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Cornhusker Granny

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I was sitting on the back porch of my wife’s uncle’s house in western Nebraska, enjoying the sun and unseasonably warm temperature along with a cold beer and a cigar. It was Saturday afternoon and we’d been out hunting pheasant since early that morning but, after lunch, my father-in-law and his brothers had decided a power nap was in order. I decided instead to take advantage of perhaps my last opportunity for a few months to sit outside in just cargo pants and a t-shirt.

From where I sat, I could look over at the only nearby house, which was right across the street that ran alongside my wife’s uncle’s house. It had been obvious when we’d arrived the previous evening that a significant amount of work had been done on the house since I’d been there in November the year before.

As I thought about it, I could only remember one time in all of the years that I’d been coming up to Nebraska for the annual pheasant hunting trip that anyone had lived in that house and, even then, it had looked pretty run down. Now, though, it looked almost like the house that had been there had been replaced by a new house. I was really impressed and made a mental note to ask my wife’s uncle about it. I was even more impressed when I saw a woman coming from that house toward me, mainly because she had a nice, tight body. In fact, I was so focused on admiring her body through my dark sunglasses that I didn’t realize until she was across the road that she was silver-haired and much older than her body suggested. Despite being much older, I also realized as she got closer, that she was quite attractive and reminded me a bit of Helen Mirren.

I figured that she was stopping in to see my wife’s Aunt Debbie so I was just going to say hello and check out her figure as she went into the house. She was wearing yoga pants and sneakers along with a light jacket that didn’t quite hide that she had a substantial rack. I was surprised when, instead of heading inside or knocking on the door, she came right up to me.

“And who might you be?” she asked, sticking out her hand. I quickly set my beer and cigar down and shook her hand while explaining my connection to her closest neighbors. Just as my attention had been drawn to her chest, which I’d hoped my sunglasses had hidden, I noticed that her gaze went to my chest. I had been wearing a hoodie over my compression shirt when we’d gone out that morning, not expecting the weather to warm up enough that I’d be shedding the hoodie, but as the day had warmed up I was soon down to just the compression shirt. I had been working out pretty hard in the months prior to the hunting trip, so I had no reason to be shy about wearing such a tight-fitting top, but I hadn’t been expecting anyone I didn’t know to see me in it.

“So you’re married to Allen’s daughter?” she asked, grasping the connection, “I’d say that she’s a lucky lady.”

She gave me the once over and I could tell by her tone and the look on her face that she was flirting. I figured there was no harm in flirting back, especially since I didn’t really see this going beyond that.

“I suspect that your husband is an extremely lucky man, as well,” I said in return.

“If we hadn’t just met,” she replied, “I might be insulted since my husband is dead.”

“Oops,” I said, smiling since she’d smiled when she said it, “Well then let me correct that to say that whoever is currently enjoying your company is extremely lucky.”

“Well that would be either Mr. Duracell or Mr. Energizer,” she replied and, in response to my surprised look at that revelation, asked, “Does it surprise you that I’m horny?”

“No,” I replied honestly, “but it does surprise me that no one is helping you take care of your needs.”

“Please,” she said, “I’m just an old lady. The men my age can’t keep up, most of the men your age are too out of shape and the younger men are put off by my age.”

“Well, if it means anything,” I replied, “I’ve been mentally undressing you since you crossed the street.”

“If I could get you over to my house across the street,” she said, “you wouldn’t have to do it mentally.”

“Do you need something moved or lifted?” I asked, “Or is there something you can’t reach?”

She smiled at me and stepped inside to let Debbie know that she was borrowing the “strapping young man on the porch” to lend her a quick hand. I had turned to watch her tight ass as she’d gone inside and was completely fired up by the idea of whatever was about to happen with this silver-haired fox who couldn’t have been younger than her mid-60s. When she came back out, I’d put out my cigar and downed the rest of my beer, so I joined her when she beckoned me to follow her. As soon as we were in her kitchen, with the door locked behind us, she was massaging the bulge in my pants. She dropped to her knees as she opened my pants and worked them down until my cock sprung out. She took it in her fist and pumped it before wrapping her lips around the head. As she engulfed my cock in her mouth, she was moaning as though she was devouring something delicious while I was moaning due to the incredible feeling of her hot mouth.

