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I tore off one of the phone number slips from the bulletin board post and figured I would at least give it a try. Just the kind of job I was looking for, high pay (for a college kid at least), and didn’t sound like a lot of work. I had never been an artist’s model, or even really knew what that entailed. I was an engineering student.

The next day I called the number. It was answered by an older lady (I am in college, 30 is older), we talked for a little, she mostly asked me about my build and if I had ever modeled before. I told her no I had not, and that I was tall, not muscular, but still fit and thin. We set up a time for me to come to her studio that coming weekend.

Her studio was actually part of her apartment in the downtown area. I found the building and climbed the stairs to a common entrance. I rang her apartment number and in a few seconds heard her voice again asking who it was. Shortly I heard the lock on the door buzz, and I let myself in.

The building was older and had kind of an industrial look. She was on one of the upper floors. I found the elevator and stepped inside. When I exited, I was in a dimly lit hallway with a high ceiling and brick walls. I found my barrings and headed down the hallway looking for her apartment number.

Found, I knocked on the door. I could hear her moving around inside and after a minute she opened the door. Her name was Dana, and she was on the shorter side. Five foot one maybe, reddish hair (though I guessed it wasn’t her natural color) and in her late 30’s or early 40’s probably. She was attractive and petite, but it was difficult to determine the shape of her body. She had on a man’s white button down shirt, that just kind of hung off her shoulders and draped over her breasts. What she had on beyond that I couldn’t tell.

She let me into the apartment. It was fairly good size. It had a large open area, with living and eating areas, a kitchen and a place where she did her painting and drawing. I looked around trying to take it all in. She had several paintings leaning against a wall in one area. On a table she had what appeared to be several pencil drawings. There was also a small platform with a rug on it.

She showed me around the room, and we ended up at the table with the drawings. Some of the drawings were still rough sketches and others had been refined with color. Getting a better look at them now, I could see that most were of a young attractive black woman, with shoulder length hair and small loose curls. She was also nude in most of the drawings. I was beginning realize what this modeling job was going to entail.

We talked a little more, she asked me about my classes, what I was majoring in, where I was from. Then she got down to business.

“Are you comfortable posing nude?” she asked.

I explained that it was something I had never done before. (Hell, I had only be naked in front of a small number of girls before.) I was a little nervous about it, but I needed the money, and was willing to give it a try.

She had me walk over and stand on the small platform with the rug on it. Not far way she had a chair and drawing board set up. At first she had me stay clothed while she did a quick sketch. After about five minutes she had me take my shirt off, and change the pose. This continued with me taking off more clothing and changing positions while she made quick sketches until it reached the point where I was completely nude.

For another 30 minutes she drew me in the nude, periodically having me change position. We talked some, but for the most part she focused on her drawing. The she put down her drawing board and walked over to the side of small platform.

As she walked over, I turned to face her. She told me to remain in my pose, facing away from her. She told me that she liked the shape of my legs and muscular calves. She began to run her fingers up the back of my calf and thigh. This caught me off guard, causing me to stutter as I responded to a question.

She continued to talk with me about the modeling and whether or not I was enjoying it. As she did, her hand began to explore more of me. She ran it further up the back of my thigh, until she squeezed one of my butt cheeks. Switching hands she became more adventurous, running it up the side and front of my thigh.

It was starting to be all I could take. I was definitely getting aroused, and could feel myself growing. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice. It was too late though, she noticed.

“Does my touching you make you uncomfortable?” she asked.

I tried to squeak out a “No”, but nothing really came out, so I just slightly shook my head.

“I like the men in my pictures to have a full appearance, but not rock hard. If you know what I mean,” she said.

With that she cupped my balls, then began to tug at them.

“Sometimes, it just won’t go down on its own though. You have to relieve it first. Then you have that nice full look after effect,” she smiled up at me as she said this and started to stroke me.

I could feel myself starting to breath faster, and still could not say anything. Her strokes became faster, and focusing attention on the head of my cock. With her other hand, she reached between my legs from behind and squeezed my balls again.

I put my hand on her shoulder for balance as I felt myself getting close. With a grunt I released a stream cum. I could hear it hit the platform below me. I looked down and it was coating her hand as she continued to pump me to completion.

