

I nodded my head, and told her; “If you don’t fuck me soon, I’ll wind up in the nut house. You’re driving me crazy.”

“Spoilsport, I was really starting to enjoy taking my revenge for last Friday. I’ve been planning it all week.”

Aisha laughed as she grabbed hold of my throbbing cock, raised her hips and held it against her tiny dripping cunt. “You just lay there, while I fuck you, don’t move a muscle, and that includes this one.” Aisha instructed, gripping my cock; “It’s jumping about all over the place, stop it.”

“I can’t, you’ve been teasing it, and rubbing your cunt and tits against it for the last five minutes. I think I’m going to come all over the ceiling.”

Aisha lowered her hips and very slowly, slid my throbbing aching cock deep inside her soppy cunt. She shuffled about on it until she was happy that every centimetre of it was inside her, then she began to rotate her hips, making certain my cock explore every part of her cunt.

We both were groaning and breathing heavily: “Can you feel your cock rubbing against my cervix, I can.”

“I’m going to come.” I groaned.

“Don’t you bloody dare, I’m really enjoying myself. Think about the raining soaking the leather saddle of your bloody motor bike, or your mother watching us fuck, anything that will stop you coming.”

“My mother’s dead.”

“She would be if she’d caught you fucking a Pakistani bird.”

“Are you saying my mother was racist?”

Aisha laughed; “Everyone is racist” Aisha started laughing again heartily I could feel her cunt contracting and expanding on my dick as she laughed. “That did the trick, nothing like telling a guy who’s fucking you his mother’s a racist, it’s guaranteed to take his mind off his throbbing cock.”

“That’s done it I cried, you laughing with my cock in your cunt has pushed it over the edge, I’m coming and I can’t stop it.”

Aisha told me; “Don’t just lay there help me.”

I grabbed her and rolled her onto her back, stuffed a pillow under her arse and began to smash my cock into her cunt while I coated her insides in come. Aisha reached down, and was rubbing her tiny fingers furiously though her wet slit, and over her clit. She dug her heels into the bed, and responded to my every thrust.

“Aagh” she screamed really loud; “Your cocks just smashed its way through my cervix, and deposited a load of come into my womb.”

I rolled onto my back panting like a knackered horse. Aisha was wriggling about groaning and still frigging her clit until she reached orgasm again, crying out. “Oh my god, you coated my womb with come. Your cock just smashed its way inside and sprayed come in it, fantastic.”

There was a sharp rap on the door, followed by a voice; “Room Service.” Aisha buried her face in a pillow, laughing fit to burst; “Do you think he heard me?”

I jumped off the bed, grabbed a bathrobe and opened the door. I signed the tab writing a £5 tip on it. The look the waiter gave me when I opened the door, told me all I needed to know, he heard Aisha.

“He didn’t hear me, did he?” she asked.

“Oh yes he did, he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.”

Aisha buried her face into the pillow, realising the waiter would tell all the staff on duty what he had heard. “All he heard was you screaming that you’d had a cock come in your womb, he doesn’t know who you are.”

Aisha didn’t remove her face from the pillow. I set the tray down on the bedside table and poured two large glasses of wine. Aisha popped her head up and propped herself up on the pillows, both legs were tightly crossed and she was softly stroking her fingers through the slit of her cunt; “It’s still tingling like mad.”

I gave her a gentle slap on the back of her hand; “Stop playing with it and it might stop, have a glass of wine.”

Aisha told me she didn’t want the tingling to stop, it felt wonderful. She also told me that she wasn’t supposed to drink until Sunday night.”

“You weren’t supposed to fuck either, but that hasn’t stop you has it?”

Aisha took the glass and drank half of it in one go, she put it back on the tray and was bouncing her arse on the bed, clapping her hands together, obviously excited; “I’ve got a secret, do you want to know what it is?

I replied if she told me it would no longer be a secret. “I was told today how to have the best anal sex.” Aisha blurted out.

I asked how an earth she had done that, she’d been in the Awakening session all evening. Aisha told me that in part of the session, you had to pair off and tell your partner, something you had done, that they would not believe.