I savored the pleasure for a few minutes but knew that we didn’t have an abundance of time before people across the street would start to wonder what had become of us. I also knew that I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to see her naked.

“I need to see you naked,” I finally croaked out before it was too late. She looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth and smiled, then pumped it in her fist a couple of times before standing up. She unzipped her jacket, revealing a combination sports bra and tank top underneath. She shed the jacket and I reached for the bottom of her top and started to raise it up while she raised her arms. My eyes were wide as her luscious tits came into view and, yes, they did drop quite a bit without all of the spandex to support them, but they were still incredible. My hands went right to caressing them as I lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples while she started to lower her yoga pants. She couldn’t bend over to lower them all the way down with me all over her tits and was trying to wiggle out of them when I got a clue and dropped down to help her.

I took her panties down along with her pants, never seeing what type she was wearing before her silver bush was exposed. As she kicked her pants and panties aside, I ran my hands over her taut ass while kissing her abdomen. I straightened up again, my cock standing out in front of me, then boosted her onto her kitchen table. Before slipping my cock into her, I had to lean down and run my tongue up her slit a few times, tasting her flavor and causing her to moan. I knew I’d have to figure out a way to get back over here and eat her to an orgasm before I left on Sunday. I straightened up again and guided my cock into her hot, wet pussy as her arms went around my neck and she kissed me passionately. I returned her kiss with equal passion until she let go of me and lay back on the table. I hooked her legs over my arms as I looked down upon her fit body, her silver bush and her luscious tits.

As I started fucking her hard and fast, she was caressing her hard nipples before dropping one hand down to rub her clit. I figured, as fired up as I was, that it would only take me a couple of minutes before I was spewing into her but somehow I managed to keep going despite the hard, fast pace. I was transfixed by her tits as they bounced back and forth along with my thrusting and knew that, in addition to eating her pussy, I’d want more time to play with and fuck her tits. I could feel my orgasm building quickly but she surprised me by letting out a gasp as her body started to shake. I kept fucking her hard and fast but, when she’d finished cumming, I quickly pulled out and had her turn over so that she was leaning on the table with her feet on the floor. As I looked over her hot ass before guiding my cock back into her, I realized she was still wearing her socks and sneakers and somehow I found that even more arousing.

Once I’d slipped my cock back into her and my hips were pressing against her ass, I took her by the hips and started to fuck her with long, full strokes. She reached back between her legs, I presumed to stroke her clit some more and I contemplated reaching for her tits, but my orgasm was building so quickly that I didn’t want to throw off my rhythm. Because she was so fit, her ass barely jiggled as my hips repeatedly tapped against it. I wished I could see her tits swinging, but I just vowed that I would have the opportunity to see that later. My cock was swelling even more as I savored the feeling of sliding in and out of her hot pussy. The longer I fucked her, the harder and faster I was fucking her and she was pushing back against my incoming thrusts, insuring that I was penetrating her as deeply as possible. We were both moaning louder as I got closer and closer to cumming until I exploded inside her with a groan of pleasure. Just as I was about spent, she gasped and I suspected that she came again.

I only pulled out of her once I was starting to soften and couldn’t fuck her any longer. She straightened up and turned to throw her arms around my neck again. I grabbed her ass and massaged it as we briefly made out before I tucked my spent cock away and got myself together.

“How can I get you back over here again before you head back to Denver?” she asked.

“Despite their nap, those guys will be out by ten tonight,” I replied, hooking my thumb toward her neighbors’ house, “so it’ll be easy for me to slip out for a few hours once they’re snoring.”