I gained my composure and she released me from her grip. I couldn’t believe it, a woman twice my age had just made me cum. She walked over to a cabinet where she had some towels and clean my cum from her hand. She then walked back to her drawing board and sat down as if nothing had happened.

“There, that’s the full look I wanted,” she said.

She finished the sketch and then told me we were done for the day. I stepped off the platform and put my clothes on. I was a little confused about what had just happened. Nothing more was said about the act that had taken place.

She paid me and asked if I would like to model again. The whole thing was a bit of shock to my system, but the money was good. She was also very attractive and interesting to be around and I was very curious if things might go further. I told her yes and we set a time for the next weekend to get together again.

Next Weekend…

I was running late when I got there and stressing out about that. I rang her apartment to be let in. This time she didn’t even ask who it was over the speaker, the next thing I heard was the buzzing of the lock as it released.

I walked through the door and headed for the stairs. I made it to her floor and found the right door. Dana answered and let me. We exchanged pleasantries. When I turned around there standing at the table was the young black woman from the drawings before.

She had a surprised then concerned look on her face. Which I am sure I did also. Thinking about how the episode had gone the previous week, I was unsure about having yet someone else involved.

Dana introduced us, her name was Karyn. She seemed shy and I was no different. Dana tried to put us at ease though. She talked about wanting to draw us together in different poses, at some point we would both be naked and were we OK with that.

Karyn was a little hesitant at first. Then after she appeared to eye me up, she said she was good with. So was I, I was about to pass up the money.

Dana had us both stand on the platform while she settled herself in with her drawing board and pencils. She was wearing the same white button down shirt she had been before. Even though she was twice my age, she was a sexy woman. The white shirt just made her even more.

I stood behind Karyn on the platform. She was about 5’6″. Petite, small breasts and trim hips. She was wearing a floral button down shirt, and a loose skirt that went down just past her knees. She was very sexy, and I was excited and nervous about being naked with her.

Dana had us go through a few of poses, me standing behind Karyn as she removed her shirt and then bra. In some of the poses I had my hands on her back or shoulders as I looked over the top of her.

Dana was always careful to position us such that I wasn’t actually touching Karyn’s skin, just her shirt. The first pose Dana drew had Karyn’s shirt partially unbuttoned and showing part of her black lacy bra. Next her shirt was fully open, and a nipple peeking out from the cup. Last her shirt was off, and bra unfastened as she slid it down her arms away from her body.

I was excited for the removal of Karyn’s bra and to see the small firm breasts it had held. There was a hint of tan line from a bikini top and small dark brown nipples at attention.

Next it was my turn. We stopped in the middle of Karyn helping me to remove my t-shirt. She too was instructed not to touch me directly though. This was the first time I really got to look into Karyn’s face. It became a some what awkward position and we tried to avoid eye contact after the first few moments.

Dana finished her quick sketch and the t-shirt was removed the rest of the way. I wasn’t done yet though. Dana instructed Karyn to start removing my jeans for the next pose. Karyn seemed a little unsure of this at first, but then knelt in front of me and reached out to start unbuttoning my jeans.

As she fumbled with the first one, I could feel myself starting to get hard. I watched her unfastened the rest and tried to keep my erection under control. When the buttons were finished, Karyn looked at Dana as if looking for further instruction or permission, I couldn’t tell which.

Dana nodded her head, and Karyn tugged my jeans off my hips. My cock flopped out of my jeans, and Karyn reacted by snapping her head back as if slightly startled. Dana told her to stop and hold that pose. We stayed in that position for over five minutes, Karyn’s face inches from my cock. I was trying not to imagine her taking me in her mouth.

Dana finished, and we switched up again. I removed my jeans, and this time it was my turn to kneel at Karyn’s side. I held up the waistband on the back of her skirt and Karyn held the front as I pulled down on the zipper past her hip to the top of her thigh .

When I released the waistband, the back part of skirt dropped down, partially revealing her black lace panties covering only a portion of a nicely shaped ass. We held this position while Dana made her sketch. I had to resist the urge to lean in and kiss the exposed cheek.