Aisha’s partner, was a married woman, told her she was having an affair with her boss. She wasn’t on the pill and only indulged in oral and anal sex with her boss, so as not to get pregnant. The woman was having sex with her husband, but much preferred anal to straight sex. Aisha then apparently told the woman that she’d never had full anal sex. But she had experienced, having the head of my cock in her arse, and she’d enjoyed that. I listened in total disbelief.

The woman had told her, how to get the best experience from anal sex; “I have to ensure my bowel is empty, have a washout or an enema. Then make sure it’s well lubricated by squirting oil or jelly into.”

“Any other pearls of arse wisdom were there.”

“Yes, your cock has to be lubricated as well, and you have to shove it in slowly and allow me to get used to it being there. She said it anal sex was fantastic, it gets better and better, the more times you do it.”

“So she’s convinced you, has she?”

Aisha told me she didn’t need convincing, she wanted to feel all of my cock in her arse; “I can’t tell you how good it felt, everything tingled, my arse, my cunt, my clit, my tits, everything.”

Aisha told me, “You can’t believe how turned on we both got discussing it, my cunt was sopping wet, and so was hers.”

Aisha rolled on top of me, and popped my cock into her mouth sucking it, and licking it until it became stiff. Then she rolled onto her back, slid a pillow under her buttocks and raised her knees in the air. “Can we do it again push the head of your cock into my arse, while we both play with my cunt? You can come in it if you’d like to?”

I slid down the bed Aisha grabbed my cock with one hand and rubbed its head in tiny tight entrance to her cunt to get it wet. One quick thrust was all it took, to get past the resistance of the tiny rose of her arse. Her tight rose clamped around the head of my cock instantaneously. Aisha gasped, and arched her back, and wriggled her hips to settle my cock in position.

Then she grabbed my hand, and tugged it to her cunt telling me to put my fingers into it, they were longer and thicker than hers. As I started to finger her cunt I cuddled her, and watched her delicious small tits rise and fall, as her breathing became more rapid. I leaned forward and was able to suck her tiny tit completely in my mouth. Aisha gasped; “You’re eating my tit, its delicious, bite my nipple hard. When I started to nibble her tiny hard nipple between my teeth Aisha groaned loudly.

I chewed her tiny nipples, whilst my fingers and explored her delicious little cunt. Aisha was furiously frigging her clit, moaning loudly as the onset of a violent orgasm overtook her. Her hips bucked up and down, pushing another couple of inches of my cock into her arse.

Her buttocks were bouncing on the pillow and her tiny arsehole exerted an even stronger grip on my cock. Aisha was screaming, begging me to come into her arse, my cock and balls started to jerk as I came. My semen acted as a lubricant, and as Aisha continued to buck, my cock slid deeper into and out of her arse. “Push, push, I want to see how much I can take.”

Her tiny hand was a blur, as she rubbed her slit and clit harder and faster, bucking and writhing trying to bury my cock into her slippery arse. Her slit and clit were no longer pink, they were bright red such was her onslaught on them.

With one final thrust she managed to bury almost half of my cock in her willing arse. She rolled hips from side to side to manoeuvre it around bowel. Aisha exhaled, long and hard, as she collapsed exhausted by her efforts.

We were both breathing heavily, my cock was still rock hard embedded in her arse, which was gripping so hard, it prevented the blood leaving my prick. “Don’t take it out, leave it there. I can’t explain how fantastic it feels. I want to feel my very first cock, to slowly slither out of my arse on its own.”

I hugged Aisha. “That was fantastic, what about you?”

You came in my arse, and it was a wonderful feeling when your cock was jerking, and come was spurting into me.” Aisha jumped on top of me I felt my come, oozing out of her arse and drip onto my stomach.

“Clare was right, it just gets better and better, I only managed to get part of you cock inside me and I went mental. God knows what I’ll do when all of it’s in there. The best part was when you came you seemed to go on forever, shooting come into my arse. It was fantabulous, the best feeling ever.”

Aisha was laughing and giggling so much she could hardly speak, finally she told me. “You know we were doing it all wrong. What will it feel like when we do it right tomorrow? You have to find a chemist or whatever and get what we need to do it right, I can’t wait.”

I don’t know what’s going to happen on Saturday but I will keep you informed.

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