It wasn’t like I hadn’t done it before. We exchanged cell numbers and, before I tucked my phone back into my pocket, I took a picture of her standing in her kitchen wearing nothing but socks, sneakers and a smile. We kissed again before I took off and I was already looking forward to being back over there later that night. We hunted some more that afternoon then headed back to my wife’s uncle’s house to shower and change before heading out for dinner and drinks. I took a shot of myself fresh from the shower standing in front of the mirror with my phone and texted it across the street to Lois since she was the reason that my cock was so engorged. I promised that I wouldn’t do anything about my arousal and would save it for her. To thank me, she sent a photo of herself in front of her mirror with her yoga pants and panties at her knees and her sports bra top up above her tits. That didn’t help with the arousal I was already feeling.

I wasn’t bummed when, soon after dinner, everyone was ready to call it a night. I stayed up with my father-in-law and his brother until they both could barely keep their eyes open. While they got ready for bed, I pretended to as well while texting Lois that it wouldn’t be much longer. Once I was certain based on the snoring that it was safe, I slipped out the back door and crossed over to Lois’ house. She’d told me the door would be open and to come on in, so I entered and was nearly floored to see her wearing a bustier with garters and stockings. My cock was immediately hard as I admired her tits nearly spilling out of the bustier and her legs clad in stockings. She turned to show me her ass cheeks split by the thong panties she was also wearing. She strutted over to me in some very high heels while I watched her titties jiggling then reached out to feel the bulge in my jeans.

“I have been waiting to feel your cock inside me again ever since you took it out earlier,” she said, looking into my eyes with her own blue ones.

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait a bit longer,” I replied, “because I am going to eat your pussy until you beg me to stop.”

“I didn’t think I could get any wetter,” she said, “but I just did.”

“I’m just going to need to confirm that real quick,” I replied as I slipped my hand into her panties and ran my finger up and down her dripping slit and over her clit. She moaned as she wrapped her arms around my neck and we started to make out. Slipping my hand from her panties, I picked her up as we continued making out and carried her over to the couch. I set her down and knelt before her.

“Is that bustier comfortable?” I asked, thinking there was no way that it could be.

“Not even slightly,” she confessed so I reached behind her and started to unfasten it.

“It looks fantastic,” I assured her, “and I’d love some photos of you wearing it but I want you to be comfortable for the duration of my visit.”

She disconnected her stockings as I got the bustier undone and pulled it off then, with her tits exposed, I leaned down to lick and suck her nipples while fondling them. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair as I worked my way down from her tits to her abdomen and hips while starting to slide her thong panties down. She raised her ass up off the couch so that I could slide them off then spread her legs for me once they’d been cast aside. I was kissing her smooth inner thighs while again admiring her trim silver bush before running my tongue up her juicy slit. She moaned even louder as I slurped up her flowing nectar before slipping a couple of fingers into her. As I started pumping them in and out, I was licking and sucking her clit while she continued moaning and humped toward my face.

I glanced up beyond her scrumptious titties and saw a look of happiness and pleasure on her face and was pleased that I’d been able to put it there. Her moaning was turning to heavy breathing that was almost panting until her body suddenly began to shake and she let out a cry. I knew that she was worked up and had been full of anticipation, but I hadn’t expected her to cum so quickly. On the other hand, she’d had more than sixty years to get to know her body and figure out how to cum. I didn’t know how long her husband had been gone and whether she’d been getting laid at all since then, but I was sure that she’d taken the time to become intimately familiar with herself. I continued eating her pussy because I wasn’t nearly ready to be done even though she’d cum. She didn’t seem to have an issue with me remaining on my knees with my face between her thighs and very quickly sounded as though she was building to another orgasm.

I didn’t change my technique since it appeared to be working just fine and I suspected Lois wouldn’t be shy about telling me if she wanted something different. Her pussy seemed to get even wetter and hotter the longer I went down on her and each time she came it seemed to get a flood of additional lubrication. I think it was about four orgasms before my tongue was starting to wear out and my cock was threatening to burst from my jeans so, once she was coming down from the last one, I straightened up and pushed my jeans and underwear down to my knees. She was breathing heavy and had a glazed look in her eyes but smiled as I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her hot, wet pussy. She moaned again as I slipped easily into her then reached up to pull me toward her. We started making out again as I slid my cock in and out of her.