Dana finished and suggested we move over to a sofa in another area of the apartment. Karyn removed her skirt and the panties. Dana positioned us for her next sketch. Karyn laid back on the sofa. Her hips at the edge, her legs spread, one foot on the floor, the other on the couch. I knelt on the floor and leaned in between her thighs. I still wasn’t allowed to touch her though.

I had never been up close with a black woman like this, and I was intrigued. She was shaved excepted for a patch of pubes above her opening. The skin around her opening was much darker than the rest. I wanted to dive in and taste her, but I knew I wasn’t going to be allowed to. I was beginning to feel like I was going to burst.

Dana completed another quick sketch. Now it was time for me to lay on the floor on my back. Karyn straddled me, kneeling over my waist. Her hips about a foot above mine and her arm resting on the couch. It was obvious to everyone in the room that I was aroused. Karyn smiled at the sight of it.

Uncontrollably I flexed, trying to get some relief. My cock stood almost straight up, then made a sound as it came back down and smacked my stomach. Karyn couldn’t control her amusement and let out a laugh.

“You better sit down on that thing and keep it under control,” Dana said to Karyn.

Karyn looked at her, unsure at at first. She slowly lowered her hips down on to me. My cock pressing against her sex. She repositioned herself and in the process ground her clit against my cock. Her lips parted against its length. Her eyes closed and she let out a small grunt of pleasure.

I could feel her juices on me now and my cock began to throb. I needed some relief badly. I could feel Karyn rocking her hips ever so slightly. Seems she was in need of relief too.

I looked over at Dana, she put her drawing board down and was looking at us intently. A hand moved up to her breast and she was slowly toying with a nipple.

“It would be a shame to waste a nice hard on like that Karyn,” Dana said.

Karyn let out a sigh of agreement, and she started to grind against me more deliberately. She rubbed her clit against the length of my cock. Her wetness soaking me and making a sound every time she changed direction.

I finally broke the no contact rule and placed my hands on her hips. I pulled myself against her and matched her motion as we ground against one another, each looking for relief.

I heard some thing hit the floor and turned toward the sound. Dana had taken off her shirt and dropped it on the floor. She stood there naked. Her body was great. Her breasts were full and still fairly firm. She had the curves of a mature woman, and they looked great on her.

She walked over and knelt on the floor beside us. Reaching out, she cupped one of Karyn’s small breasts and then pinched the nipple. Karyn let out a groan, pressing down hard against me. Dana’s other hand went up Karyn’s back and into her hair. She turned Karyn’s head and kissed her hard. Karyn showed no resistance, lost in the vibrations from her clit.

I couldn’t believe it, two beautiful woman making out in front of me, while one ground away on top of me. The intensity was getting to Karyn. She lifted herself up and reached between her legs for my cock. She pointed it at her opening and then plunged herself down on it.

She was incredibly tight, but I immediately slid in up to the root. Her insides were burning and she quickened her motions. Hips moving in an almost circular motion as she continued to grind her clit against me.

I could tell she was getting close, she broke the kiss with Dana and leaned over me. Her face buried in my neck, all of her attention was now focused on achieving her orgasm. My hands moved from her hips to her ass and I slammed into her.

Finally Karyn let out a series of grunts and gasps and slowed her rocking on top of me. I moved my hand up her back and found her hair, holding her tight as the intensity inside her subsided. I was ready for my own release though, and kept up slow strokes in and out of her.

Dana didn’t allow Karyn to be finished though. Gently she pulled Karyn off of me and rolled her onto her back next to me. She motioned for me to get on top. I positioned myself between Karyn’s legs, and she brought her knees up as I slid inside.

I could feel Karyn’s heels pressing against my ass as I quickly found my rhythm. I knew I couldn’t last long. Soon my face was pressed against hers, and I transitioned to quick short thrusts.

“Don’t cum inside me,” Karyn whispered in my ear as she realized I was getting close.

A few more strokes and I pulled out. It was now my turn to grind against her. I rubbed the length of my cock against her pelvic bone and tuft of hair. Soon I could feel the cum shooting from me and shook as I tried to support myself above her.

I pulled myself up off of her, and rested back on my heels. We both looked at the contrast of my cum against her body and began to laugh.

Lost in each other, we had forgotten about Dana. She smiled as we laughed, then got up and returned with a towel to clean off the strands and puddles of pearly white from Karyn’s stomach.

“It’s my turn now!” Dana announced once everything was clean.

She laid back on to the couch in a position similar to the one Karyn was in earlier. I positioned myself between her legs and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. Her skin was soft and smooth. I worked my way up to the folds between her legs. She was shaved and her lips swollen with anticipation of my tongue.

I kissed her, drawing her lips into my mouth and sucking on them. My tongue parted her folds and explored her entrance. I found her clit and circled it with my tongue. I looked up to see her response. She smiled, and placed her hand on the back of my head encouraging me to continue.

Karyn had joined in and was sucking on one of Dana’s light brown nipples. Dana was lifting her hips in rhythm with me sucking on her clit. I could hear her moaning, and her hand was pulling me tighter into her.

The sounds of Dana’s satisfaction became loader and she wrapped her legs around my back. I could barely breath as I continued to suck her clit. Finally she came and released my head from the grip of her thighs so I could breath again. I tried to lean back, but evidently she wasn’t done with me yet. She pulled my head back into her and raised her hips to present that nub to my mouth again.

I had never had a woman so responsive to me going down her. Her excitement made me hungry for her again. I inserted a finger into her, pumped in and out of her wetness. It was sloppy by this point, and I could hear it as I went in and out of her.

She didn’t last very long this time and again my head was squeezed between her thighs as she bucked her hips and I tugged at her clit with my mouth.

Finally she relaxed completely, and I was allowed to breath again. I smile at Karyn who smiled back as she continued to caress Dana’s breasts and nipples.

When Dana fully recovered, I saw her hand reach out and start to caress up and down the back of Karyn’s thigh. Her hand reached between Karyn’s legs from behind.

“I think Karyn could use another go,” Dana said indicating for me to lie back down on the floor and looking at Karyn for a response.

Karyn nodded with a smile. I laid back down on the floor, expecting Karyn to ride my cock again. Instead, she positioned herself over my face as she balanced herself against the sofa. She reach between her legs with her other hand to offer me the pink inside. I couldn’t wait. My greedy tongue tasted her, then I drew her clit into my mouth. She ground her hips against my mouth, but she was careful not to smoother me.

I couldn’t see her, but I could feel Dana’s hand start to stroke my cock and balls. Soon, I felt her mouth on me. She took me deep in her mouth and Karyn continued to search for release against my tongue.

Dana’s focus switched to my balls, sucking them into her mouth while her hand stroked me. My balls were beginning to boil and I was loosing my rhythm on Karyn’s clit.

“Not just yet. You need to finish Karyn first,” I heard Dana say.

She reduced the intensity on my cock, allowing me to come back from the edge. I was eager to finish off Karyn now so I could get relief myself. I focused on Karyn again, my hands finding her ass and pulling her clit into my mouth. She collapse onto her hands over me, begging me to finish her off. Finally she reached her climax. For a brief time she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees until it fully escaped her body.

Dana gave Karyn a light slap on the ass, indicating that it was her turn again. Karyn moved off me.

Dana was now on her back, legs spread and knees pulled toward her chest. I wasted no time getting inside of her. Her legs were pulled up so far, I felt like I was drilling straight down into her. She was soaked and her walls clenched around my cock. The top of the head rubbing against the topside of her pussy. I was taking long strokes and she was getting more vocal with each stroke. I felt her begin to spasm around me as I moved in and out. It was like she was tugging at me with her hand.

She relaxed and lowered her hips some. I needed my own release, and increased my rhythm. I could feel my balls slapping against her ass. As I got close I looked up and saw Karyn intently watching us. Her hand was between her legs and I could see the pink of her insides. That was enough to send me over the edge.

I gave Dana several hard thrusts as I pumped my cum into her. I collapsed onto Dana, and felt her legs come up and tighten around me as the spasms subsided.

I finally pulled myself from Dana and collapsed onto the floor next to her. Karyn was sitting cross legged close by. We all kind of laughed and joked about what had just happened. I was pretty sure that was Dana’s plan all along though.

We soon dressed. Dana showed us the rough sketches she had made during the evening and promised to invite us back once she had been able to refine them more.

As I walked home that night I couldn’t believe it was real. I had just experienced two women very different from anyone I had ever been with and I couldn’t wait to experience them again.

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