I reached down to fondle her tits, savoring the feel of the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples against my palms. Her pussy felt outstanding and it was an effort to fuck her slowly rather than just pounding her pussy until I shot into it. I might have gotten to that point too quickly if she hadn’t noticed something.

“You’re still dressed,” she said, pulling her mouth from mine. It was true; I’d dropped my pants but still had them and my shirt on. I pulled out of her and yanked my shirt off then stood up. She sat up and started taking my pants the rest of the way down as I kicked off my shoes. I stepped out of my pants and underwear then she slipped my socks off. She indicated for me to sit beside her as she slipped her stockings off then she turned and straddled me, reaching down to guide my cock back into her as I brought my hands to her tits again. She started out riding me slowly and brought her lips to mine again, her tongue slipping into my mouth. My hands snuck around to squeeze her ass as it bounced up and down and I was soon pushing up into her each time she came down. I could feel her tits bouncing so I started to alternate between her tits and her ass while she slipped a hand down to rub her clit as she rode me.

We had to stop making out as she rode me harder and faster because it just became too difficult. As she sat straight upright bouncing on my cock, I could watch her tits bouncing while my hands were caressing her ass. Her fingers knew just what to do with her clit as her moaning got louder and longer and I could feel her pussy becoming more engorged. My own orgasm was beginning to build, but it was clear that she was going to beat me there. When she dropped down and just sat on my cock, her entire body trembling, it was obvious that she was there again. Her eyes were closed but she was smiling and still seemed to be caressing her clit. Even though I knew her pussy would be even wetter from her orgasm, I was planning to change things up once I was sure she’d finished cumming.

When she opened her eyes again, she didn’t start riding me again right away so I turned her to the side and lay her on her back. I pumped my cock in and out of her a few more times just because it felt so damn good, then slipped out and moved up to straddle her. As I lay my cock between her tits, she squeezed them together and I started to fuck them. They were so luscious and the feeling was absolutely incredible. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to savor the feel of the soft, smooth flesh of her tits as my orgasm built up then cum in her cleavage. It didn’t work out quite that way in the end, but I had no complaints when all was said and done. My attention was on Lois’ tits and hers was on my cockhead each time it appeared from between them. It didn’t take long before I was getting close to blowing a load and somehow she knew it.

“I’d like to swallow your cum, if you don’t mind,” she said, as if it might possibly be an imposition. I was close enough, though, that I figured I’d better quit fucking her tits before it was too late. I slipped my cock from her cleavage and moved off of her so she had me sit as she knelt before me. She gripped the base of my cock and lowered her mouth over it then bobbed her head up and down as I moaned at the pleasure she was providing. Her cocksucking left nothing to be desired and I relished the opportunity to enjoy it longer than I had earlier that day. Because I was already so close to cumming due to her succulent tits and hot pussy, I was not going to be able to relish it for as long as I would have liked to. She was pumping the base as she slid her lips up and down my shaft as I felt my orgasm building up faster and faster. I tried to just relax and savor the pleasure but, before long, I was exploding into her mouth.

She was actually moaning as she swallowed my load and her eyes were closed as though she was in the throes of ecstasy. She only released my cock from her mouth once I was completely spent and starting to soften. She lay her head on my thigh then and still kissed my shrinking member as she caught her breath.

“So awesome and so overdue,” she finally said.

“I still can’t believe that you don’t have willing men lined up at your door,” I told her.

“Casual sex is a tricky proposition in a small town like this,” she said, repeating a theme I’d heard before, “and, trust me, the women are keeping their husbands away from me.”

“With good reason, obviously,” I kidded and she smiled knowingly.

“I wish you lived closer but, at the same time, I’m glad you don’t for the sake of your marriage,” she replied.

“I know I wouldn’t be able to resist,” I confessed, “but I hope that doesn’t mean we’ll only see each other once a year.”

“Oh, I think we could work out something discreet when I’m down in Denver,” she confirmed.

She hadn’t moved to join me up on the couch, so I moved off the couch and gently pushed her onto her back on the rug.

“I still can’t believe this body,” I told her as I ran my hands over her tits and stomach and between her legs, where she was still very wet. I licked and sucked her hard nipples while stroking her clit then rolled her over so I could check out her ass. I squeezed and massaged it before leaning down to kiss and nibble it as she writhed on the floor. It didn’t take much time of exploring her body before I could feel the life returning to my cock. I rolled her back over again and, after playing with her tits some more, moved my face down to her pussy and began to lick it again. She maneuvered under me so that she could suck my cock but, once it was fully rigid, she had a request.

“I have not been with a man in my bed in quite a while,” she said, “and never in this house so can we go upstairs?”

I climbed off of her and helped her up then followed her to the staircase, leaving all of our clothes behind. Mounting the stairs behind her with her amazing ass right in front of me, I had to stop her briefly. Standing behind her, I slipped into her as she leaned forward on the stairs. Her pussy felt awesome but the position wasn’t nearly as comfortable as I knew her bed was going to be, so I only fucked her for a few minutes before we continued on up. Her bed was beautiful and huge and I could imagine it might be a bit lonely to be in it alone. We crawled onto the bed and she lay on her back while I positioned myself over her. I guided my cock back into her and easily slid all the way in as she moaned and smiled. As I started to slowly slide it in and out, I brought my lips to hers and we began to make out passionately.

Her arms were around my neck as I supported myself on my forearms and she was raising her hips to meet my incoming thrusts. I could feel the softness of her breasts against my chest though I was being careful not to rest my weight on her. I started out fucking her slowly with long, full strokes but, as we continued to make out, I gradually began to pick up my pace. Her pussy felt so good as my cock slid in and out and felt even better the longer I fucked her as it became hotter and wetter. Because she was raising her hips to meet my incoming thrusts, I was penetrating her as deeply as possible. She eventually pulled her mouth from mine and buried her face against my neck while moaning almost continuously. I could feel her tensing up a bit as she approached another orgasm then, as she let out a cry, she trembled beneath me as she came. I continued fucking her through her orgasm and, when she’d finished cumming, she let her head drop back onto the pillow and smiled up at me.

“Thank you for indulging me,” she said while my cock was still sliding in and out of her hot pussy, “Now I will be thinking about this every night as I’m going to sleep.”

“Happy to be of service,” I said with a smile.

“Do you want to stay on top or have me on top or take me from behind?” she asked, now that her desire had been fulfilled.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing your sweet ass up in the air,” I confessed, giving her a quick kiss before climbing off of her.

She rolled over and got her knees under her, putting her ass up and bringing an even bigger smile to my face. I ran my hands over it, caressing the smooth, muscular flesh, before guiding my cock back into her. She moaned as I slid in and I pulled her back with my hands on her hips as I pushed all the way into her. Once my hips were pressed against her ass, I started to slide my cock in and out as I noticed her hand sneaking back between her legs. I got a nice, even rhythm going then reached down to cup her swinging tits. I caressed the soft, smooth flesh and brushed my palms over her hard nipples as she massaged her clit. It didn’t take long before I felt my own orgasm beginning to build and I relished the pleasurable feeling. Knowing that this could potentially be my last opportunity to enjoy them for a while, I was also relishing the feel of her titties in my hands. Figuring I’d better savor the sight and feel of her ass as well, I straightened up again as I got closer to cumming and caressed her ass some more as I continued fucking her.

I contemplated just blasting inside her as I had earlier that day, but there was something else I wanted to do, this time to completion. I pulled out of her as my orgasm drew even closer and had her roll onto her back again. I straddled her and lay my cock between her luscious titties, then squeezed them together around it myself. I was caressing her hard nipples as I started sliding my cock between her tits, immediately feeling my orgasm beginning to build again. I started slowly once again, appreciating the feel of her soft, smooth flesh, both in my hands and around my cock. She had reached around and was running her hands over my ass. My pace gradually increased though I tried to focus on the building pleasure rather than the impending result of said pleasure. I would love to have been able to fuck her tits for longer but, because it felt so damn good, I was soon on the verge of cumming.

She’d received one load orally and another deep into her pussy, but this one was going to end up on her sternum. I’m sure she knew when I was right on the verge based on my facial expression and the increased swelling of my cock. When I looked down as I started to cum, she had her mouth open and her tongue out, attempting to catch some of my load. I think she was successful to some extent, but most of it still ended up pooled on her chest. I fucked her tits until I was completely spent and, as I released them and moved off of her, she was cleaning my cum off her chest with her fingers and feeding it into her mouth. Lying beside her, I watched her as I fondled her closest breast.

“As much as I hate to say it,” she said once she’d finished, “you should probably get going before you fall asleep over here and a lot of questions are raised.”

“I know,” I replied, “but you know I’d stay the night if I could.”

“I know that,” she said, “Do you think there is any chance for one last moment alone before you leave tomorrow?”

“If you can come up with a plausible reason to get me back over here,” I told her, “I’m sure we can make the most of whatever time is available.”

We headed back downstairs where I slipped back into my clothes and she gathered up her bustier, stocking and thong. We made out a little bit at the door, then I crossed the street and quietly made my way to bed. Despite the limited amount of sleep I’d managed, I still had a smile on my face the next morning. When we finished hunting late Sunday morning and decided to start getting our things together to head back to Denver, I was fully expecting Lois to have a plan already in motion. I was not disappointed.

“Your girlfriend across the street needs your help again,” Debbie told me as we returned to my wife’s uncle’s house.

“What is she ever going to do without me?” I asked and headed out the door.

Lois answered the door wearing a dress that I assumed she’d worn to church that morning while we heathens had been out looking for pheasant. She let me in and immediately let the dress drop to the floor around her ankles, revealing that she was wearing only a bra beneath it. My eyes went wide as I took in her figure and her silver bush again.

“I had to wear the bra so that my tits weren’t on the floor,” she joked as I moved in to kiss her while reaching behind her to unfasten it.

“Watch your feet,” I warned as I slipped her bra off.

She slapped me on the arm then started to unfasten my pants while I fondled her big beauties. She extracted my cock and stroked it until it was fully rigid while we made out again, then had me sit on one of her kitchen chairs and straddled me. I continued caressing her titties while she guided my cock to her pussy and sat down on it. We both moaned as her hot wetness engulfed me. She didn’t take much time to savor it before she started riding me hard, knowing that time was of the essence. She was holding the back of the chair while my hands roamed from her tits over her waist and around to her ass. She was already incredibly wet so she’d obviously been anticipating this moment all morning if not since the previous night. I could feel the stirrings of my own orgasm pretty quickly, as well, but I suspected that she’d cum before I did and that she had a plan in mind for what would happen after that.

It didn’t surprise me when she started to shake as she came because I’d expected it to happen pretty quickly. Her pussy became hotter and wetter once again along with her orgasm but I was only able to enjoy it until she’d finished cumming. She paused for a moment to catch her breath, smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss, then climbed off of me and knelt before me. She brought her tits up on either side of my cock and squeezed it between them, then started moving them up and down it. I hadn’t expected another opportunity to fuck her tits so I was thrilled to feel the soft, smooth flesh sliding up and down my shaft again. My orgasm began to build even faster and I knew it wouldn’t take much of this stimulation before I was spewing all over her cleavage.

My cock was swelling even more with my impending orgasm but, before I blew my load, Lois released her tits and took my cock in one hand while lowering her mouth over it. She pumped the base as she slid her hot mouth up and down and drew my orgasm even closer. Once again she impressed me with her cocksucking skills and it didn’t take long before she had me on the verge of cumming. Knowing that the longer I spent at her place the more chance there was of raising suspicions, I just relaxed and enjoyed the building pleasure. When I finally exploded into her mouth with a grunt, she continued to suck me off until I was completely spent, then let my cock fall from her mouth.

“Not bad for two people who hadn’t even met 24 hours ago,” she said before tracking down her dress and bra. I got my pants and underwear back up as she gave me the well-thought out reason that she’d needed me to come over so that our stories matched, should anyone ask. Once we were both dressed, we hugged long and hard, shared one more kiss then I headed back across the street.

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